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Volume 4, issue 3, 2017

Front Matter pp. i-iv Downloads
J. Econ. Pol. Econ.
Is rising income inequality far from inevitable during structural transformation? A proposal for an augmented inequality dynamics pp. 224-237 Downloads
Seung Jin Baek
Any given season? pp. 238-246 Downloads
Steven L. Fullerton, James H. Holcomb and Thomas Fullerton
The effect of preferential tariffs of the EU: Some evidence from B&H pp. 247-262 Downloads
Safet Kurtovic, Blerim Halili and Nehat Maxhuni
Quantifying the trade effects of NTMs: A review of the empirical literature pp. 263-274 Downloads
Eyal Ronen
The nexus between size and efficacy of government: evidence from OPEC pp. 275-284 Downloads
Lotfali Agheli
On the effects of repeated tax amnesties pp. 285-301 Downloads
Miguel Sanchez Villalba
Process capital of Mongolia: Year 2005-2014 pp. 302-305 Downloads
Tzu-Yorn Kao and Margad-Erdene Sandui
National rural employment guarantee programme and marginal farmer households: An assessment pp. 306-314 Downloads
Amit Kundu
Avner Offer & Gabriel Söderberg, The Nobel Factor: The Prize in Economics, Social Democracy, and The Market Turn pp. 315-317 Downloads
Scott Alan Carson

Volume 4, issue 2, 2017

Front Matter pp. i-iv Downloads
J. Econ. Pol. Econ.
Trade, Growth and Economic Inequality in the Asia-Pacific Region: Lessons for Policymakers pp. 135-143 Downloads
Theresa Greaney and Baybars Karacaovali
Economic and Political Cooperation between India and East Asia: The Emerging Perspective pp. 144-158 Downloads
Debashis Chakraborty and Anushree Chakraborty
A Small Scale Macroeconomic Model for Morocco pp. 159-177 Downloads
Youssef Oukhallou and Abla Mrabti
Patterns and Micro-Drivers of International Emigration in Nigeria pp. 178-191 Downloads
Musa Abdu, Adamu Jibir and Salihu Abdullahi
Will Secular Stagnation be the Result of Great Recession pp. 192-202 Downloads
Özgür Üþenmez and Levent Duman
The Effect of Public Sector Development Expenditures and Investment on Economic Growth: Evidence from Pakistan pp. 203-214 Downloads
Shujaat Ahmed and Asif Javed
Capability Approach: A Formal Introduction pp. 215-218 Downloads
Dorian Fernando Leon
Nicholas Eberstadt, Men without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis pp. 219-221 Downloads
Scott Alan Carson
8th International Conference of Political Economy pp. 222-223 Downloads
Gülçin Beken

Volume 4, issue 1, 2017

Front Matter pp. i-iv Downloads
J. Econ. Pol. Econ.
Artificial Intelligence and Urbanization: The Rise of the Elysium City pp. 1-13 Downloads
J. Mark Munoz and Al Naqvi
Capital Liberalisation and Economic Instability pp. 14-32 Downloads
Kalim Siddiqui
Metropolitan Business Cycle Analysis for Lubbock pp. 33-52 Downloads
Thomas Fullerton and Macie Z. Subia
Analysis of Asymmetries in the Tax-Spending Nexus in Burundi pp. 53-70 Downloads
Arcade Ndoricimpa
Oil Price and Real GDP Growth of Ecuador: A Vector Autoregressive Approach pp. 71-78 Downloads
Jesser Paladines
An Employer of Last Resort Scheme which Resembles a Free Labour Market pp. 79-87 Downloads
Ralph S. Musgrave
Optimal Equilibrium State in Two-Sector Growth Model pp. 88-106 Downloads
Pete Yashin
Employment Generation among Women in NREGS: A Synthesis on the basis of Micro Level Field Investigation pp. 107-120 Downloads
Amit Kundu and Sanjib Talukdar
Instytucionalistics pp. 121-126 Downloads
Aleksandr Viktor Chernovalov and Pavel Viktor Chernovalov
Igglesis Nikos, The Revolution of Grexit: The Plan pp. 127-128 Downloads
Dionysios K. Solomos and Dimitrios Koumparoulis
Transnational Entrepreneurship: An Interview with Investment Banker Jose Goldner pp. 129-134 Downloads
J. Mark Munoz

