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Volume 12, issue 4, 2016

Institutional entrepreneurship, wikipedia, and the opportunity of the commons pp. 743-771 Downloads
Ryan Safner
Factor endowments, the rule of law and structural inequality pp. 773-795 Downloads
Daniel L. Bennett and Boris Nikolaev
Financial property rights under colonialism: some counterfactual possibilities pp. 797-824 Downloads
Abhishek Chatterjee
Competitive federalism, government's dual role and the power to tax pp. 825-845 Downloads
Viktor J. Vanberg
Ludwig von Mises's approach to capital as a bridge between Austrian and institutional economics pp. 847-866 Downloads
Eduard Braun, Peter Lewin and Nicolas Cachanosky
Aristotle on agency, habits and institutions pp. 867-884 Downloads
Ricardo Crespo
Economic freedom of North America at state borders 1 pp. 885-893 Downloads
Ryan Murphy
Electoral rule choice in transitional economies pp. 895-919 Downloads
Jessica Clement
The impact of regulatory accumulation on U.S. Federal District Courts pp. 921-940 Downloads
Gregory Randolph and James Fetzner

Volume 12, issue 3, 2016

Legal personhood and the firm: avoiding anthropomorphism and equivocation pp. 499-513 Downloads
David Gindis
Reputation in the Internet black market: an empirical and theoretical analysis of the Deep Web pp. 515-539 Downloads
Robert Augustus Hardy and Julia R. Norgaard
Externalities as a basis for regulation: a philosophical view pp. 541-563 Downloads
Rutger Claassen
Institutional complementarities, intellectual property rights and technology in the knowledge economy pp. 565-578 Downloads
Varieties of legal systems: towards a new global taxonomy pp. 579-602 Downloads
Mathias Siems
Can foreign aid free the press? pp. 603-621 Downloads
Nabamita Dutta and Claudia Williamson
Property rights and economic development: the legacy of Japanese colonial institutions pp. 623-650 Downloads
Dongwoo Yoo and Richard Steckel
Impediments to contract enforcement in day labour markets: a perspective from India pp. 651-676 Downloads
Karthikeya Naraparaju
Caste as self-regulatory club: evidence from a private banking system in nineteenth century India pp. 677-698 Downloads
Malavika Nair
Max Weber and the First World War: Protestant and Catholic living standards in Germany, 1915–1919 pp. 699-719 Downloads
Matthias Blum and Matthias Strebel
Institutions matter: but which institutions? And how and why do they change? pp. 721-742 Downloads
Andrew Tylecote

Volume 12, issue 2, 2016

Market institutions and income inequality pp. 263-276 Downloads
Randall Holcombe and Christopher Boudreaux
Not by technique alone. A methodological comparison of development analysis with Esther Duflo and Elinor Ostrom pp. 277-303 Downloads
Agnãˆs Labrousse
Re-evaluating community policing in a polycentric system pp. 305-325 Downloads
Peter Boettke, Jayme S. Lemke and Liya Palagashvili
Cigarettes, dollars and bitcoins – an essay on the ontology of money pp. 327-347 Downloads
J. P. Smit, Filip Buekens and Stan Du Plessis
The historian's craft and economics pp. 349-370 Downloads
Bradley A. Hansen and Mary Eschelbach Hansen
Aid, ethics, and the Samaritan's dilemma: strategic courage in constitutional entrepreneurship pp. 371-393 Downloads
Emily C. Skarbek
Does social trust speed up reforms? The case of central-bank independence pp. 395-415 Downloads
Niclas Berggren, Sven-Olov Daunfeldt and Hellstrã–m, Jã–rgen
Heterogeneity and law: toward a cognitive legal theory pp. 417-442 Downloads
Angela Ambrosino
Defensive modernization in Germany and in the Habsburg Empire – a historical study of capitalist transformation pp. 443-469 Downloads
Gerhard Wegner
Do ‘institutional complementarities’ foster female labour force participation?1 pp. 471-497 Downloads
Thã‰venon, Olivier

