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2007, volume 8, issue 4

Sovereign Wealth Funds pp. 1-7 Downloads
Stephen Jen
The Opium Economy: A Possible Approach to Reform pp. 9-45 Downloads
Jeremy Berkoff
Keynes in the Long Run pp. 47-60 Downloads
Robert Skidelsky
Exploring the Present Through the Past pp. 61-124 Downloads
Claudia Goldin and Brian Snowdon
HIV/AIDS: A Growing Concern to Business pp. 125-141 Downloads
David Bloom, Lakshmi Reddy Bloom, Paul De Lay, Fiona Paua, Richard Samans and Mark Weston
The Uneven Build Up of Global Reserves pp. 143-166 Downloads
Rohinton Medhora
Multilateral Surveillance pp. 167-189 Downloads
Graham Bird and Thomas D. Willett
The Role of the IMF in Low-Income Countries pp. 191-195 Downloads
Domenico Lombardi
Leonardo Martinez-Diaz on Carol Lancaster, Foreign Aid: Diplomacy, Development, Domestic Politics pp. 197-201 Downloads
Leonardo Martinez-Diaz
New Light or Fixed Presumptions? pp. 203-221 Downloads
David Henderson

2007, volume 8, issue 3

How to Tackle Poverty pp. 1-5 Downloads
Diane Coyle
A Dynamic Theory of China–U.S. Trade pp. 7-25 Downloads
Amar Bhidé and Edmund Phelps
The Future of North Korea is South Korea pp. 27-52 Downloads
Marcus Noland
The Power of Ideas pp. 53-110 Downloads
Joel Mokyr and Brian Snowdon
Monetary Policy, Governance and Economic Development pp. 111-129 Downloads
Michael Chibba
Do Current Assessments Underestimate Future Damages From Climate Change? pp. 131-146 Downloads
Stephane Hallegatte
Managerial Performance and Contract Instability in the Market for National Football Coaches pp. 147-170 Downloads
Lynne Nikolychuk and Brian Sturgess
Economic Drivers of Pharmaceutical Investment Location pp. 171-182 Downloads
David Lewis, Edward Bramley-Harker and Joshua Farahnik
Colin I. Bradford and Johannes F. Linn reply to Graham Bird’s review in the last issue of World Economics [8(2): 285-287] of their co-edited volume, Global Governance Reform: Breaking the Stalemate pp. 183-184 Downloads
Colin I. Bradford and Johannes F. Linn
James Raymond Vreeland responds to Graham Hacche’s review article [ World Economics, 8(2): 97-118] on his latest book, The International Monetary Fund: Politics of Conditional Lending pp. 185-193 Downloads
James Vreeland
Tim Lankester on Paul Collier, The Bottom Billion: Why the Poorest Countries Are Failing and What Can Be Done About It pp. 195-199 Downloads
Tim Lankester
Joe Perkins on Peter Diamond Hannu Vartiainen (editors), Behavioral Economics and Its Applications pp. 201-205 Downloads
Joe Perkins
Jack Goldstone on Gregory Clark, A Farewell to Alms: A Brief Economic History of the World pp. 207-225 Downloads
Jack Goldstone

2007, volume 8, issue 2

Prospects for Commodity Exporters pp. 1-15 Downloads
Paul Collier and Benedikt Goderis
Can China Learn from Sweden? pp. 17-40 Downloads
Arne Bigsten
How Many Wildebeest do You Need? pp. 41-64 Downloads
Mike Norton-Griffiths
Reform of the IMF and World Bank pp. 65-95 Downloads
Anthony Elson
A Non-Definitive Guide to the IMF pp. 97-118 Downloads
Graham Hacche
On Solving the World’s Economic Problems by Doing Something Unfashionable pp. 119-131 Downloads
Graham Bird
Response to ‘The Stern Review: A Dual Critique—Part I: The Science’ pp. 133-141 Downloads
Ian Simmonds and Will Steffen
Response to Simmonds and Steffen pp. 143-151 Downloads
David Holland, Robert M. Carter, Chris de Freitas, Indur M. Goklany and Richard S. Lindzen
A Stern Reply to the Reply to the Review of the Stern Review pp. 153-159 Downloads
Richard Tol and Gary Yohe
Climate Science and the Stern Review pp. 161-182 Downloads
Robert M. Carter, Chris de Freitas, Indur M. Goklany, David Holland and Richard S. Lindzen
Governments and Climate Change Issues pp. 183-228 Downloads
David Henderson
Right for the Right Reasons pp. 229-258 Downloads
Simon Dietz, Dennis Anderson, Nicholas Stern, Chris Taylor and Dimitri Zenghelis
Losses and Gains to Developing Countries from the Migration of Educated Workers pp. 259-269 Downloads
Oded Stark and C. Fan
Does China Still Need Hong Kong? pp. 271-275 Downloads
Friedrich Wu
Tim Lankester on Andrew Glyn, Capitalism Unleashed: Finance, Globalization, and Welfare pp. 277-280 Downloads
Tim Lankester
Fabian Eser on Joseph Stiglitz et al., Stability with Growth: Macroeconomics, Liberalization and Development pp. 281-284 Downloads
Fabian Eser
Graham Bird on Colin I. Bradford Jr. and Johannes F. Linn, editors, Global Governance Reform: Breaking the Stalemate pp. 285-287 Downloads
Not Specified

2007, volume 8, issue 1

Challenges to the Multilateral Trading System pp. 1-14 Downloads
Peter Sutherland
Aid for Trade pp. 15-45 Downloads
Faizel Ismail
The EU, the Middle East, and Regional Integration pp. 47-56 Downloads
Bessma Momani
Globalisation and Inflation pp. 57-73 Downloads
Charles Bean
How Can Norway Become A Climate-Friendly Society? pp. 75-106 Downloads
Jørgen Randers and Knut Alfsen
Addressing Climate Change pp. 107-120 Downloads
Peter Heller
REFLECTIONS ON THE STERN REVIEW (1) A Robust Case for Strong Action to Reduce the Risks of Climate Change pp. 121-168 Downloads
Simon Dietz, Chris Hope, Nicholas Stern and Dimitri Zenghelis
REFLECTIONS ON THE STERN REVIEW (2) A Growing International Opportunity to Move Strongly on Climate Change pp. 169-186 Downloads
Lorraine Hamid, Nicholas Stern and Chris Taylor
Ethics of the Discount Rate in the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change pp. 187-210 Downloads
Wilfred Beckerman and Cameron Hepburn
The Stern Review and the Costs of Climate Change Mitigation pp. 211-219 Downloads
Dennis Anderson
Response to Carter et al pp. 221-228 Downloads
John F. Mitchell, Julia Slingo, David S. Lee, Jason A. Lowe and Vicky Pope
Response to ‘The Stern Review: A Dual Critique’ pp. 229-231 Downloads
Nigel Arnell, Rachel Warren and Robert Nicholls
A Response to ‘The Stern Review: A Dual Critique’ pp. 233-238 Downloads
Andrew Glikson
Is Suicide Terrorism a Novel Economic Phenomenon? pp. 239-240 Downloads
Aldo Matteucci
Reply to Aldo Matteucci, ‘Is Suicide Terrorism a Novel Economic Phenomenon?’ pp. 241-243 Downloads
Mark Harrison
Shalendra D. Sharma on the Sachs–Easterly debate pp. 245-253 Downloads
Shalendra D. Sharma
Alan Budd on Diane Coyle, The Soulful Science: What Economists Really Do and Why It Matters pp. 255-258 Downloads
Alan Budd
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