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Volume 73, issue 3, 2022

Interbank market and funding liquidity risk in a stock‐flow consistent model pp. 734-769 Downloads
Jessica Reale
Reclamation of a resource extraction site: A differential game approach pp. 770-802 Downloads
Simone Marsiglio and Nahid Masoudi
Bertrand–Edgeworth oligopoly: Characterization of mixed strategy equilibria when some firms are large and the others are small pp. 803-824 Downloads
Massimo A. De Francesco and Neri Salvadori
On the empirical content of the convergence debate: Cross‐country evidence on growth and capacity utilisation pp. 825-855 Downloads
Santiago José Gahn and Alejandro González
The Canadian–US dollar exchange rate over the four decades of the post‐Bretton Woods float: An econometric study allowing for structural breaks pp. 856-883 Downloads
Takamitsu Kurita and Patrick James
The Nash bargaining solution in labor market analysis pp. 884-899 Downloads
Gilbert Skillman
Credit, output and financial stress: A non‐linear LVSTAR application to Brazil pp. 900-923 Downloads
José Pedro Bastos Neves and Willi Semmler
Churning and profitability in the U.S. corporate sector pp. 924-957 Downloads
Leila Davis and Joao Paulo A. de Souza

Volume 73, issue 2, 2022

Business cycles, financial conditions, and nonlinearities pp. 343-383 Downloads
Ivan Mendieta‐Muñoz and Doğuhan Sündal
Segregation with social linkages: Evaluating Schelling’s model with networked individuals pp. 384-440 Downloads
Roy Cerqueti, Luca De Benedictis and Valerio Leone Sciabolazza
A multi‐country, multi‐commodity Ricardian trade model with link commodities and Keynesian unemployment pp. 441-465 Downloads
Hideo Sato
Fertility decline and a pay‐as‐you‐go pension system in a two‐sector model pp. 466-480 Downloads
Kojun Hamada, Akihiko Kaneko and Mitsuyoshi Yanagihara
Neoclassical stability and Keynesian instability: A two‐sector disequilibrium approach pp. 481-513 Downloads
Shogo Ogawa
Corporate debt, endogenous dividend rate, instability and growth pp. 514-549 Downloads
Pintu Parui
Human capital acquisition as a signaling device in promotion competition pp. 550-566 Downloads
Chen Cohen and Ori Zax
Existence, uniqueness, and comparative statics of Nash equilibrium in a game of voluntary public good provision with two public goods pp. 567-582 Downloads
Kenichi Suzuki, Tatsuyoshi Miyakoshi, Jun‐ichi Itaya and Akitomo Yamanashi
Endogenous income distribution and aggregate demand: Empirical evidence from heterogeneous panel structural vector autoregression pp. 583-637 Downloads
Betül Mutlugün
“The total movement of this disorder is its order”: Investment and utilization dynamics in long‐run disequilibrium pp. 638-682 Downloads
Stephen Thompson
Tariff simplification, privatization, and welfare superiority pp. 683-707 Downloads
Ya‐Po Yang, Qidi Zhang and Leonard F. S. Wang
Brexit and multilingualism in the European Union pp. 708-731 Downloads
Victor Ginsburgh and Juan D. Moreno‐Ternero

Volume 73, issue 1, 2022

Symposium on Yoshinori Shiozawa, Masashi Morioka and Kazuhisa Taniguchi (2019), Microfoundations of evolutionary economics, Tokyo: Springer Japan pp. 2-48 Downloads
Tony Aspromourgos, Kenji Mori, Masashi Morioka, Arrigo Opocher, Barkley Rosser, Yoshinori Shiozawa, Kazuhisa Taniguchi, Heinz D. Kurz and Neri Salvadori
The role of public expenditure on secondary and higher education for achieving inclusive growth in India pp. 49-77 Downloads
Vijay P. Ojha, Joydeep Ghosh and Basanta K. Pradhan
Is autonomous demand really autonomous in the United States? An asymmetric frequency‐domain Granger causality approach pp. 78-92 Downloads
José A. Pérez‐Montiel and Carles Manera
A methodological problem in a supermultiplier model with too much acceleration pp. 93-108 Downloads
Reiner Franke
The transition of labour in the presence of adaptation cost and labour market segmentation pp. 109-125 Downloads
Amarjyoti Mahanta
Numéraire problems and market adjustments pp. 126-143 Downloads
Sergio Parrinello
Household debt and macroeconomic stability: An empirical stock‐flow consistent model for the Danish economy pp. 144-197 Downloads
Mikael Randrup Byrialsen and Hamid Raza
Bargaining theory over opportunity assignments and the egalitarian solution pp. 198-219 Downloads
Yongsheng Xu and Naoki Yoshihara
Supermultipliers, ‘endogenous autonomous demand’ and functional finance pp. 220-244 Downloads
Peter Skott, Júlio Fernando Costa Santos and José Luís Oreiro
Information availability and ability choice in a market for physicians pp. 245-267 Downloads
Edgardo Lara Córdova and Javier A. Rodríguez‐Camacho
Episodic incidence of Harrodian instability and the Kaleckian growth model: A Markov‐switching approach pp. 268-290 Downloads
Brian Hartley
Instability, political regimes and economic growth. A theoretical framework pp. 291-317 Downloads
Fernando Tohmé, M. Ángeles Caraballo and Carlos Dabús
Corruption and money laundering: You scratch my back, i’ll scratch yours pp. 318-342 Downloads
Raffaella Barone, Donato Masciandaro and Friedrich Schneider

