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Volume 96, issue 3, 2014

Random Walk-Based Segregation Measures pp. 383-401 Downloads
Coralio Ballester and Marc Vorsatz
Binary Choice Models with Social Network under Heterogeneous Rational Expectations pp. 402-417 Downloads
Lung-fei Lee, Ji Li and Xu Lin
Numeracy and the Impact of High Food Prices in Industrializing Britain, 1780–1850 pp. 418-430 Downloads
Jorg Baten, Dorothee Crayen and Hans-Joachim Voth
Liquidity Constraints and Consumer Bankruptcy: Evidence from Tax Rebates pp. 431-443 Downloads
Tal Gross, Matthew J. Notowidigdo and Jialan Wang
Contrast Effects in Sequential Decisions: Evidence from Speed Dating pp. 444-457 Downloads
Saurabh Bhargava and Raymond Fisman
Lead and Mortality pp. 458-470 Downloads
Karen Clay, Werner Troesken and Michael Haines
An Empirical Model of Tax Convexity and Self-Employment pp. 471-482 Downloads
Jean-François Wen and Daniel V. Gordon
The Impact of Labor Market Dynamics on the Return Migration of Immigrants pp. 483-494 Downloads
Govert Ewout Bijwaard, Christian Schluter and Jackline Wahba
Skill Bias Magnified: Intersectoral Linkages and White-Collar Labor Demand in U.S. Manufacturing pp. 495-513 Downloads
Nico Voigtländer
Can Achievement Peer Effect Estimates Inform Policy? A View from Inside the Black Box pp. 514-523 Downloads
Jane Cooley Fruehwirth
Consumer Inertia, Choice Dependence, and Learning from Experience in a Repeated Decision Problem pp. 524-537 Downloads
Eugenio J. Miravete and Ignacio Palacios-Huerta
Trade Flows, Multilateral Resistance, and Firm Heterogeneity pp. 538-549 Downloads
Alberto Behar and Benjamin D. Nelson
The Weight of the Crisis: Evidence From Newborns in Argentina pp. 550-562 Downloads
Carlos Bozzoli and Climent Quintana-Domeque
Measuring True Sales and Underreporting with Matched Firm-Level Survey and Tax Office Data pp. 563-576 Downloads
Fujin Zhou and Remco Oostendorp
Who Marries Differently Aged Spouses? Ability, Education, Occupation, Earnings, and Appearance pp. 577-580 Downloads
Hani Mansour and Terra McKinnish

Volume 96, issue 2, 2014

Revealed Preferences in a Heterogeneous Population pp. 197-213 Downloads
Stefan G.N. Hoderlein and Jörg Stoye
Entry Threats and Pricing in the Generic Drug Industry pp. 214-228 Downloads
Steven Tenn and Brett W. Wendling
The Development Impact of a Best Practice Seasonal Worker Policy pp. 229-243 Downloads
John Gibson and David McKenzie
Investing in Schooling In Chile: The Role of Information about Financial Aid for Higher Education pp. 244-257 Downloads
Taryn Dinkelman and Claudia Martínez A.
Did the 2007 Legal Arizona Workers Act Reduce the State's Unauthorized Immigrant Population? pp. 258-269 Downloads
Sarah Bohn, Magnus Lofstrom and Steven Raphael
Printing and Protestants: An Empirical Test of the Role of Printing in the Reformation pp. 270-286 Downloads
Jared Rubin
Taxation and the Earnings of Husbands and Wives: Evidence from Sweden pp. 287-305 Downloads
Alexander M. Gelber
Market Equilibrium and the Environmental Effects of Tax Adjustments in China's Automobile Industry pp. 306-317 Downloads
Junji Xiao and Heng Ju
In School and Out of Trouble? The Minimum Dropout Age and Juvenile Crime pp. 318-331 Downloads
D. Mark Anderson
Does Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Matter in China? Evidence from Financing and Investment Choices in the High-Tech Industry pp. 332-348 Downloads
James S. Ang, Yingmei Cheng and Chaopeng Wu
Collusion Through Joint R&D: An Empirical Assessment pp. 349-370 Downloads
Tomaso Duso, Lars-Hendrik Röller and Jo Seldeslachts
A Causal Interpretation of Extensive and Intensive Margin Effects in Generalized Tobit Models pp. 371-375 Downloads
Kevin E. Staub
A Conditional-Heteroskedasticity-Robust Confidence Interval for the Autoregressive Parameter pp. 376-381 Downloads
Donald W. K. Andrews and Patrik Guggenberger

