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2006 - 2010

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Volume 92, issue 4, 2010

Data Appendix for the Article Entitled “Determinants of World Demand for U.S. Corn Seeds: The Role of Trade Costs” pp. 46 Downloads
Sampath Jayasinghe, John Beghin and GianCarlo Moschini

Volume 91, issue 5, 2009

AJAE appendix for “The Financial Health of Agricultural Lenders” pp. 7 Downloads
Brian Briggeman, Michael Gunderson and Brent A. Gloy
The Profitability of Transitioning to Organic Grain Crops in Indiana pp. 9 Downloads
Samuel F. Clark
Klaus Moeltner, Robert Johnston, Randall S. Rosenberger and Joshua Duke

Volume 91, issue 4, 2009

AJAE appendix for The Benefit Function Approach to Modeling Price-Dependent Demand Systems: An Application of Duality Theory pp. 2 Downloads
Keith McLaren and Ka Wong
Title: “AJAE appendix for Riparian Buffers and Hedonic Prices: A Quasi-Experimental Analysis of Residential Property Values in the Neuse River Basin” pp. 3 Downloads
Okmyung Bin, Craig Landry and Gregory F. Meyer
Farmers' Subjective Valuation of Subsistence Crops: The Case of Traditional Maize in Mexico pp. 4 Downloads
Aslihan Arslan and J. Edward Taylor
AJAE Appendix: The Tariff Equivalent and Forgone Trade Effects of Prohibitive Technical Barriers to Trade pp. 5 Downloads
Chengyan Yue and John Beghin
AJAE appendix for “Finding Missing Markets (and a Disturbing Epilogue): Evidence from an Export Crop Adoption and Marketing Intervention in Kenya” pp. 9 Downloads
Nava Ashraf, Xavier Gine and Dean Karlan
AJAE appendix for ‘Credit Market Imperfections and the Distribution of Policy Rents’ pp. 10 Downloads
Pavel Ciaian and Johan Swinnen
AJAE Appendix: “Does Production Labeling Stigmatize Conventional Milk?” pp. 10 Downloads
Christopher Katner, Kent Messer and Harry Kaiser
AJAE appendix for ‘Consumer and Market Responses to Mad-Cow Disease’ pp. 12 Downloads
Wolfram Schlenker and Sofia Villas-Boas
AJAE appendix for Food aid, food prices and producer disincentives in Ethiopia pp. 47 Downloads
Getaw Tadesse and Gerald Shively

Volume 91, issue 3, 2008

Sergio Lence
AJAE appendix for Dairy Tariff-Quota Liberalization: Contrasting Bilateral and Most Favored Nation Reform Options pp. 7 Downloads
Jason Grant, Thomas Hertel and Thomas F. Rutherford
AJAE Appendix for Evaluating Alternative Policy Responses to Higher World Food Prices: The Case of Increasing Rice Prices in Madagascar pp. 8 Downloads
David Coady, Paul Dorosh and Bart Minten
AJAE Appendix for “Weather Risk, Wages in Kind, and the OffFarm Labor Supply of Agricultural Households in a Developing Country” pp. 12 Downloads
Takahiro Ito and Takashi Kurosaki
AJAE Appendix for ‘Who Pays the Costs of Non-GMO Segregation and Identity Preservation?’ pp. 12 Downloads
Marion Desquilbet and David S. Bullock
AJAE Appendix for “Comparing Open-Ended Choice Experiments and Experimental Auctions: An Application to Golden Rice” pp. 23 Downloads
Jay Corrigan, Dinah Pura T. Depositario, Rodolfo Nayga and Ximing Wu

Volume 91, issue 2, 2008

AJAE Appendix for Standards as Barriers versus Standards as Catalysts: Assessing the Impact of HACCP Implementation on U.S. Seafood Imports pp. 3 Downloads
Sven Anders and Julie Caswell
AJAE Appendix for “Public Investment and Industry Incentives in Life-Science Research” pp. 5 Downloads
Chenggang Wang, Yin Xia and Steven T. Buccola
AJAE appendix for ‘Defining Access to Health Care: Evidence on the Importance of Quality and Distance in Rural Tanzania’* pp. 5 Downloads
Heather Klemick, Kenneth Leonard and Melkiory C. Masatu
AJAE Appendix for “Food Stamps and Food Spending: an Engel Function Approach” pp. 9 Downloads
Parke Wilde, Lisa M. Troy and Beatrice L. Rogers
AJAE appendix for ‛Highgrading in Quota-Regulated Fisheries: Evidence from the Icelandic Cod Fishery’ pp. 9 Downloads
Dadi Kristofersson and Kyrre Rickertsen
AJAE Appendix: Optimal Investment in Transportation Infrastructure When Middlemen Have Market Power: A Developing-Country Analysis pp. 20 Downloads
Pierre Mérel, Richard Sexton and Aya Suzuki

