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Volume 53, issue 1, 2023

Informal Work, Risk, and Clientelism: Evidence from 223 Slums across India pp. 1-24 Downloads
Emily Rains and Erik Wibbels
Personalization of Power and Mass Uprisings in Dictatorships pp. 25-44 Downloads
John Chin, Wonjun Song and Joseph Wright
(Inequality in) Interest Group Involvement and the Legitimacy of Policy Making pp. 45-64 Downloads
Anne Rasmussen and Stefanie Reher
“Our Issue Positions are Strong, and Our Opponents’ Valence is Weak”: An Analysis of Parties' Campaign Strategies in Ten Western European Democracies pp. 65-84 Downloads
Camilla Bjarnøe, James Adams and Amber Boydstun
Voter Turnout Decline and Party Responsiveness pp. 85-103 Downloads
Lawrence Ezrow and Werner Krause
Coalition Mood in European Parliamentary Democracies pp. 104-121 Downloads
Michael Imre, Alejandro Ecker, Thomas M. Meyer and Wolfgang C. Müller
The Friday Effect: How Communal Religious Practice Heightens Exclusionary Attitudes pp. 122-139 Downloads
Steven Brooke, Youssef Chouhoud and Michael Hoffman
Social Media and Press Freedom pp. 140-162 Downloads
Korhan Kocak and Özgür Kıbrıs
The Right Accounting of Wrongs: Examining Temporal Changes to Human Rights Monitoring and Reporting pp. 163-182 Downloads
Daniel Arnon, Peter Haschke and Baekkwan Park
Double-Edged Bullets: The Conditional Effect of Terrorism on Vote for the Incumbent pp. 183-203 Downloads
Albert Falcó-Gimeno, Jordi Muñoz and Roberto Pannico
Nudges, Regulations and Liberty pp. 204-220 Downloads
Keith Dowding and Alexandra Oprea
Legalization and Compliance: How Judicial Activity Undercuts the Global Trade Regime pp. 221-238 Downloads
Jeffrey Kucik, Lauren Peritz and Sergio Puig
Catching the ‘Deliberative Wave’? How (Disaffected) Citizens Assess Deliberative Citizen Forums pp. 239-247 Downloads
Saskia Goldberg and André Bächtiger
Catching the ‘Deliberative Wave’? How (Disaffected) Citizens Assess Deliberative Citizen Forums – CORRIGENDUM pp. 248-248 Downloads
Saskia Goldberg and André Bächtiger
The Social Bases of Political Parties: A New Measure and Survey pp. 249-260 Downloads
Gary Marks, David Attewell, Liesbet Hooghe, Jan Rovny and Marco Steenbergen
Proportional Representation and Right-Wing Populism: Evidence from Electoral System Change in Europe pp. 261-268 Downloads
Michael Becher, Irene Menéndez González and Daniel Stegmueller
The Burden of a Violent Past: Formative Experiences of Repression and Support for Secession in Catalonia pp. 269-280 Downloads
Toni Rodon and Raül Tormos
The Rise of Swedish Social Democracy pp. 281-296 Downloads
Carles Boix and Zsuzsanna Magyar
Stable Views in a Time of Tumult: Assessing Trends in US Public Opinion, 2007–20 pp. 297-307 Downloads
Daniel J. Hopkins
Disaggregating Civility: Politeness, Public-Mindedness and Their Connection pp. 308-325 Downloads
Aurélia Bardon, Matteo Bonotti, Steven T. Zech and William Ridge

Volume 52, issue 4, 2022

Who are the 3 Per Cent? The Connections Among Climate Change Contrarians pp. 1503-1522 Downloads
Laura D. Young and Erin B. Fitz
Location, Location, Location: How Electoral Opportunities Shape Women's Emergence as Candidates pp. 1523-1543 Downloads
Heather L. Ondercin
Gender Stereotyping and the Electoral Success of Women Candidates: New Evidence from Local Elections in the United States pp. 1544-1563 Downloads
Sarah F. Anzia and Rachel Bernhard
