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Volume 69, issue 4, 2018

Does the demand regime matter over the medium run? Revisiting distributional issues in a portfolio framework under different exchange rate regimes pp. 708-736 Downloads
Arslan Razmi
Dealing with the consequences of exchange rate misalignments for macroeconomic adjustments in the EMU pp. 737-767 Downloads
Vincent Duwicquet, Jacques Mazier and Jamel Saadaoui
Solow meets Stone–Geary: Technological progress and the demographic transition pp. 768-790 Downloads
Tamotsu Nakamura
Production of commodities by means of commodities and non‐uniform rates of profits pp. 791-819 Downloads
Stefano Zambelli
Employment and fiscal policy in a Marxian model pp. 820-846 Downloads
Stephen Thompson
Freeing long‐period prices from the uniform profit rate hypothesis: A general model of long‐period positions pp. 847-861 Downloads
Antonio D’Agata
Industry‐level capital‐labour isoquants pp. 862-867 Downloads
Ian Steedman
Aggregate demand deficiency, labor unions, and long‐run stagnation pp. 868-888 Downloads
Ryu‐ichiro Murota

Volume 69, issue 2, 2018

Diffusion of a new intermediate product in a simple ‘classical†Schumpeterian’ model pp. 326-346 Downloads
David Haas
Vertical differentiation in oligopoly and license fees when outside innovator can enter the market: Two†step auction pp. 347-365 Downloads
Masahiko Hattori and Yasuhito Tanaka
Thirlwall's law and the specification of export and import functions pp. 366-395 Downloads
João P. Romero and John McCombie
The effects of aging on notional defined contribution pension systems: A theoretical investigation pp. 396-408 Downloads
Fabrizio Patriarca
Drug trafficking, money laundering and the business cycle: Does secular stagnation include crime? pp. 409-426 Downloads
Raffaella Barone, Domenico Delle Side and Donato Masciandaro
Long†run macro drivers of citizens’ mood in European institutions: An empirical assessment pp. 427-443 Downloads
Mariangela Bonasia and Rosaria Rita Canale
A two†sector Keynesian model of business cycles pp. 444-472 Downloads
Hiroki Murakami
A Sraffian (no) trade†off between autonomous demand and transfer payments pp. 473-487 Downloads
Theodore Mariolis
A comparison of monetary and fiscal policy interaction under ‘sound’ and ‘functional’ finance regimes pp. 488-508 Downloads
J. W. Mason and Arjun Jayadev
Indeterminacy and fundamental reduced form representations of DSGE models pp. 509-524 Downloads
Marco Sorge

Volume 69, issue 1, 2018

Can monetary policy survive policy model mis†specification? Model uncertainty and the perils of “policy model complacency†pp. 2-15 Downloads
Mark Setterfield
Class alliances and conflict: An explanation of political transitions in 19th†century Europe pp. 16-38 Downloads
Sung†Ha Hwang
Income Inequality and the Financial Industry pp. 39-59 Downloads
Carlo Panico and Antonio Pinto
A note on endogenous competition mode with managerial†unionized firms pp. 60-69 Downloads
Nicola Meccheri and Luciano Fanti
Is three a crowd? Small group provision of a public good pp. 70-85 Downloads
Simon Vicary
On Decreasing Marginal Impatience, Stability and Monetary Policy in a Sidrauskian Economy pp. 86-108 Downloads
Sarah Lynne Daway-Ducanes
A simple generalization of the singular rent model pp. 109-124 Downloads
Biao Huang
Back to the sixties: A note on multi†primary†factor linear models with homogeneous capital pp. 125-141 Downloads
Giuseppe Freni
A proof of the Farkas–Minkowski theorem by a tandem method pp. 142-150 Downloads
Takao Fujimoto, B. B. Upeksha P. Perera and Giorgio Giorgi
Sovereign ratings, macroeconomic dynamics, and fiscal policy. Interactions within a stock flow consistent framework pp. 151-177 Downloads
Stefanos Ioannou
On controlling chaos in a discrete†time Walrasian tâtonnement process pp. 178-194 Downloads
Ahmad Naimzada and Serena Sordi
Costly investment and complementarities in an international trade model with directed technological change pp. 195-223 Downloads
Óscar Afonso, Pedro Cunha Neves and Maria Thompson
Expectations and policies in deflationary recessions pp. 224-250 Downloads
Luca Colombo and Gerd Weinrich
Modelling economic structures from a qualitative input–output perspective: Greece in 2005 and 2010 pp. 251-269 Downloads
Fidel Aroche Reyes and Ana Salomé García Muñiz
Financialization and the non†financial corporation: An investigation of firm†level investment behavior in the United States pp. 270-307 Downloads
Leila Davis
Decisive coalitions and positive responsiveness pp. 308-323 Downloads
Susumu Cato

