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2015, volume 58, issue 1

Licensure and Worker Quality: A Comparison of Alternative Routes to Teaching pp. 1 - 35 Downloads
Tim R. Sass
“Gallantry in Action”: Evidence of Advantageous Selection in a Voluntary Army pp. 111 - 138 Downloads
Javier A. Birchenall and Thomas G. Koch
Appellate Lawmaking in a Judicial Hierarchy pp. 139 - 172 Downloads
Adam B. Badawi and Scott Baker
Outsourcing Shareholder Voting to Proxy Advisory Firms pp. 173 - 204 Downloads
David F. Larcker, Allan L. McCall and Gaizka Ormazabal
Does Incarceration Length Affect Labor Market Outcomes? pp. 205 - 234 Downloads
Rasmus Landersø
Deployments, Combat Exposure, and Crime pp. 235 - 267 Downloads
Mark Anderson D. and Daniel I. Rees
Labor Protection Laws and Bank Loan Contracting pp. 37 - 74 Downloads
Azizjon Alimov
The Impact of Corruption on Consumer Markets: Evidence from the Allocation of Second-Generation Wireless Spectrum in India pp. 75 - 109 Downloads
Sandip Sukhtankar

2014, volume 57, issue S3

Bork’s Strategy and the Influence of the Chicago School on Modern Antitrust Law pp. S1 - S17 Downloads
George L. Priest
Industrial Concentration under the Rule of Reason pp. S101 - S120 Downloads
Sam Peltzman
Robert Bork’s Contributions to Antitrust Perspectives on Tying Behavior pp. S121 - S144 Downloads
Dennis W. Carlton and Michael Waldman
The Evolving Law and Economics of Resale Price Maintenance pp. S161 - S179 Downloads
Benjamin Klein
Antitrust Predation and The Antitrust Paradox pp. S181 - S200 Downloads
Kenneth G. Elzinga and David E. Mills
Consumer Welfare and the Legacy of Robert Bork pp. S19 - S32 Downloads
Kenneth Heyer
“Antitrust’s Least Glorious Hour”: The Robinson-Patman Act pp. S201 - S215 Downloads
Roger D. Blair and Christina DePasquale
How Do Cartels Use Vertical Restraints? Reflections on Bork’s The Antitrust Paradox pp. S33 - S50 Downloads
Margaret Levenstein and Valerie Y. Suslow
The Evolution of U.S. Cartel Enforcement pp. S51 - S65 Downloads
Vivek Ghosal and Daniel Sokol D.
Did Robert Bork Understate the Competitive Impact of Mergers? Evidence from Consummated Mergers pp. S67 - S100 Downloads
Orley Ashenfelter, Daniel Hosken and Matthew Weinberg

2014, volume 57, issue 4

The Role of Age in Jury Selection and Trial Outcomes pp. 1001 - 1030 Downloads
Shamena Anwar, Patrick Bayer and Randi Hjalmarsson
State Contract Law and Debt Contracts pp. 1031 - 1061 Downloads
Colleen Honigsberg, Sharon Katz and Gil Sadka
Wall Street, Capitol Hill, and K Street: Political Influence and Financial Regulation pp. 1063 - 1084 Downloads
Deniz Igan and Prachi Mishra
How Do Case Law and Statute Differ? Lessons from the Evolution of Mortgage Law pp. 1085 - 1122 Downloads
Andra Ghent
Delaware Law as Lingua Franca: Theory and Evidence pp. 865 - 895 Downloads
Brian Broughman, Jesse M. Fried and Darian Ibrahim
Deregulation, Misallocation, and Size: Evidence from India pp. 897 - 936 Downloads
Laura Alfaro and Anusha Chari
Does Immigration Enforcement Reduce Crime? Evidence from Secure Communities pp. 937 - 973 Downloads
Thomas J. Miles and Adam B. Cox
Tax Shelters or Efficient Tax Planning? A Theory of the Firm Perspective on the Economic Substance Doctrine pp. 975 - 1000 Downloads
Christopher Borek T., Angelo Frattarelli and Oliver Hart