Volume 96, issue 1, 2014

Liar's Loan? Effects of Origination Channel and Information Falsification on Mortgage Delinquency pp. 1-18 Downloads
Wei Jiang, Ashlyn Aiko Nelson and Edward Vytlacil
Are Household Surveys Like Tax Forms? Evidence from Income Underreporting of the Self-Employed pp. 19-33 Downloads
Erik Hurst, Geng Li and Benjamin Pugsley
Estimation of Random-Coefficient Demand Models: Two Empiricists' Perspective pp. 34-59 Downloads
Christopher R. Knittel and Konstantinos Metaxoglou
Has ICT Polarized Skill Demand? Evidence from Eleven Countries over Twenty-Five Years pp. 60-77 Downloads
Guy Michaels, Ashwini Natraj and John Michael van Reenen
Self-Selection and International Migration: New Evidence from Mexico pp. 78-91 Downloads
Robert John Kaestner and Ofer Malamud
Monopsony in the Low-Wage Labor Market? Evidence from Minimum Nurse Staffing Regulations pp. 92-102 Downloads
Jordan D. Matsudaira
The Effects of World War II on Economic and Health Outcomes across Europe pp. 103-118 Downloads
Iris Kesternich, Bettina Siflinger, James P. Smith and Joachim Klaus Winter
Statistical Discrimination or Prejudice? A Large Sample Field Experiment pp. 119-134 Downloads
Michael Ewens, Bryan Tomlin and Liang Choon Wang
Employment Protection Legislation, Multinational Firms, and Innovation pp. 135-150 Downloads
Rachel Griffith and Gareth Macartney
Information Sharing and Stock Market Participation: Evidence from Extended Families pp. 151-160 Downloads
Geng Li
Is the Effect of Competition on Price Dispersion Nonmonotonic? Evidence from the U.S. Airline Industry pp. 161-170 Downloads
Mian Dai, Qihong Liu and Konstantinos Serfes
Knowledge Spillovers from Research Universities: Evidence from Endowment Value Shocks pp. 171-188 Downloads
Shawn Kantor and Alexander Whalley
The Effect of Health Insurance on Emergency Department Visits: Evidence from an Age-Based Eligibility Threshold pp. 189-195 Downloads
Michael L. Anderson, Carlos Dobkin and Tal Gross

