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2015: Consumption Smoothing and the Welfare Cost of Uncertainty Downloads
Yonas Alem and Jonathan Colmer
2015: The Introduction of Academy Schools to England's Education Downloads
Andrew Eyles and Stephen Machin
2015: Media, Markets and Institutional Change: Evidence from the Protestant Reformation Downloads
Jeremiah Dittmar and Skipper Seabold
2015: Would You Choose to be Happy? Tradeoffs between Happiness and the Other Dimensions of Life in a Large Population Survey Downloads
Matthew D. Adler, Paul Dolan and Georgios Kavetsos
2015: New Media, Competition and Growth: European Cities After Gutenberg Downloads
Jeremiah Dittmar
2015: Job Loss at Home: Children's School Performance During the Great Recession in Spain Downloads
Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela
2015: Does Worker Wellbeing Affect Workplace Performance? Downloads
Alex Bryson, John Forth and Lucy Stokes
2015: European Identity and Redistributive Preferences Downloads
Joan Costa-i-Font and Frank Cowell
2015: The Optimal Timing of UI Benefits: Theory and Evidence from Sweden Downloads
Jonas Kolsrud, Camille Landais, Peter Nilsson and Johannes Spinnewijn
2015: Informal Care and the Great Recession Downloads
Jonas Kolsrud, Camille Landais, Peter Nilsson and Johannes Spinnewijn
2015: ICT and Education: Evidence from Student Home Addresses Downloads
Benjamin Faber, Rosa Sanchis-Guarner and Felix Weinhardt
2015: Globalization: A Woman's Best Friend? Exporters and the Gender Wage Gap Downloads
Esther Ann Bøler, Beata Javorcik and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe
2015: The Persistence of Local Joblessness Downloads
Michael Amior and Alan Manning
2015: Do More of those in Misery Suffer From Poverty, Unemployment or Mental Illness? Downloads
Sarah Flèche and Richard Layard
2015: The Changing Returns to Crime: Do Criminals Respond to Prices? Downloads
Mirko Draca, Theodore Koutmeridis and Stephen Machin
2015: Firming Up Inequality Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Fatih Guvenen, David J. Price and Jae Song
2015: Immigration, Trade and Productivity in Services: Evidence from UK Firms Downloads
Gianmarco Ottaviano, Giovanni Peri and Greg C. Wright
2015: Universal Pre-School Education: The Case of Public Funding with Private Provision Downloads
Jo Blanden, Emilia Del Bono, Sandra McNally and Birgitta Rabe
2015: Retail Globalization and Household Welfare: Evidence from Mexico Downloads
David Atkin, Benjamin Faber and Marco Gonzalez-Navarro
2015: Ill Communication: Technology, Distraction & Student Performance Downloads
Louis-Philippe Beland and Richard Murphy
2015: Space-Time (In)Consistency in the National Accounts: Causes and Cures Downloads
Nicholas Oulton
2015: Large Capital Inflows, Sectoral Allocation and Economic Performance Downloads
Gianluca Benigno, Nathan Converse and Luca Fornaro
2015: Can Helping the Sick Hurt the Able? Incentives, Information and Disruption in a Disability-Related Welfare Reform Downloads
Nitika Bagaria, Barbara Petrongolo and John van Reenen
2015: Has Performance Pay Increased Wage Inequality in Britain? Downloads
Mark Bryan and Alex Bryson
2015: When Pressure Sinks Performance: Evidence from Diving Competitions Downloads
Eleni Garbi, Christos Genakos and Mario Pagliero
2015: The Future of the German Industrial Relations Model Downloads
David Marsden
2015: Is Happiness a Predictor of Election Results? Downloads
George Ward
2015: Integrated Estimates of Capital Stocks and Services for the United Kingdom: 1950-2013 Downloads
Nicholas Oulton and Gavin Wallis
2015: Giving a Little Help to Girls? Evidence on Grade Discrimination and its Effect on Students' Achievement Downloads