Volume 12, issue 1, 2016

Max U versus Humanomics: a critique of neo-institutionalism pp. 1-27 Downloads
Deirdre Nansen McCLOSKEY
Institutions and economic history: a critique of professor McCloskey pp. 29-41 Downloads
Avner Greif and Joel Mokyr
Ideas or institutions? – a comment pp. 43-48 Downloads
Guido Tabellini
Can two observations confirm a theory? A comment on Max U versus Humanomics pp. 49-51 Downloads
Robert A. Lawson
Institutions for getting out of the way pp. 53-61 Downloads
Richard Langlois
The humanities are scientific: a reply to the defenses of economic neo-institutionalism pp. 63-78 Downloads
Deirdre Nansen McCLOSKEY
Institutional complementarities in the dynamic comparative analysis of capitalism pp. 79-103 Downloads
Bruno Amable
The origins of private property rights: states or customary organizations? pp. 105-128 Downloads
Ilia Murtazashvili and Jennifer Murtazashvili
Institutional development, transaction costs and economic growth: evidence from a cross-country investigation pp. 129-159 Downloads
Mitja Kovaäœ and Rok Spruk
The French revolution and German industrialization: dubious models and doubtful causality pp. 161-190 Downloads
Michael Kopsidis and Daniel Bromley
A spatial analysis of incomes and institutional quality: evidence from US metropolitan areas pp. 191-216 Downloads
Jamie Bologna, Andrew Young and Donald J. Lacombe
Tit-for-tat in trade policies: nothing but a fest for vested interests? pp. 217-239 Downloads
Barbara Dluhosch
Agent-based computational models– a formal heuristic for institutionalist pattern modelling? pp. 241-261 Downloads
Grã„bner, Claudius

Volume 11, issue 4, 2015

Much of the ‘economics of property rights’ devalues property and legal rights pp. 683-709 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
On Hodgson on property rights pp. 711-717 Downloads
Douglas W. Allen
What are ‘property rights’, and why do they matter? A comment on Hodgson's article pp. 719-723 Downloads
Yoram Barzel
‘Economic property rights’ as ‘nonsense upon stilts’: a comment on Hodgson pp. 725-730 Downloads
Daniel H. Cole
What Humpty Dumpty might have said about property rights – and the need to put them back together again: a response to critics pp. 731-747 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Situating care in mainstream health economics: an ethical dilemma? pp. 749-767 Downloads
John Davis and Robert McMASTER
Hackerspaces: a case study in the creation and management of a common pool resource pp. 769-781 Downloads
Michael R. Williams and Joshua Hall
Customary rule-following behaviour in the work of John Stuart Mill and Alfred Marshall1 pp. 783-801 Downloads
Michel Zouboulakis
Why Zambia failed pp. 803-821 Downloads
Stuart John Barton
Trust and prosocial behaviour in a process of state capacity building: the case of the Palestinian territories1 pp. 823-846 Downloads
Luca Andriani and Fabio Sabatini
Bypassing weak institutions in a large late-comer economy pp. 847-874 Downloads
Evguenia Bessonova and Ksenia Gonchar

Volume 11, issue 3, 2015

Institutions, rules, and equilibria: a unified theory* pp. 459-480 Downloads
Frank Hindriks and Francesco Guala
Conduct, rules and the origins of institutions pp. 481-483 Downloads
Vernon Smith
Why is the equilibrium notion essential for a unified institutional theory? A friendly remark on the article by Hindriks and Guala pp. 485-488 Downloads
Masahiko Aoki
On ‘common-sense ontology’: a comment on the paper by Frank Hindriks and Francesco Guala pp. 489-492 Downloads
Robert Sugden
Institutions, rules and equilibria: a commentary pp. 493-496 Downloads
Ken Binmore
On defining institutions: rules versus equilibria pp. 497-505 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Status functions and institutional facts: reply to Hindriks and Guala pp. 507-514 Downloads
John R. Searle
Understanding institutions: replies to Aoki, Binmore, Hodgson, Searle, Smith, and Sugden pp. 515-522 Downloads
Frank Hindriks and Francesco Guala
A forum on minds and institutions pp. 523-534 Downloads
Teppo Felin
The dynamics of organizational structures and performances under diverging distributions of knowledge and different power structures pp. 535-559 Downloads
Giovanni Dosi and Luigi Marengo
Garbage in, garbage out? Some micro sources of macro errors pp. 561-583 Downloads
Cass Sunstein and Reid Hastie
Introduction to a forum on the judgment-based approach to entrepreneurship: accomplishments, challenges, new directions pp. 585-599 Downloads
Nicolai J. Foss and Peter Klein
‘Doctor, Doctor.Â.Â.’ entrepreneurial diagnosis and market making pp. 601-621 Downloads
Andrew C. Godley and Mark Casson
Uncertainty, judgment, and the theory of the firm pp. 623-650 Downloads
Niklas L. Hallberg
Entrepreneurial judgment as empathic accuracy: a sequential decision-making approach to entrepreneurial action pp. 651-681 Downloads
Jeffery S. McMullen

