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Volume 9, issue 6, 2021

The Interactive Impact of Trade Policy Uncertainty and Credit Constraint Heterogeneity on Firms’ Export Margins: Theory and Empirics pp. 575-607 Downloads
Liu Qing, Zhang Yanchao, Li Shuaihang and Li Langxing
Dynamic Evaluation and Analysis of Regional Innovation Capability in Eastern China from the Perspective of High-quality Development pp. 608-626 Downloads
Xu Linming, Lu Jincheng, Li Meijuan and He Lerong
Productivity Analysis for Banks’ Merger and Acquisition Using Two-Stage DEA: Evidence from China pp. 627-659 Downloads
Li Jia, Wang Ping, Tao Xiangyang and Wen Yao
Efficiency Analysis of Industrial Water Treatment in China Based on Two-stage Undesirable Fixed-sum Output DEA Model pp. 660-680 Downloads
Ma Hewen, Geng Baoxia, Fu Yingxiong, Sun Yi and Sun Zhao
Investigating the Impact of Capacity Utilization on Carbon Dioxide Emission: Evidence from China’s Iron and Steel Industry pp. 681-703 Downloads
Ya Chen, Zhang Xintian and Liu Haoxiang
The Cross-Correlation Relationship Between the Real Estate Industry and High-Quality Economic Development pp. 704-720 Downloads
Zhang Mengwan, Gao Fengfeng, Gao Jialin, Chen Weiguo and Lee Chong Aik
Air Pollution, Environmental Regulations and Economic Growth — Estimation of Simultaneous Equations Based on Panel Data of Prefecture-Level Cities pp. 721-738 Downloads
Wang Ligang, Zhang Qi, Wang Lin and Zhang Xi

Volume 9, issue 5, 2021

The Dynamic Impact of Structural Oil Price Shocks on the Macroeconomy pp. 469-497 Downloads
Li Ping, Li Jie and Zhang Ziyi
The Effect of Green Technology Adoption Strategy on Duopoly Competition pp. 498-518 Downloads
Shen Chenglin and Zhang Xinxin
Measuring the Imbalance of Regional Development from Outer Space in China pp. 519-532 Downloads
Shengxia Xu, Liu Qiang and Lu Xiaoli
Statistical Inference for a Simple Step Stress Model with Competing Risks Based on Generalized Type-I Hybrid Censoring pp. 533-548 Downloads
Mao Song, Liu Bin and Shi Yimin
Study on Pollution Cost Control Model under Asymmetric Information Based on Principal Agent pp. 549-557 Downloads
Wang Lina, Milis Koen and Poelmans Stephen
Topic-Feature Lattices Construction and Visualization for Dynamic Topic Number pp. 558-574 Downloads
Wang Kai and Wang Fuzhi

Volume 9, issue 4, 2021

Will Tax Burden Be a Stumbling Block to Carbon-Emission Reduction? Evidence from OECD Countries pp. 335-355 Downloads
Ren Yishuai, Jiang Yong, Ma Chaoqun, Liu Jianglong and Chen Jing
The Effect of Online Channel Addition on Store Performance: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Chain Retailers pp. 356-377 Downloads
Wang Yixin, Gong Qiguo, Tian Xin and Wang Tingyan
A Range Adjusted Measure of Super-Efficiency in Integer-Valued Data Envelopment Analysis with Undesirable Outputs pp. 378-398 Downloads
Chen Chunhua, Liu Haohua, Tang Lijun and Ren Jianwei
A Study of Multi-Scale Relationship Between Investor Sentiment and Stock Index Fluctuation Based on the Analysis of BEMD Spillover Index pp. 399-420 Downloads
Chen Weiguo, Zhang Yin, Zhou Shufen and Sun Yi
Wavelet-Based Elman Neural Network with the Modified Differential Evolution Algorithm for Forecasting Foreign Exchange Rates pp. 421-439 Downloads
Huang Renquan and Tian Jing
Crowdsourcing Task Assignment Mechanism Based on Employer Net Profit and Employee Satisfaction pp. 440-454 Downloads
Li Juan and Zhang Yu
Promoting Metro Operation Safety by Exploring Metro Operation Accident Network pp. 455-468 Downloads
Suo Qi, Wang Liyuan, Yao Tianzi and Wang Zihao

Volume 9, issue 3, 2021

A Systematic Overview of Blockchain Research pp. 205-238 Downloads
Guizhou Wang, Zhang Si, Yu Tao and Ning Yu
Research on Distributed Data Sharing System based on Internet of Things and Blockchain pp. 239-254 Downloads
Sun Enchang, Meng Kang, Yang Ruizhe, Zhang Yanhua and Li Meng
A Hashing Power Allocation Game with and without Risk-free Asset pp. 255-265 Downloads
Cheng Yukun, Du Donglei and Han Qiaoming
The Evolutionary Equilibrium of Block Withholding Attack pp. 266-279 Downloads
Cheng Yukun, Xu Zhiqi and Yao Shuangliang
Blockchain Technology Investment and Sharing Strategy of Port Supply Chain Under Competitive Environment pp. 280-309 Downloads
Liu Jiaguo, Zhang Huimin and Zhao Huida
Mechanism Construction of Human Resource Management based on Blockchain Technology pp. 310-320 Downloads
Li Long, Zhang Huimin and Dong Yinhong
Blockchain or Not? Optimal Decisions for Food Retailers Considering Consumer Expertise pp. 321-334 Downloads
Hu Linyuan, Ding Jinzhi and Yang Xiying

