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Volume 69, issue 3, 2015

Another Remark on the Alternative Expectation Formula pp. 157-159 Downloads
Liang Hong
A Classroom Approach to the Construction of an Approximate Confidence Interval of a Poisson Mean Using One Observation pp. 160-164 Downloads
Per Gösta Andersson
Bayesian Variable Selection Under Collinearity pp. 165-173 Downloads
Joyee Ghosh and Andrew E. Ghattas
Discreteness Causes Bias in Percentage-Based Comparisons: A Case Study From Educational Testing pp. 174-181 Downloads
Darrick Yee and Andrew Ho
A New Test for Short Memory in Long Memory Time Series pp. 182-190 Downloads
Timothy A. C. Hughes and Jaechoul Lee
Understanding and Addressing the Unbounded "Likelihood" Problem pp. 191-200 Downloads
Shiyao Liu, Huaiqing Wu and William Q. Meeker
A Statistical Framework for Hypothesis Testing in Real Data Comparison Studies pp. 201-212 Downloads
Anne-Laure Boulesteix, Robert Hable, Sabine Lauer and Manuel J. A. Eugster
The Challenges in Developing an Online Applied Statistics Program: Lessons Learned at Penn State University pp. 213-220 Downloads
Derek S. Young, Glenn F. Johnson, Mosuk Chow and James L. Rosenberger
On Two General Classes of Discrete Bivariate Distributions pp. 221-230 Downloads
Hyunju Lee and Ji Hwan Cha
What Your Future Doctor Should Know About Statistics: Must-Include Topics for Introductory Undergraduate Biostatistics pp. 231-240 Downloads
Brigitte Baldi and Jessica Utts
On Probabilistic Proofs of Certain Binomial Identities pp. 241-243 Downloads
P. Vellaisamy
Letter to the Editor pp. 253-254 Downloads
R. Dennis Cook, Liliana Forzani and Adam Rothman
Reply pp. 254-255 Downloads
Thaddeus Tarpey, R. Todd Ogden, Eva Petkova and Ronald Christensen
Reply pp. 255-256 Downloads
Peng Ding
Kirk, J.L., and Fay, M.P. "An Introduction to Practical Sequential Inferences Via Single-Arm Binary Response Studies Using the Binseqtest R Package," The American Statistician, 68, 230-242 pp. 256-257 Downloads
Iliana Ignatova, Roland Deutsch and Don Edwards
Nontransitivity, Correlation, and Causation pp. 257-257 Downloads
Emil M. Friedman
Evidence-Based Data Analysis: Protecting the World From Bad Code? Comment by Veresoglou and Rillig pp. 257-257 Downloads
Stavros D. Veresoglou and Matthias C. Rillig

Volume 69, issue 2, 2015

Celebrating the 175th Anniversary of ASA pp. 64-67 Downloads
Christy Chuang-Stein, Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan, Marcus Berzofsky, Amy Herring, Fred Hulting, John McKenzie, Dionne Price, Stephen Stigler, George Williams and Ronald Wasserstein
A Brief History of the American Statistical Association, 1990-2014 pp. 68-78 Downloads
Robert L. Mason and John D. McKenzie
ASA Presidents and Executive Directors Look Back on their Terms in Office pp. 79-85 Downloads
James J. Cochran
Challenges and Opportunities for Statistics in the Next 25 Years pp. 86-90 Downloads
Jon R. Kettenring, Kenneth J. Koehler and John D. McKenzie Jr.
Who Will Celebrate Our 200th Anniversary? Growing the Next Generation of ASA Members pp. 91-95 Downloads
Robert N. Rodriguez
Communicating the Power and Impact of Our Profession: A Heads Up for the Next Executive Directors of the ASA pp. 96-99 Downloads
Ron Wasserstein
The Many Facets of Statistics Education: 175 Years of Common Themes pp. 100-107 Downloads
Jessica Utts
The Influence of Biostatistics at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute pp. 108-120 Downloads
David L. DeMets, Janet Turk Wittes and Nancy L. Geller
Advanced Placement Statistics: Expanding the Scope of Statistics Education pp. 121-126 Downloads
Allan J. Rossman, Roy St. Laurent and Josh Tabor
Recent Developments and Their Implications for the Future of Academic Statistical Consulting Centers pp. 127-137 Downloads
Eric A. Vance
Challenges and Opportunities for Statistics and Statistical Education: Looking Back, Looking Forward pp. 138-145 Downloads
Nicholas Horton
On the Computation of Gauss Hypergeometric Functions pp. 146-148 Downloads
Saralees Nadarajah
There's Nothing Wrong With Clopper-Pearson Binomial Confidence Limits pp. 154-155 Downloads
Robert Easterling
Reply pp. 155-156 Downloads
Mark F. Schilling and Jimmy A. Doi

