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Revisiting the Invisible Hand Hypothesis: A Comparative Study between Bulgaria and Germany pp. (forthcoming) Downloads
Aleksandar Vasilev and Nadezhda Gesheva
Energy and Institution Size pp. 1-22 Downloads
Blair Fix
Das Zollverfahren der Ausfuhr nach dem Unionszollkodex in grafischen Übersichten pp. F1-F3 Downloads
Carsten Weerth
Post-Snowden internet policy: between public outrage, resistance and policy change pp. 1-6 Downloads
Julia Pohle and Leo Van Audenhove
Accumulating through Food Crisis? Farmers, Commodity Traders and the Distributional Politics of Financialization pp. 1-40 Downloads
Joseph Baines
Compressing instruction time into fewer years of schooling and the impact on student performance pp. 1-14 Downloads
Mathias Huebener and Jan Marcus
Uneven and Combined Confusion: On the Geopolitical Origins of Capitalism and the Rise of the West pp. 1-20 Downloads
Tim Di Muzio and Matthew Dow
Warum Digitalpolitik? pp. 3-4 Downloads
Lorena Jaume-Palasí, Julia Pohle and Matthias Spielkamp
Un Modelo CcP Del Mercado De Valores (A CasP Model of the Stock Market) pp. 11-56 Downloads
Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan
Wachstumszwänge: Ressourcenverbrauch und Akkumulation als Wettbewerbsverzerrungen pp. 169–182 Downloads
Oliver Richters and Andreas Siemoneit
AEO-Programme weltweit – Stand 2017 pp. F20-F24 Downloads
Carsten Weerth
The Effect of Academic Freedoms in Enhancing the Social Responsibility of Palestinian University Staff in the Gaza Governorates pp. 22-35 Downloads
Amal A. Al Hila, Mazen J. Al Shobaki and Samy S. Abu Naser
Entwicklung des Harmonisierten Systems, neue Lücken und alle Anmerkungen - HS 2017 pp. F28-F30 Downloads
Carsten Weerth
Institutional underpinnings of the development of knowledge sub-systems in Central and Eastern Europe pp. 30-46 Downloads
Adam Karbowski
The Efficiency of Information Technology and its Role of e-HRM in the Palestinian Universities pp. 36-55 Downloads
Mazen J. Al Shobaki, Samy S. Abu Naser, Youssef M. Abu Amuna and Suliman A. El Talla
Arbeitsprogramm zum UZK 2016 – Beschluss (EU) 2016/578 pp. 46-52 Downloads
Carsten Weerth
Globally Uniform Harmonized System Nomenclature? Waivers for Developing Countries and Membership Development: Situation 2017 pp. 50-62 Downloads
Carsten Weerth
The Coming Revolution in Political Economy: Money Creation, Mankiw and Misguided Macroeconomics pp. 85-108 Downloads
Tim Di Muzio and Leoni Noble
The Impact of the Availability of Technological Infrastructure on the Success of the Electronic Document Management System of the Palestinian Pension Authority pp. 93-109 Downloads
Mohammed Khair I. Kassab, Samy S. Abu Naser and Mazen J. Al Shobaki
Effects of Mobile Technology on Human Relationships pp. 110-125 Downloads
Mohammed M. Elsobeihi and Samy S. Abu Naser
Changes in human resources in Poland with regard to migration tendencies in the period 2010-2016 pp. 147-160 Downloads
Adam Karbowski
Agency costs and organizational architecture of large corporate farms: evidence from Brazil pp. 201-220 Downloads
Fabio Chaddad and Vladislav Valentinov
So What Do You Do? Experimenting with Space for Social Creativity pp. 221-251 Downloads
Ariane Berthoin Antal and Victor J. Friedman
Incentive provision to farm workers in post-socialist settings: evidence from East Germany and North Kazakhstan pp. 239-256 Downloads
Martin Petrick
Strategic role of corporate transparency: the case of Ukrainian agroholdings pp. 257-278 Downloads
Taras Gagalyuk
Delaying rewards has greater effect on altruism when the beneficiary is socially distant pp. e0170387 Downloads
Jerzy Osiński and Adam Karbowski
Microeconomic Simulator of Firm Behavior under Monopolistic Competition pp. forthcoming Downloads
Aleks Angelov and Aleksandar Vasilev
Insurance-markets Equilibrium with Sequential Non-convex Private- and Public-Sector Labor Supply Downloads
Aleksandar Vasilev
End of 9-Endings, Price Recall, and Price Perceptions Downloads
Avichai Snir, Daniel Levy and Haipeng Chen
Business Cycle Accounting: Bulgaria after the introduction of the currency board arrangement (1999-2014) Downloads
