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Volume 10, issue 5, 1995

Strategic Decision Models: Multiple Perceptions, Unifying Structure pp. 495-508 Downloads
Stephen E. Roulac
The Capitalization Rate of Commercial Properties and Market Returns pp. 509-518 Downloads
G. Donald Jud and Daniel T. Winkler
An Econometric Model of Retail Rents in the United Kingdom pp. 519-530 Downloads
Sotiris Tsolacos
Sanitary Landfills, Stigma and Industrial Land Values pp. 531-542 Downloads
Karl L. Guntermann
Efficient Mortgage Default Option Exercise: Evidence from Loss Severity pp. 543-556 Downloads
Gordon W. Crawford and Eric Rosenblatt
Creating a Constant-Quality Index for Small Multifamily Rental Housing pp. 557-568 Downloads
Randall S. Guttery and C. F. Sirmans
Spatial Filtering: Concentration or Dispersion of NCREIF Institutional Investment pp. 569-582 Downloads
Leon Shilton and Graig Stanley
A Comparison of Real Estate Marketing Systems: Theory and Evidence pp. 583-600 Downloads
Abdullah Yavas and Peter F. Colwell
Additional Evidence on the Homogeneity of the Value of Government Grazing Leases and Changing Attributes for Ranch Values pp. 601-616 Downloads
Ronald W. Spahr and Mark A. Sunderman

Volume 10, issue 4, 1995

Property Type, Size, and REIT Value pp. 363-380 Downloads
Dennis Capozza and Sohan Lee
A Fundamental Examination of Securitized and Unsecuritized Real Estate pp. 381-426 Downloads
Joseph L. Pagliari, Jr. and James R. Webb
Intertemporal Changes in the Riskiness of REITs pp. 427-444 Downloads
Youguo Liang, Willard McIntosh and James R. Webb
Does the REIT Stock Market Resemble the General Stock Market? pp. 445-460 Downloads
Ko Wang, John Erickson and Su Han Chan
Pricing Interest-Rate Risk for Mortgage REITs pp. 461-470 Downloads
Youguo Liang and James R. Webb
The Predictability of REIT Returns and Market Segmentatio pp. 471-482 Downloads
Yuming Li and Ko Wang
The Predictability of REIT Returns and Market Segmentatio pp. 483-494 Downloads
Darcey D. Terris and F.C. Neil Myer

Volume 10, issue 3, 1995

The Historical Performance of Real Estate Investment Trusts pp. 235-262 Downloads
Jun Han and Youguo Liang
An Empirical Examination of Compensation of REIT Managers pp. 263-278 Downloads
Marc C. Chopin, Ross N. Dickens and Roger M. Shelor
The Inflation-Hedging Properties of Risk Assets: The Case of REITs pp. 279-296 Downloads
Elizabeth Yobaccio, Jack H. Rubens and David C. Ketcham
REITs and Their Management: An Analysis of Organizational Structure, Performance, and Management Compensation pp. 297-318 Downloads
Susanne Ethridge Cannon and Stephen C. Vogt
The Effect of Interest-Rate Movements on Real Estate Investment Trusts pp. 319-326 Downloads
Glenn R. Mueller and Keith R. Pauley
Real Estate versus Financial Asset Returns and Inflation: Can a P* Trading Strategy Improve REIT Investment Performance? pp. 327-334 Downloads
Michael T. Bond and James R. Webb
An Examination of Informed Traders and the Market Microstructure of Real Estate Investment Trusts pp. 335-361 Downloads
Scott D. Below, Joseph K. Kiely and Willard McIntosh

