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Volume 46, issue 5, 2007

Economic policy and performance in the Middle East and North Africa: Essays in honor of Heba Handoussa pp. 653-656 Downloads
Ibrahim Elbadawi, Hadi Esfahani and Kheir-El-Din, Hanaa
Explaining trade policy in the Middle East and North Africa pp. 660-684 Downloads
Hadi Esfahani and Lyn Squire
Income convergence within the MENA countries: A panel unit root approach pp. 685-706 Downloads
Imene Guetat and Francisco Serranito
On bank privatization: The case of Egypt pp. 707-725 Downloads
Mahmoud Mohieldin and Sahar Nasr
Addressing the growth failure of the oil economies: The role of financial development pp. 726-740 Downloads
Masoud Nili and Mahdi Rastad
The political economy of growth in Morocco pp. 741-761 Downloads
Mouna Cherkaoui and Driss Ben Ali
Liberalization and concentration: Case of Turkey pp. 762-777 Downloads
Suleyman Ozmucur
Diversity in the regulation of Islamic Financial Institutions pp. 778-800 Downloads
El-Hawary, Dahlia, Wafik Grais and Zamir Iqbal
An analysis of the capital asset pricing model in the Egyptian stock market pp. 801-812 Downloads
M.F. Omran
Explaining the democracy deficit in the Arab world pp. 813-831 Downloads
Ibrahim El Badawi and Samir Makdisi
Boom, bust, and the poor: Poverty dynamics in the Middle East and North Africa, 1970-1999 pp. 832-851 Downloads
John Page

Volume 46, issue 4, 2006

Security markets and the information content of monetary policy turning points pp. 477-494 Downloads
Gerald R. Jensen and Jeffrey M. Mercer
Impact study on the interest rate futures market pp. 495-512 Downloads
Hyunyoung Choi and Joseph Finnerty
Estimating the demand for money in Canada: Does including an own rate of return matter? pp. 513-529 Downloads
George J. Georgopoulos
Cournot duopoly and insider trading with two insiders pp. 530-551 Downloads
Wassim Daher and Leonard Mirman
Is intrajurisdictional resource allocation equitable?: An analysis of campus-level spending data for Texas elementary schools pp. 552-564 Downloads
Mohamed Ihsan Ajwad
A reexamination of the market efficiency hypothesis: Evidence from an electronic intra-day, inter-dealer FX market pp. 565-585 Downloads
Melody Lo and Cheng-Few Lee
Market response to FDA announcements pp. 586-597 Downloads
Jayanta Sarkar and Pieter de Jong
Stock returns following large 1-month declines and jumps: Evidence of overoptimism in the German market pp. 598-619 Downloads
Jan Ising, Dirk Schiereck, Marc W. Simpson and Thomas W. Thomas
The long-run performance of initial public offerings: Stochastic dominance criteria pp. 620-637 Downloads
Abhay Abhyankar, Hsuan-Chi Chen and Keng-Yu Ho
Long-term industry performance following IPOs pp. 638-651 Downloads
Aigbe Akhigbe, Jarrod Johnston and Jeff Madura

Volume 46, issue 3, 2006

Real and financial aspects of financial integration pp. 315-316 Downloads
Thomas Flavin, Brian Lucey and Svitlana Voronkova
FDI and trade--Two-way linkages? pp. 317-337 Downloads
Joshua Aizenman and Ilan Noy
A further look at linkages between NAFTA equity markets pp. 338-352 Downloads
Cetin Ciner
Regional versus global integration of euro-zone retail banking markets: Understanding the recent evidence from price-based integration measures pp. 353-368 Downloads
Stefanie Kleimeier and Harald Sander
Does domestic cooperation lead to business-cycle convergence and financial linkages? pp. 369-396 Downloads
Viviana Fernandez
Testing for financial spillovers in calm and turbulent periods pp. 397-412 Downloads
Jedrzej Bialkowski, Martin T. Bohl and Dobromił Serwa
Cross-listing in the U.S. and domestic investor protection pp. 413-436 Downloads
Thomas O'Connor
Market states and international momentum strategies pp. 437-446 Downloads
Dayong Huang
The choice between greenfield investment and cross-border acquisition: A real option approach pp. 447-465 Downloads
Bernard Gilroy and Elmar Lukas
Overinvestment in partially relationship-specific assets and R&D pp. 466-475 Downloads
George Deltas

