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Volume 119, issue C, 2021

Breaking the spell with credit-easing: Self-confirming credit crises in competitive search economies pp. 1-20 Downloads
Gaetano Gaballo and Ramon Marimon
Monetary policy and production networks: an empirical investigation pp. 21-39 Downloads
Mishel Ghassibe
Local scars of the US housing crisis pp. 40-57 Downloads
Saroj Bhattarai, Felipe Schwartzman and Choongryul Yang
Workers, capitalists, and the government: fiscal policy and income (re)distribution pp. 58-74 Downloads
Cristiano Cantore and Lukas Freund
The marginal effect of government mortgage guarantees on homeownership pp. 75-89 Downloads
Serafin Grundl and You Suk Kim
Central bank transparency, exchange rates, and demand imbalances pp. 90-107 Downloads
Giacomo Candian

Volume 118, issue C, 2021

Credit subsidies pp. 2-14 Downloads
Isabel Correia, Fiorella De Fiore, Pedro Teles and Oreste Tristani
Disagreement about inflation expectations and monetary policy transmission pp. 15-31 Downloads
E. Falck, M. Hoffmann and P. Hürtgen
Measuring the effects of federal reserve forward guidance and asset purchases on financial markets pp. 32-53 Downloads
Eric Swanson
Optimal policy with general signal extraction pp. 54-86 Downloads
Esther Hauk, Andrea Lanteri and Albert Marcet
Imperfect information transmission from banks to investors: Macroeconomic implications pp. 87-98 Downloads
Nicolás Figueroa, Oksana Leukhina and Carlos Ramírez
Firm dynamics and pricing under customer capital accumulation pp. 99-119 Downloads
Pau Roldan-Blanco and Sonia Gilbukh
Inflation expectations, consumption and the lower bound: Micro evidence from a large multi-country survey pp. 120-134 Downloads
Ioana Duca-Radu, Geoff Kenny and Andreas Reuter
Evaluating Central Banks’ tool kit: Past, present, and future pp. 135-160 Downloads
Eric Sims and Jing Cynthia Wu
Employment inequality: Why do the low-skilled work less now? pp. 161-177 Downloads
Erin L. Wolcott
Can government demand stimulate private investment? Evidence from U.S. federal procurement pp. 178-194 Downloads
Shafik Hebous and Tom Zimmermann
The effect of interest rates on home buying: Evidence from a shock to mortgage insurance premiums pp. 195-211 Downloads
Neil Bhutta and Daniel Ringo
Institutions, tax evasion, and optimal policy pp. 212-229 Downloads
S. Boragan Aruoba
Pegging the interest rate on bank reserves: A resolution of New Keynesian puzzles and paradoxes pp. 230-244 Downloads
Behzad Diba and Olivier Loisel
Optimal foresight pp. 245-259 Downloads
Ryan Chahrour and Kyle Jurado
The real-time macro content of corporate financial reports: A dynamic factor model approach pp. 260-280 Downloads
Ahmed M. Abdalla, Jose M. Carabias and Panos N. Patatoukas
How should governments create liquidity? pp. 281-295 Downloads
Timothy Jackson and George Pennacchi
Macroprudential policy with capital buffers pp. 296-311 Downloads
Josef Schroth
Backtesting global Growth-at-Risk pp. 312-330 Downloads
Christian Brownlees and André B.M. Souza
A unified measure of Fed monetary policy shocks pp. 331-349 Downloads
Chunya Bu, John Rogers and Wenbin Wu
Consumption dynamics under time-varying unemployment risk pp. 350-365 Downloads
Karl Harmenberg and Erik Öberg
The welfare cost of inflation revisited: The role of financial innovation and household heterogeneity pp. 366-380 Downloads
Shutao Cao, Césaire A. Meh, José-Víctor Ríos-Rull and Yaz Terajima
Policy uncertainty, lender of last resort and the real economy pp. 381-398 Downloads
Martina Jasova, Caterina Mendicino and Dominik Supera
Leaning against house prices: A structural VAR investigation pp. 399-412 Downloads
Luca Benati
The price of residential land for counties, ZIP codes, and census tracts in the United States pp. 413-431 Downloads
Morris Davis, William D. Larson, Stephen D. Oliner and Jessica Shui
Double overreaction in beauty contests with information acquisition: Theory and experiment pp. 432-445 Downloads
Romain Baeriswyl, Kene Boun My and Camille Cornand