Camille Terrier
2015: 'High' Achievers? Cannabis Access and Academic Performance Downloads
Olivier Marie and Ulf Zölitz
2015: Do You Have To Win It To Fix It? A Longitudinal Study of Lottery Winners and Their Health Care Demand Downloads
Terence Cheng, Joan Costa-i-Font and Nattavudh Powdthavee
2015: Why are Higher Skilled Workers More Mobile Geographically? The Role of the Job Surplus Downloads
Michael Amior
2015: Asymmetric Industrial Energy Prices and International Trade Downloads
Antoine Dechezleprêtre and Misato Sato
2015: Evaluating the Impact of Sunday Trading Deregulation Downloads
Svetoslav Danchev and Christos Genakos
2015: Robots at Work Downloads
Georg Graetz and Guy Michaels
2015: The Roles of Import Competition and Export Opportunities for Technical Change Downloads
Claudia Steinwender
2015: The Impact of Immigration on the Local Labor Market Outcomes of Blue Collar Workers: Panel Data Evidence Downloads
Javier Ortega and Gregory Verdugo
2015: Teachers and Performance Pay in 2014: First Results of a Survey Downloads
David Marsden
2015: Trust and Racial Income Inequality: Evidence from the U.S Downloads
Andrea Tesei
2015: Rise of the Machines: The Effects of Labor-Saving Innovations on Jobs and Wages Downloads
Andy Feng and Georg Graetz
2015: Share Capitalism and Worker Wellbeing Downloads
Alex Bryson, Andrew Clark, Richard Freeman and Colin Green
2015: Schooling, Nation Building and Industrialization: A Gellnerian Approach Downloads
Esther Hauk and Javier Ortega
2015: All-Star or Benchwarmer? Relative Age, Cohort Size and Career Success in the NHL Downloads
Alex Bryson, Rafael Gomez and Tingting Zhang
2015: Voting Behaviour and Public Employment in Nazi Germany Downloads
Stephan Maurer
2015: Preferences for Fair Prices, Cursed Inferences, and the Nonneutrality of Money Downloads
Erik Eyster, Kristof Madarasz and Pascal Michaillat
2015: Vertical Transmission of Overweight: Evidence From English Adoptees Downloads
Joan Costa-i-Font, Mireia Jofre-Bonet and Julian Le Grand
2015: Violence and Birth Outcomes: Evidence From Homicides in Brazil Downloads
Martin Foureaux Koppensteiner and Marco Manacorda
2014: Temporary Protection and Technology Adoption: Evidence from the Napoleonic Blockade Downloads
Réka Juhász
2014: Making Do With Less: Working Harder During Recessions Downloads
Edward P. Lazear, Kathryn L. Shaw and Christopher Stanton
2014: 'American Idol' - 65 years of Admiration Downloads
Alan Manning and Amar Shanghavi
2014: Reservation Wages and the Wage Flexibility Puzzle Downloads
Felix Koenig, Alan Manning and Barbara Petrongolo
2014: The Value of Bosses Downloads
Edward P. Lazear, Kathryn L. Shaw and Christopher T. Stanton
2014: Financial Constraints in Search Equilibrium Downloads
Tito Boeri, Pietro Garibaldi and Espen Moen
2014: Landing The First Job: The Value of Intermediaries in Online Hiring Downloads
Christopher Stanton and Catherine Thomas
2014: Adaptation to Poverty in Long-Run Panel Data Downloads
Andrew Clark, Conchita D'Ambrosio and Simone Ghislandi
2014: Gender Differences in Response to Big Stakes Downloads
Ghazala Azmat, Caterina Calsamiglia and Nagore Iriberri
2014: Do Women Earn Less Even as Social Entrepreneurs? Downloads
Saul Estrin, Ute Stephan and Suncica Vujic
2014: Does Management Matter In Schools? Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Renata Lemos, Raffaella Sadun and John van Reenen
2014: It's Where You Work: Increases in Earnings Dispersion across Establishments and Individuals in the US Downloads
Erling Barth, Alex Bryson, James Davis and Richard Freeman
2014: The Impact of Maximum Markup Regulation on Prices Downloads