Volume 72, issue 4, 2021

A simple macro‐model of COVID‐19 with special reference to India pp. 650-678 Downloads
Pintu Parui
Notes on the accumulation and utilization of capital: Some empirical issues pp. 679-695 Downloads
Michalis Nikiforos
Testing Goodwin with a stochastic differential approach—The United States (1948–2019) pp. 696-730 Downloads
Florent McIsaac
Shadow banking and financial intermediation pp. 731-757 Downloads
Gökçer Özgür
Testing fundamentalist–momentum trader financial cycles: An empirical analysis via the Kalman filter pp. 758-797 Downloads
Filippo Gusella and Engelbert Stockhammer
Social inclusion through social status and the emergence of development traps pp. 798-825 Downloads
Vincenzo Lombardo
Public policy, systemic resilience and viability theory pp. 826-848 Downloads
Girol Karacaoglu and Jacek Krawczyk
Industrialization and skill acquisition in an evolutionary model of coordination failures pp. 849-867 Downloads
Joao Paulo A. de Souza and Leopoldo Ramirez
Consumer confidence, consumption, and macroeconomic fluctuations: A systemic stock‐flow consistent model pp. 868-904 Downloads
Sercin Sahin
Assessing the internal devaluation policy implemented in Greece in an empirical stock‐flow consistent model pp. 905-943 Downloads
Christos Pierros

Volume 72, issue 3, 2021

A Keynesian model of aggregate demand in the long‐run pp. 442-459 Downloads
Ian M. McDonald
One billion euro programme for early childcare services in Italy pp. 460-492 Downloads
Isabella Giorgetti and Matteo Picchio
Efficiency of bilateral delegation in a mixed Cournot duopoly pp. 493-508 Downloads
Corrado Benassi, Alessandra Chirco and Caterina Colombo
Externalities in private ownership production economies with possibility functions. An existence result pp. 509-525 Downloads
Vincenzo Platino
The paradox of thrift in a two‐sector Kaleckian growth model pp. 526-538 Downloads
Lucrezia Fanti and Luca Zamparelli
Commodities fluctuations, cross border flows and financial innovation: A stock‐flow analysis pp. 539-579 Downloads
Lorenzo Nalin and Giuliano Toshiro Yajima
Unmasking the demand for masks: Analytics of mandating coronavirus masks pp. 580-591 Downloads
Rajeev Goel and Shoji Haruna
Thirlwall’s law, uneven development, and income distribution pp. 592-611 Downloads
Hiroaki Sasaki
A supermultiplier model of the natural rate of growth pp. 612-634 Downloads
Olivier Allain
Normative (and objective) analysis in Sraffa's system pp. 635-648 Downloads
Antonio D'Agata

Volume 72, issue 2, 2021

Kaleckian conflict inflation with endogenous labor supply pp. 238-259 Downloads
Soumya Datta and C. Saratchand
Heterogeneity in the extraction of labor from labor power and persistence of wage inequality pp. 260-285 Downloads
Eduardo Monte Jorge Hey Martins, Jaylson Jair da Silveira and Gilberto Lima
A two‐country, three‐commodity Ricardian trade model with Keynesian unemployment pp. 286-308 Downloads
Hideo Sato
Endogenous timing and manufacturer advertising: A note pp. 309-320 Downloads
Qing Hu and Tomomichi Mizuno
(Dis)honest bureaucrats and (non)compliant firms in an evolutionary game pp. 321-344 Downloads
Angelo Antoci, Simone Borghesi and Gianluca Iannucci
Growth, investment share and the stability of the Sraffian Supermultiplier model in the U.S. economy (1985–2017) pp. 345-364 Downloads
Guilherme Haluska, Julia Braga and Ricardo Summa
Capital inflows, sustained investment surges and the role of external economies of scale in a developing economy pp. 365-387 Downloads
Arslan Razmi
Stability issues in Kaleckian models driven by autonomous demand growth—Harrodian instability and debt dynamics pp. 388-404 Downloads
Eckhard Hein and Ryan Woodgate
Wealth inequality and aggregate demand pp. 405-424 Downloads
Stefan Ederer and Miriam Rehm
Spatial pricing and collusion pp. 425-440 Downloads
John Heywood, Dongyang Li and Guangliang Ye

Volume 72, issue 1, 2021

A division of the capitalist class and the market for money capital pp. 2-21 Downloads
Hyun Woong Park
Price mechanism and endogenous productivity in an open economy stock‐flow consistent model pp. 22-56 Downloads
Emilio Carnevali
Knowledge distance and R&D collaboration in Cournot oligopoly pp. 57-81 Downloads
Mauro Caminati
Union negotiations, product market cooperation, and profits pp. 82-100 Downloads
Domenico Buccella and Leonard F. S. Wang
An analysis of the current backlash of economic globalization in a model with heterogeneous agents pp. 101-120 Downloads
Pompeo Della Posta
Monetary policy and long‐term interest rates: Evidence from the U.S. economy pp. 121-147 Downloads
Matteo Deleidi and Enrico Levrero
Obtaining a hub position: A New Economic Geography analysis of industry location and trade network structures pp. 148-172 Downloads
Pasquale Commendatore, Ingrid Kubin and I. Sushko
An explicit partial‐equilibrium model to justify the Generalized Marshall‐Lerner condition (GML) pp. 173-188 Downloads
Ahmet Özçam
The La Marca model revisited: Structuralist goodwin cycles with evolutionary supply side and balance of payments constraints pp. 189-212 Downloads
Danilo Spinola
A two‐sector neo‐Kaleckian model of growth and distribution: Investment allocation and evolutionary dynamics pp. 213-236 Downloads
Ricardo Araujo and Carlos Eduardo Drumond
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