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Volume 16, issue 2, 2016

Creating LaTeX documents from within Stata using texdoc pp. 245-263 Downloads
Ben Jann
Assessing inequality using percentile shares pp. 264-300 Downloads
Ben Jann
Regression models for bivariate count outcomes pp. 301-315 Downloads
Xinling Xu and James W. Hardin
Implementing weighted-average estimation of substance concentration using multiple dilutions pp. 316-330 Downloads
Ying Xu, Paul Milligan, Edmond J. Remarque and Yin Bun Cheung
Inference in regression discontinuity designs under local randomization pp. 331-367 Downloads
Matias D. Cattaneo, Roc ́ıo Titiunik and Gonzalo Vazquez-Bare
Simpler standard errors for two-stage optimization estimators estimation in normal linear models pp. 368-385 Downloads
Joseph V. Terza
igmobil: A command for intergenerational mobility analysis in Stata pp. 386-402 Downloads
Marco Savegnago
Fixed effects in unconditional quantile regression pp. 403-415 Downloads
Nicolai T. Borgen
Calculate travel time and distance with OpenStreetMap data using the Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM) pp. 416-423 Downloads
Stephan Huber and Christoph Rust
Panel time series: Review of the methodological evolution pp. 424-442 Downloads
Tamara Burdisso and Maximo Sangiacomo
Reference-based sensitivity analysis via multiple imputation for longitudinal trials with protocol deviation pp. 443-463 Downloads
Suzie Cro, Tim P. Morris, Michael G. Kenward and James R. Carpenter
Partial credit model: Estimations and tests of fit with pcmodel pp. 464-481 Downloads
Jean-Francois Hamel, Veronique Sebille, Gaelle Challet-Bouju and Jean-Benoit Hardouin
Abadie’s semiparametric difference-in-differences estimator pp. 482-490 Downloads
Kenneth Houngbedji
Speaking Stata: Multiple bar charts in table form pp. 491-510 Downloads
Nicholas Cox
Review of Christopher F. Baum’s An Introduction to Stata Programming, Second Edition pp. 511-516 Downloads
Clyde Schechter
Stata tip 126: Handling irregularly spaced high-frequency transactions data pp. 517-520 Downloads
Christopher Baum and Sebastiaan Bibo
Software updates pp. 521-522 Downloads

Volume 16, issue 1, 2016

16 and all that pp. 3-4 Downloads
Regressions are commonly misinterpreted pp. 5-22 Downloads
David C. Hoaglin
Regressions are commonly misinterpreted: Comments on the article pp. 23-24 Downloads
James W. Hardin
Regressions are commonly misinterpreted: A rejoinder pp. 30-36 Downloads
David C. Hoaglin
Estimation of multivariate probit models via bivariate probit pp. 37-51 Downloads
John Mullahy
diff: Simplifying the estimation of difference-in-differences treatment effects pp. 52-71 Downloads
Juan Villa
mfpa: Extension of mfp using the ACD covariate transformation for enhanced parametric multivariable modeling pp. 72-87 Downloads
Patrick Royston and Willi Sauerbrei
Quantifying the uptake of user-written commands over time pp. 88-95 Downloads
Babak Choodari-Oskooei and Tim P. Morris
bireprob: An estimator for bivariate random-effects probit models pp. 96-111 Downloads
Alexander Plum
conindex: Estimation of concentration indices pp. 112-138 Downloads
Owen O’Donnell, Stephen O’Neill, Tom Van Ourti and Brendan Walsh
Estimating polling accuracy in multiparty elections using surveybias pp. 139-158 Downloads
Kai Arzheimer and Jocelyn Evans
bicop: A command for fitting bivariate ordinal regressions with residual dependence characterized by a copula function and normal mixture marginals pp. 159-184 Downloads
Mónica Hernández-Alava and Stephen Pudney
Features of the area under the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve. A good practice pp. 185-196 Downloads
David Lora, Israel Contador, José F. Pérez-Regadera and Agustín Gómez de la Cámara
Implementing factor models for unobserved heterogeneity in Stata pp. 197-228 Downloads
Miguel Sarzosa and Sergio Urzúa
Speaking Stata: Truth, falsity, indication, and negation pp. 229-236 Downloads
Nicholas J. Cox
Review of Michael N. Mitchell’s Stata for the Behavioral Sciences pp. 237-242
Philip B. Ender
Software updates pp. 244