Christos Genakos, Pantelis Koutroumpis and Mario Pagliero
2014: Relaxing Credit Constraints in Emerging Economies: The Impact of Public Loans on the Performance of Brazilian Manufacturers Downloads
Filipe Lage de Sousa and Gianmarco Ottaviano
2014: Optimal Contracting and the Organization of Knowledge Downloads
William Fuchs, Luis Garicano and Luis Rayo
2014: Employee Stock Purchase Plans - Gift or Incentive? Evidence from a Multinational Corporation Downloads
Alex Bryson and Richard Freeman
2014: Economic Growth Evens-Out Happiness: Evidence from Six Surveys Downloads
Andrew Clark, Sarah Flèche and Claudia Senik
2014: City of Dreams Downloads
Jorge De la Roca, Gianmarco Ottaviano and Diego Puga
2014: The Asymmetric Experience of Positive and Negative Economic Growth: Global Evidence Using Subjective Well-Being Data Downloads
Femke De Keulenaer, Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Georgios Kavetsos, Michael I. Norton, Bert Van Landeghem and George W. Ward
2014: From Selling Goods to Selling Services: Firm Responses to Trade Liberalization Downloads
Holger Breinlich, Anson Soderbery and Greg C. Wright
2014: Assessing the Effect of School Days and Absences on Test Score Performance Downloads
Esteban Aucejo and Teresa Foy Romano
2014: European Integration and the Gains from Trade Downloads
Gianmarco Ottaviano
2014: Knowledge Spillovers from Clean and Dirty Technologies Downloads
Antoine Dechezleprêtre, Ralf Martin and Myra Mohnen
2014: Paying Out and Crowding Out? The Globalisation of Higher Education Downloads
Stephen Machin and Richard Murphy
2014: Patents and the Global Diffusion of New Drugs Downloads
Iain Cockburn, Jean O. Lanjouw and Mark Schankerman
2014: Education and Health Knowledge: Evidence from UK Compulsory Schooling Reforms Downloads
David Johnston, Grace Lordan, Michael Shields and Agne Suziedelyte
2014: Consumer Search: Evidence from Path-tracking Data Downloads
Fabio Pinna and Stephan Seiler
2014: Early, Late or Never? When Does Parental Education Impact Child Outcomes? Downloads
Matt Dickson, Paul Gregg and Harriet Robinson
2014: What is 'Firm Heterogeneity' in Trade Models? The Role of Quality, Scope, Markups and Cost Downloads
Colin Hottman, Stephen Redding and David Weinstein
2014: Locus of Control and Its Intergenerational Implications for Early Childhood Skill formation Downloads
Francesca Cornaglia, Warn N. Lekfuangfu, Nattavudh Powdthavee and Nele Warrinnier
2014: Immigration, Diversity and the Labour Market Outcomes of Native Workers: Some Recent Developments Downloads
Gianmarco Ottaviano
2014: Benford's Law, Families of Distributions and a Test Basis Downloads
John Morrow
2014: The Volatility of Earnings: Evidence from High-Frequency Firm-Level Data Downloads
Andreas Georgiadis and Alan Manning
2014: The Latin American Efficiency Gap Downloads
Francesco Caselli
2014: Dynamic Selection: An Idea Flows Theory of Entry, Trade and Growth Downloads
Thomas Sampson
2014: Gone for Good? Subsidies with Export Share Requirements in China: 2002-2013 Downloads
Fabrice Defever and Alejandro Riaño
2014: Because I'm Worth It: A Lab-Field Experiment on the Spillover Effects of Incentives in Health Downloads
Paul Dolan and Matteo Galizzi
2014: Reconciling Observed Tariffs and the Median Voter Model Downloads
Swati Dhingra
2014: Crime Scars: Recessions and the Making of Career Criminals Downloads
Brian Bell, Anna Bindler and Stephen Machin
2014: What Happens When Employers are Free to Discriminate? Evidence from the English Barclays Premier Fantasy Football League Downloads
Alex Bryson and Arnaud Chevalier
2014: Evaluating a Decade of Mobile Termination Rate Regulation Downloads
