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Volume 16, issue 04, 2017

Free Markets, State Involvement, and the WTO: Chinese State-Owned Enterprises in the Ring pp. 571-581 Downloads
Petros C. Mavroidis and Merit E. Janow
A Network Anatomy of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises pp. 583-600 Downloads
Li-Wen Lin
WTO and SOEs: Article XVII and Related Provisions of the GATT 1994 pp. 601-618 Downloads
Andrea Mastromatteo
NMEs and the Double Remedy Problem pp. 619-634 Downloads
Thomas J. Prusa
The Treatment of Chinese SOEs in China's WTO Protocol of Accession pp. 635-653 Downloads
Philip Levy
TPP, American National Security and Chinese SOEs pp. 655-671 Downloads
Raj Bhala
China's Export Restrictions and the Limits of WTO Law pp. 673-691 Downloads
Mark Wu
Competition Policy and State-Owned Enterprises in China pp. 693-711 Downloads
William E. Kovacic
Sunshine over Shanghai: Can the WTO Illuminate the Murky World of Chinese SOEs? pp. 713-732 Downloads
Robert Wolfe
Eli Lilly and Company v. The Government of Canada, Case No. UNCT/14/2 pp. 733-736 Downloads
Veronica Clamens
Ansung Housing Co., Ltd. v. People's Republic of China pp. 737-740 Downloads
Deepaloke Chatterjee
Canada – Anti-Dumping Measures on Imports of Certain Carbon Steel Welded Pipe from the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu (Canada–Welded Pipe), DS483 pp. 741-745 Downloads
Kholofelo Kugler
European Union – Measures Affecting Tariff Concessions on Certain Poultry Meat Products (EU–Poultry Meat (China)), DS492 pp. 746-749 Downloads
Kholofelo Kugler
China – Anti-dumping Measures on Imports of Cellulose Pulp from Canada (China–Cellulose Pulp), DS483 pp. 750-752 Downloads
Kholofelo Kugler
United States – Certain Methodologies and Their Application to Anti-Dumping Proceedings Involving China (US–Anti-Dumping Methodologies (China)), DS471 pp. 753-757 Downloads
Kholofelo Kugler
Russian Federation – Measures on the Importation of Live Pigs, Pork and Other Pig Products from the European Union (Russia–Pigs (EU)), DS475 pp. 757-761 Downloads
Maria Alcover
Regulatory Autonomy and International Trade in Services: The EU under GATS and RTAs by Bregt Natens Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016 pp. 763-766 Downloads
Marina Trunk-Fedorova
The Regulation of International Trade: The GATT and the WTO Agreements on Trade in Goods, Volumes 1 and 2 by Petros C. Mavroidis Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 2016 pp. 766-771 Downloads
Marco T. Molina Tejeda
Freedom of Transit and Access to Pipeline Networks under WTO Law by Vitaliy Pogoretskyy Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2017 pp. 771-774 Downloads
Anna Marhold

Volume 16, issue 03, 2017

Reforming WTO-Civil Society Engagement pp. 427-448 Downloads
Erin Hannah, James Scott and Rorden Wilkinson
Troubled Relationships under the GATS: Tensions between Market Access (Article XVI), National Treatment (Article XVII), and Domestic Regulation (Article VI) pp. 449-474 Downloads
Gilles Muller
The ‘Development’ Discourse in Multilateral Trade Lawmaking pp. 475-500 Downloads
Nicolas Lamp
The WTO in an Era of Preferential Trade Agreements: Thick and Thin Institutions in Global Trade Governance pp. 501-526 Downloads
Silke Trommer
The AGOA Extension and Enhancement Act of 2015, the SA–US AGOA negotiations and the Future of AGOA pp. 527-544 Downloads
Faizel Ismail
European Union – Anti-Dumping Measures on Biodiesel from Argentina (EU–Biodiesel), DS473 pp. 545-548 Downloads
Rodd Izadnia
India – Certain Measures Relating to Solar Cells and Solar Modules (India–Solar Cells), DS456 pp. 549-550 Downloads
Geoffrey Carlson
WTO Dispute Settlement at Twenty, Insiders' Reflection on India's Participation edited by Abhijit Das and James J. Nedumpara Springer, 2016 pp. 557-561 Downloads
Maria Kotsi
International Economic Law after the Global Crisis: A Tale of Fragmented Disciplines by S.L. Lim and Bryan Mercurio Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015 pp. 561-565 Downloads
Rambod Behboodi
The BRICS: A Very Short Introduction by Andrew F. Cooper Oxford University Press, 2016 pp. 566-569 Downloads
Christian Vidal-León