Volume 95, issue 5, 2013

Estimating Measurement Error in Annual Job Earnings: A Comparison of Survey and Administrative Data pp. 1451-1467 Downloads
John M. Abowd and Martha H. Stinson
The Evolution of the Black-White Test Score Gap in Grades K–3: The Fragility of Results pp. 1468-1479 Downloads
Timothy N Bond and Kevin Lang
Relative Status and Well-Being: Evidence from U.S. Suicide Deaths pp. 1480-1500 Downloads
Mary C. Daly, Daniel John Wilson and Norman J. Johnson
Credit Spreads as Predictors of Real-Time Economic Activity: A Bayesian Model-Averaging Approach pp. 1501-1519 Downloads
Jon Faust, Simon Gilchrist, Jonathan H. Wright and Egon Zakrajšsek
Sex Ratios and Crime: Evidence from China pp. 1520-1534 Downloads
Lena Edlund, Hongbin Li, Junjian Yi and Junsen Zhang
Inequality and City Size pp. 1535-1548 Downloads
Nathaniel Baum-Snow and Ronni Pavan
Catastrophic Natural Disasters and Economic Growth pp. 1549-1561 Downloads
Eduardo Alfredo Cavallo, Sebastian Galiani, Ilan Noy and Juan Pantano
Unexploited Gains From International Diversification: Patterns Of Portfolio Holdings Around The World pp. 1562-1583 Downloads
Tatiana Didier, Roberto Rigobon and Sergio Luis Schmukler
Evidence on the Accuracy of Merger Simulations pp. 1584-1600 Downloads
Matthew C. Weinberg and Daniel Hosken
Strategic Decision-Making with Information and Extraction Externalities: A Structural Model of the MultiStage Investment Timing Game in Offshore Petroleum Production pp. 1601-1621 Downloads
C.-Y. Cynthia Lin
Resource Extraction Contracts Under Threat of Expropriation: Theory and Evidence pp. 1622-1639 Downloads
Johannes Stroebel and Arthur van Benthem
Distributing Pollution Rights in Cap-and-Trade Programs: Are Outcomes Independent of Allocation? pp. 1640-1652 Downloads
Meredith Fowlie and Jeffrey M. Perloff
Competition and Innovation: The Inverted-U Relationship Revisited pp. 1653-1668 Downloads
Aamir Rafique Hashmi
Is the Washington Consensus Dead? Growth, Openness, and the Great Liberalization, 1970s–2000s pp. 1669-1690 Downloads
Antoni Estevadeordal and Alan M. Taylor
Comparing Treatments across Labor Markets: An Assessment of Nonexperimental Multiple-Treatment Strategies pp. 1691-1707 Downloads
Carlos A. Flores and Oscar A. Mitnik
The Impact of Charitable Subsidies on Religious Giving and Attendance: Evidence from Panel Data pp. 1708-1721 Downloads
Barış K. Yörük
Commodity Market Dynamics and the Joint Executive Committee, 1880–1886 pp. 1722-1739 Downloads
Franco Mariuzzo and Patrick Paul Walsh
Institutional Determinants of New Firm Entry in Russia: A Cross-Regional Analysis pp. 1740-1749 Downloads
Randolph Luca Bruno, Maria Bytchkova and Saul Estrin
Do Product Market Regulations In Upstream Sectors Curb Productivity Growth? Panel Data Evidence For OECD Countries pp. 1750-1768 Downloads
Renaud Bourlès, Gilbert Cette, Jimmy Lopez, Jacques MAIRESSE and Giuseppe Nicoletti
Technical Change and The Commons pp. 1769-1787 Downloads
Dale Squires and Niels Vestergaard
Do Crises Catalyze Creative Destruction? Firm-level Evidence from Indonesia pp. 1788-1810 Downloads
Mary Hallward-Driemeier and Bob Martinus Johannes Rijkers
Dynamic Hierarchical Factor Model pp. 1811-1817 Downloads
Emanuel Moench, Serena Ng and Simon Potter

