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2018 - 2022

From Regional Public Organization for Assistance to the Development of Institutions of the Department of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences
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The Role of Small Business in the Context of the Use of Non-Traditional Renewables Primary Energy Sources Downloads
Sergey Ya. Chernavskii
Alla G. Gryaznova – 85 Downloads
Editorial Article
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Abel G. Aganbegyan – 90 Downloads
Editorial Article
Victor A. Volkonsky – 90 Downloads
Editorial Article
XXIII Russian Symposium “Strategic Planning and Evolution of Enterprises†Downloads
Editorial Article
Achieving Carbon Neutrality: New Methods, New Horizons, New Strategies. A Series of Lectures within the Framework of a Joint Russian-Chinese Project Downloads
Alina N. Steblyanskaya
Improving Economic Management Downloads
Nikolay L. Pirogov and Natalia N. Mironova
Measuring the Inflation Level in Conditions of Macroeconomic Instability Downloads
Tatyana A. Burtseva, Alexander A. Frenkel, Boris I. Tikhomirov and Anton A. Surkov
About Modern Intelligent Tools of Economy and Management Downloads
Alexander I. Orlov
Russia and the Modern Food Crisis: Political and Economic Retrospective Downloads
Dmitrii K. Stozhko and Natalia Yu. Stozhko
The Concept of Fictitious Capital: Development in a New Reality Downloads
Olga V. Brizhak and Zalina V. Khokhoeva
Profit from the Perspective of the Power Theory of Money Downloads
Yaroslav N. Stefanov
Assessment of Goodwill According to International and Russian Accounting Standards Downloads
Victoria V. Botalova
Assessment of the Contribution of Scientific and Technological Progress to the Real GDP of Russia Downloads
Victor A. Byvshev
Development of a Long-Term Strategy of Lavochkin Association for the Period up to 2025 and the Prospect up to 2030 Downloads
Vladimir A. Kolmykov and Vladimir P. Gorshenin
The System World of A. Bogdanov: From the Past to the Future Downloads
Vlada G. Orlova and Roman M. Kachalov
Renewable Energy and Small Business: Synergies and Sustainability Strategies Downloads
Natalia E. Egorova and Sergei A. Nekrasov
Modeling the Spatial Development of the US Cross-Border Regions as Mesolevel Socio-Economic Systems Downloads
Valerij N. Minat
Labor Supply and Demand in Macroeconomics: Theoretical Considerations and Calculations Downloads
Evgeny F. Vinokurov
Key Indicators of a Complex Economic System Forecast Downloads
Ilya D. Piorunsky, Gulnara I. Sumberg and Irik Z. Mukhametzyanov
Investment Activity of Chinese Companies in the Energy Sector of the Russian Federation: Barriers and Further Prospects Downloads
Jilue Van
The Relationship between Labor Productivity and Salary Return: An Empirical Analysis on Russian Regional Data Downloads
Marina V. Frants and Ekaterina V. Potapseva
On Active Innovation Strategy for the Russian Enterprises’ Development Downloads
Mikhail A. Bendikov and Oleg B. Braginsky
Economic Activity as an Object of Research Downloads
Anna Yu. Kornilova
“The End of Capitalism†and Power Structures: Economics and Politics Downloads
Viktor A. Volkonsky
Review of Publications in the Journal of Scientific and Practical Journal «Finance and Business» for 2020 and 2021 Downloads
Svetlana V. Kurisheva
General Patterns and Regional Features of the Work of Russian Enterprises in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic Downloads
Dmitry B. Kuvalin, Tamara V. Uskova, Yuliya V. Zinchenko, Petr A. Lavrinenko, Evgenii V. Lukin and Elena Yu. Shirokova
Category Management or Category Captainship in the Consumer Value Chain? Downloads
Karolina M. Ilyenkova