Volume 69, issue 1, 2015

Has It Really Been Demonstrated That Most Genomic Research Findings Are False? pp. 1-4 Downloads
Gregory P. Samsa
Markov's Inequality and Chebyshev's Inequality for Tail Probabilities: A Sharper Image pp. 5-7 Downloads
Joel E. Cohen
The Absolute Difference Law For Expectations pp. 8-10 Downloads
Liang Hong
Ethical Numbers: Ethics Training in U.S. Graduate Statistics Programs, 2013-2014 pp. 11-16 Downloads
Lisa M. Lee, Frances A. McCarty and Tenny R. Zhang
Did the Military Interventions in the Mexican Drug War Increase Violence? pp. 17-27 Downloads
Valeria Espinosa and Donald B. Rubin
Monotone B-Spline Smoothing for a Generalized Linear Model Response pp. 28-33 Downloads
Wei Wang and Dylan S. Small
Biostatistics Faculty and NIH Awards at U.S. Medical Schools pp. 34-40 Downloads
Guangxiang Zhang and John J. Chen
Maximizing Probability Bounds Under Moment-Matching Restrictions pp. 41-44 Downloads
Stephen Portnoy
A Note on the Minimax Solution for the Two-Stage Group Testing Problem pp. 45-52 Downloads
Yaakov Malinovsky and Paul S. Albert
Letter to the Editor pp. 62-62 Downloads
Spyros Missiakoulis

Volume 68, issue 4, 2014

Reference Class Forecasting: Resolving Its Challenge to Statistical Modeling pp. 221-229 Downloads
Robert F. Bordley
An Introduction to Practical Sequential Inferences via Single-Arm Binary Response Studies Using the binseqtest R Package pp. 230-242 Downloads
Jennifer L. Kirk and Michael P. Fay
Are Nonprofit Antipoverty Organizations Located Where They Are Needed? A Spatial Analysis of the Greater Hartford Region pp. 243-252 Downloads
Jun Yan, Chao Guo and Laurie E. Paarlberg
Dissonant Conclusions When Testing the Validity of an Instrumental Variable pp. 253-263 Downloads
Fan Yang, José R. Zubizarreta, Dylan S. Small, Scott Lorch and Paul R. Rosenbaum
The Promise of Prediction Contests pp. 264-270 Downloads
Phillip E. Pfeifer, Yael Grushka-Cockayne and Kenneth C. Lichtendahl
A Paradoxical Result in Estimating Regression Coefficients pp. 271-276 Downloads
Thaddeus Tarpey, R. Todd Ogden, Eva Petkova and Ronald Christensen
A Property of Geometric Mean Regression pp. 277-281 Downloads
Shaoji Xu
Some Useful Moment Results in Sampling Problems pp. 282-296 Downloads
B. O'Neill
The Sign of the Logistic Regression Coefficient pp. 297-301 Downloads
A. B. Owen and P. A. Roediger
The "Three Plus One" Likelihood-Based Test Statistics: Unified Geometrical and Graphical Interpretations pp. 302-306 Downloads
Vito M. R. Muggeo and Gianfranco Lovison
Tarpey, T., Ogden, R. T., Petkova, E., and Christensen R. (2014), "A Paradoxical Result in Estimating Regression Coefficients," The American Statistician, 68, 271-276 (this issue): Comment by Peng Ding pp. 316-316 Downloads
Peng Ding
Warr, R. L. and Erich, R. A. (2013), "Should the Interquartile Range Divided by the Standard Deviation be Used to Assess Normality?," The American Statistician, 67, 242-244: Comment by Mukhopadhyay and Reply pp. 316-317 Downloads
Nitis Mukhopadhyay
Reply pp. 317-317 Downloads
Richard L. Warr and Roger A. Erich
Aldor-Noiman, S., Brown, L.D., Buja, A., Rolke, W., and Stine, R.A. (2013), "The Power to See: A New Graphical Test of Normality," The American Statistician, 67, 249-260 pp. 318-318 Downloads
Sivan Aldor-Noiman, Lawrence D. Brown, Andreas Buja, Wolfgang Rolke and Robert A. Stine

Volume 68, issue 3, 2014

A Coverage Probability Approach to Finding an Optimal Binomial Confidence Procedure pp. 133-145 Downloads
Mark F. Schilling and Jimmy A. Doi
New Statistical Tests for Detecting Disparate Impact Arising From Two-Stage Selection Processes pp. 146-157 Downloads
Weiwen Miao and Joseph L. Gastwirth
A Simple Density-Based Empirical Likelihood Ratio Test for Independence pp. 158-169 Downloads
Albert Vexler, Wan-Min Tsai and Alan D. Hutson
On a Simple Construction of a Bivariate Probability Function With a Common Marginal pp. 170-173 Downloads
Djilali Ait Aoudia and Éric Marchand
Applying Bootstrap Methods to System Reliability pp. 174-182 Downloads
Christopher E. Marks, Andrew G. Glen, Matthew W. Robinson and Lawrence M. Leemis
Uniform Correlation Mixture of Bivariate Normal Distributions and Hypercubically Contoured Densities That Are Marginally Normal pp. 183-187 Downloads
Kai Zhang, Lawrence D. Brown, Edward George and Linda Zhao
Two New Elementary Derivations of Geometric Expectation pp. 188-190 Downloads
Liang Hong
Kurtosis as Peakedness, 1905-2014. R.I.P pp. 191-195 Downloads
Peter H. Westfall
A Unique Collaboration: Prominent Statisticians' Survey Work in Greece in 1946 pp. 196-203 Downloads
Catherine Michalopoulou
Section Editor's Notes pp. 204-204 Downloads
Robert A. Oster
Analyzing DOE With Statistical Software Packages: Controversies and Proposals pp. 205-211 Downloads
Sara Fontdecaba, Pere Grima and Xavier Tort-Martorell
Letter to the Editor pp. 220-220 Downloads
Liang Hong
Reply pp. 220a-220a Downloads
Changyong Feng, Hongyue Wang, Yu Han, Yinglin Xia and Xin M. Tu