Volume 95, issue 4, 2013

Income and Health Spending: Evidence from Oil Price Shocks pp. 1079-1095 Downloads
Daron Acemoglu, Amy Finkelstein and Matthew J. Notowidigdo
Match Quality, Worker Productivity, and Worker Mobility: Direct Evidence from Teachers pp. 1096-1116 Downloads
C. Kirabo Jackson
Can Self-Control Explain Avoiding Free Money? Evidence from Interest-Free Student Loans pp. 1117-1129 Downloads
Brian Charles Cadena and Benjamin J. Keys
Peer Effects and Multiple Equilibria in the Risky Behavior of Friends pp. 1130-1149 Downloads
David E. Card and Laura Giuliano
Electricity Unit Value Prices and Purchase Quantities: U.S. Manufacturing Plants, 1963–2000 pp. 1150-1165 Downloads
Steven J. Davis, Cheryl Grim, John Haltiwanger and Mary Streitwieser
Remittances Deteriorate Governance pp. 1166-1182 Downloads
Faisal Z. Ahmed
House Price Fluctuations: The Role of Housing Wealth as Borrowing Collateral pp. 1183-1197 Downloads
Daniel Cooper
Automakers' Short-Run Responses to Changing Gasoline Prices pp. 1198-1211 Downloads
Ashley Langer and Nathan H. Miller
The Effect of Gasoline Prices on Household Location pp. 1212-1221 Downloads
Raven Molloy and Hui Shan
Skill-Biased Technological Change and the Business Cycle pp. 1222-1237 Downloads
Almut Balleer and Thijs van Rens
The Effects of Usury Laws: Evidence from the Online Loan Market pp. 1238-1248 Downloads
Oren Rigbi
Immigrant Networks and Their Implications for Occupational Choice and Wages pp. 1249-1277 Downloads
Krishna Patel and Francis Vella
Crime and Immigration: Evidence from Large Immigrant Waves pp. 1278-1290 Downloads
Brian David Bell, Francesco Fasani and Stephen Machin
The Effect of Rising Income Inequality on Taxation and Public Expenditures: Evidence from U.S. Municipalities and School Districts, 1970–2000 pp. 1291-1302 Downloads
Leah Boustan, Fernando V. Ferreira, Hernan Winkler and Eric M. Zolt
Organizational Form and Performance: Evidence from the Hotel Industry pp. 1303-1323 Downloads
Renáta Kosová, Francine Lafontaine and Rozenn Perrigot
Competition Policy and Productivity Growth: An Empirical Assessment pp. 1324-1336 Downloads
Paolo Buccirossi, Lorenzo Ciari, Tomaso Duso, Giancarlo Spagnolo and Cristiana Vitale
Wage Rigidity, Collective Bargaining, and the Minimum Wage: Evidence from French Agreement Data pp. 1337-1351 Downloads
Sanvi Avouyi-Dovi, Denis Fougere and Erwan Gautier
Expectations and Economic Fluctuations: An Analysis Using Survey Data pp. 1352-1367 Downloads
Sylvain Leduc and Keith Sill
Airline Alliances, Antitrust Immunity, and Market Foreclosure pp. 1368-1385 Downloads
Volodymyr Bilotkach and Kai Hüschelrath
Time to Change What to Sow: Risk Preferences and Technology Adoption Decisions of Cotton Farmers in China pp. 1386-1403 Downloads
Elaine M. Liu
Import Competition and Skill Content in U.S. Manufacturing Industries pp. 1404-1417 Downloads
Yi Lu and Travis Ng
From Baghdad to London: Unraveling Urban Development in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, 800–1800 pp. 1418-1437 Downloads
Maarten Bosker, Eltjo Buringh and Jan Luiten van Zanden
Gender, Competitiveness, and Socialization at a Young Age: Evidence From a Matrilineal and a Patriarchal Society pp. 1438-1443 Downloads
Steffen Andersen, Seda Ertaç, Uri Gneezy, John List and Sandra Maximiano
Consumption Smoothing after the Final Mortgage Payment: Testing the Magnitude Hypothesis pp. 1444-1449 Downloads
Barry Scholnick

