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Volume 75, issue 5, 2024

JASIST Special Issue Editorial: Re‐orienting search engine research in information science pp. 503-511 Downloads
Dirk Lewandowski, Jutta Haider and Olof Sundin
Impact and development of an Open Web Index for open web search pp. 512-520 Downloads
Michael Granitzer, Stefan Voigt, Noor Afshan Fathima, Martin Golasowski, Christian Guetl, Tobias Hecking, Gijs Hendriksen, Djoerd Hiemstra, Jan Martinovič, Jelena Mitrović, Izidor Mlakar, Stavros Moiras, Alexander Nussbaumer, Per Öster, Martin Potthast, Marjana Senčar Srdič, Sharikadze Megi, Kateřina Slaninová, Benno Stein, Arjen P. de Vries, Vít Vondrák, Andreas Wagner and Saber Zerhoudi
The influence of knowledge type and source reputation on preferences for website or video search results pp. 521-537 Downloads
Georg Pardi, Steffen Gottschling and Yvonne Kammerer
Virtuous search: A framework for intellectual virtue in online search pp. 538-549 Downloads
Tim Gorichanaz
Dark sides of artificial intelligence: The dangers of automated decision‐making in search engine advertising pp. 550-566 Downloads
Carsten D. Schultz, Christian Koch and Rainer Olbrich
Is googling risky? A study on risk perception and experiences of adverse consequences in web search pp. 567-580 Downloads
Helena Häußler, Sebastian Schultheiß and Dirk Lewandowski
Towards improving user awareness of search engine biases: A participatory design approach pp. 581-599 Downloads
Monica Lestari Paramita, Maria Kasinidou, Styliani Kleanthous, Paolo Rosso, Tsvi Kuflik and Frank Hopfgartner
Making the invisible visible: Critical discourse analysis as a tool for search engine research pp. 600-612 Downloads
Renee Morrison
The elusive search engine: How search engine use is reflected in survey reports pp. 613-624 Downloads
Cecilia Andersson and Olof Sundin
Shaping information and knowledge on climate change technologies: A cross‐country qualitative analysis of carbon capture and storage results on Google search pp. 625-639 Downloads
Jussara Rowland, Sergi López‐Asensio, Ataberk Bagci, Ana Delicado and Ana Prades

Volume 75, issue 4, 2024

How technological knowledge management capability compliments knowledge‐intensive human resource management practices to enhance team outcomes: A moderated mediation analysis pp. 377-394 Downloads
Khuram Shahzad, Marco De Sisto, Shajara Ul‐Durar and Wei Liu
Challenges posed by hijacked journals in Scopus pp. 395-422 Downloads
Anna Abalkina
From academic to media capital: To what extent does the scientific reputation of universities translate into Wikipedia attention? pp. 423-437 Downloads
Wenceslao Arroyo‐Machado, Adrián A. Díaz‐Faes, Enrique Herrera‐Viedma and Rodrigo Costas
Searching for creativity: How people search to generate new ideas pp. 438-453 Downloads
Catherine Chavula, Yujin Choi and Soo Young Rieh
Types of domain and task‐solving information in media scholars' data interaction pp. 454-468 Downloads
Laura Korkeamäki, Heikki Keskustalo and Sanna Kumpulainen
Information shaping pp. 469-482 Downloads
Ian Ruthven
Information sculpting pp. 483-495 Downloads
Ian Ruthven
Birth of modern facts: How the information revolution transformed academic research, governments, and businesses, Cortada, James W., Rowman & Littlefield. 2023. 462 pp. $125.00 (hardcover). (ISBN: 978‐1‐5381‐7390‐9) pp. 496-499 Downloads
Cheryl Knott

Volume 75, issue 3, 2024

Understanding data culture/s: Influences, activities, and initiatives: An Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST) paper pp. 201-214 Downloads
Gillian Oliver, Jocelyn Cranefield, Spencer Lilley and Matthew J. Lewellen
Factors associating with or predicting more cited or higher quality journal articles: An Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST) paper pp. 215-244 Downloads
Kayvan Kousha and Mike Thelwall
Reviews and Reviewing: Approaches to Research Synthesis. An Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST) paper pp. 245-267 Downloads
Linda C. Smith
Information science and the inevitable: A literature review at the intersection of death and information management: An Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST) paper pp. 268-297 Downloads
Jesse David Dinneen, Maja Krtalić, Nilou Davoudi, Helene Hellmich, Catharina Ochsner and Paulina Bressel
Value co‐creation in cultural heritage information practices: Literature review and future agenda: An Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST) paper pp. 298-323 Downloads
Yuxiang Chris Zhao, Jingwen Lian, Yan Zhang, Shijie Song and Xinlin Yao
Phenomenon‐based classification: An Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST) paper pp. 324-343 Downloads
Claudio Gnoli, Richard P. Smiraglia and Rick Szostak
Socio‐technical issues in the platform‐mediated gig economy: A systematic literature review: An Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST) paper pp. 344-374 Downloads
Meredith Dedema and Howard Rosenbaum

