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2018 - 2021

From Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. North-West Institute of Management.
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Theory and Practice of Primary Adaptation as a Factor in Retaining Young Specialists at the Enterprises of the Mining Industry in Russia Downloads
D. M. Kovalchuk and M. A. Smagin
The Need for Regional Labor Markets for Mid-Level Specialists and the Priorities of Graduates of Secondary Vocational Education in Employment Issues Downloads
E. V. Lomteva, L. Yu. Bedareva and A. O. Polushkina
Tools for Developing a Regional Education Development Strategy Downloads
Yu. N. Lapygin and S. A. Boltunov
The Digitalization Influence on the Transformation of Public Administration Methodology Downloads
V. V. Zotov and L. A. Vasilenko
Strategic Directions of Innovative and Economic Development of the Pskov Region Downloads
M. V. Miroslavskaya and A. A. Kozyrev
Problems of Contemporary Public Administration: Content Analysis of Scientific Publications Downloads
A. A. Likhtin
Theoretical Aspects of the Concept of Value Chain Management Downloads
A. P. Tyapukhin
Past, Present and Future of the Neoinstitutional Approach in Political Science Downloads
A. A. Matveev
Human Rights: From Theory to Politics Downloads
A. I. Kugay
Relationship between Management Potential and Cognitive Characteristics of Managers of Different Government Levels Downloads
Yu. K. Barkova, E. V. Selezneva and Yu. V. Sinyagin
Modern Information Technologies: Obstacles and Assistants in Management Decision-Making. Article One. Obstacles Downloads
V. A. Shamakhov and N. M. Mezhevich
Information and Management Solution: History Lessons for Today Downloads
Article Editorial
Analysis of the Sequence of Risk States in the Implementation of Information Projects Downloads
P. V. Naumov
Impact of the 2015 Migration Crisis on German Food Security Downloads
N. S. Ivannikov and S. A. Mungalov
Information Warfare Narratives: Yesterday and Today Downloads
G. V. Marchenko, S. Yu. Chimarov and N. A. Igoshin
Intelligentsia and Opposition — the Modern Meaning of S. N. Bulgakov’s Article “Heroism and Ascension (From Reflections on the Religious Ideals of the Russian Intelligentsia)†Downloads
V. B. Aleksandrov
Innovation and Competitiveness in Today’s Technological and Social Transformations Downloads
M. V. Maltseva and V. A. Plotnikov
Questions of Justification of State Policy Regulation of Production and Consumption of Socially Dangerous Goods and Services Downloads
N. I. Fedorova and V. M. Khodachek
Methodology of Formation of Business Activity Rating of Infrastructure Organizations Supporting Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises at the Municipal Level Downloads
M. O. Demidov
Strategic Directions of Tourism Industry Development in the Digital Economy Downloads
I. Z. Chkhotua
Phenomena Systematization of Marketing Digitalization: Concept and Implementation Downloads
E. Yu. Suslov and Dmitriy Minaev
The Turkish Factor in Relations between Russia and Kazakhstan in the Context of Eurasian Integration Downloads
M. M. Shumilov
On the Question of the Formation of a General Civil Identity Downloads
V. V. Gushch
Current Problems and Priorities of the Cultural Policy in Russia in the Context of the Neotraditionalist Ideology Downloads
S. V. Bukalova and K. G. Merkulova
Transformation of Public Administration in the Digital Era Downloads
Ð . A. Likhtin
Political Imperatives of the Economic Integration of Russia and Belarus: the General Situation and Specifics of the First Quarter of 2021 Downloads
V. A. Shamakhov and N. M. Mezhevich
Governance: Improving Efficiency in the Face of External Threats Downloads
Article Editorial
Application of Business Games in Training of Employees of Regional Executive Bodies and Local Self-Government Bodies Downloads
A. V. Klushin
Triangulation in a comprehensive study of electronic participation. Review of the monograph “Electronic Participation: Conceptualization and Practice of Implementation in Russia†Downloads
N. V. Korytnikova
Social Support Resources for Families with Disabled Children in the Leningrad Region Downloads
G. M. Tsinchenko and I. S. Orlova
Scenario Modeling in Health System Management Perm Region (Part 2) Downloads
A. N. Tsatsulin and B. A. Tsatsulin
Introduction of Project Orientated Style of Management into the Professional Education System Downloads
