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2004 - 2023

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Volume 20, issue 3, 2023

‘I see my research and my teaching as trying to understand the world in which we live, to paraphrase Keynes’ — Interview with Steven Fazzari pp. 399-405 Downloads
Eckhard Hein and Gennaro Zezza
Editorial to the special issue: Frontiers in Growth Regimes Research I: Theoretical Perspectives and Conceptual Issues pp. 406-409 Downloads
Ãœmit Akcay, Eckhard Hein, Benjamin Jungmann and Ryan Woodgate
Varieties of demand and growth regimes – post-Keynesian foundations pp. 410-443 Downloads
Eckhard Hein
Nothing new under the sun: the so-called ‘growth model perspective’ pp. 444-460 Downloads
Bruno Amable
House price cycles, housing systems, and growth models pp. 461-490 Downloads
Karsten Kohler, Benjamin Tippet and Engelbert Stockhammer
FDI-led growth models: Sraffian supermultiplier models of export platforms and tax havens pp. 491-514 Downloads
Ryan Woodgate
Dependency revisited: commodities, commodity-related capital flows and growth models in emerging economies pp. 515-538 Downloads
Michael Schedelik, Andreas Nölke, Christian May and Alexandre Gomes
Growth regimes, dominant social blocs and growth strategies: towards varieties of export-led growth regimes and strategies in Turkey and Poland pp. 539-560 Downloads
Ãœmit Akcay and Benjamin Jungmann
Book review: Jin, Keyu (2023): The New China Playbook, New York (368 pages, Viking, hardcover, ISBN-13: ‎978-1984878281) pp. 565-567 Downloads
Junaid Jahangir

Volume 20, issue 2, 2023

The impact of income inequality on household indebtedness in euro area countries pp. 151-182 Downloads
Stefan Jestl
The neo-Goodwinian model reconsidered pp. 183-246 Downloads
Michael Cauvel
Editorial to the special issue pp. 247-249 Downloads
Jan Behringer, Yannis Dafermos, Eckhard Hein, Heike Joebges, Annina Kaltenbrunner, Engelbert Stockhammer and Andrew Watt
How important is the real exchange rate for exports and growth? pp. 250-265 Downloads
Robert Blecker
New directions in Latin American Structuralism: a three-gap model of sustainable development pp. 266-281 Downloads
Gabriel Porcile, José Eduardo Alatorre, Martín Cherkasky, Camila Gramkow and João Prates Romero
Frontier-market economies as a new group of the financial periphery: patterns and transmission channels of global shocks pp. 282-298 Downloads
Daniela Prates, Barbara Fritz and Luiz Fernando de Paula
Post-Keynesian growth theory and the supply side: a feminist approach pp. 299-316 Downloads
Mark Setterfield
Synthesizing feminist and post-Keynesian/Kaleckian economics for a purple–green–red transition pp. 317-337 Downloads
Ozlem Onaran and Cem Oyvat
Fiscal policy: post- or New Keynesian? pp. 338-355 Downloads
Sebastian Gechert
Fiscal and monetary policy for difficult times: MMT solutions pp. 356-368 Downloads
Joëlle Leclaire
Macroeconomic policy at the end of the age of abundance pp. 369-387 Downloads
Jo Michell
Book review: Saith, Ashwani (2022): Cambridge Economics in the Post-Keynesian Era: The Eclipse of Heterodox Traditions, Cham, Switzerland (1188 pages, Palgrave Macmillan, hardback in two volumes, also available as ebook, ISBN 978-3-030-93018-9) pp. 388-395 Downloads
Marc Lavoie
Book review: Teipen, Christina, Dünhaupt, Petra, Herr, Hansjörg and Mehl, Fabian (2022): Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Value Chains. Comparative Analyses, Macroeconomic Effects, the Role of Institutions and Strategies for the Global South, Cham, Switzerland (600 pages, Palgrave Macmillan, hardcover 978-3-030-87319-6, softcover 978-3-030-87322-6, ebook 978-3-030-87320-2) pp. 396-397 Downloads
Torsten Niechoj

Volume 20, issue 1, 2023

‘I think it is important to speak multiple languages theoretically in order to communicate to different types of people’ pp. 2-7 Downloads
Elissa Braunstein
Editorial to the Symposium: Modern Monetary Theory and its critics pp. 8-10 Downloads
Marc Lavoie
Modern money theory on fiscal and monetary policies: empirics, theory, and praxis pp. 11-22 Downloads
Eric Tymoigne
The modern monetary theory literature seems to have escaped Drumetz/Pfister pp. 23-33 Downloads
William F. Mitchell
Modern money theory: some basics in response to Drumetz/Pfister pp. 34-42 Downloads
Joëlle Leclaire
The contribution of MMT to modern macroeconomics pp. 43-55 Downloads
Martin Watts and James Juniper
What modern monetary theory is, and what it is not pp. 56-66 Downloads
Emilio Carnevali and Giuseppe Fontana
Some Kaleckian remarks on modern monetary theory in light of a paper by Drumetz/Pfister pp. 67-77 Downloads
Malcolm Sawyer
It takes two to tango: a reply to our MMT critics* pp. 78-89 Downloads
Françoise Drumetz and Christian Pfister
The trade-off between inflation and unemployment in an ‘MMT world’: an open-economy perspective pp. 90-124 Downloads
Emilio Carnevali and Matteo Deleidi
The European core–periphery divide: towards a new narrative pp. 125-147 Downloads
Sara Casagrande and Bruno Dallago
Book review: Cuyvers, Ludo (2022): Neo-Marxism and Post-Keynesian Economics: From Kalecki to Sraffa and Joan Robinson, Milton Park (247 pages, Routledge, hardcover, ISBN 978-1-032-25480-7) pp. 148-150 Downloads
Marc Lavoie

