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51613: Una nota sobre la relevancia del sistema de amortización en el mercado hipotecario español entre 1998 y 2008 (A note of the importance of depreciation systems in the Spanish mortgage market between 1998 and 2008) Downloads
Daniel Fuentes Castro
51612: Sobre el déficit público en España y en la zona Euro (2000–2011) (On the public deficit in Spain and in the Eurozone (2000-2011)) Downloads
Daniel Fuentes Castro
51611: Productividad y equidad en la economía española desde una perspectiva internacional (1995 – 2009) (Productivity and equity in the Spanish economy from an international perspective (1995-2009)) Downloads
Daniel Fuentes Castro
51609: Una nota sobre el exceso de oferta de viviendas y la duración del ajuste del sector (A note on housing supply excess and the duration of the sector adjustment) Downloads
Daniel Fuentes Castro
51608: Cellular-Automata and Innovation within Indonesian Traditional Weaving Crafts Downloads
Hokky Situngkir
51607: Rentabilidad de la inversión en vivienda, apalancamiento y especulación (1996-2008) (Returns on housing investment,leverage and speculation (1996-2008)) Downloads
Daniel Fuentes Castro
51606: El sector de la construcción en España: efectos económicos y prospectiva (The construction sector in Spain: economic effects and prospective) Downloads
Melchor Fernandez and Daniel Fuentes Castro
51605: Análisis del poder adquisitivo de los asalariados desde la entrada en circulación del euro (Analysis of the purchasing power of employees from entry into the euro) Downloads
Daniel Fuentes Castro
51604: Natural resource curse: a non linear approach in a panel of oil exporting countries Downloads
Majda Seghir and Olivier Damette
51601: Methodological Considerations in Building Business Ontologies for Decision Support Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51600: Semantic Web Business Applications- A Scalability Model for the New Digital Economy Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51599: Publishing Semantic Web Business Decision-Making Data Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51598: Querying Semantic Web Data Sets by Using SPARQL Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51595: Herd behavior towards the market index: evidence from Romanian stock exchange Downloads
Raluca Elena Pop
51593: Impact of Inflation on Dividend Policy: Synchronization of Capital Gain and Interest Rate Downloads
Muhammad Irfan Khan Khan, Muhammad Ayub Khan Mehar Meher and Syed Muhammad Kashif Syed
Elchin Suleymanov and Elvin Alirzayev
51591: The Spot Forward Exchange Rate Relation in Indian Foreign Exchange Market - An Analysis Downloads
Golaka Nath
51590: Repo Market – A Tool to Manage Liquidity in Financial Institutions Downloads
Golaka Nath
51587: A Note on Nonwhite Migration, Welfare Levels, and the Political Process Downloads
Richard Cebula
51586: Smart Cities and a Stochastic Frontier Analysis: A Comparison among European Cities Downloads
Luigi Mundula and Sabrina Auci
51585: Trade margins and exchange rate regimes: new evidence from a panel VAR Downloads
Lilia Cavallari and Stefano d'Addona
51584: The Application of GARCH Methods in Modeling Volatility Using Sector Indices from the Egyptian Exchange Downloads
Hassan Ezzat
51583: Local Government Policies and Migration: Reply and Extension Downloads
Richard Cebula
51582: The Ideal Economy: A Prototype Downloads
Egmont Kakarot-Handtke
51581: From Web Based to On-Line Decision Support Downloads
Dinu Airinei, Daniel Homocianu and Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51580: Searching for the Optimal Defence Expenditure: An Answer in the Context of the Greek – Turkish Arms Race Downloads
A. S. Andreou, K. E. Parsopoulos, M. N. Vrachatis and George Zombanakis
51576: A Note on the Link between Firm Size and Exports Downloads
Pedro Hernandez
51573: Shipping Market Financing: Special Features and the Impact of Basel III Downloads
Evangelos Sambracos and Marina Maniati
51570: Factor double autoregressive models with application to simultaneous causality testing Downloads
Shaojun Guo, Shiqing Ling and Ke Zhu
51563: Potential Theft as an Indirect Tax Downloads
Richard Cebula and Paul Gatons
51562: Dinámica económica y coordinación de políticas fiscal – monetaria en América Latina: Evaluación a través de una DSGE (Dynamic economic and coordination on fiscal – monetary policies in Latin América: Evaluation through a DSGE model) Downloads
Daney Valdivia and Danyira Pérez
51561: La modélisation des interactions entre les coefficients de corrélation et les volatilités sur les marchés financiers Marocain, Français, Américain et Japonais (Modeling interactions between correlation coefficients and volatilities on the Moroccan, French, American and Japanese Financial markets) Downloads
Faycal Chiny
51560: A Note on the Determinants of AFDC Policies Downloads
