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1978 - 2017

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Volume 40, issue 4, 2017

Is neo-Walrasian macroeconom(etr)ics a dead end? An assessment of recent criticisms of DSGE models pp. 441-469 Downloads
Roberto Marchionatti and Lisa Sella
Covered interest parity: The untestable hypothesis pp. 470-486 Downloads
Imad Moosa
Currency devaluations, aggregate demand, and debt dynamics in economies with foreign currency liabilities pp. 487-511 Downloads
Karsten Kohler
Inflation targeting and the need for a new central banking framework pp. 512-539 Downloads
Mevlut Tatliyer
The contribution of minimum wage valorization policy to the decline in household income inequality in Brazil: A decomposition approach pp. 540-575 Downloads
Alessandra Brito, Miguel Foguel and Celia Kerstenetzky
Labor supply: Toward the construction of an alternative conception from post Keynesian and institutional economics pp. 576-599 Downloads
Eduardo Fernández-Huerga, Jorge García-Arias and Ana Salvador
Verdoorn’s law and productivity dynamics: An empirical investigation into the demand and supply approaches pp. 600-621 Downloads
Guilherme R. Magacho and John S. L. McCombie
Piketty’s paradox, capital spillage, and inequality pp. 622-635 Downloads
Craig Medlen
The Piketty-Kaldor paradox of growth: Reply to Medlen pp. 636-637 Downloads
Alan Day Haight
Reply to Alan Day Haight pp. 638-640 Downloads
Craig Medlen

Volume 40, issue 3, 2017

Rethinking liquidity creation: Banks, shadow banks and the elasticity of finance pp. 279-299 Downloads
Yeva Nersisyan and Flavia Dantas
The transmission mechanism of monetary policy: Microeconomic aspects of macroeconomic issues pp. 300-326 Downloads
Norberto Montani Martins, Camila Cabral Pires-Alves, André de Melo Modenesi and Karla Vanessa Batista da Silva Leite
Insights on endogenous money and the liquidity preference theory of interest pp. 327-348 Downloads
Angel Asensio
Keynes against Kalecki on economic method pp. 349-375 Downloads
Anna Maria Carabelli and Mario Cedrini
Can a comparative capitalism approach explain fiscal policy activism? pp. 376-412 Downloads
Thomas Kalinowski and Vladimir Hlasny
Financialization and Portuguese real investment: A supportive or disruptive relationship? pp. 413-439 Downloads
Ricardo Barradas and Sérgio Lagoa
Announcing the Levy Economic Institute’s 9 Hyman P. Minsky summer seminar pp. 440-440 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 40, issue 2, 2017

Some unpleasant currency-devaluation arithmetic in a post Keynesian macromodel pp. 145-167 Downloads
Rafael Saulo Marques Ribeiro, John S. L. McCombie and Gilberto Lima
: Reinterpreting the fundamental contradiction of capitalism pp. 168-182 Downloads
M. J. Dávila-Fernández, J. L. Oreiro, L. F. Punzo and S. Bimonte
Keynes at the periphery: Currency hierarchy and challenges for economic policy in emerging economies pp. 183-202 Downloads
Luiz Fernando de Paula, Barbara Fritz and Daniela M. Prates
On the effectiveness of capital controls during the Great Recession: The Brazilian experience (2007–2013) pp. 203-222 Downloads
Cesar Rodrigues van der Laan, André Moreira Cunha and Marcos Tadeu Caputi Lélis
Long-run convergence in a neo-Kaleckian open-economy model with autonomous export growth pp. 223-238 Downloads
Won Jun Nah and Marc Lavoie
Framing Modern Monetary Theory pp. 239-259 Downloads
Louisa Connors and William Mitchell
The “Cambridge” critique of the quantity theory of money: A note on how quantitative easing vindicates it pp. 260-271 Downloads
Maria Cristina Marcuzzo
From economic stagnation to systemic fragility? pp. 272-277 Downloads
Jan Nederveen Pieterse

Volume 40, issue 1, 2017

Symposium: Dilemmas of exchange rate and monetary policies in Latin America pp. 1-8 Downloads
Mario Damill and Roberto Frenkel
In search of stabilization and recovery: macro policy and reforms in Venezuela pp. 9-26 Downloads
Leonardo Vera
Macroeconomic policy regimes, real exchange rate overvaluation, and performance of the Brazilian economy (2003–2015) pp. 27-42 Downloads
José Luis Oreiro and Luciano D’Agostini
Inflation in Argentina during the 2000s pp. 43-60 Downloads
Roberto Frenkel and Diego Friedheim
Challenges for the Chilean economy under cyclical shocks, 1999–2016 pp. 61-74 Downloads
Ricardo Ffrench-Davis
Real exchange rate and export performance in Argentina, 2002–2008 pp. 75-94 Downloads
Gabriel Palazzo and Martin Rapetti
Colombia’s macroeconomic challenges at the end of the supercycle of commodity prices pp. 95-111 Downloads
José Antonio Ocampo, Jonathan Malagón and Carlos Alberto Ruiz
The lean times in the Peruvian economy pp. 112-129 Downloads
Oscar Dancourt
Macroeconomic stability, structural reforms, and sluggish growth: The Mexican economy since 2008–2009 and the lessons of 2015 pp. 130-144 Downloads
Jaime Ros

