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Volume 2018, issue July, 2018

Effect of EOG Signal Filtering on the Removal of Ocular Artifacts and EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interface: A Comprehensive Study pp. 1-18 Downloads
Malik M. Naeem Mannan, M. Ahmad Kamran, Shinil Kang and Myung Yung Jeong
Towards Reduced-Order Models of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell pp. 1-18 Downloads
Maciej Ławryńczuk
Regression and ANN Models for Electronic Circuit Design pp. 1-9 Downloads
M. I. Dieste-Velasco, C. Alonso-Tristán and M. Diez-Mediavilla
Adaptive Neural Control for Hysteresis Motor Driving Servo System with Bouc-Wen Model pp. 1-9 Downloads
Xuehui Gao
Advances in Processing, Mining, and Learning Complex Data: From Foundations to Real-World Applications pp. 1-3 Downloads
Shirui Pan, Chuan Zhou, Jia Wu, Gang Li, Chengqi Zhang and Wu He
Integrated Feature Selection of ARIMA with Computational Intelligence Approaches for Food Crop Price Prediction pp. 1-17 Downloads
Yuehjen E. Shao and Jun-Ting Dai
Robust Optimization for Integrated Construction Scheduling and Multiscale Resource Allocation pp. 1-17 Downloads
Sha Tao, Zhijie Sasha Dong, Qian Li and Heap-Yih Chong
A Nonlinear Integer Programming Model for Integrated Location, Inventory, and Routing Decisions in a Closed-Loop Supply Chain pp. 1-17 Downloads
Congdong Li, Chunnan Zhang, Hao Guo, Ying Zhang and Yu Wang
Complexity Analysis on the Aerodynamic Performance of the Mega High-Speed Train Caused by the Wind Barrier on the Embankment pp. 1-17 Downloads
He-xuan Hu, Wan-xin Lei and Ye Zhang
Moderate Deviations for Stochastic Fractional Heat Equation Driven by Fractional Noise pp. 1-17 Downloads
Xichao Sun, Ming Li and Wei Zhao
A Method Adjusting Consistency and Consensus for Group Decision-Making Problems with Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Preference Relations Based on Discrete Fuzzy Numbers pp. 1-17 Downloads
Meng Zhao, Ting Liu, Jia Su and Meng-Ying Liu
Research on the Effect of DPSO in Team Selection Optimization under the Background of Big Data pp. 1-14 Downloads
Qian Zhao and Lian-ying Zhang
Research on Hierarchical and Distributed Control for Smart Generation Based on Virtual Wolf Pack Strategy pp. 1-14 Downloads
Lei Xi, Lang Liu, Yuehua Huang, Yanchun Xu and Yunning Zhang
Background Information Self-Learning Based Hyperspectral Target Detection pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yufei Tian, Jihai Yang, Shijun Li and Wenning Xu
An Investigation of Stretched Exponential Function in Quantifying Long-Term Memory of Extreme Events Based on Artificial Data following Lévy Stable Distribution pp. 1-7 Downloads
HongGuang Sun, Lin Yuan, Yong Zhang and Nicholas Privitera
Analysis and Implementation of a New Switching Memristor Scroll Hyperchaotic System and Application in Secure Communication pp. 1-15 Downloads
Ping Liu, Rui Xi, Pengbo Ren, Jialin Hou and Xiang Li
Smart Scheduling: An Integrated First Mile and Last Mile Supply Approach pp. 1-15 Downloads
Ágota Bányai, Tamás Bányai and Béla Illés
Multilayer Network-Based Production Flow Analysis pp. 1-15 Downloads
János Abonyi, Gergely Honti and Tamás Ruppert
A Wavelet-Based Correlation Analysis Framework to Study Cerebromuscular Activity in Essential Tremor pp. 1-15 Downloads
Yifan Zhao, Ramon C. Laguna, Yitian Zhao, Jimmy Jiang Liu, Xiongxiong He, John Yianni and Ptolemaios G. Sarrigiannis
An Elitist Transposon Quantum-Based Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Economic Dispatch Problems pp. 1-15 Downloads
Angus Wu and Zhen-Lun Yang
An Improved Particle Swarm Optimization with Biogeography-Based Learning Strategy for Economic Dispatch Problems pp. 1-15 Downloads
Xu Chen, Bin Xu and Wenli Du
Intrinsic Mode Chirp Multicomponent Decomposition with Kernel Sparse Learning for Overlapped Nonstationary Signals Involving Big Data pp. 1-15 Downloads
Haixin Sun, Jie Qi and Yongchun Miao
Enhancing Cooperative Coevolution with Selective Multiple Populations for Large-Scale Global Optimization pp. 1-15 Downloads
Xingguang Peng and Yapei Wu
Data-Driven Hybrid Internal Temperature Estimation Approach for Battery Thermal Management pp. 1-15 Downloads
Kailong Liu, Kang Li, Qiao Peng, Yuanjun Guo and Li Zhang
Qualitative Study of a 4D Chaos Financial System pp. 1-5 Downloads
Fuchen Zhang, Xiaofeng Liao, Guangyun Zhang, Yong Zhang and Gaoxiang Yang
A Novel Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm Based on Density Peaks for Complex Datasets pp. 1-8 Downloads
Rong Zhou, Shengzhong Feng, Yong Zhang and Nurbol Luktarhan
The Domination Complexity and Related Extremal Values of Large 3D Torus pp. 1-8 Downloads
Zehui Shao, Jin Xu, S. M. Sheikholeslami and Shaohui Wang
Fixed-Time Sliding-Mode Fault-Tolerant Control of Waste Heat Power Generator Systems pp. 1-8 Downloads
Zhi Wang, Zhijie Li, Jin Xie, Yateng Bai, Caoyuan Ma, Pengjuan Liu and Yong Zhang
Modeling and Dynamic Control of a Class of Semibiomimetic Robotic Fish pp. 1-8 Downloads
Shouxu Zhang, Bo Jiang, Xiaoxuan Chen, Jian Liang, Peng Cui and Xinxin Guo
Particle Swarm Optimization Iterative Identification Algorithm and Gradient Iterative Identification Algorithm for Wiener Systems with Colored Noise pp. 1-8 Downloads
Junhong Li and Xiao Li
An Optimal Algorithm for Determining Risk Factors for Complex Diseases: Depressive Disorder, Osteoporosis, and Fracture in Young Patients with Breast Cancer Receiving Curative Surgery pp. 1-8 Downloads
Chieh-Yu Liu and Chun-Hung Chang
Decentralized Competition Produces Nonlinear Dynamics Akin to Klinotaxis pp. 1-8 Downloads
Pedro Manrique, Yao Sheng Li, Chen Xu, Mason Klein, Pak Ming Hui and Neil Johnson
Multifractal Detrended Cross-Correlation Analysis of the Return-Volume Relationship of Bitcoin Market pp. 1-20 Downloads
Xiao Li, Wei Zhang, Dehua Shen and Pengfei Wang
Optimal Scheduling of a Microgrid Including Pump Scheduling and Network Constraints pp. 1-20 Downloads
Ashok Krishnan, L. P. M. I. Sampath, Y. S. Foo Eddy and H. B. Gooi
Detection of Low-Flying Target under the Sea Clutter Background Based on Volterra Filter pp. 1-12 Downloads
Hongyan Xing and Yan Yan
A Novel Approach to Fuzzy Soft Set-Based Group Decision-Making pp. 1-12 Downloads
Qinrong Feng and Xiao Guo
About Extracting Dynamic Information of Unknown Complex Systems by Neural Networks pp. 1-12 Downloads
Eloy Irigoyen, Antonio Javier Barragán, Mikel Larrea and José Manuel Andújar
Optimal Position and Velocity Estimation for Multi-USV Positioning Systems with Range Measurements pp. 1-12 Downloads
Wei Chen, Ruisheng Sun and Weisheng Yan
Fractal Tilings Based on Successive Adjacent Substitution Rule pp. 1-12 Downloads
Kwokwai Chung, Peichang Ouyang, Tao Yu and Xiaosong Tang
A Modified Time Reversal Method for Guided Wave Detection of Bolt Loosening in Simulated Thermal Protection System Panels pp. 1-12 Downloads
Guan-nan Wu, Chao Xu, Fei Du and Wei-dong Zhu
A Novel Fault Diagnosis Method for Rolling Bearing Based on Improved Sparse Regularization via Convex Optimization pp. 1-10 Downloads
Dongjie Zhong, Cancan Yi, Han Xiao, Houzhuang Zhang and Anding Wu
Study on the Magnitude of Reservoir-Triggered Earthquake Based on Support Vector Machines pp. 1-10 Downloads
Hai Wei, Xin Wang, Danlei Chen, Mingming Wang and Bingyue Song