Richard Cebula
51559: Voting with One's Feet: A Brief Note on the Case of Public Welfare and the American Indian Downloads
Leonard Carlson and Richard Cebula
51556: Testing the Quality of a Semantic Web Database Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51555: Determining the Discovery and Delivery Skills for the Romanian Employees – an Useful Method for Organizational Decision-Making Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula and Daniela Popescul
51554: The "Crowding Out" Effect of Federal Government Outlay Decisions: An Empirical Note Downloads
Richard Cebula, Christopher Carlos and James Koch
51553: Why Inventions Occurred in Some Countries and Not in Others? Downloads
Tiago Sequeira, Marcelo Santos and Alexandra Lopes
51552: Testing Semantic-Web based Querying by Using Ontologies in Resource Description Format Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51551: Organizational Semantic Web based Portals Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51550: The Actual Functionality Requirements for Business Decision Support Systems Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51549: Enhancing Security Exchange Commission Data Sets Querying by Using Ontology Web Language Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51548: Some Considerations Regarding the Usefulness of Applying Semiotics in Web Ontologies Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula and Daniela Popescul
51547: Decision Support Systems Usefulness and A Practical Solution Based on Semantic Web Technologies Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula and Laura-Diana Radu
51546: Decision-making processes and their implementation in digital accounting practices Downloads
Laura-Diana Radu and Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51545: Discussions on semantic-based in decision support systems Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51544: The Actual Limits of Decision Support Systems and Knowledge Based Systems in Supporting Business Decision Processes Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51543: Discussions on Qualitative Assessment or Risk Quantification in Adopting Decisions Concerning Risk in Financial Auditing Downloads
Laura-Diana Radu and Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51542: Discussions on Applied Mathematics in Decision-Making Modeling with Decision Support Systems and Knowledge Based Systems Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51541: Generality and specialization in accounting knowledge. Computer-based modeling delimitations Downloads
Sabina-Cristiana Necula
51540: The Impact of Federal Deposit Insurance on Savings and Loan Failures Downloads
Richard Cebula
51539: Modeling And Forecasting Exchange-Rate Shocks Downloads
A. S. Andreou, George Zombanakis, S. D. Likothanassis and E. Georgakopoulos
51537: La modélisation des interactions entre les corrélations et les volatilités des marchés financiers Marocain, Français, Américain et Japonais (Modeling the interactions between correlations and volatilities of the Moroccan, French, American and Japanese financial markets) Downloads
Faycal Chiny
51535: Political Trust, Corruption and Ratings of the IMF and the World Bank Downloads
Michael Breen and Robert Gillanders
51534: Время-деньги. Теория девальвации ценностей (Time is money. Theory of Devaluation of Values) Downloads
Sergey Blinov
51532: The role of consumers, producers, and regulatory authorities in the evolution of green ICTs Downloads
Laura-Diana Radu
51531: Changes in accounting and financial auditing activities in the context of economic globalization Downloads
Laura-Diana Radu
51530: Company characteristics and consumer preferences - prerequisites for adopting decisions involving organizations in green ICT innovation Downloads
Laura-Diana Radu
51529: Entrepreneurship and Independent Professionals: Why do Professionals not meet with Stereotypes of Entrepreneurship? Downloads
Dieter Bögenhold, Jarna Heinonen and Elisa Akola
51528: Increasing Inequality and Financial Fragility in an An Agent Based Macroeconomic Model Downloads
Alberto Russo, Luca Riccetti and Mauro Gallegati
51518: A Brief Note on Economic Policy Effectiveness Downloads
Richard Cebula
51516: Consumption as a Social Process within Social Provisioning and Capitalism: Implications for Heterodox Economics Downloads
Zdravka Todorova
51515: Money Multipliers and the Slopes of IS and LM: Comment Downloads
Richard Cebula
51513: A Tobit Analysis of Determinants of Geographic Differentials in the Commercial Bank Closing Rate in the United States Downloads
Richard Cebula, James Barth and Willie Belton
51509: Global self-weighted and local quasi-maximum exponential likelihood estimators for ARMA-GARCH/IGARCH models Downloads
Ke Zhu and Shiqing Ling
51503: Male-Female Labor Market Participation and the Extent of Gender-Based Wage Discrimination in Turkey Downloads
