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Advances in Mathematical Physics

2009 - 2020

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Volume 2020, issue January, 2020

New Generalized Soliton Solutions for a ( )- Dimensional Equation pp. 1-4 Downloads
Yiren Chen
Representation of Manifolds for the Stochastic Swift-Hohenberg Equation with Multiplicative Noise pp. 1-7 Downloads
Donglong Li and Yanfeng Guo
The Rational Spectral Method Combined with the Laplace Transform for Solving the Robin Time-Fractional Equation pp. 1-7 Downloads
Lufeng Yang
The Solitary Wave Solution for Quantum Plasma Nonlinear Dynamic Model pp. 1-6 Downloads
Yihu Feng and Lei Hou
Soliton Molecules and Some Novel Types of Hybrid Solutions to (2 + 1)-Dimensional Variable-Coefficient Caudrey-Dodd-Gibbon-Kotera-Sawada Equation pp. 1-9 Downloads
Zhao Zhang, Shuxin Yang and Biao Li
Double Hopf Bifurcation in Microbubble Oscillators with Delay Coupling pp. 1-9 Downloads
Lifenq Ma, Rui Zhang and Jinbin Wang

Volume 2019, issue December, 2019

Physics of Gyroscope’s “Antigravity Effect” pp. 1-7 Downloads
Ryspek Usubamatov
Some Curvature Properties on Lorentzian Generalized Sasakian-Space-Forms pp. 1-7 Downloads
Donghe Pei and Rongsheng Ma
On the Coupling of the Homotopy Perturbation Method and New Integral Transform for Solving Systems of Partial Differential Equations pp. 1-7 Downloads
E. A. Tarif and E. E. Eladdad
Modeling and Analysis of Rumor Spreading with Social Reinforcement Mechanism pp. 1-8 Downloads
Yujie Yang, Yuan Xu, Zhengmin Kong and Renjie Mei
Fractional Hardy–Sobolev Inequalities with Magnetic Fields pp. 1-5 Downloads
Zhenyu Guo, Min Liu and Fengli Jiang
Fuzzy Optimal Control Problem of Several Variables pp. 1-12 Downloads
Altyeb Mohammed Mustafa, Mawia Osman and Zengtai Gong
Rational Solutions for the ( )- Dimensional Modified KdV-CBS Equation pp. 1-12 Downloads
Temuer Chaolu, Yuexing Bai and Yan Li
Surface Effects on the Scattering of SH-Wave Around an Arbitrary Shaped Nano-Cavity pp. 1-9 Downloads
Zhiying Ou and Hongmei Wu
Infinitely Many Solutions of Schrödinger-Poisson Equations with Critical and Sublinear Terms pp. 1-9 Downloads
Chunlai Mu, Fuchen Zhang, Xianzhong Yao and Xia Li

Volume 2019, issue August, 2019

Exploring a Cold Plasma-2d Black Hole Connection pp. 1-11 Downloads
Floyd L. Williams
New Exact Solutions and Modulation Instability for the Nonlinear (2+1)-Dimensional Davey-Stewartson System of Equation pp. 1-15 Downloads
Weiguo Yang, Wilson Osafo Apeanti, Kwasi Boateng and David Yaro
Dynamic Study of a Predator-Prey Model with Weak Allee Effect and Delay pp. 1-15 Downloads
Ming Ma, Hua Liu, Kai Zhang, Yong Ye and Yu-mei Wei
An Efficient Compact Difference Method for Temporal Fractional Subdiffusion Equations pp. 1-9 Downloads
Lei Ren and Lei Liu

Volume 2019, issue July, 2019

A Potential Constraints Method of Finding Nonclassical Symmetry of PDEs Based on Wu’s Method pp. 1-14 Downloads
Tonglaga Bai and Temuer Chaolu
The Block Principal Pivoting Algorithm for the Linear Complementarity Problem with an - Matrix pp. 1-7 Downloads
Zhi-Jun Qiao, Xi-Ming Fang and Heng-Jun Zhao
Derivations and Deformations of - Jordan Lie Supertriple Systems pp. 1-15 Downloads
Xiaohui Zhang, Shuangjian Guo and Shengxiang Wang
Analysis and Control of Fractional Order Generalized Lorenz Chaotic System by Using Finite Time Synchronization pp. 1-12 Downloads
Chenhui Lu, Hongjun He, Yan Cui and Guan Sun
The Vanishing Pressure Limit of Riemann Solutions to the Non-Isentropic Euler Equations for Generalized Chaplygin Gas pp. 1-12 Downloads
Lihui Guo and Qixia Ding

