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2020, volume 56, issue 8

How Did Free Trade Reshape the Transitional China? Evidence from Heterogeneous Exporters and Firm-Level Pollution Emissions pp. 1651-1676 Downloads
Ling-Yun He, Xi Lin and Qiren Liu
Effect of Labor Cost and Industrial Structure on the Development Mode Transformation of China’s Industrial Economy pp. 1677-1690 Downloads
Yao Xiao, Dandan Ma, Yutai Cheng and Li Wang
Price Break Points and Impact Process Evaluation in the EU ETS pp. 1691-1714 Downloads
Junjun Jia, Huaqing Wu, Xiaoxuan Zhu, Jingwei Li and Ying Fan
Market Demand for Electric Vehicles under Technology Improvements and Tax Relief pp. 1715-1729 Downloads
Bengang Gong, Jiali Wang and Jinshi Cheng
How Does Innovation Activity Affect Firm Export Behavior? Evidence from China pp. 1730-1751 Downloads
Feifei Wu, Huaqing Wu and Xianfeng Zhang
Location Analysis of Earthquake Relief Warehouses: Evaluating the Efficiency of Location Combinations by DEA pp. 1752-1764 Downloads
Yuhong Wang, Guangcheng Xu, Wanting Zhang and Zhixiang Zhou
Study on the Efficiency Measurements and Influence Factors of Development Financial Institutions pp. 1765-1780 Downloads
Yuning Gao, Meichen Zhang and Xinran Liu
Influence of CEO Characteristics on Accounting Information Disclosure Quality—Based on the Mediating Effect of Capital Structure pp. 1781-1803 Downloads
Ping Lin, Boqiang Lin and Fu Lei
Investor Sentiment, Market Competition, and Financial Crisis: Evidence from the Korean Stock Market pp. 1804-1816 Downloads
Doowon Ryu, Doojin Ryu and Heejin Yang
The Effects of Macro News on Exchange Rates Volatilities: Evidence from BRICS Countries pp. 1817-1842 Downloads
Zhitao Lin, Ruolan Ouyang and Xuan Zhang
Executive Succession Strategy of an Emerging-Market Company: An Investigation into the Spillover Effect pp. 1843-1872 Downloads
Chermin Fong, Juichan Huang, Hsiaohui Ho, Mingching Huang, Huiwen Wang and Peichun Hsieh
Economic Growth Effect of Nuclear Power Plants on Location Cities Based on Counterfactual Analysis with Prefecture-Level Panel Data of Mainland China pp. 1873-1893 Downloads
Xiangyou Wu and Boqiang Lin

2020, volume 56, issue 7

Does Financial Constraint Impede the Innovative Investment? Micro Evidence from China pp. 1423-1446 Downloads
Dongyang Zhang and Wenping Zheng
Price Limits and Asymmetry of Price Dynamics—High Frequency Evidence from the Chinese Stock Market pp. 1447-1461 Downloads
Keqiang Hou, Xing Li and Wei Zhong
Importing and Firm Productivity in China: The Self-Selection Effect or the Learning Effect? pp. 1462-1473 Downloads
Shimin Zhou, Yang Wang and Mianzhi Yang
City Size Distribution, Export-Oriented Economies, and Regional Technical Efficiency: The Case of China pp. 1474-1489 Downloads
Chao Xuan and Xin Chen
Corporate Cash Holdings and Financial Constraints —An Analysis Based on Data on China at Company Level after the Global Financial Crisis pp. 1490-1503 Downloads
Hong Zhang, Yuyao Zhang, Shimin Zhou and Yanmin He
University Spillovers, Spatial Distance, and Firm Innovation: Evidence at Chinese Listed Firms pp. 1504-1519 Downloads
Xiaoying Li, Jinling Li and Xinjie Wu
Risk Preference of the Investors and the Risk of Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform pp. 1520-1531 Downloads
Hua Cheng and Rui Guo
OFDI and Home Country Structural Upgrading: Does Spatial Difference Exist in China? pp. 1532-1546 Downloads
Fengchun Li and Cheng Yu
Technological Upgrading in Chinese Cities: The Role of FDI and Industrial Structure pp. 1547-1563 Downloads
Le Tang, Yuyao Zhang, Jingyi Gao and Fan Wang
Empirical Study of Factors Influencing Performance of Chinese Enterprises in Overseas Mergers and Acquisitions in Context of Belt and Road Initiative—A Perspective Based on Political Connections pp. 1564-1580 Downloads
Ping Lin, Boqiang Lin, Mengting Lin and Chen Lin
An Economic Model for Studying the Role of Cultural Industries on Social Development in Cross-border Contexts pp. 1581-1600 Downloads
Yingyu Zhu
Early-Warning Model of Financial Crisis: An Empirical Study Based on Listed Companies of Information Technology Industry in China pp. 1601-1614 Downloads
Lu Xu, Qingzhu Qi and Peiding Sun
Urban Cost Performance and Industrial Agglomeration: City-Level Evidence from China pp. 1615-1629 Downloads
Lixia Zeng, Meilan Chen and Fangfang Zhang
Why China’s Heating Industry High-input but Low-return? pp. 1630-1650 Downloads
Jing Lin and Boqiang Lin

