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Volume 6, issue 3, 2015

Minimum coverage regulation in insurance markets pp. 247-278 Downloads
Daniel McFadden, Carlos Noton and Pau Olivella
Distortions and the size distribution of plants: evidence from cross-country data pp. 279-312 Downloads
Manuel García-Santana and Roberto Ramos
External investigations and disciplinary sanctions against auditors: the impact on audit quality pp. 313-347 Downloads
Cristina Fuentes, Manuel Illueca and Maria Pucheta-Martinez
Voting over law enforcement: mission impossible pp. 349-360 Downloads
Hakan İnal

Volume 6, issue 2, 2015

Rental housing discrimination and the persistence of ethnic enclaves pp. 129-152 Downloads
Mariano Bosch, M. Angeles Carnero and Lídia Farré
Split or straight? Evidence of the effects of work schedules on workers’ well-being, time use, and productivity pp. 153-177 Downloads
Jorge González Chapela
Migration, health knowledge and teenage fertility: evidence from Mexico pp. 179-206 Downloads
Marianna Battaglia
Fixed income strategies based on the prediction of parameters in the NS model for the Spanish public debt market pp. 207-245 Downloads
Julián Andrada-Félix, Adrian Fernandez-Perez and Fernando Fernández-Rodríguez

Volume 6, issue 1, 2015

Are unemployment benefits harmful to the stability of working careers? The case of Spain pp. 1-41 Downloads
Yolanda Rebollo-Sanz and J. García-Pérez
Income tax progressivity, growth, income inequality and welfare pp. 43-72 Downloads
Cruz Echevarría
Public goods and decay in networks pp. 73-90 Downloads
Enrique Fatas, Miguel Meléndez-Jiménez, Antonio Morales and Hector Solaz
Appointing high-court judges by political parties pp. 91-99 Downloads
Nicolás Porteiro and Antonio Villar
Equilibrium mergers in a composite good industry with efficiencies pp. 101-127 Downloads
Cristina Pardo-Garcia and José Sempere-Monerris

Volume 5, issue 4, 2014

Mediation in claims problems pp. 357-375 Downloads
José-Manuel Giménez-Gómez and Josep E. Peris
The rise of monogamy pp. 377-397 Downloads
Sadettin Citci
ATM withdrawals, debit card transactions at the point of sale and the demand for currency pp. 399-417 Downloads
Santiago Carbó-Valverde and Francisco Rodríguez-Fernández
Age effects, unobserved characteristics and hedonic price indexes: The Spanish car market in the 1990s pp. 419-455 Downloads
Xose-Luis Varela-Irimia

Volume 5, issue 2, 2014

The crisis of the Spanish economy pp. 125-141 Downloads
Juan F Jimeno and Tano Santos
The impact of the great recession on employment polarization in Spain pp. 143-171 Downloads
Brindusa Anghel, Sara De La Rica and Aitor Lacuesta
Wage cyclicality: Evidence from Spain using social security data pp. 173-195 Downloads
Jorge De la Roca
Labour market dynamics in Spanish regions: evaluating asymmetries in troublesome times pp. 197-221 Downloads
Hector Sala and Pedro Trivin
The real estate and credit bubble: evidence from Spain pp. 223-243 Downloads
Ozlem Akin, José Montalvo, Jaume García Villar, Jose-Luis Peydro and Josep Raya
The recent slowdown in bank lending in Spain: are supply-side factors relevant? pp. 245-285 Downloads
Ignacio Hernando and Ernesto Villanueva
Are there alternatives to bankruptcy? A study of small business distress in Spain pp. 287-332 Downloads
Miguel García-Posada and Juan Mora-Sanguinetti
Growth and imbalances in Spain: a reassessment of the output gap pp. 333-356 Downloads
Enrique Alberola, Ángel Estrada and Daniel Santabárbara

Volume 5, issue 1, 2014

Occupational choice, number of entrepreneurs and output: theory and empirical evidence with Spanish data pp. 1-24 Downloads
Vicente Salas-Fumás, Sanchez-Asin J. and David Storey
Immigration and student achievement in Spain: evidence from PISA pp. 25-60 Downloads
Natalia Zinovyeva, Florentino Felgueroso and Pablo Vazquez
Gender gaps in Spain: policies and outcomes over the last three decades pp. 61-103 Downloads
Nezih Guner, Ezgi Kaya and Virginia Sánchez-Marcos
The role of platform quality and publicly owned platforms in the free-to-air broadcasting industry pp. 105-124 Downloads
Miguel González-Maestre and Francisco Martínez-Sánchez

Volume 4, issue 4, 2013

The underreporting of income by self-employed workers in Spain pp. 353-371 Downloads
Diego Martínez
Unions’ bargaining coordination in multinational enterprises pp. 373-392 Downloads
Domenico Buccella
An experimental test on dynamic consumption and lump-sum pensions pp. 393-413 Downloads
Enrique Fatas, Juan Lacomba, Francisco Lagos and Ana Moro-Egido
Stockholding in Spain pp. 415-435 Downloads
Miguel Ampudia Fraile
Reforming the labor market and improving competitiveness: an analysis for Spain using FiMod pp. 437-471 Downloads
Tim Schwarzmüller and Nikolai Stähler

