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Phone:+39 049 8272741
Postal address:TESAF Dept. - Univ. of Padova Agripolis Via Universita' 16 35020 Legnaro PD - Italy
Workplace:Dipartimento Territorio e Sistemi Agro Forestali (TeSAF) (Department of Agricultural and Forest Systems), Università degli Studi di Padova (University of Padua), (more information at EDIRC)

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Working Papers


  1. Preferences for climate change policies: the role of co-benefits
    Post-Print, HAL Downloads View citations (1)


  1. The role of indirect woody biomass sources in the Italian energy sector
    2018 Seventh AIEAA Conference, June 14-15, Conegliano, Italy, Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AIEAA) Downloads


  1. “Embedded” deforestation and forest degradation: exploring responsibilities and potentialities in green marketing of the Italian leather and meat industries
    2017 Sixth AIEAA Conference, June 15-16, Piacenza, Italy, Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AIEAA) Downloads


  1. First economic assessment of ecosystem services from Natura 2000 network in Lombardy (Northern Italy)
    2016 Fifth AIEAA Congress, June 16-17, 2016, Bologna, Italy, Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AIEAA) Downloads


  1. Innovating rural resources governance through new policy instruments: the case of “network contracts”
    2015 Fourth Congress, June 11-12, 2015, Ancona, Italy, Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AIEAA) Downloads


  1. How to Measure Innovative Modes of Governance in the EU Rural Policy: Key Dimensions, Indicators and Case Studies
    122nd Seminar, February 17-18, 2011, Ancona, Italy, European Association of Agricultural Economists Downloads


  1. The environmental management systems certification in the forestry sector in Italy
    Conference Papers, University of Minnesota, Center for International Food and Agricultural Policy Downloads


  1. ENVIRONMENTAL ACCOUNTING OF FOREST RESOURCES: TWO ITALIAN CASE STUDIES: Proceedings of the Fifth Joint Conference on Agriculture, Food, and the Environment, June 17-18, 1996, Padova, Italy
    Working Papers, University of Minnesota, Center for International Food and Agricultural Policy Downloads


    Staff Papers, University of Minnesota, Department of Applied Economics Downloads

Journal Articles


  1. Food, biofuels or cosmetics? Land-use, deforestation and CO2 emissions embodied in the palm oil consumption of four European countries: a biophysical accounting approach
    Agricultural and Food Economics, 2023, 11, (1), 1-31 Downloads
  2. Nature-Based Solutions Modeling and Cost-Benefit Analysis to Face Climate Change Risks in an Urban Area: The Case of Turin (Italy)
    Land, 2023, 12, (2), 1-32 Downloads View citations (1)


  1. Governing Europe's forests for multiple ecosystem services: Opportunities, challenges, and policy options
    Forest Policy and Economics, 2022, 145, (C) Downloads View citations (5)


  1. How can National Forest Funds catalyse the provision of ecosystem services? Lessons learned from Costa Rica, Vietnam, and Morocco
    Ecosystem Services, 2021, 47, (C) Downloads View citations (1)
  2. Power analysis as a tool to analyse trade-offs between ecosystem services in forest management: A case study from nine European countries
    Ecosystem Services, 2021, 49, (C) Downloads View citations (5)


  1. Integrating ecosystem services in power analysis in forest governance: A comparison across nine European countries
    Forest Policy and Economics, 2020, 121, (C) Downloads View citations (6)
  2. Non-wood forest products in Europe – A quantitative overview
    Forest Policy and Economics, 2020, 116, (C) Downloads View citations (6)


  1. Forest plantations in Southwestern Europe: A comparative trend analysis on investment returns, markets and policies
    Forest Policy and Economics, 2019, 109, (C) Downloads View citations (4)
  2. Towards a method of evaluating social innovation in forest-dependent rural communities: First suggestions from a science-stakeholder collaboration
    Forest Policy and Economics, 2019, 104, (C), 9-22 Downloads View citations (7)


  1. Assessing the economic marginality of agricultural lands in Italy to support land use planning
    Land Use Policy, 2018, 76, (C), 526-534 Downloads View citations (19)
  2. Ecosystem services’ values and improved revenue collection for regional protected areas
    Ecosystem Services, 2018, 34, (PA), 136-153 Downloads View citations (3)
  3. Social network analysis as a tool for the analysis of international trade of wood and non-wood forest products
    Forest Policy and Economics, 2018, 86, (C), 45-66 Downloads View citations (8)


  1. Decision Support Tools and Strategies to Simulate Forest Landscape Evolutions Integrating Forest Owner Behaviour: A Review from the Case Studies of the European Project, INTEGRAL
    Sustainability, 2017, 9, (4), 1-31 Downloads View citations (5)
  2. Reporting practices of State Forest Enterprises in Europe
    Forest Policy and Economics, 2017, 78, (C), 162-172 Downloads View citations (11)


  1. Standards and guidelines for forest plantation management: A global comparative study
    Forest Policy and Economics, 2015, 53, (C), 29-44 Downloads View citations (4)


  1. Common Properties and Municipalities: institutional
    2014, Number 45, May 22-24, 2014, Uppsala, Sweden, 2014, 2014, (45), 10 Downloads
  2. Exploring the willingness to pay for forest ecosystem services by residents of the Veneto Region
    Bio-based and Applied Economics Journal, 2014, 03, (1), 23 Downloads View citations (6)
  3. Why and how to measure forest governance at local level: A set of indicators
    Forest Policy and Economics, 2014, 49, (C), 57-71 Downloads View citations (23)


  1. Contribution of Non-Timber Forest Products livelihood strategies to rural development in drylands of Sudan: Potentials and failures
    Agricultural Systems, 2013, 117, (C), 90-97 Downloads View citations (13)


  1. Governance features for successful REDD+ projects organization
    Forest Policy and Economics, 2012, 18, (C), 46-52 Downloads View citations (8)


  1. Forestry governance and collective learning process in Italy: Likelihood or utopia?
    Forest Policy and Economics, 2011, 13, (2), 104-112 Downloads View citations (18)
  2. Income generation from wild mushrooms in marginal rural areas
    Forest Policy and Economics, 2011, 13, (3), 221-226 Downloads View citations (13)


  1. Developing indicators for the sustainable management of mountain forests using a modelling approach
    Forest Policy and Economics, 2002, 4, (2), 113-123 Downloads View citations (4)


  1. Vietnamese Uplands: Environmental and Socio-Economic Perspective of Forest Land Allocation and Deforestation Process
    Environment, Development and Sustainability: A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development, 2000, 2, (2), 119-142 Downloads View citations (7)


  1. Adger, W. Neil, Davide Pettenella, and Martin Whitby, eds. Climate-change Mitigation and European Land-use Policies. New York and Oxon, UK: CAB International (Oxford University Press), 1997, xvi + 350 pp., $90.00 cloth
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 1999, 81, (1), 248-251 Downloads
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