2020, volume 56, issue 6

Comovement between the Chinese Business Cycle and Financial Volatility: Based on a DCC-MIDAS Model pp. 1181-1195 Downloads
Yuhang Zheng, Zhenzhen Wang, Zhehao Huang and Tianpei Jiang
Linkages and Spillovers between Internet Finance and Traditional Finance: Evidence from China pp. 1196-1210 Downloads
Rongda Chen, Huiwen Chen, Chenglu Jin, Bo Wei and Lean Yu
The Spatial Effect of the Efficiency of Regional Financial Resource Allocation from the Perspective of Internet Finance: Evidence from Chinese Provinces pp. 1211-1223 Downloads
Gaoke Liao, Dequan Yao and Zhihao Hu
The BSS-FM Estimation of International Assets Allocation for China Mainland Investors pp. 1224-1236 Downloads
Xuan Tang, Xing Gao, Qiuping Zhou and Jian Ma
Potential Dependence of Financial Cycles between Emerging and Developed Countries: Based on ARIMA-GARCH Copula Model pp. 1237-1250 Downloads
Tinghui Li, Junhao Zhong and Zimei Huang
Analysis of the Impact of China’s GDP Data Revision on Monetary Policy from the Perspective of Uncertainty pp. 1251-1274 Downloads
Xueting Yu, Yuhan Zhu and Guangming Lv
The Factors that Influence Exchange-Rate Risk: Evidence in China pp. 1275-1292 Downloads
Shuanglian Chen, Siming Liu, Rongjiao Cai and Yaya Zhang
The Asymmetric Effect of Volatility Spillover in Global Virtual Financial Asset Markets: The Case of Bitcoin pp. 1293-1311 Downloads
Hao Dong, Liming Chen, Xinyi Zhang, Pierre Failler and Sa Xu
Measuring Systemic Risk Contagion Effect of the Banking Industry in China: A Directed Network Approach pp. 1312-1335 Downloads
Zi-Sheng Ouyang, Ying Huang, Yun Jia and Chang-Qing Luo
The Influential Factors of Financial Cycle Spillover: Evidence from China pp. 1336-1350 Downloads
Yue Liu, Zhenghui Li and Manrui Xu
Financing of Physical and Intangible Capital Investments in China pp. 1351-1376 Downloads
Go Yano and Maho Shiraishi
Emerging Market Contagion Under Geopolitical Uncertainty pp. 1377-1401 Downloads
Axel Hedström, Nathalie Zelander, Juha Junttila and Gazi Uddin
Asymmetric Arbitrage Opportunities for Cross-Listed Stocks: Evidence from Russia pp. 1402-1422 Downloads
Еvgenii Gorbatikov and Victoria Dobrynskaya

