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Volume LXIX, issue 1, 2011

Corrado Gini: the man and the scientist pp. 1-28 Downloads
Giovanni Giorgi
On the interpolation of a straight line when the values of the independent variable are affected by accidental errors pp. 29-43 Downloads
Corrado Gini
Corrado Gini, a pioneer in balanced sampling and inequality theory pp. 45-65 Downloads
Matti Langel and Yves Tillé
Gini’s multiple regressions: two approaches and their interaction pp. 67-99 Downloads
Edna Schechtman, Shlomo Yitzhaki and Taina Pudalov
Gini’s criticisms to the theory of inference: a missed opportunity pp. 101-117 Downloads
Ludovico Piccinato

Volume LXVIII, issue 3, 2010

Multivariate extended skew-t distributions and related families pp. 201-234 Downloads
Reinaldo B. Arellano-Valle and Marc G. Genton
On Fisher information matrices and profile log-likelihood functions in generalized skew-elliptical models pp. 235-250 Downloads
Christophe Ley and Davy Paindaveine
Modelling conditional heteroskedasticity and skewness using the skew-normal distribution pp. 251-263 Downloads
Thomas R. Allen Corns and Stephen E. Satchell
Some moment properties of skew-symmetric circular distributions pp. 265-273 Downloads
Dale Umbach and Sreenivas Rao Jammalamadaka
Invariance-based estimating equations for skew-symmetric distributions pp. 275-298 Downloads
Adelchi Azzalini, Marc G. Genton and Bruno Scarpa
On the approximation of the tail probability of the scalar skew-normal distribution pp. 299-308 Downloads
Antonella Capitanio
Selection bias in linear mixed models pp. 309-329 Downloads
Leonardo Grilli and Carla Rampichini
Truncated skew-normal distributions: moments, estimation by weighted moments and application to climatic data pp. 331-345 Downloads
Cedric Flecher, Denis Allard and Philippe Naveau
A prospective combination of phase II and phase III in drug development pp. 347-369 Downloads
Adelchi Azzalini and Antonella Bacchieri
On the information matrix of the multivariate skew-t model pp. 371-386 Downloads
Reinaldo B. Arellano-Valle

Volume LXVIII, issue 2, 2010

A pretest for choosing between logrank and Wilcoxon tests in the two-sample problem pp. 111-125 Downloads
Ruvie Lou Maria C. Martinez and Joshua D. Naranjo
Order statistics from a family of J-shaped distributions pp. 127-136 Downloads
Ahmad A. Zghoul
Speeding up the asymptotics when constructing one-sided coverage intervals with survey data pp. 137-151 Downloads
Phillip S. Kott and Yan K. Liu
Length biased weighted residual inaccuracy measure pp. 153-160 Downloads
Vikas Kumar, H.C. Taneja and R. Srivastava
Clustering multivariate time series by genetic multiobjective optimization pp. 161-183 Downloads
S. Bandyopadhyay, R. Baragona and U. Maulik
Improvement in estimating the population mean using two-stage balanced groups ranked set sampling pp. 185-196 Downloads
Amer Ibrahim Al-Omari and Mohammad Fraiwan Al-Saleh

Volume LXVIII, issue 1, 2010

Estimating function approach for CHARN Models pp. 1-21 Downloads
Hiroomi Kanai, Hiroaki Ogata and Masanobu Taniguchi
Bonferroni and Gini indices for various parametric families of distributions pp. 23-46 Downloads
Giovanni Giorgi and Saralees Nadarajah
A general procedure for estimating the population mean in stratified sampling using auxiliary information pp. 47-65 Downloads
Housila P. Singh and Gajendra K. Vishwakarma
Variance residual life function in discrete random ageing pp. 67-75 Downloads
M. Khorashadizadeh, A. H. Rezaei Roknabadi and G. R. Mohtashami Borzadaran
Characterization of discrete distributions by conditional variance pp. 77-85 Downloads
Kumar Kattumannil Sudheesh and N. Unnikrishnan Nair
On the identifiability of a mixture model for ordinal data pp. 87-94 Downloads
Maria Iannario
On stochastic optimization in sample allocation among strata pp. 95-103 Downloads
Marcin Kozak and Hai Ying Wang

Volume LXVII, issue 3, 2009

Transvariation and inequality between subpopulations in the Dagum’s Gini index decomposition pp. 229-241 Downloads
Michele Costa
Optimum quadratic three-step stress plans for log-logistic distribution pp. 243-255 Downloads
Mohammed Al-Haj Ebrahem and Abedel-Qader Al-Masri
On non-isomorphic orthogonal array OA(3^5,20,3,3) pp. 257-267 Downloads
Veena Budhraja and Seema Gupta
Bayesian analysis for the exponentiated Rayleigh distribution pp. 269-288 Downloads
Mohammad Z. Raqab and Mohamed T. Madi
Quantile estimation and the statistical relative efficiency curve pp. 289-301 Downloads
Vytaras Brazauskas
On a construction of Markov models in continuous time pp. 303-323 Downloads
Ramses H. Mena and Stephen G. Walker
An improved skewness measure pp. 325-337 Downloads
Richard A. Groeneveld and Glen Meeden

