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Volume 78, issue 7, 2015

One-sample Bayesian prediction intervals based on progressively type-II censored data from the half-logistic distribution under progressive stress model pp. 771-783 Downloads
Essam AL-Hussaini, Alaa Abdel-Hamid and Atef Hashem
Fisher information in censored samples from folded and unfolded populations pp. 785-806 Downloads
Lira Pi and Nagaraja H.
A dynamic stress–strength model with stochastically decreasing strength pp. 807-827 Downloads
Ji Cha and Maxim Finkelstein
A Poisson INAR(1) model with serially dependent innovations pp. 829-851 Downloads
Christian Weiß
Inference for the bivariate Birnbaum–Saunders lifetime regression model and associated inference pp. 853-872 Downloads
Balakrishnan N. and Xiaojun Zhu
Generalized variable resolution designs pp. 873-884 Downloads
Jin-Guan Lin, Xue-Ping Chen, Jian-Feng Yang, Xing-Fang Huang and Ying-Shan Zhang
Tests in variance components models under skew-normal settings pp. 885-904 Downloads
Rendao Ye, Tonghui Wang, Saowanit Sukparungsee and Arjun Gupta

Volume 78, issue 6, 2015

Universal surrogate likelihood functions for nonnegative continuous data pp. 635-646 Downloads
Tsung-Shan Tsou and Chi-Chuan Yang
Improving the EBLUPs of balanced mixed-effects models pp. 647-662 Downloads
Samaradasa Weerahandi and Malwane Ananda
Erratum to: Improving the EBLUPs of balanced mixed-effects models pp. 663-663 Downloads
Samaradasa Weerahandi and Malwane Ananda
Testing structural changes in panel data with small fixed panel size and bootstrap pp. 665-689 Downloads
Barbora Peštová and Michal Pešta
Bivariate distributions with conditionals satisfying the proportional generalized odds rate model pp. 691-709 Downloads
Navarro J., Esna-Ashari M., Asadi M. and Sarabia J.
Smoothing spline regression estimation based on real and artificial data pp. 711-746 Downloads
Dmytro Furer and Michael Kohler
Exact likelihood inference for the two-parameter exponential distribution under Type-II progressively hybrid censoring pp. 747-770 Downloads
Ping Chan, Hon Ng and Feng Su

Volume 78, issue 5, 2015

Estimating covariate functions associated to multivariate risks: a level set approach pp. 497-526 Downloads
Elena Bernardino, Thomas Laloë and Rémi Servien
Erratum to: Estimating covariate functions associated to multivariate risks: a level set approach pp. 527-527 Downloads
Elena Di Bernardino, Thomas Laloë and Rémi Servien
Blocked semifoldovers of two-level orthogonal designs pp. 529-548 Downloads
Po Yang, Chang-Yun Lin and William Li
On estimating the tail index and the spectral measure of multivariate $$\alpha $$ α -stable distributions pp. 549-561 Downloads
Mohammad Mohammadi, Adel Mohammadpour and Hiroaki Ogata
Classes of multiple decision functions strongly controlling FWER and FDR pp. 563-595 Downloads
Edsel Peña, Joshua Habiger and Wensong Wu
Bahadur representations for bootstrap quantiles pp. 597-610 Downloads
Yijun Zuo
Robust tests for the equality of two normal means based on the density power divergence pp. 611-634 Downloads
Basu A., Mandal A., Martin N. and Pardo L.