Volume 95, issue 3, 2013

Season of Birth and Later Outcomes: Old Questions, New Answers pp. 711-724 Downloads
Kasey Buckles and Daniel M. Hungerman
Firing Costs and Flexibility: Evidence from Firms' Employment Responses to Shocks in India pp. 725-740 Downloads
Achyuta R. Adhvaryu, A. V. Chari and Siddharth Sharma
Crime, Punishment, and Politics: An Analysis of Political Cycles in Criminal Sentencing pp. 741-756 Downloads
Carlos Berdejó and Noam Yuchtman
Going Soft: How the Rise of Software-Based Innovation Led to the Decline of Japan's IT Industry and the Resurgence of Silicon Valley pp. 757-775 Downloads
Ashish Arora, Lee G. Branstetter and Matej Drev
Stock Market Volatility and Macroeconomic Fundamentals pp. 776-797 Downloads
Robert F. Engle, Eric Ghysels and Bumjean Sohn
The Micro-Macro Disconnect of Purchasing Power Parity pp. 798-812 Downloads
Paul Bergin, Reuven Glick and Jyh-Lin Wu
Measuring Global Poverty: Why PPP Methods Matter pp. 813-824 Downloads
Robert J Ackland, Steve Dowrick and Benoit Pierre FREYENS
The Determinants of Intrafirm Trade: Evidence from French Firms pp. 825-838 Downloads
Gregory Corcos, Delphine M. Irac, Giordano Mion and Thierry A. Verdier
Heterogeneous Firms or Heterogeneous Workers? Implications for Exporter Premiums and the Gains from Trade pp. 839-849 Downloads
Alfonso Irarrazabal, Andreas Moxnes and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe
Family Ties and Organizational Design: Evidence from Chinese Private Firms pp. 850-867 Downloads
Hongbin Cai, Hongbin Li, Albert Park and Li-An Zhou
Does Ethnicity Pay? Evidence from Overseas Chinese FDI in China pp. 868-883 Downloads
Yasheng Huang, Li Jin and Yi Qian
Spreading the Word: Geography, Policy, and Knowledge Spillovers pp. 884-903 Downloads
Sharon Belenzon and Mark Schankerman
The Economics of Consanguineous Marriages pp. 904-918 Downloads
Quy-Toan Do, Sriya Iyer and Shareen Joshi
Breastfeeding and Children's Early Cognitive Outcomes pp. 919-931 Downloads
Donna S. Rothstein
Genetic Matching for Estimating Causal Effects: A General Multivariate Matching Method for Achieving Balance in Observational Studies pp. 932-945 Downloads
Alexis Diamond and Jasjeet S. Sekhon
Which Reforms Work and under What Institutional Environment? Evidence from a New Data Set on Structural Reforms pp. 946-968 Downloads
Alessandro Prati, Massimiliano Gaetano Onorato and Chris Papageorgiou
Vengeance pp. 969-982 Downloads
Naci Mocan
Assessing Economic Liberalization Episodes: A Synthetic Control Approach pp. 983-1001 Downloads
Andreas Billmeier and Tommaso Nannicini
Making Friends with Your Neighbors? Agglomeration and Tacit Collusion in The Lodging Industry pp. 1002-1017 Downloads
Li Gan and Manuel Alejandro Hernandez
What Is the True Loss Due to Piracy? Evidence from Microsoft Office in Hong Kong pp. 1018-1029 Downloads
Tin Cheuk Leung
Optimal Use of Labor Market Policies: The Role of Job Search Assistance pp. 1030-1045 Downloads
Conny Wunsch
Do Natural Resources Attract Nonresource FDI? pp. 1047-1065 Downloads
Steven Poelhekke and (Rick) van der Ploeg, Frederick
Regulatory Reform and Productivity Change in Indian Banking pp. 1066-1077 Downloads
Barbara Casu, Alessandra Ferrari and Tianshu Zhao