Volume LXVII, issue 2, 2009

Mixture Designs in orthogonal blocks using F-squares pp. 105-128 Downloads
M. L. Aggarwal, Poonam Singh, Vandana Sarin and Bushra Husain
On the Polya-Aeppli regression model pp. 129-152 Downloads
Carlo Ferreri
Multivariate indirect methods of estimation in presence of non-response in successive sampling pp. 153-175 Downloads
Housila P. Singh and Sunil Kumar
Nonparametric estimation of regression parameters in measurement error models pp. 177-200 Downloads
A. K. MD. Ehsanes Saleh, Jan Picek and Jan Kalina
On the existence of a posterior distribution for spatial mixed models with binomial responses pp. 201-209 Downloads
Martin Vogt and Ralf Munnich
Mixture Designs in orthogonal blocks using F-squares pp. 211-227 Downloads
Mahendra Kumar Sharma and Sileshi Fanta

Volume LXVII, issue 1, 2009

Bayes prediction of the regression coefficient in a finite population using balanced loss function pp. 1-16 Downloads
Ashok K. Bansal and Priyanka Aggarwal
Robust inference in composite transformation models pp. 17-30 Downloads
Luca Greco and Laura Ventura
Estimation of the Weibull shape parameter in failure censored sampling under the linex loss pp. 31-50 Downloads
Gyan Prakash and Dinesh Chandra Singh
On characterizations of t2 distribution by regressional properties of maximums pp. 51-56 Downloads
I. Akhundov and V. B. Nevzorov
Analysis of simple linear regression via median ranked set sampling pp. 57-74 Downloads
M. T. Alodat, Mohammad Al-Rawwash and I. M. Nawajah
On the power generalizedWeibull family: model for cancer censored data pp. 75-86 Downloads
Mikhail Nikulin and Firoozeh Haghighi
Estimation of population mean on current occasion in two-occasion successive sampling pp. 87-103 Downloads
Garib Nath Singh and Jaishree Prabha Karna

Volume LXVI, issue 3, 2008

Attenuation of relative poverty by taxes and subsidies pp. 265-283 Downloads
Karl Mosler and C. Scheicher
Mean squared error matrix comparison of least aquares and Stein-rule estimators for regression coefficients under non-normal disturbances pp. 285-298 Downloads
Shalabh, H. Toutenburg and C. Heumann
Size-biased Poisson-Lindley distribution and its application pp. 299-311 Downloads
M. E. Ghitany and D. K. Al-Mutairi
Two-stage restricted adaptive cluster sampling pp. 313-327 Downloads
E. Rocco
Unbiased variance estimation in estimating P (X > Y) for one and two parameter exponential populations pp. 329-339 Downloads
S. Sengupta
Method of trimmed moments for robust fitting of parametric failure time models pp. 341-360 Downloads
R. Bajorunaite and V. Brazauskas

Volume LXVI, issue 2, 2008

Distributions of scan statistics in a sequence of Markov Bernoulli trials pp. 135-155 Downloads
R. L. Shinde and K. S. Kotwal,
Using Markov chains for marginal modelling of binary longitudinal data in an exact likelihood approach pp. 157-181 Downloads
M. H. Goncalves and A. Azzalini
Imputing and jackknifing scrambled responses pp. 183-204 Downloads
S. Singh –, J.-M. Kim and I. Singh Grewal
The distribution of the sum of a normal and a t random variable with arbitrary degrees of freedom pp. 205-208 Downloads
Giovanni Forchini
On auto-regression type dynamic mixed models for binary panel data pp. 209-221 Downloads
B. C. Sutradhar
The role of lower partial moments in stochastic modeling pp. 223-242 Downloads
S. M. Sunoj and S. S. Maya
Comments on a-decomposability pp. 243-252 Downloads
N. Bouzar and S. Satheesh
Accounting for interviewer variability in small area estimation pp. 253-262 Downloads
B. Liu

Volume LXVI, issue 1, 2008

Methodological advances in official statistics pp. 1-3 Downloads
Mauro Scanu (Guest Ed.)
Another look at ridge calibration pp. 5-20 Downloads
Jean-Francois Beaumont and Cynthia Bocci
Towards small area estimation at Statistics Netherlands pp. 21-49 Downloads
Harm Jan Boonstra, Jan A. Van Den Brakel, Bart Buelens, Sabine Krieg and Marc Smeets
Propensity to respond and nonresponse bias pp. 51-73 Downloads
J. Michael Brick and Michael E. Jones
A multiple imputation method for non-Gaussian data pp. 75-90 Downloads
Marco Di Zio and Ugo Guarnera
Evaluation of some approximate variance estimators under the Rao-Sampford unequal probability sampling design pp. 91-108 Downloads
David Haziza, Fulvia Mecatti and J.N.K. Rao
Data disclosure limitation as a decision problem pp. 109-134 Downloads
Mario Trottini
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