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Volume 42, issue 3, 2022

Managing Contagion: COVID-19, public health, and reflexive behavior pp. 555-571 Downloads
John Davis
Productivity, investment and capital flow: the failure of growth with foreign savings in Brazil pp. 572-591 Downloads
Marcos Tostes Lamonica and Sergiany da Silva Lima
Globalization, deglobalization and Brazil pp. 592-618 Downloads
Renato Baumann
From the mainstream economics research frontier towards critical institutional political economy pp. 619-637 Downloads
Fernando García-Quero and Fernando López Castellano
The evolution of thinking about the State in Peter Evans’s view – a theoretical approach pp. 638-663 Downloads
Vinicius Peçanha
A further deterioration of the Brazilian fiscal reaction in view of COVID-19 pp. 664-677 Downloads
Eduardo Lima Campos, Rubens Penha Cysne and Alexandre L. Madureira
Infrastructure, private expectations and investment pp. 678-696 Downloads
Jefferson S. Fraga and Marco Flávio Resende
Public banks and monetary policy: theory and some results based on state dependent local projections pp. 697-717 Downloads
André de Melo Modenesi and Nikolas Passos
MERCOSUR in trade policy clusters: challenges and prospects pp. 718-737 Downloads
Alexandra Gennadyevna Koval and Ekaterina Konstantinovna Andrianova
The role of capital movements in Latin American balance of payments in 1990-2019 pp. 738-760 Downloads
Gustavo Burachik
The twin deficit theory in a dynamic consistent stock-flow model for an open economy pp. 761-784 Downloads
André Mellini and Guilherme Jonas Costa da Silva
Fiscal compliance and Behavioral Economics: an analysis of the influence of the decision context pp. 785-802 Downloads
Ana Carolina Astafieff da Rosa Costa, Morgana G. Martins Krieger and Yuna Fontoura

Volume 42, issue 2, 2022

Exchange rate crises in Latin America, East Asia and Russia pp. 263-282 Downloads
Manmohan Agarwal and T. R. Vandana
The compass and the pendulum: development and international insertion of Brazil pp. 283-303 Downloads
Luiz Augusto E. Faria
Is Inflation Targeting destabilizing? Lessons from Latin America pp. 304-326 Downloads
Emiliano Libman
On the semantic and methodological dimensions of equilibrium in economics pp. 327-344 Downloads
Douglas Dias Braz and Fabio Bittes Terra
Celso Furtado’s transdisciplinary view on economic development pp. 345-363 Downloads
Assilio Luiz Zanella de Araujo
Methodological approaches to measuring quality of life pp. 364-377 Downloads
Aygun Guliyeva
Capes’ evaluation and the field of Economics: the primacy of the American orthodox mainstream pp. 378-400 Downloads
Francisco Moraes da Costa Marques
Domar, the West and Russian economics: a historical perspective pp. 401-423 Downloads
Mauro Boianovsky
Digitalization and its impact on economic growth pp. 424-441 Downloads
Ariadna Aleksandrova, Yuri Truntsevsky and Marina Polutova
China and the change of the energy matrix in Latin America: a global political economy approach pp. 442-459 Downloads
Oscar Ugarteche and Carlos De León
Employment, technical change and growth in Brazil: a conclusion from Input-Output Matrix pp. 460-480 Downloads
Rafael de Acypreste
Brazilian underdevelopment portrayed by its excluding growth dynamics: an empirical analysis based on Celso Furtado pp. 481-502 Downloads
Alanna Santos de Oliveira and Carlos Alves do Nascimento
Brazil’s quasi-stagnation and the new developmentalism pp. 503-531 Downloads
Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira
Does Behavioral Economics substitute or complement Neoclassical Economics? Rethinking the behavioral revolution from a contextualist approach pp. 532-549 Downloads
Josafat Ivan Hernandez-Cervantes

