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Volume 21, issue 11, 2014

Momentum in Irish stocks: evidence from the credit crisis pp. 717-722 Downloads
O'Keeffe, Cormac and Liam A. Gallagher
Poisson analysis of suicide in Japan using municipal data pp. 723-726 Downloads
Saki Sugano and Yusuke Matsuki
Nonexclusionary input prices pp. 727-732 Downloads
Soheil R. Nadimi and Dennis L. Weisman
R&D, export and productivity: testing the Bustos model on Danish data pp. 733-737 Downloads
Mogens Dilling-Hansen and Valdemar Smith
Imports of intermediate inputs and country size pp. 738-741 Downloads
Mohammad Amin and Asif Islam
Japan's deflation: the role of wage costs pp. 742-746 Downloads
Satoshi Urasawa
Empirical estimation of market power in Greece pp. 747-750 Downloads
Michael Leonidas Polemis
Visiting an old battleground in empirical industrial organization: SCP versus NEIO pp. 751-754 Downloads
Sanjib Bhuyan
Employment and education effects on HIV/AIDS prevalence rate and economic growth: empirical investigation in ECOWAS pp. 755-759 Downloads
Komivi Afawubo and Samuel Mathey
Why do economists publish less? pp. 760-762 Downloads
Tolga Yuret
Taxation and democracy: an instrumental variable approach pp. 763-766 Downloads
Nurullah Gur
Economic development and the impact of the EU--US Transatlantic Open Skies Air Transport Agreement pp. 767-770 Downloads
Kenneth Button, Rui Neiva and Junyang Yuan
Eating in: employment and home production during the Great Recession pp. 771-775 Downloads
Kathryn Birkeland
Effects of fiscal policy on private consumption: evidence from structural-balance fiscal rule deviations pp. 776-781 Downloads
Juan Allamand Correa, Christian Ferrada, Pablo A. Gutiérrez C. and Francisco Parro
Too big to merge? Evidence from the US banking sector pp. 782-785 Downloads
Michael Leonidas Polemis and John M. Paleologos
Convergence in sovereign debt ratios across heavily indebted EU countries: evidence from club convergence pp. 786-788 Downloads
Nicholas Apergis and Arusha Cooray
Modelling tail dependence between energy market and stock markets in the BRIC countries pp. 789-794 Downloads
Zhiyuan Pan
Comparing the aggregation bias in the input--output model and the social accounting matrix model pp. 795-800 Downloads
Maria Llop and Antonio Manresa

Volume 21, issue 10, 2014

Does it matter why power outages occur? An example of information-induced gender-heterogeneous preference on the intensive and extensive margins of choice pp. 657-664 Downloads
Jacob Ladenburg, Kirsten Lund Jensen and Christa Lassen
Dynamics of social tolerance in the economic interaction model with three groups pp. 665-670 Downloads
Yingying Shi and Daiyan Peng
Adjustment dynamics of countries' specialization patterns in the European Union pp. 671-674 Downloads
Astrid Martina Krenz
The wealth, health and well-being of Ireland's older people before and during the economic crisis pp. 675-678 Downloads
Alan Barrett and V. O'Sullivan,
Compensation discrimination in the NFL: an analysis of career earnings pp. 679-682 Downloads
Johnny Ducking, Peter Andrew Groothuis and James Richard Hill
The US Dow and the US dollar pp. 683-686 Downloads
Samih Antoine Azar
Is the Internet an effective mechanism for reducing corruption experience? Evidence from a cross-section of countries pp. 687-691 Downloads
Jamie Bologna
An efficiency analysis of European banks considering hierarchical technologies pp. 692-696 Downloads
A. Kontolaimou
Testing for causality between credit and real business cycles in the frequency domain: an illustration pp. 697-701 Downloads
Jose Eduardo Gomez-Gonzalez, Jair N Ojeda, Héctor Manuel Zárate and Fernando Tenjo-Galarza
Gender differences in deception behaviour -- the role of the counterpart pp. 702-705 Downloads
Tim Lohse and Salmai Qari
Devaluation expectations based on cross-listed stocks: evidence for financial crises in Argentina then and now pp. 706-710 Downloads
Stefan Eichler
Macroeconomic uncertainty: does it matter for commodity prices? pp. 711-716 Downloads
Libo Yin and Liyan Han