Volume 95, issue 2, 2013

Who Creates Jobs? Small versus Large versus Young pp. 347-361 Downloads
John Haltiwanger, Ron S. Jarmin and Javier Miranda
Policy Volatility, Institutions, and Economic Growth pp. 362-376 Downloads
Antonio Fatás and Ilian Mihov
Asset Market Participation, Monetary Policy Rules, and the Great Inflation pp. 377-392 Downloads
Florin O. Bilbiie and Roland Straub
Knowledge Transfers from Multinational to Domestic Firms: Evidence from Worker Mobility pp. 393-406 Downloads
Jennifer P. Poole
Is Earnings Nonresponse Ignorable? pp. 407-416 Downloads
Christopher R. Bollinger and Barry T. Hirsch
The Ecological Footprint of Poverty Alleviation: Evidence from Mexico's Oportunidades Program pp. 417-435 Downloads
Jennifer Alix-Garcia, Craig McIntosh, Katharine R. E. Sims and Jarrod R. Welch
Do Spillovers Matter When Estimating Private Returns to R&D? pp. 436-448 Downloads
Markus Eberhardt, Christian Helmers and Hubert Strauss
When Distance Disappears: Inventors, Education, and the Locus of Knowledge Spillovers pp. 449-463 Downloads
Paola Giuri and Myriam Mariani
Do Family Wealth Shocks Affect Fertility Choices? Evidence from the Housing Market pp. 464-475 Downloads
Michael F. Lovenheim and Kevin J. Mumford
Import Competition and Quality Upgrading pp. 476-490 Downloads
Mary Amiti and Amit Kumar Khandelwal
Inter-Industry Strategic R&D and Supplier-Demander Relationships pp. 491-499 Downloads
Andrew C. Chang
Empirical Evidence on the Role of Nonlinear Wholesale Pricing and Vertical Restraints on Cost Pass-Through pp. 500-515 Downloads
Céline Bonnet, Pierre Dubois, Sofia Villas-Boas and Daniel Klapper
Who Pays Cigarette Taxes? The Impact of Consumer Price Search pp. 516-529 Downloads
Philip DeCicca, Donald S. Kenkel and Feng Liu
Unemployment Dynamics in the OECD pp. 530-548 Downloads
Michael Elsby, Bart Hobijn and Ayşegül Şahin
From the Peaks to the Valleys: Cross-State Evidence on Income Volatility over the Business Cycle pp. 549-562 Downloads
Colleen Marie Carey and Stephen H. Shore
Geographic Variation in Subprime Loan Features, Foreclosures, and Prepayments pp. 563-590 Downloads
Morgan J. Rose
Do Countries Falsify Economic Data Strategically? Some Evidence That They Might pp. 591-616 Downloads
Tomasz Kamil Michalski and Gilles Stoltz
Long-Term Determinants of the Demographic Transition, 1870–2000 pp. 617-631 Downloads
Fabrice MURTIN
Closing the Gap between Risk Estimation and Decision Making: Efficient Management of Trade-Related Invasive Species Risk pp. 632-645 Downloads
Robert Pal Lieli and Michael Springborn
Structural Breaks in the International Dynamics of Inflation pp. 646-659 Downloads
Erdenebat Bataa, Denise Osborn, Marianne Sensier and Dick van Dijk
Gradients of the Intergenerational Transmission of Health in Developing Countries pp. 660-672 Downloads
Sonia Radhika Bhalotra and Samantha B. Rawlings
Causal Effects of Health Shocks on Consumption and Debt: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Bus Accident Injuries pp. 673-681 Downloads
Manoj Mohanan
Access to Markets and Rural Poverty: Evidence from Household Consumption in China pp. 682-697 Downloads
M. Shahe Emran and Zhaoyang Hou
Chinese Graduate Students and U.S. Scientific Productivity pp. 698-701 Downloads
Patrick Gaulé and Mario Piacentini
Trade Crisis? What Trade Crisis? pp. 702-709 Downloads
Kristian Behrens, Gregory Corcos and Giordano Mion

