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Volume 97, issue 3, 2015

The Effect of Schooling on Cognitive Skills pp. 533-547 Downloads
Magnus Carlsson, Gordon B. Dahl, Björn Öckert and Dan-Olof Rooth
Discrimination and the Effects of Drug Testing on Black Employment pp. 548-566 Downloads
Abigail Wozniak
Fair Trade and Free Entry: Can a Disequilibrium Market Serve as a Development Tool? pp. 567-573 Downloads
Alain de Janvry, Craig McIntosh and Elisabeth Sadoulet
Firm Exports and Multinational Activity Under Credit Constraints pp. 574-588 Downloads
Kalina Manova, Shang-Jin Wei and Zhiwei Zhang
Climatic Fluctuations and the Diffusion of Agriculture pp. 589-609 Downloads
Quamrul Ashraf and Stelios Michalopoulos
Who Benefits from Environmental Regulation? Evidence from the Clean Air Act Amendments pp. 610-622 Downloads
Antonio Bento, Matthew Freedman and Corey Lang
Borders, Geography, and Oligopoly: Evidence from the Wind Turbine Industry pp. 623-637 Downloads
Kerem Cosar A., Paul L. E. Grieco and Felix Tintelnot
The Risks of Innovation: Are Innovating Firms Less Likely to Die? pp. 638-653 Downloads
Ana M. Fernandes and Caroline Paunov
Authorized Generic Entry prior to Patent Expiry: Reassessing Incentives for Independent Generic Entry pp. 654-666 Downloads
Silvia Appelt
Pricing Regulation and Imperfect Competition on the Massachusetts Health Insurance Exchange pp. 667-682 Downloads
Keith Ericson and Amanda Starc
Good Volatility, Bad Volatility: Signed Jumps and The Persistence of Volatility pp. 683-697 Downloads
Andrew Patton and Kevin Sheppard
Unemployment and Productivity in the Long Run: The Role of Macroeconomic Volatility pp. 698-709 Downloads
Pierpaolo Benigno, Luca Antonio Ricci and Paolo Surico
Incentives to Identify: Racial Identity in the Age of Affirmative Action pp. 710-713 Downloads
Francisca Antman and Brian Duncan

Volume 97, issue 1, 2015

On the Blurring of the Color Line: Wages and Employment for Black Males of Different Skin Tones pp. 1-13 Downloads
Daniel Kreisman and Marcos A. Rangel
Facial Attractiveness and Lifetime Earnings: Evidence from a Cohort Study pp. 14-28 Downloads
John Karl Scholz and Kamil Sicinski
Learning from Teen Childbearing Experiences of Close Friends: Evidence using Miscarriages as a Natural Experiment pp. 29-43 Downloads
Olga Yakusheva and Jason Fletcher
The Impact of Study Groups and Roommates on Academic Performance pp. 44-54 Downloads
Tarun Jain and Mudit Kapoor
Bad News: An Experimental Study on the Informational Effects Of Rewards pp. 55-70 Downloads
Andrei Bremzen, Elena Khokhlova, Anton Suvorov and Jeroen van de Ven
The Impact of Age Pension Eligibility Age on Retirement and Program Dependence: Evidence from an Australian Experiment pp. 71-87 Downloads
Kadir Atalay and Garry Barrett
Locus of Control and Job Search Strategies pp. 88-103 Downloads
Marco Caliendo, Deborah Cobb-Clark and Arne Uhlendorff
Kyoto and Carbon Leakage: An Empirical Analysis of the Carbon Content of Bilateral Trade pp. 104-115 Downloads
Rahel Aichele and Gabriel Felbermayr
Asymmetric Phase Shifts in U.S. Industrial Production Cycles pp. 116-133 Downloads
Yongsung Chang and Sunoong Hwang
Production Factor Returns: The Role of Factor Utilization pp. 134-143 Downloads
Gilbert Cette, Nicolas Dromel, Remy Lecat and Anne-Charlotte Paret
Does Online Availability Increase Citations? Theory and Evidence from a Panel of Economics and Business Journals pp. 144-165 Downloads
Mark J. McCabe and Christopher M. Snyder
Variety Pass-Through: An Examination of the Ready-to-Eat Breakfast Cereal Market pp. 166-180 Downloads
Timothy J. Richards and Stephen F. Hamilton
The Effect of the Internet on Performance and Quality: Evidence from the Airline Industry pp. 180-194 Downloads
Itai Ater and Eugene Orlov
Entry and Competition in Differentiated Products Markets pp. 195-209 Downloads
Catherine Schaumans and Frank Verboven
Asymptotic F-Test in a GMM Framework with Cross-Sectional Dependence pp. 210-233 Downloads
Yixiao Sun and Min Seong Kim
Migration and Financial Constraints: Evidence from Mexico pp. 224-228 Downloads
Manuela Angelucci

