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Volume 9, issue 4, 2021

Climate Change and Security: Filling Remaining Gaps pp. 1-4 Downloads
Yasuko Kameyama and Yukari Takamura
The United Nations Security Council at the Forefront of (Climate) Change? Confusion, Stalemate, Ignorance pp. 5-15 Downloads
Judith Nora Hardt
How Climate-Induced Migration Entered the UN Policy Agenda in 2007–2010: A Multiple Streams Assessment pp. 16-26 Downloads
Elin Jakobsson
Strengthening External Emergency Assistance for Managing Extreme Events, Systemic, and Transboundary Risks in Asia pp. 27-42 Downloads
Sivapuram Venkata Rama Krishna Prabhakar, Kentaro Tamura, Naoyuki Okano and Mariko Ikeda
Gender in the Climate-Conflict Nexus: “Forgotten” Variables, Alternative Securities, and Hidden Power Dimensions pp. 43-52 Downloads
Tobias Ide, Marisa O. Ensor, Virginie Le Masson and Susanne Kozak
Japan’s Climate Change Discourse: Toward Climate Securitisation? pp. 53-64 Downloads
Florentine Koppenborg and Ulv Hanssen
Transforming the Dynamics of Climate Politics in Japan: Business’ Response to Securitization pp. 65-78 Downloads
Takahiro Yamada
Climate Security and Policy Options in Japan pp. 79-90 Downloads
Seiichiro Hasui and Hiroshi Komatsu
Comprehensive Security: The Opportunities and Challenges of Incorporating Environmental Threats in Security Policy pp. 91-101 Downloads
Helmi Räisänen, Emma Hakala, Jussi T. Eronen, Janne I. Hukkinen and Mikko J. Virtanen
Governance Challenges for Implementing Nature-Based Solutions in the Asian Region pp. 102-113 Downloads
Kanako Morita and Ken'ichi Matsumoto
Introduction to Migration and Refugee Flows: New Insights pp. 114-117 Downloads
Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso
Migration in Spain: The Role of Cultural Diversity Revisited pp. 118-132 Downloads
Maite Alguacil and Luisa Alamá-Sabater
The Role of Emerging Predictive IT Tools in Effective Migration Governance pp. 133-145 Downloads
Cristina Blasi Casagran, Colleen Boland, Elena Sánchez-Montijano and Eva Vilà Sanchez
Asylum Migration, Borders, and Terrorism in a Structural Gravity Model pp. 146-158 Downloads
Federico Carril-Caccia, Jordi Paniagua and Francisco Requena Silvente
Explaining Attitudes Towards Immigration: The Role of Economic Factors pp. 159-173 Downloads
Teresa María García-Muñoz and Juliette Milgram-Baleix
“Refugees” as a Misnomer: The Parochial Politics and Official Discourse of the Visegrad Four pp. 174-184 Downloads
Artur Gruszczak
Governing Precarious Immigrant Workers in Rural Localities: Emerging Local Migration Regimes in Portugal pp. 185-195 Downloads
Inês Cabral and Thomas Swerts
Undocumented Migration and Electoral Support: Evidence From Spain pp. 196-209 Downloads
Ismael Gálvez-Iniesta and José L. Groizard
Migration and Asylum Flows to Germany: New Insights Into the Motives pp. 210-223 Downloads
Felicitas Nowak-Lehmann, Adriana Cardozo and Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso
Right-Wing Populist Party Organisation Across Europe: The Survival of the Mass-Party? Introduction to the Thematic Issue pp. 224-227 Downloads
Daniele Albertazzi and Stijn van Kessel
The League of Matteo Salvini: Fostering and Exporting a Modern Mass-Party Grounded on “Phygital” Activism pp. 228-239 Downloads
Mattia Zulianello
VOX Spain: The Organisational Challenges of a New Radical Right Party pp. 240-251 Downloads
Astrid Barrio, Sonia Alonso Sáenz de Oger and Bonnie N. Field
