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Volume 84, issue 12, 2016

Military Buildups, Economic Development and Corruption pp. 697-722 Downloads
Rajeev Goel and James Saunoris
Household Preferences and Joint Decisions on Employer-Provided Health Insurance Access pp. 723-748 Downloads
Ji-Liang Shiu and Meng-Chi Tang
Entry Regulation, Public Ownership and TFP Growth: Industry-Level Evidence from South European Countries pp. 749-770 Downloads
Sophia Dimelis and Sotiris Papaioannou
Labour Market Integration and Innovation: The Implications on Consumers pp. 771-794 Downloads
Mehdi Chowdhury and Arijit Mukherjee
Source of Underestimation of the Monetary Policy Effect: Re-Examination of the Policy Effectiveness in Japan's 1990s pp. 795-810 Downloads
Masahiko Shibamoto

Volume 84, issue 09, 2016

Finance, Labour, Capital, and International Integration pp. 1-14 Downloads
Giuseppe Bertola
Much Ado about Something Important: How do Exchange Rate Movements Affect Inflation? pp. 15-41 Downloads
Kristin Forbes
Testing Macro Models for Policy Use—An Insurrection in Applied Modelling pp. 42-55 Downloads
A. Patrick Minford
Short-Run Dynamics of the Trade Balance in the Emu-12 Countries pp. 56-83 Downloads
Mika Nieminen and Juha Junttila
The Portfolio Balance Mechanism and QE in the Euro Area pp. 84-105 Downloads
Romanos Priftis and Lukas Vogel
Monitoring Costs, Credit Constraints and Entrepreneurship pp. 573-599 Downloads
Sanjay Banerji, Rajesh S. N. Raj and Kunal Sen
Subject-Specific League Tables and Students' Application Decisions pp. 600-620 Downloads
Arnaud Chevalier and Xiaoxuan Jia
Agricultural Productivity, Infrastructures and the Optimal Timing of Opening Trade pp. 621-641 Downloads
Keita Kamei and Hiroaki Sasaki
Does Daily Sunshine Make You Happy? Subjective Measures of Well-Being and the Weather pp. 642-663 Downloads
Franz Buscha
Fertility and Female Labour Force Participation: Causal Evidence from Urban China pp. 664-674 Downloads
Xiaobo He and Rong Zhu
Behavior-Based Price Discrimination with Experience Goods pp. 675-695 Downloads
Hoe Sang Chung

Volume 84, issue 07, 2016

Business Cycle Spillovers in the European Union: What is the Message Transmitted to the Core? pp. 437-481 Downloads
Nikolaos Antonakakis, Ioannis Chatziantoniou and George Filis
Price Discrimination in Quantity Setting Oligopoly pp. 482-505 Downloads
Rajnish Kumar and Levent Kutlu
The Impact of the Euro on the Quality of Trade: Evidence from the European Union pp. 506-527 Downloads
Tadashi Ito and Toshihiro Okubo
Monetary Policy Preferences of the EMU and the UK pp. 528-550 Downloads
Philip Arestis, Michail Karoglou and Kostas Mouratidis
An Empirical Study of Commodity Prices after Sir Arthur Lewis pp. 551-571 Downloads
Atanu Ghoshray and Ashira Perera

Volume 84, issue 06, 2016

Strategic Capacity Investment under Hold-up Threats: The Role of Contract Length and Width pp. 313-339 Downloads
Laure Durand-Viel and Bertrand Villeneuve
Does the Excess Entry Theorem Hold in a Differentiated Oligopoly? pp. 340-362 Downloads
Koichi Kagitani, Takao Ohkawa and Makoto Okamura
Democratic Reforms, Foreign Aid and Production Inefficiency pp. 363-389 Downloads
Dimitris Christopoulos, Gregorios Siourounis and Irene Vlachaki
The Puzzling Fall of the Wage Skill Premium in Spain pp. 390-435 Downloads
Florentino Felgueroso, Manuel Hidalgo-Pérez and Sergi Jimenez-Martin