Volume 78, issue 4, 2015

Construction and selection of the optimal balanced blocked definitive screening design pp. 373-383 Downloads
Chang-Yun Lin
Limit results for concomitants of order statistics pp. 385-397 Downloads
Balakrishnan N. and Alexei Stepanov
A note on relationships between some univariate stochastic orders and the corresponding joint stochastic orders pp. 399-414 Downloads
Franco Pellerey and Saeed Zalzadeh
Generalized measures of information for truncated random variables pp. 415-435 Downloads
Chanchal Kundu
Optimal evaluations for the bias of trimmed means of $$k$$ k th record values pp. 437-460 Downloads
Mariusz Bieniek
Robust minimax Stein estimation under invariant data-based loss for spherically and elliptically symmetric distributions pp. 461-484 Downloads
Dominique Fourdrinier and William Strawderman
Trimmed and winsorized semiparametric estimator for left-truncated and right-censored regression models pp. 485-495 Downloads
Myoung-jae Lee and Maria Karlsson

Volume 78, issue 3, 2015

On optimal designs for censored data pp. 237-257 Downloads
Dennis Schmidt and Rainer Schwabe
Erratum to: On optimal designs for censored data pp. 259-259 Downloads
Dennis Schmidt and Rainer Schwabe
On the stochastic and dependence properties of the three-state systems pp. 261-281 Downloads
Ashrafi S. and Asadi M.
Asymptotic properties of the number of near minimum-concomitant observations in the case of progressive type-II censoring pp. 283-294 Downloads
Alexandre Berred and Alexei Stepanov
Applications of the Rosenthal-type inequality for negatively superadditive dependent random variables pp. 295-311 Downloads
Aiting Shen, Ying Zhang and Andrei Volodin
Circular block bootstrap for coefficients of autocovariance function of almost periodically correlated time series pp. 313-335 Downloads
Dudek A.
Inference for types and structured families of commutative orthogonal block structures pp. 337-372 Downloads
Francisco Carvalho, João Mexia, Carla Santos and Célia Nunes

Volume 78, issue 2, 2015

Minimum distance lack-of-fit tests under long memory errors pp. 119-143 Downloads
Hira Koul, Donatas Surgailis and Nao Mimoto
A robust two-stage procedure in Bayes sequential estimation of a particular exponential family pp. 145-159 Downloads
Leng-Cheng Hwang and Chia-Chen Yang
Optimal crossover designs in a model with self and mixed carryover effects with correlated errors pp. 161-174 Downloads
Adrian Wilk and Joachim Kunert
Optimal bounds on expectations of order statistics and spacings from nonparametric families of distributions generated by convex transform order pp. 175-204 Downloads
Agnieszka Goroncy and Tomasz Rychlik
Linearity of regression for overlapping order statistics pp. 205-218 Downloads
Adam Dołęgowski and Jacek Wesołowski
A characterization of the innovations of first order autoregressive models pp. 219-225 Downloads
Moriña D., Puig P. and Valero J.
Admissibility in non-regular family under squared-log error loss pp. 227-236 Downloads
Zakerzadeh H. and Moradi Zahraie S.

Volume 78, issue 1, 2015

A Darling–Erdős-type CUSUM-procedure for functional data pp. 1-27 Downloads
Leonid Torgovitski
On shrinkage estimators in matrix variate elliptical models pp. 29-44 Downloads
Arashi M., Kibria B. and Tajadod A.
Construction of nearly orthogonal Latin hypercube designs pp. 45-57 Downloads
Ifigenia Efthimiou, Stelios Georgiou and Min-Qian Liu
Data transformations and goodness-of-fit tests for type-II right censored samples pp. 59-83 Downloads
Christian Goldmann, Bernhard Klar and Simos Meintanis
Robust spline-based variable selection in varying coefficient model pp. 85-118 Downloads
Long Feng, Changliang Zou, Zhaojun Wang, Xianwu Wei and Bin Chen

Volume 77, issue 8, 2014

Asymptotic behavior of the hazard rate in systems based on sequential order statistics pp. 965-994 Downloads
Burkschat M. and Navarro J.
A necessary and sufficient condition for justifying non-parametric likelihood with censored data pp. 995-1011 Downloads
Qiqing Yu, Yuting Hsu and Kai Yu
Model averaging based on James–Stein estimators pp. 1013-1022 Downloads
Shangwei Zhao
Bayesian prediction in doubly stochastic Poisson process pp. 1023-1039 Downloads
Alicja Jokiel-Rokita, Daniel Lazar and Ryszard Magiera
On extremes of bivariate residual lifetimes from generalized Marshall–Olkin and time transformed exponential models pp. 1041-1056 Downloads
Yinping You, Xiaohu Li and Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan
U-type and column-orthogonal designs for computer experiments pp. 1057-1073 Downloads
Stelios Georgiou, Christos Koukouvinos and Min-Qian Liu