Volume 68, issue 2, 2014

The Need for More Emphasis on Prediction: A "Nondenominational" Model-Based Approach pp. 71-83 Downloads
David A. Harville
Comment pp. 83-84 Downloads
Hal Stern
Comment pp. 85-86 Downloads
Dale L. Zimmerman
Comment pp. 87-88 Downloads
Robert McCulloch
Comment pp. 88-89 Downloads
Donald A. Berry and Scott M. Berry
Rejoinder pp. 89-92 Downloads
David A. Harville
Direct Calculation of the Variance of Maximum Penalized Likelihood Estimates via EM Algorithm pp. 93-97 Downloads
Woojoo Lee and Yudi Pawitan
A Decorated Parallel Coordinate Plot for Categorical Longitudinal Data pp. 98-103 Downloads
Reto Bürgin and Gilbert Ritschard
A Note on the Simulation of Overdispersed Random Variables With Specified Marginal Means and Product Correlations pp. 104-107 Downloads
Matthew W. Guerra and Justine Shults
Mosaic Plots are Useful for Visualizing Low-Order Projections of Factorial Designs pp. 108-116 Downloads
Ulrike Grömping
Vardeman, S. B. and Morris, M. D. (2013), "Majority Voting by Independent Classifiers can Increase Error Rates," The American Statistician, 67, 94-96: Comment by Baker, Xu, Hu, and Huang and Reply pp. 125-126 Downloads
Stuart Baker, Jian-Lun Xu, Ping Hu and Peng Huang
Segal, N. L., and Torres, J. (2013), "A Repeated Grammatical Error Does Not Make it Right," The American Statistician, 67, 266: Comment by Holland and Reply pp. 127-127 Downloads
Bart Holland
Reply pp. 127-128 Downloads
Nancy L. Segal and Jorge Luis Torres
Ignatova, I., Deutsch, R. C., and Edwards, D. (2012), "Closed Sequential and Multistage Inference on Binary Responses With or Without Replacement," The American Statistician, 66, 163-172: Comment by Michlin and Shaham and Reply pp. 128-128 Downloads
Yefim Haim Michlin and Ofer Shaham
Kim, Y., Choi, Y.-K., and Emery, S. (2013), "Logistic Regression With Multiple Random Effects: A Simulation Study of Estimation Methods and Statistical Packages," The American Statistician, 67, 171-182 pp. 129-130 Downloads
Gul Inan, Ozlem Ilk-Dag and Alexander de Leon
Reply pp. 129-129 Downloads
Lina Ignatova, Roland C. Deutsch and Don Edwards
Reply pp. 130-131 Downloads
Yoonsang Kim and Sherry Emery

Volume 68, issue 1, 2014

Resurrecting the Third Variable: A Critique of Pearl's Causal Analysis of Simpson's Paradox pp. 1-7 Downloads
Timothy W. Armistead
Comment: Understanding Simpson's Paradox pp. 8-13 Downloads
Judea Pearl
Comment pp. 13-17 Downloads
Ronald Christensen
Comment: A Fruitful Resolution to Simpson's Paradox via Multiresolution Inference pp. 17-29 Downloads
Keli Liu and Xiao-Li Meng
Rejoinder pp. 30-31 Downloads
Timothy Armistead
Three Occurrences of the Hyperbolic-Secant Distribution pp. 32-35 Downloads
Peng Ding
Two Useful Reformulations of the Hazard Ratio pp. 36-41 Downloads
Edward J. Bedrick
Prior Elicitation: Interactive Spreadsheet Graphics With Sliders Can Be Fun, and Informative pp. 42-51 Downloads
Geoffrey Jones and Wesley O. Johnson
The Gram-Schmidt Construction as a Basis for Linear Models pp. 52-55 Downloads
Lynn Roy LaMotte
Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for Several Quantiles of an Unknown Distribution pp. 56-62 Downloads
A. J. Hayter
Reply pp. 67-69 Downloads
Daniel A. Griffith
Letter to the Editor: Griffith, Daniel A. (2013), "Better Articulating Normal Curve for Introductory Mathematical Statistics Students: Power Transformations," The American Statistician, 67, 157-169 pp. 67-67 Downloads
Nitis Mukhopadhyay
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