2020, volume 56, issue 5

Guest Editor’s Introduction pp. 961-962 Downloads
Hung-Hsi Huang
Price Discovery and Trading Activity in Taiwan Stock and Futures Markets pp. 963-976 Downloads
Jui-Cheng Hung, Yu-Hong Liu, I-Ming Jiang and Shuh Liang
The Effects of Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance on Key Auditing Matters pp. 977-1002 Downloads
Chaohsin Lin, Shuofen Hsu, Pai-Lung Chou, Ya-Yi Chao and Chao-Wei Li
Determinants of Banking Efficiency and Survival in Taiwan with Consideration of the Real Management Cost pp. 1003-1023 Downloads
Lien-Wen Liang, Cheng-Ping Cheng and Yipin Lin
The Roots of Corporate Transparency: A Mediated Moderation Model to Predict Foreign Institutional Investment pp. 1024-1042 Downloads
Chin-Jung Luan and Chengli Tien
Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Value: The Mediating Role of Investor Recognition pp. 1043-1054 Downloads
Chen-Hsun Lee, Roger C. Y. Chen, Shih-Wei Hung and Cheng-Xing Yang
The Influences of Book-to-Price Ratio and Stock Capitalization on Value-at-Risk Estimation in Taiwan Stock Market pp. 1055-1072 Downloads
Tsung-Che Wu, Hung-Hsi Huang, Ching-Ping Wang and Yi-Lin Zhong
Earnings Management during the Fourth Quarter: Evidence from Taiwan pp. 1073-1092 Downloads
Szu-Hsien Lin and Huei-Hwa Lai
The Effects of Corporate Governance on Credit Ratings: The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility pp. 1093-1112 Downloads
Cho-Min Lin, Clara Chia Sheng Chen, Sheng-Yung Yang and Wan-Ru Wang
The January Effect and Prospect Theory in Taiwan pp. 1113-1123 Downloads
Yujan Shen, Chienjen Hung, Jrjung Chiou and Kuanfu Shen
Identifying IFDI and OFDI Productivity Spatial Spillovers: Evidence from China pp. 1124-1145 Downloads
Youxing Huang and Huixin Yang
Homeownership, Housing Demand, and Household Wealth Distribution in Turkey pp. 1146-1165 Downloads
Evren Ceritoğlu
A Language-Independent Measurement of Economic Policy Uncertainty in Eastern European Countries pp. 1166-1180 Downloads
Alexander Kupfer and Josef Zorn

2020, volume 56, issue 4

Volatility Spillovers and Risk Contagion Paths with Capital Flows across Multiple Financial Markets in China pp. 731-749 Downloads
Xuejin Zhao, Wei-Guo Zhang and Yong-Jun Liu
Controlling Shareholder’s Share Pledging and Firm’s Auditor Choice pp. 750-770 Downloads
Jingjing Xu, Yan Zhang and Yizhe Xie
The Bilateral Effects of Platform-Sponsored Collateral in Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Lending: Evidence from China pp. 771-795 Downloads
Xiaojun Shi, Qi Jin and Lin He
Within-Firm Wage Inequality and Corporate Innovation: Evidence from China’s Listed Firms pp. 796-819 Downloads
Miao Miao, Yan Zhang and Shilin Zheng
Sentiment Dispersion and Asset Pricing Error: Evidence from the Chinese Stock Market pp. 820-839 Downloads
Xiong Xiong, Jiatong Han, Xu Feng and Yahui An
Stock Index Options Pricing under Jump Patterns Driven by Market States pp. 840-859 Downloads
Chao-Yang Lin, Huimei Liu, Jia-Ching Lee and Shih-Kuei Lin
Trade-Credit Financing under Financial Constraints: A Relational Perspective and Evidence from Listed Companies in China pp. 860-893 Downloads
Xiaojun Shi, Aoran Wang and Songtao Tan
Disputes over Corporate Control at Chinese Firms pp. 894-912 Downloads
Danni Chen, Xue Chen, Xiaoling Pu and Hao Luo
On the Asymmetric Effects of Exchange Rate Volatility on Trade Flows: Evidence from Africa pp. 913-939 Downloads
Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee and Augustine C. Arize
Controlling Shareholders’ Preference in Business Groups: Evidence from Korea pp. 940-959 Downloads
Yonghyun Kwon and Seung Hun Han