Volume 39, issue 4, 2016

Multilateralism and military Keynesianism: Completing the analysis pp. 437-443 Downloads
Jan Toporowski
The colonization of the future: An alternative view of financialization and its portents pp. 444-472 Downloads
Photis Lysandrou
Political aspects of the capital controversies and capitalist crises pp. 473-494 Downloads
Nuno Martins
The exchange rate cycle in Argentina pp. 495-515 Downloads
Jose Luis Nicolini-Llosa
Demand regimes and income distribution reconsidered in an open economy portfolio balance framework pp. 516-538 Downloads
Arslan Razmi
Why does the investment rate not increase? Capital accumulation and stabilization policy in the 1990s and 2000s in Brazil pp. 539-561 Downloads
Carmem Feijó, Marcos Tostes Lamônica and Julio Cesar Albuquerque Bastos
A nonbehavioral theory of saving pp. 562-592 Downloads
Michalis Nikiforos
Macrodynamics of debt-financed investment-led growth with interest rate rules pp. 593-624 Downloads
Soumya Datta
Announcing the Hyman P. Minsky summer seminar June 10–16, 2017 pp. 625-625 Downloads
The Editors

Volume 39, issue 3, 2016

On the nature and role of financial systems in Keynes’s entrepreneurial economies pp. 287-307 Downloads
Fernando Cardim de Carvalho
Rejoinder to Rosser, O'Donnell, and Carrión Álvarez and Ehnts on their criticisms of my ergodic/nonergodic formulation of Keynes's concept of an actuarial certain future vs. an uncertain future pp. 308-333 Downloads
Paul Davidson
Functional income distribution and growth in Thailand: A post Keynesian econometric analysis pp. 334-360 Downloads
Bruno Jetin and Ozan Ekin Kurt
Hyperinflation in a small open economy with a fixed exchange rate: A post Keynesian view pp. 361-386 Downloads
Sebastien Charles and Jonathan Marie
Did globalization flatten the Phillips curve? U.S. consumer price inflation at the sectoral level pp. 387-410 Downloads
Joe Seydl and Malcolm Spittler
Unconventional monetary policy, liquidity trap, and asset prices pp. 411-436 Downloads
Felipe Rezende

Volume 39, issue 2, 2016

Third contribution to the ergodic/nonergodic critique: Reply to Davidson, part 2 pp. 145-171 Downloads
Rod O'Donnell
Monetary and fiscal policy interactions in a post Keynesian open-economy model pp. 172-186 Downloads
Carlos Eduardo Drumond and Cleiton Silva De Jesus
An additional explanation for the variable Keynesian multiplier: The role of the propensity to import pp. 187-205 Downloads
Sebastien Charles
The legal theory of finance and the financial instability hypothesis: Convergences and possible integration pp. 206-227 Downloads
Marcos Reis and Daniel Vasconcelos
An unlikely Phoenix: The recovery of Argentina’s monetary and financial system from its ashes in the 2000s and its lessons pp. 228-255 Downloads
Mario Damill, Roberto Frenkel and Lucio Simpson
A post Keynesian theory for Tobin’s in a stock-flow consistent framework pp. 256-285 Downloads
Javier López Bernardo, Engelbert Stockhammer and Félix López Martínez

Volume 39, issue 1, 2016

Samuelson and Davidson on ergodicity: A reformulation pp. 1-16 Downloads
Miguel Carrión Álvarez and Dirk Ehnts
Second contribution to the ENE critique: Reply to Davidson, part 1 pp. 17-43 Downloads
Rod O’Donnell
The state spends first: Logic, facts, fictions, open questions pp. 44-71 Downloads
Sergio Cesaratto
United States income inequality: The concept of countervailing power revisited pp. 72-92 Downloads
Jordan Brennan
Looking into the abyss? Brazil at the mid-2010s pp. 93-114 Downloads
Fernando Cardim de Carvalho
Identifying the “financialization” of the nonfinancial corporation in the U.S. economy: A decomposition of firm-level balance sheets pp. 115-141 Downloads
Leila E. Davis
Hartmut Elsenhans pp. 142-144 Downloads
Anne Henow
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