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2011, volume 65, articles 3

Statistical Sleuthing by Leveraging Human Nature: A Study of Olympic Figure Skating pp. 143-148 Downloads
John W. Emerson and Taylor B. Arnold
Using Randomized Confidence Limits to Balance Risk: An Application to Medicare Investigations pp. 149-153 Downloads
Dennis Gilliland and Don Edwards
The Identification of “Unusual†Health-Care Providers From a Hierarchical Model pp. 154-163 Downloads
Hayley E. Jones and David J. Spiegelhalter
A Note on Comparing the Power of Test Statistics at Low Significance Levels pp. 164-166 Downloads
Nathan Morris and Robert Elston
Fisher’s Conditionality Principle in Statistical Pattern Recognition pp. 167-169 Downloads
Carey E. Priebe
Swivelling Probabilities—The Winning Hand at Poker pp. 170-176 Downloads
G. D. I. Barr and K. Dowie
AP Statistics: Building Bridges Between High School and College Statistics Education pp. 177-182 Downloads
Christine Franklin, Brad Hartlaub, Roxy Peck, Richard Scheaffer, David Thiel and Katherine Tranbarger Freier
A Capstone Course for Undergraduate Statistics Majors pp. 183-189 Downloads
Nicole A. Lazar, Jaxk Reeves and Christine Franklin
Missteps in Multiple Regression Student Projects: Beyond Association-Not-Causation pp. 190-197 Downloads
Marlene A. Smith
The Expectation of Sample Central Moments pp. 198-199 Downloads
Yong Kong
Section Editor’s Notes pp. 200-200 Downloads
Robert A. Oster

2011, volume 65, articles 2

Are Biostatistics Students Prepared to Succeed in the Era of Interdisciplinary Science? (And How Will We Know?) pp. 71-79 Downloads
Melissa D. Begg and Roger D. Vaughan
Statistics in the News pp. 80-88 Downloads
Plante, Jean-François and Nancy Reid
Skewness-Invariant Measures of Kurtosis pp. 89-95 Downloads
M. C. Jones, J. F. Rosco and Arthur Pewsey
Distributional Characteristics: Just a Few More Moments pp. 96-103 Downloads
James McDonald and Patrick Turley
A Practical Way for Computing Approximate Lower and Upper Correlation Bounds pp. 104-109 Downloads
Hakan Demirtas and Donald Hedeker
A Geometrical Interpretation of an Alternative Formula for the Sample Covariance pp. 110-112 Downloads
Kevin Hayes
Section Editor’s Notes pp. 113-114 Downloads
Robert A. Oster
Using Infer.NET for Statistical Analyses pp. 115-126 Downloads
S. S. J. Wang and M. P. Wand
Group Sequential Methods and Software Applications pp. 127-135 Downloads
Li Zhu, Liyun Ni and Bin Yao

2011, volume 65, articles 1

Rethinking Assessment of Student Learning in Statistics Courses pp. 1-10 Downloads
Joan Garfield, Andrew Zieffler, Daniel Kaplan, George W. Cobb, Beth L. Chance and John P. Holcomb
Structured Testing of 2×2 Factorial Effects: An Analytic Plan Requiring Fewer Observations pp. 11-15 Downloads
Dylan S. Small, Kevin G. Volpp and Paul R. Rosenbaum
Efficient Classification-Based Relabeling in Mixture Models pp. 16-20 Downloads
Andrew J. Cron and Mike West
Optimal Nonbipartite Matching and Its Statistical Applications pp. 21-30 Downloads
Bo Lu, Robert Greevy, Xinyi Xu and Cole Beck
Permutation and F Distribution of Tests in the Multivariate General Linear Model pp. 31-36 Downloads
Chan Zeng, Zhaoxing Pan, Samantha MaWhinney, Barón, Anna E. and Gary O. Zerbe
Euler’s Contributions to Mathematics Useful in Statistics pp. 37-42 Downloads
Herbert A. David
Section Editor’s Notes pp. 43-43 Downloads
Robert A. Oster
Concerns About Maximum Likelihood Estimation for the Three-Parameter Weibull Distribution: Case Study of Statistical Software pp. 44-54 Downloads
William V. Harper, Ted G. Eschenbach and Thomas R. James
Previously Unrecognized Links Between Statistical Dependence and Some Common Modes of Convergence pp. 55-60 Downloads
Yeting Du, Christopher Hundt and David B. Wolfson