Volume 77, issue 7, 2014

Second order longitudinal dynamic models with covariates: estimation and forecasting pp. 837-859 Downloads
Chen Zhang and Alwell Oyet
Asymptotic behaviour of near-maxima of Gaussian sequences pp. 861-866 Downloads
Rasbagh Vasudeva and Vasantha Kumari J.
Modified maximum spacings method for generalized extreme value distribution and applications in real data analysis pp. 867-894 Downloads
Chao Huang and Jin-Guan Lin
On sooner and later waiting time distributions associated with simple patterns in a sequence of bivariate trials pp. 895-920 Downloads
Kiyoshi Inoue and Sigeo Aki
Empirical likelihood for high-dimensional linear regression models pp. 921-945 Downloads
Hong Guo, Changliang Zou, Zhaojun Wang and Bin Chen
Characterizations of bivariate distributions using concomitants of record values pp. 947-963 Downloads
Thomas P. and Veena T.

Volume 77, issue 6, 2014

Some results on constructing general minimum lower order confounding $$2^{n-m}$$ 2 n - m designs for $$n\le 2^{n-m-2}$$ n ≤ 2 n - m - 2 pp. 721-732 Downloads
Bing Guo, Qi Zhou and Runchu Zhang
Shrinkage estimation for the mean of the inverse Gaussian population pp. 733-752 Downloads
Tiefeng Ma, Shuangzhe Liu and Ahmed S.
Optimal and robust designs for trigonometric regression models pp. 753-769 Downloads
Xiaojian Xu and Xiaoli Shang
Testing for the bivariate Poisson distribution pp. 771-793 Downloads
Novoa-Muñoz F. and Jiménez-Gamero M.
Testing equality of shape parameters in several inverse Gaussian populations pp. 795-809 Downloads
Cuizhen Niu, Xu Guo, Wangli Xu and Lixing Zhu
On the maxima of heterogeneous gamma variables with different shape and scale parameters pp. 811-836 Downloads
Peng Zhao and Yiying Zhang

Volume 77, issue 5, 2014

New robust tests for the parameters of the Weibull distribution for complete and censored data pp. 585-607 Downloads
Liesa Denecke and Christine Müller
On Kullback–Leibler information of order statistics in terms of the relative risk pp. 609-616 Downloads
Sangun Park
Distributions of stopping times in some sequential estimation procedures pp. 617-634 Downloads
Alicja Jokiel-Rokita and Ryszard Magiera
Asymptotic infimum coverage probability for interval estimation of proportions pp. 635-646 Downloads
Weizhen Wang and Zhongzhan Zhang
Asymptotic properties of $$M$$ M -estimators in linear and nonlinear multivariate regression models pp. 647-673 Downloads
Christopher Withers and Saralees Nadarajah
An empirical likelihood inference for the coefficient difference of a two-sample linear model with missing response data pp. 675-693 Downloads
Wei Yu, Cuizhen Niu and Wangli Xu
A new bounded log-linear regression model pp. 695-720 Downloads
HaiYing Wang, Nancy Flournoy and Eloi Kpamegan

Volume 77, issue 4, 2014

Random weighting estimation of stable exponent pp. 451-468 Downloads
Gaoge Hu, Shesheng Gao, Yongmin Zhong and Chengfan Gu
On Riesz distribution pp. 469-481 Downloads
José Díaz-García
Follow-up experiments for two-level fractional factorial designs via double semifoldover pp. 483-507 Downloads
David Edwards
Convergence and performance of the peeling wavelet denoising algorithm pp. 509-537 Downloads
Céline Lacaux, Aurélie Muller-Gueudin, Radu Ranta and Samy Tindel
Non-positive upper bounds on expectations of small order statistics from DDA and DFRA populations pp. 539-557 Downloads
Tomasz Rychlik
$$L$$ L -statistics from multivariate unified skew-elliptical distributions pp. 559-583 Downloads
Arellano-Valle R., Ahad Jamalizadeh, Mahmoodian H. and Balakrishnan N.