Understanding Ambivalent Sexism and its Relationship with Electoral Choice in Britain pp. 1564-1583 Downloads
Roosmarijn de Geus, Elizabeth Ralph-Morrow and Rosalind Shorrocks
No Longer Conforming to Stereotypes? Gender, Political Style and Parliamentary Debate in the UK pp. 1584-1601 Downloads
Lotte Hargrave and Jack Blumenau
Constrained Citizens? Ideological Structure and Conflict Extension in the US Electorate, 1980–2016 pp. 1602-1621 Downloads
Christopher Hare
Television and Economic Voting in US Presidential Elections pp. 1622-1634 Downloads
B.K. Song
Can Raising the Stakes of Election Outcomes Increase Participation? Results from a Large-Scale Field Experiment in Local Elections pp. 1635-1650 Downloads
Gregory A. Huber, Alan S. Gerber, Daniel R. Biggers and David J. Hendry
Phantom Pains: The Effect of Police Killings of Black Americans on Black British Attitudes pp. 1651-1667 Downloads
Ayobami Laniyonu
The Long Shadow of Agrarian Conflict: Agrarian Inequality and Voting in Spain pp. 1668-1688 Downloads
Jordi Domenech and Ignacio Sánchez-Cuenca
Commodity Shocks and Incumbency Effects pp. 1689-1708 Downloads
Lucas Novaes and Luis Schiumerini
Casting Ballots When Knowing Results pp. 1709-1727 Downloads
Victor Araújo and Malu A.C. Gatto
Participation Improves Collective Decisions (When It Involves Deliberation): Experimental Evidence From Kenya pp. 1728-1747 Downloads
Tara Grillos
Civil War and Citizens' Demand for the State: An Empirical Test of Hobbesian Theory pp. 1748-1768 Downloads
Robert A. Blair
From Chatter to Action: How Social Networks Inform and Motivate in Rural Uganda pp. 1769-1789 Downloads
Jennifer M. Larson, Janet I. Lewis and Pedro L. Rodriguez
When Do Private Actors Engage in Censorship? Evidence From a Correspondence Experiment with Russian Private Media Firms pp. 1790-1809 Downloads
Quintin H. Beazer, Charles D. Crabtree, Christopher J. Fariss and Holger L. Kern
How Does International Intervention Work to Secure Peace Settlements After Civil Conflicts? pp. 1810-1830 Downloads
Aila M. Matanock and Adam Lichtenheld
Language, Ethnicity, and Separatism: Survey Results from Two Post-Soviet Regions pp. 1831-1851 Downloads
Kyle L. Marquardt
How Do Violent Politicians Govern? The Case of Paramilitary-Tied Mayors in Colombia pp. 1852-1875 Downloads
Sarah Zukerman Daly
Where Is Presidential Power? Measuring Presidential Discretion Using Experts pp. 1876-1890 Downloads
Kenneth Lowande and Charles R. Shipan
The Effect of Electoral Inversions on Democratic Legitimacy: Evidence from the United States pp. 1891-1901 Downloads
John M. Carey, Gretchen Helmke, Brendan Nyhan, Mitchell Sanders, Susan C. Stokes and Shun Yamaya
County Over Party: How Governors Prioritized Geography Not Particularism in the Distribution of Opportunity Zones pp. 1902-1910 Downloads
David Glick and Maxwell Palmer
When Is A Pledge A Pledge? pp. 1911-1922 Downloads
Suthan Krishnarajan and Carsten Jensen
Public Distrust in Disputed Elections: Evidence from Latin America pp. 1923-1930 Downloads
Victor Hernández-Huerta and Francisco Cantú
How Open Lists Undermine the Electoral Support of Cohesive Parties pp. 1931-1943 Downloads
Thomas Bräuninger, Thomas Däubler, Robert Huber and Lukas Rudolph
Global Capital Cycles and Market Discipline: Perceptions of Developing-Country Borrowers pp. 1944-1953 Downloads
Alexandra O. Zeitz