2010, volume 64, articles 4

The Changing History of Robustness pp. 277-281 Downloads
Stephen M. Stigler
Nano-Project Qualifying Exam Process: An Intensified Dialogue Between Students and Faculty pp. 282-290 Downloads
Joseph Blitzstein and Xiao-Li Meng
Construction of Confidence Intervals and Regions for Ordered Binomial Probabilities pp. 291-298 Downloads
Zhiguo Li, Jeremy M. G. Taylor and Bin Nan
Using the Cross-Match Test to Appraise Covariate Balance in Matched Pairs pp. 299-309 Downloads
Ruth Heller, Paul R. Rosenbaum and Dylan S. Small
Identifying Key Statistical Papers From 1985 to 2002 Using Citation Data for Applied Biostatisticians pp. 310-317 Downloads
Michael J. Schell
A Note on the Indeterminacy of the Random-Effects Distribution in Hierarchical Models pp. 318-324 Downloads
Ariel Alonso, Litière, Saskia and Annouschka Laenen
Adding Spatially-Correlated Errors Can Mess Up the Fixed Effect You Love pp. 325-334 Downloads
James S. Hodges and Brian J. Reich
A General Example for Benford Data pp. 335-339 Downloads
Henry W. Block and Thomas H. Savits
Simpson’s Paradox From Adding Constants in Contingency Tables as an Example of Bayesian Noncollapsibility pp. 340-344 Downloads
Sander Greenland
A Decision-Theoretic Formulation of Fisher’s Approach to Testing pp. 345-349 Downloads
Kenneth Rice
Variance Stabilizing the Difference of Two Binomial Proportions pp. 350-356 Downloads
Elena Kulinskaya, Stephan Morgenthaler and Robert G. Staudte

2010, volume 64, articles 3

Strategies for Pulling the Goalie in Hockey pp. 197-204 Downloads
David Beaudoin and Tim B. Swartz
Two Pitfalls in Survival Analyses of Time-Dependent Exposure: A Case Study in a Cohort of Oscar Nominees pp. 205-211 Downloads
Martin Wolkewitz, Arthur Allignol, Martin Schumacher and Jan Beyersmann
Ronald Fisher and Gertrude Cox: Two Statistical Pioneers Sometimes Cooperate and Sometimes Collide pp. 212-220 Downloads
Nancy S. Hall
When Can One Test an Explanation? Compare and Contras Benford’s Law and the Fuzzy CLT pp. 221-227 Downloads
David Aldous and Tung Phan
A Moment Generating Function Proof of the Lindeberg–Lévy Central Limit Theorem pp. 228-230 Downloads
Mark Inlow
When Finiteness Matters: Counterexamples to Notions of Covariance, Correlation, and Independence pp. 231-233 Downloads
Nitis Mukhopadhyay
A Geometric Comparison of the Delta and Fieller Confidence Intervals pp. 234-241 Downloads
Joseph Hirschberg and Jeanette Lye
Fixed-Width Sequential Confidence Intervals for a Proportion pp. 242-249 Downloads
Jesse Frey
Closed Form Prediction Intervals Applied for Disease Counts pp. 250-256 Downloads
Hsiuying Wang
On the Probability of Improved Accuracy With Increased Sample Size pp. 257-262 Downloads
Russell Y. Webb, Peter J. Smith and Abdulla Firag
Consistency of Normal-Distribution-Based Pseudo Maximum Likelihood Estimates When Data Are Missing at Random pp. 263-267 Downloads
Ke-Hai Yuan and Peter M. Bentler