Rootedness, Activism, and Centralization: The Case of the Swiss People’s Party pp. 252-262 Downloads
Adrian Favero
No Strong Leaders Needed? AfD Party Organisation Between Collective Leadership, Internal Democracy, and “Movement-Party” Strategy pp. 263-274 Downloads
Anna-Sophie Heinze and Manès Weisskircher
The Vlaams Belang: A Mass Party of the 21st Century pp. 275-285 Downloads
Judith Sijstermans
Is the (Mass) Party Really Over? The Case of the Dutch Forum for Democracy pp. 286-295 Downloads
Léonie de Jonge
Between Horizontality and Centralisation: Organisational Form and Practice in the Finns Party pp. 296-306 Downloads
Niko Hatakka
Walking the Walk or Just Talking the Talk? VMRO-BND’s Efforts to Become a Mass Party pp. 307-316 Downloads
Petar Bankov, Sergiu Gherghina and Nanuli Silagadze
“Mass,” “Movement,” “Personal,” or “Cartel” Party? Fidesz’s Hybrid Organisational Strategy pp. 317-328 Downloads
Rudolf Metz and Réka Várnagy
Leading the Way, but Also Following the Trend: The Slovak National Party pp. 329-339 Downloads
Tim Haughton, Marek Rybář and Kevin Deegan-Krause
Party Organisation of PiS in Poland: Between Electoral Rhetoric and Absolutist Practice pp. 340-353 Downloads
Bartek Pytlas
When a Right-Wing Populist Party Inherits a Mass Party Organisation: The Case of EKRE pp. 354-364 Downloads
Tõnis Saarts, Mari-Liis Jakobson and Leif Kalev
Right-Wing Populist Party Organisation Across Europe: The Survival of the Mass-Party? Conclusion to the Thematic Issue pp. 365-370 Downloads
Stijn van Kessel and Daniele Albertazzi

Volume 9, issue 3, 2021

Resilient Institutions: The Impact of Rule Change on Policy Outputs in European Union Decision-Making Processes pp. 1-4 Downloads
Ariadna Ripoll Servent and Angela Tacea
A New Research Agenda: How European Institutions Influence Law-Making in Justice and Home Affairs pp. 5-15 Downloads
Angela Tacea
For Farmers or the Environment? The European Parliament in the 2013 CAP Reform pp. 16-28 Downloads
Viviane Gravey and Aron Buzogány
Punching Below Its Weight: The Role of the European Parliament in Politicised Consultation Procedures pp. 29-39 Downloads
Maria Chiara Vinciguerra
Why Defend Something I Don’t Agree with? Conflicts within the Commission and Legislative Amendments in Trilogues pp. 40-51 Downloads
Thomas Laloux and Lara Panning
Crisis-Induced Leadership: Exploring the Role of the EU Commission in the EU–Jordan Compact pp. 52-62 Downloads
Karin Vaagland
The European Commission as a Policy Entrepreneur under the European Semester pp. 63-73 Downloads
Bernhard Zeilinger
Detecting Looming Vetoes: Getting the European Parliament’s Consent in Trade Agreements pp. 74-84 Downloads
Marie Peffenköver and Johan Adriaensen
Agencies’ Reputational Game in an Evolving Environment: Europol and the European Parliament pp. 85-95 Downloads
Agathe Piquet
Rising to a Challenge? Ten Years of Parliamentary Accountability of the European Semester pp. 96-99 Downloads
Tomasz P. Woźniakowski, Aleksandra Maatsch and Eric Miklin
The European Semester and Parliamentary Oversight Institutions Inside and Outside of the Euro Area pp. 100-111 Downloads
Thomas Winzen
Routine or Rare Activity? A Quantitative Assessment of Parliamentary Scrutiny in the European Semester pp. 112-123 Downloads
Ivana Skazlic
Parliamentary Scrutiny of the European Semester: The Case of Poland pp. 124-134 Downloads
Christian Schweiger
Do Independent Fiscal Institutions Enhance Parliamentary Accountability in the Eurozone? pp. 135-144 Downloads
Cristina Fasone
