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2006 - 2014

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Volume 9, issue 3, 2014

Does participation in international organizations increase cooperation? pp. 285-308 Downloads
Erik Voeten
Scrambling for contact: The determinants of inter-NGO cooperation in non-Western countries pp. 309-331 Downloads
Amanda Murdie
Think globally, buy locally: International agreements and government procurement pp. 333-352 Downloads
Stephanie Rickard and Daniel Kono
The design of international trade agreements: Introducing a new dataset pp. 353-375 Downloads
Andreas Dür, Leonardo Baccini and Manfred Elsig
Julia Gray. 2013. The Company States Keep: International Economic Organizations and Investor Perceptions (New York: Cambridge University Press) pp. 377-380 Downloads
Broz J.
Joseph Jupille, Walter Mattli and Duncan Snidal. 2013. Institutional Choice and Global Commerce (New York, NY: Cambridge University Press) pp. 381-384 Downloads
Tobias Hofmann

Volume 9, issue 2, 2014

Introduction to the special issue on the political economy of multilateral trade negotiations pp. 135-142 Downloads
Peter H. Egger and Marcelo Olarreaga
The Doha Round impasse: A graphical account pp. 143-162 Downloads
Simon Evenett
Multilateral determinants of regionalism revisited pp. 163-203 Downloads
Katerina Gradeva and Dany Jaimovich
The economics and political economy of going beyond the GATS pp. 205-239 Downloads
Erik der Marel and Sebastien Miroudot
Sustaining multilateral trade cooperation in a multipolar world economy pp. 241-260 Downloads
Bernard Hoekman
WTO 2.0: Governance of 21st century trade pp. 261-283 Downloads
Richard Baldwin

Volume 9, issue 1, 2014

Adverse selection and growth under IMF programs pp. 1-28 Downloads
Muhammet Bas and Randall Stone
Knowing your audience: How the structure of international relations and organizational choices affect amnesty international’s advocacy pp. 29-58 Downloads
Cullen Hendrix and Wendy Wong
Orchestration and transnational climate governance pp. 59-82 Downloads
Thomas Hale and Charles Roger
Preferences or blocs? Voting in the United Nations Human Rights Council pp. 83-106 Downloads
Simon Hug and Richard Lukács
Does the IMF cause civil war? A comment pp. 107-124 Downloads
Trude Midtgaard, Krishna Vadlamannati and Indra Soysa
Michael Breen. 2013. The politics of IMF lending (New York: Palgrave MacMillan) pp. 125-130 Downloads
Mark Copelovitch
Liam Clegg. 2013. Controlling the World Bank and IMF: Shareholders, stakeholders, and the politics of concessional lending (New York: Palgrave Macmillan) pp. 131-134 Downloads
Matthew Winters

Volume 8, issue 4, 2013

The impact of leader turnover on the onset and the resolution of WTO disputes pp. 423-445 Downloads
Talya Bobick and Alastair Smith
Political ideology, quality at entry and the success of economic reform programs pp. 447-476 Downloads
Lodewijk Smets, Stephen Knack and Nadia Molenaers
Is there a “Depth versus Participation” dilemma in international cooperation? pp. 477-497 Downloads
Thomas Bernauer, Anna Kalbhenn, Vally Koubi and Gabriele Spilker
Looking beyond States: Openings for international bureaucrats to enter the institutional design process pp. 499-519 Downloads
Tana Johnson
Nitsan Chorev. 2012. The World Health Organization between North and South (Ithaca: Cornell University Press) pp. 521-523 Downloads
Kelley Lee
Mareike Kleine. 2013. Informal governance in the European Union. How governments make international organizations work. (Ithaca: Cornell University Press) pp. 525-528 Downloads
Simon Hug

Volume 8, issue 3, 2013

The choice for multilateralism: Foreign aid and American foreign policy pp. 313-341 Downloads
Helen Milner and Dustin H. Tingley
The impact of preferential trade agreements on governmental repression revisited pp. 343-361 Downloads
Gabriele Spilker and Tobias Böhmelt
The politicization of international economic institutions in US public debates pp. 363-387 Downloads
Thomas Rixen and Bernhard Zangl
Commerce and institutions: Trade, scope, and the design of regional economic organizations pp. 389-414 Downloads
Yoram Haftel
Joseph P. Joyce. 2013. The IMF and global financial crises. Phoenix rising? (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) pp. 415-418 Downloads
Axel Dreher
Benn Steil. 2013. The Battle of Bretton Woods: John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White, and the Making of a New World Order (Princeton: Princeton University Press) pp. 419-422 Downloads
James Morrison

Volume 8, issue 2, 2013

Informal governance in international organizations: Introduction to the special issue pp. 121-136 Downloads
Randall Stone
What’s left out and why? Informal provisions in formal international law pp. 137-162 Downloads
Barbara Koremenos
Non-compliance by design: Moribund hard law in international institutions pp. 163-191 Downloads
Christopher Marcoux and Johannes Urpelainen
Organization without delegation: Informal intergovernmental organizations (IIGOs) and the spectrum of intergovernmental arrangements pp. 193-220 Downloads
Felicity Vabulas and Duncan Snidal
Informal governance and participation in non-democratic international organizations pp. 221-243 Downloads
Alexander Libman and Anastassia Obydenkova
Knowing your limits: Informal governance and judgment in the EU pp. 245-264 Downloads
Mareike Kleine
“The silent revolution:” How the staff exercise informal governance over IMF lending pp. 265-290 Downloads
Jeffrey Chwieroth
Membership no longer has its privileges: The declining informal influence of Board members on IDA lending pp. 291-312 Downloads
Kevin Morrison