Volume 2019, issue June, 2019

Numerical Study of a Thermally Stressed State of a Rod pp. 1-9 Downloads
Nurlybek Ispulov, Abdul Qadir, Anarbay Kudaykulov, Kalamkas Begaliyeva and Erkin Arinov
Improving the Accuracy of Fictitious Domain Method Using Indicator Function from Volume Intersection pp. 1-18 Downloads
Chunlei Yu, Junwei Su, Yigen Zhang, Zhaolin Gu, Le Wang and Guoliang Chai
Upper Semicontinuity of Random Attractors for Nonautonomous Stochastic Reversible Selkov System with Multiplicative Noise pp. 1-15 Downloads
Chunxiao Guo, Xiaohan Li and Yanfeng Guo
Deconstructing the Gel’fand–Yaglom Method and Vacuum Energy from a Theory Space pp. 1-15 Downloads
Kiyoshi Shiraishi and Nahomi Kan
New Exact Solutions of Nonlinear (3 + 1)-Dimensional Boiti-Leon-Manna-Pempinelli Equation pp. 1-7 Downloads
Wen-Xiu Ma and Mohamed R. Ali
Generalized Diffusion Equation Associated with a Power-Law Correlated Continuous Time Random Walk pp. 1-5 Downloads
Long Shi
Application of Laplace Transform on Fractional Kinetic Equation Pertaining to the Generalized Galué Type Struve Function pp. 1-8 Downloads
Melaku Gebeyehu, Haile Habenom and D. L. Suthar

Volume 2019, issue May, 2019

Helicity and Spin of Linearly Polarized Hermite-Gaussian Modes pp. 1-6 Downloads
M. Fernandez-Guasti and J. Hernández
Further Results about Traveling Wave Exact Solutions of the (2+1)-Dimensional Modified KdV Equation pp. 1-10 Downloads
Jian-ming Qi, Yang Yang, Xue-hua Tang and Yong-yi Gu
Peakon Solutions of Alice-Bob - Family Equation and Novikov Equation pp. 1-8 Downloads
Biao Li, Jing Wang and Na Xiong
Multiple-Pole Solutions to a Semidiscrete Modified Korteweg-de Vries Equation pp. 1-8 Downloads
Junyi Zhu, Zhixing Xiao and Kang Li
A New Approach for the Approximate Analytical Solution of Space-Time Fractional Differential Equations by the Homotopy Analysis Method pp. 1-12 Downloads
Ebru Ozbilge, Ali Demir and Mine Aylin Bayrak
Numerical Treatment for the Three-Dimensional Eyring-Powell Fluid Flow over a Stretching Sheet with Velocity Slip and Activation Energy pp. 1-12 Downloads
Hafiz Abdul Wahab, Zhu Zhiyu, Muhammad Shoaib, Muhammad Asif Zahoor Raja, Ali Imran, Zulqurnain Sabir, Muhammad Umar and Rizwan Akhtar
Multiple Soliton Solutions of the Sawada-Kotera Equation with a Nonvanishing Boundary Condition and the Perturbed Korteweg de Vries Equation by Using the Multiple Exp-Function Scheme pp. 1-5 Downloads
Qin Zhou, Abdullahi Rashid Adem, Kamyar Hosseini and Mohammad Mirzazadeh
Modified Fractional Reduced Differential Transform Method for the Solution of Multiterm Time-Fractional Diffusion Equations pp. 1-14 Downloads
Ishak Hashim, Salah Abuasad and Samsul Ariffin Abdul Karim

Volume 2019, issue April, 2019

Numerical Simulation of the Lorenz-Type Chaotic System Using Barycentric Lagrange Interpolation Collocation Method pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jun-Mei Li, Wei Zhang and Yu-Lan Wang
Solution to the Problem of a Mass Traveling on a Taut String via Integral Equation pp. 1-9 Downloads
M. Ferretti and A. Luongo
Numerical Simulation of Ionospheric Disturbance Generated by Ballistic Missile pp. 1-9 Downloads
Tao Wan, Jinyuan Zhu, Xiaolin Tan, Hanxian Fang and Fan Xia
Infinitely Many Solutions for a Superlinear Fractional - Kirchhoff-Type Problem without the (AR) Condition pp. 1-10 Downloads
Xiangsheng Ren, Zhenhua Qiao, Jiabin Zuo and Lisa Zhu
Transformation Method for Generating Periodic Solutions of Abel’s Differential Equation pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ni Hua
Induced Representation Method in the Theory of Electron Structure and Superconductivity pp. 1-10 Downloads
V. G. Yarzhemsky
Moduli Space in Homological Mirror Symmetry pp. 1-11 Downloads
Matsuo Sato
Analysis and Optimization of a Cyclone Integrated with a Cartridge Filter in a Hazardous Materials Collection Truck pp. 1-12 Downloads
Shuwen Zhou and Yu Wang
The Improved - Expansion Method and New Exact Solutions of Nonlinear Evolution Equations in Mathematical Physics pp. 1-8 Downloads
Hanze Liu, Guiying Chen and Xiangpeng Xin