Volume 9, issue 2, 2021

Restrictions of the Islamic Financial System and Counterpart Financial Support for Xinjiang pp. 105-130 Downloads
Huang Helen Hui, Wang Hui, Wei Zexin, Xia Jiawei and Zhang Shunming
Analysis of the Impacts of Work, Non-Work and Stress Issues on the Work Family Conflict in Ivorian Industrial Sector pp. 131-153 Downloads
Choki Aristide Gbame and Zhao Qiuhong
A Bounded Commitment in Vertical Collaborations of New Product Development pp. 154-174 Downloads
Ge Zehui, Ren Zhengkun, Jia Yiheng and Hu Qiying
Big Data Analytics for Improving Financial Performance and Sustainability pp. 175-191 Downloads
Zhu Xiangyu and Yang Yang
Reliability Analysis of Supply Chain System with the Multi-Suppliers and Single Demander pp. 192-202 Downloads
Zhang Xin, Ding Zhaopeng and Liu Yanxia

Volume 9, issue 1, 2021

Blockchain Use Cases Revisited: Micro-Lending Solutions for Retail Banking and Financial Inclusion pp. 1-15 Downloads
Hugo Hoffmann Christian
Big Data Analytics in E-commerce for the U.S. and China Through Literature Reviewing pp. 16-44 Downloads
Zhuang Weiqing, Nakamoto Ichiro, Jiang Ming and Wang Morgan C.
Energy Consumption in China’s Construction Industry: Energy Driving and Driven Abilities from a Regional Perspective pp. 45-60 Downloads
Gao Jingxin, Chen Yunong, Zhong Xiaoyang and Ma Xianrui
Analysis of Green Technology Upgrading Strategy Based on Collaborative Incentive of Environmental Policy and Green Finance pp. 61-73 Downloads
Tan Xiuli, Chen Zhongquan, Sun Zhaorong and Chen Zhisong
A Study on the Relationship Between Land Finance and Housing Price in Urbanization Process: An Empirical Analysis of 182 Cities in China Based on Threshold Panel Models pp. 74-94 Downloads
Hu Meiting, Dong Jichang, Yin Lijun, Li Xiuting and Meng Chun
The Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of the Maximal Information Coefficient Approximate Algorithm pp. 95-104 Downloads
Shao Fubo and Liu Hui

Volume 8, issue 6, 2020

What is the Industrial Structure Changes of China? pp. 487-503 Downloads
Wang Yijie, Ke Yanyan, Ma Xianrui and Ren Yitian
Grain Science and Technology Policies and Food Security in China: An Empirical Study Based on a Provincial Dynamic Panel Model pp. 504-523 Downloads
Nie Changhong, Cui Mingming and Li Xiuting
Hesitant Trapezoid Fuzzy Hamacher Aggregation Operators and Their Application to Multiple Attribute Decision Making pp. 524-548 Downloads
Yu Qian, Cao Jun, Tan Ling, Liu Jiongyan and Zhai Yubing
Optimal Estimation for Power of Variance with Application to Gene-Set Testing pp. 549-564 Downloads
Xiao Min, Chen Ting, Ming Ruixing and Huang Kunpeng
Managing Two-Echelon Remanufacturing Under Patent Protection pp. 565-577 Downloads
Cao Xiaogang and Wen Hui
Load Balancing Algorithm of Controller Based on SDN Architecture Under Machine Learning pp. 578-588 Downloads
Liang Siyuan, Jiang Wenli, Zhao Fangli and Zhao Feng

Volume 8, issue 5, 2020

Research on the Determinants of Government Investment Effect pp. 387-400 Downloads
Yang Xuelian, Zhang Yu, Yang Cuihong and Xu Jian
Connectedness Among Economic Policy Uncertainties: Evidence from the Time and Frequency Domain Perspectives pp. 401-433 Downloads
Cui Jinxin and Zou Huiwen
Well-Posedness and Exponential Estimates for the Solutions to Neutral Stochastic Functional Differential Equations with Infinite Delay pp. 434-446 Downloads
Asker Hussein K.
SCM Implementation Decisions Under Asymmetric Information: An Agency Approach pp. 447-457 Downloads
Wang Lina, Poelmans Stephen and Milis Koen
Relationships Among Perceived Value, Satisfaction, and e-Trust: An e-CRM View of Online Restaurant Consumption pp. 458-475 Downloads
Zhang Gang, Wang Zongshui and Zhao Hong
Image Defogging Algorithm Based on Sky Region Segmentation and Dark Channel Prior pp. 476-486 Downloads
Jiang Zuyun, Wang Xiaochun and Sun Xiangdong