Volume 15, issue 4, 2015

The Stata Journal Editors' Prize 2014: Richard Williams pp. 901-904 Downloads
H. Joseph Newton and Nicholas Cox
Visualizing assumptions and results in network meta-analysis: The network graphs package pp. 905-950 Downloads
Anna Chaimani and Georgia Salanti
Network meta-analysis pp. 951-985 Downloads
Ian R. White
Bootstrap-based bias correction and inference for dynamic panels with fixed effects pp. 986-1018 Downloads
Ignace De Vos, Gerdie Everaert and Ilse Ruyssen
ctreatreg: Command for fitting dose–response models under exogenous and endogenous treatment pp. 1019-1045 Downloads
Giovanni Cerulli
EORTC QLQ-C30 descriptive analysis with the qlqc30 command pp. 1060-1074 Downloads
Caroline Bascoul-Mollevi, Florence Castan, David Azria and Sophie Gourgou-Bourgade
Implementing a strategy to reduce the instrument count in panel GMM pp. 1075-1097 Downloads
Maria Bontempi and Irene Mammi
Estimating the treatment effect in a clinical trial using difference in restricted mean survival time pp. 1098-1117 Downloads
Patrick Royston
Studying coincidences with network analysis and other multivariate tools pp. 1118-1156 Downloads
Modesto Escobar
Testing for spectral Granger causality pp. 1157-1166 Downloads
Huseyin Tastan
Complete automation of a participant characteristics table pp. 1167-1173 Downloads
Seth T. Lirette
Speaking Stata: A set of utilities for managing missing values pp. 1174-1185 Downloads
Nicholas Cox
Software updates pp. 1186-1187
Cumulative author index, volumes 1-15 Downloads
Christopher Baum

Volume 15, issue 3, 2015

precombine: A command to examine n ≥ 2 datasets before combining pp. 607-626 Downloads
Mark Chatfield
Prediction in linear index models with endogenous regressors pp. 627-644 Downloads
Christopher Skeels and Larry W. Taylor
Fitting fixed- and random-effects meta-analysis models using structural equation modeling with the sem and gsem commands pp. 645-671 Downloads
Tom M. Palmer and Jonathan A. C. Sterne
Record linkage using Stata: Preprocessing, linking, and reviewing utilities pp. 672-697 Downloads
Nada Wasi and Aaron Flaaen
Approximate Bayesian logistic regression via penalized likelihood by data augmentation pp. 712-736 Downloads
Andrea Discacciati, Nicola Orsini and Sander Greenland
Fitting adjusted limited dependent variable mixture models to EQ-5D pp. 737-750 Downloads
Monica Hernandez Alava and Allan Wailoo
A note on adding objects to an existing twoway graph pp. 751-755 Downloads
Ben Jann
Estimating treatment effects for ordered outcomes using maximum simulated likelihood pp. 756-774 Downloads
Christian A. Gregory
Creating summary tables using the sumtable command pp. 775-783 Downloads
Lauren J. Scott and Chris A. Rogers
Bandwidth selection in kernel distribution function estimation pp. 784-795 Downloads
Ignacio Lopez- de-Ullibarri
didq: A command for treatment-effect estimation under alternative assumptions pp. 796-808 Downloads
Ricardo Mora Villarrubia and Iliana Reggio
Regression analysis of censored data using pseudo-observations: An update pp. 809-821 Downloads
Morten Overgaard, Per K. Andersen and Erik T. Parner
Tests for normality in linear panel-data models pp. 822-832 Downloads
Javier Alejo, Antonio Galvao, Gabriel Montes-Rojas and Walter Sosa-Escudero
Bandwidth selection in kernel distribution function estimation pp. 833-844 Downloads
W. Scott Comulada
mqtime: A Stata tool for calculating travel time and distance using MapQuest web services pp. 845-853 Downloads
John Voorheis
The Berry–Levinsohn–Pakes estimator of the random-coefficients logit demand model pp. 854-880 Downloads
David W. Vincent
Feasible fitting of linear models with N fixed effects pp. 881-898 Downloads
Fernando Rios-Avila
Software updates pp. 899