Volume 10, issue 2, 1995

Commercial Bank Exposure and Sensitivity to the Real Estate Market pp. 129-140 Downloads
Marcus T. Allen, Jeff Madura and Kenneth J. Wiant
Executive Compensation and Financial Performance in the Real Estate Industry pp. 141-152 Downloads
Barbara J. Davis and Roger M. Shelor
Residential Loan Renegotiation: Theory and Evidence pp. 153-162 Downloads
Terrence M. Clauretie and Mel Jameson
Using Geographic Information Systems to Improve Real Estate Analysis pp. 163-174 Downloads
Mauricio Rodriguez, C.F. Sirmans and Allen P. Marks
A Connection between Paired Data Analysis and Regression Analysis for Estimating Sales Adjustments pp. 175-184 Downloads
Joseph B. Lipscomb and J. Brian Gray
An Exploration of Neural Networks and Its Application to Real Estate Valuation pp. 185-202 Downloads
Elaine Worzala, Margarita Lenk and Ana Silva
In Defense of the Land Residual Theory and the Absence of a Business Value Component for Retail Property pp. 203-216 Downloads
Norman G. Miller, Steven T. Jones and Stephen E. Roulac
Evaluating the Real Estate Journals: The Mainstream Finance Perspective pp. 217-226 Downloads
James R. Webb and Joseph D. Albert
A Note on the Origin of Real Estate in Collegiate Schools of Business Administration pp. 227-234 Downloads
Hugh O. Nourse

Volume 10, issue 1, 1995

Buyer Search Duration in the Residential Real Estate Market: The Role of the Real Estate Agent pp. 1-14 Downloads
Edward A. Baryla and Leonard V. Zumpano
Buyer Satisfaction with Residential Brokerage Services pp. 15-22 Downloads
A. Ason Okoruwa and G. Donald Jud
Bigger is not Better: Brokerage and Time on the Market pp. 23-34 Downloads
Shiawee X. Yang and Abdullah Yavas
Technological Innovation in Real Estate Brokerage pp. 35-44 Downloads
John D. Benjamin and Peter T. Chinloy
Brokerage Firms' Characteristics and the Sale of Residential Property pp. 45-56 Downloads
William T. Hughes, Jr.
The Significance of Porfolio Lenders to Real Estate Brokers pp. 57-68 Downloads
Robert O. Edmister and Gay B. Hatfield
A Descriptive Analysis of U.S. Housing Demand for the 1990s pp. 69-86 Downloads
Mark J. Eppli and Monty Childs
The Effect of Different Brokerage Modes on Closing Costs and House Prices pp. 87-98 Downloads
Roy T. Black and Hugh O. Nourse
RESERV: An Instrument for Measuring Real Estate Brokerage Service Quality pp. 99-114 Downloads
Susan Logan Nelson and Theron R. Nelson
The Pricing of Housing and Mortgage Services for First-Time Versus Repeat Homebuyers pp. 115-127 Downloads
G. Stacy Sirmans and Enrico J. Ferreira

Volume 9, issue 4, 1994

Random Disaggregate Appraisal Error in Commercial Property: Evidence from the Russell-NCREIF Database pp. 403-420 Downloads
David M. Geltner, Richard A. Graff and Michael Young
The Role of Systematic Covariance and Coskewness in the Pricing of Real Estate: Evidence from Equity REITs pp. 421-430 Downloads
Timothy W. Vines, Cheng-Ho Hsieh and John J. Hatem
Measuring Business Real Property Performance pp. 431-444 Downloads
Hugh O. Nourse
Using Attitude Data to Forecast Housing Activity pp. 445-454 Downloads
John L. Goodman, Jr.
Real Estate Valuation: The Effect of Market and Property Cycles pp. 455-486 Downloads
Waldo L. Born and Stephen A. Pyhrr
Empirical Modeling of the Relative Impacts of Various Sizes of Shopping Centers on the Values of Surrounding Residential Properties pp. 487-506 Downloads
R. Sirpal
An Examination of the Earnings of Real Estate Appraisers pp. 507-524 Downloads
Barry A. Diskin and Dean H. Gatzlaff