2014, volume 57, issue 3

Insider Trading in Supervised Industries pp. 529 - 559 Downloads
David Reeb, Yuzhao Zhang and Wanli Zhao
The Distribution of Legal Traditions around the World: A Contribution to the Legal-Origins Theory pp. 561 - 628 Downloads
Daniel Oto-Peralías and Diego Romero-Ávila
Valuation of Patented Product Features pp. 629 - 663 Downloads
Greg M. Allenby, Jeff Brazell, John R. Howell and Peter Rossi
The Role and Growth of New-Car Leasing: Theory and Evidence pp. 665 - 698 Downloads
Justin P. Johnson, Henry Schneider and Michael Waldman
Trial and Settlement: A Study of High-Low Agreements pp. 699 - 746 Downloads
Prescott J.J., Kathryn E. Spier and Albert Yoon
Litigation Risk and Agency Costs: Evidence from Nevada Corporate Law pp. 747 - 780 Downloads
Dain Donelson and Christopher G. Yust
Rational Inattention and Energy Efficiency pp. 781 - 820 Downloads
James Sallee
Institutional Quality, Culture, and Norms of Cooperation: Evidence from Behavioral Field Experiments pp. 821 - 863 Downloads
Alessandra Cassar, Giovanna d’Adda and Pauline Grosjean

2014, volume 57, issue 2

Direct Estimation of Hidden Earnings: Evidence from Russian Administrative Data pp. 281 - 319 Downloads
Serguey Braguinsky, Sergey Mityakov and Andrey Liscovich
Doing Their Duty: An Empirical Analysis of the Unintended Effect of Tarasoff v. Regents on Homicidal Activity pp. 321 - 348 Downloads
Griffin Edwards
Transnational Trafficking, Law Enforcement, and Victim Protection: A Middleman Trafficker’s Perspective pp. 349 - 386 Downloads
Randall Akee, Arnab Basu, Arjun Bedi and Nancy Chau
Renegotiation Design: Evidence from National Football League Roster Bonuses pp. 387 - 430 Downloads
Gregor Matvos
Voting Rights, Shareholdings, and Leverage at Nineteenth-Century U.S. Banks pp. 431 - 458 Downloads
Howard Bodenhorn
Access to Justice and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Brazil’s Special Civil Tribunals pp. 459 - 499 Downloads
Guilherme Lichand and Rodrigo Soares
Medical Malpractice Reform, the Supply of Physicians, and Adverse Selection pp. 501 - 527 Downloads
Ethan M. J. Lieber

2014, volume 57, issue 1

Malpractice Law, Physicians’ Financial Incentives, and Medical Treatment: How Do They Interact? pp. 1 - 29 Downloads
Ity Shurtz
Strategic Judicial Preference Revelation pp. 113 - 137 Downloads
Alvaro Bustos and Tonja Jacobi
Bankruptcy Law and the Cost of Credit: The Impact of Cramdown on Mortgage Interest Rates pp. 139 - 158 Downloads
Joshua Goodman and Adam Levitin
Do Physicians Possess Market Power? pp. 159 - 193 Downloads
Abe Dunn and Adam Shapiro
Incidence of Strict Quality Standards: Protection of Consumers or Windfall for Professionals? pp. 195 - 224 Downloads
Daiji Kawaguchi, Tetsushi Murao and Ryo Kambayashi
State Foreclosure Laws and the Incidence of Mortgage Default pp. 225 - 280 Downloads
Cem Demiroglu, Evan Dudley and Christopher M. James
Policy Divergence and Voter Polarization in a Structural Model of Elections pp. 31 - 76 Downloads
Stefan Krasa and Mattias K Polborn
Taxes, Lawyers, and the Decline of Witch Trials in France pp. 77 - 112 Downloads
Noel D. Johnson and Mark Koyama

2013, volume 56, issue 4

Racial Segregation Patterns in Selective Universities pp. 1039 - 1060 Downloads
Peter Arcidiacono, Esteban Aucejo, Andrew Hussey and Kenneth Spenner
Self-Reporting, Investigation, and Evidentiary Standards pp. 1061 - 1090 Downloads
Heiko Gerlach
International Politics and Import Diversification pp. 1091 - 1121 Downloads
Sergey Mityakov, Heiwai Tang and Kevin Tsui
The Problem of Social Cost pp. 837 - 877 Downloads
Ronald Coase
The Federal Communications Commission pp. 879 - 915 Downloads
Ronald Coase
On the Design of Leniency Programs pp. 917 - 957 Downloads
Zhijun Chen and Patrick Rey
Education, Complaints, and Accountability pp. 959 - 996 Downloads
Juan Botero, Alejandro Ponce and Andrei Shleifer
Labor Laws and Innovation pp. 997 - 1037 Downloads
Viral V. Acharya, Ramin P. Baghai and Krishnamurthy V. Subramanian