Volume 8, issue 1, 2013

Do governments mean business when they derogate? Human rights violations during notified states of emergency pp. 1-31 Downloads
Eric Neumayer
The impact of human rights INGO activities on economic sanctions pp. 33-53 Downloads
Amanda Murdie and Dursun Peksen
A closer look at the information provision rationale: Civil society participation in states’ delegations at the UNFCCC pp. 55-80 Downloads
Tobias Böhmelt
External sources of clean technology: Evidence from the Clean Development Mechanism pp. 81-109 Downloads
Patrick Bayer and Johannes Urpelainen
Daniel Finke, Thomas König, Sven-Oliver Proksch and George Tsebelis. 2012. Reforming the European Union: Realizing the Impossible (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press) pp. 111-115 Downloads
Mareike Kleine
Mark Copelovitch. 2010. The International Monetary Fund in the Global Economy: Banks, bonds, and bailouts (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) pp. 117-120 Downloads
Daniel Nielson

Volume 7, issue 4, 2012

The World Bank’s publication record pp. 343-368 Downloads
Martin Ravallion and Adam Wagstaff
Preventing protectionism: International institutions and trade policy pp. 369-398 Downloads
Leonardo Baccini and Soo Kim
Capacity, not constraints: A theory of North-South regulatory cooperation pp. 399-424 Downloads
Christopher Marcoux and Johannes Urpelainen
There’s no place like home: Explaining international NGO advocacy pp. 425-448 Downloads
Sarah Stroup and Amanda Murdie
Edward D. Mansfield and Helen V. Milner. 2012. Votes, Vetoes, and the Political Economy of International Trade Agreements (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press) pp. 449-452 Downloads
Kerry Chase
Christina L. Davis. 2012. Why adjudicate? Enforcing trade rules in the WTO (Princeton: Princeton University Press) pp. 453-455 Downloads
Manfred Elsig

Volume 7, issue 3, 2012

The most-favored nation rule in principle and practice: Discrimination in the GATT pp. 247-266 Downloads
Joanne Gowa and Raymond Hicks
Selectivity on aid modality: Determinants of budget support from multilateral donors pp. 267-284 Downloads
Paul Clist, Alessia Isopi and Oliver Morrissey
Global governance behind closed doors: The IMF boardroom, the Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility, and the intersection of material power and norm stabilisation in global politics pp. 285-308 Downloads
Liam Clegg
How effective are preferential trade agreements? Ask the experts pp. 309-333 Downloads
Julia Gray and Jonathan Slapin
Kathryn C. Lavelle. 2011. Legislating International Organization: The US Congress, the IMF, and the World Bank (New York, NY: Oxford University Press) pp. 335-338 Downloads
Broz J.
Oran R. Young. 2010. Institutional dynamics: Emergent patterns in international environmental governance (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press) pp. 339-341 Downloads
Johannes Urpelainen

Volume 7, issue 2, 2012

Punctuated equilibrium in the energy regime complex pp. 117-143 Downloads
Jeff Colgan, Robert Keohane and Thijs Van de Graaf
Crossing the threshold: A positive analysis of IBRD graduation policy pp. 145-176 Downloads
Stephen Knack, F. Halsey Rogers and Jac Heckelman
Looking in the mirror: Comparing INGO networks across issue areas pp. 177-202 Downloads
Amanda Murdie and David Davis
Certified or branded? pp. 203-230 Downloads
Rune Jansen Hagen
Susan Park and Antje Vetterlein (eds.). 2010. Owning development: Creating policy norms in the IMF and the World Bank (New York: Cambridge University Press) pp. 231-238 Downloads
Robert Wade
Soo Yeon Kim. 2010. Power and the governance of global trade: From the GATT to the WTO (Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press) pp. 239-246 Downloads
Alexander Keck

Volume 7, issue 1, 2012

NGO monitoring and the legitimacy of international cooperation: A strategic analysis pp. 1-32 Downloads
Christopher Pallas and Johannes Urpelainen
Democracies only: When do IMF agreements serve as a seal of approval? pp. 33-58 Downloads
Molly Bauer, Cesi Cruz and Benjamin Graham
There is life after the Commission: An empirical analysis of private interest representation by former EU-commissioners, 1981–2009 pp. 59-80 Downloads
Roland Vaubel, Bernhard Klingen and David Müller
Trade, institutions, and the timing of GATT/WTO accession in post-colonial states pp. 81-107 Downloads
Mark Copelovitch and David Ohls
Randall W. Stone. 2011. Controlling institutions: International organizations and the global economy (New York: Cambridge University Press) pp. 109-113 Downloads
David Lake
Ian Hurd. 2011. International organizations. Politics, law, practice (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) pp. 115-116 Downloads
Karen Mingst
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