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Volume 34, issue 5, 2023

Jacques Mélitz pp. 959-960 Downloads
David Cobham
Macroeconomic Fluctuations in the United States: The Role of Monetary and Fiscal Policy Shocks pp. 961-977 Downloads
Cosmas Dery and Apostolos Serletis
Global Firms, (de)unionization and Wage Inequality pp. 979-1013 Downloads
Óscar Afonso, Tiago Neves Sequeira, Marcelo Santos and Pedro Cunha Neves
Religion and Equity Home Bias pp. 1015-1038 Downloads
Junyong Lee, Kyounghun Lee and Frederick Dongchuhl Oh
Global Liquidity and Household Credit Growth pp. 1039-1061 Downloads
Berrak Bahadir and Neven Valev
Do Monetary Policy Shocks Have Asymmetric Effects on Stock Market? pp. 1063-1078 Downloads
Victor Song and Libo Xu
The Role of Systemic Risk Spillovers in the Transmission of Euro Area Monetary Policy pp. 1079-1106 Downloads
Alexandros Skouralis
Assessing the Effects of Capital Account Liberalization on Savings pp. 1107-1170 Downloads
Artemis Stratopoulou

Volume 34, issue 4, 2023

Does Household Borrowing Reduce the Trade Balance? Evidence from Developing and Developed Countries pp. 759-787 Downloads
Can Xu, Jan Jacobs and Jakob de Haan
Long Memory, Spurious Memory: Persistence in Range-Based Volatility of Exchange Rates pp. 789-811 Downloads
Alia Afzal and Philipp Sibbertsen
Evaluating the Treatment Effect of Hard Pegs: New Wine in Old Bottles pp. 813-830 Downloads
Zheng-Hao Lai and Jyh-Lin Wu
Financial Development, Political Instability, Trade Openness and Growth in Brazil: Evidence from a New Dataset, 1890-2003 pp. 831-861 Downloads
Nauro Campos, Ekaterina Glebkina, Menelaos Karanasos and Panagiotis Koutroumpis
Using Machine Learning to Capture Heterogeneity in Trade Agreements pp. 863-894 Downloads
Scott L. Baier and Narendra R. Regmi
Pandemics and Trade in the 21st Century: Evidence from five Pre-Covid Pandemics pp. 895-918 Downloads
Joao Jalles and Georgios Karras
Sectoral Exchange Rate Pass-through to Manufacturing Prices: A GVAR Approach pp. 919-958 Downloads
Sérgio Kannebley, Diogo de Prince and Felipe dos Santos Costa

Volume 34, issue 3, 2023

Real and Financial Integration in Asia – Recent Evidence and Policy Perspective pp. 471-478 Downloads
Joscha Beckmann and Hans-Jörg Schmerer
The Impacts of Financial Crises on the Trilemma Configurations pp. 479-517 Downloads
Joshua Aizenman, Menzie Chinn and Hiro Ito
When the United States and the People’s Republic of China Sneeze: Monetary Policy Spillovers to Asian Economies pp. 519-540 Downloads
John Beirne, Nuobu Renzhi and Ulrich Volz
On the International Spillover Effects of Uncertainty pp. 541-554 Downloads
Anindya Sen and Dennis Wesselbaum
China’s Monetary Policy and the Loan Market: How Strong is the Credit Channel in China? pp. 555-577 Downloads
Max Breitenlechner and Riikka Nuutilainen
Rising Wages and Intra-Country Industry Relocation: Evidence from China pp. 579-615 Downloads
Yuting Li, Karsten Mau and Mingzhi Xu
The Trade Effects of the EU-South Korea Free Trade Agreement: Heterogeneity Across Time, Country Pairs, and Directions of Trade within Country Pairs pp. 617-656 Downloads
Benjamin Jung
Transforming East Asia: Regional Integration in a Trade War Era pp. 657-672 Downloads
Karen Jackson and Oleksandr Shepotylo
The COVID-19 Pandemic and Chinese Trade Relations pp. 673-702 Downloads
Jaqueline Hansen, Antonia Kamaliev and Hans-Jörg Schmerer
The “Double Trap” in China—Multiple Equilibria in Institutions and Income and their Causal Relationship pp. 703-757 Downloads
Linda Glawe and Helmut Wagner