Volume 15, issue 2, 2015

Global search regression: A new automatic model-selection technique for cross-section, time-series, and panel-data regressions pp. 325-349 Downloads
Pablo Gluzmann and Demian Panigo
A menu-driven facility for sample-size calculation in multiarm, multistage randomized controlled trials with time-to-event outcomes: Update pp. 350-368 Downloads
Daniel J. Bratton, Babak Choodari-Oskooei and Patrick Royston
Two-stage individual participant data meta-analysis and generalized forest plots pp. 369-396 Downloads
David J. Fisher
Person-centered treatment (PeT) effects: Individualized treatment effects using instrumental variables pp. 397-410 Downloads
Anirban Basu
Bounding treatment effects: A command for the partial identification of the average treatment effect with endogenous and misreported treatment assignment pp. 411-436 Downloads
Ian McCarthy, Daniel L. Millimet and Manan Roy
Multiple imputation of covariates by substantive-model compatible fully conditional specification pp. 437-456 Downloads
Jonathan W. Bartlett and Tim P. Morris
Modeling heaped count data pp. 457-479 Downloads
Tammy H. Cummings, James W. Hardin, Alexander C. McLain, James R. Hussey, Kevin J. Bennett and Gina M. Wingood
Conducting interrupted time-series analysis for single- and multiple-group comparisons pp. 480-500 Downloads
Ariel Linden
Top 10 Stata "gotchas" pp. 501-511 Downloads
Jonathan Shaw
Generalized maximum entropy estimation of discrete choice models pp. 512-522 Downloads
Paul Corral Rodas and Mungo Terbish
gpsbound: A command for importing and verifying geographical information from a user-provided shapefile pp. 523-536 Downloads
Tim S. L. Brophy, Reza Che Daniels and Sibongile Musundwa
A general-purpose nomogram generator for predictive logistic regression models pp. 537-546 Downloads
Alexander Zlotnik and Victor Abraira
Transition matrix for a bivariate normal distribution in Stata pp. 547-553 Downloads
Marco Savegnago
Estimating almost-ideal demand systems with endogenous regressors pp. 554-573 Downloads
Sébastien Lecocq and Jean-Marc Robin
Speaking Stata: Species of origin pp. 574-587 Downloads
Nicholas J. Cox
Review of Alan Acock's A Gentle Introduction to Stata, Fourth Edition pp. 588-593
Tim Collier
graphlog: Creating log files with embedded graphics pp. 594-596 Downloads
Martin Rune Hansen
Stata tip 124: Passing temporary variables to subprograms pp. 597-598
Maarten Buis
Stata tip 125: Binned residual plots for assessing the fit of regression models for binary outcomes pp. 599-604
Jessica Kasza
Software updates pp. 605-606

Volume 15, issue 1, 2015

twopm: Two-part models pp. 3-20 Downloads
Federico Belotti, Partha Deb, Willard Manning and Edward Norton
Implementing intersection bounds in Stata pp. 21-44 Downloads
Victor Chernozhukov, Wooyoung Kim, Sokbae (Simon) Lee and Adam Rosen
More power through symbolic computation: Extending Stata by using the Maxima computer algebra system pp. 45-76 Downloads
Giovanni L. Lo Magno
Time-efficient algorithms for robust estimators of location, scale, symmetry, and tail heaviness pp. 77-94 Downloads
Wouter Gelade, Vincenzo Verardi and Catherine Vermandele
Generating univariate and multivariate nonnormal data pp. 95-109 Downloads
Sunbok Lee
Bayesian optimal interval design for phase I oncology clinical trials pp. 110-120 Downloads
Bryan M. Fellman and Ying Yuan
Fixed-effect panel threshold model using Stata pp. 121-134 Downloads
Qunyong Wang
Frailty models and frailty-mixture models for recurrent event times pp. 135-154 Downloads
Ying Xu and Yin Bun Cheung
newspell: Easy management of complex spell data pp. 155-172 Downloads
Hannes Kröger
Estimating net survival using a life-table approach pp. 173-185 Downloads
Enzo Coviello, Paul W. Dickman, Karri Seppa and Arun Pokhrel
Estimating and modeling relative survival pp. 186-215 Downloads
Paul W. Dickman and Enzo Coviello
A robust test for weak instruments in Stata pp. 216-225 Downloads
Carolin Pflueger and Su Wang
Regression models for count data from truncated distributions pp. 226-246 Downloads
James W. Hardin and Joseph Hilbe
dynemp: A routine for distributed microdata analysis of business dynamics pp. 247-274 Downloads
Chiara Criscuolo, Peter Gal and Carlo Menon
Tools for checking calibration of a Cox model in external validation: Prediction of population-averaged survival curves based on risk groups pp. 275-291 Downloads
Patrick Royston
Nonparametric pairwise multiple comparisons in independent groups using Dunn's test pp. 292-300 Downloads
Alexis Dinno
Bayesian optimal interval design for phase I oncology clinical trials pp. 301-308 Downloads
Minxing Chen
Review of Alan Acock’s Discovering Structural Equation Modeling Using Stata, Revised Edition pp. 309-315
Richard Williams
Stata tip 122: Variable bar widths in two-way graphs pp. 316-318
Ben Jann
Stata tip 123: Spell boundaries pp. 319-323
Nicholas J. Cox
Software updates pp. 324
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