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Workplace:General Economics Faculty, University of National and World Economy, (more information at EDIRC)
Centre de Recherche sur l'Indutrie, les Institutions, et les Systèmes Économiques d'Amiens (CRIISEA) (Amiens Research Center on Industry, Institutions and Economic Systems), Université de Picardie (University of Picardy), (more information at EDIRC)

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Working Papers


  1. The Evolution of German Historical School in Bulgaria (1878-1944)
    ICER Working Papers, ICER - International Centre for Economic Research Downloads

Journal Articles


  1. Land Property and Bulgarian Agrarian Development 1879–1912
    Proceedings of the Centre for Economic History Research, 2020, 5, 165-181 Downloads


  1. Debates over Dirigisme during the 1930s: The Case of Bulgaria
    Journal of Economic Issues, 2019, 53, (3), 863-878 Downloads
  2. Socio-Economic Consequences of Price Controls in Bulgaria during the Interwar Period
    Proceedings of the Centre for Economic History Research, 2019, 4, 154-170 Downloads
  3. The Role of the State in the Economic Policy and Thought of Bulgaria and Turkey during the Interwar Period
    HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT AND POLICY, 2019, 8, (1), 51-66 Downloads


  1. Between Enthusiasm and Skepticism: Bulgarian Economists and Europe (1878-1944)
    HISTORY OF ECONOMIC THOUGHT AND POLICY, 2018, 2018/1, (1), 27-55 Downloads
  2. Constructing a Market Alternative for the Bulgarian Economy during the Interwar Period
    Proceedings of the Centre for Economic History Research, 2018, 3, 33-48 Downloads
  3. The Austrian school in Bulgaria: A history
    Russian Journal of Economics, 2018, 4, (1), 44-64 Downloads View citations (1)
  4. The Way to Socialism? First Five-Year Plan for the Development of Bulgarian Agriculture
    Nauchni trudove, 2018, (3), 253-279 Downloads View citations (1)


  1. Dirigiste Economy and Economic Planning – Theoretical Analyses and Debates Among the Bulgarian Economists During the 1930s
    Nauchni trudove, 2017, (2), 129-167 Downloads View citations (4)
  2. Of the Essence and Meaning of Economic History
    Proceedings of the Centre for Economic History Research, 2017, 2, 9-34 Downloads


  1. Defining Economic Nationalism on the Basis of 19th Century Bulgarian Experience
    History of Economic Ideas, 2016, 24, (1), 83-104 Downloads View citations (2)
  2. From Periphery to Semi-Periphery. Naum Dolinski (1890-1968) in the History of Bulgarian Economic Thought
    An Annual Book of University of Economics - Varna, 2016, 88, (1), 231-274 Downloads
  3. Money without a State: Currencies of the Orthodox Christians in the Balkan Provinces of the Ottoman Empire (17th –19th centuries)
    The Review of Austrian Economics, 2016, 29, (1), 33-51 Downloads View citations (2)
  4. The Bulgarian Economists and the Ideas for Balkan and European Economic Integration (1878-1944)
    Proceedings of the Centre for Economic History Research, 2016, 1, 56-84 Downloads


  1. Economic forms, state socio-economic policy and socioeconomic ideas of Bulgarian society in the context of the orthodox Christianity (9th - first half of the 19th century)
    Economic Thought journal, 2015, (4), 122-136, 137-151 Downloads View citations (1)
  2. Reconstructing Eclecticism: Bulgarian Economic Thought in the Ottoman Empire in the Nineteenth Century
    History of Political Economy, 2015, 47, (4), 631-664 Downloads View citations (2)
  3. The Economic Theory as a Basis for Economic History Research
    Godishnik na UNSS, 2015, (1), 197-263 Downloads View citations (2)


  1. Boris Brutzkus and the Socialist Calculation Debate
    Ikonomiceski i Sotsialni Alternativi, 2014, (2), 111-128 Downloads
  2. Carl Menger on the Theory of Economic History. Reflections from Bulgaria
    Panoeconomicus, 2014, 61, (6), 723-738 Downloads View citations (1)
  3. The "Alternative" Socialism of Professor Alexander Tsankov
    Economic Alternatives, 2014, (2), 61-75 Downloads
  4. The Birth of Economic Thought and Specialized Economic Press among the Bulgarians in the Ottoman Empire in the XIX Century (A Mediterranean Perspective)
    Nauchni trudove, 2014, (1), 93-126 Downloads View citations (2)
  5. The Great Depression in the Works of Lionnel Robbins, Wilhelm Ropke and Richard von Strigl (Is There Anything New in the Old School Well Forgotten Works?)
    Godishnik na UNSS, 2014, (1), 195-236 Downloads


  1. Historic View on the Protectionism in Bulgaria and Romania. Protectionism Theories of Mihail Manoilesku (1891-1950) and Konstantin Bobchev (1894-1976)
    Economic Studies journal, 2013, (2), 3-44 Downloads
  2. Professor Ivan Kinkel – theoretician in economic theory (critical analysis)
    Economic Thought journal, 2013, (3), 97-120 Downloads View citations (1)
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