Volume 84, issue 03, 2016

Financial Constraints, Innovation Performance and Sectoral Disaggregation pp. 125-158 Downloads
Georgios Efthyvoulou and Priit Vahter
The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Industry Growth pp. 159-180 Downloads
Tomoe Moore and Ali Mirzaei
On the Relationship between Spillovers and Bundling pp. 181-196 Downloads
Maria Plotnikova, Sudipta Sarangi and Sushmita Swaminathan
R&D Expenditures and Geographical Sales Diversification pp. 197-221 Downloads
Christopher Baum, Mustafa Caglayan and Oleksandr Talavera
Subsidies for Renewable Energy Facilities under Uncertainty pp. 222-250 Downloads
Roger Adkins and Dean Paxson
Can More Information About Rivals' Costs Decrease Welfare? pp. 251-269 Downloads
Duarte Brito, Pedro Pereira and João Vareda
Branching Deregulation and Merger Optimality pp. 270-295 Downloads
Ana Lozano-Vivas, Miguel Meléndez-Jiménez and Antonio Morales
Do Regularization Programs for Illegal Immigrants Have a Magnet Effect? Evidence from Spain pp. 296-311 Downloads
Gemma Larramona and Marcos Sanso-Navarro

Volume 84, issue 01, 2016

Was Adam Smith Right? Evidence of Compensating Differential in CEO Pay pp. 1-24 Downloads
Swarnodeep HomRoy
Investments, Financing Constraints and Buyouts: the Effect of Private Equity Investors on the Sensitivity of Investments to Cash Flow pp. 25-54 Downloads
Elisa Ughetto
Utilizing Microsimulation to Estimate the Private and Fiscal Returns to Education: Ireland 1987–2011 pp. 55-80 Downloads
Darragh Flannery and Cathal O'Donoghue
Welfare Policies, Relative Income and Majority Choice pp. 81-94 Downloads
Felix FitzRoy and Michael Nolan
Applying the Lewis Model in Industrialized Countries: W. Arthur Lewis and the Dual Economy of Manchester in the 1950s pp. 95-124 Downloads
Paul Mosley and Barbara Ingham

Volume 83, issue 12, 2015

Regulation and Sausages pp. 1-26 Downloads
Douglas Gale
Comparing Inflation and Price-Level Targeting: The Role of Forward Guidance and Transparency pp. 27-59 Downloads
Seppo Honkapohja and Kaushik Mitra
How Did We Get to Where We Are Now? Reflections on 50 Years of Macroeconomic and Financial Econometrics pp. 60-82 Downloads
Michael Wickens
Leverage Constraints and Real Interest Rates pp. 83-109 Downloads
Jukka Isohätälä, Feodor Kusmartsev, Alistair Milne and Donald Robertson
Population Growth and Human Capital: A Welfarist Approach pp. 110-141 Downloads
Thomas I. Renström and Luca Spataro
Conflicting Incentives for Public Support for EMU pp. 142-157 Downloads
Brigitte Granville and Dominik Nagly
Why does Public Investment Fail to Raise Economic Growth? The Role of Corruption pp. 623-651 Downloads
M. Emranul Haque and Richard Kneller
Schedule Flexibility, Family Friendly Policies and Absence pp. 652-675 Downloads
John Heywood and Laurie A. Miller
Synergy between an Improved Covariate Unit Root Test and Cross-sectionally Dependent Panel Data Unit Root Tests pp. 676-700 Downloads
Kaddour Hadri, Eiji Kurozumi and Daisuke Yamazaki
Public Sector Pay in the UK: Quantifying the Impact of the Review Bodies pp. 701-724 Downloads
Peter Dolton, Gerald Makepeace and Oscar Marcenaro-Gutierrez
Foreign Entry, Acquisition Target and Host Country Welfare pp. 725-748 Downloads
Tarun Kabiraj and Uday Sinha

