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Volume 13, issue 2, 2018

Rethinking Globalization in the Trump Era: US-China Relations pp. 133-146 Downloads
Joseph Stiglitz
Conquering China¡¯s Unbalanced and Inadequate Development: Macroeconomic Outlook, Policy Simulations, and Reform Implementation¡ªA Summary of Annual SUFE Macroeconomic Report (2017¨C2018) pp. 147-170 Downloads
Kevin X. D. Huang, Lei Ning and Guoqiang Tian
The Effects of Macroeconomic Policies in a Mercantilist Economy pp. 171-195 Downloads
Gaowang Wang and Heng-Fu Zou
Does the Entrepreneurship of the Parents Affect the Opportunities of their Offspring¡¯s Entrepreneurship? Empirical Analysis Based on the CGSS 2010¨C2013 Data pp. 196-222 Downloads
Yongmei Hu and Yun Xing
Asymmetric Decentralization, Intergovernmental Transfers, and Expenditure Policies of Local Governments pp. 223-248 Downloads
Yongyou Li
Agricultural Roots in Intergenerational Transfers in China pp. 249-280 Downloads
Yan Liu and Qingqing Zong
Does Over-credit Stimulate Corporate Investment? Evidence from Listed Companies in China pp. 281-311 Downloads
Yuying Jin and Dong Zhao

Volume 13, issue 1, 2018

Introduction to the Special Issue in Honor of Richard A. Brecher pp. 1-4 Downloads
Zhiqi Chen
Local Import Competition in a Lumpy Country pp. 5-14 Downloads
Alan Deardorff
Free-Trade Agreements in a Model of Trade, Migration and Politics pp. 15-31 Downloads
John Douglas Wilson and Ilkay Yilmaz
Offshoring and Reshoring: The Roles of Incomplete Contracts and Relative Bargaining Power pp. 32-51 Downloads
Ngo Long and Maxwell Tuuli
Revenue-Constrained Combination of an Optimal Tariff and Duty Drawback pp. 52-67 Downloads
Tatsuo Hatta
Global Value Chains, Horizontal Intra-Industry Trade and the Heterogeneous Firm pp. 68-82 Downloads
Sven W. Arndt
Involuntary Unemployment: An Expository Note pp. 83-92 Downloads
Henry Y. Wan
Short-Term and Long-Term Margins of International Trade: Evidence from the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement pp. 93-115 Downloads
Zhiqi Chen and Marcel Voia
Agglomeration and Firm Export pp. 116-132 Downloads
Churen Sun, Zhihao Yu and Tao Zhang

Volume 12, issue 4, 2017

Examining the Factors Affecting Personal Income: An Empirical Study Based on Survey Data in Chinese Cities pp. 515-544 Downloads
Lihui Wang and Junyi Shen
Why Does the World Need a Reserve Asset with a Hard Anchor? pp. 545-570 Downloads
Dongsheng Di, Warren Coats and Yuxuan Zhao
Are Central and Western Chinese Provinces Catching up with the East? An Empirical Analysis of Convergence Processes across China pp. 571-606 Downloads
Marlies Sch¨¹tz, Han Li and Nicole Palan (born Höhenberger)
Can a Government Initiate Enterprise Reform to Improve Efficiency? A Cross-Section Analysis of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry pp. 607-634 Downloads
Ying Chu Ng and Suthathip Yaisawarng
Decision Making and Ability: An Explanation of Elitism in China¡¯s Government pp. 635-659 Downloads
Shiqiang Li
An Overlapping-Generations Model of Firm Heterogeneity in Economic Development pp. 660-676 Downloads
Yu Chen and Haiwen Zhou