Volume 3, issue 4, 2016

Front Matter pp. i-iv Downloads
J. Econ. Pol. Econ.
Interpretations of Hyperbolic Growth pp. 594-626 Downloads
Ron W. Nielsen
A Paternalist’s Mistake: Rent Control pp. 627-637 Downloads
Arias Miguel, Christine Anderson and Walter Block
Randomness, Determinism and Undecidability in the Economic Cycle Theory pp. 638-658 Downloads
Ignacio Romana
Destination EU and USA: Improving Export Potential of Pakistan by Trading with India pp. 659-669 Downloads
Zakee Saadat and Dawood Mamoon
Foreign Direct Investment and Sectoral Performance in Tanzania pp. 670-719 Downloads
Manamba Epaphra
On the Economic Returns From a Global Program of Social Capital: A Trillion Dollar Agenda for Growth pp. 720-730 Downloads
Steven H. Kim
The Main Determinants of Private Investments in the WAEMU Zone: The Dynamic Approach pp. 731-743 Downloads
Adama Combey
The Measurement of Credit Channel in the CEMAC Zone pp. 744-766 Downloads
Jean Louis Ekomane and Benjamin Yamb
Skilled Labor Mobility in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC): Experience from Thailand Labor Market pp. 767-781 Downloads
Sujinda Chemsripong
5. International Conference on Economics ICE-TEA 2016 pp. 782-783 Downloads
Özlem Sekmen

Volume 3, issue 3, 2016

Front Matter pp. i-iv Downloads
J. Econ. Pol. Econ.
Theory of the Firm: A Reformulation with Primary Factors of Production and Procurement of Ingredient Inputs pp. 418-439 Downloads
Hiroaki Hayakawa
The Rewards and Challenges of Export-Led Strategies pp. 440-445 Downloads
Hany H. Makhlouf
How Efficient are the Current U.S. Beer Taxes? pp. 446-470 Downloads
Vinish Shrestha
Nonlinearities in Inflation and Growth Nexus: The Case of Tanzania pp. 471-512 Downloads
Manamba Epaphra
Equivalence of Cournot and Bertrand equilibria in duopoly under relative profit maximization: A general analysis pp. 513-523 Downloads
Atsuhiro Satoh and Yasuhito Tanaka
Testing the Efficiency of the GIPS Sovereign Debt Markets using an Asymmetrical Volatility Test pp. 524-535 Downloads
Christian Richter and Bachar Fakhry
Projections of Inflation Dynamics for Pakistan: GMDH Approach pp. 536-559 Downloads
Shahid Iqbal and Maqbool H. Sial
Efficiency with Rule-Compliance: A Contribution to the Theory of the Firm in Islamic Economics pp. 560-574 Downloads
Tarik Akin and Abbas Mirakhor
State and Governance in the Contemporary International Economic System pp. 575-586 Downloads
Levent Duman and Özgür Üþenmez
Robert Dirks, Food in the Gilded Age; What Ordinary Americans Ate pp. 587-590 Downloads
Scott Alan Carson