Volume 11, issue 2, 2015

Introduction to the Ronald H. Coase memorial issue pp. 213-219 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson, Mã‰nard, Claude, Mary M. Shirley and Ning Wang
Ronald Harry Coase: institutional economist and institution builder pp. 221-226 Downloads
Oliver Williamson
Ronald Coase's impact on economics pp. 227-244 Downloads
Mary M. Shirley, Ning Wang and Mã‰nard, Claude
Ronald Coase's theory of the firm and the scope of economics pp. 245-264 Downloads
Brian J. Loasby
Costly institutions as substitutes: novelty and limits of the Coasian approach pp. 265-281 Downloads
Ugo Pagano and Massimiliano Vatiero
Transaction-specific investments and organizational choice: a Coase-to-Coase theory pp. 283-299 Downloads
Thomas J. Miceli
The institutional structure of production revisited pp. 301-327 Downloads
Enrico Rossi
Understanding The Problem of Social Cost pp. 329-352 Downloads
Brett M. Frischmann and Alain Marciano
‘A magnificent business prospect.Â.Â.’ the Coase theorem, the extortion problem, and the creation of Coase theorem worlds pp. 353-378 Downloads
Steven Medema
The Coase theorem: coherent, logical, and not disproved pp. 379-390 Downloads
Douglas W. Allen
Coasian and modern property rights economics pp. 391-411 Downloads
Kirsten Foss and Nicolai Foss
‘The fugitive’: The figure of the judge in Coase's economics pp. 413-435 Downloads
Elodie Bertrand
Two perspectives on trading in radio spectrum usage rights: Coase and Commons compared pp. 437-457 Downloads
Wolter Lemstra, John Groenewegen, Piet de Vries and Rajen Akalu

Volume 11, issue 1, 2015

Economics for a creative world pp. 1-31 Downloads
Roger Koppl, Stuart Kauffman, Teppo Felin and Giuseppe Longo
Creative economics for a creative world: a comment pp. 33-38 Downloads
David Colander
Next steps toward an economics for a creative world: a comment pp. 39-45 Downloads
John Foster
Economics for a creative world: some agreements and some criticism pp. 47-53 Downloads
Pavel Pelikan
Causality and regularity in a ‘creative world’ pp. 55-60 Downloads
Ulrich Witt
Economics for a creative world: a response to comments pp. 61-68 Downloads
Roger Koppl, Stuart Kauffman, Teppo Felin and Giuseppe Longo
History as a laboratory to better understand the formation of institutions pp. 69-91 Downloads
Bas J.P. Van Bavel
Coasean method: lessons from the farm pp. 93-110 Downloads
Douglas W. Allen
The dictator effect: how long years in office affect economic development pp. 111-139 Downloads
Kostadis Papaioannou and Jan Luiten van Zanden
Inequality and culture in a cross-section of countries pp. 141-166 Downloads
Andreas Kyriacou and Velã Squez, Francisco Jos㉠Lã“pez
The political economy of special economic zones pp. 167-190 Downloads
Lotta Moberg
Historical analysis of institutions and organizations: the case of the Brazilian electricity sector pp. 191-212 Downloads
Guilherme Signorini, R. Brent Ross and H. Christopher Peterson
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