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Volume 5, issue 3, 2017

EU Institutional Politics of Secrecy and Transparency in Foreign Affairs pp. 1-5 Downloads
Vigjilenca Abazi and Johan Adriaensen
Secrecy, Efficiency, Transparency in EU Negotiations: Conflicting Paradigms? pp. 6-15 Downloads
Päivi Leino
How Much Is Enough? Explaining the Continuous Transparency Conflict in TTIP pp. 16-28 Downloads
Niels Gheyle and Ferdi De Ville
From Access to Documents to Consumption of Information: The European Commission Transparency Policy for the TTIP Negotiations pp. 29-39 Downloads
Evelyn Coremans
Transparency Watchdog: Guarding the Law and Independent from Politics? The Relationship between the European Ombudsman and the European Parliament pp. 40-50 Downloads
Christine Neuhold and Andreea Năstase
Not Worth the Net Worth? The Democratic Dilemmas of Privileged Access to Information pp. 51-61 Downloads
Guri Rosén and Anne Elizabeth Stie
Transparency as a Platform for Institutional Politics: The Case of the Council of the European Union pp. 62-74 Downloads
Maarten Hillebrandt
Allies in Transparency? Parliamentary, Judicial and Administrative Interplays in the EU’s International Negotiations pp. 75-86 Downloads
Vigjilenca Abazi and Johan Adriaensen
The Puzzle of Transparency Reforms in the Council of the EU pp. 87-90 Downloads
Daniel Naurin
EU Institutional Politics of Secrecy and Transparency in Foreign Affairs: A Commentary pp. 91-93 Downloads
Emily O'Reilly
Narrating Global Order and Disorder pp. 94-98 Downloads
Matthew Levinger and Laura Roselle
Strategic Narratives and Alliances: The Cases of Intervention in Libya (2011) and Economic Sanctions against Russia (2014) pp. 99-110 Downloads
Laura Roselle
Russia’s Narratives of Global Order: Great Power Legacies in a Polycentric World pp. 111-120 Downloads
Alister Miskimmon and Ben O'Loughlin
Study of Strategic Narratives: The Case of BRICS pp. 121-129 Downloads
Carolijn van Noort
Genocide Discourses: American and Russian Strategic Narratives of Conflict in Iraq and Ukraine pp. 130-145 Downloads
Douglas Irvin-Erickson
Normal Peace: A New Strategic Narrative of Intervention pp. 146-156 Downloads
Nicolas Lemay-Hebert and Gëzim Visoka

Volume 5, issue 2, 2017

Brexit and Devolution in the United Kingdom pp. 1-3 Downloads
Michael Keating
Trust and Tolerance across the Middle East and North Africa: A Comparative Perspective on the Impact of the Arab Uprisings pp. 4-15 Downloads
Niels Spierings
The Effect of Direct Democratic Participation on Citizens’ Political Attitudes in Switzerland: The Difference between Availability and Use pp. 16-26 Downloads
Anna Kern
Towards Exit from the EU: The Conservative Party’s Increasing Euroscepticism since the 1980s pp. 27-40 Downloads
Peter Dorey
Mixed Signals: Democratization and the Myanmar Media pp. 41-58 Downloads
Tina Burrett
The State of Jordanian Women’s Organizations—Five Years Beyond the Arab Spring pp. 59-68 Downloads
Peter A. Ferguson
Policy Integration and Multi-Level Governance: Dealing with the Vertical Dimension of Policy Mix Designs pp. 69-78 Downloads
Michael Howlett, Joanna Vince and Pablo del Río
Why the United States Supports International Enforcement for Some Treaties but not for Others pp. 79-92 Downloads
Jon Hovi and Tora Skodvin
Governing Disasters: Embracing Human Rights in a Multi-Level, Multi-Duty Bearer, Disaster Governance Landscape pp. 93-104 Downloads
Lottie Lane and Marlies Hesselman

Volume 5, issue 1, 2017

Editorial to the Issue on Legitimization of Private and Public Regulation: Past and Present pp. 1-5 Downloads
Melanie Coni-Zimmer, Klaus Dieter Wolf and Peter Collin
From the 8-Hour Day to the 40-Hour Week: Legitimization Discourses of Labour Legislation between the Wars in France and Belgium pp. 6-14 Downloads
Sabine Rudischhauser
The Legitimation of Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation in Corporatist Concepts of Legal Scholars in the Weimar Republic pp. 15-25 Downloads
Peter Collin
The Public–Private Dichotomy in Fascist Corporativism: Discursive Strategies and Models of Legitimization pp. 26-33 Downloads
Maurizio Cau
Between History and Passion: The Legitimacy of Social Clubs in the Province of Buenos Aires (2001–2007) pp. 34-41 Downloads
Agustín Elías Casagrande
American Better Business Bureaus, the Truth-in-Advertising Movement, and the Complexities of Legitimizing Business Self-Regulation over the Long Term pp. 42-53 Downloads
Edward J. Balleisen
Legitimizing Private Actors in Global Governance: From Performance to Performativity pp. 54-62 Downloads
Elke Krahmann
Patterns of Legitimation in Hybrid Transnational Regimes: The Controversy Surrounding the Lex Sportiva pp. 63-74 Downloads
Klaus Dieter Wolf
Field Recognition and the State Prerogative: Why Democratic Legitimation Recedes in Private Transnational Sustainability Regulation pp. 75-84 Downloads
Klaus Dingwerth