Volume 68, issue 4, 2017

Symposium on Arrigo Opocher and Ian Steedman ( pp. 586-624 Downloads
Enrico Bellino, Christian Bidard, Saverio Fratini, G.C. Harcourt, Arrigo Opocher, Ian Steedman, Naoki Yoshihara and Heinz D. Kurz
Again on the Relevance of Reverse Capital Deepening and Reswitching pp. 625-659 Downloads
Ariel Dvoskin and Fabio Petri
An Extension of Ausubel's Auction for Heterogeneous Discrete Goods pp. 660-698 Downloads
Hakan İnal
Political Rivalry Effects on Human Capital Accumulation and Inequality: A New Political Economy Approach pp. 699-729 Downloads
Elena Sochirca, Oscar Afonso and Sandra T. Silva
The Neoclassical Approach to Induced Technical Change: From Hicks to Acemoglu pp. 730-776 Downloads
Florian Brugger and Christian Gehrke
Can a Higher Inflation Target Reduce Inflation Volatility? pp. 777-791 Downloads
Georgios Karras
Competitive Exchange Rate and Public Infrastructure in a Macrodynamic of Economic Growth pp. 792-815 Downloads
Antonio Soares Martins Neto and Gilberto Lima
Eisenberg's Duality in Homogeneous Programming, Shephard's Duality and Economic Analysis pp. 816-832 Downloads
Takao Fujimoto and B. B. Upeksha P. Perera
The Wage-Share in an Open Economy. Discussing Mexico's Experience pp. 833-858 Downloads
Julio López G and Ana Sofía Malagamba-Morán
Are Human and Social Capital Linked? Evidence from India pp. 859-881 Downloads
Baris Alpaslan
Linear and Non-Linear Granger Causality Between Short-Term and Long-Term Interest Rates: A Rolling Window Strategy pp. 882-902 Downloads
Azadeh Rahimi, Ba Chu and Marc Lavoie
Duopolistic Price Competition with Captives pp. 903-926 Downloads
Zakaria Babutsidze
Wealth Distribution, Elasticity of Substitution and Piketty: An ‘Anti-Dual’ Pasinetti Economy pp. 927-946 Downloads
Luca Zamparelli
Agents with other-regarding preferences in the commons pp. 947-965 Downloads
Luisa Monroy, M. Angeles Caraballo, Amparo M. Mármol and Asunción Zapata
Economic growth with demand saturation and “endogenous” demand creation pp. 966-985 Downloads
Hiroki Murakami
Temptation and the efficient taxation of education and labor pp. 986-1000 Downloads
Carlos Bethencourt and Lars Kunze
Modeling economic growth with tourism for small open economies pp. 1001-1018 Downloads
Peter Josef Stauvermann and Ronald Kumar
Differential profit rates in long period analysis: The nonlinear case pp. 1019-1024 Downloads
Antonio D'Agata

Volume 68, issue 3, 2017

The Causal Effects of Income Support and Housing Benefits on Mental Well-Being: An Application of a Bayesian Network pp. 398-424 Downloads
Oznur Ozdamar and Eleftherios Giovanis
Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy within a Simple Dynamic Model pp. 425-464 Downloads
Isabel Almudi, Francisco Fatas-Villafranca, Gloria Jarne and Julio Sanchez-Choliz
A Statistical Equilibrium Approach to the Distribution of Profit Rates pp. 465-499 Downloads
Ellis Scharfenaker and Gregor Semieniuk
Fiscal and Monetary Policy Rules in an Unstable Economy pp. 500-548 Downloads
Soon Ryoo and Peter Skott
Biased Technical Change in Agriculture and Industrial Growth pp. 549-583 Downloads
Joao Paulo A. de Souza

Volume 68, issue 2, 2017

Augusto Graziani and recent advances in the monetary theory of production pp. 202-204 Downloads
Giuseppe Fontana and Riccardo Realfonzo
Circuitist and Keynesian Approaches to Money: A Reconciliation? pp. 205-227 Downloads
Claudio Sardoni
Initial and Final Finance in the Monetary Circuit and the Theory of Effective Demand pp. 228-258 Downloads
Sergio Cesaratto
Firms’ Finance in an Experimentally Microfounded Agent-Based Macroeconomic Model pp. 259-320 Downloads
Gianfranco Giulioni, Marcello Silvestri and Edgardo Bucciarelli
The Monetary Circuit in the Age of Financialisation: A Stock-Flow Consistent Model with A Twofold Banking Sector pp. 321-353 Downloads
Malcolm Sawyer and Marco Veronese Passarella
Do Shadow Banks Create Money? ‘Financialisation’ and the Monetary Circuit pp. 354-377 Downloads
Jo Michell
Does fiscal policy affect the monetary transmission mechanism? A monetary theory of production (MTP) response to the new consensus macroeconomics (NCM) perspective pp. 378-395 Downloads
Giuseppe Fontana, Andrea Pacella and Riccardo Realfonzo

Volume 68, issue 1, 2017

Are Asymmetrically Informed Individuals Irremediably Envious? pp. 2-21 Downloads
Marialaura Pesce
An Analytical Foundation of the Classical View of Long-Period Prices with Differential Profit Rates pp. 22-46 Downloads
Antonio D'Agata and Kenji Mori
Profitability and Investment: Evidence from India's Organized Manufacturing Sector pp. 47-90 Downloads
Deepankar Basu and Debarshi Das
Uncertainty, Flexible Labour Relations and R&D pp. 91-120 Downloads
Marco Di Cintio and Emanuele Grassi
The Different Approaches to the Study of Innovation in Services in Europe and the USA pp. 121-146 Downloads
Nicola De Liso and Anna Serena Vergori
Sustainability via Intergenerational Transfers in a Stock-Flow-Consistent Model pp. 147-184 Downloads
Eckehard Rosenbaum and Biagio Ciuffo
Autonomous Demand and the Harrodian Criticisms of the Kaleckian Model pp. 185-193 Downloads
Peter Skott
Prototypes, Reality and the Growth Rate of Autonomous Consumption Expenditures: A Rejoinder pp. 194-199 Downloads
Marc Lavoie
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