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1978 - 2011

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Volume 33, issue 4, 2011

Behavioral finance and Post Keynesian-institutionalist theories of financial markets pp. 539-554 Downloads
J. Patrick Raines and Charles G. Leathers
The potential contributions of behavioral finance to Post Keynesian and institutionalist finance theories pp. 555-574 Downloads
Matthew V. Fung
Global imbalances and modern capitalism: a structural approach to understanding the present economic crisis pp. 575-596 Downloads
Keith Cowling, Stephen Dunn and Philip Tomlinson
The cost of job loss and the great recession pp. 597-620 Downloads
Aaron Pacitti
The influence of trade union bargaining power on EU processing trade pp. 621-644 Downloads
Ricardo Bustillo and Carlos Rodríguez
Savings and investmentsâan old debate in times of trouble pp. 645-666 Downloads
Johann Graf Lambsdorff

Volume 33, issue 3, 2011

Bernanke's paradox: can he reconcile his position on the federal budget with his recent charge to prevent deflation? pp. 411-434 Downloads
Pavlina Tcherneva
The stagnant labor market: some aspects of the bleak picture pp. 435-450 Downloads
Arjun Jayadev and Michael Konczal
The endogeneity of the natural rate of growth for a selection of Asian countries pp. 451-468 Downloads
Mark Dray and Anthony Thirlwall
Financial conventions in Keynes's theory: the stock exchange pp. 469-490 Downloads
David Dequech
The modern food industry and public health: a Galbraithian perspective pp. 491-516 Downloads
Stephen Dunn
Deficit reduction, the age of austerity, and the paradox of insolvency pp. 517-536 Downloads
Yiannis Kitromilides

Volume 33, issue 2, 2010

Can Post Keynesians make better use of behavioral economics? pp. 211-234 Downloads
Therese Jefferson and J. E. King
Comments on "can Post Keynesians make better use of behavioral economics?" pp. 235-250 Downloads
Matthew V. Fung
Behavioral economists should make a turn and learn from Keynes and Post Keynesian economics pp. 251-254 Downloads
Paul Davidson
>i>Indian Currency>/i> and beyond: the legacy of the early economics of Keynes in the times of Bretton Woods II pp. 255-280 Downloads
Anna Carabelli and Mario Cedrini
On the role of relative prices and capital flows in balance-of-payments-constrained growth: the experiences of Portugal and Spain in the euro area pp. 281-306 Downloads
Carlos Garcimartín, Luis A. Rivas and Pilar García Martínez
External financial liberalization and growth in emerging countries: a panel data estimation using a new index (1990-2004) pp. 307-332 Downloads
Cesar Rodrigues van der Laan, André Moreira Cunha and Tiago Wickstrom Alves
Financial integration and macroeconomic adjustments in a monetary union pp. 333-370 Downloads
Vincent Duwicquet and Jacques Mazier
The impact of labor market deregulation on productivity: a panel data analysis of 19 OECD countries (1960-2004) pp. 371-408 Downloads
Robert Vergeer and Alfred Kleinknecht

Volume 33, issue 1, 2010

Reflexivity, path dependence, and disequilibrium dynamics pp. 3-16 Downloads
Anwar Shaikh
The Post Keynesian alternative for the Russian economy pp. 17-40 Downloads
Soltan S. Dzarasov
Financial and economic crisis in Eastern Europe pp. 41-60 Downloads
Rainer Kattel
Modeling financial crises: a schematic approach pp. 61-82 Downloads
John Harvey
Capital wealth taxation as a potential remedy for excessive capital wealth inequality pp. 83-104 Downloads
James A. Yunker
Central banks, trade unions, and reputationâis there room for an expansionist maneuver in the European Union? pp. 105-126 Downloads
Toralf Pusch and Arne Heise
Differentiated banking strategies across the territory: an exploratory analysis pp. 127-150 Downloads
Marco Crocco, Ana Tereza Lanna Figueiredo and Fabiana Borges Teixeira Santos
The financial fragility hypothesis applied to the public sector: an analysis for Brazil's economy from 2000 to 2008 pp. 151-168 Downloads
Fernando Ferrari-Filho, Fábio Terra and Octavio A. C. Conceição
Structural change, balance-of-payments constraint, and economic growth: evidence from the multisectoral Thirlwall's law pp. 169-204 Downloads
Raphael Rocha Gouvea and Gilberto Lima

