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Volume 14, issue 4, 2014

The Stata Journal Editors' Prize 2014: Roger Newson pp. 703-707 Downloads
Joseph Newton H. and Nicholas Cox
Plotting regression coefficients and other estimates pp. 708-737 Downloads
Ben Jann
Tools for checking calibration of a Cox model in external validation: Approach based on individual event probabilities pp. 738-755 Downloads
Patrick Royston
Estimation of multiprocess survival models with cmp pp. 756-777 Downloads
Tamás Bartus and David Roodman
dhreg, xtdhreg, and bootdhreg: Commands to implement double-hurdle regression pp. 778-797 Downloads
Christoph Engel and Peter G. Moffatt
The chi-squared goodness-of-fit test for count-data models pp. 798-816 Downloads
Miguel Manjon Antolin and Oscar Martinez
txttool: Utilities for text analysis in Stata pp. 817-829 Downloads
Unislawa Williams and Sean P. Williams
iop: Estimating ex-ante inequality of opportunity pp. 830-846 Downloads
Florian Wendelspiess Chávez Juárez and Isidro Soloaga
femlogit-Implementation of the multinomial logit model with fixed effects pp. 847-862 Downloads
Klaus Pforr
Analysis of partially observed clustered data using generalized estimating equations and multiple imputation pp. 863-883 Downloads
Kathryn M. Aloisio, Sonja A. Swanson, Nadia Micali, Alison Field and Nicholas Horton
Lee (2009) treatment-effect bounds for nonrandom sample selection pp. 884-894 Downloads
Harald Tauchmann
General-to-specific modeling in Stata pp. 895-908 Downloads
Damian Clarke
Robust data-driven inference in the regression-discontinuity design pp. 909-946 Downloads
Sebastian Calonico, Matias D. Cattaneo and Rocio Titiunik
adjcatlogit, ccrlogit, and ucrlogit: Fitting ordinal logistic regression models pp. 947-964 Downloads
Morten W. Fagerland
Collecting and organizing Stata graphs pp. 965-974 Downloads
Joseph D. Wolfe and Shawn Bauldry
Speaking Stata: Design plots for graphical summary of a response given factors pp. 975-990 Downloads
Nicholas Cox
Stata tip 121: Box plots side by side pp. 991-996 Downloads
Nicholas Cox
Software updates pp. 997
Cumulative author index, volumes 1-14 Downloads
Christopher Baum

Volume 14, issue 3, 2014

ivtreatreg: A command for fitting binary treatment models with heterogeneous response to treatment and unobservable selection pp. 453-480 Downloads
Giovanni Cerulli
Obtaining critical values for test of Markov regime switching pp. 481-498 Downloads
Valerie K. Bostwick and Douglas G. Steigerwald
A command for significance and power to test for the existence of a unique most probable category pp. 499-510 Downloads
Bryan M. Fellman and Joe Ensor
Merger simulation with nested logit demand pp. 511-540 Downloads
Jonas Björnerstedt and Frank Verboven
treatrew: A user-written command for estimating average treatment effects by reweighting on the propensity score pp. 541-561 Downloads
Giovanni Cerulli
Modeling count data with generalized distributions pp. 562-579 Downloads
Tammy Harris, Joseph Hilbe and James W. Hardin
A Stata package for the application of semiparametric estimators of dose–response functions pp. 580-604 Downloads
Michela Bia, Carlos A. Flores, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes and Alessandra Mattei
Space-filling location selection pp. 605-622 Downloads
Michela Bia and Philippe Van Kerm
Adaptive Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling and estimation in Mata pp. 623-661 Downloads
Matthew Baker
csvconvert: A simple command to gather comma-separated value files into Stata pp. 662-669 Downloads
Alberto Gaggero
The bmte command: Methods for the estimation of treatment effects when exclusion restrictions are unavailable pp. 670-683 Downloads
Ian McCarthy, Daniel Millimet and Rusty Tchernis
Panel cointegration analysis with xtpedroni pp. 684-692 Downloads
Timothy Neal
Stata and Dropbox pp. 693-696 Downloads
Raymond Hicks
Review of An Introduction to Stata for Health Researchers, Fourth Edition, by Juul and Frydenberg pp. 697-700 Downloads
Ariel Linden
Software updates pp. 701

