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About EconPapers

EconPapers is run by Sune Karlsson on hardware provided by the Örebro University Business School

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The Data

EconPapers use the RePEc bibliographic and author data, providing access to the largest collection of online Economics working papers and journal articles. The majority of the full text files are freely available, but some (typically journal articles) require that you or your organization subscribe to the service providing the full text file.

RePEc is a distributed data set residing in over 1100 archives operated by research organizations, academic departments and publishers. EconPapers would not be possible without the effort of the maintainers of these archives.

Citation data and reference lists are provided by the CitEc, Citations in Economics, project.

Contributing and publicizing your work

Publishers and Working Paper providers:
Open a RePEc archive and get your material listed in EconPapers and other RePEc services.

Register yourself and your works in the RePEc Author Service. These registrations are the basis for the author pages.

If your organization is not contributing data to RePEc (it should!) you can still have your work included in RePEc and EconPapers by uploading it to the Munich Personal RePEc Archive (MPRA), a special RePEc archive that accepts personal contributions.
EconWPA, the Economics Working Paper Archive, used to play this role but is no longer accepting new papers.

See also our FAQ for further information.

Other Views

There are number of other services providing access to the RePEc data. Just like EconPapers all RePEc services are free of charge.
  • New Economic Papers (NEP) is a current awareness service sending regular e-mails with notification about new material in RePEc. You can choose to be notified of all new material or choose among over 30 subject categories.

  • Authors are encouraged to register in the RePEc Author Service. This brings a number of advantages, customised CV pages at EconPapers and other RePEc services, download statistics at LogEc and monthly e-mails with download statistics and additional rankings.
  • IDEAS is the most popular RePEc service.

  • LogEc collects access statistics for several RePEc services and gives an overall view of the impact of a working paper or journal article.

  • NetEc is where it all started with WoPEc and BibEc. These services are, unfortunately, no longer available.

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