Volume 16, issue 02, 2017

WTO Dispute Settlement in 2015: Going Strong after Two Decades pp. 153-158 Downloads
Chad Bown and Petros C. Mavroidis
China–HP-SSST: Last Part of Growing Pains? pp. 159-181 Downloads
Dukgeun Ahn and Maurizio Zanardi
US–Shrimp II (Vietnam): Dubious Application of Anti-Dumping Duties – Should Have Used Safeguards pp. 183-201 Downloads
Benjamin Zissimos and Jan Wouters
China–GOES (Article 21.5): Time to Clarify the Standard for Price Suppression and Price Depression in AD/CVD Investigations pp. 203-226 Downloads
Julia Qin and Hylke Vandenbussche
Does Safeguards Need Saving? Lessons from the Ukraine–Passenger Cars Dispute pp. 227-251 Downloads
Arevik Gnutzmann-Mkrtchyan and Simon Lester
Foot-and-Mouth Disease and Argentina's Beef Exports: The WTO's US–Animals Dispute pp. 253-277 Downloads
Chad Bown and Jennifer A. Hillman
Trade and Agricultural Disease: Import Restrictions in the Wake of the India–Agricultural Products Dispute pp. 279-302 Downloads
Kamal Saggi and Mark Wu
FTA Law in WTO Dispute Settlement: Peru–Additional Duty and the Fragmentation of Trade Law pp. 303-326 Downloads
Gregory Shaffer and L. Alan Winters
Risk and Regulatory Calibration: WTO Compliance Review of the US Dolphin–Safe Tuna Labeling Regime pp. 327-348 Downloads
Cary Coglianese and Andre Sapir
Argentina–Import Measures: How a Porsche is worth Peanuts pp. 349-369 Downloads
Paola Conconi and Harm Schepel
US–COOL Retaliation: The WTO's Article 22.6 Arbitration pp. 371-394 Downloads
Chad Bown and Rachel Brewster
Ask for the Moon, Settle for the Stars: What is a Reasonable Period to Comply with WTO Awards? pp. 395-425 Downloads
Petros C. Mavroidis, Niall Meagher, Thomas Prusa and Tatiana Yanguas

Volume 16, issue 01, 2017

Private Standards and the WTO: Reclusive No More pp. 1-24 Downloads
Petros C. Mavroidis and Robert Wolfe
The Forgotten History of Food Security in Multilateral Trade Negotiations pp. 25-57 Downloads
Matias E. Margulis
Servicification of Firms and Trade Policy Implications pp. 59-83 Downloads
Magnus Lodefalk
Does WTO Accession Help Domestic Reform? The Political Economy of SOE Reform Backsliding in Vietnam pp. 85-109 Downloads
Tu-Anh Vu-Thanh
The International Registration of Non-traditional Trademarks: Compliance with the TRIPS Agreement and the Paris Convention pp. 111-140 Downloads
Qian Zhan
Colombia – Measures Relating to the Importation of Textiles, Apparel and Footwear (Colombia–Textiles), DS461 pp. 141-143 Downloads
Rodd Izadnia
Menzies Middle East and Africa S.A. and Aviation Handling Services International Ltd. v. Republic of Senegal pp. 143-147 Downloads
Rebecca Hekman, Nadège Huart and Janet Whittaker
Export Restrictions on Critical Minerals and Metals – Testing the Adequacy of WTO Disciplines by Ilaria Espa Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015 pp. 149-152 Downloads
Dylan Geraets