Volume 83, issue 09, 2015

Inflation Persistence, Price Indexation and Optimal Simple Interest Rate Rules pp. 1-30 Downloads
Guido Ascari and Nicola Branzoli
Monetary Analysis and Monetary Policy Frameworks: Introduction pp. 1-4 Downloads
David Cobham
Has the Financial Crisis Permanently Changed the Practice of Monetary Policy? Has It Changed the Theory of Monetary Policy? pp. 5-19 Downloads
Benjamin M Friedman
Why Monetary Policy has Been Comparatively Ineffective? pp. 20-29 Downloads
Charles Goodhart
Money and Inflation: Is Monetary Policy Useful? pp. 30-50 Downloads
Atanas Christev and Yue Kang
The Hedgehog and the Fox: From DSGE to Macro-Pru pp. 31-55 Downloads
Marcus Miller and Lei Zhang
An Empirical Sectoral Model of Unconventional Monetary Policy: The Impact of QE pp. 51-82 Downloads
James Cloyne, Ryland Thomas, Alex Tuckett and Samuel Wills
Issues in the Design of Fiscal Policy Rules pp. 56-86 Downloads
Jonathan Portes and Simon Wren-Lewis
Multiple Objectives in Monetary Policy: A De Facto Analysis for ‘Advanced’ Countries pp. 83-106 Downloads
David Cobham
Balanced Budget Tax Cuts in a Liquidity-Constrained Economy pp. 87-119 Downloads
Vivek Prasad
Structural Reforms, Investment and Zero Lower Bound in a Monetary Union pp. 120-139 Downloads
Andrea Gerali, Alessandro Notarpietro and Massimiliano Pisani
A Generalized Bayesian Instrumental Variable Approach under Student t-distributed Errors with Application pp. 499-522 Downloads
Matthew Salois and Kelvin Balcombe
Fiscal Policy, Institutional Quality and Central Bank Transparency pp. 523-545 Downloads
Meixing Dai, Moise Sidiropoulos and Eleftherios Spyromitros
Endogenous Choice of Strategic Variables in an Asymmetric Duopoly with Respect to the Demand Functions that Firms Face pp. 546-567 Downloads
Yasuhiko Nakamura
Foreign Direct Investment Entry Modes, Development and Technological Spillovers pp. 568-603 Downloads
Isabel Alvarez, Raquel Marin and Francisco J. Santos-Arteaga
Losses from Horizontal Merger: an Extension to a Successive Oligopoly Model with Product Differentiation pp. 604-621 Downloads
Ramon Fauli-Oller and Borja Mesa-Sánchez

Volume 83, issue 07, 2015

Gender Wage Gaps within a Public Sector: Evidence from Personnel Data pp. 379-397 Downloads
Steve Bradley, Colin Green and John Mangan
Competition and Growth: Reinterpreting their Relationship pp. 398-422 Downloads
Daria Onori
Direct and Indirect Influences of Parental Background on Children's Earnings: a Comparison across Countries and Genders pp. 423-450 Downloads
Michele Raitano and Francesco Vona
Residential Construction Activity in OECD Economies pp. 451-474 Downloads
Philip Arestis and Ana Rosa González-Martínez
Dynamic Incentives in Organizations: Success and Inertia pp. 475-497 Downloads
Martin Ruckes and Thomas Rønde

Volume 83, issue 06, 2015

Coalitional Approaches to Collusive Agreements in Oligopoly Games pp. 253-287 Downloads
Sergio Currarini and Marco Marini
Optimal Two-part Tariff Licensing Mechanisms pp. 288-306 Downloads
Marta San Martín and Ana I. Saracho
Peer Salaries and Gender Differences in Job Satisfaction in the Workplace pp. 307-313 Downloads
Karen Mumford and Peter Smith
Economic Growth under Stochastic Population and Pollution Shocks pp. 314-345 Downloads
Théophile T. Azomahou, Tapas Mishra and Mamata Parhi
Do Multinational Enterprises Push up the Wages of Domestic Firms in the Italian Manufacturing Sector? pp. 346-378 Downloads
Rosanna Pittiglio, Filippo Reganati and Edgardo Sica

Volume 83, issue 03, 2015

Macroprudential and Monetary Policy Rules: a Welfare Analysis pp. 127-152 Downloads
Margarita Rubio and José Carrasco-Gallego
Influence, Interactions and Heterogeneity: Taking Personalities out of Monetary Policy Decision-making pp. 153-182 Downloads
Arnab Bhattacharjee and Sean Holly
Insular Decision Making in the Board Room: Why Boards Retain and Hire Substandard CEOs pp. 183-216 Downloads
Meg Adachi-Sato
Basel III: Long-term Impact on Economic Performance and Fluctuations pp. 217-251 Downloads
Paolo Angelini, Laurent Clerc, Vasco Cúrdia, Leonardo Gambacorta, Andrea Gerali, Alberto Locarno, Roberto Motto, Werner Roeger, Skander Van den Heuvel and Jan Vlcek

Volume 83, issue 01, 2015

Patent Licensing with Bertrand Competitors pp. 1-16 Downloads
Stefano Colombo and Luigi Filippini
Atypical Jobs: Stepping Stones or Dead Ends? Evidence from the NLSY79 pp. 17-55 Downloads
John Addison, Chad Cotti and Christopher Surfield
Investor Cash Flow and Mutual Fund Behavior pp. 56-71 Downloads
Xiangbo Liu, Zijun Liu and Zhigang Qiu
Asymmetric Complements in a Vertically Differentiated Market: Competition or Integration? pp. 72-100 Downloads
Ornella Tarola and Cecilia Vergari
Okun's Law—a Meta-analysis pp. 101-126 Downloads
Roger Perman, Gaetan Stephan and Christophe Tavera
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