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Volume 17, issue 2, 2017

The Euler equation around the world pp. 9 Downloads
Livio Stracca
A non-monotonic relationship between public debt and economic growth: the effect of financial monopsony pp. 10 Downloads
Roberts Mark A.
Macroeconomic Shocks and Corporate R&D pp. 12 Downloads
John Burger, Sedgley Norman and Tan Kerry M.
Trade and growth in a model of allocative inefficiency pp. 12 Downloads
Cothren Richard and Radhakrishnan Ravi
Does microfinance reduce poverty? Some international evidence pp. 13 Downloads
Quanda Zhang
Pass-through of imported input prices to domestic producer prices: evidence from sector-level data pp. 14 Downloads
Ahn JaeBin, Park Chang-Gui and Park Chanho
Government education expenditures and economic growth: a meta-analysis pp. 17 Downloads
Awaworyi Churchill Sefa, Mehmet Ugur and Siew Ling Yew
Exchange rate policy and the role of non-traded goods prices in real exchange rate fluctuations pp. 18 Downloads
Nestor Azcona
Democracy and income: taking parameter heterogeneity and cross-country dependency into account pp. 19 Downloads
Sequeira Tiago Neves
Economic policy uncertainty and household inflation uncertainty pp. 20 Downloads
Carola Binder
Life-cycle consumption, precautionary saving, and risk sharing: an integrated analysis using household panel data pp. 21 Downloads
Ahn Seung C., Kim H. Youn and Kang Tong Hee
Structural change and non-constant biased technical change pp. 23 Downloads
Edgar Cruz
Corruption, fiscal policy, and growth: a unified approach pp. 24 Downloads
Ghosh Sugata and Neanidis Kyriakos C.
Has the forecasting performance of the Federal Reserve’s Greenbooks changed over time? pp. 25 Downloads
Ozan Eksi, Taş Bedri Kamil Onur and Cuneyt Orman
Monetary policy and energy price shocks pp. 27 Downloads
Huynh Bao Tan
Can removing the tax cap save Social Security? pp. 28 Downloads
Shantanu Bagchi

Volume 17, issue 1, 2017

Business cycle synchronization across U.S. states pp. 15 Downloads
Aguiar-Conraria Luís, Pedro Brinca, Guðjónsson Haukur Viðar and Soares Maria Joana
Persistent vs. Permanent Income Shocks in the Buffer-Stock Model pp. 16 Downloads
Druedahl Jeppe and Jørgensen Thomas H.
Human-capital spillover, population and R&D-based growth pp. 17 Downloads
Diwakar Bharat and Gilad Sorek
Global value chains and the exchange rate elasticity of exports pp. 24 Downloads
Ahmed Swarnali, Appendino Maximiliano and Michele Ruta
Home hours in the United States and Europe pp. 27 Downloads
Fang Lei and McDaniel Cara
The Feldstein-Horioka hypothesis revisited pp. 30 Downloads
Ratbek Dzhumashev and Arusha Cooray
Economic growth and labor market friction: a quantitative study on Japanese structural transformation pp. 38 Downloads
Sim Seung-Gyu and Oh Seungjoon
Qualitative and quantitative central bank communication and inflation expectations pp. 41 Downloads
Paul Hubert
Inflation and the steeplechase between economic activity variables: evidence for G7 countries pp. 42 Downloads
Baxa Jaromír, Miroslav Plašil and Bořek Vašíček

Volume 16, issue 2, 2016

Sustainable monetary policy and inflation expectations pp. 301-334 Downloads
Armenter Roc
Monetary policy and news shocks: are Taylor rules forward-looking? pp. 335-360 Downloads
Gabriela Best and Pavel Kapinos
How do firms adjust production factors to the cycle? pp. 361-394 Downloads
Gilbert Cette, Remy Lecat and Ahmed Jiddou Ahmed Ould
Does fiscal policy affect interest rates? Evidence from a factor-augmented panel pp. 395-437 Downloads
Dell’Erba Salvatore and Sergio Sola
Public provision of health insurance and welfare pp. 439-483 Downloads
Lim Kyoung Mook
Reallocation effects of recessions and financial crises: an industry-level analysis pp. 485-522 Downloads
Fabrizio Coricelli, Aikaterini Karadimitropoulou and Miguel Leon-Ledesma
Growth and non-regular employment pp. 523-554 Downloads
Hiroaki Miyamoto
Knowledge licensing in a model of R&D-driven endogenous growth pp. 555-579 Downloads
Vahagn Jerbashian
The Taylor principle is valid under wage stickiness pp. 581-596 Downloads
Blasselle Alexis and Aurélien Poissonnier
Testing monetary policy optimality using volatility outcomes: a novel approach pp. 597-621 Downloads
Ravenna Federico