Volume 95, issue 1, 2013

Financial Incentives and Fertility pp. 1-20 Downloads
Alma Cohen, Rajeev Dehejia and Dmitri Romanov
Are Children “Normal”? pp. 21-33 Downloads
Dan A. Black, Natalia Kolesnikova, Seth G. Sanders and Lowell J. Taylor
Are Building Codes Effective at Saving Energy? Evidence from Residential Billing Data in Florida pp. 34-49 Downloads
Grant Douglas Jacobsen and Matthew J. Kotchen
The Economics of Green Building pp. 50-63 Downloads
Piet Eichholtz, Nils Kok and John M. Quigley
Using Nonpecuniary Strategies to Influence Behavior: Evidence from a Large-Scale Field Experiment pp. 64-73 Downloads
Paul Ferraro and Michael K. Price
Spillovers from High-Skill Consumption to Low-Skill Labor Markets pp. 74-86 Downloads
Francesca Mazzolari and Giuseppe Ragusa
Employment Effects of Army Service and Veterans' Compensation: Evidence from the Australian Vietnam-Era Conscription Lotteries pp. 87-97 Downloads
Peter Matthew Siminski
HIV Status and Labor Market Participation in South Africa pp. 98-108 Downloads
James Levinsohn, Zoë M. McLaren, Olive Shisana and Khangelani Zuma
Quotas and Quality: The Effect of H-1B Visa Restrictions on the Pool of Prospective Undergraduate Students from Abroad pp. 109-126 Downloads
Takao Kato and Chad Sparber
Partisan Representation in Congress and the Geographic Distribution of Federal Funds pp. 127-141 Downloads
David Yves Albouy
Determinants of Health Care Decisions: Insurance, Utilization, and Expenditures pp. 142-153 Downloads
Chan Shen
Well-Being over the Life Span: Semiparametric Evidence from British and German Longitudinal Data pp. 154-167 Downloads
Christoph Wunder, Andrea Wiencierz, Johannes Schwarze and Helmut Küchenhoff
A Faith-Based Initiative Meets the Evidence: Does a Flexible Exchange Rate Regime Really Facilitate Current Account Adjustment? pp. 168-184 Downloads
Menzie Chinn and Shang-Jin Wei
What Does the Yield Curve Tell Us about Exchange Rate Predictability? pp. 185-205 Downloads
Yu-chin Chen and Kwok Ping Tsang
Commodity Prices, Convenience Yields, and Inflation pp. 206-219 Downloads
Nikolay Gospodinov and Serena Ng
Differences in Portfolios across Countries: Economic Environment versus Household Characteristics pp. 220-236 Downloads
Dimitris Christelis, Dimitris Georgarakos and Michael Haliassos
Product Market Competition and Upstream Innovation: Evidence from the U.S. Electricity Market Deregulation pp. 237-254 Downloads
Paroma Sanyal and Suman Ghosh
Estimating the Benefits of Targeted R&D Subsidies pp. 255-272 Downloads
Tuomas Takalo, Tanja Tanayama and Otto Toivanen
Top Research Productivity and Its Persistence: Gender as a Double-Edged Sword pp. 273-285 Downloads
Stijn Kelchtermans and Reinhilde Veugelers
Estimating Lost Output from Allocative Inefficiency, with an Application to Chile and Firing Costs pp. 286-301 Downloads
Amil Petrin and Jagadeesh Sivadasan
The Effects of Coworker Heterogeneity on Firm-Level Output: Assessing the Impacts of Cultural and Language Diversity in the National Hockey League pp. 302-314 Downloads
Leo H. Kahane, Neil Longley and Robert Simmons
Costs, Demand, and Producer Price Changes pp. 315-327 Downloads
Claire Loupias and Patrick SEVESTRE
Solving Linear Rational Expectations Models with Predictable Structural Changes pp. 328-336 Downloads
Adam Cagliarini and Mariano Kulish
Pension Benefit Insurance and Pension Plan Portfolio Choice pp. 337-341 Downloads
Thomas F. Crossley and Mario Jametti
Is Protectionism on the Rise? Assessing National Trade Policies during the Crisis of 2008 pp. 342-346 Downloads
Hiau Looi Kee, Ileana Cristina Neagu Constantinescu and Alessandro Nicita
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