Fuzzy Adaptive Switching Control for an Uncertain Robot Manipulators with Time-Varying Output Constraint pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yongqing Fan, Ying Liu, Minjuan Wang and Wenqing Wang
Instrumental Variable-Based OMP Identification Algorithm for Hammerstein Systems pp. 1-10 Downloads
Shuo Zhang, Yaru Yan and Dongqing Wang
Adaptive Barrier Control for Nonlinear Servomechanisms with Friction Compensation pp. 1-10 Downloads
Shubo Wang, Haisheng Yu, Xuehui Gao and Na Wang
The Design of Contactors Based on the Niching Multiobjective Particle Swarm Optimization pp. 1-10 Downloads
Wenying Yang, Jiuwei Guo, Yang Liu and Guofu Zhai
Improved Firefly Algorithm: A Novel Method for Optimal Operation of Thermal Generating Units pp. 1-23 Downloads
Thang Trung Nguyen, Nguyen Vu Quynh and Le Van Dai
A Complex Network Framework to Model Cognition: Unveiling Correlation Structures from Connectivity pp. 1-19 Downloads
Gemma Rosell-Tarragó, Emanuele Cozzo and Albert Díaz-Guilera
Robust Stability of Nonlinear Diffusion Fuzzy Neural Networks with Parameter Uncertainties and Time Delays pp. 1-19 Downloads
Jiuqi Gong, Xiaoyan Wan, Ruofeng Rao, Gaozhi Tang, Guanghong Wu, Qiao Zhang and Shouming Zhong
A Novel Control Strategy on Multiple-Mode Application of Electric Vehicle in Distributed Photovoltaic Systems pp. 1-11 Downloads
Qianwen Zhong, Yize Sun and Lele Peng
Team Resilience in Complex and Turbulent Environments: The Effect of Size and Density of Social Interactions pp. 1-11 Downloads
Ilaria Giannoccaro, Giovanni F. Massari and Giuseppe Carbone
Credit Risk Contagion Based on Asymmetric Information Association pp. 1-11 Downloads
Shanshan Jiang, Hong Fan and Min Xia
Dynamical Behavior of a Novel Impulsive Switching Model for HLB with Seasonal Fluctuations pp. 1-11 Downloads
Lei Luo, Shujing Gao, Xinzhu Meng and Shuixian Yan
Three-Dimensional In Situ XCT Characterisation and FE Modelling of Cracking in Concrete pp. 1-11 Downloads
Zhenjun Yang, Wenyuan Ren, Rajneesh Sharma, Samuel A. McDonald and Paul M. Mummery
Desired Compensation Adaptive Robust Control of an Active Vibration Isolation System pp. 1-11 Downloads
Ming Zhang, Jiaxin Li, Weijia Shi, Bo Zhao and Feng Li
Hybrid Optimal Kinematic Parameter Identification for an Industrial Robot Based on BPNN-PSO pp. 1-11 Downloads
Guanbin Gao, Fei Liu, Hongjun San, Xing Wu and Wen Wang
Robust Control of Pressure for LNG Carrier Cargo Handling System via Mirror-Mapping Approach pp. 1-11 Downloads
Xianku Zhang, Guangping Yang, Jinghua Cao and Xiang Zou
Exploring Cooperative Game Mechanisms of Scientific Coauthorship Networks pp. 1-11 Downloads
Zheng Xie, Jianping Li and Miao Li
An Evaluation of a Metaheuristic Artificial Immune System for Household Energy Optimization pp. 1-11 Downloads
Maria Navarro-Caceres, Pramod Herath, Gabriel Villarrubia, Francisco Prieto-Castrillo and G. Kumar Venyagamoorthy
Adaptive Gradient-Based Iterative Algorithm for Multivariable Controlled Autoregressive Moving Average Systems Using the Data Filtering Technique pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jian Pan, Xiao Jiang, Feng Ding, Wenfang Ding and Hao Ma
Complexity Study on the Unsteady Flow Field and Aerodynamic Noise of High-Speed Railways on Bridges pp. 1-16 Downloads
Jufeng Su, Yuyang Liu and Yamin Sun
Orchestrated Platform for Cyber-Physical Systems pp. 1-16 Downloads
Róbert Lovas, Attila Farkas, Attila Csaba Marosi, Sándor Ács, József Kovács, Ádám Szalóki and Botond Kádár
Research on Optimization of Big Data Construction Engineering Quality Management Based on RNN-LSTM pp. 1-16 Downloads
Daopeng Wang, Jifei Fan, Hanliang Fu and Bing Zhang
Demand Sharing Inaccuracies in Supply Chains: A Simulation Study pp. 1-13 Downloads
Roberto Dominguez, Salvatore Cannella, Jose M. Framinan and Manfredi Bruccoleri
Research on Multidomain Fault Diagnosis of Large Wind Turbines under Complex Environment pp. 1-13 Downloads
Rong Jia, Jian Dang, Guangyi Liu, Fuqi Ma and Huizhi Zhang
Dynamic Behaviors in Coupled Neuron System with the Excitatory and Inhibitory Autapse under Electromagnetic Induction pp. 1-13 Downloads
John Billy Kirunda, Ying Xu, Jian Shen, Ya Jia, Qiming Pei, Mengyan Ge and Lulu Lu
Exponential Synchronization of Neural Networks via Feedback Control in Complex Environment pp. 1-13 Downloads
Xiaodi Li, Jinde Cao, Xiaoxiao Lv and Peiyong Duan
A Scalable Genetic Programming Approach to Integrate miRNA-Target Predictions: Comparing Different Parallel Implementations of M3GP pp. 1-13 Downloads
Stefano Beretta, Mauro Castelli, Luis Muñoz, Leonardo Trujillo, Yuliana Martínez, Aleš Popovič, Luciano Milanesi and Ivan Merelli
Evidence of Exponential Speed-Up in the Solution of Hard Optimization Problems pp. 1-13 Downloads
Fabio L. Traversa, Pietro Cicotti, Forrest Sheldon and Massimiliano Di Ventra
The Evolution of Price Competition Game on Complex Networks pp. 1-13 Downloads
Feng Jie Xie and Jing Shi

Volume 2018, issue June, 2018

Linear and Complex Measures of Heart Rate Variability during Exposure to Traffic Noise in Healthy Women pp. 1-14 Downloads
Myrela Alves, David M. Garner, Anne M. G. G. Fontes, Luiz Vinicius de Alcantara Sousa and Vitor E. Valenti
Robust Fractional-Order PID Controller Tuning Based on Bode’s Optimal Loop Shaping pp. 1-14 Downloads
Lu Liu and Shuo Zhang
A Fractional-Order System with Coexisting Chaotic Attractors and Control Chaos via a Single State Variable Linear Controller pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ping Zhou, Meihua Ke and Peng Zhu
Prebiotic Geochemical Automata at the Intersection of Radiolytic Chemistry, Physical Complexity, and Systems Biology pp. 1-21 Downloads
Zachary R. Adam, Albert C. Fahrenbach, Betul Kacar and Masashi Aono
Evolving Trends in Supply Chain Management: Complexity, New Technologies, and Innovative Methodological Approaches pp. 1-3 Downloads
Salvatore Cannella, Roberto Dominguez, Jose M. Framinan and Borja Ponte
Complexity in Manufacturing Processes and Systems pp. 1-3 Downloads
Rosario Domingo, Julio Blanco-Fernández, Jorge Luis García-Alcaraz and Leonardo Rivera
Study of Ion-Acoustic Solitary Waves in a Magnetized Plasma Using the Three-Dimensional Time-Space Fractional Schamel-KdV Equation pp. 1-17 Downloads
Min Guo, Chen Fu, Yong Zhang, Jianxin Liu and Hongwei Yang
Loosely Formation-Displaced Geostationary Orbit Optimization with Complex Hybrid Sail Propulsion pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yuan Liu, Yong Hao and Weiwei Liu
Exploration of Muscle Fatigue Effects in Bioinspired Robot Learning from sEMG Signals pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ning Wang, Yang Xu, Hongbin Ma and Xiaofeng Liu
Research Progress on Monitoring and Separating Suspension Particles for Lubricating Oil pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ziping Wang, Xian Xue, He Yin, Zhengxuan Jiang and Yefei Li
Rigorous Solution of Slopes’ Stability considering Hydrostatic Pressure pp. 1-10 Downloads
Chengchao Li, Pengming Jiang and Aizhao Zhou
A Novel Approach to Face Verification Based on Second-Order Face-Pair Representation pp. 1-10 Downloads
Qiang Hua, Chunru Dong and Feng Zhang
Neural Dynamics during Resting State: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Exploration with Reduction and Visualization pp. 1-10 Downloads
Wei Li, Miao Wang, Wen Wen, Yue Huang, Xi Chen and Wenliang Fan