Volume 75, issue 1, 2024

Understanding co‐corresponding authorship: A bibliometric analysis and detailed overview pp. 3-23 Downloads
Wencan Tian, Ruonan Cai, Zhichao Fang, Yu Geng, Xianwen Wang and Zhigang Hu
Interaction with peers online: LGBTQIA+ individuals' information seeking and meaning‐making during the life transitions of identity construction pp. 24-42 Downloads
Romy Menghao Jia, Jia Tina Du and Yuxiang (Chris) Zhao
Why are these publications missing? Uncovering the reasons behind the exclusion of documents in free‐access scholarly databases pp. 43-58 Downloads
Lorena Delgado‐Quirós, Isidro F. Aguillo, Alberto Martín‐Martín, Emilio Delgado López‐Cózar, Enrique Orduña‐Malea and José Luis Ortega
Monodisciplinary collaboration disrupts science more than multidisciplinary collaboration pp. 59-78 Downloads
Xin Liu, Yi Bu, Ming Li and Jiang Li
Information practices in data analytics for supporting public health surveillance pp. 79-93 Downloads
Dan Zhang, Loo G. Pee, Shan L. Pan and Jingyuan Wang

Volume 74, issue 13, 2023

Who tweets scientific publications? A large‐scale study of tweeting audiences in all areas of research pp. 1485-1497 Downloads
Lin Zhang, Zhenyu Gou, Zhichao Fang, Gunnar Sivertsen and Ying Huang
Promoting data use through understanding user behaviors: A model for human open government data interaction pp. 1498-1514 Downloads
Fanghui Xiao, Yu Chi and Daqing He
Knowledge inheritance in disciplines: Quantifying the successive and distant reuse of references pp. 1515-1531 Downloads
Hongyu Zhou, Ke Dong and Yikun Xia
Description: Its meaning, epistemology, and use with emphasis on information science pp. 1532-1549 Downloads
Birger Hjørland
An approach to assess the quality of Jupyter projects published by GLAM institutions pp. 1550-1564 Downloads
Gustavo Candela, Sally Chambers and Tim Sherratt

Volume 74, issue 12, 2023

JASIST special issue on ICT4D and intersections with the information field pp. 1345-1349 Downloads
Yuxiang (Chris) Zhao, Jia Tina Du, Natalie Pang, Jaya Raju and Hui Yan
Accessing and preserving information: Combining ICT4D and archival science to empower marginalized communities pp. 1350-1364 Downloads
Viviane Frings‐Hessami and Gillian Oliver
Consequences of information exchanges of vulnerable women on Facebook: An “information grounds” study informing value co‐creation and ICT4D research pp. 1365-1383 Downloads
Devendra Potnis, Macy Halladay and Sara‐Elizabeth Jones
A multi‐stakeholder engagement framework for knowledge management in ICT4D pp. 1384-1400 Downloads
Manoj A. Thomas, Yan Li, Vera Sistenich, Ken Ngoy Diango and Diulu Kabongo
User empowerment and well‐being with mHealth apps during pandemics: A mix‐methods investigation in China pp. 1401-1418 Downloads
Zhongyun Zhou, Xiao‐Ling Jin, Carol Hsu and Zhenya Tang
Toward an impact‐driven framework to operationalize social justice and implement ICT4D in the field of information pp. 1419-1436 Downloads
Bharat Mehra
Bridging information and communication technology and older adults by social network: An action research in Sichuan, China pp. 1437-1448 Downloads
Yuhao Zhang, Guangchun Zheng and Hui Yan
Cultural use of ICT4D to promote Indigenous knowledge continuity of Ngarrindjeri stories and communal practices pp. 1449-1462 Downloads
Jelina Haines, Jia Tina Du and Aunty Ellen Trevorrow
How does family support influence digital immigrants' extended use of smartphones? An empirical study based on IT identity theory pp. 1463-1481 Downloads
Zian Fang, Yongmei Liu, Fei Jiang and Wei Dong

