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Volume 72, issue 4, 2021

A simple macro‐model of COVID‐19 with special reference to India pp. 650-678 Downloads
Pintu Parui
Notes on the accumulation and utilization of capital: Some empirical issues pp. 679-695 Downloads
Michalis Nikiforos
Testing Goodwin with a stochastic differential approach—The United States (1948–2019) pp. 696-730 Downloads
Florent McIsaac
Shadow banking and financial intermediation pp. 731-757 Downloads
Gökçer Özgür
Testing fundamentalist–momentum trader financial cycles: An empirical analysis via the Kalman filter pp. 758-797 Downloads
Filippo Gusella and Engelbert Stockhammer
Social inclusion through social status and the emergence of development traps pp. 798-825 Downloads
Vincenzo Lombardo
Public policy, systemic resilience and viability theory pp. 826-848 Downloads
Girol Karacaoglu and Jacek Krawczyk
Industrialization and skill acquisition in an evolutionary model of coordination failures pp. 849-867 Downloads
Joao Paulo A. de Souza and Leopoldo Gómez‐Ramírez
Consumer confidence, consumption, and macroeconomic fluctuations: A systemic stock‐flow consistent model pp. 868-904 Downloads
Sercin Sahin
Assessing the internal devaluation policy implemented in Greece in an empirical stock‐flow consistent model pp. 905-943 Downloads
Christos Pierros

Volume 72, issue 3, 2021

A Keynesian model of aggregate demand in the long‐run pp. 442-459 Downloads
Ian M. McDonald
One billion euro programme for early childcare services in Italy pp. 460-492 Downloads
Isabella Giorgetti and Matteo Picchio
Efficiency of bilateral delegation in a mixed Cournot duopoly pp. 493-508 Downloads
Corrado Benassi, Alessandra Chirco and Caterina Colombo
Externalities in private ownership production economies with possibility functions. An existence result pp. 509-525 Downloads
Vincenzo Platino
The paradox of thrift in a two‐sector Kaleckian growth model pp. 526-538 Downloads
Lucrezia Fanti and Luca Zamparelli
Commodities fluctuations, cross border flows and financial innovation: A stock‐flow analysis pp. 539-579 Downloads
Lorenzo Nalin and Giuliano Toshiro Yajima
Unmasking the demand for masks: Analytics of mandating coronavirus masks pp. 580-591 Downloads
Rajeev Goel and Shoji Haruna
Thirlwall’s law, uneven development, and income distribution pp. 592-611 Downloads
Hiroaki Sasaki
A supermultiplier model of the natural rate of growth pp. 612-634 Downloads
Olivier Allain
Normative (and objective) analysis in Sraffa's system pp. 635-648 Downloads
Antonio D'Agata

Volume 72, issue 2, 2021

Kaleckian conflict inflation with endogenous labor supply pp. 238-259 Downloads
Soumya Datta and C. Saratchand
Heterogeneity in the extraction of labor from labor power and persistence of wage inequality pp. 260-285 Downloads
Eduardo Monte Jorge Hey Martins, Jaylson Jair da Silveira and Gilberto Lima
A two‐country, three‐commodity Ricardian trade model with Keynesian unemployment pp. 286-308 Downloads
Hideo Sato
Endogenous timing and manufacturer advertising: A note pp. 309-320 Downloads
Qing Hu and Tomomichi Mizuno
(Dis)honest bureaucrats and (non)compliant firms in an evolutionary game pp. 321-344 Downloads
Angelo Antoci, Simone Borghesi and Gianluca Iannucci
Growth, investment share and the stability of the Sraffian Supermultiplier model in the U.S. economy (1985–2017) pp. 345-364 Downloads
Guilherme Haluska, Julia Braga and Ricardo Summa
Capital inflows, sustained investment surges and the role of external economies of scale in a developing economy pp. 365-387 Downloads
Arslan Razmi
Stability issues in Kaleckian models driven by autonomous demand growth—Harrodian instability and debt dynamics pp. 388-404 Downloads
Eckhard Hein and Ryan Woodgate
Wealth inequality and aggregate demand pp. 405-424 Downloads
Stefan Ederer and Miriam Rehm
Spatial pricing and collusion pp. 425-440 Downloads
John Heywood, Dongyang Li and Guangliang Ye