Sanctuary Cities in Europe? A Policy Survey of Urban Policies in Support of Irregular Migrants pp. 1954-1963 Downloads
David Kaufmann, Nora Räss, Dominique Strebel and Fritz Sager
Untying Hands: De-escalation, Reputation, and Dynamic Audience Costs pp. 1964-1976 Downloads
Kai Quek
Cultural Backlash? How (Not) to Explain the Rise of Authoritarian Populism pp. 1977-1993 Downloads
Armin Schäfer
The Role of Child Perception and Motivation in Political Socialization – ERRATUM pp. 1994-1995 Downloads
Peter K. Hatemi and Christopher Ojeda

Volume 52, issue 3, 2022

Immigrant Political Representation and Local Ethnic Concentration: Evidence from a Swedish Refugee Placement Program pp. 997-1012 Downloads
Karl-Oskar Lindgren, Michael D. Nicholson and Sven Oskarsson
Does Immigration Produce a Public Backlash or Public Acceptance? Time-Series, Cross-Sectional Evidence from Thirty European Democracies pp. 1013-1031 Downloads
Christopher Claassen and Lauren McLaren
A New Electorate? Explaining the Party Preferences of Immigrant-Origin Voters at the 2017 Bundestag Election pp. 1032-1054 Downloads
Achim Goerres, Sabrina Jasmin Mayer and Dennis Christopher Spies
Against the Flow: Differentiating Between Public Opposition to the Immigration Stock and Flow pp. 1055-1075 Downloads
Yotam Margalit and Omer Solodoch
The Effects of Dehumanizing Attitudes about Black People on Whites’ Voting Decisions pp. 1076-1098 Downloads
Ashley Jardina and Spencer Piston
The Super-Predator Effect: How Negative Targeted Messages Demobilize Black Voters pp. 1099-1112 Downloads
Christopher Stout and Keith Baker
Protecting the Vote? Peacekeeping Presence and the Risk of Electoral Violence pp. 1113-1132 Downloads
Hanne Fjelde and Hannah M. Smidt
Did Terrorism Affect Voting in the Brexit Referendum? pp. 1133-1150 Downloads
Vincenzo Bove, Georgios Efthyvoulou and Harry Pickard
Leader Nationalism, Ethnic Identity, and Terrorist Violence pp. 1151-1167 Downloads
Seung-Whan Choi
Democratizing the Party: The Effects of Primary Election Reforms in Ghana pp. 1168-1185 Downloads
Nahomi Ichino and Noah L. Nathan
How Does Uncertainty Affect Voters' Preferences? pp. 1186-1204 Downloads
Love Christensen
Deliberative Distortions? Homogenization, Polarization, and Domination in Small Group Discussions pp. 1205-1225 Downloads
Robert C. Luskin, Gaurav Sood, James S. Fishkin and Kyu S. Hahn
Feminism as Epic Theory pp. 1226-1239 Downloads
Kate M. Phelan
Rethinking Women's Interests: An Inductive and Intersectional Approach to Defining Women's Policy Priorities pp. 1240-1257 Downloads
Tevfik Murat Yildirim
Pronoun Usage as a Measure of Power Personalization: A General Theory with Evidence from the Chinese-Speaking World pp. 1258-1275 Downloads
Amy H. Liu
Taxing the Tails in a Global Economy: How Electoral, Party and Wage Bargaining Systems Interact to Determine the Taxes Paid by the Poor and Rich pp. 1276-1295 Downloads
Jude C. Hays
Are Policy Analogies Persuasive? The Household Budget Analogy and Public Support for Austerity pp. 1296-1314 Downloads
Lucy Barnes and Timothy Hicks
When Does Income Inequality Cause Polarization? pp. 1315-1332 Downloads
Jacob R. Gunderson
Winning Hearts and Minds for Rebel Rulers: Foreign Aid and Military Contestation in Syria pp. 1333-1354 Downloads
Allison Carnegie, Kimberly Howe, Adam G. Lichtenheld and Dipali Mukhopadhyay
Foreign Aid and Soft Power: Great Power Competition in Africa in the Early Twenty-first Century pp. 1355-1376 Downloads