Volume 34, issue 2, 2023

Monetary Policy and Determinacy: An Inquiry into Open Economy New Keynesian Macrodynamics pp. 217-253 Downloads
William Barnett and Unal Eryilmaz
The Cost of a Currency Peg during the Great Recession pp. 255-279 Downloads
Thomas Barnebeck Andersen
Greece 2010–18: What Could Have Been Done Differently? pp. 281-315 Downloads
Cyrille Lenoël, Corrado Macchiarelli and Garry Young
Can Regional Trade Agreements Negatively Impact Primary Schooling? pp. 317-339 Downloads
Alberto Chong and Carla Srebot
Monetary Policy Announcements, Information Shocks, and Exchange Rate Dynamics pp. 341-369 Downloads
Daniel Gründler, Eric Mayer and Johann Scharler
What Drives Illicit Financial Flows? An Empirical Study of Trade Data Discrepancies pp. 371-409 Downloads
Renliang Liu and Thanasis Stengos
Global Shocks in the US Economy: Effects on Output and the Real Exchange Rate pp. 411-435 Downloads
Olayinka Oyekola, David Meenagh and A. Patrick Minford
Effect of Remittance Inflows on External Debt in Developing Countries pp. 437-470 Downloads
Abdoul’ Ganiou Mijiyawa and Djoulassi K. Oloufade

Volume 34, issue 1, 2023

Yet it Endures: The Persistence of Original Sin pp. 1-42 Downloads
Barry Eichengreen, Ricardo Hausmann and Ugo Panizza
What Have the Monetary Authorities Really Stabilised, and Does it Matter? pp. 43-70 Downloads
David Cobham and Peter Macmillan
Household Debt and Economic Growth: Debt Service Matters pp. 71-92 Downloads
Cengiz Tunc and Mustafa Kilinc
Monetary Policy is Not Always Systematic and Data-Driven: Evidence from the Yield Curve pp. 93-112 Downloads
Aleš Bulíř and Jan Vlček
Fiscal Stabilization in the United States: Lessons for Monetary Unions pp. 113-153 Downloads
Plamen Nikolov and Paolo Pasimeni
Revisiting Paul de Grauwe’s Chaotic Exchange Rate Model: New Analytical Insights and Agent-Based Explorations pp. 155-169 Downloads
Sarah Mignot and Frank Westerhoff
Emerging Market Economies’ Challenge: Managing the Yield Curve in a Financially Globalized World pp. 171-194 Downloads
Hiro Ito and Phuong Tran
The Law of One Food Price pp. 195-216 Downloads
Kenneth W. Clements, Jiawei Si and Hai Long Vo

Volume 33, issue 5, 2022

Editorial – Recent Trends in International Reserves: Theory and Evidence pp. 807-815 Downloads
Alexander Mihailov
US Sanctions Reinforce the Dollar’s Dominance pp. 817-823 Downloads
Michael Dooley, David Folkerts Landau and Peter M Garber
Sudden Stops, Productivity and the Optimal Level of International Reserves for Small Open Economies pp. 825-851 Downloads
Alexander Mihailov and Harun Nasir
Leaning-Against-the-Wind Intervention and the “Carry-Trade” View of the Cost of Reserves pp. 853-877 Downloads
Eduardo Levy-Yeyati and Juan Francisco Gómez
Reserve Currencies in an Evolving International Monetary System pp. 879-915 Downloads
Alina Iancu, Gareth Anderson, Sakai Ando, Ethan Boswell, Andrea Gamba, Shushanik Hakobyan, Lusine Lusinyan, Neil Meads and Yiqun Wu
Currency Compositions of International Reserves and the Euro Crisis pp. 917-944 Downloads
Falk Hendrik Laser and Jan Weidner
How Do Shocks Affect International Reserves? A Quasi-Experiment of Earthquakes pp. 945-971 Downloads
Quy Ta, Yothin Jinjarak and Ilan Noy
Strategic Asset Allocation of a Reserves’ Portfolio: Hedging Against Shocks pp. 973-995 Downloads
Mario L. Torriani, Pablo Orazi and Matias Vicens