2013, volume 56, issue 3

Media versus Special Interests pp. 521 - 553 Downloads
Alexander Dyck, David Moss and Luigi Zingales
The Evolution of Property Rights: State Law or Informal Norms? pp. 555 - 594 Downloads
Ryan Bubb
A Simple Theory of Predation pp. 595 - 631 Downloads
Chiara Fumagalli and Massimo Motta
Racial Disparities in Job Finding and Offered Wages pp. 633 - 689 Downloads
Roland G. Fryer , Jr., Devah Pager and Jörg Spenkuch
Common Advisers in Mergers and Acquisitions: Determinants and Consequences pp. 691 - 740 Downloads
Anup Agrawal, Tommy Cooper, Qin Lian and Qiming Wang
Tax Mix Corners and Other Kinks pp. 741 - 776 Downloads
Federico Revelli
The Effect of Birthright Citizenship on Parental Integration Outcomes pp. 777 - 810 Downloads
Ciro Avitabile, Irma Clots-Figueras and Paolo Masella
Vermin Trials pp. 811 - 836 Downloads
Peter Leeson

2013, volume 56, issue 2

Negotiation under Possible Third-Party Resolution pp. 281 - 299 Downloads
Sigbjørn Birkeland
Framing Punishment: Incarceration, Recommended Sentences, and Recidivism pp. 301 - 331 Downloads
Shawn D. Bushway and Emily Owens
Medical Marijuana Laws, Traffic Fatalities, and Alcohol Consumption pp. 333 - 369 Downloads
Mark Anderson D., Benjamin Hansen and Daniel Rees
Licensing One of the World’s Oldest Professions: Massage pp. 371 - 388 Downloads
Robert J. Thornton and Edward Timmons
How Tyranny Paved the Way to Democracy: The Democratic Transition in Ancient Greece pp. 389 - 416 Downloads
Robert K. Fleck and F. Andrew Hanssen
How Does Bankruptcy Law Impact the Elderly’s Business and Housing Decisions? pp. 417 - 451 Downloads
Nadia Greenhalgh-Stanley and Shawn Rohlin
Prohibitions on False and Unsubstantiated Claims: Inducing the Acquisition and Revelation of Information through Competition Policy pp. 453 - 486 Downloads
Kenneth S. Corts
Effect of Network Unbundling on Retail Prices: Evidence from the Telecommunications Act of 1996 pp. 487 - 519 Downloads
Gregory L. Rosston, Scott J. Savage and Bradley S. Wimmer

2013, volume 56, issue 1

An Activity-Generating Theory of Regulation pp. 1 - 38 Downloads
Joshua Schwartzstein and Andrei Shleifer
Does Shareholder Proxy Access Improve Firm Value? Evidence from the Business Roundtable’s Challenge pp. 127 - 160 Downloads
Bo Becker, Daniel Bergstresser and Guhan Subramanian
Does Higher Malpractice Pressure Deter Medical Errors? pp. 161 - 188 Downloads
Toshiaki Iizuka
Law Firm Expertise and Merger and Acquisition Outcomes pp. 189 - 226 Downloads
N. V. Krishnan C. and Ronald Masulis
The Impact of a Mandatory Cooling-off Period on Divorce pp. 227 - 243 Downloads
Jungmin Lee
Information Production by Investment Banks: Evidence from Fairness Opinions pp. 245 - 280 Downloads
Matthew D. Cain and David J. Denis
Elected versus Appointed Policy Makers: Evidence from City Treasurers pp. 39 - 81 Downloads
Alexander Whalley
Reforming Fisheries: Lessons from a Self-Selected Cooperative pp. 83 - 125 Downloads
Robert T. Deacon, Dominic P. Parker and Christopher Costello
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