Volume 117, issue C, 2021

Distinguishing constraints on financial inclusion and their impact on GDP, TFP, and the distribution of income pp. 1-18 Downloads
Era Dabla-Norris, Yan Ji, Robert M. Townsend and D. Filiz Unsal
The making of hawks and doves pp. 19-42 Downloads
Ulrike Malmendier, Stefan Nagel and Zhen Yan
International evidence on long-run money demand pp. 43-63 Downloads
Luca Benati, Robert Lucas, Juan Pablo Nicolini and Warren Weber
An heterogeneous-agent New-Monetarist model with an application to unemployment pp. 64-90 Downloads
Guillaume Rocheteau, Pierre-Olivier Weill and Tsz-Nga Wong
Finance and productivity growth: Firm-level evidence pp. 91-107 Downloads
Oliver Levine and Missaka Warusawitharana
Flowers of evil? Industrialization and long run development pp. 108-128 Downloads
Raphael Franck and Oded Galor
Empirical evidence on the Euler equation for consumption in the US pp. 129-152 Downloads
Guido Ascari, Leandro M. Magnusson and Sophocles Mavroeidis
Endogenous forecast switching near the zero lower bound pp. 153-169 Downloads
Kevin Lansing
Managing self-organization of expectations through monetary policy: A macro experiment pp. 170-186 Downloads
T. Assenza, P. Heemeijer, Cars Hommes and D. Massaro
The federal funds network and monetary policy transmission: Evidence from the 2007–2009 financial crisis pp. 187-202 Downloads
Daniel Beltran, Valentin Bolotnyy and Elizabeth Klee
Recessions and recoveries: Multinational banks in the business cycle pp. 203-219 Downloads
Qingqing Cao, Raoul Minetti, María Pía Olivero and Giacomo Romanini
On average establishment size across sectors and countries pp. 220-242 Downloads
Pedro Bento and Diego Restuccia
Through scarcity to prosperity: Toward a theory of sustainable growth pp. 243-257 Downloads
Pietro Peretto
Agnostic Structural Disturbances (ASDs): Detecting and reducing misspecification in empirical macroeconomic models pp. 258-277 Downloads
Wouter J. Den Haan and Thomas Drechsel
Does demand noise matter? Identification and implications pp. 278-295 Downloads
Kenza Benhima and Céline Poilly
Financial shocks, firm credit and the Great Recession pp. 296-315 Downloads
Neil Mehrotra and Dmitriy Sergeyev
The origins of aggregate fluctuations in a credit network economy pp. 316-334 Downloads
Levent Altinoglu
Unemployment crises pp. 335-353 Downloads
Nicolas Petrosky-Nadeau and Lu Zhang
Learning, confidence, and business cycles pp. 354-376 Downloads
Cosmin Ilut and Hikaru Saijo
Default cycles pp. 377-394 Downloads
Wei Cui and Leo Kaas
Learning, parameter drift, and the credibility revolution pp. 395-417 Downloads
Christopher A. Hennessy and Dmitry Livdan
Business complexity and risk management: Evidence from operational risk events in U.S. bank holding companies pp. 418-440 Downloads
Anna Chernobai, Ali Ozdagli and Jianlin Wang
Wealth creation, wealth dilution and demography pp. 441-459 Downloads
Christa Brunnschweiler, Pietro Peretto and Simone Valente
Exchange rates, local currency pricing and international tax policies pp. 460-472 Downloads
Sihao Chen, Michael B. Devereux, Kang Shi and Juanyi Xu
Foreign exchange reserves as a tool for capital account management pp. 473-488 Downloads
Jonathan Davis, Ippei Fujiwara, Kevin Huang and Jiao Wang
Does a big bazooka matter? Quantitative easing policies and exchange rates pp. 489-506 Downloads
Luca Dedola, Georgios Georgiadis, Johannes Gräb and Arnaud Mehl
News-driven inflation expectations and information rigidities pp. 507-520 Downloads
Vegard Larsen, Leif Thorsrud and Julia Zhulanova
What drives heterogeneity in the marginal propensity to consume? Temporary shocks vs persistent characteristics pp. 521-542 Downloads
Michael Gelman
Banks’ exposure to interest rate risk and the transmission of monetary policy pp. 543-570 Downloads
