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1996, volume 28

Introduction to "An Essay in Dynamic Theory": 1938 Draft by Roy F. Harrod pp. 245-251 Downloads
Daniele Besomi
An Essay in Dynamic Theory (1938 Draft) pp. 253-280 Downloads
Roy F. Harrod

1931, volume 21

Institutional Economics pp. 648-657 Downloads
John R. Commons

1928, volume 38

Increasing Returns and Economic Progress pp. 527-542 Downloads
Allyn A. Young

1927, volume 42

The Rate of Interest, The Bank Rate, and the Stabilization of Prices pp. 511-529 Downloads
Gustav Cassel

1923, volume 37

The Ethics of Competition pp. 579-624 Downloads
Frank H. Knight


Women's Wages in Relation to Economic Welfare Downloads
Francis Ysidro Edgeworth

1922, volume 36

Ethics and the Economic Interpretation pp. 454-481 Downloads
Frank H. Knight

1921, volume 35

Early History of the Term Capital Downloads
Edwin Cannan

1921, volume 31

The Primitive Economics of the Trobriand Islanders , 16 pages Downloads
Bronislaw Malinowski

1920, volume 35

Review of John Maynard Keynes, The Economic Consequences of the Peace pp. 467-472 Downloads
Thorstein Veblen

1918, volume 8

Is "Utility" the Most Suitable Term for the Concept It is Used to Denote? pp. 335-337 Downloads
Irving Fisher


The Progress of Pecuniary Valuation Downloads
Charles H. Cooley

1914, volume 24

The Scope and Method of Political Economy , 23 pages Downloads
Philip H. Wicksteed

1914, volume 20

Class Conflict in General pp. 504-531 Downloads
Gustav Schmoller

1913, volume 19

The Sphere of Pecuniary Valuation Downloads
Charles H. Cooley

1913, volume 16

How is Society Possible? Downloads
Georg Simmel

1912, volume 18

The Institutional Character of Pecuniary Valuation Downloads
Charles H. Cooley

1912, volume 9

Valuation as a Social Process Downloads
Charles H. Cooley

1911, volume 25

Some Limitations of the Value Concept pp. 409-428 Downloads
Allyn A. Young

1910, volume 25

The Development of the Theory of Money from Adam Smith to David Ricardo pp. 429-470 Downloads
Jacob H. Hollander

1909, volume 24

Fisher's Rate of Interest Downloads
Thorstein Veblen

1909, volume 17

The Limitations of Marginal Utility Downloads
Thorstein Veblen

1908, volume 23

On the Concept of Social Value pp. 213-232 Downloads
Joseph Alois Schumpeter
Fisher's Capital and Income Downloads
Thorstein Veblen

1907, volume 17

The Influence of the Rate of Interest on Prices pp. 213-220 Downloads
Knut Wicksell
Review of the Fifth Edition of Marshall's Principles of Economics pp. 532-535 Downloads
A. C. Pigou

1906, volume 20

The Socialist Economics of Karl Marx and His Followers 1 Downloads
Thorstein Veblen

1906, volume 16

Variations in the Editions of J.S. Mill's Principles of Political Economy pp. 291-302 Downloads
M. A. Ellis

1904, volume 32

Trust and Corporation Downloads
Frederic Maitland

1904, volume 18

Precedents for Defining Capital pp. 386-408 Downloads
Irving Fisher
The Development of Ricardo's Theory of Value pp. 455-491 Downloads
Jacob H. Hollander

1904, volume 2

Locke's Theory of the State pp. 237-249 Downloads
Frederick Pollock


The Theory of Distribution Downloads
Francis Ysidro Edgeworth

1902, volume 19

Aristotle as a Sociologist Downloads
Charles A. Ellwood

1902, volume 8

The Origin of Property of Land pp. 426-448 Downloads
Galliard Thomas Lapsley
American Business Corporations before 1786 Downloads
Simeon E. Baldwin

1901, volume 17

The Crown as Corporation pp. 131-146 Downloads
Frederic Maitland


The Function of Saving Downloads
Eugen Bohm-Bawerk

1900, volume 16

The Corporation Sole pp. 335-354 Downloads
Frederic Maitland

1900, volume 14

The Preconceptions of Economic Science III Downloads
Thorstein Veblen

1900, volume 10

Agricultural Services Downloads
Paul Vinogradoff

1900, volume 5

A Chapter in the Philosophy of Value Downloads
Georg Simmel


Recent Discussion of the Capital Concept Downloads
Frank A. Fetter
Petty's Place in the History of Economic Theory Downloads
Charles H. Hull

1899, volume 13

The Preconceptions of Economic Science I Downloads
Thorstein Veblen
The Preconceptions of Economic Science II Downloads
Thorstein Veblen

1898, volume 55

Fraternalism vs. Paternalism in Government pp. 780-785 Downloads
Richard Theodore Ely

1898, volume 12

Why Economics is not an Evolutionary Science Downloads
Thorstein Veblen

1898, volume 4

The Barbarian Status of Women Downloads
Thorstein Veblen
The Beginnings of Ownership Downloads
Thorstein Veblen
The Instinct of Workmanship and the Irksomeness of Labor Downloads
Thorstein Veblen
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