Estimation and Synthesis of Reachable Set for Singular Markovian Jump Systems pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yucai Ding and Hui Liu
Active Disturbance Rejection Synchronization of Morris-Lecar Neurons pp. 1-10 Downloads
Wei Wei, Yanjie Shao and Min Zuo
A Time-Dependent Fuzzy Programming Approach for the Green Multimodal Routing Problem with Rail Service Capacity Uncertainty and Road Traffic Congestion pp. 1-22 Downloads
Yan Sun, Martin Hrušovský, Chen Zhang and Maoxiang Lang
An Approach to Interval-Valued Hesitant Fuzzy Multiattribute Group Decision Making Based on the Generalized Shapley-Choquet Integral pp. 1-19 Downloads
Lifei Zhang and Fanyong Meng
Construction Low Complexity and Low Delay CDS for Big Data Code Dissemination pp. 1-19 Downloads
Xiao Liu, Mianxiong Dong, Yuxin Liu, Anfeng Liu and Neal N. Xiong
System Reliability Assessment Based on Failure Propagation Processes pp. 1-19 Downloads
Shuai Lin, Yanhui Wang and Limin Jia
Integrating “Hard” and “Soft” Infrastructural Resilience Assessment for Water Distribution Systems pp. 1-16 Downloads
Alessandro Pagano, Irene Pluchinotta, Raffaele Giordano and Umberto Fratino
AIRank: Author Impact Ranking through Positions in Collaboration Networks pp. 1-16 Downloads
Jun Zhang, Yan Hu, Zhaolong Ning, Amr Tolba, Elsayed Elashkar and Feng Xia
Some Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Muirhead Means with Their Application to Multiattribute Group Decision-Making pp. 1-16 Downloads
Jun Wang, Runtong Zhang, Xiaomin Zhu, Yuping Xing and Borut Buchmeister
Communication Analysis of Network-Centric Warfare via Transformation of System of Systems Model into Integrated System Model Using Neural Network pp. 1-16 Downloads
Bong Gu Kang, Kyung-Min Seo and Tag Gon Kim
Multiple-Model Adaptive Estimation with A New Weighting Algorithm pp. 1-11 Downloads
Weicun Zhang, Sufang Wang and Yuzhen Zhang
Model-Based ILC with a Modified -Filter for Complex Motion Systems: Practical Considerations and Experimental Verification on a Wafer Stage pp. 1-11 Downloads
Fazhi Song, Yang Liu, Jun Cao, Li Li and Jiubin Tan
Analysis of Converter Combustion Flame Spectrum Big Data Sets Based on HHT pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jincai Chang, Jiecheng Wang, Zhuo Wang, Shuaijie Shan and Chunfeng Liu
Dynamical Techniques for Analyzing Iterative Schemes with Memory pp. 1-13 Downloads
Neha Choubey, A. Cordero, J. P. Jaiswal and J. R. Torregrosa
Adaptive Robust Method for Dynamic Economic Emission Dispatch Incorporating Renewable Energy and Energy Storage pp. 1-13 Downloads
Tingli Cheng, Minyou Chen, Yingxiang Wang, Bo Li, Muhammad Arshad Shehzad Hassan, Tao Chen and Ruilin Xu
An RBFNN-Based Direct Inverse Controller for PMSM with Disturbances pp. 1-13 Downloads
Shengquan Li, Juan Li and Yanqiu Shi
The Performance Study on the Long-Span Bridge Involving the Wireless Sensor Network Technology in a Big Data Environment pp. 1-13 Downloads
Liwen Zhang, Chao Zhang, Zhuo Sun, You Dong and Pu Wei
On the Design Complexity of Cyberphysical Production Systems pp. 1-13 Downloads
Luis Ribeiro and Martin Hochwallner
Sparse Gene Coexpression Network Analysis Reveals EIF3J-AS1 as a Prognostic Marker for Breast Cancer pp. 1-12 Downloads
Xin Chen, Kan Xie, Zuyuan Yang, Shengli Xie, Chao Yang and Weijun Sun
Research of Deceptive Review Detection Based on Target Product Identification and Metapath Feature Weight Calculation pp. 1-12 Downloads
Ling Yuan, Dan Li, Shikang Wei and Mingli Wang
Multicriteria-Based Location Privacy Preservation in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks pp. 1-12 Downloads
Haleem Farman, Bilal Jan, Muhammad Talha, Abi Zar, Huma Javed, Murad Khan, Aziz Ud Din and Kijun Han
Control of Complex Nonlinear Dynamic Rational Systems pp. 1-12 Downloads
Quanmin Zhu, Li Liu, Weicun Zhang and Shaoyuan Li
On a Generalization of Hofstadter’s -Sequence: A Family of Chaotic Generational Structures pp. 1-8 Downloads
Altug Alkan
Investigation of Cortical Signal Propagation and the Resulting Spatiotemporal Patterns in Memristor-Based Neuronal Network pp. 1-20 Downloads
Ke Ding, Zahra Rostami, Sajad Jafari and Boshra Hatef
Multiplicative Fault Estimation-Based Adaptive Sliding Mode Fault-Tolerant Control Design for Nonlinear Systems pp. 1-15 Downloads
Ali Ben Brahim, Slim Dhahri, Fayçal Ben Hmida and Anis Sellami
Comparing Project Complexity across Different Industry Sectors pp. 1-15 Downloads
Marian Bosch-Rekveldt, Hans Bakker and Marcel Hertogh
Dynamic Complexities in a Supply Chain System with Lateral Transshipments pp. 1-15 Downloads
Yongchang Wei, Fangyu Chen and Feng Xiong
Systematic Approach to Optimization for Protection Against Intentional Ultrashort Pulses Based on Multiconductor Modal Filters pp. 1-15 Downloads
Anton O. Belousov and Talgat R. Gazizov
Fuzzy Calculus Theory and Its Applications pp. 1-2 Downloads
Omar Abu Arqub, Carla Pinto, Rosana Rodríguez López and Vedat Suat Ertürk
Energy and Complexity pp. 1-2 Downloads
Zofia Lukszo, Ettore Bompard, Paul Hines and Liz Varga

Volume 2018, issue May, 2018

Distributed Finite-Time State Estimation of Interconnected Complex Metabolic Networks pp. 1-20 Downloads
Alfonso Sepulveda-Galvez, Jesus A. Badillo-Corona and Isaac Chairez
Fuzzy Adaptation Algorithms’ Control for Robot Manipulators with Uncertainty Modelling Errors pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yongqing Fan, Keyi Xing and Xiangkui Jiang
Intelligent Control Approaches for Modeling and Control of Complex Systems pp. 1-2 Downloads
José M. Andújar, Eloy Irigoyen and Victor M. Becerra
Neural Network for Complex Systems: Theory and Applications pp. 1-2 Downloads
Chenguang Yang, Jing Na, Guang Li, Yanan Li and Junpei Zhong
Symmetries, Dynamics, and Control for the 2D Kolmogorov Flow pp. 1-15 Downloads
Nejib Smaoui
Manifold Adaptive Kernelized Low-Rank Representation for Semisupervised Image Classification pp. 1-11 Downloads
Yong Peng, Wanzeng Kong, Feiwei Qin and Feiping Nie
Feature Representation Using Deep Autoencoder for Lung Nodule Image Classification pp. 1-11 Downloads
Keming Mao, Renjie Tang, Xinqi Wang, Weiyi Zhang and Haoxiang Wu
GA Based Adaptive Singularity-Robust Path Planning of Space Robot for On-Orbit Detection pp. 1-11 Downloads
Jianwei Wu, Deer Bin, Xiaobing Feng, Zhongpu Wen and Yin Zhang
Velocity Control Based on Active Disturbance Rejection for Air-Breathing Supersonic Vehicles pp. 1-11 Downloads
Chao Ming, Ruisheng Sun and Xiaoming Wang
Convergence of a Two-Step Iterative Method for Nondifferentiable Operators in Banach Spaces pp. 1-11 Downloads
Abhimanyu Kumar, Dharmendra K. Gupta, Eulalia Martínez and Sukhjit Singh
Numerical Study on Crack Distributions of the Single-Layer Building under Seismic Waves pp. 1-16 Downloads
Fenghui Dong, Zhipeng Zhong and Jin Cheng
An Improved MOEA/D Based on Reference Distance for Software Project Portfolio Optimization pp. 1-16 Downloads
Jing Xiao, Jing-Jing Li, Xi-Xi Hong, Min-Mei Huang, Xiao-Min Hu, Yong Tang and Chang-Qin Huang
An Ising Spin-Based Model to Explore Efficient Flexibility in Distributed Power Systems pp. 1-16 Downloads
Francisco Prieto-Castrillo, Amin Shokri Gazafroudi, Javier Prieto and Juan Manuel Corchado
Measuring the Project Management Complexity: The Case of Information Technology Projects pp. 1-19 Downloads