Volume 91, issue 1, 2008

AJAE appendix for “Valuing Water Quality as a Function of Water Quality Measures” pp. 3 Downloads
Kevin Egan, Joseph Herriges, Catherine Kling and John A. Downing
Title: “AJAE appendix for ‘Credit Constraints: Their Existence, Determinants, and Implications for U.S. Farm and Non-Farm Sole Proprietorships’” pp. 4 Downloads
Brian Briggeman and Charles Towe
AJAE appendix for ‘Conservation Payments, Liquidity Constraints and Off-Farm Labor: Impact of the Grain for Green Program on Rural Households in China’ pp. 6 Downloads
Emi Uchida, Scott Rozelle and Xu Jintao
AJAE appendix for ‘Does Animal Feeding Operation Pollution Hurt Public Health? A National Longitudinal Study of Health Externalities Identified by Geographic Shifts in Livestock Production’ pp. 10 Downloads
Stacy Sneeringer
AJAE appendix for “Food Values” pp. 12 Downloads
Jayson Lusk and Brian Briggeman
AJAE Appendix for: Induced Innovation In U.S. Agriculture: Time-series, Direct Econometric, and Nonparametric Tests pp. 19 Downloads
Yucan Liu and C. Shumway
AJAE Appendix for “Crop Yield Skewness Under Law of the Minimum Technology” Author: David A. Hennessy pp. 20 Downloads
David Hennessy
AJAE Appendix: The Commodity Terms of Trade, Unit Roots, and Nonlinear Alternatives pp. 21 Downloads
Joseph Balagtas and Matthew Holt
AJAE appendix for “Nonpecuniary Benefits to Farming: Implications for Supply Response to Decoupled Payments” Downloads
Nigel Key and Michael Roberts

Volume 90, issue 4, 2008

AJAE appendix for “The Effects of Exchange Rate Volatility on Agricultural Trade pp. 5 Downloads
Ivan Kandilov
AJAE Appendix: ‘Do Overlapping Land Rights Reduce Agricultural Investment? Evidence from Uganda’ pp. 6 Downloads
Klaus Deininger and Daniel Ayalew Ali
AJAE appendix for ‘The Gains from Differentiated Policies to Control Stock Pollution when Producers Are Heterogeneous’ pp. 9 Downloads
Angels Xabadia, Renan Goetz and David Zilberman
Appendix to Utility in WTP space: a tool to address confounding random scale effects in destination choice to the Alps pp. 9 Downloads
Riccardo Scarpa, M. Thiene and Kenneth Train
AJAE appendix for Water Markets and Third Party Effects pp. 11 Downloads
Jean-Marc Bourgeon, K. Easter and Rodney B.W. Smith
AJAE appendix for ‘A Bioeconomic Model of Cattle Stocking on Rangeland Threatened by Invasive Plants and Nitrogen Deposition’ pp. 14 Downloads
David Finnoff and Aaron Strong
AJAE Appendix for “Forecasting Resource Allocation Decisions Under Climate Uncertainty: Fire Suppression with Assessment of Net Benefits of Research” pp. 15 Downloads
Jeffrey P. Prestemon and Geoffrey H. Donovan
AJAE Appendix for Point/Nonpoint Effluent Trading with Spatial Heterogeneity pp. 26 Downloads
Jussi Lankoski, Erik Lichtenberg and Markku Ollikainen
AJAE Appendix for “Removing Distortions in the U.S. Ethanol Market: What Does It Imply for the United States and Brazil?” pp. 30 Downloads
Amani Elobeid and Simla Tokgoz
AJAE Appendix for “An Empirical Exploration of the Population-Environment Nexus in India” pp. 33 Downloads
Haimanti Bhattacharya and Robert Innes