Volume 96, issue 5, 2014

Gasoline Prices, Fuel Economy, and the Energy Paradox pp. 779-795 Downloads
Hunt Allcott and Nathan Wozny
Smithian Growth through Creative Organization pp. 796-811 Downloads
Patrick Legros, Andrew F. Newman and Eugenio Proto
Evidence of Treatment Spillovers Within Markets pp. 812-823 Downloads
Marc Ferracci, Gregory Jolivet and Gerard J. van den Berg
Care or Cash? The Effect of Child Care Subsidies on Student Performance pp. 824-837 Downloads
Sandra Black, Paul Devereux, Katrine Løken and Kjell G Salvanes
Happy Doctor Makes Happy Baby? Incentivizing Physicians Improves Quality of Prenatal Care pp. 838-848 Downloads
Vibeke Myrup Jensen
The Increasing Complementarity between Cognitive and Social Skills pp. 849-861 Downloads
Catherine J. Weinberger
Monetary Policy Regime Shifts and Inflation Persistence pp. 862-875 Downloads
Troy Davig and Taeyoung Doh
Job Loss, Credit Constraints, and Consumption Growth pp. 876-884 Downloads
Thomas Crossley and Hamish Low
New Evidence on the Finite Sample Properties of Propensity Score Reweighting and Matching Estimators pp. 885-897 Downloads
Matias Busso, John DiNardo and Justin McCrary
Observation-Driven Mixed-Measurement Dynamic Factor Models with an Application to Credit Risk pp. 898-915 Downloads
Drew Creal, Bernd Schwaab, Siem Jan Koopman and André Lucas
Nested Logit or Random Coefficients Logit? A Comparison of Alternative Discrete Choice Models of Product Differentiation pp. 916-935 Downloads
Laura Grigolon and Frank Verboven
Social Networks and Research Output pp. 936-948 Downloads
Lorenzo Ductor, Marcel Fafchamps, Sanjeev Goyal and Marco van der Leij
Opium for the Masses? Conflict-Induced Narcotics Production in Afghanistan pp. 949-966 Downloads
Jo Lind, Karl Ove Moene and Fredik Willumsen
Localized Knowledge Spillovers and Patent Citations: A Distance-Based Approach pp. 967-985 Downloads
Yasusada Murata, Ryo Nakajima, Ryosuke Okamoto and Ryuichi Tamura
Product Cycles in U.S. Imports Data pp. 999-1004 Downloads
Chong Xiang