Rocio Poveda-Bautista, Jose-Antonio Diego-Mas and Diego Leon-Medina
The Complexity Analysis in Dual-Channel Supply Chain Based on Fairness Concern and Different Business Objectives pp. 1-13 Downloads
Li Qiu-xiang, Zhang Yu-hao and Huang Yi-min
Finite-Time Switched Second-Order Sliding-Mode Control of Nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile Robot Systems pp. 1-10 Downloads
Hao Ce, Wang Hongbin, Cheng Xiaoyan, Zhou Zhen, Ge Shungang and Hu Zhongquan
CLDA: An Effective Topic Model for Mining User Interest Preference under Big Data Background pp. 1-10 Downloads
Lirong Qiu and Jia Yu
Fractional-Order Memristor Emulator Circuits pp. 1-10 Downloads
C. Sánchez-López, V. H. Carbajal-Gómez, M. A. Carrasco-Aguilar and I. Carro-Pérez
Urban Road Infrastructure Maintenance Planning with Application of Neural Networks pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ivan Marović, Ivica Androjić, Nikša Jajac and Tomáš Hanák
Effective Approach to Calculate Analysis Window in Infinite Discrete Gabor Transform pp. 1-10 Downloads
Rui Li, Yong Huang and Jia-Bao Liu
Contactless Modal Phenomena Based Approach to Detecting, Identifying, and Diagnosing of Electrical Connections pp. 1-12 Downloads
Pavel Orlov and Talgat Gazizov
Approximately Nearest Neighborhood Image Search Using Unsupervised Hashing via Homogeneous Kernels pp. 1-12 Downloads
Jun-Yi Li and Jian-Hua Li
Intelligent Method for Identifying Driving Risk Based on V2V Multisource Big Data pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jinshuan Peng and Yiming Shao
Complexity in Individual Trajectories toward Online Extremism pp. 1-9 Downloads
Z. Cao, M. Zheng, Y. Vorobyeva, C. Song and N. F. Johnson
Credit Card Fraud Detection through Parenclitic Network Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Massimiliano Zanin, Miguel Romance, Santiago Moral and Regino Criado
Inversion of Thermal Conductivity in Two-Dimensional Unsteady-State Heat Transfer System Based on Boundary Element Method and Decentralized Fuzzy Inference pp. 1-9 Downloads
Shoubin Wang, Li Zhang, Xiaogang Sun and Huangchao Jia
Different Solution Strategies for Solving Epidemic Model in Imprecise Environment pp. 1-18 Downloads
Animesh Mahata, Sankar Prasad Mondal, Ali Ahmadian, Fudiah Ismail, Shariful Alam and Soheil Salahshour
Impact of Rapid Urbanization on Vulnerability of Land System from Complex Networks View: A Methodological Approach pp. 1-18 Downloads
Ying Wang, Xiangmei Li, Jiangfeng Li, Zhengdong Huang and Renbin Xiao
Improved Method for Predicting the Performance of the Physical Links in Telecommunications Access Networks pp. 1-14 Downloads
Ferenc Lilik, Szilvia Nagy and László T. Kóczy
Design of Reduced-Order Multiple Observers for Uncertain Systems with Unknown Inputs pp. 1-14 Downloads
Mihai Lungu
Strategies for Managing the Structural and Dynamic Consequences of Project Complexity pp. 1-17 Downloads
Serghei Floricel, Sorin Piperca and Richard Tee
Exploring Project Complexity through Project Failure Factors: Analysis of Cluster Patterns Using Self-Organizing Maps pp. 1-17 Downloads
Vicente Rodríguez Montequín, Joaquín Villanueva Balsera, Sonia María Cousillas Fernández and Francisco Ortega Fernández
Trust-Based Situation Awareness: Comparative Analysis of Agent-Based and Population-Based Modeling pp. 1-17 Downloads
Zara Nasar and Syed Waqar Jaffry
Optimized Naive-Bayes and Decision Tree Approaches for fMRI Smoking Cessation Classification pp. 1-24 Downloads
Amirhessam Tahmassebi, Amir H. Gandomi, Mieke H. J. Schulte, Anna E. Goudriaan, Simon Y. Foo and Anke Meyer-Baese
New Methods for Analyzing Complex Biomedical Systems and Signals pp. 1-3 Downloads
Irini Reljin, Zoran Obradović, Mirjana B. Popović and Valeri Mladenov

Volume 2018, issue April, 2018

Visual Semantic Navigation Based on Deep Learning for Indoor Mobile Robots pp. 1-12 Downloads
Li Wang, Lijun Zhao, Guanglei Huo, Ruifeng Li, Zhenghua Hou, Pan Luo, Zhenye Sun, Ke Wang and Chenguang Yang
Analysis Sparse Representation for Nonnegative Signals Based on Determinant Measure by DC Programming pp. 1-12 Downloads
Yujie Li, Atsunori Kanemura, Shuxue Ding, Benying Tan and Wuhui Chen
Study of the Bullwhip Effect in a Multistage Supply Chain with Callback Structure considering Two Retailers pp. 1-12 Downloads
Junhai Ma, Liqing Zhu, Ye Yuan and Shunqi Hou
Multiple Attributes Group Decision-Making Approaches Based on Interval-Valued Dual Hesitant Fuzzy Unbalanced Linguistic Set and Their Applications pp. 1-22 Downloads
Xiaowen Qi, Junling Zhang and Changyong Liang
A Semianalytical Solution of the Fractional Derivative Model and Its Application in Financial Market pp. 1-10 Downloads
Lina Song
MOORA under Pythagorean Fuzzy Set for Multiple Criteria Decision Making pp. 1-10 Downloads
Luis Pérez-Domínguez, Luis Alberto Rodríguez-Picón, Alejandro Alvarado-Iniesta, David Luviano Cruz and Zeshui Xu
Breakup of Spiral Wave and Order-Disorder Spatial Pattern Transition Induced by Spatially Uniform Cross-Correlated Sine-Wiener Noises in a Regular Network of Hodgkin-Huxley Neurons pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yuangen Yao, Wei Cao, Qiming Pei, Chengzhang Ma and Ming Yi
Using Deep Learning to Predict Complex Systems: A Case Study in Wind Farm Generation pp. 1-10 Downloads
J. M. Torres and R. M. Aguilar
Valuation on an Outside-Reset Option with Multiple Resettable Levels and Dates pp. 1-13 Downloads
Guangming Xue, Bin Qin and Guohe Deng
Legendre Cooperative PSO Strategies for Trajectory Optimization pp. 1-13 Downloads
Lei Liu, Yongji Wang, Fuqiang Xie and Jiashi Gao
Almost Periodic Synchronization for Quaternion-Valued Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays pp. 1-13 Downloads
Yongkun Li, Xiaofang Meng and Yuan Ye
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Using Exemplar-SVMs with Adaptation Regularization pp. 1-13 Downloads
Yiwei He, Yingjie Tian, Jingjing Tang and Yue Ma
Modelling Hegemonic Power Transition in Cyberspace pp. 1-13 Downloads
Dmitry Brizhinev, Nathan Ryan and Roger Bradbury
A Study on the Mechanisms of Interaction between Deep Foundation Pits and the Pile Foundations of Adjacent Skewed Arches as well as Methods for Deformation Control pp. 1-19 Downloads
Kai Cui, Jun Feng and Chengyong Zhu
Integrated Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization for Nanomaterials pp. 1-16 Downloads
Feiwei Qin, Haibin Xia, Yong Peng and Zizhao Wu
Information Processing Features Can Detect Behavioral Regimes of Dynamical Systems pp. 1-16 Downloads
Rick Quax, Gregor Chliamovitch, Alexandre Dupuis, Jean-Luc Falcone, Bastien Chopard, Alfons G. Hoekstra and Peter M. A. Sloot
Dilution of Ferromagnets via a Random Graph-Based Strategy pp. 1-11 Downloads
Marco Alberto Javarone and Daniele Marinazzo
A Hybrid Approach for Modular Neural Network Design Using Intercriteria Analysis and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic pp. 1-11 Downloads
Sotir Sotirov, Evdokia Sotirova, Vassia Atanassova, Krassimir Atanassov, Oscar Castillo, Patricia Melin, Todor Petkov and Stanimir Surchev
Receding Horizon Control of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus by Using Nonlinear Programming pp. 1-11 Downloads
Hamza Khan, József K. Tar, Imre Rudas, Levente Kovács and György Eigner
The Intuitionistic Fuzzy Linguistic Cosine Similarity Measure and Its Application in Pattern Recognition pp. 1-11 Downloads