Accountability Revisited: Parliamentary Perspectives on the Inter-Parliamentary Conference on Stability, Economic Coordination, and Governance pp. 145-154 Downloads
Karolina Borońska-Hryniewiecka
Accountability in EU Economic Governance: European Commissioners in Polish Parliament pp. 155-162 Downloads
Tomasz P. Woźniakowski
Pragmatism and the Limits to the European Parliament’s Strategies for Self-Empowerment pp. 163-174 Downloads
Carlos Closa Montero, Felipe González de León and Gisela Hernández González
The EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility: A Next Phase in EU Socioeconomic Governance? pp. 175-185 Downloads
Sonja Bekker
Reactionary Politics and Resentful Affect in Populist Times pp. 186-190 Downloads
Tereza Capelos, Stavroula Chrona, Mikko Salmela and Cristiano Bee
Ressentiment: A Complex Emotion or an Emotional Mechanism of Psychic Defences? pp. 191-203 Downloads
Mikko Salmela and Tereza Capelos
Islamist and Nativist Reactionary Radicalisation in Europe pp. 204-214 Downloads
Ayhan Kaya
Reimagining the Medieval: The Utility of Ethnonational Symbols for Reactionary Transnational Social Movements pp. 215-226 Downloads
Matthew Godwin and Elisabeth Trischler
Double Ressentiment: The Political Communication of Kulturkampf in Hungary pp. 227-236 Downloads
Balázs Kiss
Resentment and Coping With the Democratic Dilemma pp. 237-247 Downloads
Karen Celis, Louise Knops, Virginie Van Ingelgom and Soetkin Verhaegen
Angry Reactionary Narcissists? Anger Activates the Link Between Narcissism and Right-Populist Party Support pp. 248-259 Downloads
Sabrina Jasmin Mayer and Christoph Giang Nguyen
Political Reactionism as Affective Practice: UKIP Supporters and Non-Voters in Pre-Brexit England pp. 260-273 Downloads
Gavin Brent Sullivan
Perceptions, Resentment, Economic Distress, and Support for Right-Wing Populist Parties in Europe pp. 274-287 Downloads
Diogo Ferrari
Feeling Left Behind by Political Decisionmakers: Anti-Establishment Sentiment in Contemporary Democracies pp. 288-300 Downloads
Luigi Droste
Post-Truth Politics, Digital Media, and the Politicization of the Global Compact for Migration pp. 301-311 Downloads
Maximilian Conrad
European Union Climate Governance and the European Green Deal in Turbulent Times pp. 312-315 Downloads
Claire Dupont and Diarmuid Torney
Driving the European Green Deal in Turbulent Times pp. 316-326 Downloads
Mary Dobbs, Viviane Gravey and Ludivine Petetin
Coping With Turbulence: EU Negotiations on the 2030 and 2050 Climate Targets pp. 327-336 Downloads
Marco Siddi
EU Climate and Energy Policy: How Myopic Is It? pp. 337-347 Downloads
Jana Gheuens and Sebastian Oberthür
The European Council, the Council, and the European Green Deal pp. 348-359 Downloads
Jeffrey Rosamond and Claire Dupont
Energy Security in Turbulent Times Towards the European Green Deal pp. 360-369 Downloads
Odysseas Christou
The European Green Deal: What Prospects for Governing Climate Change With Policy Monitoring? pp. 370-379 Downloads
Jonas J. Schoenefeld
Deliberative Mini-Publics and the European Green Deal in Turbulent Times: The Irish and French Climate Assemblies pp. 380-390 Downloads
Diarmuid Torney
Polish Climate Policy Narratives: Uniqueness, Alternative Pathways, and Nascent Polarisation pp. 391-400 Downloads
Katja Biedenkopf
A Nice Tailwind: The EU’s Goal Achievement at the IMO Initial Strategy pp. 401-411 Downloads
Joseph Earsom and Tom Delreux

Volume 9, issue 2, 2021

Editorial: Is There a New Climate Politics? pp. 1-7 Downloads