Volume 21, issue 9, 2014

A search for evidence of skill mismatch in the aftermath of the great recession pp. 587-592 Downloads
Julie L. Hotchkiss, M. M. Pitts and F. Rios-Avila
Balance-constrained growth rates: generalizing Thirlwall's law pp. 593-596 Downloads
Oscar Bajo-Rubio
Better sexy than flexy? A lab experiment assessing the impact of perceived attractiveness and personality traits on hiring decisions pp. 597-601 Downloads
Stijn Baert and L. Decuypere
A test of competition in Chinese banking pp. 602-604 Downloads
Botao Qin and Sherrill Shaffer
Can analyst coverage reduce the incidence of fraud? Evidence from China pp. 605-608 Downloads
May Hu and Jingjing Yang
Time preference assumptions in normative analyses of household financial decisions pp. 609-612 Downloads
Sherman D. Hanna and KyoungTae Kim
The impact of risk preference on health insurance and health expenditures in the United States pp. 613-616 Downloads
Simon Condliffe and Gregory T. Fiorentino
Low-energy development in China pp. 617-621 Downloads
Pengfei Sheng and Jun Yang
Risk diversification through multiple group membership in microfinance pp. 622-625 Downloads
Ratul Lahkar and Viswanath Pingali
Insurance activities and banking credit causal nexus: evidence from China pp. 626-630 Downloads
Guan-Chun LIU and Chien-Chiang Lee
Measuring financial contagion using general social interaction model with trade network structure pp. 631-635 Downloads
Bingqing Li, Han Wang and Xinrong Xiao
A general decomposition formula with interaction effects pp. 636-642 Downloads
Martin Biewen
Raising food prices and welfare change: a simple calibration pp. 643-645 Downloads
Xiaohua Yu
Volatility contagion across commodity, equity, foreign exchange and Treasury bond markets pp. 646-650 Downloads
Raquel López
Estimation of affine term structure models under the Milstein approximation pp. 651-656 Downloads
Hail Park

Volume 21, issue 8, 2014

How university and industry knowledge interact to determine local entrepreneurship pp. 513-516 Downloads
Massimiliano Guerini and Cristina Rossi-Lamastra
A macroeconomic investigation of funding liquidity and monetary policy shocks in the United States pp. 517-521 Downloads
Chiu, Ching-Wai (Jeremy)
Market efficiency of commodity futures in India pp. 522-527 Downloads
Takeshi Inoue and Shigeyuki Hamori
Marriage, divorce and economic activity in the US: 1960--2008 pp. 528-532 Downloads
Hamid Baghestani and Michael Malcolm
Note on the interpretation of the convergence speed in the dynamic panel model pp. 533-535 Downloads
Masahiko Shibamoto and Yoshiro Tsutsui
Unemployment hysteresis in the Eurozone area: evidences from nonlinear heterogeneous panel unit root test pp. 536-540 Downloads
Suleyman Bolat, Aviral Kumar Tiwari and Ahmet Utku Erdayi
Can the government incentivize the purchase of private long-term care insurance? Evidence from the Partnership for Long-Term Care pp. 541-544 Downloads
Nadia Greenhalgh-Stanley
In the quest for economic significance: assessing variable importance through mean value decomposition pp. 545-549 Downloads
Thomas Holgersson, Thomas W. L. Norman and Sam M. Tavassoli
Can political and business connections alleviate financial constraints? pp. 550-555 Downloads
Ju-Fang Yen, Yan-Shing Chen, Chih-Yung Lin and Chih-Hong Tsai
The share is down 8% after the profit warning, is it time to buy? pp. 556-559 Downloads
J. Spohr
Spousal employment and intra-household bargaining power pp. 560-563 Downloads
Francisca M. Antman
Powerful CEOs and capital structure decisions: evidence from the CEO pay slice (CPS) pp. 564-568 Downloads
Pandej Chintrakarn, Pornsit Jiraporn and Manohar Singh
Are per capita CO2 emissions increasing among OECD countries? A test of trends and breaks pp. 569-572 Downloads
Satoshi Yamazaki, Jing Tian and Firmin Doko Tchatoka
The factors affecting the risk attitude in entrepreneurship: evidence from Latin America pp. 573-581 Downloads
Jean P. Sepulveda and Claudio A. Bonilla
Joint evaluation of the directional accuracy of federal budget forecasts pp. 582-585 Downloads
Yoichi Tsuchiya