Volume 72, issue 1, 2021

A division of the capitalist class and the market for money capital pp. 2-21 Downloads
Hyun Woong Park
Price mechanism and endogenous productivity in an open economy stock‐flow consistent model pp. 22-56 Downloads
Emilio Carnevali
Knowledge distance and R&D collaboration in Cournot oligopoly pp. 57-81 Downloads
Mauro Caminati
Union negotiations, product market cooperation, and profits pp. 82-100 Downloads
Domenico Buccella and Leonard F. S. Wang
An analysis of the current backlash of economic globalization in a model with heterogeneous agents pp. 101-120 Downloads
Pompeo Della Posta
Monetary policy and long‐term interest rates: Evidence from the U.S. economy pp. 121-147 Downloads
Matteo Deleidi and Enrico Levrero
Obtaining a hub position: A New Economic Geography analysis of industry location and trade network structures pp. 148-172 Downloads
Pasquale Commendatore, Ingrid Kubin and I. Sushko
An explicit partial‐equilibrium model to justify the Generalized Marshall‐Lerner condition (GML) pp. 173-188 Downloads
Ahmet Özçam
The La Marca model revisited: Structuralist goodwin cycles with evolutionary supply side and balance of payments constraints pp. 189-212 Downloads
Danilo Spinola
A two‐sector neo‐Kaleckian model of growth and distribution: Investment allocation and evolutionary dynamics pp. 213-236 Downloads
Ricardo Araujo and Carlos Eduardo Drumond

Volume 71, issue 4, 2020

Transitional dynamics of the R&D growth model with public education pp. 662-675 Downloads
Makoto Hirono
New membership function for poverty measure pp. 676-688 Downloads
Besma Belhadj and Firas Kaabi
How firms finance innovation. Further empirics from European SMEs pp. 689-714 Downloads
Francesco Aiello, Graziella Bonanno and Stefania P. S. Rossi
Growth, income distribution and unemployment in a two‐sector economy pp. 715-733 Downloads
Subhasankar Chattopadhyay
Functional income distribution, capacity utilization, capital accumulation and productivity growth in Turkey: A post‐Kaleckian analysis pp. 734-766 Downloads
Ozan Ekin Kurt
Normal utilization rate in the Sraffa framework pp. 767-780 Downloads
Biao Huang
Does skilled migration reduce investment in human capital? An investigation on educational choices in Italian regions (2001–2016) pp. 781-802 Downloads
Annamaria Nifo, Domenico Scalera and Gaetano Vecchione
The determinants of employers’ use of temporary contracts in the frictional labor market pp. 803-834 Downloads
Makoto Masui
Does Zakat reduce poverty? Evidence from Tunisia using the Fuzzy Approach pp. 835-850 Downloads
Mejda Bouanani and Besma Belhadj
Convergence of actual, warranted, and natural growth rates in a Kaleckian–Harrodian‐classical model pp. 851-881 Downloads
Eric Kemp‐Benedict
Choices on museum attendance: An agent‐based approach pp. 882-897 Downloads
Alessio Emanuele Biondo, Roberto Cellini and Tiziana Cuccia
Hysteresis in the normal rate of capacity utilization: A behavioral explanation pp. 898-919 Downloads
Mark Setterfield and Joana David Avritzer