Volume 19, issue 3, 2022

Obituary: Jerzy Osiatyński (1941–2022)* pp. 307-314 Downloads
Grzegorz Konat
Political economy of central-bank mandates in developing countries pp. 315-334 Downloads
Zhandos Ybrayev
Editorial to the special issue pp. 335-337 Downloads
Jan Behringer, Sebastian Gechert, Maria Nikolaidi and Andrew Watt
Assessing climate policies: an ecological stock–flow consistent perspective pp. 338-356 Downloads
Yannis Dafermos and Maria Nikolaidi
Beyond climate economics orthodoxy: impacts and policies in the agent-based integrated-assessment DSK model* pp. 357-380 Downloads
Francesco Lamperti and Andrea Roventini
A strong sustainability approach to development trajectories pp. 381-396 Downloads
Antoine Godin, Anda David, Oskar Lecuyer and Stéphanie Leyronas
The ecological crisis and post-Keynesian economics – bridging the gap? pp. 397-414 Downloads
Vera Huwe and Miriam Rehm
Book review: Piketty, Thomas (2021): Time for Socialism. Dispatches from a World on Fire, 2016–2021, New Haven and London (360 pages, Yale University Press, hardcover, ISBN 978-0300259667) pp. 415-418 Downloads
Junaid B. Jahangir

Volume 19, issue 2, 2022

Crisis, austerity, and fiscal expenditure in Greece: recent experience and future prospects in the post-COVID-19 era pp. 186-203 Downloads
Michalis Nikiforos
Macroeconomic implications and growth regimes under alternative interpretations of household debt pp. 204-223 Downloads
Emilia G. Marsellou
Editorial to the special issue pp. 224-226 Downloads
Ulrich Fritsche
A monetary Keynesian view of modern monetary theory pp. 227-237 Downloads
Sebastian Dullien and Silke Tober
Currency hierarchy and underdevelopment* pp. 238-259 Downloads
Hansjörg Herr and Zeynep Nettekoven
Currency hierarchy and financial globalization in emerging economies: how far does Riese’s critique of growth by external debt still hold? pp. 260-277 Downloads
Barbara Fritz, Luiz Fernando de Paula and Daniela Prates
The long-term effects of German unification on wages, employment and growth: a trigger for a shift to a new market constellation* pp. 278-293 Downloads
Heike Joebges, Rudolf Zwiener and Nora Albu
Book review: Blanchard, O. and D. Rodrik (2021): Combating Inequality: Rethinking Government’s Role, Cambridge, MA, USA (312 pages, The MIT Press, hardcover, ISBN 9780262045612) pp. 294-297 Downloads
Junaid B. Jahangir

Volume 19, issue 1, 2022

Editorial pp. 1 Downloads
‘The trading behaviour in financial markets and the impacts on the real economy became the theme of my life’ pp. 2-8 Downloads
Eckhard Hein and Torsten Niechoj
E pur si muove: Peter Flaschel's contributions to macroeconomic theory and disequilibrium economic modeling pp. 9-15 Downloads
Christian R. Proaño, Gangolf Groh and Willi Semmler
Editorial to the special issue pp. 16-18 Downloads
Eckhard Hein, Hansjörg Herr, Valeria Jimenez and Jan Priewe
Growth in the ecological transition: green, zero or de-growth? pp. 19-40 Downloads
Jan Priewe
The macroeconomic implications of zero growth: a post-Keynesian approach pp. 41-60 Downloads
Eckhard Hein and Valeria Jimenez
Inequality, non-linear consumption behaviour, and monetary growth imperatives pp. 61-88 Downloads
Anja Janischewski
Would a zero-growth economy be achievable and be sustainable? pp. 89-102 Downloads
Giuseppe Fontana and Malcolm Sawyer
The role of labor in a socio-ecological transition: combining post-Keynesian and ecological economics perspectives pp. 103-118 Downloads
Birte Strunk, Stefan Ederer and Armon Rezai
Buying into inequality: a macroeconomic analysis linking accelerated obsolescence, interpersonal inequality, and potential for degrowth pp. 119-137 Downloads
Antoine Monserand
Economics of digital decoupling: a pluralistic analysis pp. 138-158 Downloads
Steffen Lange
Transformation of capitalism to enforce ecologically sustainable GDP growth: lessons from Keynes and Schumpeter pp. 159-173 Downloads
Hansjörg Herr
Book review: Krugman, P. (2020): Arguing with Zombies, New York, NY, USA (416 pages, W.W. Norton and Company, hardcover, ISBN 978-1-324-00501-8) pp. 174-176 Downloads
Junaid B. Jahangir
Book review: Marglin, Stephen A. (2021): Raising Keynes: A Twenty-First Century General Theory, Cambridge, MA, USA (896 pages, Harvard University Press, hardcover, ISBN 978-0-674-97102-8) pp. 177-182 Downloads
Junaid B. Jahangir
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