Donghai Liu, Xiaohong Chen and Dan Peng
Social Crises: Signatures of Complexity in a Fast-Growing Economy pp. 1-11 Downloads
Juan Pablo Cárdenas, Gerardo Vidal, Carolina Urbina, Gastón Olivares, Pablo Rodrigo and Miguel Fuentes
A Novel Intensive Distribution Logistics Network Design and Profit Allocation Problem considering Sharing Economy pp. 1-15 Downloads
Mi Gan, Shuai Yang, Dandan Li, Mingfei Wang, Si Chen, Ronghui Xie and Jiyang Liu
Event-Based Time Varying Formation Control for Multiple Quadrotor UAVs with Markovian Switching Topologies pp. 1-15 Downloads
Zhen Zhou, Hongbin Wang and Zhongquan Hu
Stroke Subtype Clustering by Multifractal Bayesian Denoising with Fuzzy Means and -Means Algorithms pp. 1-15 Downloads
Yeliz Karaca, Carlo Cattani, Majaz Moonis and Şengül Bayrak
Improved Reduced-Order Fault Detection Filter Design for Polytopic Uncertain Discrete-Time Markovian Jump Systems with Time-Varying Delays pp. 1-15 Downloads
Lihong Rong, Xiuyan Peng, Liangliang Liu and Biao Zhang
Complexity in Neural and Financial Systems: From Time-Series to Networks pp. 1-2 Downloads
Tiziano Squartini, Andrea Gabrielli, Diego Garlaschelli, Tommaso Gili, Angelo Bifone and Fabio Caccioli
Financial Networks pp. 1-2 Downloads
Benjamin Miranda Tabak, Thiago Christiano Silva and Ahmet Sensoy
Improved Optimization for Wastewater Treatment and Reuse System Using Computational Intelligence pp. 1-8 Downloads
Zong Woo Geem, Sung Yong Chung and Jin-Hong Kim
Trajectory Stability in the Traveling Salesman Problem pp. 1-8 Downloads
Sergio Sánchez, Germinal Cocho, Jorge Flores, Carlos Gershenson, Gerardo Iñiguez and Carlos Pineda
Memory Effect on Adaptive Decision Making with a Chaotic Semiconductor Laser pp. 1-8 Downloads
Takatomo Mihana, Yuta Terashima, Makoto Naruse, Song-Ju Kim and Atsushi Uchida
Dynamic Safety Assessment in Nonlinear Hydropower Generation Systems pp. 1-8 Downloads
Shuang Li, Yong Yang and Qing Xia
Guaranteed Cost Finite-Time Control of Discrete-Time Positive Impulsive Switched Systems pp. 1-8 Downloads
Leipo Liu, Hao Xing, Xiangyang Cao, Zhumu Fu and Shuzhong Song
A Comparison between Theoretical and Experimental Measures of Consciousness as Integrated Information in an Anatomically Based Network of Coupled Oscillators pp. 1-8 Downloads
Antonio J. Ibáñez-Molina and Sergio Iglesias-Parro
Hyperchaos in a Conservative System with Nonhyperbolic Fixed Points pp. 1-8 Downloads
Aiguo Wu, Shijian Cang, Ruiye Zhang, Zenghui Wang and Zengqiang Chen
Parallel Excitatory and Inhibitory Neural Circuit Pathways Underlie Reward-Based Phasic Neural Responses pp. 1-20 Downloads
Huanyuan Zhou, KongFatt Wong-Lin and Da-Hui Wang
Twin Subgraphs and Core-Semiperiphery-Periphery Structures pp. 1-17 Downloads
Ricardo Riaza
Intelligent UAV Map Generation and Discrete Path Planning for Search and Rescue Operations pp. 1-17 Downloads
Víctor San Juan, Matilde Santos and José Manuel Andújar
Corrigendum to “Multifractal-Multiscale Analysis of Cardiovascular Signals: A DFA-Based Characterization of Blood Pressure and Heart-Rate Complexity by Gender” pp. 1-1 Downloads
Paolo Castiglioni, Davide Lazzeroni, Paolo Coruzzi and Andrea Faini
Multipopulation Management in Evolutionary Algorithms and Application to Complex Warehouse Scheduling Problems pp. 1-14 Downloads
Yadong Yu, Haiping Ma, Mei Yu, Sengang Ye and Xiaolei Chen
Optimal Payments to Connected Depositors in Turbulent Times: A Markov Chain Approach pp. 1-14 Downloads
Dávid Csercsik and Hubert Janos Kiss
Simulation Study on Clustering Approaches for Short-Term Electricity Forecasting pp. 1-21 Downloads
Krzysztof Gajowniczek and Tomasz Ząbkowski
The Computational Complexity of Tissue P Systems with Evolutional Symport/Antiport Rules pp. 1-21 Downloads
Linqiang Pan, Bosheng Song, Luis Valencia-Cabrera and Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez
Combined Use of Mathematical Optimization and Design of Experiments for the Maximization of Profit in a Four-Echelon Supply Chain pp. 1-25 Downloads
Daniel Arturo Olivares Vera, Elias Olivares-Benitez, Eleazar Puente Rivera, Mónica López-Campos and Pablo A. Miranda
Oscillation Criteria for Delay and Advanced Differential Equations with Nonmonotone Arguments pp. 1-18 Downloads
George E. Chatzarakis and Tongxing Li
Empirical Study on Indicators Selection Model Based on Nonparametric -Nearest Neighbor Identification and R Clustering Analysis pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yan Liu, Zhan-jiang Li and Xue-jun Zhen
Invariant Measures Based on the U-Correlation Integral: An Application to the Study of Human Voice pp. 1-9 Downloads
Juan F. Restrepo and Gastón Schlotthauer
Probabilistic Basin of Attraction and Its Estimation Using Two Lyapunov Functions pp. 1-9 Downloads
Skuli Gudmundsson and Sigurdur Hafstein
A General Purpose Adaptive Fault Detection and Diagnosis Scheme for Information Systems with Superheterodyne Receivers pp. 1-9 Downloads
Dengwei Song, Hongmei Liu, Le Qi and Bo Zhou

Volume 2018, issue March, 2018

The Spiral Discovery Network as an Automated General-Purpose Optimization Tool pp. 1-8 Downloads
Adam B. Csapo
Gear Fault Diagnosis in Variable Speed Condition Based on Multiscale Chirplet Path Pursuit and Linear Canonical Transform pp. 1-8 Downloads
Xu Shuiqing, Zhang Ke, Chai Yi, He Yigang and Feng Li
Factor Analysis for Finding Invariant Neural Descriptors of Human Emotions pp. 1-8 Downloads
Vitor Pereira, Filipe Tavares, Petya Mihaylova, Valeri Mladenov and Petia Georgieva
Optimal Modeling of Wireless LANs: A Decision-Making Multiobjective Approach pp. 1-15 Downloads
Tomás de Jesús Mateo Sanguino and Jhon Carlos Mendoza Betancourt
Credit Risk Contagion in an Evolving Network Model Integrating Spillover Effects and Behavioral Interventions pp. 1-16 Downloads
Tingqiang Chen, Binqing Xiao and Haifei Liu
Improved Hybrid Fireworks Algorithm-Based Parameter Optimization in High-Order Sliding Mode Control of Hypersonic Vehicles pp. 1-16 Downloads
Xiaomeng Yin, Xing Wei, Lei Liu and Yongji Wang
Multityped Community Discovery in Time-Evolving Heterogeneous Information Networks Based on Tensor Decomposition pp. 1-16 Downloads
Jibing Wu, Lianfei Yu, Qun Zhang, Peiteng Shi, Lihua Liu, Su Deng and Hongbin Huang
Conceptualization of Vehicle-to-Grid Contract Types and Their Formalization in Agent-Based Models pp. 1-11 Downloads
Esther H. Park Lee, Zofia Lukszo and Paulien Herder
ANN Based Approach for Estimation of Construction Costs of Sports Fields pp. 1-11 Downloads
Michał Juszczyk, Agnieszka Leśniak and Krzysztof Zima
A Numerical Algorithm for Solving Higher-Order Nonlinear BVPs with an Application on Fluid Flow over a Shrinking Permeable Infinite Long Cylinder pp. 1-11 Downloads
Laila Y. Al Sakkaf, Qasem M. Al-Mdallal and U. Al Khawaja
Further Results on Reachable Set Bounding for Discrete-Time System with Time-Varying Delay and Bounded Disturbance Inputs pp. 1-11 Downloads
Wei Kang, Hao Chen, Kaibo Shi and Jun Cheng
multiPDEVS: A Parallel Multicomponent System Specification Formalism pp. 1-19 Downloads
Damien Foures, Romain Franceschini, Paul-Antoine Bisgambiglia and Bernard P. Zeigler
Memristor-Based Canonical Chua’s Circuit: Extreme Multistability in Voltage-Current Domain and Its Controllability in Flux-Charge Domain pp. 1-13 Downloads
