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Volume 24, issue 5, 2016

Guest Editors' Words pp. 1-4 Downloads
Guanghua Wan, Peter J. Morgan, Guanghua Wan and Peter J. Morgan
Economic Growth and Convergence, Applied to China pp. 5-19 Downloads
Guanghua Wan, Peter J. Morgan and Robert Barro
Factors Affecting the Outlook for Medium-term to Long-term Growth in China pp. 20-41 Downloads
Guanghua Wan, Peter J. Morgan, Justin Yifu Lin, Guanghua Wan and Peter J. Morgan
Sustainability of China's Growth Model: A Productivity Perspective pp. 42-70 Downloads
Guanghua Wan, Peter J. Morgan and Harry X. Wu
Korea's Economic Growth and Catch-up: Implications for China pp. 71-97 Downloads
Guanghua Wan, Peter J. Morgan and Jong-Wha Lee
Will China be Able to Avoid the Japan Syndrome? pp. 98-121 Downloads
Guanghua Wan, Peter J. Morgan and Yang Yao
China's Growth Slowdown: Lessons from Japan's Experience and the Expected Impact on Japan, the USA and Germany pp. 122-146 Downloads
Guanghua Wan, Peter J. Morgan, Kyoji Fukao and Tangjun Yuan

Volume 24, issue 4, 2016

Introduction: Contextualizing the 2016 G20: Global Analyses and Challenges for the Chinese Presidency pp. 1-4 Downloads
Andrea Goldstein, Alessia Amighini, Alessia Amighini and Andrea Goldstein
Global Governance and Global Summits from the G8 to the G20: History, Opportunities and Challenges pp. 5-14 Downloads
Andrea Goldstein, Alessia Amighini and Amano Prodi
Macroeconomic Rebalancing in China and the G20 pp. 15-33 Downloads
Andrea Goldstein, Alessia Amighini and Jeffry Frieden
Revitalizing the Global Trading System: What Could the G20 Do? pp. 34-54 Downloads
Andrea Goldstein, Alessia Amighini and Bernard Hoekman
Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: The Role for the G20 from China's Perspective pp. 55-72 Downloads
Andrea Goldstein, Alessia Amighini, Xiaoyun Li and Taidong Zhou
China, the G20 and the International Investment Regime pp. 73-92 Downloads
Andrea Goldstein, Alessia Amighini and Karl P. Sauvant
International Migration Policies: Should They Be A New G20 Topic? pp. 93-110 Downloads
Andrea Goldstein, Alessia Amighini, Andrea Goldstein and Alessandra Venturini
The BRICS and the G20 pp. 111-126 Downloads
Andrea Goldstein, Alessia Amighini and Huifang Tian

Volume 24, issue 3, 2016

Introduction: China's Rural Economy And Human Captial pp. 1-2 Downloads
Scott Rozelle and Linxiu Zhang
Are Children with Siblings Really More Vulnerable Than Only Children in Health, Cognition and Non-cognitive Outcomes? Evidence from a Multi-province Dataset in China pp. 3-17 Downloads
Hua Zhou, Di Mo, Renfu Luo, Ai Yue and Scott Rozelle
Gender and Off-farm Employment: Evidence from Rural China pp. 18-36 Downloads
Xiaobing Wang, Linghui Han, Jikun Huang, Linxiu Zhang and Scott Rozelle
How Off-farm Employment Affects Technical Efficiency of China's Farms: The Case of Jiangsu pp. 37-51 Downloads
Linxiu Zhang, Weiliang Su, Tor Eriksson and Chengfang Liu
To Board or Not to Board: Evidence from Nutrition, Health and Education Outcomes of Students in Rural China pp. 52-66 Downloads
Aiqin Wang, Alexis Medina, Renfu Luo, Yaojiang Shi and Ai Yue
Educational Expectations and Dropout Behavior among Junior High Students in Rural China pp. 67-85 Downloads
Fang Chang, Wenbin Min, Yaojiang Shi, Kaleigh Kenny and Prashant Loyalka
Implementation of Teacher Training in China and Its Policy Implications pp. 86-104 Downloads
Hongyan Liu, Chengfang Liu, Fang Chang and Prashant Loyalka
Effects of Parental Migration on Mental Health of Left-behind Children: Evidence from Northwestern China pp. 105-122 Downloads
Yaojiang Shi, Yu Bai, Yanni Shen, Kaleigh Kenny and Scott Rozelle