Matthieu Gomez, Augustin Landier, David Sraer and David Thesmar
The macroeconomic effects of social security contributions and benefits pp. 571-584 Downloads
Sebastian Gechert, Christoph Paetz and Paloma Villanueva
Bank credit risk networks: Evidence from the Eurozone pp. 585-599 Downloads
Christian Brownlees, Christina Hans and Eulalia Nualart
Optimal Time-Consistent Monetary, Fiscal and Debt Maturity Policy pp. 600-617 Downloads
Eric Leeper, Campbell Leith and Ding Liu
Aggregate expected investment growth and stock market returns pp. 618-638 Downloads
Jun Li, Huijun Wang and Jianfeng Yu
Low-frequency fiscal uncertainty pp. 639-657 Downloads
Zhao Han
Intratemporal nonseparability between housing and nondurable consumption: Evidence from reinvestment in housing stock pp. 658-670 Downloads
Natalia Khorunzhina
Participation following sudden access pp. 671-688 Downloads
Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln and Michael Haliassos
The Phillips multiplier pp. 689-705 Downloads
Régis Barnichon and Geert Mesters
Learning and job search dynamics during the Great Recession pp. 706-722 Downloads
Tristan Potter
Do survey expectations of stock returns reflect risk adjustments? pp. 723-740 Downloads
Klaus Adam, Dmitry Matveev and Stefan Nagel
Job Search under Debt: Aggregate Implications of Student Loans pp. 741-759 Downloads
Yan Ji
Central bank communication that works: Lessons from lab experiments pp. 760-780 Downloads
Oleksiy Kryvtsov and Luba Petersen
Worker churn in the cross section and over time: New evidence from Germany pp. 781-797 Downloads
Ruediger Bachmann, Christian Bayer, Christian Merkl, Stefan Seth, Heiko Stüber and Felix Wellschmied
Structural scenario analysis with SVARs pp. 798-815 Downloads
Juan Antolín-Díaz, Ivan Petrella and Juan F. Rubio-Ramírez
Delphic and odyssean monetary policy shocks: Evidence from the euro area pp. 816-832 Downloads
Philippe Andrade and Filippo Ferroni
From secular stagnation to robocalypse? Implications of demographic and technological changes pp. 833-847 Downloads
Henrique Basso and Juan F Jimeno
A quantitative theory of time-consistent unemployment insurance pp. 848-870 Downloads
Yun Pei and Zoe Xie
Output hysteresis and optimal monetary policy pp. 871-886 Downloads
Vaishali Garga and Sanjay Singh
Central bank reputation, cheap talk and transparency as substitutes for commitment: Experimental evidence pp. 887-903 Downloads
John Duffy and Frank Heinemann
A model of state-dependent monetary policy pp. 904-917 Downloads
Joshua Bernstein
The short-term effects of tax changes: The role of state dependence pp. 918-934 Downloads
Ufuk Demirel
Inefficiently low screening with Walrasian markets pp. 935-948 Downloads
Kinda Hachem
More unequal income but less progressive taxation pp. 949-968 Downloads
Chunzan Wu
History remembered: Optimal sovereign default on domestic and external debt pp. 969-989 Downloads
D’Erasmo, Pablo and Enrique Mendoza
Taking off into the wind: Unemployment risk and state-Dependent government spending multipliers pp. 990-1007 Downloads
Julien Albertini, Stéphane Auray, Hafedh Bouakez and Aurélien Eyquem
Information disclosure and the choice between arm’s-length and inside debt pp. 1008-1022 Downloads
Sumit Agarwal and Robert Hauswald
State-dependent fiscal multipliers with preferences over safe assets pp. 1023-1040 Downloads
Ansgar Rannenberg
Optimal capital account liberalization in China pp. 1041-1061 Downloads
Zheng Liu, Mark Spiegel and Jingyi Zhang
Taxation, expenditures and the Irish miracle pp. 1062-1077 Downloads
Paul Klein and Gustavo Ventura
Input-output linkages in Pigouvian industrial fluctuations pp. 1078-1095 Downloads
Can Tian
Effectiveness and addictiveness of quantitative easing pp. 1096-1117 Downloads
Peter Karadi and Anton Nakov
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