Economic Criteria for Optimizing the Assigned Service Life of Machinery and Equipment Downloads
Sergey A. Smolyak
Food Security in Case of Negative Changes in the Environment Downloads
Victor I. Denisov
In Search of Sustainable Development: A Critical Analysis of the Modern Moscow Experience Downloads
Olga V. Kudryavtseva and Irina Yu. Khovavko
Governance Reform Is Needed to Save the People Downloads
Vladimir V. Kossov
Analysis of the Structural Possibilities of the Russian Economy Downloads
Valeriy V. Smirnov
On the Issue of Management Teams’ Balance at the Business Entities Downloads
Ivan N. Drogobytskiy
XXIII Russian Symposium «Strategic Planning and Development of Enterprises» Downloads
Editorial Article
Processes and Trends of Modern Transformation of the Socio-Economic Space of Russia and the World Downloads
Nerses V. Aghazaryan, Khristofor A. Konstantinidi and Vasily V. Sorokozherdiev
What Is Money? Downloads
Andrey I. Kolganov
Pension Reforms and the Informal Sector: Modeling of Income Groups Behavior Downloads
Vladimir A. Danielyan and Victor V. Polterovich
Reducing the Road Construction Anthropogenic Impact by Using Ash and Slag from Thermal Power Plans: Economist’s View Downloads
Nikita A. Osokin, Irina Yu. Zolotova and Yuliia V. Nikitushkina
Mesoeconomic Modeling of Structural Shifts of the Us Industry: Industry and Spatial Components Downloads
Valerij N. Minat
Nеw Estimates of Demographic Damage from Road Accidents and Opportunities for Loss Management Downloads
Kirill K. Lebedev
Assessment of Oil Rent of the Russian Federation Downloads
Anatoly K. Pitelin
Money Is a Sign Downloads
Dmitry G. Egorov
Fractal Basis of Multiplicative Processes in the Investment Sphere Downloads
Vladimir V. Eremin


Controversial Results of the Reform of the Russian Electric Power Industry in 1986–2008 Downloads
Sergey Ya. Chernavskii
Strategy of Digitalization and Real Russian Economy Downloads
Anna V. Vershinina and Elena R. Orlova
The Integral Index of Business Activity: Methods of Constructing Downloads
Aleksandr A. Frenkel, Boris I. Tikhomirov, Yakov V. Sergiyenko and Anton A. Surkov
Production of Public Goods as a Space for the Development of Human Potential: Contradictions and the Potential of Soviet Practices Downloads
Natalia G. Yakovleva
Scientific and Technological Progress and Economy of the USSR: Theory, Practice, Lessons for the Present Downloads
Gleb A. Maslov
Social Justice as an Incentive and a Brake on Economic Development: The Contradictions of the USSR as Challenges for the Future Downloads
Olga V. Barashkova
Culture as a Conceptual Vector of Economic Modernization Downloads
Liudmila A. Bulavka-Buzgalina
Soviet Planning: What and Why Is Relevant in the XXI Century Downloads
Andrei I. Kolganov
Public Property and Its State Form: Contradictions and Potential of the USSR Downloads
Alexander V. Buzgalin
XXIII Russian Symposium «Strategic Planning and Evolution of Enterprises» Downloads
Editorial Article
Prospects for System Expansion of Institutional Economic Theory Downloads
Georgе B. Kleiner
From the Editor-in-Chief Downloads
Editorial Article
Express-Evaluation of Industrial Enterprises Operations in Moscow with Universal Composite Indicator Downloads
Liudmila Zhukova
Institutional Economy Development Problems Downloads
Bagrat H. Yerznkyan
The System Paradigm and the Prospects for “Institutional Synthesis†in Economic Theory Downloads
Svetlana G. Kirdina-Chandler
Dmitry E. Sorokin (01.01.1946–14.03.2021) Downloads
Editorial Article
Alexander A. Frenkel – 85 Downloads
Editorial Article
Georgy B. Kleiner – 75 Downloads
Editorial Article
International Scientific Foundation for Economic Research Academician N.P. Fedorenko (MNFEI) Announces Competitions in 2021 Downloads