Volume 21, issue 7, 2014

Monetary conditions and metal prices pp. 447-452 Downloads
John Baffes and Cristina Savescu
Inflation targeting on unemployment rates: a quantile treatment effect approach pp. 453-458 Downloads
Ho-Chuan Huang and Chih-Chuan Yeh
Children's public health insurance and scholastic success pp. 459-462 Downloads
Christina Robinson and Nicole M. Coomer
Consumer preference changes in the logit demand model pp. 463-465 Downloads
Steven Schmeiser
Test of the bank lending channel: the case of US consumer loans pp. 466-469 Downloads
Yu Hsing
European ADRs: what a difference a decade makes pp. 470-476 Downloads
Mark Schaub
Does the level of the yield curve predict inflation? pp. 477-480 Downloads
Huseyin Kaya
An endogenous Goodwin--Keynes business cycle model: evidence for Germany (1991--2007) pp. 481-486 Downloads
Konstantinos Nikolaos Konstantakis, Panayotis G. Michaelides and Theodore Mariolis
A longitudinal analysis of the union wage premium for US workers pp. 487-489 Downloads
P. E. Gabriel and S. Schmitz
Muscle drain versus brain gain in association football: technology transfer through player emigration and manager immigration pp. 490-493 Downloads
Grant Jordan Allan and John Duncan Moffat
Demand forecasting errors and the ownership of infrastructure pp. 494-496 Downloads
Kenneth Button and Zhenhua Chen
The varying interest elasticity and the cost of inflation in India pp. 497-500 Downloads
Sudhanshu Kumar
The participation of Mexico in global supply chains: the challenge of adding Mexican value pp. 501-504 Downloads
Juan Blyde
Dividend changes and information about future profitability: an application of difference GMM pp. 505-508 Downloads
Tai-Yuan Chen and Lie-Jane Kao
Inferring export orientation from corporate websites pp. 509-512 Downloads
Desamparados Blazquez and Josep Domenech

Volume 21, issue 6, 2014

Population health status and economic growth in Chinese provinces: some policy implications pp. 377-382 Downloads
Vasudeva N. R. Murthy and Albert A. Okunade
Sharing out the costs of a public--private partnership pp. 383-386 Downloads
Kenneth Button and Nobuhiko Daito
Local long-term institutions, growth and cash holdings pp. 387-390 Downloads
Kiyoung Chang, Eun Kang and Ying Li
Does European Monetary Union make inflation dynamics more uniform? pp. 391-396 Downloads
Stefano Maria Iacus and Giuseppe Porro
Identify regimes in post-war US GDP growth pp. 397-401 Downloads
Yu Jiang and Xianming Fang
Competition or privatization: which is more effective in China's banking sector reform? pp. 402-406 Downloads
Weixing Cai, Hang Li and Cheng Zeng
Financial and economic downturns in OECD countries pp. 407-412 Downloads
Markus Haavio, Caterina Mendicino and Maria Teresa Punzi
Brand-size complementarity in the choice of retail stores pp. 413-416 Downloads
Hyoung-Goo Kang, Hailey Hayeon Joo and Janghee Cho
The price momentum and discounting effects on stock prices after earnings announcements: an empirical analysis pp. 417-420 Downloads
Brian Truong and Dang T. Tran
Location and adoption of ICT innovations in the agri-food industry pp. 421-424 Downloads
Josep Domenech, Victor Martinez-Gomez and Francisco Mas-Verdú
Opposition to capital market opening pp. 425-428 Downloads
Philipp Engler and Alexander Wulff
Duration and optimal number of shifts in the labour market pp. 429-432 Downloads
U. Spiegel, L.D. Gonen and M. Weber
What is behind class attendance in college economics courses? pp. 433-437 Downloads
Qihui Chen and Tade O. Okediji
Diversification and bank profitability: a nonlinear approach pp. 438-441 Downloads
Leonardo Gambacorta, Michela Scatigna and Jing Yang
Exports and profitability: a note from quantile regression approach pp. 442-445 Downloads
Huong Vu, Mark J. Holmes, Steven Lim and Tuyen Quang Tran