Volume 9, issue 3, 1994

Real Estate Returns and the Macroeconomy: Some Empirical Evidence from Real Estate Investment Trust pp. 277-288 Downloads
Thomas E. McCue and John L. Kling
Sample Selection Bias in Estimating Housing Sales Prices pp. 289-298 Downloads
G. Donald Jud and Terry G. Seaks
Apartment Rent, Concessions and Occupancy Rates pp. 299-312 Downloads
G. Stacy Sirmans, C.F. Sirmans and John D. Benjamin
Effect of Foreclosure Status on Residential Selling Price pp. 313-318 Downloads
Fred A. Forgey, Ronald C. Rutherford and Michael L. VanBuskirk
The Effects of Refineries on Neighborhood Property Values pp. 319-338 Downloads
Patrick C. Flower and Wade R. Ragas
Real Estate Brokerage Service Quality: An Examination pp. 339-352 Downloads
J.R. McDaniel and Marc A. Louargand
A History of Site Valuation Rules: Functions and Empirical Evidence pp. 353-368 Downloads
Peter F. Colwell and Tim F. Scheu
Projecting Suburban Office Space Demand: Alternative Estimates of Employment in Offices pp. 369-390 Downloads
Marie Howland and David S. Wessel
Using the Consumer Price Index in Forecasting for Small Geographic Areas pp. 391-401 Downloads
Joseph S. Rabianski, Julian Diaz, III and Neil G. Carn

Volume 9, issue 2, 1994

An Integrated Approach to the Evaluation of Commercial Real Estate pp. 151-168 Downloads
Zahra Saderion, Barton Smith and Charles A. Smith
The Valuation of Undeveloped Land: A Reconciliation of Methods pp. 169-178 Downloads
Karl L. Guntermann
The Valuation of Undeveloped Land: A Reconciliation of Methods pp. 179-196 Downloads
Mark A. Sunderman and Ronald W. Spahr
An Updated Look at the Size of the U.S. Real Estate Market Portfolio pp. 197-212 Downloads
David J. Hartzell, Robert H. Pittman and David H. Downs
Some Further Evidence on the Price of Mortgage Contingency Clauses pp. 213-218 Downloads
Kenneth M. Lusht and J. Andrew Hansz
Option-Based Prediction of Commercial Mortgage Defaults pp. 219-236 Downloads
Leon G. Shilton and John Teall
The Honeycomb Cycle in Real Estate pp. 237-252 Downloads
Jos Janssen, Bert Kruijt and Barrie Needham
Censored Sample Bias, Macroeconomic Factors, and Time on Market of Residential Housing pp. 253-262 Downloads
Rajiv Kalra and Kam C. Chan
The Zero-Coupon/Interest-Only Fixed-Rate Mortgage: An Alternative for Funding Low-to-Moderate Income Housing pp. 263-276 Downloads
Stephen F. Thode and Richard J. Kish

Volume 9, issue 1, 1994

The Changing Retail Real Estate Marketplace: An Introduction pp. 1-4 Downloads
John D. Benjamin
The Evolution of Shopping Center Research: A Review and Analysis pp. 5-32 Downloads
Mark J. Eppli and John D. Benjamin
The Optimal Time of Renovating a Mall pp. 33-48 Downloads
K.C. Wong and George Norman
Shopping Center Financing: Pricing Loan Default Risk pp. 49-64 Downloads
Peter Chinloy and James Musumeci
Retail Stocks, Retail REITs, and Retail Real Estate pp. 65-84 Downloads
F.C. Neil Myer and James R. Webb
Estimating Sales for Retail Centers: An Application of the Poisson Gravity Model pp. 85-98 Downloads
A. Ason Okoruwa, Hugh O. Nourse and Joseph Terza
The Effect of Anchor Tenant Loss on Shopping Center Rents pp. 99-110 Downloads
Dean H. Gatzlaff, G. Stacy Sirmans and Barry A. Diskin
The Effect of Location Variables on the Gross Rents of Neighborhood Shopping Centers pp. 111-124 Downloads
Kenton L. Ownbey, Kyle Davis and Harvey H. Sundel
Retail Real Estate in the 21st Century: Information Technology + Time Consciousness + Unintelligent Stores = Intelligent Shopping? NOT! pp. 125-150 Downloads
Stephen E. Roulac
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