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  1. Do remittances reduce school dropout in Bangladesh? The role of government’s administrative and structural support
    Journal of Policy Modeling, 2023, 45, (2), 388-404 Downloads
  2. Energy justice and economic growth: Does democracy matter?
    Journal of Policy Modeling, 2023, 45, (1), 160-186 Downloads
  3. Environmental degradation and economic growth: Investigating linkages and potential pathways
    Energy Economics, 2023, 123, (C) Downloads
  4. Financial inclusion and energy poverty reduction in sub-Saharan Africa
    Utilities Policy, 2023, 82, (C) Downloads
  5. Financial inclusion and food insecurity: Examining linkages and potential pathways
    Journal of Consumer Affairs, 2023, 57, (1), 418-444 Downloads
  6. Governance, credit access and clean cooking technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for energy transition
    Journal of Policy Modeling, 2023, 45, (2), 445-468 Downloads
  7. Leveraging digital technology for development: Does ICT contribute to poverty reduction?
    Telecommunications Policy, 2023, 47, (4) Downloads
  8. Renewable energy, nonrenewable energy, and environmental quality nexus: An investigation of the N-shaped Environmental Kuznets Curve based on six environmental indicators
    Energy, 2023, 263, (PA) Downloads View citations (4)
  9. Sub-Saharan Africa’s Tragedy: Resource Curse, Democracy and Income Inequality
    Social Indicators Research: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal for Quality-of-Life Measurement, 2023, 168, (1), 471-509 Downloads
  10. The political economy of energy transition: The role of globalization and governance in the adoption of clean cooking fuels and technologies
    Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2023, 186, (PB) Downloads View citations (2)


  1. Does democracy really improve environmental quality? Empirical contribution to the environmental politics debate
    Energy Economics, 2022, 109, (C) Downloads View citations (6)
  2. Does environmental sustainability attract foreign investment? Evidence from developing countries
    Business Strategy and the Environment, 2022, 31, (7), 3542-3573 Downloads View citations (3)
  3. Effects of income inequality and governance on energy poverty alleviation: Implications for sustainable development policy
    Utilities Policy, 2022, 78, (C) Downloads View citations (8)
  4. Enhancing human development in developing regions: Do ICT and transport infrastructure matter?
    Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2022, 180, (C) Downloads View citations (3)
  5. Foreign aid—Economic Growth Nexus in Africa: Does Financial Development Matter?
    International Economic Journal, 2022, 36, (3), 418-444 Downloads
  6. The impact of de facto globalization on carbon emissions: Evidence from Ghana
    International Economics, 2022, (170), 156-173 Downloads View citations (3)
    Also in International Economics, 2022, 170, (C), 156-173 (2022) Downloads View citations (4)
  7. Unveiling the effect of transport infrastructure and technological innovation on economic growth, energy consumption and CO2 emissions
    Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 2022, 182, (C) Downloads View citations (8)


  1. Does energy accessibility improve human development? Evidence from energy-poor regions
    Energy Economics, 2021, 96, (C) Downloads View citations (36)
  2. Empowering the powerless: Does access to energy improve income inequality?
    Energy Economics, 2021, 99, (C) Downloads View citations (13)
  3. Remittances, financial development and poverty reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for post-COVID-19 macroeconomic policies
    Journal of Policy Modeling, 2021, 43, (6), 1365-1387 Downloads View citations (15)
  4. Renewable energy, CO2 emissions and economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa: Does institutional quality matter?
    Journal of Policy Modeling, 2021, 43, (5), 1070-1093 Downloads View citations (17)
  5. Revisiting the economic growth–energy consumption nexus: Does globalization matter?
    Energy Economics, 2021, 102, (C) Downloads View citations (28)


  1. Does financial development mitigate carbon emissions? Evidence from heterogeneous financial economies
    Energy Economics, 2020, 88, (C) Downloads View citations (66)


  1. Modelling for insight: Does financial development improve environmental quality?
    Energy Economics, 2019, 83, (C), 156-179 Downloads View citations (98)


  1. Economic growth, CO2 emissions and energy consumption: What causes what and where?
    Energy Economics, 2018, 74, (C), 677-692 Downloads View citations (161)



  1. Urbanisation and Sustainable Development: Econometric Evidence from Australia
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