Volume 42, issue 1, 2022

The global financial crisis and its effects on the international monetary funds pp. 5-24 Downloads
Cosimo Magazzino and Marco Mele
Income distribution and economic growth regime in Brazil: evaluation and propositions pp. 25-47 Downloads
Laís Fernanda de Azevedo, Pedro Cezar Dutra Fonseca and Fabricio J. Missio
The road to The General Theory: J. M. Keynes, F. A. Hayek, and the Genealogy of Macroeconomics pp. 48-70 Downloads
Keanu Telles da Costa
Economic growth without welfare. The case of the impact of commodities on the Colombian economy pp. 71-87 Downloads
Andrés Felipe Oviedo-Gómez and Juan Manuel Candelo Viáfara
Survival constraint and financial regulation: a new Minskyian approach pp. 88-104 Downloads
Ernani Teixeira Torres Filho and Norberto Montani Martins
A keyword on the footer: the Furtadian and the (re)current meaning of structural reforms pp. 105-112 Downloads
Guilherme Silva Cardoso
Ricardian Equivalence revisited: introductory notes pp. 113-127 Downloads
Maria Isabel Busato
Theories of financialization of non-financial corporations: a critique pp. 128-149 Downloads
Francisco Paulo Cipolla and Paolo Giussani
Monetary policy in Brazil in pandemic times pp. 150-171 Downloads
Carmem Feijo, Eliane Araujo and Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira
Patterns of external insertion in global value chains: a comparative analysis between Brazil and China pp. 172-191 Downloads
Caroline Giusti de Araújo and Antonio Carlos Diegues
Corporate venture capital and corporate accelerators: differences and similarities pp. 192-206 Downloads
Mateus Christiano König Martins, Rafaela Oliveira Padilha and Solange Maria da Silva
The action and thought of Fernão Bracher, a conservative with public spirit pp. 207-221 Downloads
João Villaverde and José Marcio Rego
Social networks effects on outcomes of government programs: a systematic review pp. 222-243 Downloads
Jéssica Faciroli, Ricardo da Silva Freguglia, Tassio Ferenzini Martins Sirqueira and Marcel de Toledo Vieira
An ecological view of New Developmentalism: a proposal of integration pp. 244-255 Downloads
Giulio Guarini and José Luís Oreiro

Volume 41, issue 4, 2021

Government spending, the exchange rate and growth: empirical evidence for Latin America pp. 637-656 Downloads
Moritz Cruz and Josue Zavaleta
Real exchange rate and Brazilian industry productivity in the long run: theory, model and evidence for the recent period pp. 657-678 Downloads
Kayo Cícero Quirino de Souza and Guilherme Jonas C. da Silva
National Developmental State: the beginnings of historical-social procedurality and pioneering essays pp. 679-699 Downloads
Isaias Albertin de Moraes
Methodological influence on Brazilian deindustrialization pp. 700-722 Downloads
Paulo César Morceiro
Contractionary depreciations in Latin America during the 2000s pp. 723-744 Downloads
Martín Montané, Emiliano Libman and Guido Zack
Why we need an allocative (and resourceful) welfare state pp. 745-759 Downloads
Celia Lessa Kerstenetzky
The dynamics of industrial geographic distribution: evidence from Brazil (2002-2014) pp. 760-781 Downloads
Roberta de Moraes Rocha and José Ewerton Silva Araújo
An assessment of the debates over income distribution and growth in the Neo-Kaleckian literature pp. 782-796 Downloads
Sulafa Nofal
The reswitching of techniques and its epistemological implications: a deepening of criticism pp. 797-814 Downloads
Alain Herscovici
Sraffa and the “laws of returns”: an analysis of the 1925-1926 articles pp. 815-834 Downloads
José Maria Dias Pereira
Retirements and pensions in Brazil: progressive or regressive? pp. 835-839 Downloads
Rodolfo Hoffamann
Population aging and inequality – Reply to Hoffmann pp. 840-841 Downloads
Eliana Cardoso, Thais Peresh Dietrich and André Souza

Volume 41, issue 3, 2021

National policy space: reframing the political economy of globalization and its implications for national sovereignty and democracy pp. 447-465 Downloads
Thomas Palley
Business cycles fluctuations and commodities prices: evidence for Brazil pp. 466-486 Downloads
André Moreira Cunha, Marcos Tadeu Caputi Lélis and Priscila Linck
PEC 32 of Administrative Reform: A critical analysis pp. 487-506 Downloads
José Luís Oreiro and Helder Lara Ferreira-Filho
Reason, scientism, and methodology: Hayek’s adherence to complexity through the development of his methodological criticism in the Abuse of Reason Project pp. 507-524 Downloads
Keanu Telles da Costa and Eduardo Angeli
Legalization of drugs and strategic behaviour pp. 525-537 Downloads
Vinicius de Albuquerquemello and Francisco S. Ramos
Credit constraints and structure: a theoretical model of extractivism and slow-growth dynamics pp. 538-554 Downloads
Leopoldo Ramirez and Nestor Garza
O futuro do capitalismo para Branko Milanovic pp. 555-562 Downloads
David Beltrão Simons Tavares de Albuquerque
The unfounded enthusiasm towards private participation in infrastructure pp. 563-587 Downloads
Emilio Chernavsky
The political economy of the Workers’ Assitance Fund: an analysis of its recent performance (2005-2018) pp. 588-610 Downloads
Sandro Pereira Silva
Political economy of Brazilian startups: a new order in a turbulent scenario pp. 611-632 Downloads
Anita Kon