Volume 71, issue 3, 2020

Wage‐led versus profit‐led demand: A comprehensive empirical analysis pp. 458-486 Downloads
Cem Oyvat, Oğuz Öztunalı and Ceyhun Elgin
A note reconsidering a post‐Keynesian model of growth and distribution in the globalization context pp. 487-495 Downloads
João Gabriel de Araujo Oliveira and Joanilio Rodolpho Teixeira
Human capital acquisition as a competitive response to the promotion distortion pp. 496-509 Downloads
Ori Zax
Can income inequality promote democratization? pp. 510-532 Downloads
Laura Policardo and Edgar Sánchez Carrera
On the relationship between sectorial and institutional structural changes pp. 533-565 Downloads
Carlos Bethencourt and Fernando Perera‐Tallo
Conflicting‐claims and labour market concerns in a supermultiplier SFC model pp. 566-603 Downloads
Lidia Brochier
A market‐financed and growth‐enhancing investment plan for the euro area pp. 604-632 Downloads
Pompeo Della Posta, Enrico Marelli and Marcello Signorelli
Structural change and cumulative causation: A Kaldorian approach pp. 633-660 Downloads
Guilherme Magacho and John S. L. McCombie

Volume 71, issue 2, 2020

Risk of poverty in Southern Europe pp. 294-315 Downloads
Chiara Mussida and Maria Laura Parisi
Fiscal rule compliance, poverty and social exclusion in the Eurozone pp. 316-332 Downloads
Mariangela Bonasia, Rosaria Rita Canale, Salvatore Capasso and Marcella D’Uva
Incompleteness, regularity, and collective preference pp. 333-344 Downloads
Sususmu Cato
Aid to agriculture, trade and structural change pp. 345-368 Downloads
Alessandra Pelloni, Thanasis Stengos and Ilaria Tedesco
On fairness, efficiency and social structure pp. 369-391 Downloads
Jean-Paul Chavas
An evolutionary growth model with banking activity pp. 392-430 Downloads
Isabel Almudi, Francisco Fatas‐Villafranca, Gloria Jarne and Julio Sanchez‐Choliz
A green Lewis development model pp. 431-448 Downloads
Guilherme de Oliveira and Gilberto Lima
Conditions for linearity of the wage curve pp. 449-455 Downloads
Christian Bidard

Volume 71, issue 1, 2020

Factor substitution, long‐run growth, and speed of convergence in the one‐sector convex endogenous‐growth model pp. 2-21 Downloads
Manuel Gómez
New‐structuralist exchange‐rate policy and the pattern of specialization in Latin American countries pp. 22-48 Downloads
Ariel Dvoskin, German Feldman and Guido Ianni
Fixed capital in the corn‐tractor model pp. 49-56 Downloads
Ian Steedman
Does ownership of an end‐of‐life product affect design for environment? pp. 57-87 Downloads
Eiji B. Hosoda
Harrodian instability in a post‐Keynesian growth and distribution model pp. 88-128 Downloads
Cédric Rogé
Productivity growth, Smith effects and Ricardo effects in Euro Area's manufacturing industries pp. 129-155 Downloads
Emilio Carnevali, Antoine Godin, Stefano Lucarelli and Marco Veronese Passarella
Post‐Keynesian endogenous money theory: Horizontalists, structuralists and the paradox of illiquidity pp. 156-175 Downloads
Matteo Deleidi
Some properties of inflation expectations in the euro area pp. 176-203 Downloads
Petar Sorić, Ivana Lolić and Marina Matošec
Are long‐run output growth rates falling? pp. 204-234 Downloads
Mengheng Li and Ivan Mendieta‐Muñoz
Income shares, secular stagnation and the long‐run distribution of wealth pp. 235-255 Downloads
Luke Petach and Daniele Tavani
Cyclical dynamics in a Kaleckian model with demand and distribution regimes and endogenous natural output pp. 256-288 Downloads
Hiroshi Nishi and Engelbert Stockhammer
A note on endogenous competition mode with managerial‐unionized firms: Comment pp. 289-291 Downloads
Qing Hu
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