Volume 77, issue 3, 2014

Dependence properties of bivariate distributions with proportional (reversed) hazards marginals pp. 333-347 Downloads
Dolati A., Amini M. and Mirhosseini S.
A study on reliability of coherent systems equipped with a cold standby component pp. 349-359 Downloads
Serkan Eryilmaz
Strong consistency of least squares estimates in multiple regression models with random regressors pp. 361-375 Downloads
João Lita da Silva
A new sufficient condition for identifiability of countably infinite mixtures pp. 377-387 Downloads
Lei Yang and Xianyi Wu
Design and analysis of shortest two-sided confidence intervals for a probability under prior information pp. 389-413 Downloads
Rainer Göb and Kristina Lurz
Focused vector information criterion model selection and model averaging regression with missing response pp. 415-432 Downloads
Zhimeng Sun, Zhi Su and Jingyi Ma
Rank tests in heteroscedastic linear model with nuisance parameters pp. 433-450 Downloads
Jana Jurečková and Radim Navrátil

Volume 77, issue 2, 2014

A new privacy-protecting survey design for multichotomous sensitive variables pp. 211-224 Downloads
Heiko Groenitz
M-estimators for single-index model using B-spline pp. 225-246 Downloads
Qingming Zou and Zhongyi Zhu
Cuboidal dice and Gibbs distributions pp. 247-256 Downloads
Wolfgang Riemer, Dietrich Stoyan and Danail Obreschkow
$${\varvec{P}}$$ -value model selection criteria for exponential families of increasing dimension pp. 257-284 Downloads
Jan Mielniczuk and Małgorzata Wojtyś
Generalized Bayes minimax estimators of location vectors for spherically symmetric distributions with residual vector pp. 285-296 Downloads
Dominique Fourdrinier, Othmane Kortbi and William Strawderman
Simple alternatives for Box–Cox transformations pp. 297-315 Downloads
Christopher Withers and Saralees Nadarajah
Functional partially linear quantile regression model pp. 317-332 Downloads
Ying Lu, Jiang Du and Zhimeng Sun

Volume 77, issue 1, 2014

Preface to the GPSD 2012 special issue of Metrika pp. 1-4 Downloads
Nicole Bäuerle, Herold Dehling, Achim Klenke, Götz Kersting and Jens-Peter Kreiss
Note on the existence and modulus of continuity of the $${\textit{SLE}}_8$$ SLE 8 curve pp. 5-22 Downloads
Marcelo Alvisio and Gregory Lawler
Unlacing hypercube percolation: a survey pp. 23-50 Downloads
Remco Hofstad and Asaf Nachmias
The covariation for Banach space valued processes and applications pp. 51-104 Downloads
Cristina Girolami, Giorgio Fabbri and Francesco Russo
Hermite ranks and $$U$$ U -statistics pp. 105-136 Downloads
Lévy-Leduc C. and Taqqu M.
Discussion of dynamic programming and linear programming approaches to stochastic control and optimal stopping in continuous time pp. 137-162 Downloads
Stockbridge R.
Nonparametric density estimation in compound Poisson processes using convolution power estimators pp. 163-183 Downloads
Fabienne Comte, Céline Duval and Valentine Genon-Catalot
Goodness-of-fit tests for parametric nonhomogeneous Markov processes pp. 185-209 Downloads
Bagdonavičius V. and Nikulin M.
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