Volume 21, issue 5, 2014

Is there a transatlantic divide in undergraduate macroeconomics teaching? pp. 297-303 Downloads
Manfred Gärtner, Björn Griesbach and Florian Jung
An empirical examination of the determinants of the shadow economy pp. 304-307 Downloads
Eduardo Acosta-González, Fernando Fernández-Rodríguez and Simon Sosvilla-Rivero
Measuring happiness: context matters pp. 308-311 Downloads
Georgios Kavetsos, Marika Dimitriadou and Paul Dolan
The effects of a back-loaded compensation policy on the recruiting of older workers pp. 312-316 Downloads
Israel Luski and Miki Malul
Firm location and the method of payment in mergers and acquisitions pp. 317-324 Downloads
Dimitrios Koutmos, Wei Song and Si Zhou
Innovation rankings: good, bad or revealing? pp. 325-328 Downloads
Yuezhou Cai and Aoife Hanley
Geographic and sector externalities from highly qualified human capital: the importance of the business service sector pp. 329-334 Downloads
Joilson Dias, Florian Schumacher and Edinaldo Tebaldi
Does informal risk capital relax the financial constraints of high-tech entrepreneurial ventures? pp. 335-339 Downloads
Massimo G. Colombo, Annalisa Croce and Massimiliano Guerini
Reconsidering the effect of work intensity on study time pp. 340-343 Downloads
Stephen B. DeLoach, Stephanie Franz and Jennifer Platania
Human resource management practices and longitudinal workplace performance pp. 344-349 Downloads
B. P. Cozzarin and S. A. Jeffrey
The injured victim's health care spending: is there an effect of the origin of accident? pp. 350-355 Downloads
Laurent Carnis and Hamza Achit
Are consumer sentiments useful in Japan? An application of a new market-timing test pp. 356-359 Downloads
Yoichi Tsuchiya
Cost minimizing sequential punishment policies for repeat offenders pp. 360-365 Downloads
Evgenia Motchenkova
Law matters?: a Bayesian analysis of the cross-country relationship between anti-self-dealing rules and stock market outcomes pp. 366-371 Downloads
Wenming Xu
ELW pricing kernel and empirical risk aversion pp. 372-376 Downloads
Jun Sik Kim, Hyeyoen Kim and Doojin Ryu