Volume 90, issue 3, 2007

AJAE Appendix: Agro-Manufactured Export Prices, Wages and Unemployment pp. 4 Downloads
Guido Porto
AJAE Appendix for “Rights-based Management and Alaska Pollock Processors' Supply” pp. 7 Downloads
Harrison Fell
AJAE Appendix for “Determinants of Income Growth in Metropolitan and Non-metropolitan Labor Markets” pp. 9 Downloads
George W. Hammond and Eric C. Thompson
AJAE Appendix for “Agricultural Payments and Land Concentration: A Semi-parametric Spatial Regression Analysis” pp. 14 Downloads
Michael Roberts and Nigel Key
AJAE Appendix: Homogeneity and Supply pp. 21 Downloads
Jeffrey LaFrance and Rulon D. Pope
AJAE appendix for ‘Would you choose your preferred option? Comparing choice and recoded ranking experiments’ pp. 24 Downloads
Alejandro Caparros, Jose Oviedo and Pablo Campos

Volume 90, issue 2, 2008

AJAE Appendix: Pre-Harvest Expectations for Corn: The Informational Content of USDA Reports on New Crop Futures pp. 2 Downloads
Andrew McKenzie
AJAE Appendix: A System Comparison Approach to Distinguish Two Non-Separable and Non-Nested Agricultural Household Models pp. 4 Downloads
Tadashi Sonoda
AJAE Appendix: Does Participation in the Food Stamp Program Increase the Prevalence of Obesity and Health Care Spending? pp. 6 Downloads
Chad Meyerhoefer and Vuriy Pylypchuk
AJAE Appendix: Tractors on eBay: Differences between Internet and In-Person Auctions pp. 6 Downloads
Florian Diekmann, Brian Roe and Marvin Batte
AJAE Appendix: Risk Rationing and Wealth Effects in Credit Markets: Theory and Implications for Agriculture Development pp. 6 Downloads
Stephen R. Boucher, Michael Carter and Catherine Guirkinger
AJAE Appendix: The Impact of Regulations on Agricultural Trade: Evidence from the SPS and TBT Agreements pp. 7 Downloads
Anne-Célia Disdier, Lionel Fontagné and Mondher Mimouni
AJAE Appendix: Differentiation and Synergies in Rural Tourism: Estimation and Simulation of the Israeli Market pp. 9 Downloads
Anat Tchetchik, Aliza Fleischer and Israel Finkelshtain
AJAE Appendix: Incentives to Reduce Crop Trait Durability pp. 11 Downloads
Stefan Ambec, Corinne Langinier and Stéphane Lemarié
AJAE Appendix: The Problem of Free Riding in Voluntary Generic Advertising: Parallelism and Possible Solutions from the Lab pp. 13 Downloads
Kent Messer, Harry Kaiser and William D. Schulze
AJAE Appendix: Spatial Dynamics of Water and Nitrogen Management in Irrigated Agriculture pp. 17 Downloads
Keith Knapp and Kurt Schwabe

Volume 90, issue 1, 2008

AJAE Appendix: Voting for environmental policy under income and preference heterogeneity pp. 5 Downloads
Essi Eerola and Anni Huhtala
AJAE Appendix: Cross-subsidization Due to Infra-Marginal Support in Agriculture: A General Theory and Empirical Evidence pp. 9 Downloads
Harry de Gorter, David Just and Jaclyn D. Kropp
AJAE Appendix: The Role of Patent Rights in Mergers: Consolidation in Plant Biotechnology pp. 11 Downloads
Alan Marco and Gordon Rausser
AJAE Appendix: Experiments on Damage-Based Ambient Taxes for Nonpoint Source Polluters pp. 14 Downloads
Jordan Suter, Christian Vossler, Gregory Poe and Kathleen Segerson
AJAE Appendix: Recreation Nonparticipation as Choice Behavior Rather Than Statistical Outcome pp. 15 Downloads
Eric English
AJAE Appendix: Welfare Impacts of Cross-Country Spillovers in Agricultural Research pp. 23 Downloads
Sergio Lence and Dermot Hayes
AJAE Appendix: Farmers' Perceived Costs of Wetlands: Effects of Wetland Size, Hydration, and Dispersion pp. 30 Downloads
Brett R. Gelso, John Fox and Jeffrey Peterson
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