Burak Günalp, Seyit Cilasun and Elif Öznur Acar
51501: General Equilibrium Assessment of the COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite FTA Downloads
Dirk Willenbockel
51488: The Regional Distribution of Bank Closings in the United States: An Extension of the Amos Analysis Downloads
Richard Cebula
51486: Thinking ahead of the next big Crash Downloads
George Bitros
51483: Testing Currency Predictability Using An Evolutionary Neural Network Model Downloads
A. Andreou, E. Georgakopoulos, S. Likothanassis and George Zombanakis
51482: Evolutionary Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: A Hybrid System for Crisis Management and Political Decision Making Downloads
A. S. Andreou, N. H. Mateou and George Zombanakis
51478: Creative accounting in the British Industrial Revolution: Cotton manufacturers and the ‘Ten Hours’ Movement Downloads
Steven Toms and Alice Shepherd
51476: Impact of money supply on stock bubbles Downloads
Martin Sirucek
51474: Assessing the sustainability of pension reforms in Europe Downloads
Aaron Grech
51469: Veiled Waters: Examining the Jones Act's Consumer Welfare Effect Downloads
Justin Lewis
51465: Long Memory Processes and Structural Breaks in Stock Returns and Volatility: Evidence from the Egyptian Exchange Downloads
Hassan Ezzat
51461: Social Network Analysis and the Sociology of Economics: Filling a Blind Spot with the Idea of Social Embeddedness Downloads
Dieter Bögenhold
51460: Weibliche Solo-Selbstständigkeit zwischen Notwendigkeit und Innovationsherausforderung: Beobachtungen über Geschlecht und Unternehmertum in Deutschland (Female Solo-Self-Employment Between Necessity and Innovation Challenge: Observations on Gender and Entrepreneurship in Germany) Downloads
Dieter Bögenhold and Uwe Fachinger
51459: Unternehmertum: Unterschiedliche Facetten selbstständiger Berufstätigkeit (Entrepreneurship: Diverse aspects of self-employment) Downloads
Dieter Bögenhold and Uwe Fachinger
51458: Changes in the Eurozone governance after the crisis and the issue of growth Downloads
Daniele Schiliro'
51457: El posible impacto de las reformas internacionales en América Latina y el Caribe (The possible impact of international reforms in Latin Americas and the Caribbean) Downloads
Gregor Heinrich
51456: The developmental contribution of the Offset Agreements: the case of Colombia Downloads
Jose Larru
51449: Dynamics and equilibria under incremental horizontal differentiation on the Salop circle Downloads
Ben Vermeulen, Han La Poutré and Ton de Kok
51447: Do the FDI, Economic growth and Trade affect each other for India: An ARDL Approach Downloads
Anshul Singh
51441: Defining and measuring decentralisation: a critical review Downloads
Gianpiero Torrisi, Andy Pike, John Tomaney and Vassilis Tselios
51434: The Fama French Model or the capital asset pricing model: international evidence Downloads
Paulo Alves
51433: States as LBO Specialists: evidence from Portugal Downloads
Rui Alpalhão and Paulo Alves
51431: What lies behind the “too-small-to-survive” banks? Downloads
Theoharry Grammatikos and Nikolaos Papanikolaou
51430: Econometric Analysis of Profitability of Microfinance Institutions in Selected Asian Countries Downloads
Karel Janda and Batbayar Turbat
51428: The Great Recession: a comparison of recession magnitudes in Europe, USA and Japan Downloads
Jiri Mazurek
51427: Social responsibility as an obligatory element of the institutional system Downloads
Irina Filippova and Victor Sumcov
51426: Systemic potential of organization Downloads
Victor Sumcov and Irina Filippova
51424: ECONOMIA DELLA PAURA E CRISI DELL’ARTE CONTEMPORANEA (Fear as selling point: considerations about contemporary art market) Downloads
Susanna Tornesello
51422: Institutional components of public labor potential Downloads
Irina Filippova
51414: An Empirical Note on the Impact of the Federal Budget Deficit on Ex Ante Real Long-Term, Interest Rates, 1973-1995 Downloads
Richard Cebula
51413: Do Remittances Reduce Poverty and Inequality in the Western Balkans? Evidence from Macedonia Downloads
Marjan Petreski and Branimir Jovanovic
51411: Mea Culpa, Economica: Perkembangan Konsep dan Pengajaran Ilmu Ekonomi Pasca Krisis Ekonomi Global 2008 (Mea Culpa, Economica: Development of Concept and Teaching of Economics Post-Crisis 2008) Downloads
Muhammad Ryan Sanjaya
51410: Issues in Modelling Agriculture Response to Climate Change Downloads
Amarendra Pratap Singh and Krishnan Narayanan
51408: Does high income inequality signify inequality of opportunities? Downloads
David Navon and Yoav Cohen
51405: Análisis de las disparidades regionales en Colombia: una aproximación desde la estadística espacial, 1985 – 2010 (Analysis of regional disparities in Colombia: an approach from spatial statistics, 1985 - 2010) Downloads
Jhonny Moncada Mesa and Osmar Loaiza Quintero
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