Volume 12, issue 3, 2017

Hidden Reserve Prices with Risk-Averse Bidders pp. 341-370 Downloads
Huagang Li and Guofu Tan
Audit Competition in Insurance Oligopolies pp. 371-399 Downloads
Nicolas Boccard and Patrick Legros
Industrialized Innovation: The Connection of Science & Technology Innovation with Industrial Innovation pp. 400-417 Downloads
Yinxing Hong, Yao Lu and Jianghuai Zheng
Technical Progress and the Diffusion of Innovations: Classical and Schumpeterian Perspectives pp. 418-449 Downloads
Heinz D. Kurz
Product Market Competition and Innovation: What Can We Learn from Economic Theory? pp. 450-464 Downloads
Zhiqi Chen
A Model of Endogenous Cross-Holdings in Oligopoly pp. 465-479 Downloads
Cheng-Zhong Qin, Dandan Zhu and Shengping Zhang
Private Label Positioning and Product Line pp. 480-513 Downloads
St¨¦phane Caprice

Volume 12, issue 2, 2017

China under Uncertainty: Outlook, Counterfactual and Policy Simulations, and Reform Implementation¡ªA Summary of Annual Report (2016¨C2017) pp. 167-187 Downloads
Kevin X. D. Huang, Guoqiang Tian and Yibo Yang
A Shift to Isolationism? pp. 188-192 Downloads
Peter Hall
The Spread of Western Economics in China: Features and Influence (1840¨C1949) pp. 193-227 Downloads
Lin Cheng and Shen Zhang
Structural Transformation under Trade Imbalances: The Case of the Postwar U.S pp. 228-267 Downloads
Zongye Huang
Competitive Equilibrium in an Overlapping Generations Model with Production Loans pp. 268-279 Downloads
Dihai Wang, Gaowang Wang and Heng-Fu Zou
IPO Pricing Efficiency in China: A ChiNext Board Focus pp. 280-308 Downloads
Qi Deng and Zhong-guo Zhou
Inequality and Crime in China pp. 309-339 Downloads
Jiangli Zhu and Zilian Li

Volume 12, issue 1, 2017

Premature Deindustrialisation in the Developing World pp. 1-6 Downloads
Dani Rodrik
Regional and Sectoral Patterns and Determinants of Comparative Advantage in China pp. 7-36 Downloads
W. Charles Sawyer, Kiril Tochkov and Wenting Yu
The Effect of Family Size on Children¡¯s Education: Evidence from the Fertility Control Policy in China pp. 37-65 Downloads
Ying Shen
Welfare Analysis of Tacit Coordination in the U.S. Airline Industry pp. 66-93 Downloads
Xiaolan Zhou
Does Health Insurance Coverage Influence Household Financial Portfolios? A Case Study in Urban China pp. 94-112 Downloads
Qin Zhou, Kisalaya Basu and Yan Yuan
Improving the Accuracy of Estimated Returns to Education in China¡ªBased on Employment Rate, Career Length, and Income Growth pp. 113-131 Downloads
Binlei Gong
Legal Knowledge, Land Expropriation, and Agricultural Development in Rural China pp. 132-166 Downloads
Yi Che and Yan Zhang

Volume 11, issue 4, 2016

A Policy Perspective on Outward Foreign Direct Investment by Chinese State-Owned Enterprises pp. 537-547 Downloads
Steven Globerman
Aging and Migration: Micro and Macro Evidence from China pp. 548-580 Downloads
Orn B. Bodvarsson, Jack W. Hou and Kailing Shen
R&D Returns, Spillovers and Firm Incentives: Evidence from China pp. 581-607 Downloads
Chorching Goh, Lixin Xu and Wei Li
Income Mobility and Income Inequality in Rural China pp. 608-634 Downloads
Matthieu Cl¨¦ment
Exchange Rate Flexibility and Current Account Adjustment¡ªA Threshold VAR Analysis pp. 635-667 Downloads
Yu You, Yoonbai Kim and Zongye Huang
Testing Commitment Models of Monetary Policy in China pp. 668-693 Downloads
Yafang Yu
The Political Cause of the Movement of RMB Exchange Rate: A Research Based on the Spillover Effects of US Political Cycle pp. 694-731 Downloads
Mengnan Zhu, Qian Zhao and Yuguang Wang