Volume 4, issue 4, 2016

Decentralised Local Governance and Poverty Reduction in Post-1991 Ethiopia: A Political Economy Study pp. 1-15 Downloads
Yeshtila Wondemeneh Bekele and Darley Jose Kjosavik
Preference for Democracy in the Arab World pp. 16-26 Downloads
Mohamad Al-Ississ and Ishac Diwan
Civil Society Organizations’ Participation in the EU and Its Challenges for Democratic Representation pp. 27-39 Downloads
Nicolle Zeegers
Islamism, Secularism and the Woman Question in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring: Evidence from the Arab Barometer pp. 40-57 Downloads
Ashley M. Fox, Sana Abdelkarim Alzwawi and Dina Refki
Disaster Policies and Governance: Promoting Community Resilience pp. 58-61 Downloads
Naim Kapucu and Abdul-Akeem Sadiq
How Can Local Governance Systems Strengthen Community Resilience? A Social-Ecological Systems Approach pp. 62-73 Downloads
Elizabeth Carabine and Emily Wilkinson
Integrating Recovery within a Resilience Framework: Empirical Insights and Policy Implications from Regional Australia pp. 74-86 Downloads
Lex Drennan, Jim McGowan and Anne Tiernan
Governance through Economic Paradigms: Addressing Climate Change by Accounting for Health pp. 87-96 Downloads
Kristine Belesova, Ilan Kelman and Roger Boyd
The Devil Is in the Details: Linking Home Buyout Policy, Practice, and Experience After Hurricane Sandy pp. 97-106 Downloads
Sherri Brokopp Binder and Alex Greer
Disaster Governance and Vulnerability: The Case of Chile pp. 107-116 Downloads
Vicente Sandoval and Martin Voss
Conceptualizing Resilience pp. 117-120 Downloads
Thomas A. Birkland

Volume 4, issue 3, 2016

Norms, Institutions and Governance in an Era of Uncertainty: Connecting the Disparate Scholarship pp. 1-4 Downloads
Russell Alan Williams and Reeta Chowdhari Tremblay
Emerging Governance Architectures in Global Health: Do Metagovernance Norms Explain Inter-Organisational Convergence? pp. 5-19 Downloads
Anna Holzscheiter, Thurid Bahr and Laura Pantzerhielm
Contested Norms in Inter-National Encounters: The ‘Turbot War’ as a Prelude to Fairer Fisheries Governance pp. 20-36 Downloads
Antje Wiener
Regional Organizations and Responsibility to Protect: Normative Reframing or Normative Change? pp. 37-49 Downloads
Carla Barqueiro, Kate Seaman and Katherine Teresa Towey
Image and Substance Failures in Regional Organisations: Causes, Consequences, Learning and Change? pp. 50-61 Downloads
Meng Hsuan Chou, Michael Howlett and Kei Koga
Restructuring the State through Economic and Trade Agreements: The Case of Investment Disputes Resolution pp. 62-76 Downloads
Robert G. Finbow
Representation and Governance in International Organizations pp. 77-89 Downloads
David P. Rapkin, Jonathan R. Strand and Michael W. Trevathan
Comparative Intergovernmental Politics: CETA Negotiations between Canada and the EU pp. 90-99 Downloads
Valerie J. D'Erman
The Federal Features of the EU: Lessons from Canada pp. 100-110 Downloads
Amy Verdun
Editorial to the Issue on Climate Governance and the Paris Agreement pp. 111-114 Downloads
Jon Hovi and Tora Skodvin
Conference Diplomacy: The Making of the Paris Agreement pp. 115-123 Downloads
Aslak Brun
The Paris Agreement: Destined to Succeed or Doomed to Fail? pp. 124-132 Downloads
Oran R. Young
What the Framework Convention on Climate Change Teaches Us About Cooperation on Climate Change pp. 133-141 Downloads
David G. Victor
Paris: Beyond the Climate Dead End through Pledge and Review? pp. 142-151 Downloads
Robert O. Keohane and Michael Oppenheimer
Unilateral or Reciprocal Climate Policy? Experimental Evidence from China pp. 152-171 Downloads
Thomas Bernauer, Liang Dong, Liam F. McGrath, Irina Shaymerdenova and Haibin Zhang
Predicting Paris: Multi-Method Approaches to Forecast the Outcomes of Global Climate Negotiations pp. 172-187 Downloads
Detlef F. Sprinz, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, Steffen Kallbekken, Frans Stokman, Håkon Sælen and Robert Thomson
The Paris Agreement: Consequences for the EU and Carbon Markets? pp. 188-196 Downloads
Steinar Andresen, Jon Birger Skjærseth, Torbjørg Jevnaker and Jørgen Wettestad
From Paris to the End of Oil pp. 197-208 Downloads
Dag Harald Claes and Helge Hveem
The Paris Agreement: Short-Term and Long-Term Effectiveness pp. 209-218 Downloads
Guri Bang, Jon Hovi and Tora Skodvin
The Paris Climate Agreement and the Three Largest Emitters: China, the United States, and the European Union pp. 219-223 Downloads
Miranda A. Schreurs