Volume 33, issue 4, 2022

The Macroeconomic Controversy Over Price Rigidity — How to Resolve it and How Bayesian Estimation has Led us Astray pp. 617-630 Downloads
David Meenagh, A. Patrick Minford and Michael R. Wickens
The Mundellian Trilemma and Optimal Monetary Policy in a World of High Capital Mobility pp. 631-656 Downloads
Richard T. Froyen and Alfred V. Guender
The European Monetary Policy Responses During the Pandemic Crisis pp. 657-675 Downloads
Pierpaolo Benigno, Paolo Canofari, Giovanni Bartolomeo and Marcello Messori
The Aftermath of Anti-Dumping: Are Temporary Trade Barriers Really Temporary? pp. 677-704 Downloads
Magdalene Silberberger, Anja Slany, Christian Soegaard and Frederik Stender
Testing for UIP-Type Relationships: Nonlinearities, Monetary Announcements and Interest Rate Expectations pp. 705-749 Downloads
Christina Anderl and Guglielmo Maria Caporale
Covid-19 and Capital Flows: The Responses of Investors to the Responses of Governments pp. 751-774 Downloads
Stefan Goldbach and Volker Nitsch
The Revival of Target Zone Modeling pp. 775-805 Downloads
Pompeo Della Posta

Volume 33, issue 3, 2022

Forward Interest Rates as Predictors of Future US Spot Rates Before and After the 2008 Financial Crisis pp. 391-406 Downloads
Michael Wickens
The Effects of Globalization on Skilled Labor, Unskilled Labor, and the Skill Premium pp. 407-452 Downloads
Stephen J Turnovsky and Zinan Wang
Market Power, Productivity and Sectoral Labour Shares in Europe pp. 453-476 Downloads
Martina Lawless and Luke Rehill
A New Class of Revealed Comparative Advantage Indexes pp. 477-503 Downloads
Jenny P. Danna-Buitrago and Rémi Stellian
Multiplicity in New Keynesian Models pp. 505-521 Downloads
Maksim Isakin and Phuong V. Ngo
Exchange Rate Regimes and Business Cycle Synchronization pp. 523-564 Downloads
Jia Hou and Jakub Knaze
North and South: A Regional Model of the UK pp. 565-616 Downloads
A. Patrick Minford, Yue Gai and David Meenagh

Volume 33, issue 2, 2022

Exchange Rate Pass-Through, Monetary Policy, and Real Exchange Rates: Iceland and the 2008 Crisis pp. 197-230 Downloads
Sebastian Edwards and Luis Cabezas
Technological Leaders, Laggards and Spillovers: A Network GVAR Analysis pp. 231-269 Downloads
Kyriakos Drivas, Claire Economidou, Konstantinos Konstantakis and Panayotis Michaelides
Computable General Equilibrium Models of Trade in the Modern Trade Policy Debate pp. 271-309 Downloads
Gang Chen, Xue Dong, A. Patrick Minford, Guanhua Qiu, Yongdeng Xu and Zequn Xu
Does Domestic Demand Matter for Firms’ Exports? pp. 311-332 Downloads
Paulo Soares Esteves, Miguel Portela and António Rua
Nowcasting Real GDP for Saudi Arabia1* pp. 333-345 Downloads
Ryadh M. Alkhareif and William Barnett
World Commodity Prices and Economic Activity in Advanced and Emerging Economies pp. 347-374 Downloads
Jinan Liu and Apostolos Serletis
Liberalizing Trade and Capital Flows and the Wage Gap: Does Sequencing Matter? pp. 375-389 Downloads
Rashmi Ahuja and Sugata Marjit

Volume 33, issue 1, 2022

The Economic Effects of COVID-19 Containment Measures pp. 1-32 Downloads
Pragyan Deb, Davide Furceri, Jonathan Ostry and Nour Tawk
Market Shocks in the G7 Countries pp. 33-60 Downloads
Nahiyan Azad and Apostolos Serletis
Correlates of Crisis Induced Credit Market Discipline: The Roles of Democracy, Veto Players, and Government Turnover pp. 61-87 Downloads
Puspa Amri, Eric M. P. Chiu, Jacob Meyer, Greg M. Richey and Thomas D. Willett
An Apocalypse Foretold: Climate Shocks and Sovereign Defaults pp. 89-108 Downloads
Serhan Cevik and Joao Jalles
Is there Consumer Risk-Pooling in the Open Economy? The Evidence Reconsidered pp. 109-120 Downloads
A. Patrick Minford, Zhirong Ou and Zheyi Zhu
Business Cycle Co-Movement in Europe: Trade, Industry Composition and the Single Currency pp. 121-139 Downloads
Nestor Azcona
Going Viral: A Gravity Model of Infectious Diseases and Tourism Flows pp. 141-156 Downloads
Serhan Cevik
Does Distance Matter for Trade in Services? The Case of Interprovincial Trade in Canada pp. 157-185 Downloads
Catherine Boulatoff, Talan B. İşcan and Yulia Kotlyarova
Prospects for Reforming the Money and Financial System pp. 187-195 Downloads
Paolo Savona
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