Robert A. Blair, Robert Marty and Philip Roessler
Militarization and Perceptions of Law Enforcement in the Developing World: Evidence from a Conjoint Experiment in Mexico pp. 1377-1397 Downloads
Gustavo Flores-Macías and Jessica Zarkin
The Comparative Legislators Database pp. 1398-1408 Downloads
Sascha Göbel and Simon Munzert
Are Populists Sore Losers? Explaining Populist Citizens' Preferences for and Reactions to Referendums pp. 1409-1417 Downloads
Hannah Werner and Kristof Jacobs
Response Options and the Measurement of Political Knowledge pp. 1418-1427 Downloads
John G. Bullock and Kelly Rader
How do Public Officials Learn About Policy? A Field Experiment on Policy Diffusion pp. 1428-1435 Downloads
Miguel M. Pereira
Locked Out of College: When Admissions Bureaucrats Do and Do Not Discriminate pp. 1436-1446 Downloads
Jacob R. Brown and Hanno Hilbig
Political Equality and Substantive Representation by Interest Groups pp. 1447-1454 Downloads
Frida Boräng and Daniel Naurin
What Countries Select More Experienced Leaders? The PolEx Measure of Political Experience pp. 1455-1464 Downloads
Alexander Baturo and Johan A. Elkink
The Institutional Order of Liberalization pp. 1465-1471 Downloads
Amanda B. Edgell, Vanessa A. Boese, Seraphine F. Maerz, Patrik Lindenfors and Staffan I. Lindberg
Asset Specificity, Corporate Protection and Trade Policy: Firm-Level Evidence from Antidumping Petitions in Nineteen Jurisdictions pp. 1472-1481 Downloads
Benjamin C. K. Egerod and Mogens K. Justesen
The Perils of Estimating Disengagement Effects of Deadly Terrorist Attacks Utilizing Social Media Data pp. 1482-1489 Downloads
Tanja Marie Hansen
Islamic State's Terrorist Attacks Disengage Their Supporters: Robust Evidence from Twitter pp. 1490-1501 Downloads
Joan Barceló and Elena Labzina

Volume 52, issue 2, 2022

Do Stereotypes Explain Discrimination Against Minority Candidates or Discrimination in Favor of Majority Candidates? pp. 501-519 Downloads
Lea Portmann
Do Disabled Candidates Represent Disabled Citizens? pp. 520-534 Downloads
Stefanie Reher
The Diminishing Value of Representing the Disadvantaged: Between Group Representation and Individual Career Paths pp. 535-552 Downloads
Stefanie Bailer, Christian Breunig, Nathalie Giger and Andreas M. Wüst
Can Elites Escape Blame by Explaining Themselves? Suspicion and the Limits of Elite Explanations pp. 553-572 Downloads
Joshua Robison
Partisan Misalignment and the Counter-Partisan Response: How National Politics Conditions Majority-Party Policy Making in the American States pp. 573-592 Downloads
Nicholas S. Miras and Stella M. Rouse
Learning at Home and Abroad: How Competition Conditions the Diffusion of Party Strategies pp. 593-612 Downloads
Sebastian Juhl and Laron K. Williams
The Ties That Bind: Text Similarities and Conditional Diffusion among Parties pp. 613-630 Downloads
Nils Düpont and Martin Rachuj
Living Together, Voting Together: Voters Moving in Together Before an Election Have Higher Turnout pp. 631-648 Downloads
Jens Olav Dahlgaard, Yosef Bhatti, Jonas Hedegaard Hansen and Kasper M. Hansen
Candidate Filtering: The Strategic Use of Electoral Manipulations in Russia pp. 649-670 Downloads
David Szakonyi
When Autocrats Threaten Citizens with Violence: Evidence from China pp. 671-696 Downloads
Erin Baggott Carter and Brett L. Carter