Volume 4, issue 3, 2013

Who bears labour taxes and social contributions? A meta-analysis approach pp. 247-271 Downloads
Angel Melguizo and José González-Páramo
Old age pensions and retirement in Spain pp. 273-307 Downloads
Raquel Vegas Sánchez, Isabel Argimón, Marta Botella and Clara Gonzalez
Is informality a barrier to financial development? pp. 309-331 Downloads
Ceyhun Elgin and Burak Uras
The effectiveness of the audit committee in Spain: implications of its existence on the auditor’s opinion pp. 333-352 Downloads
Javier Andrés Suárez, Elena Cabal García, Carlos Fernández Méndez and Camino Rodríguez Gutiérrez

Volume 4, issue 2, 2013

Sharing a polluted river through environmental taxes pp. 137-153 Downloads
María Gómez-Rúa
Capital structure of small companies in the Spanish footwear sector: relevant factors pp. 155-173 Downloads
Miguel Acedo-Ramírez, Juan Ayala-Calvo and José Rodríguez-Osés
Promoting permanent employment: lessons from Spain pp. 175-199 Downloads
Ildefonso Mendez
Understanding poverty persistence in Spain pp. 201-233 Downloads
Sara Ayllón
Information sharing and lending market competition under strong adverse selection pp. 235-245 Downloads
Jorge Fernández-Ruiz and Miguel Garcia-Cestona

Volume 4, issue 1, 2013

A chronology of turning points in economic activity: Spain, 1850–2011 pp. 1-34 Downloads
Travis Berge and Oscar Jorda
Happiness economics pp. 35-60 Downloads
Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell
Advertising bans pp. 61-81 Downloads
Massimo Motta
The effects of surprise political events on quoted firms: the March 2004 election in Spain pp. 83-112 Downloads
Pau Castells and Francesc Trillas
Endogenous governance transparency and product market competition pp. 113-136 Downloads
Ana Hidalgo-Cabrillana

Volume 3, issue 4, 2012

Cycles inside cycles: Spanish regional aggregation pp. 423-456 Downloads
María Gadea, Ana Gómez-Loscos and Antonio Montañés
Motorways, tolls and road safety: evidence from Europe pp. 457-473 Downloads
Daniel Albalate and Germà Bel
MICA-BBVA: a factor model of economic and financial indicators for short-term GDP forecasting pp. 475-497 Downloads
Maximo Camacho and Rafael Domenech
The role of accounting accruals for the prediction of future cash flows: evidence from Spain pp. 499-520 Downloads
Laura Arnedo, Fermín Lizarraga and Santiago Sánchez

Volume 3, issue 3, 2012

A factor analysis for the Spanish economy pp. 311-338 Downloads
Ángel Cuevas and Enrique Quilis
Is judicial inefficacy increasing the weight of the house property market in Spain? Evidence at the local level pp. 339-365 Downloads
Juan Mora-Sanguinetti
Are men and women-economists evenly distributed across research fields? Some new empirical evidence pp. 367-393 Downloads
Juan Dolado, Florentino Felgueroso and Miguel Almunia
Wage stickiness and unemployment fluctuations: an alternative approach pp. 395-422 Downloads
Miguel Casares, Antonio Moreno and Jesús Vázquez

Volume 3, issue 1, 2012

Deciding whether a law is constitutional, interpretable, or unconstitutional pp. 1-14 Downloads
Pablo Amoros, Ricardo Martinez, Bernardo Moreno and M. Socorro Puy
Preferences, actions and voting rules pp. 15-28 Downloads
Alaitz Artabe, Annick Laruelle and Federico Valenciano
The division problem with maximal capacity constraints pp. 29-57 Downloads
Gustavo Bergantiños, Jordi Masso and Alejandro Neme
Stochastically stable implementation pp. 59-72 Downloads
Antonio Cabrales and Roberto Serrano
An agenda-setting model of electoral competition pp. 73-93 Downloads
Josep Colomer and Humberto Llavador
Majority relation and median representative ordering pp. 95-109 Downloads
Gabrielle Demange
Cost effectiveness of a combination of instruments for global warming: a quantitative approach for Spain pp. 111-132 Downloads
Gallastegui M., Mikel González-Eguino and Ibon Galarraga
Equal opportunity equivalence in land division pp. 133-142 Downloads
Antonio Nicolo', Andrés Perea y Monsuwe and Paolo Roberti
On the impact of independence of irrelevant alternatives: the case of two-person NTU games pp. 143-156 Downloads
Bezalel Peleg, Peter Sudhölter and José Zarzuelo
Optimism and commitment: an elementary theory of bargaining and war pp. 157-179 Downloads
Clara Ponsati and Santiago Sánchez-Pagés
The political economy of income taxation under asymmetric information: the two-type case pp. 181-199 Downloads
John Roemer
All but one free ride when wealth effects are small pp. 201-207 Downloads
Joaquim Silvestre
Freedom of choice: John Stuart Mill and the tree of life pp. 209-226 Downloads
Jorge Alcalde-Unzu, Miguel Ballester and Jorge Nieto
An axiomatic analysis of ranking sets under simple categorization pp. 227-245 Downloads
José Alcantud and Ritxar Arlegi
Revealed preference and choice under uncertainty pp. 247-258 Downloads
Walter Bossert and Kotaro Suzumura
Nested identification of subjective probabilities pp. 259-271 Downloads
Jacques Dreze
Anarchism, postmodernism and realism under confirmatory bias pp. 273-290 Downloads
Juan Urrutia Elejalde
The evaluation of citation distributions pp. 291-310 Downloads
Javier Ruiz-Castillo
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