Volume 8, issue 4, 2020

Evaluation of Heavy Commercial Vehicles Brand Considering Multi-Attribute Indexes in China pp. 291-308 Downloads
Xiong Xiaoqin and Cheng Aiguo
Exploring Evolution of Public Opinions on Tianya Club Using Dynamic Topic Models pp. 309-324 Downloads
Yan Zhihua and Tang Xijin
Localized or Regional? Urban Housing Policy Spillover in China’s Urban Agglomerations 2010–2018 pp. 325-345 Downloads
Li Xiangfei, Han Hongli and Sun Minghan
Bifractional Black-Scholes Model for Pricing European Options and Compound Options pp. 346-355 Downloads
Xu Feng
Traveler’s Willingness to Accept and Provide Carpooling Services: A Case Study in Beijing pp. 356-366 Downloads
Xiao Lingling and Zhou Zhitian
Recursive Solution of Queue Length Distribution for Geo/G/1 Queue with Delayed Min(N, D)-Policy pp. 367-386 Downloads
Wei Yingyuan, Tang Yinghui and Yu Miaomiao

Volume 8, issue 3, 2020

Implementation of Presolving and Interior-Point Algorithm for Linear & Mixed Integer Programming: SOFTWARE pp. 195-223 Downloads
Ndayikengurutse Adrien and Huang Siming
The Co-Movements Between Crude Oil Price and Internet Concerns: Causality Analysis in the Frequency Domain pp. 224-239 Downloads
Li Jingjing, Tang Ling and Li Ling
Correlation Analysis of Stock Market and Fund Market Based on M-Copula-EGARCH-M-GED Model pp. 240-252 Downloads
Wang Ruihua and Wang Hongjun
Truck and Trailer Routing Problem Solving by a Backtracking Search Algorithm pp. 253-272 Downloads
Yuan Shiyi, Fu Jianwen, Cui Feng and Zhang Xin
Strategic Behavior and Optimization in an Unobservable Constant Retrial Queue with Balking and Set-Up Time pp. 273-290 Downloads
Wang Linlin, Liu Liwei, Wang Zhen and Chai Xudong

Volume 8, issue 2, 2020

Could the Stock Market Adjust Itself? An Empirical Study Based on Mean Reversion Theory pp. 97-115 Downloads
Li Shuangjie, Hu Xuefeng and Wang Liming
Research on the Satisfaction Impact Factors of China-Eurasia Expo: From the Perspectives of Local Residents and Exhibitors pp. 116-129 Downloads
Li Jianglong, Liu Wei, Zhao Hong, Feng Yueyang and Wang Zongshui
Study on the Measurement of Industrial Structure “Sophistication, Rationalization and Ecologicalization” Based on the Dynamic Analysis of Grey Relations — A Case Study of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei pp. 130-147 Downloads
Yuan Shiyi, Sun Xiaopeng, Chen Weiguo and Li Yongwu
Can Positive Entrepreneurship Policies Always Improve Social Welfare? pp. 148-158 Downloads
Li Xiang and Xu Yanmei
PMCMC for Term Structure of Interest Rates under Markov Regime Switching and Jumps pp. 159-169 Downloads
Liu Xiangdong, Li Xianglong, Zheng Shaozhi and Qian Hangyong
How to Bid Success in Crowdsourcing Contest? ― Evidence from the Translation Tasks of Tripadvisor pp. 170-184 Downloads
Dong Kunxiang, Sun Yan, Xie Zongxiao and Zhen Jie
Single Image Dehazing with V-transform and Dark Channel Prior pp. 185-194 Downloads
Wang Xiaochun, Sun Xiangdong and Song Ruixia

Volume 8, issue 1, 2020

The Effect of Industrial Structure Change on Carbon Dioxide Emissions: A Cross-Country Panel Analysis pp. 1-16 Downloads
Dong Jichang, He Jing, Li Xiuting, Mou Xindi and Dong Zhi
A Class of Jump-Diffusion Stochastic Differential System Under Markovian Switching and Analytical Properties of Solutions pp. 17-32 Downloads
Liu Xiangdong, Mi Zeyu and Chen Huida
On the Competitive Mechanism Concerning the Third-Party Transaction in Chinese Market pp. 33-52 Downloads
Chen Shaogang, Jing Yanfei and Chen Xianle
Can Technical Indicators Provide Information for Future Volatility: International Evidence pp. 53-66 Downloads
Shi Yafeng, Tao Xiangxing, Shi Yanlong, Zhu Nenghui, Ying Tingting and Peng Xun
A New Type of Evolutionary Strategy Based on a Multi-player Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma Game pp. 67-81 Downloads
Xie Nenggang, Bao Wei, Ye Ye and Wang Meng
Harvesting on a State-Dependent Time Delay Model pp. 82-96 Downloads
Xie Ruijun, Zhang Xin and Zhang Wei
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