Editorial Article
The Paradigm of the Systems Economy and the Strategy for the Development of Domestic Enterprises Downloads
Oleg B. Braginsky and Mikhail A. Bendikov
Institutional Traps for the Development of a Corporation's Creative Potential Downloads
Olga V. Brizhak
On the Influence of Metamodernity on Institutional Economic Theory Downloads
Svetlana L. Sazanova
Theoretical Aspects of the Digital Economy Downloads
Yuri G. Shvetsov
Wage Dynamics and Economic Growth: Russian Realities Downloads
Evgeny F. Vinokurov
Impact of Exports on the Exporter’s Domestic Market Downloads
Konstantin Borodin
Ensuring Sustainable Development of Economic Agents by Methods of Quality Management in the Era of Digitalization Downloads
Vladimir Okrepilov, Alexander V. Babkin, Natalia V. Zlobina, Svetlana N. Kuzmina and Tatiana A. Salimova
About Noonomics as the Basis of Global Transformation (Review of the Book by S. D. Bodrunov “Noonomics: The Trajectory of Global Transformation†) Downloads
Elena S. Zotova
Piguvianism vs. Coasianism: Who Wins? Downloads
Andrey Shastitko
Post-Institutionalism in the XXI Century: Expanding, Experimenting, Philosophizing Downloads
Daniil P. Frolov
Institutional Economics: Problems and Prospects for the Analysis of Developing Countries Downloads
Rustem Nureev
Possibilities of the Economic Institutionalism’ Integration Downloads
Vitaly L. Tambovtsev
Economic Policy and Ideology in Modern Russia: Status and Prospects Downloads
Michael Mokiy
Mikhail Ya. Lemeshev Downloads
Editorial Article
Veniamin N. Livshits – 90! Downloads
Editorial Article
Sergei Yu. Glazyev – 60! Downloads
Editorial Article
Perspective for the Development of the Theory of the Intellectual Firm Downloads
Oleg S. Sukharev and Rifat I. Khabibullin
Application of the New Resource Approach to the Study of the Parameters of the Industrialization Economy Downloads
Yulia V. Razvadovskaya
Short-Term Economic Forecasting by Complex-Valued Autoregressions Downloads
Sergey G. Svetunkov
Future of Food Safety and Possibility of Its Realization in Russia Downloads
Victor I. Denisov
Modeling Economic Growth Based on a One-Good Model Taking into Account Behavioral Factors Downloads
Alexander A. Yeroshin
First International Lvov Forum Downloads
Svetlana L. Sazanova
Modern Methods of Extracting Key Information From Regulatory Documents Downloads
Maria A. Milkova, Ivan V. Nevolin and Dmitriy P. Pigorev
On Assessing the Impact of Coronavirus Epidemic in Russia on Population Incomes Downloads
Valery V. Lebedev and Konstantin V. Lebedev
Risk Management as a Tool in the Development of Socio-Economic Ecosystems Downloads
Roman M. Kachalov and Yuliya A. Sleptsova
Goal-Setting Model in Multilevel State Strategic Management of Socio-Economic Development Downloads
Olga M. Pisareva
Development of the Risk Accumulation Method for Calculating the Capitalization Rate Downloads
Nikolai Yu. Trifonov
Opposition of Civilizations and the Role of State in the Era of Multipolar World Downloads
Victor A. Volkonsky
Valuation of Machines with a Random Service Life Based on the System of National Accounts – 2008 Downloads
Sergey A. Smolyak
Information Openness of Regional Development Agencies in Russia: Trends and Forecasts Downloads
Evgeny V. Balatsky and Nataly A. Ekimova
Security and Goal Setting in the Strategic Planning System Downloads
Evgeny M. Buchwald
Corporate Agreement in the Organization’s Risk Management System Downloads
Evgeniia A. Borzykh
Comparative Analysis of Foreign Regulatory Legislation of OTC Derivatives Downloads
Ivan R. Ipatyev
Systemic Principles for Improving Strategic Management: Institutional Aspect Downloads
Vladimir A. Agafonov and Bagrat A. Yerznkyan
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