Volume 46, issue 2, 2006

Testing the stabilization hypothesis in the UK short-term interest rates: Evidence from a GARCH-X model pp. 169-189 Downloads
Sotiris K. Staikouras
Financial development and dynamic investment behavior: Evidence from panel VAR pp. 190-210 Downloads
Inessa Love and Lea Zicchino
Credit in the euro area: An empirical investigation using aggregate data pp. 211-226 Downloads
Alessandro Calza, Marta Manrique and João Sousa
The determinants of momentum in the United Kingdom pp. 227-240 Downloads
Phillip J. McKnight and Tony Chieh-Tse Hou
The stochastic volatility in mean model and automation: Evidence from TSE pp. 241-253 Downloads
Ata Assaf
The role of an illiquidity risk factor in asset pricing: Empirical evidence from the Spanish stock market pp. 254-267 Downloads
Jose Luis Miralles Marcelo and Maria del Mar Miralles Quiros
Structural estimation of caloric intake, exercise, smoking, and obesity pp. 268-283 Downloads
Inas Rashad
Can baby-boomers' retirement increase stock prices? pp. 284-299 Downloads
Kedar-Levy, Haim
Intangible capital in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry pp. 300-314 Downloads
Katherine I. Gleason and Mark Klock

Volume 46, issue 1, 2006

Collateral, loan guarantees, and the lenders' incentives to resolve financial distress pp. 1-15 Downloads
Yehning Chen
Loan guarantee portfolios and joint loan guarantees with stochastic interest rates pp. 16-35 Downloads
Chuang-Chang Chang, San-Lin Chung and Min-Teh Yu
Dynamic gap transformations: Are banks asset - transformers or brokers? or both? pp. 36-52 Downloads
Rakesh Bharati, Prasad Nanisetty and Jacky So
Bank asset structure, real-estate lending, and risk-taking pp. 53-81 Downloads
Matej Blasko and Joseph Sinkey
Do foreign bank operations provide a stabilizing influence in Korea? pp. 82-109 Downloads
Yongil Jeon, Stephen Miller and Paul A. Natke
When continuous trading becomes continuous: The impact of institutional trading on the continuous trading system of the Warsaw Stock Exchange pp. 110-132 Downloads
Harald Henke
Does the expansionary government spending crowd out the private consumption?: Cointegration analysis in panel data pp. 133-148 Downloads
Chien-Chung Nieh and Tsung-wu Ho
US share prices and real supply and demand shocks pp. 149-167 Downloads
Patricia Fraser and Nicolaas Groenewold

Volume 45, issue 4-5, 2005

Introducing non-linear dynamics to the two-regime market model: Evidence pp. 559-581 Downloads
George Woodward and Vijaya B. Marisetty
Does conditional market skewness resolve the puzzling market risk-return relationship? pp. 582-598 Downloads
Omrane Guedhami and Oumar Sy
Autoregresive conditional volatility, skewness and kurtosis pp. 599-618 Downloads
Angel Leon, Gonzalo Rubio and Gregorio Serna
Instability and predictability of factor betas of industrial stocks: The Flexible Least Squares solutions pp. 619-640 Downloads
Ling T. He
Adherence to environmental law: the strategic complementarities of compliance decisions pp. 641-661 Downloads
Christopher S. Decker and Christopher R. Pope
Dollarization in Latin America: seigniorage costs and policy implications pp. 662-679 Downloads
Carsten Lange and Christine Sauer
Japanese and U.S. interventions in the yen/U.S. dollar market: estimating the monetary authorities' reaction functions pp. 680-698 Downloads
Michael Frenkel, Christian Pierdzioch and Georg Stadtmann
Money market rates and implied CCAPM rates: some international evidence pp. 699-729 Downloads
Yamin Ahmad
Availability and settlement of individual stock futures and options expiration-day effects: evidence from high-frequency data pp. 730-747 Downloads
Donald Lien and Li Yang
Price support and spreads in the IPO aftermarket: An empirical microstructure study pp. 748-766 Downloads
Mingsheng Li and Robert C. Eisenstadt
Information flows within and across sectors in Chinese stock markets pp. 767-780 Downloads
Zijun Wang, Ali Kutan and Jian Yang
Managerial shareholdings, firm value, and acquired corporations pp. 781-795 Downloads
Paul Halpern, Robert Kieschnick and Wendy Rotenberg
Does pay affect productivity or react to it?: Examination of U.S. manufacturing pp. 796-807 Downloads
Meghan Millea and Scott Fuess
An examination of linear factor models in country equity asset allocation strategies pp. 808-823 Downloads
Jonathan Fletcher and Joe Hillier
Incidence and duration of unemployment spells: Implications for the male-female wage differentials pp. 824-847 Downloads
John Baffoe-Bonnie and Ezeala-Harrison, Fidelis
The unemployment structure of the US states pp. 848-868 Downloads
Jesus Clemente Lopez, Luis Lanaspa and Antonio Montañés