Volume 14, issue 2, 2014

Self-consistent density estimation pp. 237-258 Downloads
Joerg Luedicke and Alberto Bernacchia
Simulated multivariate random-effects probit models for unbalanced panels pp. 259-279 Downloads
Alexander Plum
Regression models for count data based on the negative binomial(p) distribution pp. 280-291 Downloads
James W. Hardin and Joseph Hilbe
Estimation and testing of binomial and beta-binomial regression models with and without zero inflation pp. 292-303 Downloads
James W. Hardin and Joseph Hilbe
Density-based empirical likelihood procedures for testing symmetry of data distributions and K-sample comparisons pp. 304-328 Downloads
Albert Vexler, Hovig Tanajian and Alan D. Hutson
A smooth covariate rank transformation for use in regression models with a sigmoid dose–response function pp. 329-341 Downloads
Patrick Royston
From Stata to aML pp. 342-362 Downloads
Sara Ayllón
A menu-driven facility for power and detectable-difference calculations in stepped-wedge cluster-randomized trials pp. 363-380 Downloads
Karla Hemming and Alan Girling
Importing Chinese historical stock market quotations from NetEase pp. 381-388 Downloads
Xuan Zhang and Chuntao Li
Power analyses for detecting effects for multiple coefficients in regression pp. 389-397 Downloads
Christopher L. Aberson
Note on Lilien and modified Lilien index pp. 398-406 Downloads
Muhammad Rashid Ansari, Chiara Mussida and Francesco Pastore
Stata command for calculating adverse event and efficacy stopping boundaries for phase II single-arm trials pp. 407-417 Downloads
Bryan M. Fellman
Application of multiple imputation using the two-fold fully conditional specification algorithm in longitudinal clinical data pp. 418-431 Downloads
Catherine Welch, Jonathan Bartlett and Irene Petersen
Speaking Stata: Self and others pp. 432-444 Downloads
Nicholas J. Cox
Review of Introduction to Time Series Using Stata by Sean Becketti pp. 445-448
Dimitriy V. Masterov
Stata tip 120: Certifying subroutines pp. 449-450
Maarten Buis
Software updates pp. 451

Volume 14, issue 1, 2014

sreweight: A Stata command to reweight survey data to external totals pp. 4-21 Downloads
Daniele Pacifico
Calibrating survey data using iterative proportional fitting (raking) pp. 22-59 Downloads
Stanislav Kolenikov
miivfind: A command for identifying model-implied instrumental variables for structural equation models in Stata pp. 60-75 Downloads
Shawn Bauldry
Indirect treatment comparison pp. 76-86 Downloads
Branko Miladinovic, Anna Chaimani, Iztok Hozo and Benjamin Djulbegovic
Net survival estimation with stns pp. 87-102 Downloads
Isabelle Clerc-Urmes, Michel Grzebyk and Guy Hedelin
Reports and other PDF documents pp. 103-118 Downloads
Rafael J. A. Camara
Estimating adjusted associations between random effects from multilevel models: The reffadjust package pp. 119-140 Downloads
Tom M. Palmer, Corrie M. Macdonald-Wallis, Debbie A. Lawlor and Kate Tilling
Estimating the dose–response function through a generalized linear model approach pp. 141-158 Downloads
Barbara Guardabascio and Marco Ventura
Sample size and power calculations for trials and quasi-experimental studies with clustering pp. 159-175 Downloads
Evridiki Batistatou, Chris Roberts and Steve Roberts
strel2: A command for estimating excess hazard and relative survival in large population-based studies pp. 176-190 Downloads
Michael Hills, Bernard Rachet and Milena Falcaro
Estimating marginal treatment effects using parametric and semiparametric methods pp. 191-217 Downloads
Scott Brave and Thomas Walstrum
Stata tip 116: Where did my p-values go? (Part 3) pp. 218-220
Maarten Buis
Stata tip 117: graph combine--Combining graphs pp. 221-225
Lars Angquist
Stata tip 118: Orthogonalizing powered and product terms using residual centering pp. 226-229
Carsten Sauer
Stata tip 119: Expanding datasets for graphical ends pp. 230-235
Nicholas J. Cox
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