Volume 96, issue 3, 2014

Random Walk-Based Segregation Measures pp. 383-401 Downloads
Coralio Ballester and Marc Vorsatz
Binary Choice Models with Social Network under Heterogeneous Rational Expectations pp. 402-417 Downloads
Lung-fei Lee, Ji Li and Xu Lin
Numeracy and the Impact of High Food Prices in Industrializing Britain, 1780–1850 pp. 418-430 Downloads
Joerg Baten, Dorothee Crayen and Hans-Joachim Voth
Liquidity Constraints and Consumer Bankruptcy: Evidence from Tax Rebates pp. 431-443 Downloads
Tal Gross, Matthew Notowidigdo and Jialan Wang
Contrast Effects in Sequential Decisions: Evidence from Speed Dating pp. 444-457 Downloads
Saurabh Bhargava and Raymond Fisman
Lead and Mortality pp. 458-470 Downloads
Karen Clay, Werner Troesken and Michael Haines
An Empirical Model of Tax Convexity and Self-Employment pp. 471-482 Downloads
Jean-Francois Wen and Daniel V. Gordon
The Impact of Labor Market Dynamics on the Return Migration of Immigrants pp. 483-494 Downloads
Govert Bijwaard, Christian Schluter and Jackline Wahba
Skill Bias Magnified: Intersectoral Linkages and White-Collar Labor Demand in U.S. Manufacturing pp. 495-513 Downloads
Nico Voigtländer
Can Achievement Peer Effect Estimates Inform Policy? A View from Inside the Black Box pp. 514-523 Downloads
Jane Fruehwirth
Consumer Inertia, Choice Dependence, and Learning from Experience in a Repeated Decision Problem pp. 524-537 Downloads
Eugenio Miravete and Ignacio Palacios-Huerta
Trade Flows, Multilateral Resistance, and Firm Heterogeneity pp. 538-549 Downloads
Alberto Behar and Benjamin Nelson
The Weight of the Crisis: Evidence From Newborns in Argentina pp. 550-562 Downloads
Carlos Bozzoli and Climent Quintana-Domeque
Measuring True Sales and Underreporting with Matched Firm-Level Survey and Tax Office Data pp. 563-576 Downloads
Fujin Zhou and Remco Oostendorp
Who Marries Differently Aged Spouses? Ability, Education, Occupation, Earnings, and Appearance pp. 577-580 Downloads
Hani Mansour and Terra McKinnish
Estimating the Impact of Trade and Offshoring on American Workers using the Current Population Surveys pp. 581-595 Downloads
Avraham Ebenstein, Ann Harrison, Margaret McMillan and Shannon Phillips
The Legacies of Forced Freedom: China's Treaty Ports pp. 596-608 Downloads
Ruixue Jia
Heterogeneity of Ambiguity Preferences pp. 609-617 Downloads
Dale O. Stah
The Mortgage Interest Deduction and its Impact on Homeownership Decisions pp. 618-637 Downloads
Christian Hilber and Tracy M. Turner
A Flexible Finite-Horizon Alternative to Long-Run Restrictions with an Application to Technology Shocks pp. 638-647 Downloads
Neville Francis, Michael Owyang, Jennifer E. Roush and Riccardo DiCecio
The Economics of Cross-Border Travel pp. 648-661 Downloads
Ambarish Chandra, Keith Head and Mariano Tappata
An Empirical Examination of the Procyclicality of R&D Investment and Innovation pp. 662-675 Downloads
Kira R. Fabrizio and Ulya Tsolmon
Human Capital and the World Technology Frontier pp. 676-692 Downloads
Jakob Madsen
Caregiving to Elderly Parents and Employment Status of European Mature Women pp. 693-709 Downloads
Laura Crespo and Pedro Mira
R&D Subsidies and Company Performance: Evidence from Geographic Variation in Government Funding Based on the ERDF Population-Density Rule pp. 710-728 Downloads
Elias Einiö
Exports and Credit Constraints under Incomplete Information: Theory and Evidence from China pp. 729-744 Downloads
Robert Feenstra, Zhiyuan Li and Miaojie Yu
Forecasting Aggregate Productivity Using Information from Firm-Level Data pp. 745-755 Downloads
Eric Bartelsman and Zoltán Wolf
Do Common Stocks Have Perfect Substitutes? Product Market Competition and the Elasticity of Demand for Stocks pp. 756-766 Downloads
Kenneth Ahern
Overtime Labor, Employment Frictions, and the New Keynesian Phillips Curve pp. 767-778 Downloads
Joao Madeira