Anna R. Davies, Vanesa Castán Broto and Stephan Hügel
Climate Politics in Green Deals: Exposing the Political Frontiers of the European Green Deal pp. 8-16 Downloads
Juan Antonio Samper, Amanda Schockling and Mine Islar
Motivations and Intended Outcomes in Local Governments' Declarations of Climate Emergency pp. 17-28 Downloads
Xira Ruiz-Campillo, Vanesa Castán Broto and Linda Westman
Universities, Sustainability, and Neoliberalism: Contradictions of the Climate Emergency Declarations pp. 29-40 Downloads
Kirstie O’Neill and Charlotte Sinden
The ‘Stifling’ of New Climate Politics in Ireland pp. 41-50 Downloads
Louise Michelle Fitzgerald, Paul Tobin, Charlotte Burns and Peter Eckersley
Crisis Capitalism and Climate Finance: The Framing, Monetizing, and Orchestration of Resilience-Amidst-Crisis pp. 51-63 Downloads
Joshua Long
Representing ‘Place’: City Climate Commissions and the Institutionalisation of Experimental Governance in Edinburgh pp. 64-75 Downloads
Alice Creasy, Matthew Lane, Alice Owen, Candice Howarth and Dan van der Horst
Contrasting Views of Citizens’ Assemblies: Stakeholder Perceptions of Public Deliberation on Climate Change pp. 76-86 Downloads
Rebecca Sandover, Alice Moseley and Patrick Devine-Wright
Carbon Ruins: Engaging with Post-Fossil Transitions through Participatory World-Building pp. 87-99 Downloads
Johannes Stripple, Alexandra Nikoleris and Roger Hildingsson
Just Adapt: Engaging Disadvantaged Young People in Planning for Climate Adaptation pp. 100-111 Downloads
Anna R. Davies and Stephan Hügel
Shifting Coalitions within the Youth Climate Movement in the US pp. 112-123 Downloads
Dana R. Fisher and Sohana Nasrin
New Climate Activism between Politics and Law: Analyzing the Strategy of the KlimaSeniorinnen Schweiz pp. 124-134 Downloads
Seline Keller and Basil Bornemann
Clashing Tactics, Clashing Generations: The Politics of the School Strikes for Climate in Belgium pp. 135-145 Downloads
Anneleen Kenis
Public Engagement in Climate Communication on China’s Weibo: Network Structure and Information Flows pp. 146-158 Downloads
Yixi Yang and Mark C. J. Stoddart
Reforming the Institutions of Eurozone Governance pp. 159-162 Downloads
Anna-Lena Högenauer and Moritz Rehm
Avoiding the Inappropriate: The European Commission and Sanctions under the Stability and Growth Pact pp. 163-172 Downloads
Martin Sacher
Tug of War over Financial Assistance: Which Way Forward for Eurozone Stability Mechanisms? pp. 173-184 Downloads
Moritz Rehm
The European Investment Bank’s ‘Quantum Leap’ to Become the World’s First International Climate Bank pp. 185-195 Downloads
Helen Kavvadia
‘Don’t Crunch My Credit’: Member State Governments’ Preferences on Bank Capital Requirements pp. 196-207 Downloads
Sébastien Commain
European Financial Governance: FTT Reform, Controversies and Governments’ Responsiveness pp. 208-218 Downloads
Aukje van Loon
Scrutiny or Complacency? Banking Union in the Bundestag and the Assemblée Nationale pp. 219-229 Downloads
Anna-Lena Högenauer
German Politics and Intergovernmental Negotiations on the Eurozone Budget pp. 230-240 Downloads
Shawn Donnelly
The European Central Bank and the German Constitutional Court: Police Patrols and Fire Alarms pp. 241-251 Downloads
Clément Fontan and David Howarth
Covid-19: A Different Economic Crisis but the Same Paradigm of Democratic Deficit in the EU pp. 252-264 Downloads
Dina Sebastião
Editor’s Introduction: The Promise and Peril of Ranked Choice Voting pp. 265-270 Downloads