Volume 24, issue 2, 2016

Completing China's Interest Rate Liberalization pp. 1-22 Downloads
Yuyan Tan, Yang Ji and Yiping Huang
Causes and Remedies of the Japan's Long-lasting Recession: Lessons for China pp. 23-47 Downloads
Naoyuki Yoshino and Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary
Exchange Rate Pass-through to China's Export Price: A Product-level Investigation pp. 48-67 Downloads
Jian Han and Yanzhi Shen
Analysis on CO 2 Emissions Transferred from Developed Economies to China through Trade pp. 68-89 Downloads
Wencheng Zhang and Shuijun Peng
Does Foreign Venture Capital Provide More Value-added Services to Initial Public Offering Companies in China? pp. 90-106 Downloads
Yin He, Bin Li, Yunhua Tian and Lijun Wang
Asymmetric Fluctuating Behavior of China's Housing Prices pp. 107-126 Downloads
Wen-Yuan Lin and I-Chun Tsai

Volume 24, issue 1, 2016

China's Nonfinancial Corporate Debt Dynamics pp. 1-17 Downloads
Yongding Yu and Ting Lu
China and Natural Resource Curse in Developing Countries: Empirical Evidence from a Cross-country Study pp. 18-40 Downloads
Fubing Su, Guoxue Wei and Ran Tao
Are China's Farms Growing? pp. 41-62 Downloads
Xianqing Ji, Scott Rozelle, Jikun Huang, Linxiu Zhang and Tonglong Zhang
International Trade and R&D Investment: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms pp. 63-84 Downloads
Yixiao Zhou and Ligang Song
Estimating Chinese Trade Relationships with the Silk Road Countries pp. 85-103 Downloads
E. Mine Cinar, Joseph Johnson and Katherine Geusz
Influence of RMB Cross-border Settlement on the Chinese Economy pp. 104-122 Downloads
Qiyuan Xu and Fan He

Volume 23, issue 6, 2015

Measuring Multinationals' R&D Activities in China on the Basis of a Patent Database: Comparing European, Japanese and US Firms pp. 1-21 Downloads
Kazuyuki Motohashi
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and Trans-Pacific Partnership: Policy Options of China pp. 22-43 Downloads
Buhara Aslan, Merve Mavus Kutuk and Arif Oduncu
Chinese Renminbi Arrival in the “Tripolar” Global Monetary Regime pp. 44-55 Downloads
John Ryan
New Evidence on Export Price Elasticity from China and Six OECD Countries pp. 56-78 Downloads
Francesco Aiello, Graziella Bonanno and Alessia Via
Inflation Transmission in Greater China pp. 79-99 Downloads
Ming-Hua Liu, Dimitris Margaritis and Yang Zhang
Remedy or Poison: Impacts of China's Outward Direct Investment on Its Exports pp. 100-120 Downloads
Xiaoguang Liu, Qin Gou and Feng Lu

Volume 23, issue 5, 2015

Assessing Local Government Debt Risks in China: A Case Study of Local Government Financial Vehicles pp. 1-25 Downloads
Kunyu Tao
How Can China Avoid the Middle Income Trap? pp. 26-42 Downloads
Zhizhong Yao
Crisis, Stimulus Package and Migration in China pp. 43-62 Downloads
Maria Csanádi, Zihan Nie and Shi Li
Effects of Location Diversification and Corporate Governance on Multinational Enterprises' Financial Performance and Risk-taking: Evidence from Taiwanese Enterprises pp. 63-84 Downloads
Cheng-Chang Lu, Tsung-Han Kuan and Chwen-Chi Liu
The Structure of China's Imports: A New Framework pp. 85-103 Downloads
Hao Wei and Chunming Zhao
Productivity Gains from Offshore Outsourcing: Evidence from the Chinese Manufacturing Industry pp. 104-122 Downloads
Junli Zhao and Vigdis Boasson