2010, volume 64, articles 2

Computing in the Statistics Curricula pp. 97-107 Downloads
Deborah Nolan and Duncan Temple Lang
Calculating Strength of Schedule, and Choosing Teams for March Madness pp. 108-115 Downloads
Paul Fearnhead and Benjamin M. Taylor
Estimation in Reversible Markov Chains pp. 116-120 Downloads
David H. Annis, Peter C. Kiessler, Robert Lund and Tara L. Steuber
Rank-Based Analyses of Stratified Experiments: Alternatives to the van Elteren Test pp. 121-130 Downloads
Devan V. Mehrotra, Xiaomin Lu and Xiaoming Li
Three Examples of Accurate Likelihood Inference pp. 131-139 Downloads
C. Lozada-Can and A. C. Davison
Explaining Variational Approximations pp. 140-153 Downloads
J. T. Ormerod and M. P. Wand
Improper Priors Are Not Improper pp. 154-158 Downloads
Gunnar Taraldsen and Bo Henry Lindqvist
A Note on Bayesian Inference After Multiple Imputation pp. 159-163 Downloads
Xiang Zhou and Jerome P. Reiter
Bayesian Decision Making About Small Binomial Rates With Uncertainty About the Prior pp. 164-169 Downloads
Nicholas T. Longford
Is the t Confidence Interval X̅ ± tα (n − 1)s / √n Optimal? pp. 170-173 Downloads
Yijun Zuo
The First (Known) Statistical Graph: Michael Florent van Langren and the “Secret†of Longitude pp. 174-184 Downloads
Michael Friendly, Pedro Valero-Mora and Ibáñez Ulargui, Joaquín
Letter to the Editor pp. 192-192 Downloads
Michael P. Cohen
Letter to the Editor pp. 193-194 Downloads
Martin Hogbin and W. Nijdam

2010, volume 64, articles 1

Passion-Driven Statistics pp. 1-5 Downloads
Robert G. Easterling
Desired and Feared—Quo vadis or Quid agis? pp. 6-9 Downloads
David R. Fox
Moving the Statistics Profession Forward to the Next Level pp. 10-14 Downloads
Roger W. Hoerl and Ronald D. Snee
Thoughts on the Importance of the Undergraduate Statistics Experience to the Discipline’s (and Society’s) Future pp. 15-18 Downloads
Brian C. Kotz
Who Is Teaching Introductory Statistics? pp. 19-20 Downloads
Frank P. Soler
The Business of Desire and Fear pp. 21-22 Downloads
Rick Cleary and Sam Woolford
Response to ‘Desired and Feared—What Do We Do Now and Over the Next 50 Years’ by Xiao-Li Meng pp. 23-25 Downloads
Elart von Collani
Rejoinder: Better Training, Deeper Thinking, and More Policing pp. 26-29 Downloads
Xiao-Li Meng
The t-Test p Value and Its Relationship to the Effect Size and P(X>Y) pp. 30-33 Downloads
Richard H. Browne
Comparing Continuous and Discrete Birthday Coincidences: “Same-Day†versus “Within 24 Hours†pp. 34-36 Downloads
Wolf Schwarz
On Estimating the Face Probabilities of Shaved Dice With Partial Data pp. 37-45 Downloads
Marios G. Pavlides and Michael D. Perlman
Elementary Statistical Methods and Measurement Error pp. 46-51 Downloads
Stephen B. Vardeman, Joanne R. Wendelberger, Tom Burr, Michael S. Hamada, Leslie M. Moore, J. Marcus Jobe, Max D. Morris and Huaiqing Wu
Resequencing Topics in an Introductory Applied Statistics Course pp. 52-58 Downloads
Christopher J. Malone, John Gabrosek, Phyllis Curtiss and Matt Race
A Model for an Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Program pp. 59-69 Downloads
Julie Legler, Paul Roback, Kathryn Ziegler-Graham, James Scott, Sharon Lane-Getaz and Matthew Richey
Could It Be Better to Discard 90% of the Data? A Statistical Paradox pp. 70-77 Downloads
T. Stanley, Stephen B. Jarrell and Chris Doucouliagos
Beyond the Quintessential Quincunx pp. 78-82 Downloads
Michael A. Proschan and Jeffrey S. Rosenthal
Comparison of Software Algorithms for Calculating REML Wald Type Confidence Limits for the Between-Group Variance Component in a Small Sample One-Way Random Effects Model Example pp. 83-87 Downloads
Henry S. Lynn, Zhanjian Dong and Zhe Mu
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