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From Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. North-West Institute of Management.
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Financial and Investment Ensuring Innovation Activities of the Oil and Gas Industry in Russia Downloads
D. N. Semkova
State Support for Families with Children during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Russia and Abroad Downloads
G. M. Tsinchenko and I. S. Orlova
Dialogue between the State and Religion as a Basis for Managerial Decision-Making: Research Experience in the Regions of the North-West Downloads
Ju. P. Bayer, V. D. Kovalenko, E. V. Rodionova and N. K. Syundyukov
How Can Domestic Athletics Overcome a Protracted Crisis? Downloads
A. N. Tsatsulin and B. A. Tsatsulin
Strategic Orientation of Film Organization Development in the Digital Age Downloads
E. Yu. Kolobova
Lean Investment as a Tool for Sustainable Development in the Post-Covid Era Downloads
T. V. Gaibova and O. V. Bashkirova
Strategizing the Implementation and Development of Financial Technologies in National Innovation Systems Downloads
M. K. Khabekova
Mental Maps of Strategic Alliances Downloads
Yu. N. Lapygin and M. A. Rozenkov
The Concept of Sustainable Development in the Projection of Modern Transformational Trends: A New Reality and New Opportunities for Business Downloads
E. A. Kuklina
The Relationship between the Digital Economy and Financial Policy in the Russian Federation: Ways to Improve Downloads
A. S. Kolesov and S. L. Katanandov
The Influence of Pan-Turkism on the Political Identity Formation of the Turkic States of Central Asia in the XXI Century (Part 1) Downloads
M. M. Shumilov
Opportunities and Threats for Integration Cooperation within the Framework of the Union State of Belarus and Russia: Strategic Situational Analysis. Part 1 Downloads
O. V. Bakhlova and I. V. Bakhlov
Memories of the Future: Traditional Russian Economic Practices in New Foreign Policy Conditions. Article Three. State Planning Committee Downloads
A. D. Khlutkov, V. A. Shamakhov and N. M. Mezhevich
From the Chief Editor. “Reject Culture†as a European Value Downloads
V. A. Shamakhov
About the book of Albert F. Izmailov “I believe and I hope. Sketches about Peter I and his associates†Downloads
E. M. Proshina
The Role of Confucian Ethics in the Foreign Policy Directions of Modern China Downloads
Xiaoxuan Li
For the Good of Russia Downloads
V. P. Gridnev
Philosophy of «Flight from Freedom» by A. P. Chekhov Downloads
V. B. Aleksandrov
Fundamentals of Open Government Reforms Downloads
G. M. Tsinchenko and M. A. Pominov
Analysis of Trends in the Higher Education and Science as the Basis for Strategizing the Scientific and Innovative Activities in Regional Universities Downloads
E. A. Pahomova
Public Administration Transformation Based on Research in Social Neurosciences in the Context of Sustainable Development (Part 2) Downloads
N. M. Slanevskaya
Management of Training of Highly Qualified Personnel at Enterprises of the Military-Industrial Compl Downloads
V. A. Volgin and A. G. Saybel
Youth in the Labor Market: Opportunities and Threats Downloads
T.  G. Grinenko
Oil Production and Carbon Emissions: Spline Analysis of Relationships Downloads
R. H. Ilyasov and V. A. Plotnikov
Problems of ESG-Reorganization of Russian Metallurgical Corporations Downloads
Yu. M. Tsygalov
The US-China Trade War in the Context of Deglobalization and the Reideologization of International Relations (Part 2) Downloads
M. M. Shumilov
The Problem of Incongruities in Understandings of the Spirit of UN Institutional Efforts in the Field of Maintaining and Restoring International Peace and Security Downloads
S. V. Korostelev
Memories of the Future: Traditional Russian Economic and Environmental Practices in New Foreign Policy Conditions. Article two. Arctic Development Downloads
A. D. Khlutkov, V. A. Shamakhov and N. M. Mezhevich
From the Chief Editor. Reforms in Russia: from Peter the Great to Present Day Downloads
Article Editorial
Monograph Review “Innovative Economy of Russia: Contradictions of Formation and Development Prospects†Downloads
A. D. Shmatko
Main features of the modern environmental agenda of the Alternative for Germany Downloads
A. D. Lisenkova
The Imperial Power and Russian Society in the First Quarter of the XVIII Century: The Problem of Gaining Trust Downloads
E. S. Stetckevich
Russian Charity as a Confidence Factor between Society and the State in XIX Century Downloads
G. N. Pitulko
Catherine the Great in the History of Russia Downloads
V. P. Gridnev
The Phenomenon of Mistrust in Church-State Relations of the Russian Empire in the 1860–1870s. Conflicts between the Consulate and the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem Downloads