Volume 45, issue 2-3, 2005

Introduction pp. 193-194 Downloads
Werner Baer and Paul Cook
Apples and oranges: problems in the analysis of comparative regulatory governance pp. 195-214 Downloads
Martin Minogue
Competition and the regulation of economic development pp. 215-235 Downloads
John Metcalfe and Ronald Ramlogan
Legal traditions and competition policy pp. 236-257 Downloads
Cassey Lee
The effects of competition on technological and trade competitiveness pp. 258-283 Downloads
Yuichiro Uchida and Paul Cook
A Nozick-Buchanan contractarian governance as solution to some Invisible Hand failures pp. 284-295 Downloads
Raul Fabella
The evolution of the rules and regulations of the first emerging markets: the London, New York and Paris stock exchanges, 1792-1914 pp. 296-311 Downloads
Larry Neal and Lance Davis
Why (no) global competition policy is a tough choice pp. 312-324 Downloads
Abigail Tay and Gerald Willmann
Aid and regulation pp. 325-345 Downloads
Christopher Kilby
Regulating for development: the case of microfinance pp. 346-357 Downloads
Thankom Arun
Competition, regulation and privatisation of electricity generation in developing countries: does the sequencing of the reforms matter? pp. 358-379 Downloads
Yinfang Zhang, David Parker and Colin Kirkpatrick
How profitable are private infrastructure concessions in Latin America?: Empirical evidence and regulatory implications pp. 380-402 Downloads
Sophie Sirtaine, Maria Elena Pinglo, J. Luis Guasch and Vivien Foster
Macroeconomic shocks and regulatory dilemmas: The affordability and sustainability constraints and the Argentine default experience pp. 403-420 Downloads
Omar Chisari and Gustavo Ferro
From the developmental to the regulatory state: the transformation of the government's impact on the Brazilian economy pp. 421-431 Downloads
Edmund Amann and Werner Baer
Trade liberalization and industrial concentration: Evidence from Brazil pp. 432-446 Downloads
Pedro Ferreira and Giovanni Facchini
Deregulation, financial deepening and economic growth: The case of Latin America pp. 447-459 Downloads
Nader Nazmi
Public health and governance: the experience of Bangladesh and Ukraine pp. 460-475 Downloads
Salim Rashid, Yevgeniya Savchenko and Najmul Hossain
Market imperfections in a spatial economy: some experimental results pp. 476-496 Downloads
Eduardo Haddad and Geoffrey Hewings
Alternative public service delivery mechanisms in Iran pp. 497-525 Downloads
Hadi Esfahani
Regionalization and foot-and-mouth disease control in South America: Lessons from spatial models of coordination and interactions pp. 526-540 Downloads
Karl M. Rich, Alex Winter-Nelson and Nicholas Brozovic
E-commerce regulation: New game, new rules? pp. 541-558 Downloads
Carlos A. Primo Braga

Volume 45, issue 1, 2005

Product market competition, regulation, and financial contracts pp. 1-17 Downloads
Michael Cichello and Robert Kieschnick
On the enlargement of interconnected communications networks in the world economy pp. 18-27 Downloads
Toru Kikuchi
Mandated access and the make-or-buy decision: the case of local telecommunications competition pp. 28-47 Downloads
Thomas Beard, George Ford and Thomas M. Koutsky
Contagion effects of the world's largest bankruptcy: the case of WorldCom pp. 48-64 Downloads
Aigbe Akhigbe, Anna D. Martin and Ann Marie Whyte
Oil prices, economic activity and inflation: evidence for some Asian countries pp. 65-83 Downloads
Juncal Cuñado and Fernando Pérez de Gracia
The influence of macroeconomic news on term and quality spreads pp. 84-102 Downloads
Sanjay Ramchander, Marc W. Simpson and Mukesh K. Chaudhry
What kind of capital do you need to start a business: financial or human? pp. 103-122 Downloads
Mark Montgomery, Terry Johnson and Syed Faisal
Undergraduate financial aid and subsequent alumni giving behavior pp. 123-143 Downloads
Kelly A. Marr, Charles H. Mullin and John Siegfried
Dynamic cash discounts when sales volume is stochastic pp. 144-160 Downloads
Jeffrey Stokes
On the computation of a formula for the duration of a bond that yields precise results pp. 161-183 Downloads
Michael Osborne
Comment on "The value of tax shields is NOT equal to the present value of tax shields" pp. 184-187 Downloads
Paul Fieten, Lutz Kruschwitz, Jorg Laitenberger, Andreas Loffler, Joseph Tham, Ignacio Velez-Pareja and Nicholas Wonder
Reply to "Comment on the value of tax shields is NOT equal to the present value of tax shields" pp. 188-192 Downloads
Pablo Fernandez
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