Volume 15, issue 04, 2016

The Legitimate Regulatory Distinction Test: Incomplete and Inadequate for the Particular Purposes of the TBT Agreement pp. 543-562 Downloads
Jason Houston-Mcmillan
Mapping the Scope of Dispute Settlement in Regional Trade Agreements: Implications for the Multilateral Governance of Trade pp. 563-585 Downloads
Marc D. Froese
The TPP and Good Regulatory Practices: An Opportunity for Regulatory Coherence to Promote Regulatory Autonomy? pp. 587-612 Downloads
Elizabeth Sheargold and Andrew D. Mitchell
SCM Agreement Revisited: Climate Change, Renewable Energy, and the SCM Agreement pp. 613-644 Downloads
Jaemin Lee
Government Procurement in the WTO: A Case for Greater Integration pp. 645-670 Downloads
Kamala Dawar
Is Compliance the Name of the Effectiveness Game? Goal-Shifting and the Dynamics of Judicial Effectiveness at the WTO pp. 671-701 Downloads
Sivan Shlomo Agon
European Communities – Definitive Anti-Dumping Measures on Certain Iron or Steel Fasteners from China – Recourse to Article 21.5 of the DSU by China (EC–Fasteners (China) (Article 21.5–China), DS397) pp. 703-705 Downloads
Geoffrey Carlson
Argentina – Measures Relating to Trade in Goods and Services (Argentina–Financial Services), DS453 pp. 706-708 Downloads
Geoffrey Carlson
The Oxford Companion to the Economics of China edited by Shenggen Fan, Ravi Kanbur, Shang-Jin Wei, and Xiaobo Zhang Oxford University Press, 2014 pp. 709-711 Downloads
Xiaolan Fu
WTO Domestic Regulation and Services Trade: Putting Principles into Practice edited by Aik Hoe Lim and Bart De Meester Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014 pp. 711-714 Downloads
Charles Julien
Business Lobbying and Trade Governance: The Case of EU–China Relations by Jappe Eckhardt Palgrave Macmillan, 2015 pp. 714-718 Downloads
Bregt Natens
Review of Trade-Related Investment Measures: Theory and Applications pp. 721-721 Downloads
Sergei Sutyrin, Elena G. Efinova and Olga Y. Trofimenko

Volume 15, issue 03, 2016

John H. Jackson: A Tribute pp. 397-397 Downloads
L Alan Winters
John Jackson and the standard of review pp. 398-400 Downloads
Pieter Jan Kuijper
John Jackson and the GATT's Transformation pp. 401-403 Downloads
Steve Charnovitz
John Jackson and WTO Dispute Settlement pp. 404-406 Downloads
William J. Davey
For John: In Tribute to a Great Scholar and Friend pp. 407-408 Downloads
Alan Sykes
John H. Jackson: Pioneer and Visionary pp. 409-411 Downloads
Debra P. Steger
John H. Jackson, the Law and Economics pp. 412-414 Downloads
Thomas Cottier
Tribute for John H. Jackson pp. 415-416 Downloads
Alan V. Deardorff
John Jackson: A Tribute pp. 417-417 Downloads
Jagdish Bhagwati
Memories of John H. Jackson pp. 418-420 Downloads
Mitsuo Matsushita
John H. Jackson, A Personal Tribute pp. 421-422 Downloads
Lee Ann Jackson
Sorting Out Mixed Messages under the WTO National Treatment Principle: A Proposed Approach pp. 423-450 Downloads
Emily Lydgate
Trade Costs in the Developing World: 1996–2010 pp. 451-474 Downloads
Jean-François Arvis, Yann Duval, Ben Shepherd, Chorthip Utoktham and Anasuya Raj
Preventing Systematic Circumvention of the SCM Agreement: Beyond the Mandatory/Discretionary Distinction pp. 475-493 Downloads
Haneul Jung and Jeongmeen Suh
Circumvention and Anti-Circumvention: Rising Protectionism in Australia pp. 495-522 Downloads
Weihuan Zhou
United States – Measures Concerning the Importation, Marketing and Sale of Tuna and Tuna Products – Recourse to Article 21.5 of the DSU by Mexico (US–Tuna II (Mexico) (Article 21.5 – Mexico), DS381) pp. 523-525 Downloads
Geoffrey Carlson
United States – Certain Country of Origin Labelling (Cool) Requirements (US–Cool, Article 22.6 – United States), DS384/DS386 pp. 526-528 Downloads
Geoffrey Carlson
Case summary – İçkale İnşaat Limited Şirketi v. Turkmenistan, ICSID Case No. ARB/10/24 pp. 528-531 Downloads
Jonathan Chevry
Ping An Life Insurance Company of China, Limited and Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Limited v. Kingdom of Belgium (Ping An v. Belgium) pp. 532-534 Downloads
Georgios Andriotis
A History of Law and Lawyers in the GATT / WTO: The Development of the Rule of Law in the Multilateral Trading System edited by Gabrielle Marceau. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015 pp. 535-539 Downloads
Giorgio Sacerdoti
Trade-Related Investment Measures: Theory and Applications ‡ by Chi-Chur Chao and Eden S. H. Yu London: Imperial College Press, 2014 pp. 540-542 Downloads
Sergei Sutyrin, Elena G. Efimova and Olga Y. Trofimenko