2020, volume 56, issue 3

How Can Government Support Affect Behaviors of Investors and Rating Agencies in a Corporate Bond Market? Evidence from China’s Corporate Bond Market pp. 485-507 Downloads
Bo Huang, Liqing Chen and Lin He
Comparing Hedging Effectiveness of Portfolios in the Greater Chinese Stock Exchanges: Evidence from a Modified Value-at-Risk Model pp. 508-526 Downloads
Chung-Chu Chuang, Yi-Hsien Wang and Tsai-Jung Yeh
Volatility Premium and Term Structure of China Blue-Chip Index Options pp. 527-542 Downloads
Xinming Huang, Jie Liu, Xinjie Zhang and Yinglun Zhu
The Effect of Home Equity on the Risky Financial Portfolio Choice of Chinese Households pp. 543-561 Downloads
Xiuzhen Shi, Zekai He and Xiaomeng Lu
Inequality and Social Capital: How Inequality in China’s Housing Assets Affects People’s Trust pp. 562-575 Downloads
Tiantian Dai, Shenyi Jiang, Ang Sun and Sihong Wu
Impact of US Uncertainty on Chinese Stock Market Volatility pp. 576-592 Downloads
Renhai Hua, Pengfei Zhao, Honghai Yu and Libing Fang
Forecasting Excess Returns and Abnormal Trading Volume using Investor Sentiment: Evidence from Chinese Stock Index Futures Market pp. 593-612 Downloads
Bin Gao and Jun Xie
Media Coverage and Decomposition of Stock Market Volatility:Based on the Generalized Dynamic Factor Model pp. 613-625 Downloads
Haishu Qiao and Yaya Su
Different Types of Investor Reactions to Annual Reports pp. 626-640 Downloads
Zhuwei Li, Baolu Wang, Yuan Fu, Yongdong Shi and Xuexin Su
How Does Shadow Bank Affect Bank Ranking in China? pp. 641-658 Downloads
Chung-Hua Shen, Meng-Wen Wu, Ting-Hsuan Chen and Jiahua Wang
Does Gold Serve as a Hedge for the Stock Market in China? Evidence from a Time-Frequency Analysis pp. 659-672 Downloads
Lei Ming, Yao Shen, Shenggang Yang, Sangzhi Zhu and Hong Zhu
Financial versus Non-Financial Information for Default Prediction: Evidence from Sri Lanka and the USA pp. 673-692 Downloads
Jayasuriya Mahapatabendige Ruwani Fernando, Leon Li and Greg Hou
Properly Estimating Risk in Emerging Markets: A Comparison of Beta Adjustment Techniques pp. 693-729 Downloads
Antonie Katscher, Alejandro Mac Cawley and Tomas Reyes
Statement of Retraction: Incomplete Exchange Rate Pass-Through: Evidence from Exchange Rate Reform in China pp. 730-730 Downloads
The Editors