Politics of Nostalgia and Populism: Evidence from Turkey pp. 697-714 Downloads
Ezgi Elçi
Railroads and Reform: How Trains Strengthened the Nation State pp. 715-735 Downloads
Alexandra L. Cermeño, Kerstin Enflo and Johannes Lindvall
The Origins of Colonial Investments in Former British and French Africa pp. 736-757 Downloads
Joan Ricart-Huguet
Incumbents Beware: The Impact of Offshoring on Elections pp. 758-780 Downloads
Stephanie J. Rickard
Do Investor–State Disputes (Still) Harm FDI? pp. 781-804 Downloads
Andrew Kerner and Krzysztof J. Pelc
What We Talk about When We Talk about Poverty: Culture and Welfare State Development in Britain, Denmark and France pp. 805-828 Downloads
Cathie Martin and Tom Chevalier
How Credit Markets Substitute for Welfare States and Influence Social Policy Preferences: Evidence from US States pp. 829-849 Downloads
Andreas Wiedemann
Cyber Terrorism and Public Support for Retaliation – A Multi-Country Survey Experiment pp. 850-868 Downloads
Ryan Shandler, Michael L. Gross, Sophia Backhaus and Daphna Canetti
The Interaction of Structural Factors and Diffusion in Social Unrest: Evidence from the Swing Riots pp. 869-885 Downloads
Toke Aidt and Gabriel Leon-Ablan
Hate Speech Prosecution of Politicians and its Effect on Support for the Legal System and Democracy pp. 886-907 Downloads
Roderik Rekker and Joost van Spanje
Mitigating Servility: Policies of Egalitarian Self-Relations pp. 908-920 Downloads
Anne-Sofie Greisen Hojlund
Libertarian Paternalism and the Problem of Preference Architecture pp. 921-933 Downloads
Johannes Kniess
Civic Education in High School and Voter Turnout in Adulthood pp. 934-948 Downloads
Aaron C. Weinschenk and Christopher T. Dawes
When Does Accommodation Work? Electoral Effects of Mainstream Left Position Taking on Immigration pp. 949-957 Downloads
Frederik Hjorth and Martin Vinæs Larsen
Explaining the Relationship Between Class Position and Political Preferences: A Long-Term Panel Analysis of Intra-Generational Class Mobility pp. 958-967 Downloads
Peter Egge Langsæther, Geoffrey Evans and Tom O'Grady
Does Free-Market Reform Induce Protest? Selection, Post-Treatment Bias, and Depoliticization pp. 968-976 Downloads
Marcus J. Kurtz and Adam Lauretig
Terrorism and Migration: An Overview pp. 977-996 Downloads
Marc Helbling and Daniel Meierrieks

Volume 52, issue 1, 2022

Value Shift: Immigration Attitudes and the Sociocultural Divide pp. 1-20 Downloads
Caroline Marie Lancaster
Economic Opportunities, Emigration and Exit Prisoners pp. 21-40 Downloads
Carlo M. Horz and Moritz Marbach
The Price of Probity: Anticorruption and Adverse Selection in the Chinese Bureaucracy pp. 41-64 Downloads
Junyan Jiang, Zijie Shao and Zhiyuan Zhang
The Effects of China's Development Projects on Political Accountability pp. 65-84 Downloads
Szu-Ning Ping, Yi-Ting Wang and Wen-Yang Chang
Why Do States Intervene in the Elections of Others? The Role of Incumbent–Opposition Divisions pp. 85-106 Downloads
Johannes Bubeck, Kai Jäger, Nikolay Marinov and Federico Nanni
Political Knowledge and Misinformation in the Era of Social Media: Evidence From the 2015 UK Election pp. 107-127 Downloads
Kevin Munger, Patrick J. Egan, Jonathan Nagler, Jonathan Ronen and Joshua Tucker
It's All About Solidarity Stupid! How Solidarity Frames Structure the Party Political Sphere pp. 128-145 Downloads
Peter Thijssen and Pieter Verheyen