Han Bao, Tao Jiang, Kaibin Chu, Mo Chen, Quan Xu and Bocheng Bao
Evolutionary Games in the Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Information System: A Multiagent Simulation Approach pp. 1-13 Downloads
Xin Su, Shengsen Duan, Shubing Guo and Haolong Liu
Self-Organized Temporal Criticality: Bottom-Up Resilience versus Top-Down Vulnerability pp. 1-10 Downloads
Korosh Mahmoodi, Bruce J. West and Paolo Grigolini
Multiparty Evolutionary Game Model in Coal Mine Safety Management and Its Application pp. 1-10 Downloads
Rongwu Lu, Xinhua Wang, Hao Yu and Dan Li
Graph Sparse Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Algorithm Based on the Inertial Projection Neural Network pp. 1-12 Downloads
Xiangguang Dai, Chuandong Li and Biqun Xiang
Affine Tensor Product Model Transformation pp. 1-12 Downloads
József Kuti and Péter Galambos
Numerical Modeling and Investigation on Aerodynamic Noise Characteristics of Pantographs in High-Speed Trains pp. 1-12 Downloads
Xiaoqi Sun and Han Xiao
Low Speed Longitudinal Control Algorithms for Automated Vehicles in Simulation and Real Platforms pp. 1-12 Downloads
Mauricio Marcano, José A. Matute, Ray Lattarulo, Enrique Martí and Joshué Pérez
Complexity Measures for Quantifying Changes in Electroencephalogram in Alzheimer’s Disease pp. 1-12 Downloads
Ali H. Husseen Al-Nuaimi, Emmanuel Jammeh, Lingfen Sun and Emmanuel Ifeachor
Modeling Chickenpox Dynamics with a Discrete Time Bayesian Stochastic Compartmental Model pp. 1-9 Downloads
A. Corberán-Vallet, F. J. Santonja, M. Jornet-Sanz and R.-J. Villanueva
Rhythms of the Collective Brain: Metastable Synchronization and Cross-Scale Interactions in Connected Multitudes pp. 1-9 Downloads
Miguel Aguilera
Epidemic Spreading in Complex Networks with Resilient Nodes: Applications to FMD pp. 1-9 Downloads
Pilwon Kim and Chang Hyeong Lee
Multi-GPU Development of a Neural Networks Based Reconstructor for Adaptive Optics pp. 1-9 Downloads
Carlos González-Gutiérrez, María Luisa Sánchez-Rodríguez, José Luis Calvo-Rolle and Francisco Javier de Cos Juez
Extension of the Multi-TP Model Transformation to Functions with Different Numbers of Variables pp. 1-9 Downloads
Péter Baranyi
Kriging Metamodeling in Rotordynamics: Application for Predicting Critical Speeds and Vibrations of a Flexible Rotor pp. 1-26 Downloads
J.-J. Sinou, L. Nechak and S. Besset
Statistical Identification of Parameters for Damaged FGM Structures with Material Uncertainties in Thermal Environment pp. 1-21 Downloads
Yalan Xu, Yu Qian and Kongming Guo
Design, Modelling, and Implementation of a Fuzzy Controller for an Intelligent Road Signaling System pp. 1-14 Downloads
José Manuel Lozano Domínguez and Tomás de J. Mateo Sanguino
Effective Evolutionary Multilabel Feature Selection under a Budget Constraint pp. 1-14 Downloads
Jaesung Lee, Wangduk Seo and Dae-Won Kim
Dealing with Demand in Electric Grids with an Adaptive Consumption Management Platform pp. 1-14 Downloads
Diego M. Jiménez-Bravo, Juan F. De Paz, Gabriel Villarrubia and Javier Bajo
Equivalent and Efficient Optimization Models for an Industrial Discrete Event System with Alternative Structural Configurations pp. 1-14 Downloads
Juan-Ignacio Latorre-Biel, Emilio Jiménez-Macías and Mercedes Pérez de la Parte
Neural Models for Imputation of Missing Ozone Data in Air-Quality Datasets pp. 1-14 Downloads
Ángel Arroyo, Álvaro Herrero, Verónica Tricio, Emilio Corchado and Michał Woźniak
High-Density Lipoproteins-Associated Proteins and Subspecies Related to Arterial Stiffness in Young Adults with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus pp. 1-14 Downloads
Xiaoting Zhu, Amy S. Shah, Debi K. Swertfeger, Hailong Li, Sheng Ren, John T. Melchior, Scott M. Gordon, W. Sean Davidson and L. Jason Lu
Numerical Simulation Study on Lateral Displacement of Pile Foundation and Construction Process under Stacking Loads pp. 1-17 Downloads
Yan-yan Cai, Bing-xiong Tu, Jin Yu, Yao-liang Zhu and Jian-feng Zhou
Experimental Verification of Optimized Multiscroll Chaotic Oscillators Based on Irregular Saturated Functions pp. 1-17 Downloads
J. M. Muñoz-Pacheco, D. K. Guevara-Flores, O. G. Félix-Beltrán, E. Tlelo-Cuautle, J. E. Barradas-Guevara and C. K. Volos
Architecting a System Model for Personalized Healthcare Delivery and Managed Individual Health Outcomes pp. 1-24 Downloads
Inas S. Khayal and Amro M. Farid
Complexity Measures and Models in Supply Chain Networks pp. 1-3 Downloads
Vladimir Modrak, Petri T. Helo and Dominik T. Matt

Volume 2018, issue February, 2018

Using Complexity and Spectral Analyses of Noninvasive LDF Signals in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome pp. 1-6 Downloads
Hsin Hsiu, Hsiao-Feng Hu and Yaw-Wen Chang
Intermittent Control for Cluster-Delay Synchronization in Directed Networks pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jianbao Zhang, Yi Wang, Zhongjun Ma, Jianlong Qiu and Fawaz Alsaadi
Stability Analysis for a Class of Discrete-Time Nonhomogeneous Markov Jump Systems with Multiplicative Noises pp. 1-9 Downloads
Shaowei Zhou, Xiaoping Liu, Bing Chen and Hongxia Liu
An Improved EMD-Based Dissimilarity Metric for Unsupervised Linear Subspace Learning pp. 1-24 Downloads
Xiangchun Yu, Zhezhou Yu, Wei Pang, Minghao Li and Lei Wu
Biomolecular Networks for Complex Diseases pp. 1-3 Downloads
Fang-Xiang Wu, Jianxin Wang, Min Li and Haiying Wang
Advanced Topics in Modeling, Bifurcation Analysis, and Control Theory of Complex Systems pp. 1-3 Downloads
Olfa Boubaker, Sajad Jafari, Christos Volos, Zeraoulia Elhadj, Viet-Thanh Pham and Jinde Cao
WH-EA: An Evolutionary Algorithm for Wiener-Hammerstein System Identification pp. 1-17 Downloads
J. Zambrano, J. Sanchis, J. M. Herrero and M. Martínez
Decision-Making Methodologies for Reuse of Industrial Assets pp. 1-17 Downloads
J. Claver, A. García-Domínguez and M. A. Sebastián
Immersive Technology for Human-Centric Cyberphysical Systems in Complex Manufacturing Processes: A Comprehensive Overview of the Global Patent Profile Using Collective Intelligence pp. 1-17 Downloads
Usharani Hareesh Govindarajan, Amy J. C. Trappey and Charles V. Trappey
Preference Attitude-Based Method for Ranking Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers and Its Application in Renewable Energy Selection pp. 1-14 Downloads
Jian Lin, Fanyong Meng, Riqing Chen and Qiang Zhang
Minimizing Harmonic Distortion Impact at Distribution System with Considering Large-Scale EV Load Behaviour Using Modified Lightning Search Algorithm and Pareto-Fuzzy Approach pp. 1-14 Downloads
S. N. Syed Nasir, J. J. Jamian and M. W. Mustafa
Intelligent Torque Vectoring Approach for Electric Vehicles with Per-Wheel Motors pp. 1-14 Downloads
Alberto Parra, Asier Zubizarreta, Joshué Pérez and Martín Dendaluce
Fault Diagnosis for Hydraulic Servo System Using Compressed Random Subspace Based ReliefF pp. 1-14 Downloads
Yu Ding, Fei Wang, Zhen-ya Wang and Wen-jin Zhang
Stochasticity, Selection, and the Evolution of Cooperation in a Two-Level Moran Model of the Snowdrift Game pp. 1-14 Downloads
Brian McLoone, Wai-Tong Louis Fan, Adam Pham, Rory Smead and Laurence Loewe
Impact of Business Interoperability on the Performance of Complex Cooperative Supply Chain Networks: A Case Study pp. 1-30 Downloads
Izunildo Cabral and Antonio Grilo