Volume 11, issue 3, 2016

A Biography of Gregory C. Chow pp. 351-354 Downloads
Ben Bernanke
The Competitive Saving Motive: Concept, Evidence, and Implications pp. 355-366 Downloads
Shang-Jin Wei and Xiaobo Zhang
Why Doesn¡¯t the Hong Kong Government Sell More Public Land? pp. 367-389 Downloads
Saku Aura, Francis K. Cheung and Shawn Ni
Hollowing out of the Real Economy: Evidence from China¡¯s Listed Firms pp. 390-409 Downloads
Xu Li, Xiang Shao and Zhigang Tao
Understanding China¡¯s Foreign Trade Policy: A Literature Review pp. 410-438 Downloads
Tan Li, Larry Qiu and Ying Xue
Option Pricing Based on Alternative Jump Size Distributions pp. 439-467 Downloads
Jian Chen and Chenghu Ma
Redundancy of Moment Conditions in Restricted GMM Estimation pp. 468-497 Downloads
Hailong Qian
A Dynamic Model of the Choice of Technology in Economic Development pp. 498-518 Downloads
Haiwen Zhou and Ruhai Zhou
Spatial Competition and Lowest Price Commitment pp. 519-536 Downloads
Hao Wang

Volume 11, issue 2, 2016

China's Macroeconomic Outlook and Risk Assessment: Counterfactual Analysis, Policy Simulation, and Long-Term Governance¡ªA Summary of Annual Report (2015¨C2016) pp. 173-191 Downloads
Kevin X. D. Huang and Guoqiang Tian
China¡¯s Growth Prospects pp. 192-195 Downloads
Robert Barro
The Possibility and Approaches to an Upper Middle Growth Rate pp. 196-209 Downloads
Jiwei Lou
China¡¯s Reform: History, Logic and Future pp. 210-231 Downloads
Guoqiang Tian
Precautionary Saving and Health Insurance: A Portfolio Choice Perspective pp. 232-264 Downloads
Jiaping Qiu
Labour Markets in China: A Study of the Structure and Evolution of Wages pp. 265-301 Downloads
Xiaobing Wang, Jenifer Piesse and Zhengmao Ye
How County-Level Agricultural Loans and Fiscal Expenditure Impact Rural Residents¡¯ Income in China¡ª¡ªAn Empirical Study of the Hierarchical Effect by Quantile Regression pp. 302-320 Downloads
Xiaohua Wang and Li Liu
Corporate Investment and Tax Disincentive: Evidence from China pp. 321-350 Downloads
Weibo Xing

Volume 11, issue 1, 2016

Preface for Special Issue Honoring Gregory Chow pp. 1-6 Downloads
Dwight H. Perkins
The Chow Program and Ford Classes: An Introduction to Special Issue in Honor of Gregory Chow pp. 7-8 Downloads
Zhiqi Chen
Structural Changes in High Dimensional Factor Models pp. 9-39 Downloads
Jushan Bai and Xu Han
Inference for Optimal Split Point in Conditional Quantiles pp. 40-59 Downloads, Ruixuan Liu and Dongming Zhu
The Dynamic Process of Economic Takeoff and Industrial Transformation pp. 60-87 Downloads
Ming-Jen Chang, Ping Wang and Danyang Xie
Transfers and the Samuelson Rule in Stock Externality Provision¡ªWhy Do We Need Them Both? pp. 88-103 Downloads
Zili Yang
Freedom in Welfare Economics pp. 104-122 Downloads
Yongsheng Xu
An Analysis of Energy and Environment Efficiency of China's Iron and Steel Industry pp. 123-141 Downloads
Ming Lei and Zihan Yin
Applications of an IS-MP Model with Yield Curve pp. 142-155 Downloads
X. Wang and Bill Z. Yang
China's Capital Stock Series by Region and Sector pp. 156-172 Downloads
Yanrui Wu
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