Aleksandar Vasilev
Aggregation with two-member households and home production Downloads
Aleksandar Vasilev
Standard International Trade Classification—from Spreadsheet to OWL-2 Ontology Downloads
Norbert Luttenberger and Jesper Zedlitz
Moves Towards an Islamic Common Market: Evaluation of the Potentials Downloads
Said Jafarli
Endogenizing Total Factor Productivity: The Foreign Direct Investment channel in the case of Bulgaria (2004-2013) Downloads
Milena Peseva and Aleksandar Vasilev
When top management leadership matters: Insights from artistic interventions Downloads
Ariane Berthoin Antal, Gervaise Debucquet and Sandrine Frémeaux


A Global Bond: Explaining the Safe-Haven Status of US Treasury Securities pp. 1-24 Downloads
Sandy Brian Hager
Straight-time and Overtime: A Sequential-Lottery Approach pp. 1-5 Downloads
Aleksandar Vasilev
Multistakeholder governance processes as production sites: enhanced cooperation "in the making" pp. 1-19 Downloads
Julia Pohle
Comparative Analysis of National and Regional Models of the Silver Economy in the European Union pp. 1-29 Downloads
Andrzej Klimczuk
Wealth Effects on Job Preferences pp. 1-11 Downloads
Luke Haywood
Capital as Power and the Corporatization of Education pp. 1-17 Downloads
Hanna Kivisto
Analysing internet policy as a field of struggle pp. 1-21 Downloads
Julia Pohle, Maximilian Hösl and Ronja Kniep
Aggregation with a mix of indivisible and continuous labor supply decisions: the case of home production pp. 1-9 forthcoming Downloads
Aleksandar Vasilev
Emerging Governance Architectures in Global Health: Do Metagovernance Norms Explain Inter-Organisational Convergence? pp. 5-19 Downloads
Anna Holzscheiter, Thurid Bahr and Laura Pantzerhielm
Der Unionszollkodex – Übersicht der Neuerungen und Zeitpunkte der Geltungen pp. F9-F14 Downloads
Carsten Weerth
Comparative Economic Performance: Poland and the European Union pp. 11-35 Downloads
Zbigniew Matkowski, Ryszard Rapacki and Mariusz Prochniak
Supply Chain Systems Architecture and Engineering Design: Green-field Supply Chain Integration pp. 22-30 Downloads
Petar Radanliev
The Impact of Oil Sector on the Global Competitiveness of GCC Countries: Panel Data Approach pp. 32-39 Downloads
Anas Al Qudah, Ahmed Badawi and Mostafa E. AboElsoud
Estimating Alternative Technology Sets in Nonparametric Efficiency Analysis: Restriction Tests for Panel and Clustered Data pp. 35-51 Downloads
Anne Neumann, Maria Nieswand and Torben Schubert
The Johannesburg Convention on Mutual Customs Assistance - is a new tool failing earliy? pp. 35-46 Downloads
Carsten Weerth
Income Convergence in Poland vis-à-vis the EU: Major Trends and Prospects pp. 37-55 Downloads
Zbigniew Matkowski, Mariusz Prochniak and Ryszard Rapacki
Sieben Jahre Zugelassener Wirtschaftsbeteiligter (AEO) pp. 41-47 Downloads
Carsten Weerth
Discussion on the Social Rate of Discount: from Sen to Behavioural Economics pp. 46-60 Downloads
Adam Karbowski
Personal Taxation of Capital Income and the Financial Leverage of Firms pp. 48-81 Downloads
Frank Fossen and Martin Simmler
On the Empirical Relevance of the Lucas Critique: the Case of Euro Area Money Demand pp. 61-82 Downloads
Christian Dreger and Jürgen Wolters
Rules versus Human Beings, and the Mandate of the ECB pp. 68-87 Downloads
Marcel Fratzscher
Bereitstellung von Regelleistung durch Elektrofahrzeuge: Modellrechnungen für Deutschland im Jahr 2035 pp. 73-87 Downloads
Wolf-Peter Schill, Moritz Niemeyer, Alexander Zerrahn and Jochen Diekmann
The brink of poverty: Implementation of a social assistance programme in rural China pp. 75-108 Downloads
Lena Kuhn, Stephan Brosig and Linxiu Zhang
A Two-Stage Efficiency Analysis of Rail Passenger Franchising in Germany pp. 76-92 Downloads
Heike Link
Acht Jahre Zugelassener Wirtschaftsbeteiligter (AEO) pp. 80-87 Downloads
Carsten Weerth
A CasP Model of the Stock Market pp. 119-154 Downloads
Shimshon Bichler and Jonathan Nitzan
Influence in the Face of Impunity pp. 119-121 Downloads
Alexander S. Kritikos and Jonathan H.W. Tan