Volume 2019, issue March, 2019

Krasnoselskii N-Tupled Fixed Point Theorem with Applications to Fractional Nonlinear Dynamical System pp. 1-9 Downloads
Tamer Nabil
Nonlocal Telegraph Equation in Frame of the Conformable Time-Fractional Derivative pp. 1-7 Downloads
Said Melliani, Mohamed Bouaouid and Khalid Hilal
Modelling of Nickel Atoms Interacting with Single-Walled Nanotubes pp. 1-7 Downloads
Mansoor H. Alshehri
Complex Dynamics of Some Hamiltonian Systems: Nonintegrability of Equations of Motion pp. 1-10 Downloads
Jingjia Qu
Application of the Complex Variable Function Method to SH-Wave Scattering Around a Circular Nanoinclusion pp. 1-8 Downloads
Hongmei Wu
The Effect of Gain and Strong Dissipative Structures on Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations in Optical Fiber pp. 1-8 Downloads
Chunhua Li and Xintong Yuan
Bright Soliton Solution of (1+1)-Dimensional Quantum System with Power-Law Dependent Nonlinearity pp. 1-5 Downloads
Jun Dai, Ying Wang, Wei Wang, Yujie Chen and Yukun Zhao
A Continuum Approach to the Nonlinear In-Plane Galloping of Shallow Flexible Cables pp. 1-12 Downloads
A. Luongo, D. Zulli and M. Ferretti

Volume 2019, issue February, 2019

New Exponential and Complex Traveling Wave Solutions to the Konopelchenko-Dubrovsky Model pp. 1-9 Downloads
Faruk Dusunceli
The Equations and Characteristics of the Magnetic Curves in the Sphere Space pp. 1-8 Downloads
Jianguo Sun
Solution of Nonlinear Volterra Integral Equations with Weakly Singular Kernel by Using the HOBW Method pp. 1-10 Downloads
Wen-Xiu Ma, Mohamed R. Ali and Mohamed M. Mousa
Optimal System and Group Invariant Solutions of the Whitham-Broer-Kaup System pp. 1-10 Downloads
Xiaorui Hu, Kai Zhou and Yongyang Jin
Combined Synchronization among Three Inconsistent Networks pp. 1-10 Downloads
Yuan Chai, Jingjing Cai and Xiaojing Zhu
The Dynamic Three-Dimensional Localization of Fields in Active Percolating Systems pp. 1-7 Downloads
Gennadiy Burlak
Flux Transport Characteristics of Free Boundary Value Problems for a Class of Generalized Convection-Diffusion Equation pp. 1-7 Downloads
Yunbin Xu and Meihua Wei
On a New Characterization of Some Class Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problem pp. 1-7 Downloads
Lutfi Akin
Kaluza-Klein State in Bekenstein-Hawking Entropy Cycles pp. 1-7 Downloads
Thiago Prudêncio
Symmetry, Pulson Solution, and Conservation Laws of the Holm-Hone Equation pp. 1-6 Downloads
Jing Tian, Yehui Huang, Guo Wang and Xuelin Yong

Volume 2019, issue January, 2019

Quantum Stochastic Cable Equation Acting on Functionals of Discrete-Time Normal Martingales pp. 1-8 Downloads
Suling Ren, Yuling Tang, Jinshu Chen and Caishi Wang
Higher-Order Mode Electromagnetic Analysis of a Material Sample between Two Flanged Coaxial Probes for Broadband Modelling of Dielectric Measurement Setups pp. 1-17 Downloads
José R. Montejo-Garai, Juan Córcoles, Jesús M. Rebollar, Jorge A. Ruiz-Cruz and Raúl V. Haro-Báez
Detecting Damage in Thin Plates by Processing Infrared Thermographic Data with Topological Derivatives pp. 1-18 Downloads
M. Pena and M.-L. Rapún
Spectral Analysis for a Wave/Plate Transmission System pp. 1-9 Downloads
Chengqiang Wang
TM Electromagnetic Scattering from PEC Polygonal Cross-Section Cylinders: A New Analytical Approach for the Efficient Evaluation of Improper Integrals Involving Oscillating and Slowly Decaying Functions pp. 1-9 Downloads
Mario Lucido, Marco Donald Migliore, Chiara Santomassimo, Gaetano Panariello, Daniele Pinchera and Fulvio Schettino
Anomalous Grain Boundary Diffusion: Fractional Calculus Approach pp. 1-9 Downloads
Renat T. Sibatov
On Oscillations and Noise in Multicomponent Adsorption: The Nature of Multiple Stationary States pp. 1-12 Downloads
Ljiljana Z. Kolar-Anić, Zoran Jakšić, Olga M. Jakšić and Milena B. Rašljić
Yukawa Potential Orbital Energy: Its Relation to Orbital Mean Motion as well to the Graviton Mediating the Interaction in Celestial Bodies pp. 1-10 Downloads
Ioannis Gkigkitzis, Ioannis Haranas, Ilias Kotsireas, Connor Martz and Sheldon Van Middelkoop
A Fluid-Structure Interaction Model for Dam-Water Systems: Analytical Study and Application to Seismic Behavior pp. 1-14 Downloads
Ricardo Faria, Ana L. Silvestre and Sérgio Oliveira
Perturbation Bound for the Drazin Inverse of the Matrix-Value Function pp. 1-14 Downloads
Zhenshu Xie, Xiaoji Liu and Yonghui Qin
Extended Minimal Atomicity through Nondifferentiability: A Mathematical-Physical Approach pp. 1-16 Downloads
Gabriel Gavriluţ, Maricel Agop and Alina Gavriluţ
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