Volume 74, issue 11, 2023

More is better? Understanding the effects of online interactions on patients health anxiety pp. 1243-1264 Downloads
Zhaohua Deng, Zihao Deng, Guorui Fan, Bin Wang, Weiguo (Patrick) Fan and Shan Liu
Information practices around genetic testing for ovarian cancer patients pp. 1265-1281 Downloads
Ciaran B. Trace, Yan Zhang, Siqi Yi and Marian Yvette Williams‐Brown
PIM as a caring: Using ethics of care to explore personal information management as a caring process pp. 1282-1292 Downloads
Amber L. Cushing
Dataset versus reality: Understanding model performance from the perspective of information need pp. 1293-1306 Downloads
Mengying Yu and Aixin Sun
Do you see what I see? Measuring the semantic differences in image‐recognition services' outputs pp. 1307-1324 Downloads
Anton Berg and Matti Nelimarkka
Towards indicating interdisciplinarity: Characterizing interdisciplinary knowledge flow pp. 1325-1340 Downloads
Hongyu Zhou, Raf Guns and Tim C. E. Engels

Volume 74, issue 10, 2023

Times new plural: The multiple temporalities of contemporary life and the infosphere pp. 1159-1169 Downloads
Tom Mason and David Bawden
How question type influences knowledge withholding in social Q&A community pp. 1170-1184 Downloads
Xing Zhang, Durong Wang, Yuyao Tang and Quan Xiao
Communicating shared situational awareness in times of chaos: Social media and the COVID‐19 pandemic pp. 1185-1202 Downloads
Maryam Shahbazi, Deborah Bunker and Tania C. Sorrell
Architects of memory: Information and rhetoric in a networked archival age. Nathan R. Johnson. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press. 2020. pp. 224. $49.95 (hardcover). ISBN: 9780817320607 pp. 1203-1206 Downloads
Charles Farrugia
Sorting out journals: The proliferation of journal lists in China pp. 1207-1228 Downloads
Jing Wang, Willem Halffman and Yuehong Helen Zhang
Neural machine translation for in‐text citation classification pp. 1229-1240 Downloads
Iqra Safder, Momin Ali, Naif Radi Aljohani, Raheel Nawaz and Saeed‐Ul Hassan

Volume 74, issue 9, 2023

Thinking inside the box: An evaluation of a novel search‐assisting tool for supporting (meta)cognition during exploratory search pp. 1049-1066 Downloads
Yuan Li, Anita Crescenzi, Austin R. Ward and Rob Capra
The effects of COVID‐19 on information management in remote and hybrid work environments pp. 1067-1080 Downloads
Maayan Nakash and Dan Bouhnik
Information misbehavior: How organizations use information to deceive pp. 1081-1085 Downloads
Chun Wei Choo and Marco Meyer
Climate change information seeking pp. 1086-1099 Downloads
Chun Wei Choo
What online review features really matter? An explainable deep learning approach for hotel demand forecasting pp. 1100-1117 Downloads
Dong Zhang and Chong Wu
Narrative review on open access institutional repositories and knowledge sharing in South Africa pp. 1118-1123 Downloads
Kwame Kodua‐Ntim
Addressing structural hurdles for metadata extraction from environmental impact statements pp. 1124-1139 Downloads
Egoitz Laparra, Alex Binford‐Walsh, Kirk Emerson, Marc L. Miller, Laura López‐Hoffman, Faiz Currim and Steven Bethard
Global reach, regional strength: Spatial patterns of a big science facility pp. 1140-1156 Downloads
Kristofer Rolf Söderström