Common Weak Linear Copositive Lyapunov Functions for Positive Switched Linear Systems pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yuangong Sun, Zhaorong Wu and Fanwei Meng
A Stable Distributed Neural Controller for Physically Coupled Networked Discrete-Time System via Online Reinforcement Learning pp. 1-15 Downloads
Jian Sun and Jie Li
Analysis of Implicit Type Nonlinear Dynamical Problem of Impulsive Fractional Differential Equations pp. 1-15 Downloads
Naveed Ahmad, Zeeshan Ali, Kamal Shah, Akbar Zada and Ghaus ur Rahman
Improved Solutions for the Optimal Coordination of DOCRs Using Firefly Algorithm pp. 1-15 Downloads
Muhammad Sulaiman, Shakoor Muhammad and Asfandyar Khan
A Novel Fuzzy Algorithm to Introduce New Variables in the Drug Supply Decision-Making Process in Medicine pp. 1-15 Downloads
Jose M. Gonzalez-Cava, José Antonio Reboso, José Luis Casteleiro-Roca, José Luis Calvo-Rolle and Juan Albino Méndez Pérez
Attack Detection/Isolation via a Secure Multisensor Fusion Framework for Cyberphysical Systems pp. 1-8 Downloads
Arash Mohammadi, Chun Yang and Qing-wei Chen
Recent Trends in the Recurrence of North Atlantic Atmospheric Circulation Patterns pp. 1-8 Downloads
Pascal Yiou, Julien Cattiaux, Aurélien Ribes, Robert Vautard and Mathieu Vrac
Reliability Assessment Methodology for Massive Manufacturing Using Multi-Function Equipment pp. 1-8 Downloads
M. López-Campos, F. Kristjanpoller, P. Viveros and R. Pascual
The Visualization of Spherical Patterns with Symmetries of the Wallpaper Group pp. 1-8 Downloads
Shihuan Liu, Ming Leng and Peichang Ouyang
Transferable Feature Representation for Visible-to-Infrared Cross-Dataset Human Action Recognition pp. 1-20 Downloads
Yang Liu, Zhaoyang Lu, Jing Li, Chao Yao and Yanzi Deng
Modeling Spatial Social Complex Networks for Dynamical Processes pp. 1-12 Downloads
Shandeepa Wickramasinghe, Onyekachukwu Onyerikwu, Jie Sun and Daniel ben-Avraham
A Comparative Analysis of the Predictive Abilities of Economic Complexity Metrics Using International Trade Network pp. 1-12 Downloads
Hao Liao and Alexandre Vidmer
A Hybrid Tabu Search Algorithm for a Real-World Open Vehicle Routing Problem Involving Fuel Consumption Constraints pp. 1-12 Downloads
Yunyun Niu, Zehua Yang, Ping Chen and Jianhua Xiao
The Complexity of Social Capital: The Influence of Board and Ownership Interlocks on Implied Cost of Capital in an Emerging Market pp. 1-12 Downloads
Luciano Rossoni, Cezar Eduardo Aranha and Wesley Mendes-Da-Silva
Chaotic Phenomena and Nonlinear Responses in a Vibroacoustic System pp. 1-12 Downloads
Yiu-Yin Lee
A Cosimulation Architecture for Power System, Communication, and Market in the Smart Grid pp. 1-12 Downloads
Markus Mirz, Lukas Razik, Jan Dinkelbach, Halil Alper Tokel, Gholamreza Alirezaei, Rudolf Mathar and Antonello Monti
Quantifying Evolution of Short and Long-Range Correlations in Chinese Narrative Texts across 2000 Years pp. 1-12 Downloads
Heng Chen and Haitao Liu
Vector Autoregressive Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models for Extracting Finger Movements Using Multichannel Surface EMG Signals pp. 1-12 Downloads
Nebojša Malešević, Dimitrije Marković, Gunter Kanitz, Marco Controzzi, Christian Cipriani and Christian Antfolk
The Union between Structural and Practical Identifiability Makes Strength in Reducing Oncological Model Complexity: A Case Study pp. 1-10 Downloads
Maria Pia Saccomani and Karl Thomaseth
Precision Security: Integrating Video Surveillance with Surrounding Environment Changes pp. 1-10 Downloads
Wenfeng Wang, Xi Chen, Guiwei Zhang, Jing Qian, Peng Wei, Boqian Wu and Hongwei Zheng
Exploiting Interslice Correlation for MRI Prostate Image Segmentation, from Recursive Neural Networks Aspect pp. 1-10 Downloads
Qikui Zhu, Bo Du, Baris Turkbey, Peter Choyke and Pingkun Yan
Automatic Lateralization of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Based on MEG Network Features Using Support Vector Machines pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ting Wu, Duo Chen, Qiqi Chen, Rui Zhang, Wenyu Zhang, Yuejun Li, Ling Zhang, Hongyi Liu, Suiren Wan, Tianzi Jiang and Junpeng Zhang
Mathematical Formulation and Comparison of Solution Approaches for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Access Time Windows pp. 1-10 Downloads
Rafael Grosso, Jesús Muñuzuri, Alejandro Escudero-Santana and Elena Barbadilla-Martín
Subthreshold Periodic Signal Detection by Bounded Noise-Induced Resonance in the FitzHugh–Nagumo Neuron pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yuangen Yao, Lijian Yang, Canjun Wang, Quan Liu, Rong Gui, Juan Xiong and Ming Yi
Analytical Solutions of Fractional Walter’s B Fluid with Applications pp. 1-10 Downloads
Qasem Al-Mdallal, Kashif Ali Abro and Ilyas Khan
Enabling the Analysis of Emergent Behavior in Future Electrical Distribution Systems Using Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation pp. 1-16 Downloads
Sonja Kolen, Stefan Dähling, Timo Isermann and Antonello Monti
Asymmetric Double Strange Attractors in a Simple Autonomous Jerk Circuit pp. 1-16 Downloads
G. H. Kom, J. Kengne, J. R. Mboupda Pone, G. Kenne and A. B. Tiedeu
Protocomputing Architecture over a Digital Medium Aiming at Real-Time Video Processing pp. 1-11 Downloads
Aoi Tanibata, Alexandre Schmid, Shinya Takamaeda-Yamazaki, Masayuki Ikebe, Masato Motomura and Tetsuya Asai
Three-Dimensional Memristive Hindmarsh–Rose Neuron Model with Hidden Coexisting Asymmetric Behaviors pp. 1-11 Downloads
Bocheng Bao, Aihuang Hu, Han Bao, Quan Xu, Mo Chen and Huagan Wu
Eliminating the Effect of Rating Bias on Reputation Systems pp. 1-11 Downloads
Leilei Wu, Zhuoming Ren, Xiao-Long Ren, Jianlin Zhang and Linyuan Lü
The Trilateral Evolutionary Game of Agri-Food Quality in Farmer-Supermarket Direct Purchase: A Simulation Approach pp. 1-11 Downloads
Xin Su, Haolong Liu and Shunqi Hou
A Structural Approach to Disentangle the Visualization of Bipartite Biological Networks pp. 1-11 Downloads
J. Garcia-Algarra, J. M. Pastor, M. L. Mouronte and J. Galeano
The Dynamic Cross-Correlations between Mass Media News, New Media News, and Stock Returns pp. 1-11 Downloads
Zuochao Zhang, Yongjie Zhang, Dehua Shen and Wei Zhang
A Network-Based Impact Measure for Propagated Losses in a Supply Chain Network Consisting of Resilient Components pp. 1-13 Downloads
Jesus Felix Bayta Valenzuela, Xiuju Fu, Gaoxi Xiao and Rick Siow Mong Goh
Optimizing a Biobjective Production-Distribution Planning Problem Using a GRASP pp. 1-13 Downloads
Martha-Selene Casas-Ramírez, José-Fernando Camacho-Vallejo, Rosa G. González-Ramírez, José-Antonio Marmolejo-Saucedo and José-Manuel Velarde-Cantú
A Pervasive Approach to EEG-Based Depression Detection pp. 1-13 Downloads
Hanshu Cai, Jiashuo Han, Yunfei Chen, Xiaocong Sha, Ziyang Wang, Bin Hu, Jing Yang, Lei Feng, Zhijie Ding, Yiqiang Chen and Jürg Gutknecht
Research on a 3D Predator-Prey Evolutionary System in Real Estate Market pp. 1-13 Downloads
Yujing Yang and Wenzhe Tang
Exploration of Complex Dynamics for Cournot Oligopoly Game with Differentiated Products pp. 1-13 Downloads
S. S. Askar, Mona F. EL-Wakeel and M. A. Alrodaini

Volume 2018, issue January, 2018

Global Dynamics and Bifurcations Analysis of a Two-Dimensional Discrete-Time Lotka-Volterra Model pp. 1-18 Downloads
A. Q. Khan and M. N. Qureshi
Modelling and Analysis of Automobile Vibration System Based on Fuzzy Theory under Different Road Excitation Information pp. 1-9 Downloads