Volume 21, issue 4, 2014

Stock market development and economic growth in Ghana: an ARDL-bounds testing approach pp. 229-234 Downloads
Erasmus L. Owusu and Nicholas M. Odhiambo
Are crude oil markets globalized or regionalized? Evidence from WTI and Brent pp. 235-241 Downloads
Huei-Chu Liao, Shu-Chuan Lin and Ho-Chuan Huang
Nonfinancial defined contribution pension schemes: is a survivor dividend necessary to make the system balanced? pp. 242-247 Downloads
Boado-Penas and Carlos Vidal-Melia
Was the Euro good for Greece? pp. 248-251 Downloads
Ethan Hamilton and Eric Olson
Multi-scale tracking dynamics and optimal index replication pp. 252-256 Downloads
Q. Li, L. Bao and Q. L. Zhang
Does growth affect volatility? An empirical study on developing countries pp. 257-260 Downloads
Masahiro Kodama
Too non-traditional to fail? Determinants of systemic risk for BRICs banks pp. 261-264 Downloads
X. Qin and X. Zhu
An examination of the effects of concealed weapons laws and assault weapons bans on state-level murder rates pp. 265-267 Downloads
Mark Gius
Accurately measuring gold mutual fund performance pp. 268-271 Downloads
David Moreno, Rosa Rodríguez and Chieh Wang
The impact of unionization and other factors on undocumented immigrant settlement patterns in the US pp. 272-275 Downloads
Richard J. Cebula, Maggie Foley and Robert Boylan
Hedging price risk when no direct hedge vehicle exists: the case of silicon pp. 276-279 Downloads
Bahram Adrangi, Arjun Chatrath, Rohan A. Christie-David, Mariia Guk and Gaurav Malik
Racial differences in the effects of hypertension and obesity on health expenditures by diabetes patients in the US pp. 280-283 Downloads
Simon Condliffe and Charles R. Link
A two-step approach to examine the dynamics of market convergence pp. 284-288 Downloads
Alexander Karmann and Alexander Ludwig
The power of the pram: do young children determine female job satisfaction? pp. 289-292 Downloads
T. Kifle, Parvinder Kler and Sriram Shankar
Information disclosure and job search: evidence from a social networks experiment pp. 293-296 Downloads
Z. K. Dong, D. S. Huang and F. F. Tang

Volume 21, issue 3, 2014

Deficit versus social statistics: empirical evidence for the effectiveness of Benford's law pp. 147-151 Downloads
Bernhard Rauch, Max Göttsche, Gernot Brähler and Thomas Kronfeld
Do past decisions influence future decisions? pp. 152-157 Downloads
John Denis Hey and Wenting Zhou
The relation between gold and stocks: an analysis of severe bear markets pp. 158-170 Downloads
An-Sing Chen and James Wuh Lin
Chinese superstition in US commodity trading pp. 171-175 Downloads
Richard Chung, Ali F. Darrat and Bin Li
Export and FDI premia among services firms in the developing world pp. 176-179 Downloads
Ben Shepherd
Using a multinomial probit to test for complementarity pp. 180-184 Downloads
Fares, M'hand
Selectivity and timing abilities of international socially responsible funds pp. 185-188 Downloads
Paulo Leite and Maria Céu Cortez
Do Asia-Pacific stock prices follow a random walk? A regime-switching perspective pp. 189-195 Downloads
Xin Shen and Mark J. Holmes
What really drives inflation? pp. 196-200 Downloads
Christopher Malikane and Tshepo Mokoka
Does the composition of regional knowledge bases influence extra-regional collaboration for innovation? pp. 201-204 Downloads
B. Ebersberger, S. J. Herstad and C. Koller
The convergence of regional house prices in China pp. 205-208 Downloads
Fang Zhang and Bruce Morley
The demand for UK beer: estimates of the long-run on- and off-trade beer price elasticities pp. 209-214 Downloads
P. R. Tomlinson and J. Robert Branston
Housing and behavioural factors pp. 215-219 Downloads
John H. Huston and Roger W. Spencer
The impact of federal, state and local taxes on student achievement in public schools: the case of Indiana pp. 220-223 Downloads
Tin-Chun Lin and Amanda Couch
Exchange rates and commodity prices: Granger causality in the time--frequency domain pp. 224-227 Downloads
Riccardo Trezzi