Volume 74, issue 8, 2023

Does technology really outpace policy, and does it matter? A primer for technical experts and others pp. 885-904 Downloads
William Aspray and Philip Doty
A future‐oriented approach to the selection of artificial intelligence technologies for knowledge platforms pp. 905-922 Downloads
Andrzej M. J. Skulimowski and Thomas Köhler
Human‐supervised data science framework for city governments: A design science approach pp. 923-936 Downloads
Loni Hagen, Mihir Patel and Luis Luna‐Reyes
Literary information in China: A history. By Jack W. Chen, Anatoly Detwyler, Xiao Lui, Christopher M. B. Nugent, Bruce Rusk (Eds.), New York: Columbia University Press. 2021. pp. 672. $90.00 (hbk). ISBN: 9780231195522 pp. 937-940 Downloads
Laura Skouvig
In which fields are citations indicators of research quality? pp. 941-953 Downloads
Mike Thelwall, Kayvan Kousha, Emma Stuart, Meiko Makita, Mahshid Abdoli, Paul Wilson and Jonathan Levitt
“Don't Say Gay” in Alabama: A taxonomic framework of LGBTQ+ information support services in public libraries—An exploratory website content analysis of critical resistance pp. 954-970 Downloads
Bharat Mehra and Baheya S. Jaber
Chaos, expansion, and contraction: The information worlds of depression patients during the COVID‐19 pandemic lockdown pp. 971-989 Downloads
Xin Bao and Ping Ke
Understanding user‐generated questions in social Q&A: A goal‐framing approach pp. 990-1009 Downloads
Qian Wu, Chei Sian Lee and Dion Hoe‐Lian Goh
Bibliometric‐enhanced legal information retrieval: Combining usage and citations as flavors of impact relevance pp. 1010-1025 Downloads
Gineke Wiggers, Suzan Verberne, Wouter van Loon and Gerrit‐Jan Zwenne
Aspect sentiment mining of short bullet screen comments from online TV series pp. 1026-1045 Downloads
Jiayue Liu, Ziyao Zhou, Ming Gao, Jiafu Tang and Weiguo Fan

Volume 74, issue 7, 2023

A comparative study of the coverage of African journals in Web of Science, Scopus, and CrossRef pp. 745-758 Downloads
Toluwase Victor Asubiaro and Sodiq Onaolapo
Generating keyphrases for readers: A controllable keyphrase generation framework pp. 759-774 Downloads
Yi Jiang, Rui Meng, Yong Huang, Wei Lu and Jiawei Liu
Stepping beyond your comfort zone: Diffusion‐based network analytics for knowledge trajectory recommendation pp. 775-790 Downloads
Yi Zhang, Mengjia Wu, Guangquan Zhang and Jie Lu
Why are coauthored academic articles more cited: Higher quality or larger audience? pp. 791-810 Downloads
Mike Thelwall, Kayvan Kousha, Mahshid Abdoli, Emma Stuart, Meiko Makita, Paul Wilson and Jonathan Levitt
The association of disciplinary background with the evolution of topics and methods in Library and Information Science research 1995–2015 pp. 811-827 Downloads
Pertti Vakkari, Kalervo Järvelin and Yu‐Wei Chang
The design and evaluation of a nudge‐based interface to facilitate consumers' evaluation of online health information credibility pp. 828-845 Downloads
Yan Zhang, Jiaying Liu and Shijie Song
Measuring the impacts of quantity and trustworthiness of information on COVID‐19 vaccination intent pp. 846-865 Downloads
Min Sook Park, JungHo Park, Hyejin Kim, Jin Hui Lee and Hyejin Park
An automatic data quality approach to assess semantic data from cultural heritage institutions pp. 866-878 Downloads
Gustavo Candela
The digital environment: How we live, learn, work, and play now. Boczkowski, Pablo J. and Mitchelstein, Eugenia. The MIT Press. 2021. 208 pp. $24.95 (hardcover). (ISBN: 9780262046190) pp. 879-881 Downloads
Tim Jordan