Volume 23, issue 4, 2015

Transforming Central Bank Liabilities into Government Debt: The Case of China pp. 1-18 Downloads
Robert McCauley and Guonan Ma
How does Bank Capital Affect Bank Profitability and Risk? Evidence from China's WTO Accession pp. 19-39 Downloads
Chien-Chiang Lee, Shao-Lin Ning and Chi-Chuan Lee
Impact of Foreign Bank Presence on Foreign Direct Investment in China pp. 40-59 Downloads
Steven Ongena, Shusen Qi and Fengming Qin
Labor Market Dynamics and Structural Change: Evidence from China pp. 60-83 Downloads
Rui Mao and Jianwei Xu
Value, Structure and Spatial Distribution of Interprovincial Trade in China pp. 84-103 Downloads
Weibo Xing, John Whalley and Shantong Li
Is China Relinquishing Manufacturing Competitiveness to Mexico in US Markets? pp. 104-124 Downloads
Yue Lin

Volume 23, issue 3, 2015

Renminbi in Ordinary Economies: A Demand-side Study of Currency Globalization pp. 1-21 Downloads
Hyoung-kyu Chey
Do Inland Provinces Benefit from Coastal Foreign Direct Investment in China? pp. 22-41 Downloads
Chunlai Chen
Growth Slowdown in China since 2008: Will There Be a Hard Landing in the Near Future? pp. 42-58 Downloads
Pingyao Lai
China's Economic Transition Syndrome pp. 59-78 Downloads
Bin Zhang
Economic Globalization and Inflation in China: A Multivariate Approach pp. 79-96 Downloads
Chengsi Zhang, Ke Song and Fang Wang
Currency Exposure in China under the New Exchange Rate Regime: National Level Evidence pp. 97-109 Downloads
Jing Nie, Zhichao Zhang, Zhuang Zhang and Si Zhou
Is There Excess Liquidity in China? pp. 110-126 Downloads
Tie Ying Liu, Chi Wei Su, Xu Zhao Jiang and Tsangyao Chang

Volume 23, issue 2, 2015

Industrial Structural Change and Economic Growth in China, 1987–2008 pp. 1-21 Downloads
Jingfeng Zhao and Jianmin Tang
Business Life Cycle and Capital Structure: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms pp. 22-39 Downloads
Lin Tian, Liang Han and Song Zhang
Spatial Spillovers from Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from the Yangtze River Delta in China pp. 40-60 Downloads
Kiyoyasu Tanaka and Yoshihiro Hashiguchi
What Drives Cost Efficiency of Banks in China? pp. 61-83 Downloads
Ning Ding, Hung-Gay Fung and Jingyi Jia
Health Status and Earnings of Migrant Workers from Rural China pp. 84-99 Downloads
Lijian Qin, Chien-Ping Chen, Xun Liu, Chenggang Wang and Zhongyi Jiang
Impact of Childcare and Eldercare on Off-farm Activities in Rural China pp. 100-120 Downloads
Fangbin Qiao, Scott Rozelle, Linxiu Zhang, Yi Yao and Jian Zhang

Volume 23, issue 1, 2015

Haste Makes Waste: Policy Options Facing China after Reaching the Lewis Turning Point pp. 1-20 Downloads
Fang Cai
The Future is in the Past: Projecting and Plotting the Potential Rate of Growth and Trajectory of the Structural Change of the Chinese Economy for the Next 20 Years pp. 21-46 Downloads
Jun Zhang, Liheng Xu and Fang Liu
Promoting Private Entrepreneurship for Deepening Market Reform in China: A Resource Allocation Perspective pp. 47-77 Downloads
Son Ngoc Chu and Ligang Song
Measuring the Competitiveness of China's Processed Exports pp. 78-100 Downloads
Willem Thorbecke
Vanishing of China's Twin Surpluses and Its Policy Implications pp. 101-120 Downloads
Ming Zhang and Xiaofen Tan
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