Volume 15, issue 02, 2016

WTO Case Law of 2014: A Busy Year pp. 183-187 Downloads
Chad Bown and Petros C. Mavroidis
China–Rare Earths: Export Restrictions and the Limits of Textual Interpretation pp. 189-209 Downloads
Eric Bond and Joel Trachtman
EC–Seal Products: The Tension between Public Morals and International Trade Agreements pp. 211-234 Downloads
Paola Conconi and Tania Voon
Bird Flu, the OIE, and National Regulation: The WTO's India–Agricultural Products Dispute pp. 235-257 Downloads
Chad Bown and Jennifer A. Hillman
Understanding Agricultural Price Range Systems as Trade Restraints: Peru–Agricultural Products pp. 259-286 Downloads
Kamal Saggi and Mark Wu
It's Baaaack: Zeroing, the US Department of Commerce, and US‒Shrimp II (Viet Nam) pp. 287-302 Downloads
James C. Hartigan
China–Autos: Haven't We Danced this Dance Before? pp. 303-325 Downloads
Andrew D. Mitchell and Thomas Prusa
Trade in Environmental Goods: A Review of the WTO Appellate Body's Ruling in US‒Countervailing Measures (China) pp. 327-349 Downloads
Rachel Brewster, Claire Brunel and Anna Maria Mayda
US‒Carbon Steel (India): Multi-Product Firms and the Cumulation of Products pp. 351-373 Downloads
Alan Spearot and Dukgeun Ahn
Revisiting Procedure and Precedent in the WTO: An Analysis of US – Countervailing and Anti-Dumping Measures (China) pp. 375-395 Downloads
Mostafa Beshkar and Adam S. Chilton

Volume 15, issue 01, 2016

Editorial Announcement pp. 1-1 Downloads
L. Winters
Just Between You and Me: Mutual Recognition Agreements and the Most-Favoured Nation Principle pp. 3-23 Downloads
Joshua A. Zell
Designing the Multilateral Trading System: Voting Equality at the International Trade Organization pp. 25-49 Downloads
Ayse Kaya
Nature and Enforceability of WTO-plus SPS and TBT Provisions in Canada's PTAs: From NAFTA to CETA pp. 51-83 Downloads
Gonzalo Villalta Puig and Eric D Dalke
Regulatory Differences in the Approval of GMOs: Extent and Development over Time pp. 85-108 Downloads
Rosane Nunes de Faria and Christine Wieck
Too much Zeal on Seals? Animal Welfare, Public Morals, and Consumer Ethics at the Bar of the WTO pp. 109-137 Downloads
Alexia Herwig
‘Treatment No Less Favorable’ and the Future of National Treatment Obligation in GATT Article III:4 after EC–Seal Products pp. 139-163 Downloads
Ming Du
China – Countervailing and Anti-Dumping Duties on Grain Oriented Flat-rolled Electrical Steel from the United States, Article 21.5 – US (China–GOES, DS414) pp. 165-166 Downloads
Geoffrey Carlson
United States – Measures Affecting the Importation of Animals, Meat and Other Animal Products from Argentina (US–Animals, DS447) pp. 167-169 Downloads
Geoffrey Carlson
Poštová banka, a.s. and ISTROKAPITAL SE v. Hellenic Republic, ICSID Case No. ARB/13/8 (Poštová banka v. Greece) pp. 169-172 Downloads
Jonathan Chevry
International Economic Law after the Global Crisis: A Tale of Fragmented Disciplines edited by C. L. Lim and Bryan Mercurio Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015 pp. 173-176 Downloads
Alessandro Spano
In Place of Inter-State Retaliation: The European Union's Rejection of WTO-Style Trade Sanctions and Trade Remedies by William Phelan Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015 pp. 176-180 Downloads
Andrei Suse
Trade Reform and Institution Building: Peru and Argentina under the WTO pp. 181-181 Downloads
Elías A. Baracat, J. Michael Finger, Raúl León Thorne and Julio Nogues
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