Christos Genakos and Tommaso Valletti
2014: Wealth Shocks and Health Outcomes: Evidence from Stock Market Fluctuations Downloads
Hannes Schwandt
2014: Fueling the Gender Gap? Oil and Women's Labor and Marriage Market Outcomes Downloads
Stephan Maurer and Andrei Potlogea
2014: Biomarkers and Long-term Market Outcomes: The Case of Creatine Downloads
Petri Bockerman, Alex Bryson, Christian Hakulinen, Jaakko Pehkonen, Laura Pulkki-Raback, Olli Raitakari and Jutta Viinikainen
2014: Fracking Growth Downloads
Thiemo Fetzer
2014: Transportation Costs and the Spatial Organization of Economic Activity Downloads
Stephen Redding and Matthew Turner
2014: Transparency and Deliberation within the FOMC: A Computational Linguistics Approach Downloads
Stephen Hansen, Michael McMahon and Andrea Prat
2014: Quantifying Spillovers in Open Source Content Production: Evidence from Wikipedia Downloads
Aleksi Aaltonen and Stephan Seiler
2014: The Dynamics of Employment Growth: New Evidence from 18 Countries Downloads
Chiara Criscuolo, Peter Gal and Carlo Menon
2014: External Integration, Structural Transformation and Economic Development: Evidence From Argentina Downloads
Pablo Fajgelbaum and Stephen Redding
2014: Are Firms Paying More For Performance? Downloads
Alex Bryson, John Forth and Lucy Stokes
2014: Not So Dissatisfied After All? The Impact of Union Coverage on Job Satisfaction Downloads
Alex Bryson and Michael White
2014: Eliciting Taxpayer Preferences Increases Tax Compliance Downloads
Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Cait Lamberton and Michael I. Norton
2014: Winners and Losers from a Commodities-for-Manufactures Trade Boom Downloads
Francisco Costa, Jason Garred and João Paulo Pessoa
2014: Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Entrepreneurship: Blessing or Curse? Downloads
Saul Estrin, Seçil Hülya Danakol, Paul Reynolds and Utz Weitzel
2014: What Can Life Satisfaction Data Tell Us About Discrimination Against Sexual Minorities? A Structural Equation Model for Australia and the United Kingdom Downloads
Nattavudh Powdthavee and Mark Wooden
2014: Trade and Uncertainty Downloads
Dennis Novy and Alan Taylor
2014: Video Killed the Radio Star? Online Music Videos and Digital Music Sales Downloads
Tobias Kretschmer and Christian Peukert
2014: Immigration and the Access to Social Housing in the UK Downloads
Diego Battistón, Richard Dickens, Alan Manning and Jonathan Wadsworth
2014: Political Competition and the Limits of Political Compromise Downloads
Alexandre Cunha and Emanuel Ornelas
2014: The Impact of Mandatory Entitlement to Paid Leave on Employment in the UK Downloads
Alexander Lembcke
2014: Trapped Factors and China's Impact on Global Growth Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Paul Romer, Stephen Terry and John van Reenen
2014: Home Computers and Married Women's Labor Supply Downloads
Alexander Lembcke
2014: The Political Economy of Inclusive Rural Growth Downloads
Michael Carter and John Morrow
2014: IT and Management in America Downloads
Nicholas Bloom, Erik Brynjolfsson, Lucia Foster, Ron Jarmin, Megha Patnaik, Itay Saporta-Eksten and John van Reenen
2014: When Work Disappears: Racial Prejudice and Recession Labour Market Penalties Downloads
David Johnston and Grace Lordan
2014: Economic Uncertainty, Parental Selection, and the Criminal Activity of the 'Children of the Wall' Downloads
Arnaud Chevalier and Olivier Marie
2014: Looking Ahead: Subjective Time Perception and Individual Time Discounting Downloads
W. David Bradford, Paul Dolan and Matteo Galizzi
2014: Missing Gains from Trade? Downloads
Marc Melitz and Stephen Redding
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