Caroline J. Tolbert and Daria Kuznetsova
Ranked Choice Voting in Australia and America: Do Voters Follow Party Cues? pp. 271-279 Downloads
Benjamin Reilly
Using Campaign Communications to Analyze Civility in Ranked Choice Voting Elections pp. 280-292 Downloads
Martha Kropf
Demographic Disparities Using Ranked-Choice Voting? Ranking Difficulty, Under-Voting, and the 2020 Democratic Primary pp. 293-305 Downloads
Joseph A. Coll
The Impact of Input Rules and Ballot Options on Voting Error: An Experimental Analysis pp. 306-318 Downloads
J. S. Maloy and Matthew Ward
Ranked Choice Voting and Youth Voter Turnout: The Roles of Campaign Civility and Candidate Contact pp. 319-331 Downloads
Courtney L. Juelich and Joseph A. Coll
Election Reform and Women’s Representation: Ranked Choice Voting in the U.S pp. 332-343 Downloads
Cynthia Richie Terrell, Courtney Lamendola and Maura Reilly
Variants of Ranked-Choice Voting from a Strategic Perspective pp. 344-353 Downloads
Jack Santucci
Lessons from the Use of Ranked Choice Voting in American Presidential Primaries pp. 354-364 Downloads
Rob Richie, Benjamin Oestericher, Deb Otis and Jeremy Seitz-Brown
Steering in Governance: Evolutionary Perspectives pp. 365-368 Downloads
Raoul Beunen and Kristof Van Assche
Steering as Path Creation: Leadership and the Art of Managing Dependencies and Reality Effects pp. 369-380 Downloads
Kristof Van Assche, Martijn Duineveld, Monica Gruezmacher and Raoul Beunen
Economic Transitions in South Africa’s Secondary Cities: Governing Mine Closures pp. 381-392 Downloads
Lochner Marais, Verna Nel, Kholisa Rani, Deidré van Rooyen, Kentse Sesele, Phia van der Watt and Lyndon du Plessis
Irritation Design: Updating Steering Theory in the Age of Governance pp. 393-402 Downloads
Marc Mölders
Social Investment Policies in the EU: Actively Concrete or Passively Abstract? pp. 403-414 Downloads
Gaby Umbach and Igor Tkalec
Strategy and Steering in Governance: The Changing Fates of the Argentine Planning Council pp. 415-427 Downloads
Rodrigo Alves Rolo, Kristof Van Assche and Martijn Duineveld
What Is the Role of the Government in Wildlife Policy? Evolutionary Governance Perspective pp. 428-438 Downloads
Krzysztof Niedziałkowski and Renata Putkowska-Smoter
Mitigating Pro-Poor Housing Failures: Access Theory and the Politics of Urban Governance pp. 439-450 Downloads
Katja Mielke and Helena Cermeño
Policy Assemblages and Policy Resilience: Lessons for Non-Design from Evolutionary Governance Theory pp. 451-459 Downloads
Kris Hartley and Michael Howlett

Volume 9, issue 1, 2021

Assessing What Brexit Means for Europe: Implications for EU Institutions and Actors pp. 1-4 Downloads
Edoardo Bressanelli and Nicola Chelotti
Explaining Cooperation in the Council of the EU Before and After the Brexit Referendum pp. 5-15 Downloads
Markus Johansson
Managing Disintegration: How the European Parliament Responded and Adapted to Brexit pp. 16-26 Downloads
Edoardo Bressanelli, Nicola Chelotti and Wilhelm Lehmann
A Knot Not to Be Cut? The Legacy of Brexit over the CJEU pp. 27-36 Downloads
Marta Simoncini and Giuseppe Martinico
Lobbying Brexit Negotiations: Who Lobbies Michel Barnier? pp. 37-47 Downloads
David Coen and Alexander Katsaitis
An Old Couple in a New Setting: Franco-German Leadership in the Post-Brexit EU pp. 48-58 Downloads
Ulrich Krotz and Lucas Schramm
Post-Brexit Leadership in European Finance pp. 59-68 Downloads
Sven Van Kerckhoven
The Ordinary Legislative Procedure in a Post-Brexit EU: The Case of Social Europe pp. 69-78 Downloads