Volume 32, issue 4, 2010

The global financial crisis and a new capitalism? pp. 499-534 Downloads
Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira
Are conventions solutions to uncertainty? contrasting visions of social coordination pp. 535-558 Downloads
John Latsis, Guillemette de Larquier and Franck Besis
Keynes's uncertainty is not about white or black swans pp. 559-566 Downloads
Andrea Terzi
Black swans and Knight's epistemological uncertainty: are these concepts also underlying behavioral and post-Walrasian theory? pp. 567-570 Downloads
Paul Davidson
Liquidity traps or Minsky crises: a critical review of the recent U.S. recession and Japan's Heisei recession in the 1990s pp. 571-590 Downloads
Peter C. Y. Chow and Kevin R. Foster
Federal Reserve policy and the recession of 1937-1938: let's not ignore Telser's analysis pp. 591-600 Downloads
Robert F. Stauffer
Institutional economics and the concept of equilibrium pp. 601-622 Downloads
Katia Caldari
Back to the future: Latin America's current development strategy pp. 623-644 Downloads
Esteban Perez Caldentey and Matías Vernengo
On the relation between currency depreciation and domestic investment pp. 645-660 Downloads
Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee and Massomeh Hajilee
Making dollars and sense of the U.S. government debt pp. 661-666 Downloads
Paul Davidson

Volume 32, issue 3, 2010

The return of fiscal policy pp. 327-346 Downloads
Philip Arestis and Malcolm Sawyer
Social preferences and fiscal policies: an analysis of the composition of public expenditures in the European Union pp. 347-370 Downloads
Jesus Ferreiro, M. Teresa García-del-Valle and Carmen Gómez
The Spanish fiscal policy during the recent "great recession" pp. 371-388 Downloads
Felipe Serrano
Conversation or monologue? on advising heterodox economists pp. 389-396 Downloads
Matías Vernengo
How to win friends and (possibly) influence mainstream economists pp. 397-408 Downloads
David Colander, Richard P. F. Holt and Barkley Rosser
Explaining persistent cycles in a short-run context: firms' propensity to invest and omnipotent shareholders pp. 409-426 Downloads
Sebastien Charles
A Keynesian-Kaleckian model of investment determination: a panel data investigation pp. 427-444 Downloads
Constantinos Alexiou
New Keynesians versus Post Keynesians on the theory of prices pp. 445-466 Downloads
Jordan Melmiès
International monetary asymmetries and the central bank pp. 467-496 Downloads
Angel García Banchs and Luis Mata Mollejas

Volume 32, issue 2, 2009

South America and a new financial architecture pp. 155-162 Downloads
Jean-Francois Ponsot and Louis-Philippe Rochon
The Ecuadorian proposal for a new regional financial architecture pp. 163-172 Downloads
Pedro Páez Pérez
Regional currencies and regional monetary zones in Latin America: what prospects? pp. 173-184 Downloads
Claude Gnos, Virginie Monvoisin and Jean-Francois Ponsot
Financing economic development in Latin America: the Banco del Sur pp. 185-198 Downloads
Wesley C. Marshall and Louis-Philippe Rochon
Beyond the original sin: a new regional financial architecture in South America pp. 199-212 Downloads
Alcino F. Camara-Neto and Matías Vernengo
Common currency and economic integration in Mercosul pp. 213-234 Downloads
Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira and Márcio Holland
Economic integration and development in Latin America: perspectives for Mercosul pp. 235-248 Downloads
Fernando Cardim de Carvalho
Subregional financial cooperation: the South American experience pp. 249-268 Downloads
José Antonio Ocampo and Daniel Titelman
Thirlwall's law and the two-gap model: toward a unified "dynamic gap" model pp. 269-290 Downloads
Mario García-Molina and Jeanne Kelly Ruíz-Tavera
The applicability of the employer of last resort program to Brazil pp. 291-310 Downloads
Zoraide Bezerra Gomes and André Luís Cabral de Lourenço
Imports and the income-expenditure model: implications for fiscal policy and recession fighting pp. 311-322 Downloads
Thomas Palley

Volume 32, issue 1, 2009

Keynesian macroeconomics as the rejection of classical axioms pp. 3-18 Downloads
Steven Fazzari
Davidson on Keynes: the open economy dimension pp. 19-41 Downloads
Robert Blecker
Keynes and the real world: Davidson, money, and uncertainty pp. 43-58 Downloads
Virginie Monvoisin and Louis-Philippe Rochon
Central themes of Paul Davidson's >i>John Maynard Keynes>/i> pp. 59-72 Downloads
Robert Dimand
Reply to contributors to the discussion of the central themes of >i>John Maynard Keynes>/i> pp. 73-81 Downloads
Paul Davidson
Paradoxes in Lucas's 1988 model with variable returns pp. 83-95 Downloads
Giulio Guarini
Money supply endogeneity under a currency board regime: the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina pp. 97-114 Downloads
Shirley J. Gedeon
Thirlwall's law and the long-term equilibrium growth rate: an application to Brazil pp. 115-136 Downloads
Gustavo Britto and John McCombie
Mainstream economics: searching where the light is pp. 137-150 Downloads
Rogier De Langhe
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