A. I. Alekseev
On a Question of a Scientific and Technical Cooperation between the USSR and Western Countries in the Field of Energy Downloads
V. V. Avdanin
Public Administration Transformation Based on Research in Social Neurosciences in the Context of Sustainable Development. (Part 1) Downloads
N. M. Slanevskaya
Blogs in Journalist Creative Work Downloads
M. N. Kim
Problems of Practice and Prospects for the Customs Tariff Development in the Eurasian Economic Union Downloads
A. Ju. Tereshenkova
Current approaches to state housing policy Downloads
A. A. Likhtin and A. N. Muftakhova
Balance Technologies for Calculating and Predictive Estimation of Labor Resources for Regional Socio-Economic Systems Downloads
V. A. Kurzenev, V. T. Perekrest and I. V. Perekrest
The US-China Trade War in the Context of Deglobalization and the Re-ideologization of International Relations (Part 1) Downloads
M. M. Shumilov
Memories of the Future: Traditional Russian Economic Practices in New Foreign Policy Conditions. Article one. Industrial Policy Downloads
A. D. Khlutkov and N. M. Mezhevich
On the Question of New Management Practices, or “No Matter What Color the Cat Is, It Is Important That It Catches Mice†Downloads
A. D. Khlutkov
Legal Problems of Complex Development of Territories (Part 3) Downloads
S. I. Shulzhenko
The Phenomenon of Trust in the Testaments of Moscow Grand Dukes in XIV Century Downloads
A. L. Korzinin
“The people have a positive attitude to medicine...†(Medical Inspectors in the Formation of Medical and Sanitary Affairs in the Provinces of Pre-Revolutionary Russia) Downloads
N. K. Gurkina
Research on Government Regulation of Social Credit System — From the Perspective of Business Ethics Downloads
Zhi-qiang Li
How Does the Chinese Government Promote the Development of the Social Credit System? Downloads
Yong Zhong
Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment Attraction in Vietnam Real Estate in the Pandemic Condition Downloads
H. H. Tran and H. H. Do
What are the Immediate Prospects for the Implementation of Innovative Activity of the Domestic Agro-Industrial Complex Downloads
R. A. Razuvaev and A. N. Tsatsulin
Prospects for Digitalization of Public Administration Processes Downloads
V. A. Plotnikov and A. V. Maslyuk
Government Classification of Residential Real Estate. Managerial Approach Downloads
A. A. Likhtin and A. N. Muftakhova
Imbalances of Interests of Subjects of Economic Security at the Macro- and Meso-levels Downloads
A. V. Zatevakhina
State Regulation of Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation: Centralization of Management or Market Self-Regulation Downloads
Valeriy Belov
Authoritarian Elections: State of Literature and Research Problems Downloads
Yu. S. Medvedev
The Formation of a Stable Technopolitical Environment as a Factor in the Development of Recursive Public Policy in Russia Downloads
A. M. Kaplunenko
Interaction between the Arctic and Non-Arctic States in Scientific Research and Practical Development of the Geopolitical Potential of the Arctic Downloads
I. F. Kefeli and A. V. Nikolaenko
Choice without Choice: Russia as a Trigger for a Change of World Order Downloads
N. M. Mezhevich, A. D. Khlutkov and V. A. Shamakhov
Why Those Living In a Glass House Like To Throw Stones So Much Downloads
Article Editorial
Legal Problems of Complex Development of Territories (Part 2) Downloads
S. I. Shulzhenko
Murmansk Region as a Center of Attraction for Chinese Tourism in the Russian Federation Downloads
R. Kh. Bu
St. Cassian of Uchma and His Canonization at the Time of Mikhail Romanov: Trust in the Spiritual Authorities Downloads
T. A. Matasova
The Civil War and Russian Society: Relapses of Confrontation and Stages of National Reconciliation (To the 100th Anniversary of the End of the Russian Civil War) Downloads
L. N. Goncharenko and E. B. Avakova
Psychological Aspects of the Organization’s Information Security in the Context of Socio-engineering Attacks Downloads
T. V. Tulupieva
Forming of Public Confidence in the Activities of Law Enforcement Bodies Downloads
G. V. Marchenko, A. V. Zabarin and S. Yu. Chimarov
Graph Methods for Describing the Trade Profile of a Region Downloads
A. N. Kislyakov
Socio-Economic Development of the Arctic: Modern Challenges and Priorities Downloads
L. G. Karanatova and A. Yu. Kulev
Transformations of the Socio-Economic Space of Regions: International Experience and Main Trends Downloads
L. V. Dorofeeva and N. A. Roslyakova
Models of Lobbying Practices in Maritime Affairs of USA and European Countries Downloads
A. I. Kugay and A. B. Davydov
Features and Prospects for the Development of the Western Planning Sector of the Suburban Zone of the St. Petersburg City Agglomeration Downloads
N. M. Mezhevich, V. V. Solodilov and V. A. Shamakhov