Volume 16, issue 1, 2016

On the macroeconomic effects of heterogeneous productivity shocks pp. 1-23 Downloads
Christian Jensen
Fiscal policy in an open economy pp. 25-46 Downloads
Friedman Amit, Hercowitz Zvi and Sidi Jonathan
Understanding entry and exit: a business cycle accounting approach pp. 47-91 Downloads
Patrick Macnamara
Predicting US recessions with stock market illiquidity pp. 93-123 Downloads
Shiu-Sheng Chen, Yu-Hsi Chou and Yen Chia-Yi
The corruption-inflation nexus: evidence from developed and developing countries pp. 125-144 Downloads
Ben Ali Mohamed Sami and Seifallah Sassi
Credit channel and capital flows: a macroprudential policy tool? Evidence from Turkey pp. 145-170 Downloads
Varlik Serdar and Hakan Berument
Optimistic about the future? How uncertainty and expectations about future consumption prospects affect optimal consumer behavior pp. 171-192 Downloads
Johnson Kakeu and Byron Sharri
Forecasting exchange rates using multivariate threshold models pp. 193-210 Downloads
Florian Huber
Firms’ operational costs, market entry and growth pp. 211-229 Downloads
Daniel Cardona and Fernando Sánchez-Losada
Commonalities and cross-country spillovers in macroeconomic-financial linkages pp. 231-275 Downloads
Matteo Ciccarelli, Eva Ortega and Maria Valderrama
Identifying conventional and unconventional monetary policy shocks: a latent threshold approach pp. 277-300 Downloads
Takeshi Kimura and Jouchi Nakajima

Volume 15, issue 2, 2015

International specialization and the return to capital pp. 467-508 Downloads
Catia Batista and Potin Jacques
How the wage-education profile got more convex: evidence from Mexico pp. 509-560 Downloads
Chiara Binelli
Africa’s missed agricultural revolution: a quantitative study of the policy options pp. 561-602 Downloads
O’Gorman Melanie
Structural transformation and productivity in Latin America pp. 603-630 Downloads
Pedro Ferreira and da Silva Leonardo Fonseca
Public debt and growth in the euro area: evidence from parametric and nonparametric Granger causality pp. 631-648 Downloads
Silvestro Di Sanzo and Bella Mariano
Transition dynamics in the neoclassical growth model: the case of South Korea pp. 649-676 Downloads
Yongsung Chang and Andreas Hornstein
Household saving in Australia pp. 677-704 Downloads
Richard Finlay and Fiona Price
An ordered probit analysis of monetary policy inertia pp. 705-726 Downloads
Bayar Omer
Fiscal shocks, the real exchange rate and the trade balance: some evidence for emerging economies pp. 727-768 Downloads
Marcelo Silva, Diogo Baerlocher and Veras de Paiva Fonseca Henrique
Remittances and financial institutions: is there a causal linkage? pp. 769-789 Downloads
Alberto Posso
Club convergence in Latin America pp. 791-820 Downloads
Víctor Martín and Vazquez Guillermo

Volume 15, issue 1, 2015

Preface to “Reflections on Macroeconometric Modeling” by Ray C. Fair pp. 2 Downloads
Ábrahám Árpád and Tiago Cavalcanti
The bank lending channel and monetary policy rules for Eurozone banks: further extensions pp. 20 Downloads
Nicholas Apergis, Stephen Miller and Alevizopoulou Effrosyni
Reflections on macroeconometric modeling pp. 22 Downloads
Fair Ray C.
Households forming macroeconomic expectations: inattentive behavior with social learning pp. 25 Downloads
Easaw Joshy and Mossay Pascal
The zero lower bound: frequency, duration, and numerical convergence pp. 26 Downloads
Alexander Richter and Nathaniel Throckmorton
Trend inflation and monetary policy rules: determinacy analysis in New Keynesian model with capital accumulation pp. 29 Downloads
Gerko Elena and Kirill Sossounov
Price-level instability and international monetary policy coordination pp. 29 Downloads
Nguyen Hong Thang
Environmental policy and economic growth: the macroeconomic implications of the health effect pp. 31 Downloads
Chen Jhy-hwa, Shieh Jhy-yuan and Juin-jen Chang
What drives endogenous growth in the United States? pp. 39 Downloads
Dennis Wesselbaum
Consumption composition and macroeconomic dynamics pp. 42 Downloads
Jaime Alonso-Carrera, Jordi Caballe and Xavier Raurich
Investment lags and macroeconomic dynamics pp. 43 Downloads
Jung Yong-Gook
Complementarity and transition to modern economic growth pp. 48 Downloads
Jeong Hyeok and Kim Yong
Evaluating linear approximations in a two-country model with occasionally binding borrowing constraints pp. 49 Downloads
Alexis Anagnostopoulos and Tang Xin
US household deleveraging following the Great Recession – a model-based estimate of equilibrium debt pp. 53 Downloads
Bruno Albuquerque, Baumann Ursel and Georgi Krustev
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