Are We Architects of Our Own Happiness? The Importance of Family Background for Well-Being pp. 125-149 Downloads
Daniel D. Schnitzlein and Christoph Wunder
Changes in Total Factor Productivity pp. 141-148 Downloads
Mariusz Prochniak
Terminal Decline in Well-Being: The Role of Social Orientation pp. 149-165 Downloads
Denis Gerstorf, Christiane A. Hoppmann, Corinna E. Löckenhoff, Frank J. Infurna, Jürgen Schupp and Gert Wagner
Key Economic Policy Developments in 2007–2015 and Challenges Ahead pp. 163-176 Downloads
Adam Czerniak and Ryszard Rapacki
European Scenarios of CO2 Infrastructure Investment until 2050 pp. 171-194 Downloads
Pao-Yu Oei and Roman Mendelevitch
Youth Participation in Agriculture in the Nkonkobe District Municipality, South Africa pp. 207-213 Downloads
Priviledge Cheteni
Perceived female intelligence as economic bad in partner choice pp. 217-222 Downloads
Adam Karbowski, Dominik Deja and Mateusz Zawisza
Firms' Evaluation of Location Quality: Evidence from East Germany pp. 241-273 Downloads
Alexander Eickelpasch, Georg Hirte and Andreas Stephan
Entrepreneurship Versus Joblessness: Explaining the Rise in Self-Employment pp. 245-265 Downloads
Paolo Falco and Luke Haywood
Energy, Capital as Power and World Order pp. 267-287 Downloads
Tim Di Muzio
Korea’s Post-1997 Restructuring: An Analysis of Capital as Power (Postprint) pp. 287-309 Downloads
Hyeng-Joon Park
The European debt crisis and fiscal reactions in Europe 2000-2014 pp. 297-317 Downloads
Guido Baldi and Karsten Staehr
War, Housing Rents, and Free Market: Berlin's Rental Housing during World War I pp. 322-344 Downloads
Konstantin A. Kholodilin
Productivity Enhancement through Production Monitoring System pp. 339-351 Downloads
H C Shiva Prasad, Potti Srinivasa Rao, B Gopalkrishna and Aakash Ahluwalia
A vendor’s evaluation–using AHP for an Indian steel pipe manufacturing company pp. 442-461 Downloads
B Giridhar Kamath, Rakesh Naik and Shiva H C Prasad
Exercise at Different Ages and Appendicular Lean Mass and Strength in Later Life: Results From the Berlin Aging Study II pp. 515-520 Downloads
Peter Eibich, Nikolaus Buchmann, Martin Kroh, Gert Wagner, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen, Ilja Demuth and Kristina Norman
Financialization or Capitalization? Debating Capitalist Power in South Korea in the Context of Neoliberal Globalization pp. 533-554 Downloads
Hyeng-Joon Park and Jamie Doucette
Ergänzungsbilanz des KGaA-Komplementärs ist gesetzlich ausgeschlossen (Rev. BFH I R 57/14) pp. 586-592 Downloads
Thomas StB Kollruss
Sicheres und einfaches Data Sharing mit SowiDataNet: dokumentieren – veröffentlichen – nachnutzen pp. 649-660 Downloads
Patrick J. Droß and Monika Linne
Does supplier evaluation impact process improvement? pp. 708-731 Downloads
Shiva Prasad H C, Giridhar B Kamath, Gopalkrishna Barkur and Rakesh Naik
Using Person-Fit Measures to Assess the Impact of Panel Conditioning on Reliability pp. 914-942 Downloads
Martin Kroh, Florin Winter and Jürgen Schupp
A Research Symbiont pp. 1405-1406 Downloads
Benedikt Fecher and Gert Wagner
Warum es keine Ergänzungsbilanz des KGaA-Komplementärs gibt und vor einer Reform der KGaA-Besteuerung ausdrücklich zu warnen ist Downloads
Thomas StB Kollruss
Futures of robotics. Human work in digital transformation Downloads
Jari Kaivo-oja, Steffen Roth and Leo Westerlund
Aggregation with sequential non-convex public- and private-sector labor suply decisions Downloads
Aleksandar Vasilev
On the cost of opportunistic behavior in the public sector: A General-Equilibrium approach Downloads
Aleksandar Vasilev
US Health and Aggregate Fluctuations Downloads
Aleksandar Vasilev
Using Computer Simulators for Teaching Macroeconomics at the Undergraduate Level Downloads
Aleks Angelov and Aleksandar Vasilev
Aggregation with a double non-convex labor supply decision: indivisible private- and public-sector hours Downloads
Aleksandar Vasilev
Proprietà della casa e riproduzione delle disuguaglianze nella Legge di Stabilità per il 2016 Downloads
Marianna Filandri and Emanuela Struffolino
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