Volume 74, issue 6, 2023

About JASIST special issue on “Data Science in the iField” pp. 601-605 Downloads
Yin Zhang, Il‐Yeol Song, Theresa Anderson and Dan Wu
Evolution of data science and its education in iSchools: An impressionistic study using curriculum analysis pp. 606-622 Downloads
Shalini R. Urs and Mohamed Minhaj
What should we teach? A human‐centered data science graduate curriculum model design for iField schools pp. 623-640 Downloads
Dan Wu, Hao Xu, Yaqi Sun and Siyu Lv
Data science curriculum in the iField pp. 641-662 Downloads
Yin Zhang, Dan Wu, Loni Hagen, Il‐Yeol Song, Javed Mostafa, Sam Oh, Theresa Anderson, Chirag Shah, Bradley Wade Bishop, Frank Hopfgartner, Kai Eckert, Lisa Federer and Jeffrey S. Saltz
Constructing categories: Moving beyond protected classes in algorithmic fairness pp. 663-668 Downloads
Clara Belitz, Jaclyn Ocumpaugh, Steven Ritter, Ryan S. Baker, Stephen E. Fancsali and Nigel Bosch
An expert‐in‐the‐loop method for domain‐specific document categorization based on small training data pp. 669-684 Downloads
Kanyao Han, Rezvaneh Rezapour, Katia Nakamura, Dikshya Devkota, Daniel C. Miller and Jana Diesner
Making sense of the black‐boxes: Toward interpretable text classification using deep learning models pp. 685-700 Downloads
Jie Tao, Lina Zhou and Kevin Hickey
The research data life cycle, legacy data, and dilemmas in research data management pp. 701-706 Downloads
Jenny Bossaller and Anthony J. Million
Information organization and representation in digital cultural heritage in Brazil: Systematic mapping of information infrastructure in digital collections for data science applications pp. 707-726 Downloads
Dalton Lopes Martins, Daniela Lucas da Silva Lemos, Luis Felipe Rosa de Oliveira, Joyce Siqueira, Danielle do Carmo and Vinicius Nunes Medeiros
A feeling for the data: How government and nonprofit stakeholders negotiate value conflicts in data science approaches to ending homelessness pp. 727-741 Downloads
Stephen C. Slota, Kenneth R. Fleischmann, Min Kyung Lee, Sherri R. Greenberg, Ishan Nigam, Tara Zimmerman, Sarah Rodriguez and James Snow

Volume 74, issue 5, 2023

Trolling CNN and Fox News on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pp. 493-505 Downloads
Pnina Fichman and Maanvi Rathi
Description framework of makerspaces: Examining the relationship between spatial arrangement and diverse user populations pp. 506-516 Downloads
Marijel Melo, Laura March, Kimberly Hirsh and Emily Arnsberg
Information precarity and the agentic practices of marginalized communities: Puerto Rican activists addressing the crisis before, during, and after Hurricane Maria pp. 517-530 Downloads
Fatima Espinoza Vasquez and Shannon M. Oltmann
Predatory predictions and the ethics of predictive analytics pp. 531-545 Downloads
Kirsten Martin
Extracting the evolutionary backbone of scientific domains: The semantic main path network analysis approach based on citation context analysis pp. 546-569 Downloads
Xiaorui Jiang and Junjun Liu
ChatGPT and a new academic reality: Artificial Intelligence‐written research papers and the ethics of the large language models in scholarly publishing pp. 570-581 Downloads
Brady D. Lund, Ting Wang, Nishith Reddy Mannuru, Bing Nie, Somipam Shimray and Ziang Wang
Do altmetric scores reflect article quality? Evidence from the UK Research Excellence Framework 2021 pp. 582-593 Downloads
Mike Thelwall, Kayvan Kousha, Mahshid Abdoli, Emma Stuart, Meiko Makita, Paul Wilson and Jonathan Levitt
Knowledge justice: Disrupting library and information studies through critical race theory. By Sofia Y. Leung, Jorge R. López‐McKnight, Cambridge: The MIT Press. 2021. pp. 358. $35.00 (xxxx). ISBN: 9780262043502 pp. 594-598 Downloads
Melissa Adler

Volume 74, issue 4, 2023

Information seeking by experimentation: Trying something out to discover what happens pp. 383-387 Downloads
Morten Hertzum
Predicting coauthorship using bibliographic network embedding pp. 388-401 Downloads
Yongjun Zhu, Lihong Quan, Pei‐Ying Chen, Meen Chul Kim and Chao Che
Analysis of shared research data in Spanish scientific papers about COVID‐19: A first approach pp. 402-414 Downloads
Roxana Cerda‐Cosme and Eva Méndez
Egocentric cocitation networks and scientific papers destinies pp. 415-433 Downloads
Béatrice Milard and Yoann Pitarch
The information ecosystem concept in information literacy: A theoretical approach and definition pp. 434-443 Downloads
Evan F. Kuehn
Surveillance as information practice pp. 444-460 Downloads
Bryce Clayton Newell
Gender tagging of named entities using retrieval‐assisted multi‐context aggregation: An unsupervised approach pp. 461-475 Downloads
Sudeshna Das and Jiaul H. Paik
Embedding knowledge graph of patent metadata to measure knowledge proximity pp. 476-490 Downloads
Guangtong Li, L. Siddharth and Jianxi Luo

