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Volume 26, issue S2, 2018

Crossing over to the Future: Interdisciplinarity in Research and Higher Education pp. S1-S5 Downloads
Milena Žic Fuchs
Following Up on Interdisciplinary Encounters: Benefits for Early Career Researchers pp. S6-S20 Downloads
Helen Bridle
Interdisciplinary Research pp. S21-S29 Downloads
Bruce Brown
Structural Conditions for Interdisciplinarity pp. S30-S40 Downloads
Lars Engwall
Implementing Interdisciplinary Curricula: Some Philosophical and Practical Remarks pp. S41-S54 Downloads
Carl Gombrich
The Perks and Perils of Interdisciplinary Research pp. S55-S67 Downloads
Erin Leahey
The Order of Knowledge: From Disciplinarity to Transdisciplinarity and Back pp. S68-S75 Downloads
Jürgen Mittelstrass
Interdisciplinarity as a State of Mind: How Can Individuals and Societies Reach It? pp. S76-S84 Downloads
Amir Muzur
The Other Kind of Research: On the Ambivalent Ties between Disciplinary, Multi-, Inter- and Transdisciplinary Scholarship pp. S85-S98 Downloads
Verena Winiwarter

Volume 26, issue S1, 2018

Introduction to the Special Issue on ‘University Governance and Creativity’ pp. S1-S5 Downloads
Georg Krücken, Lars Engwall and Erik De Corte
Welcome Remarks at the Conference on ‘University Governance: Impeding or Facilitating Creativity?’ pp. S6-S10 Downloads
Wilhelm Krull
Changing Notions of the Governance–Creativity Nexus pp. S11-S24 Downloads
Ivar Bleiklie
Creativity, Risk and the Research Impact Agenda in the United Kingdom pp. S25-S34 Downloads
Michael Power
Compliance and Creativity: Dilemmas for University Governance pp. S35-S47 Downloads
Peter Scott
Excellence of Universities versus Autonomy, Funding and Accountability pp. S48-S56 Downloads
Francisco Michavila and Jorge M. Martinez
Higher Education Institutions as Strategic Actors pp. S57-S69 Downloads
Jean-Claude Thoenig and Catherine Paradeise
Governing Collective Action – The Impetus for University Commons pp. S70-S84 Downloads
Jetta Frost and Fabian Hattke
Governing for Creativity pp. S85-S90 Downloads
Gerhard Casper
Promoting Creativity at Work – Implications for Scientific Creativity pp. S91-S99 Downloads
Sandra Ohly
Creativity and the Governance of Universities: Encounters of the Third Kind pp. S100-S113 Downloads
Gili S. Drori
On the ‘Innovative University’. A few Challenging Reflections pp. S114-S123 Downloads
Jan De Groof
Universities: From Local Institutions to Global Systems? Implications for Students, Staff and Institutions pp. S124-S148 Downloads
Holm-Nielsen, Lauritz B.

Volume 26, issue 04, 2018

The Anthroposeen: The Invention of Linear Perspective as a Decisive Moment in the Emergence of a Geological Age of Mankind pp. 583-599 Downloads
Philipp Lepenies
The Spectres Haunting Europe: Reading Contemporary Catalan Nationalism through The Break-Up of Britain pp. 600-615 Downloads
Jerry White
Brexit and Scotland: Centralism, Federalism or Independence? pp. 616-647 Downloads
Andreas Rahmatian
Conspiracy Narratives in Russian Politics: from Stalin to Putin pp. 648-660 Downloads
Chaim Shinar
Reflective Identity of Students/Future Teachers – Chances and Hopes for Shaping a New Educational and Social Reality pp. 661-669 Downloads
Szczurek-Boruta, Alina
Social Mobility Barriers for Roma: Discrimination and Informal Institutions pp. 670-685 Downloads
Pavel Ciaian and d'Artis Kancs
Socializing Global Economic Governance: Introducing a Financial Transaction Tax pp. 686-703 Downloads
Vladimir Nikolaevitch Zuev and Elena Yakovlevna Ostrovskaya
The European Union as a Global Actor: The Case of the Financial Transaction Tax pp. 704-720 Downloads
Marina Strezhneva
Additionality of European Cohesion Policy pp. 721-737 Downloads
Sonja Šlander and Peter Wostner
Are Labour Market Reforms the Answer to Post-Euro-Crisis Management? Reflections on Germany’s Hartz Reforms pp. 738-754 Downloads
Chih-Mei, Luo
China’s Long March to Central and Eastern Europe pp. 755-766 Downloads
Weiqing Song