V. P. Smirnov and M. B. Shifrin
Cluster Approach in the Implementation of the National Project “Health†in the Region Downloads
Y. N. Lapygin and E. A. Kovalev
User-Created Content: Problems of Genre Formation Downloads
M. N. Kim
Digital Economy as a Tool for Sustainable Development Downloads
M. V. Miroslavskaya and A. A. Kozyrev
EAEU Expands International Cooperation: Latin American Trend Downloads
E. K. Berezina and A. V. Toropygin
Could Defamation Be Prosecuted? Downloads
G. G. Filippov
Historical and Legal Aspect of Consideration by the Courts of the Pskov Region of Citizens’ Complaints in the Economic Sphere at the Final Stage of the History of the Soviet State Downloads
A. A. Barabanov and V. I. Kainov
Public Administration as an Object of Scientific Research and a Direction of Civil Servants’ Education Downloads
A. A. Likhtin
Globalization 3.0 or New Regionalization: Towards the Phasing of World Development Downloads
V. A. Shamakhov and N. M. Mezhevich
On the PR in Management and Management of PR Downloads
Article Editorial
Legal Regulation of Merchant Shipping (Review of the textbook “The Law of the Sea and International Maritime Business†) Downloads
Sergey Yu. Kashkin and Paul A. Kalinichenko
Structure of Calls to State Electronic Services: Based on the Results of a Survey of Citizens in St. Petersburg Downloads
Vladislav A. Belyi
Nobody Is Forgotten, Nothing Is Forgotten! Downloads
Valery P. Gridnev
Media Business Development in the Context of Global Digitalization Downloads
Viktor P. Kirilenko and Evgenia Yu. Kolobova
Scenario Modeling in Health System Management Perm Region (Part 1) Downloads
Alexander N. Tsatsulin and Boris A. Tsatsulin
Social Rating System as a Form of State Control Over Society: Prospects for Implementation and Development, Threats to Realization Downloads
Yuliya V. Katrashova, Gleb Yu. Mityashin and Vladimir A. Plotnikov
Three Stages and Main Provisions of Institutionalization of International Forums in Solving Global Economic Problems (1997–2020) Downloads
Maria I. Kiseleva
Strategic Priority for Greening the Kuzbass Economy: Land Rehabilitation Fund Downloads
Lyudmila I. Vlasyuk
Economic Ecosystems and Their Classification Downloads
Vladimir G. Khalin, Galina V. Chernova and Svetlana A. Kalayda
Institutional Potential of Mass Media in the Process of Political Socialization of Russian Youth Downloads
Elena N. Malik
Digital Mobilization: New Mechanisms and Opportunities for Political Governance Downloads
Sergey S. Dmitriev
Precariate in Pandemic Conditions: New Trends, Traditional Content, Some European Practices Downloads
Vladimir A. Shamakhov and Nikolay M. Mezhevich
Using the problem to win or some of the benefits of distance educationms Downloads
V. A. Shamahov
The Role of Non-Profit Organizations in Improving the Efficiency of Managing Corporate Social Responsibility Programs of Russian Enterprises Downloads
E. L. Grishina
Analysis of Strategic Trends in the Development of the Russian Meat Industry Downloads
M. D. Grinchenko
Political Trials of the Second Half of the 1930s in the Mirror of the Regional Press Downloads
A. I. Lushin
Prevention of Youth Deviations in Russia and Abroad Downloads
G. M. Tsinchenko and I. S. Orlova
Features of Internal Autonomy of the Aland Islands Within Finland Downloads
S. N. Pogodin and D. E. Lyubina
Possibilities of the Mixed Research Methods Application in the Management of a Modern University (On the Materials of Sociological Research) Downloads
A. V. Klyuev, S. V. Lyashko and A. E. Geger
Reducing the Rural-Urban Social Inequality: Chinese and Russian Comparative Experience Downloads
O. A. Antoncheva and T. E. Apanasenko
Behavioural Economics Contribution to the Entrepreneurship Theory and its Application in Entrepreneurship Policies Downloads
N. P. Dobryagina
Control Methodology Competitiveness of the Processing Industry in the Republic of Belarus Downloads
N. N. Voroshilina
Theoretical and Methodological Features of the Analysis of the Basic Concepts of the Modern Theory of National Security Downloads
A. B. Feonichev and K. Yu. Meleshin
Communication Platforms for Cities: Critical Analysis of Management Technology Downloads
A. G. Baryshkin, I. A. Bykov, O. A. Ignatieva and K. S. Kondratenko
Reforming Local Self-Government: The Experience of the Baltic States and its Significance for Russia Downloads