Volume 96, issue 2, 2014

Revealed Preferences in a Heterogeneous Population pp. 197-213 Downloads
Stefan Hoderlein and Jörg Stoye
Entry Threats and Pricing in the Generic Drug Industry pp. 214-228 Downloads
Steven Tenn and Brett W. Wendling
The Development Impact of a Best Practice Seasonal Worker Policy pp. 229-243 Downloads
John Gibson and David McKenzie
Investing in Schooling In Chile: The Role of Information about Financial Aid for Higher Education pp. 244-257 Downloads
Taryn Dinkelman and Claudia Martínez A.
Did the 2007 Legal Arizona Workers Act Reduce the State's Unauthorized Immigrant Population? pp. 258-269 Downloads
Sarah Bohn, Magnus Lofstrom and Steven Raphael
Printing and Protestants: An Empirical Test of the Role of Printing in the Reformation pp. 270-286 Downloads
Jared Rubin
Taxation and the Earnings of Husbands and Wives: Evidence from Sweden pp. 287-305 Downloads
Alexander Gelber
Market Equilibrium and the Environmental Effects of Tax Adjustments in China's Automobile Industry pp. 306-317 Downloads
Junji Xiao and Heng Ju
In School and Out of Trouble? The Minimum Dropout Age and Juvenile Crime pp. 318-331 Downloads
Mark Anderson D.
Does Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights Matter in China? Evidence from Financing and Investment Choices in the High-Tech Industry pp. 332-348 Downloads
James S. Ang, Yingmei Cheng and Chaopeng Wu
Collusion Through Joint R&D: An Empirical Assessment pp. 349-370 Downloads
Tomaso Duso, Lars-Hendrik Röller and Jo Seldeslachts
A Causal Interpretation of Extensive and Intensive Margin Effects in Generalized Tobit Models pp. 371-375 Downloads
Kevin Staub
A Conditional-Heteroskedasticity-Robust Confidence Interval for the Autoregressive Parameter pp. 376-381 Downloads
Donald Andrews and Patrik Guggenberger

Volume 96, issue 1, 2014

Liar's Loan? Effects of Origination Channel and Information Falsification on Mortgage Delinquency pp. 1-18 Downloads
Wei Jiang, Ashlyn Aiko Nelson and Edward Vytlacil
Are Household Surveys Like Tax Forms? Evidence from Income Underreporting of the Self-Employed pp. 19-33 Downloads
Erik Hurst, Geng Li and Benjamin Pugsley
Estimation of Random-Coefficient Demand Models: Two Empiricists' Perspective pp. 34-59 Downloads
Christopher Knittel and Konstantinos Metaxoglou
Has ICT Polarized Skill Demand? Evidence from Eleven Countries over Twenty-Five Years pp. 60-77 Downloads
Guy Michaels, Ashwini Natraj and John van Reenen
Self-Selection and International Migration: New Evidence from Mexico pp. 78-91 Downloads
Robert Kaestner and Ofer Malamud
Monopsony in the Low-Wage Labor Market? Evidence from Minimum Nurse Staffing Regulations pp. 92-102 Downloads
Jordan Matsudaira
The Effects of World War II on Economic and Health Outcomes across Europe pp. 103-118 Downloads
Iris Kesternich, Bettina Siflinger, James Smith and Joachim Winter
Statistical Discrimination or Prejudice? A Large Sample Field Experiment pp. 119-134 Downloads
Michael Ewens, Bryan Tomlin and Liang Wang
Employment Protection Legislation, Multinational Firms, and Innovation pp. 135-150 Downloads
Rachel Griffith and Gareth Macartney
Information Sharing and Stock Market Participation: Evidence from Extended Families pp. 151-160 Downloads
Geng Li
Is the Effect of Competition on Price Dispersion Nonmonotonic? Evidence from the U.S. Airline Industry pp. 161-170 Downloads
Mian Dai, Qihong Liu and Konstantinos Serfes
Knowledge Spillovers from Research Universities: Evidence from Endowment Value Shocks pp. 171-188 Downloads
Shawn Kantor and Alexander Whalley
The Effect of Health Insurance on Emergency Department Visits: Evidence from an Age-Based Eligibility Threshold pp. 189-195 Downloads
Michael Anderson, Carlos Dobkin and Tal Gross
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