Volume 41, issue 2, 2021

The exchange rate in Orthodox, Keynesian and New Developmentalism theoretical models: a literature review pp. 220-235 Downloads
Willian Capriata and Leonardo Flauzino de Souza
Panem et circenses: on the macroeconomics of the pandemic pp. 236-253 Downloads
Francisco Eduardo Pires de Souza
Conventions, Money Creation and Public Debt to Face the Covid-19 Crisis and its Aftermath: A Post-Keynesian View pp. 254-270 Downloads
Marco Flávio Resende, Fábio Henrique Bittes Terra and Fernando Ferrari Filho
The resistance of the four European worlds of welfare from the birth of the euro pp. 271-291 Downloads
Antón Losada and Cristina Ares
Growth and institutional changes: a historical evolution pp. 292-313 Downloads
Alessandro Morselli
Modern Money Theory: rise in the international scenario and recent debate in Brazil pp. 314-332 Downloads
Simone Deos, Olívia Bullio Mattos, Fernanda Ultremare and Ana Rosa Ribeiro de Mendonça
The unexplored influences of modern physics on John R. Commons’ economic theory pp. 333-350 Downloads
Sebastião Neto Ribeiro Guedes and Rodrigo Constantino Jerônimo
Performance of clean development mechanism projects for sustainable development in Brazil pp. 351-371 Downloads
Elaine Aparecida Fernandes and Gustavo Barros Leite
Narrative Economics and Behavioral Economics: contributions to the behavioral insights on post-Keynesian theory pp. 372-384 Downloads
Gabriel Vilela Resende Freitas
National, democratic and social: Chilean developmentalism during radical governments pp. 385-401 Downloads
Julia Veiga Vieira Mancio Bandeira and Pedro Perfeito da Silva
The conceptual evolution of inequality and poverty in economic thought pp. 402-425 Downloads
André Roncaglia de Carvalho and Luciana Rosa de Souza
Unionism, productive restructuring and finance capitalism pp. 426-443 Downloads
Janaína de Oliveira, Maria Chaves Jardim and Sidney Jard da Silva

Volume 41, issue 1, 2021

The Rehn-Meidner Plan and the Swedish development model in the Golden Years pp. 3-22 Downloads
Felipe Maruf Quintas and Marcus Ianoni
Population aging and inequality pp. 23-43 Downloads
Eliana Cardoso, Thais Peres Dietrich and André Souza
Taxing wealth: general principles, international perspectives and lessons for Brazil pp. 44-64 Downloads
Marc Morgan and Pedro Carvalho Junior
The public deficit and the growth of the federal securities debt (1995-2018) pp. 65-78 Downloads
Joaquim Miguel Couto, Luis Gustavo Alves Lima and Ana Cristina Lima Couto
Financialisation and the Portuguese private consumption: two contradictory effects? pp. 79-99 Downloads
Andreia Gonçalves and Ricardo Barradas
Behavioral economics of corruption and its implications pp. 100-116 Downloads
Roberta Muramatsu and Ana Bianchi
Measuring the fiscal governance instruments: a synthetic index for EU countries pp. 117-136 Downloads
Slawomir Franek and Marta Postula
Analysis of the effects of the New Automotive Regime (1996-1999) and Inovar-Auto (2012-2017) pp. 137-154 Downloads
Rodrigo Silveira dos Santos, Reno Schmidt, Vivian Sebben Adami and Fabrício Carlos Schmidt
Economic growth and innovation: an estimation of the innovation possibilities function pp. 155-175 Downloads
Ediane Canci
Determinants of the technological intensity of state exports for the period of rising commodity prices pp. 176-197 Downloads
Felipe Orsolin Teixeira, Daniel Coronel and José Luís Oreiro
Comment on “Sraffa and the Labour Theory of Value: a note” pp. 198-201 Downloads
William Jefferies
Comment on “Sraffa and the Labour Theory of Value: a note” – Reply to William Jefferies pp. 202-206 Downloads
Fabio Anderaos de Araujo
Comments to the article “The political role of the State in Cambridge theories of growth and distribution” pp. 207-214 Downloads
João Gabriel de Araujo Oliveira, Renato Nozaki Sugahara and Joanilio Rodolpho Teixeira
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