Many Ways to be Right: Cross-Pressured Voters in Western Europe pp. 146-161 Downloads
Noam Gidron
Parties on the Left, Parties on the Right: Electoral Competition and Citizenship Policy Change in Europe pp. 162-180 Downloads
John Graeber
The Effect of Austerity Packages on Government Popularity During the Great Recession pp. 181-199 Downloads
Abel Bojar, Björn Bremer, Hanspeter Kriesi and Chendi Wang
Macrointerest pp. 200-220 Downloads
David A. M. Peterson, Joanne M. Miller, Kyle L. Saunders and Scott D. McClurg
Real, but Limited: A Meta-Analytic Assessment of Framing Effects in the Political Domain pp. 221-237 Downloads
Eran Amsalem and Alon Zoizner
The Role of Communities in the Transmission of Political Values: Evidence from Forced Population Transfers pp. 238-258 Downloads
Volha Charnysh and Leonid Peisakhin
Revealing Issue Salience via Costly Protest: How Legislative Behavior Following Protest Advantages Low-Resource Groups pp. 259-279 Downloads
LaGina Gause
Constitutional Rigidity Matters: A Veto Players Approach pp. 280-299 Downloads
George Tsebelis
Premise Disputes and Political Ideology pp. 300-319 Downloads
David C. Barker and Morgan Marietta
Who Gets What: The Economy, Relative Gains and Brexit pp. 320-338 Downloads
Jane Green, Timothy Hellwig and Edward Fieldhouse
Democracy, Autocracy, and Everything in Between: How Domestic Institutions Affect Environmental Protection pp. 339-357 Downloads
Jana von Stein
Governmental Responses to Terrorism in Autocracies: Evidence from China pp. 358-380 Downloads
Philip B. K. Potter and Chen Wang
With Frenemies Like These: Rising Power Voting Behavior in the UN General Assembly pp. 381-398 Downloads
Martin Binder and Autumn Lockwood Payton
Crime Victimization Increases Turnout: Evidence from Individual-Level Administrative Panel Data pp. 399-407 Downloads
Kim Mannemar Sønderskov, Peter Thisted Dinesen, Steven E. Finkel and Kasper M. Hansen
State First? A Disaggregation and Empirical Interrogation pp. 408-415 Downloads
David Andersen and Jonathan Doucette
Have Europeans Grown Tired of Democracy? New Evidence from Eighteen Consolidated Democracies, 1981–2018 pp. 416-428 Downloads
Alexander Wuttke, Konstantin Gavras and Harald Schoen
Process vs. Outcome? How to Evaluate the Effects of Participatory Processes on Legitimacy Perceptions pp. 429-436 Downloads
Hannah Werner and Sofie Marien
Western Political Rhetoric and Radicalization pp. 437-444 Downloads
William O'Brochta, Margit Tavits and Deniz Aksoy
TIP for Tat: Political Bias in Human Trafficking Reporting pp. 445-455 Downloads
Rachel Harmon, Daniel Arnon and Baekkwan Park
Reducing Risk as well as Inequality: Assessing the Welfare State's Insurance Effects pp. 456-466 Downloads
Jacob S. Hacker and Philipp Rehm
Dynamic Political Interest: How Personality Differences and the Political Environment Shape Political Interest pp. 467-474 Downloads
Erik Gahner Larsen
Birth Order and Voter Turnout pp. 475-482 Downloads
Bernt Bratsberg, Christopher T. Dawes, Andreas Kotsadam, Karl-Oskar Lindgren, Richard Öhrvall, Sven Oskarsson and Oddbjørn Raaum
Partisan Context and Procedural Values: Attitudes Towards Presidential Secrecy Before and after the 2016 US Election pp. 483-491 Downloads
Daniel Berliner
The Heightened Importance of Racism and Sexism in the 2018 US Midterm Elections pp. 492-500 Downloads
Brian F. Schaffner
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