Volume 26, issue 03, 2018

Central Europe and Colonialism: Introduction pp. 407-409 Downloads
Siegfried Huigen, Pieter Emmer and Dorota KoŁodziejczyk
Geography, Early Modern Colonialism and Central Europe’s Atlantic Trade pp. 410-420 Downloads
Klaus Weber
Central Europe and the Portuguese, Spanish and French Atlantic, Fifteenth to Nineteenth Centuries pp. 421-429 Downloads
Torsten dos Santos Arnold
Hanseatic Merchants and the Procurement of Palm Oil and Rubber for Wilhelmine Germany’s New Industries, 1850–1918 pp. 430-440 Downloads
Samuel Eleazar Wendt
Twisted Ways of Commodities in the Early Modern Era and the Positioning of Poland on the Map of Colonialism pp. 441-447 Downloads
Dariusz Kołodziejczyk
The Strange Career of Johann Matthias Kramer: Transatlantic Migration, Language and the Circulation of Information in the Eighteenth Century pp. 448-460 Downloads
Mark Häberlein
Knowledge and Power: Rumphius’ Ambonese Herbal and Ambonese Curiosity Cabinet as Colonial Contact Zones pp. 461-470 Downloads
Esther Helena Arens and Charlotte Kießling
Beňovský on Madagascar: The Self-fashioning, Career and Knowledge Production of a Central European Actor in the French Colonial Empire pp. 471-480 Downloads
Damien Tricoire
Central European Missionaries in Sudan: Geopolitics and Alternative Colonialism in Mid-Nineteenth Century Africa pp. 481-491 Downloads
Helge Wendt
‘They Handle Negroes Just Like Us’: German Colonialism in Cameroon in the Eyes of Poles (1885–1914) pp. 492-502 Downloads
Jawad Daheur
Eurafrica: A Pan-European Vehicle for Central European Colonialism (1923–1939) pp. 503-513 Downloads
Benjamin J. Thorpe
How to Write the History of Europe? pp. 514-544 Downloads
Jean-Frédéric Schaub
The EC/EU between the Art of Forgetting and the Palimpsest of Empire pp. 545-581 Downloads
Patrick Pasture

Volume 26, issue 02, 2018

Introduction: Humanities versus Sciences? pp. 229-232 Downloads
Ning Wang
Two Cultures into One? pp. 233-240 Downloads
Wim Blockmans
Social Sciences, Humanities and Liberal Arts: China and the West pp. 241-261 Downloads
Liu Kang
Educational Sciences: A Crossroad for Dialogue among Disciplines pp. 262-271 Downloads
Erik De Corte
Liberal Arts Education and the Modern University pp. 272-284 Downloads
Yifeng Sun
Montesquieu in the University: The Governance of World-class Institutions of Higher Education and Research pp. 285-298 Downloads
Lars Engwall
The Significance of the Humanities and Liberal Arts in Higher Education pp. 299-310 Downloads
Guoqiang Qiao
The Mission and Responsibilities of Innovative Universities pp. 311-318 Downloads
Lei Zhang, Liu, Ji’An and Jie Zhang
‘Science’ and ‘Culture’ in University Settings. Areas of Overlap? Areas of Tension? Or, Areas of Mutual Complementarity? pp. 319-329 Downloads
Milena Žic Fuchs
Scientific Prometheanism and the Boundaries of Knowledge: Whither Goes AI? pp. 330-343 Downloads
Tianhu Hao
Humanities Encounters Science: Confronting the Challenge of Post-humanism pp. 344-353 Downloads
Ning Wang
Interdisciplinarity, History and Cultural Encounters pp. 354-367 Downloads
Svend Erik Larsen
New Confucianism, Science and the Future of the Environment pp. 368-380 Downloads
Chengzhou He
Is the ‘Intention’ There? On the Impact of Scientism on Hermeneutics pp. 381-394 Downloads
Zhang Jiang
Why Universities Better Invest in the Humanities pp. 395-405 Downloads
D’haen, Theo

Volume 26, issue 01, 2018

From Mars to the Multiverse pp. 1-12 Downloads
Martin Rees
Reproducibility of Published Research pp. 13-19 Downloads
Johannes Klumpers
Disorder and Public Governance pp. 20-29 Downloads
Body-Gendrot, Sophie
Why Earthquakes Threaten Two Major European Cities: Istanbul and Bucharest pp. 30-49 Downloads
Gregory A. Houseman
Transitional Women in the Transnational Era: Female Voices through Art pp. 50-66 Downloads
Pellicer-Ortín, Silvia
Tribute to Thomas W.B. Kibble – Perspectives in Fundamental Physics pp. 67-69 Downloads
Alban Kellerbauer and André Mischke
The Search for Dark Matter pp. 70-81 Downloads
Laura Baudis
Low-energy Tests of Fundamental Physics pp. 82-89 Downloads
Dmitry Budker
Gravitational Waves: Physics at the Extreme pp. 90-99 Downloads
Jo van den Brand
Perspectives in Particle Physics after the Discovery of the Higgs Boson pp. 100-109 Downloads
Guido Tonelli
On the Brout–Englert–Higgs–Guralnik–Hagen–Kibble Mechanism in Quantum Gravity pp. 110-116 Downloads
‘t Hooft, Gerard
Introduction: ‘Language Endangerment and Revitalization’ pp. 117-119 Downloads
Wolfgang U. Dressler, Dziubalska-Kołaczyk, Katarzyna and Alain Peyraube
Independent, Dependent and Interdependent Variables in Language Decay and Language Death pp. 120-129 Downloads
Wolfgang U. Dressler
On some endangered Sinitic languages spoken in Northwestern China pp. 130-146 Downloads
Alain Peyraube
A ‘Small’ Language in Contact with a ‘Big’ One: The Loss of the Alienability Distinction in Tének (Mayan) under Spanish Influence pp. 147-163 Downloads
Elwira Sobkowiak and Marcin Kilarski
Purism, Variation, Change and ‘Authenticity’: Ideological Challenges to Language Revitalisation pp. 164-178 Downloads
Julia Sallabank
Awakening the Language and Speakers’ Community of Wymysiöeryś pp. 179-191 Downloads
Tomasz Wicherkiewicz, Tymoteusz Król and Justyna Olko
Language Ideologies and Minority Language Education: Lessons from Brittany for Kashubia pp. 192-206 Downloads
Dołowy-Rybińska, Nicole and Michael Hornsby
Unbalanced Language Contact and the Struggle for Survival: Bridging Diachronic and Synchronic Perspectives on Nahuatl pp. 207-228 Downloads
Justyna Olko
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