V. A. Shamakhov, S. V. Kuznetsov and N. M. Mezhevich
Russian Nested Doll of Modern Global Problems Downloads
V. A. Shamakhov
Innovations in Housing and Communal Services to Increase Real Incomes of the Russian Population Downloads
D. V. Shcherbakova and O. E. Ignashin
Content of the Journal "Administrative Consultation" for 2020 Downloads
Article Editorial
Transformation of Business Structures at the Present Stage: Education, Technology, Digitalization Downloads
G. U. Magomedbekov and R. A. Amirov
On the Issue of Literary Reputation and the Role of the Media in Its Formation (Based on the Prose of Leonid Andreev) Downloads
L. I. Shishkina
Wladimir S. Woytinsky and Public Works in Saint Petersburg in 1906–1908: To the Problem of Studying the National Experience of Fight Unemployment Downloads
N. V. Mikhailov, T. S. Chernetskaya and S. V. Chubinskaya-Nadezhdina
Outsourcing Public Services to the Social Services System Downloads
I. S. Orlova and G. M. Tsinchenko
Features of Work of Multimedia Journalists and Editors in Converged Editorial Offices Downloads
M. N. Kim
Influence of Innovative Technologies on the Ecosystem of Additional Professional Education Downloads
L. G. Karanatova and A. Yu. Kulev
Fact-checking Technology in the Fight Against "Information Debris": Problems and Prospects Downloads
A. B. Bocharov and M. O. Demidov
About Some Didactic Methods of Performance Independent Tasks under Conditions Forced Distance Learning Downloads
A. N. Tsatsulin
Influence of the Strategic Planning System on the Pace of Socio-Economic Development of the Russian Federation's Constituent Entities Downloads
S. N. Miroshnikov
Food Security Indicators Classification and Assessment of Their Importance for the Policy of the Russian Federation Downloads
E. V. Zhiryayeva
Background of Finland's Choice for NATO Membership (Historical Aspect) Downloads
A. M. Muller and S. N. Pogodin
Public Internet Governance Institutes: Comparative Analysis of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Downloads
L. V. Smorgunov
Why the Reasons for the Collapse of the USSR Should Be Sought Before the Formation of the USSR. Article Two. The Strategic Error of Soviet Federalization as a Reflection on the Imperial Structure Downloads
V. A. Shamakhov and N. M. Mezhevich
Russia Faced the Choice, Or the Choice of Russia? Downloads
Article Editorial
On Some Features of the Directive Method of Managing the Leningrad Energy System in the First Post-War Decade Downloads
A. I. Lushin and V. V. Avdanin
Practices for Self-Representation Governors of the Russian Federation in Virtual Social Networks Downloads
S. G. Ushkin and V. G. Ushkina
On the Development of Public-Private Partnership in the Field of Housing and Communal Services Downloads
D. T. Dzgoeva and L. A. Savelchev
Development of Educational Tools in Russia to Accumulate Knowledge about Sequestration Technologies Downloads
Yu. N. Vasilev and A. Yu. Tsvetkova
The State’s Attitude to Cryptocurrency as an Indicator of Its Trust in Society Downloads
O. A. Antoncheva and T. E. Apanasenko
Economic Stability and (or) Economic Growth Downloads
A. Ya. Zaporozhan
Features of the Russian Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Lending Market at the Present Stage Downloads
E. V. Zhirnel
Methodological Approach to Evaluation of Individual Contribution of Specialists in Implementation of Administrative Consulting Projects Downloads
V. B. Vilkov, V. A. Plotnikov and A. K. Chernykh
Cyclic Model and Map for Estimating Predictive Potential of Prognostic-Planning Methodology Development Downloads
Yu. I. Busheneva
Global Supply Chains: New Trends in the Context of the Coronavirus Pandemic Downloads
I. V. Boiko and A. G. Getman
Strategic Priorities of Municipal Development Based on Identifying the Interests of Stakeholders: Methodological Approaches and Practical Implementation Downloads
S. V. Kuznetsov, M. V. Sviridenko and V. A. Shamakhov
Roads that We Did Not Choose or Foreign Policy Results of 2020 Downloads
V. A. Shamahov
On the Question about the History of Interaction between Philosophy and Theology in the Russian Religious Thought Downloads
S. E. Sizov
The Influence of the Digitalization of the Banking System on the Transformation of Cash and Money Circulation in the Russian Federation Downloads
Yuri N. Bazhenov and Svetlana T. Rumiantceva
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