Volume 4, issue 2, 2016

Editorial: New Approaches to Political Leadership pp. 1-4 Downloads
Mark Bennister
The (Unintended) Consequences of New Labour: Party Leadership vs Party Management in the British Labour Party pp. 5-14 Downloads
Emmanuelle Avril
Assessing the Performance of UK Opposition Leaders: Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘Straight Talking, Honest Politics’ pp. 15-24 Downloads
Patrick Diamond
Deliberative Political Leaders: The Role of Policy Input in Political Leadership pp. 25-35 Downloads
Jennifer Lees-Marshment
Explaining Japan’s Revolving Door Premiership: Applying the Leadership Capital Index pp. 36-53 Downloads
Tina Burrett
Responsive to the People? Comparing the European Cognitive Maps of Dutch Political Leaders and their Followers pp. 54-67 Downloads
Femke Van Esch, Rik Joosen and Sabine van Zuydam
Between Potential, Performance and Prospect: Revisiting the Political Leadership of the EU Commission President pp. 68-79 Downloads
Henriette Müller
Missing Areas in the Bureaucratic Reputation Framework pp. 80-90 Downloads
Moshe Maor
Contingency and Political Action: The Role of Leadership in Endogenously Created Crises pp. 91-103 Downloads
András Körösényi, Gábor Illés and Rudolf Metz
Leadership in Precarious Contexts: Studying Political Leaders after the Global Financial Crisis pp. 104-114 Downloads
Cristine de Clercy and Peter Ferguson
Political Leadership in Parliament: The Role of Select Committee Chairs in the UK House of Commons pp. 115-126 Downloads
Alexandra Kelso
Leadership and Behavior in Humanitarian and Development Transnational Non-Governmental Organizations pp. 127-137 Downloads
Margaret G. Hermann and Christiane Pagé
Cursus Honorum: Personal Background, Careers and Experience of Political Leaders in Democracy and Dictatorship—New Data and Analyses pp. 138-157 Downloads
Alexander Baturo

Volume 4, issue 1, 2016

Introduction: How Different Were the European Elections of 2014? pp. 1-8 Downloads
Wouter van der Brug, Katjana Gattermann and Claes H. de Vreese
The Choice of Spitzenkandidaten: A Comparative Analysis of the Europarties’ Selection Procedures pp. 9-22 Downloads
Gert-Jan Put, Steven Van Hecke, Corey Cunningham and Wouter Wolfs
The Spitzenkandidaten in the European Parliament Election Campaign Coverage 2014 in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom pp. 23-36 Downloads
Heidi Schulze
Evaluations of the Spitzenkandidaten: The Role of Information and News Exposure in Citizens’ Preference Formation pp. 37-54 Downloads
Katjana Gattermann, Claes De Vreese and Wouter van der Brug
Debating Europe: Effects of the “Eurovision Debate” on EU Attitudes of Young German Voters and the Moderating Role Played by Political Involvement pp. 55-68 Downloads
Jürgen Maier, Berthold Rittberger and Thorsten Faas
Cross Road Elections: Change in EU Performance Evaluations during the European Parliament Elections 2014 pp. 69-82 Downloads
Claes de Vreese, Rachid Azrout and Judith Moeller
Has Eurosceptic Mobilization Become More Contagious? Comparing the 2009 and 2014 EP Election Campaigns in The Netherlands and France pp. 83-103 Downloads
Maurits Meijers and Christian Rauh
The Impact of the Explosion of EU News on Voter Choice in the 2014 EU Elections pp. 104-115 Downloads
Jan Kleinnijenhuis and Wouter van Atteveldt
Looking for the European Voter: Split-Ticket Voting in the Belgian Regional and European Elections of 2009 and 2014 pp. 116-129 Downloads
Camille Kelbel, Virginie Van Ingelgom and Soetkin Verhaegen
Voting at National versus European Elections: An Individual Level Test of the Second Order Paradigm for the 2014 European Parliament Elections pp. 130-144 Downloads
Hajo G. Boomgaarden, David Johann and Sylvia Kritzinger
Context Matters: Economic Voting in the 2009 and 2014 European Parliament Elections pp. 145-166 Downloads
Martin Okolikj and Stephen Quinlan
European Parliament Elections of May 2014: Driven by National Politics or EU Policy Making? pp. 167-181 Downloads
Hermann Schmitt and Ilke Toygür
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