2020, volume 56, issue 2

Introduction to Symposium: Recent Development in Finance and Banking in Emerging Markets pp. 243-244 Downloads
Irwan Trinugroho, Siong Hook Law, Doddy Setiawan and Muhammad Agung Prabowo
Micro-Foundation Investigation of Price Manipulation in Indonesian Capital Market pp. 245-259 Downloads
Aurelius Aaron, Deddy P. Koesrindartoto and Ryuta Takashima
Foreign Portfolio Investment Flows and Exchange Rate: Evidence in Indonesia pp. 260-274 Downloads
Dyah Anggitawati and Irwan Ekaputra
What Drives Private Savings in Malaysia? pp. 275-285 Downloads
Chor Foon Tang, Eu Chye Tan and Soo Y. Chua
Bank Risk and Financial Development: Evidence From Dual Banking Countries pp. 286-304 Downloads
Baharom Abdul Hamid, Wajahat Azmi and Mohsin Ali
Funding Liquidity and Risk Taking Behavior in Southeast Asian Banks pp. 305-313 Downloads
Rofikoh Rokhim and In Min
Equity Financing at Islamic Banks: Do Competition and Bank Fundamentals Matter? pp. 314-328 Downloads
Tastaftiyan Risfandy, Burhanudin Harahap, Arif Rahman Hakim, Sutaryo Sutaryo, Linggar Ikhsan Nugroho and Irwan Trinugroho
Market Structure, Spin-Off, and Efficiency: Evidence from Indonesian Islamic Banking Industry pp. 329-337 Downloads
M Nur Rianto Al Arif, M. Arief Mufraini and M. Agung Prabowo
Contingent Claim Approach for Pricing of Sovereign Sukuk for R&D Financing in Indonesia pp. 338-350 Downloads
Lindawati Wardani, Viverita Viverita, Zaäfri Ananto Husodo and Sinto Sunaryo
What Determine Loan Rate and Default Status in Financial Technology Online Direct Lending? Evidence from Indonesia pp. 351-369 Downloads
Wimboh Santoso, Irwan Trinugroho and Tastaftiyan Risfandy
Institutional Distance, Organizational Learning, and Innovation Performance: Outward Foreign Direct Investment by Chinese Multinational Enterprises pp. 370-391 Downloads
Changjun Yi, Xueyu Xu, Chusheng Chen and Yenchun Jim Wu
Modeling and Forecasting the Multivariate Realized Volatility of Financial Markets with Time-Varying Sparsity pp. 392-408 Downloads
Jiawen Luo and Langnan Chen
Can Consumption Drive Industrial Upgrades? Evidence from Chinese Household and Firm Matching Data pp. 409-426 Downloads
Dongyang Zhang, Xinxin Ma, Jun Zhang and Quheng Deng
Economic Policy Uncertainty and the Distribution of Business Operations between Parent Companies and Their Subsidiaries pp. 427-456 Downloads
Qinhe Shi, Wenfeng Qiu and Yuling Fan
Financial Inclusion and Urban–Rural Income Inequality: Long-Run and Short-Run Relationships pp. 457-471 Downloads
Youxing Huang and Yan Zhang
Balance-of-Payments-Constrained Approach: Convergence Sustainability in the Region of Central and Eastern Europe pp. 472-483 Downloads
Peter Leško and Eva Muchová

2020, volume 56, issue 1

Meta-Analysis of Emerging Markets and Economies: An Introductory Note for the Special Issue pp. 1-9 Downloads
Ichiro Iwasaki
Meta-Analysis of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve in Developed and Emerging Economies pp. 10-31 Downloads
Jarko Fidrmuc and Katarína Danišková
Ownership Concentration and Firm Performance in European Emerging Economies: A Meta-Analysis pp. 32-67 Downloads
Ichiro Iwasaki and Satoshi Mizobata
Output Effects of Monetary Policy in Emerging and Developing Countries: Evidence from a Meta-Analysis pp. 68-85 Downloads
Thi Mai Lan Nguyen
FDI Backward Spillovers in China: What a Meta-Analysis Tells Us? pp. 86-105 Downloads
Hongzhong Fan, Shi He and Yum K. Kwan
Quality Imports and Quality Exports: Micro Evidence from China pp. 106-125 Downloads
Hongbing Li, Hongbo Cai, Xuedong Lin and Junyi Gu
Puzzling Premiums on FX Markets: Carry Trade, Momentum, and Value Alone and Strategy Diversification pp. 126-148 Downloads
Evgeniya Mikova, Tamara Teplova and Qaiser Munir
National Culture, Firm Characteristics, and Dividend Policy pp. 149-163 Downloads
Mei Chang, Bin Chang and Shantanu Dutta
Too Small to Succeed versus Too Big to Fail: How Much Does Size Matter in Banking? pp. 164-187 Downloads
Marjan Naseri, Obiyathulla Bacha and Abul Masih
Intellectual Property Rights and the Margins of Firm Imports in China pp. 188-207 Downloads
Hao Wei and Huijun Lian
Does the Quality of Institutions in Host Countries Affect the Location Choice of Chinese OFDI: Evidence from Asia and Africa pp. 208-227 Downloads
Muhammad Abdul Kamal, Syed Hasanat Shah, Wang Jing and Hafsa Hasnat
Rural Homesteads Withdrawal and Urban Housing Market: A Pilot Study in China pp. 228-242 Downloads
Lifang Zhang and Wen Fan
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