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1984 - 2016

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Volume 19, issue 4, 2002

Characterizations of two power indices for voting games with r alternatives pp. 709-721 Downloads
Edward M. Bolger
Bidding for envy-freeness: A procedural approach to n-player fair-division problems pp. 723-749 Downloads
Claus-Jochen Haake, Matthias G. Raith and Francis Edward Su
An axiomatization of the Kalai-Smorodinsky solution when the feasible sets can be finite pp. 751-761 Downloads
Makoto Tanaka and Ryo-ichi Nagahisa
Social loss with respect to the core of an economy pp. 763-767 Downloads
Aldo Montesano
Agenda control in coalition formation pp. 769-788 Downloads
Stephane Rottier and Francis Bloch
A characterization of income distributions in terms of generalized Gini coefficients pp. 789-794 Downloads
Samuel Kotz and Christian Kleiber
On the measurement of unfairness An application to high school attendance in Argentina pp. 795-810 Downloads
Leonardo Gasparini
A characterization of the Nash bargaining solution pp. 811-823 Downloads
Eyal Winter, Oscar Volij and Nir Dagan
Monotone-path Dutta-Ray solutions on convex games pp. 825-844 Downloads
Toru Hokari
The apex power measure for directed networks pp. 845-867 Downloads
Rene van den Brink
Lorenz undominated allocations for TU-games: The weighted Coalitional Lorenz Solutions pp. 869-884 Downloads
Vincent Feltkamp and Javier Arin
A majorization comparison of apportionment methods in proportional representation pp. 885-900 Downloads
Friedrich Pukelsheim, Albert W. Marshall and Ingram Olkin
Simple plurality versus plurality runoff with privately informed voters pp. 901-919 Downloads
Cesar Martinelli
Sustainability when capital management has stochastic consequences pp. 921-940 Downloads
Kjell Arne Brekke and Geir Asheim

Volume 19, issue 3, 2002

Neurobiological measurements of cardinal utility: Hedonimeters or learning algorithms? pp. 477-488 Downloads
Daniel Zizzo
Efficient solutions to bargaining problems with uncertain disagreement points pp. 489-502 Downloads
Hans Peters and Walter Bossert
Obtaining representations for probabilities of voting outcomes with effectively unlimited precision integer arithmetic pp. 503-512 Downloads
William V. Gehrlein
Non-monotonicity does not imply the no-show paradox pp. 513-515 Downloads
Jerry S. Kelly and Donald E. Campbell
Generating random weak orders and the probability of a Condorcet winner pp. 517-532 Downloads
Thom Bezembinder and Hans Maassen
Different least square values, different rankings pp. 533-550 Downloads
Vincent Merlin and Annick Laruelle
Ideological versus Downsian political competition pp. 551-567 Downloads
Ignacio Ortuño Orti´n
Multi-valued strategy-proof social choice rules pp. 569-580 Downloads
Lin Zhou and Stephen Ching
A universal meta bargaining implementation of the Nash solution pp. 581-586 Downloads
Walter Trockel
A graphical analysis of some basic results in social choice pp. 587-611 Downloads
Estelle Cantillon and Antonio Rangel
Oligopolization in collective rent-seeking pp. 613-626 Downloads
Kaoru Ueda
Axiomatization of ratio equilibria in public good economies pp. 627-636 Downloads
Anne van den Nouweland, Myrna Wooders and S. Tijs
Social choice with analytic preferences pp. 637-657 Downloads
Michel Le Breton and John Weymark
Toward general impossibility theorems in pure exchange economies pp. 659-664 Downloads
Miki Kato and Shinji Ohseto
A method for evaluating the behavior of power indices in weighted plurality games pp. 665-680 Downloads
C. H. Ueng, Vincent C. H. Chua and H. C. Huang
Anonymity, ordinal preference proximity and imposed social choices pp. 681-684 Downloads
Daniel Eckert and Benjamin Lane
The structure of coalitional power under probabilistic voting procedures pp. 685-705 Downloads
Shasikanta Nandeibam

Volume 19, issue 2, 2002

Representation of effectivity functions in coalition proof Nash equilibrium: A complete characterization pp. 241-263 Downloads
Hans Keiding and Bezalel Peleg
On measuring deprivation adjusted for group disparities pp. 265-280 Downloads
S. Subramanian and Manabi Majumdar
Probabilistic cheap talk pp. 281-294 Downloads
Bhaskar Chakravorti, Bart Taub and John P. Conley
Annexations and alliances: When are blocs advantageous a priori? pp. 295-312 Downloads
Moshé Machover and Dan S. Felsenthal
On asymptotic strategy-proofness of the plurality and the run-off rules pp. 313-324 Downloads
Arkadii Slinko
Probabilistic allocation rules and single-dipped preferences pp. 325-348 Downloads
Lars Ehlers
Envy, malice and Pareto efficiency: An experimental examination pp. 349-367 Downloads
Steven R. Beckman, Buhong Zheng, John P. Formby and W. James Smith
Existence and Nash implementation of efficient sharing rules for a commonly owned technology pp. 369-379 Downloads
Luis C. Corchón and M. Socorro Puy
The proportional random allocation of indivisible units pp. 381-413 Downloads
Hervé Moulin
A simple procedure for finding equitable allocations of indivisible goods pp. 415-430 Downloads
Dorothea Herreiner and Clemens Puppe
Acyclic sets of linear orders: A progress report pp. 431-447 Downloads
Peter C. Fishburn
More on independent decisiveness and Arrow's theorem pp. 449-454 Downloads
Antonio Quesada
Equality of opportunity: A progress report pp. 455-471 Downloads
John E. Roemer
Book review pp. 473-475 Downloads
Francesco Sinopoli

Volume 19, issue 1, 2002

Progress and conservation under Rawls's maximin principle pp. 1-27 Downloads
Joaquim Silvestre
Evaluation via extended orderings: Empirical findings from Western and Eastern Europe pp. 29-55 Downloads
Jochen Jungeilges and Wulf Gaertner
Single-peaked preferences with several commodities pp. 57-67 Downloads
Pablo Amoros
Multidimensional poverty indices pp. 69-93 Downloads
Kai-yuen Tsui
Pivotal voting and the emperor's new clothes pp. 95-111 Downloads
Howard Margolis
Equitable insurance premium schemes pp. 113-125 Downloads
Marc Fleurbaey and Walter Bossert
Choice correspondences for public goods pp. 127-154 Downloads
Bettina Klaus and Ton Storcken
Lexicographic measurement of the information contained in opportunity sets pp. 155-173 Downloads
Elisabeth Naeve-Steinweg and Jörg Naeve
Single-peakedness and strategy-proofness of generalized median voter schemes pp. 175-192 Downloads
Dolors Berga
On the likelihood of Condorcet's profiles pp. 193-206 Downloads
Fabrice Valognes, Vincent Merlin and Monica Tataru
Multilevel interterritorial convergence and additive multidimensional inequality decomposition pp. 207-218 Downloads
Rafael Salas
Informative voting and condorcet jury theorems with a continuum of types pp. 219-236 Downloads
Adam Meirowitz
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