Volume 74, issue 3, 2023

Artificial intelligence in the work context pp. 303-310 Downloads
Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi, Christoph Lutz, Karen Boyd, Carsten Oesterlund and Matthew Willis
Locating the work of artificial intelligence ethics pp. 311-322 Downloads
Stephen C. Slota, Kenneth R. Fleischmann, Sherri Greenberg, Nitin Verma, Brenna Cummings, Lan Li and Chris Shenefiel
Subgroup formation in human–robot teams: A multi‐study mixed‐method approach with implications for theory and practice pp. 323-338 Downloads
Sangseok You and Lionel P. Robert
Artificial intelligence changes the way we work: A close look at innovating with chatbots pp. 339-353 Downloads
Xuequn Wang, Xiaolin Lin and Bin Shao
At the crossroads of logics: Automating newswork with artificial intelligence—(Re)defining journalistic logics from the perspective of technologists pp. 354-366 Downloads
Stefanie Sirén‐Heikel, Martin Kjellman and Carl‐Gustav Lindén
How artificial intelligence might change academic library work: Applying the competencies literature and the theory of the professions pp. 367-380 Downloads
Andrew Cox

Volume 74, issue 2, 2023

Veni, vidi, vici? On the rise of scrape‐and‐report scholarship in online reviews research pp. 145-149 Downloads
Philip Fei Wu
Quantifying scientific breakthroughs by a novel disruption indicator based on knowledge entities pp. 150-167 Downloads
Shiyun Wang, Yaxue Ma, Jin Mao, Yun Bai, Zhentao Liang and Gang Li
LAGOS‐AND: A large gold standard dataset for scholarly author name disambiguation pp. 168-185 Downloads
Li Zhang, Wei Lu and Jinqing Yang
The structure and priorities of researchers' scholarly profile maintenance activities: A case of institutional research information management system pp. 186-204 Downloads
Dong Joon Lee, Besiki Stvilia, Seungyeon Ha and Douglas Hahn
The National Library of Medicine indexer assignment dataset: A new large‐scale dataset for reviewer assignment research pp. 205-218 Downloads
Alastair R. Rae, James G. Mork and Dina Demner‐Fushman
Gender and country biases in Wikipedia citations to scholarly publications pp. 219-233 Downloads
Xiang Zheng, Jiajing Chen, Erjia Yan and Chaoqun Ni
Structured abstract summarization of scientific articles: Summarization using full‐text section information pp. 234-248 Downloads
Hanseok Oh, Seojin Nam and Yongjun Zhu
Relatedness and compatibility: The concept of privacy in Mandarin Chinese and American English corpora pp. 249-272 Downloads
Yuanye Ma
Information, platformized pp. 273-282 Downloads
Lai Ma
A lightweight semantic‐enhanced interactive network for efficient short‐text matching pp. 283-300 Downloads
Chuanming Yu, Haodong Xue, Lu An and Gang Li

Volume 74, issue 1, 2023

Feedback beyond accuracy: Using eye‐tracking to detect comprehensibility and interest during reading pp. 3-16 Downloads
Frans van der Sluis and Egon L. van den Broek
Lost at starting line: Predicting maladaptation of university freshmen based on educational big data pp. 17-32 Downloads
Teng Guo, Xiaomei Bai, Shihao Zhen, Shagufta Abid and Feng Xia
From participation roles to socio‐emotional information roles: Insights from the closure of an online community pp. 33-49 Downloads
Stan Karanasios and Aljona Zorina
Do funding sources complement or substitute? Examining the impact of cancer research publications pp. 50-66 Downloads
Daniele Rotolo, Michael Hopkins and Nicola Grassano
What scholars and IRBs talk when they talk about the Belmont principles in crowd work‐based research pp. 67-80 Downloads
Huichuan Xia
Using data citation to define a knowledge domain: A case study of the Add‐Health dataset pp. 81-98 Downloads
Wei‐Min Fan, Wei Jeng and Muh‐Chyun Tang
Bias against scientific novelty: A prepublication perspective pp. 99-114 Downloads
Zhentao Liang, Jin Mao and Gang Li
Multidimensional scholarly citations: Characterizing and understanding scholars' citation behaviors pp. 115-127 Downloads
Yunxue Cui, Yongzhen Wang, Xiaozhong Liu, Xianwen Wang and Xuhong Zhang
Syllabic quantity patterns as rhythmic features for Latin authorship attribution pp. 128-141 Downloads
Silvia Corbara, Alejandro Moreo and Fabrizio Sebastiani
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