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PSESTIMATE: Stata module to estimate the propensity score proposed by Imbens and Rubin Downloads
Alvaro Carril
PSHARE: Stata module to compute and graph percentile shares Downloads
Ben Jann
PSIDTOOLS: Stata module to facilitate access to Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) Downloads
Ulrich Kohler
PSIDUSE: Stata module providing easy PSID access Downloads
Ulrich Kohler
PSMATCH2: Stata module to perform full Mahalanobis and propensity score matching, common support graphing, and covariate imbalance testing Downloads
Edwin Leuven and Barbara Sianesi
PSPLINE: Stata module providing a penalized spline scatterplot smoother based on linear mixed model technology Downloads
Ben Jann and Roberto G. Gutierrez
PSTRATA: Stata module for optimal propensity score stratification Downloads
Ariel Linden
PTREND: Stata module for trend analysis for proportions Downloads
Patrick Royston
PTVTOOLS: Stata module contining various tools for PTV analysis Downloads
Lorenzo De Sio and Mark Franklin
PUNAF: Stata module to compute population attributable fractions for cohort studies Downloads
Roger Newson
PUNAFCC: Stata module to compute population attributable fractions for case-control and survival studies Downloads
Roger Newson
PV: Stata module to perform estimation with plausible values Downloads
Kevin Macdonald
PVENN: Stata module to create proportional Venn diagram Downloads
Wenfeng Gong and Jan Ostermann
PVFIX: Stata module to compute the present value of a series of equal payments (cash flows) Downloads
Máximo Sangiácomo
PVVAR: Stata module to compute the present value of a series of payments (cash flows) Downloads
Máximo Sangiácomo
PVW: Stata module to perform predictive value weighting for covariate misclassification in logistic regression Downloads
Jonathan Bartlett
PWCORR2: Stata module to compute pairwise correlations and return results Downloads
Christopher Baum
PWCORRF: Stata module to compute pairwise correlations efficiently, with builtin reshape functionality Downloads
Jesse Wursten
PWCORRS: Stata module for enhanced correlation matrix Downloads
Fred Wolfe
PWCORRW: Stata module to print wide correlation matrix with significance indicators Downloads
Nicholas Cox
PWCOV: Stata module to compute pairwise covariances Downloads
Christopher Baum
PWEIBULL: Stata module to generate probability plot for data vs fitted Weibull distribution Downloads
Nicholas Cox
PWMC: Stata module to compute pairwise multiple comparisons (unequal variances) Downloads
Daniel Klein
PWPLOTI: Stata module to plot power curve for sample size and power calculation Downloads
Zhiqiang Wang
PYRAMID: Stata tutorial for population pyramids Downloads
Jens Lauritsen
PYTHON: Stata module for using the Python language within Stata Downloads
James Fiedler
QAP: Stata module to perform quadratic assignment procedure Downloads
William Simpson
QBETA: Stata module to generate quantile-quantile plot for data vs fitted beta distribution Downloads
Nicholas Cox
QCONVERT: Stata module to convert a raw Q-sort file into a new Q-sort file which is ready for analysis by QFACTOR program Downloads
Noori Akhtar-Danesh
QCOUNT: Stata program to fit quantile regression models for count data Downloads
Alfonso Miranda
QENV: Stata module to generate quantile envelopes for quantile-quantile plots Downloads
Maarten Buis and Nicholas Cox
QEXP: Stata module to produce quantile-quantile plot for data vs fitted exponential distribution Downloads
Nicholas Cox
QFACTOR: Stata module to perform Q-analysis on Q-sorts using different factor extraction and factor rotation technique Downloads
Noori Akhtar-Danesh
QGAMMA: Stata module to generate quantile-quantile plot for data vs fitted gamma distribution Downloads
Nicholas Cox
QHAPIPF: Stata module to perform analysis of quantitative traits using regression and log-linear modelling when PHASE is unknown Downloads
Adrian Mander
QIC: Stata module to compute model selection criterion in GEE analyses Downloads
James Cui
QLL: Stata module to implement Elliott-Müller efficient test for general persistent time variation in regression coefficients Downloads
Christopher Baum
QLOGNORM: Stata module for diagnostic plots for lognormal distribution Downloads
Nicholas Cox
QLQC15: Stata module for scoring of the EORTC QLQ-C15-PAL Downloads
Niels Henrik Bruun
QOG: Stata module to access the most recent release of the "Quality of Government" data Downloads
Christoph Thewes
QOGBOOK: Stata module to access Quality of Government codebooks Downloads
Richard Svensson
QPFIT: Stata module containing various quantile and probability plots for assessing distribution fit Downloads
Nicholas Cox
QQCOMPARE: Stata module to evaluate balance after matching using quantile-quantile plots Downloads
Sunil Mitra Kumar
QQPLOT2: Stata module to produce quantile-quantile plot Downloads
Nicholas Cox
QQPLOT3: Stata module to plot the unweighted and weighted quantiles of one variable against the corresponding quantiles of another Downloads
Ariel Linden
QQVALUE: Stata module to generate quasi-q-values by inverting multiple-test procedures Downloads
Roger Newson
QREG2: Stata module to perform quantile regression with robust and clustered standard errors Downloads
José António Machado, Paulo Parente and João Santos Silva
QREGPD: Stata module to perform Quantile Regression for Panel Data Downloads
Matthew Baker
QRISK2CMD: Stata module to run QRISK2 from within Stata Downloads
Roger Newson
QROWNAME: Stata module to extract lists of quoted row and column names from a matrix Downloads
Roger Newson
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