Paul Copeland
Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side? Norwegians’ Assessments of Brexit pp. 79-89 Downloads
John Erik Fossum and Joachim Vigrestad
The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Transformative Change through the Sustainable Development Goals? pp. 90-95 Downloads
Sabine Weiland, Thomas Hickmann, Markus Lederer, Jens Marquardt and Sandra Schwindenhammer
The UN 2030 Agenda and the Quest for Policy Integration: A Literature Review pp. 96-107 Downloads
Basil Bornemann and Sabine Weiland
Promoting Policy Coherence within the 2030 Agenda Framework: Externalities, Trade-Offs and Politics pp. 108-118 Downloads
Alexander Brand, Mark Furness and Niels Keijzer
Assessing African Energy Transitions: Renewable Energy Policies, Energy Justice, and SDG 7 pp. 119-130 Downloads
Franziska Müller, Manuel Neumann, Carsten Elsner and Simone Claar
The Great Discrepancy: Political Action, Sustainable Development and Ecological Communication pp. 131-140 Downloads
Dieter Konold and Thomas Schwietring
Aligned Sustainability Understandings? Global Inter-Institutional Arrangements and the Implementation of SDG 2 pp. 141-151 Downloads
Helmut Breitmeier, Sandra Schwindenhammer, Andrés Checa, Jacob Manderbach and Magdalena Tanzer
Transformation through ‘Meaningful’ Partnership? SDG 17 as Metagovernance Norm and Its Global Health Implementation pp. 152-163 Downloads
Elena Sondermann and Cornelia Ulbert
Scientific Knowledge Integration and the Implementation of the SDGs: Comparing Strategies of Sustainability Networks pp. 164-175 Downloads
Ulrike Zeigermann
SDG Implementation through Technology? Governing Food-Water-Technology Nexus Challenges in Urban Agriculture pp. 176-186 Downloads
Sandra Schwindenhammer and Denise Gonglach
A New Generation of Sustainability Governance: Potentials for 2030 Agenda Implementation in Swiss Cantons pp. 187-199 Downloads
Basil Bornemann and Marius Christen
Conceptualizing Interactions between SDGs and Urban Sustainability Transformations in Covid-19 Times pp. 200-210 Downloads
Kerstin Krellenberg and Florian Koch
Locating Cities and Their Governments in Multi-Level Sustainability Governance pp. 211-220 Downloads
Thomas Hickmann
Editorial: Access or Excess? Redefining the Boundaries of Transparency in the EU’s Decision-Making pp. 221-225 Downloads
Camille Kelbel, Axel Marx and Julien Navarro
How to Produce and Measure Throughput Legitimacy? Lessons from a Systematic Literature Review pp. 226-236 Downloads
Vincent Caby and Lise Frehen
Lobbying Transparency: The Limits of EU Monitory Democracy pp. 237-247 Downloads
William Dinan
Talkin’ ‘bout a Negotiation: (Un)Transparent Rapporteurs’ Speeches in the European Parliament pp. 248-260 Downloads
Damien Pennetreau and Thomas Laloux
Transparency in EU Trade Policy: A Comprehensive Assessment of Current Achievements pp. 261-271 Downloads
Axel Marx and Guillaume Van der Loo
To What Extent Can the CJEU Contribute to Increasing the EU Legislative Process’ Transparency? pp. 272-280 Downloads
Benjamin Bodson
From Neglect to Protection: Attitudes towards Whistleblowers in the European Institutions (1957–2002) pp. 281-291 Downloads
Joris Gijsenbergh
EU Transparency as ‘Documents’: Still Fit for Purpose? pp. 292-295 Downloads
Maarten Hillebrandt
Return to De Capitani: The EU Legislative Process between Transparency and Effectiveness pp. 296-299 Downloads
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