Xue-wen Chen and Yue Zhou
Adaptive Neural Networks Control Using Barrier Lyapunov Functions for DC Motor System with Time-Varying State Constraints pp. 1-9 Downloads
Lei Ma and Dapeng Li
Dynamic Evolution Analysis of Stock Price Fluctuation and Its Control pp. 1-9 Downloads
Yuhua Xu, Zhongyi Ke, Chengrong Xie and Wuneng Zhou
Master-Slave Synchronization of 4D Hyperchaotic Rabinovich Systems pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ke Ding, Christos Volos, Xing Xu and Bin Du
Damage Detection of Refractory Based on Principle Component Analysis and Gaussian Mixture Model pp. 1-9 Downloads
Changming Liu, Di Zhou, Zhigang Wang, Dan Yang and Gangbing Song
Bifurcation and Chaos in Integer and Fractional Order Two-Degree-of-Freedom Shape Memory Alloy Oscillators pp. 1-9 Downloads
Karthikeyan Rajagopal, Anitha Karthikeyan, Prakash Duraisamy and Riessom Weldegiorgis
Traders’ Networks of Interactions and Structural Properties of Financial Markets: An Agent-Based Approach pp. 1-9 Downloads
Linda Ponta and Silvano Cincotti
A Network-Based Approach to Modeling and Predicting Product Coconsideration Relations pp. 1-14 Downloads
Zhenghui Sha, Yun Huang, Jiawei Sophia Fu, Mingxian Wang, Yan Fu, Noshir Contractor and Wei Chen
Gender and Handedness Prediction from Offline Handwriting Using Convolutional Neural Networks pp. 1-14 Downloads
Ángel Morera, Ángel Sánchez, José Francisco Vélez and Ana Belén Moreno
Multifractal-Multiscale Analysis of Cardiovascular Signals: A DFA-Based Characterization of Blood Pressure and Heart-Rate Complexity by Gender pp. 1-14 Downloads
Paolo Castiglioni, Davide Lazzeroni, Paolo Coruzzi and Andrea Faini
Analysis on Invulnerability of Wireless Sensor Network towards Cascading Failures Based on Coupled Map Lattice pp. 1-14 Downloads
Xiuwen Fu, Yongsheng Yang and Haiqing Yao
Methods Dealing with Complexity in Selecting Joint Venture Contractors for Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects pp. 1-14 Downloads
Ru Liang, Zhaohan Sheng and Xiangyu Wang
A SA-ANN-Based Modeling Method for Human Cognition Mechanism and the PSACO Cognition Algorithm pp. 1-21 Downloads
Shuting Chen and Dapeng Tan
Application of Federal Kalman Filter with Neural Networks in the Velocity and Attitude Matching of Transfer Alignment pp. 1-7 Downloads
Lijun Song, Zhongxing Duan, Bo He and Zhe Li
Crisis Behavior in Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Self-Organized Criticality Approach pp. 1-7 Downloads
Lucio Tonello, Luca Giacobbi, Alberto Pettenon, Alessandro Scuotto, Massimo Cocchi, Fabio Gabrielli and Glenda Cappello
A Novel Approach for Reducing Attributes and Its Application to Small Enterprise Financing Ability Evaluation pp. 1-17 Downloads
Baofeng Shi, Bin Meng, Hufeng Yang, Jing Wang and Wenli Shi
Input-to-State Stability of Nonlinear Switched Systems via Lyapunov Method Involving Indefinite Derivative pp. 1-8 Downloads
Peng Li, Xiaodi Li and Jinde Cao
Computational Analysis of Complex Population Dynamical Model with Arbitrary Order pp. 1-8 Downloads
Fazal Haq, Kamal Shah, Ghaus ur Rahman, Yongjin Li and Muhammad Shahzad
Spatial “Artistic” Networks: From Deconstructing Integer-Functions to Visual Arts pp. 1-8 Downloads
Ernesto Estrada and Puri Pereira-Ramos
The Application of Macroprudential Capital Requirements in Managing Systemic Risk pp. 1-15 Downloads
Hong Fan, Chirongo Moses Keregero and Qianqian Gao
Incorporating Contagion in Portfolio Credit Risk Models Using Network Theory pp. 1-15 Downloads
Ioannis Anagnostou, Sumit Sourabh and Drona Kandhai
The Assessment of Systemic Risk in the Kenyan Banking Sector pp. 1-15 Downloads
Hong Fan, Allan Alvin Lee Lukaya Amalia and Qian Qian Gao
Underestimated Cost of Targeted Attacks on Complex Networks pp. 1-15 Downloads
Xiao-Long Ren, Niels Gleinig, Dijana Tolić and Nino Antulov-Fantulin
Bipartisanship Breakdown, Functional Networks, and Forensic Analysis in Spanish 2015 and 2016 National Elections pp. 1-23 Downloads
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Modeling of Throughput in Production Lines Using Response Surface Methodology and Artificial Neural Networks pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Assessment of the Real Estate Market Value in the European Market by Artificial Neural Networks Application pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Measuring the Complex Construct of Macroergonomic Compatibility: A Manufacturing System Case Study pp. 1-10 Downloads
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Finite-Time Nonfragile Synchronization of Stochastic Complex Dynamical Networks with Semi-Markov Switching Outer Coupling pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Prediction of China’s Sulfur Dioxide Emissions by Discrete Grey Model with Fractional Order Generation Operators pp. 1-13 Downloads
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Research on the Complexity and Chaos Control about a Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Dual-Channel Recycling and Uncertain Consumer Perception pp. 1-13 Downloads
Junhai Ma, Hao Ren, Miao Yu and Meihong Zhu
Evidence for Mixed Rationalities in Preference Formation pp. 1-19 Downloads
Alexandru-Ionuț Băbeanu and Diego Garlaschelli
Study of the Bullwhip Effect under Various Forecasting Methods in Electronics Supply Chain with Dual Retailers considering Market Share pp. 1-19 Downloads
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Dynamic Analysis for a Kaldor–Kalecki Model of Business Cycle with Time Delay and Diffusion Effect pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Discrete Switched Model and Fuzzy Robust Control of Dynamic Supply Chain Network pp. 1-11 Downloads
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Hybridized Symbiotic Organism Search Algorithm for the Optimal Operation of Directional Overcurrent Relays pp. 1-11 Downloads
Muhammad Sulaiman, Ashfaq Ahmad, Asfandyar Khan and Shakoor Muhammad
A MapReduce-Based Parallel Frequent Pattern Growth Algorithm for Spatiotemporal Association Analysis of Mobile Trajectory Big Data pp. 1-16 Downloads
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Complex Reaction Kinetics in Chemistry: A Unified Picture Suggested by Mechanics in Physics pp. 1-16 Downloads
Elena Agliari, Adriano Barra, Giulio Landolfi, Sara Murciano and Sarah Perrone
Multistability Analysis and Function Projective Synchronization in Relay Coupled Oscillators pp. 1-12 Downloads
Ahmad Taher Azar, Ngo Mouelas Adele, Kammogne Soup Tewa Alain, Romanic Kengne and Fotsin Hilaire Bertrand
Fuzzy Fixed Point Results For Contractive Mapping with Applications pp. 1-12 Downloads
Muhammad Sarwar and G. N. V. Kishore
Research on Pricing and Coordination Strategy of a Sustainable Green Supply Chain with a Capital-Constrained Retailer pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Application and Analysis of Multicast Blocking Modelling in Fat-Tree Data Center Networks pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Predicting Hidden Links in Supply Networks pp. 1-12 Downloads
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Mining Outlier Data in Mobile Internet-Based Large Real-Time Databases pp. 1-12 Downloads
Xin Liu, Yanju Zhou and Xiaohong Chen
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