Loss of Communication — Loss of Control Downloads
V. A. Shamakhov
Legal Problems of Complex Development of Territories (Part 1) Downloads
S. I. Shulzhenko
Strategic Analysis of China and Russia Digital Economy Development Downloads
Kunchao Xie
Russian-speaking Journalists of Foreign Media about the Media Image of the Chechen Republic Downloads
A. Yu. Evseev
The Social Contract as an Instrument of State Policy to Reduce Poverty Downloads
I. S. Orlova
Social Justice and Social Reform under Condition of Population Aging. Systematic Literature Review Downloads
Ju. A. Zelikova
Environmental Radicalism in Public Organizations of the FRG at the Present Stage Downloads
I. S. Berezina, I. A. Tsverianashvili and D. V. Shutman
«Smart City» in Socio-Political Projection (The Case of Barcelona) Downloads
A. V. Baranov and L. N. Garas
Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System as the Basis of Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity of EAEU: Problems and Future Focus Downloads
G. Yu. Fedotova
Evolution of Digital Technologies Used in Logistics Downloads
A. A. Volkova, Yu. A. Nikitin and V. A. Plotnikov
Underlying Challenges for Russian Venture Industry Development and Methods for Their Solution Downloads
Andrey Margolin and L. P. Sinyutin
Elections for the Authorities, Elections for Citizens Downloads
N. V. Perevyshin
The Prospects of Cryptocurrency as an Instrument of Public Wealth Management Downloads
Olga Antoncheva and T. E. Apanasenko
Features of the Development of the Continuous Professional Training System in the Management Sphere at the Modern Stage (Example of the Republic of Belarus) Downloads
V. M. Litvinovich and G. V. Palchik
On the Question of New Forms of Urbanization in the Context of Spatial Development Management in the Republic of Karelia. Article Two Downloads
S. L. Katanandov, V. V. Solodilov and V. A. Shamakhov
On International Comparisons and Quality of Management Downloads
V. A. Shamakhov
Review of a series of 9 books “The Kuzbass Strategy Libraryâ€, prepared by a team of authors under the scientific supervision of Doctor of Economics, Professor, Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. L. Kvint Downloads
M. G. Leukhova
Outstanding Scientist, Researcher and Organizer of Science: To the 80th Anniversary of Valentin V. Shelokhaev Downloads
A. I. Lushin
Border Security in Modern Customs Administration as an Organisational and Managerial Principle (US Case) Downloads
I. Podlesny
The Philosophical and Political Views of M. Ya. Ostrogorsky (1854–1921) and their Modern Significance Downloads
G. G. Filippov and S. A. Oskin
The Transformation of Adulthood in the Digital Age Downloads
E. I. Ogareva, N. V. Lik and D. A. Seroshtanov
Non-University Mass Student Public Associations: Institutional Isomorphism as a Factor of Stability Downloads
Marina Kashina and V. R. Popov
Conceptual and Mathematical Models, Methods, and Technologies for the Study of the Digital Transformation of Economic and Social Systems: A Literature Review and Research Agenda (Part II) Downloads
A. S. Geyda, T. N. Gurieva and V. N. Naumov
State Procedures for Improving the Investment Climate in the Russian Federation: Prospects for Improvement Downloads
D. E. Mereshkin and V. A. Plotnikov
E-Government and Citizens: An Empirical Study of Interaction on the Official Portal in St. Petersburg Downloads
A. A. Kaisarov, V. P. Kaisarova and E. A. Vasilieva
On Qualification of the Phenomenon of Hybridism of the Use of Force and the Problem of Interference in Internal Affairs of a State Downloads
S. V. Korostelev
The Problem of Defining Local Self-Government as a Key Actor of a Unified System of Public Power and Admininstration (Analysis of the Problem Field) Downloads
R. M. Vulfovich
Some Comments on the Assessment of the Potential Role of Transit from China through the Baltic States Downloads
V. A. Shamakhov, N. M. Mezhevich and Shuhong Guo
Management Efficiency Limits or 2021 Results in Public Administration Downloads
V. A. Shamahov
Effective Practices of Macroprudential Stress Testing as a Tool of Increasing the Stability of Russian Financial System in the Context of Macroeconomic Shocks Downloads
D. Yu. Desyatnichenko, O. V. Ryabov and O. Yu. Desyatnichenko
Globalization versus Localization: The New Management Paradigm of 21th Century Downloads
I. V. Boiko
Sustainable Development Governance in the Arctic Regions (Review of International Approaches and Research) Downloads
S. A. Tulaeva
Assessing the Impact of RPA on the Modern Economic System Downloads
A. I. Sosnilo and R. S. Solovev
Tax Policy in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Review of Publications in Leading Economic Journals Downloads
E. S. Vylkova
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