Volume 3, issue 2, 2016

Front Matter pp. i-iv Downloads
J. Econ. Pol. Econ.
Leadership and the Mandate of Heaven: Political Risk in China pp. 183-191 Downloads
Charles Rarick and Kasia Firlej
The Federal Reserve as Lender of Last Resort During the Subprime Crisis – Successful Stabilisation Without Structural Changes pp. 192-210 Downloads
Hansjörg Herr, Sina Rüdiger and Jennifer Pédussel Wu
International Remittances and Brain Drain in Ghana pp. 211-241 Downloads
Ryuta Kato and Isaac Dadson
Unified Growth Theory Contradicted by the Mathematical Analysis of the Historical Growth of Human Population pp. 242-263 Downloads
Ron W. Nielsen
Cirebon as the Silk Road: A New Approach of Heritage Tourisme and Creative Economy pp. 264-283 Downloads
Aan Jaelani
Structural Features and Mechanisms of The Korean Powerhouses: What Makes These Niche Companies Leaders in The Global Market? pp. 284-308 Downloads
WooJin Kim
Modelling the Egyptian Shadow Economy: A MIMIC model and A Currency Demand approach pp. 309-339 Downloads
Mai Hassan and Friedrich Schneider
Automating Analytics: Forecasting Time Series in Economics and Business pp. 340-349 Downloads
Anton Gerunov
A Dynamic Analysis of the Determinants of the Greek Credit Default Swaps pp. 350-376 Downloads
Maria do Rosario Correia, Christian Gokus, Andrew Hughes Hallett and Christian Richter
Exchange Arrangements and Currency Crises: What´s the matter with the exchange rate classification? pp. 377-392 Downloads
Alexis Cruz-Rodriguez
Wladimir Andreff (Ed.), Disequilibrium Sports Economics: Competitive Imbalance and Budget Constraints pp. 393-410 Downloads
Nicolas Scelles
Matthew P. Drennan, Income Inequality: Why it Matters and Why Most Economicsts Didn’t Notice pp. 411-414 Downloads
Pierre Clavel
7th International Conference of Political Economy pp. 415-417 Downloads
Gülçin Beken

Volume 3, issue 1, 2016

Front Matter pp. i-iv Downloads
J. Econ. Pol. Econ.
Size and Development of Tax Evasion in 38 OECD Coutries: What do we (not) know? pp. 1-11 Downloads
Andreas Buehn and Friedrich Schneider
Dynamical Methods Applied in Natural Resource Economics pp. 12-31 Downloads
George Halkos and George J. Papageorgiou
Demographic Transition Theory and Its Link to the Historical Economic Growth pp. 32-49 Downloads
Ron W. Nielsen
Estimating Aggregate Demand in Egypt pp. 50-64 Downloads
Noha Emara
“Porter vs Krugman”: History, Analysis and Critique of Regional Competitiveness pp. 65-80 Downloads
Psofogiorgos Nikolaos Alexandros and Theodore Metaxas
Current Trends in the Economic Development of the Participating in the Tripartite Free Trade Area Regional Economic Communities pp. 81-104 Downloads
Eduard Marinov
China in the World Economy pp. 105-110 Downloads
Hany H. Makhlouf
Determinants of Export Competitiveness: Evidence from OECD Manufacturing pp. 111-118 Downloads
Gönül Muratoðlu and Yusuf Muratoðlu
Teaching Economics and Providing Visual “Big Pictures” pp. 119-133 Downloads
Seyyed Ali Zeytoon Nejad Moosavian
Decomposition of Natural Gas Intensity in Energy-Intensive Industries in Iran pp. 134-141 Downloads
Lotfali Agheli and Fatemeh Abdi
Equality of Opportunity in Education: A Case Study of Chile and Norway pp. 142-150 Downloads
Juan-Pedro Garces-Voisenat
Monopoly Capital and Capitalist Inequality: Marx after Piketty pp. 151-159 Downloads
Thomas Lambert
Interest rate and Economic Growth as Determinants of Firm Investment Decision: An Investigation on BIST listed firms pp. 160-169 Downloads
Hasan Ayaydin and Savaþ Durmuþ
Scott B. Sumner, The Midas Paradox: Financial Markets, Government Policy Shocks, and the Great Depression pp. 170-180 Downloads
Clark Johnson
The Third International Conference in Economics EconWorld 2016 pp. 181-182 Downloads
Gönül Muratoðlu
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