Volume 21, issue 2, 2014

Bank deregulation and relative wages in finance pp. 69-74 Downloads
Herd behaviour in the Turkish banking sector pp. 75-79 Downloads
Esin Cakan and Aram Balagyozyan
Does inflation asymmetrically affect relative price variability? pp. 80-83 Downloads
Sartaj Rasool Rather, S. Raja Sethu Durai and M Ramachandran
Determinants of state laws addressing obesity pp. 84-89 Downloads
Michael L. Marlow
What causes the favourite-longshot bias? Further evidence from tennis pp. 90-92 Downloads
Jiří Lahvička
Do interest-rate forecasters herd? International evidence pp. 93-98 Downloads
Christian and Jan-Christoph Rülke
A note on the long-run determinants of economic growth pp. 99-102 Downloads
HuiMing Zhu, WanHai You and Yinghua Ren
Bank finance heterogeneity in China: micro-level evidence pp. 103-106 Downloads
Chunyang Wang and Tianran Niu
Nonlinear behaviour in EMBI series from Eastern Europe: evidence of 'window size effect' pp. 107-112 Downloads
Christian Espinosa, Juan Gorigoitia, Carlos Maquieira and João Paulo Vieito
Did asymmetric monetary preferences for the output gap disappear during recent economic times? pp. 113-117 Downloads
Steven P. Cassou, Hedieh Shadmani and Jesús Vázquez
A comparison of two housing markets pp. 118-124 Downloads
Zhengxun Tan and Shu Wu
Geography and CEO luck: where do CEOs tend to be lucky? pp. 125-128 Downloads
Chintrakarn, Jiraporn and Jiraporn
EU ETS CO2 emissions constraints and business performance: a quantile regression approach pp. 129-134 Downloads
Sara Segura, Luis Ferruz, Pilar Gargallo and Manuel Salvador
Survey data and short-term forecasts of Swedish GDP growth pp. 135-139 Downloads
Pär Österholm
The short and long-run dynamics between inflation and economic growth in BRICS pp. 140-145 Downloads
Nimantha Manamperi

Volume 21, issue 1, 2014

Does salary discrimination persist for foreign athletes in the NBA? pp. 1-5 Downloads
Adam J. Hoffer and Ryan Freidel
Quality-adjusted output cost economies of US adult versus paediatric physical therapy production pp. 6-12 Downloads
Gregory G. Lubiani and Albert A. Okunade
Is the Greek crisis in the EMU contagious? pp. 13-18 Downloads
Panayotis G. Michaelides, Theofanis Papageorgiou and Efthymios Mike Tsionas
Investing versus gambling: experimental evidence of multi-domain risk attitudes pp. 19-23 Downloads
Cary A. Deck, Jungmin Lee and Javier A. Reyes
Unions and income inequality: evidence from Ireland pp. 24-27 Downloads
Dierk Herzer
The persistence of unemployment at the local area level: evidence from the US and the UK pp. 28-30 Downloads
Paul Ormerod
Do horizontal mergers induce entry? Evidence from the US airline industry pp. 31-34 Downloads
Patrice Bougette, Kai Hüschelrath and Kathrin Müller
Eliciting risk attitudes -- how to avoid mean and variance bias in Holt-and-Laury lotteries pp. 35-38 Downloads
Norbert Hirschauer, Oliver Musshoff, Syster C. Maart-Noelck and Sven Gruener
Beyond absorptive capacity: in-house R&D as a driver of innovative complementarities pp. 39-42 Downloads
Alessandra Catozzella and Marco Vivarelli
Are investors' portfolios enhanced by incorporating CTA index funds? pp. 43-46 Downloads
Yen-Sen Ni and Pao-Yu Huang
Determinants of fair own wage perceptions: the moderating effect of works councils and performance evaluations pp. 47-50 Downloads
Christian Pfeifer
Voter demand for fluoridated water: a tale of two c(av)ities pp. 51-54 Downloads
Philip L. Hersch and Jodi E. Pelkowski
A note on the role of price risk in soya bean supply functions pp. 55-59 Downloads
Jung Hwan Min and Harry M. Kaiser
Testing for random walk behaviour in CIVETS exchange rates pp. 60-63 Downloads
Fahad Almudhaf
The return of convergence in the US states pp. 64-68 Downloads
Janice Boucher Breuer, William R. Hauk and John Harvey McDermott
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