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2023, volume 42, articles 1

Luigi Pasinetti 1930–2023 pp. 3-5 Downloads
Murray Milgate, John Eatwell and Giancarlo de Vivo
Degrees of Comment on Keynes on Uncertainty: Review Article on Keynes on Uncertainty and Tragic Happiness: Complexity and Expectations by Anna M. Carabelli pp. 6-26 Downloads
J Gay Meeks
The Art of Not Being Seen: The Politics of Money pp. 27-49 Downloads
Mark Peacock
Cambridge Economics in the Post-Keynesian Era: How Mainstream Economics Replaced Cambridge Economics pp. 50-77 Downloads
Nuno O
The Hand Behind the Invisible Hand: Reflections on a Recurring Theme in Classical Liberal Political Economy pp. 78-100 Downloads
Paul Lewis
Back to Basics on Economic Value: Review Article of Dave Elder-Vass’s Inventing Value: The Social Construction of Monetary Worth, Cambridge University Press, 2022 pp. 101-116 Downloads
Andrew Sayer
Macroeconomics with Firms and Stock Markets pp. 117-127 Downloads
Ciaran Driver
Cooperation and the Organisation of Production and Markets: A Critical Survey pp. 128-160 Downloads
Suzanne J Konzelmann
Thorstein Veblen’s Absentee Ownership in the Age of the Anthropocene: Law, Technology and Climate Crisis pp. 161-191 Downloads
Sidney Plotkin
J.M. Keynes’ Tract on Monetary Reform (1923) After 100 Years—A Retrospective pp. 192-225 Downloads
Jörg Bibow
Political Aspects of Full Employment in Retrospect pp. 226-241 Downloads
Jan Toporowski
The New Economics: A Manifesto pp. 242-245 Downloads
Geoffrey Hodgson
Growth for Good: Reshaping Capitalism to Save Humanity from Climate Catastrophe pp. 246-250 Downloads
Jonathan Aldred
Universal Basic Income in Historical Perspective pp. 251-254 Downloads
Hartley Dean
Adam Smith Reconsidered: History, Liberty, and the Foundations of Modern Politics pp. 255-259 Downloads
Leonidas Montes
Constructing Economic Science: The Invention of a Discipline 1850–1950 pp. 260-262 Downloads
Jamie Morgan
A Modern Guide to Post-Keynesian Institutional Economics pp. 263-266 Downloads
Emilio Carnevali and Giuseppe Fontana
Financialisation: Economic and Social Impacts pp. 267-269 Downloads
Desmond McNeill

2022, volume 41, articles 1

Economic Theory and Empirical Evidence (Public debt and low interest rates) pp. 1-6 Downloads
John Eatwell
Zero Measure Sraffian Economies: New Insights from Actual Input–Output Tables† (Generalized Goodwin’s theorems on general coordinates) pp. 1-28 Downloads
Theodore Mariolis and Panagiotis Veltsistas
Some Recent Developments IN The Explanation of The Empirical Relationship Between Prices and Distribution (Regularity in price changes as an effect of changes in distribution) pp. 29-57 Downloads
Jacobo Ferrer-Hernández and Luis Daniel Torres-González
Marx, Sraffa and Classical Price Theory (On the significance of recent controversies on capital theory: a Marxian view) pp. 58-76 Downloads
Anwar Shaikh
WHAT REMAINS OF THE CAMBRIDGE CRITIQUE? ON PROFESSOR SCHEFOLD’S THESES (On the maximum number of switches between two production systems) pp. 77-109 Downloads
Fabio Petri
What Remains of the Cambridge Critique? A New Proposal1 (Regularity in price changes as an effect of changes in distribution) pp. 110-129 Downloads
Bertram Schefold
After the Cambridge Controversies: Reflections Old and New (Duality between prices and techniques) pp. 130-152 Downloads
Harvey Gram
Do Linear Wage-Profit Equations Support Neoclassical Theory? (The theory of value and distribution and the problem of capital) pp. 153-167 Downloads
Edward Nell
Capital Theory and Effective Demand** (The concept of the marginal productivity of capital and the Wicksell effect) pp. 168-179 Downloads
Amit Bhaduri
Capital, Technology, and Time (On the indeterminacy of capital accumulation paths) pp. 180-188 Downloads
Donald J Harris
Book Review pp. 189-191 Downloads
Roy Green
Book Review pp. 192-195 Downloads
Enrico Bellino
Book Review pp. 196-198 Downloads
Alexandra Digby
Book Review (Finance, funding, saving, and investment) pp. 199-203 Downloads
Sergio Cesaratto
Book Review pp. 204-207 Downloads
Shin Kubo
BOOK REVIEW pp. 208-210 Downloads
Gabriel Sabbagh
BOOK REVIEW pp. 211-215 Downloads
Antonella Palumbo
Book Review (The principle of the malevolent hiding hand; or the planning fallacy writ large) pp. 216-220 Downloads
Rory O’donnell

2021, volume 40, articles 1

Competing Theories of Value: A Spectral Analysis pp. 1-25 Downloads
Theodore Mariolis
The Surplus Approach, Institutions, And Economic Formations pp. 26-52 Downloads
Sergio Cesaratto and Stefano Di Bucchianico
Piero Sraffa and Raffaello Piccoli: Two Italian Scholars in Cambridge 1929–1932* pp. 53-74 Downloads
Lucia Morra
Hirofumi Uzawa: Between Minamata and Cambridge pp. 75-79 Downloads
Shin Kubo
The Ambivalence of Disposable Time: The Source and Remedy of the National Difficulties At Two Hundred pp. 80-90 Downloads
Tom Walker
The Great Demographic Reversal: Ageing Societies, Waning Inequality and an Inflation Revival pp. 91-94 Downloads
John Toye
Rosa Luxemburg pp. 95-102 Downloads
Murray Milgate
After the Gig: How the Sharing Economy Got Hijacked and How to Win It Back pp. 103-105 Downloads
Brian Thorn
Key Elements of Social Theory Revolutionized by Marx pp. 106-114 Downloads
Miguel Ramirez
Frank Ramsey: A Sheer Excess of Powers pp. 115-119 Downloads
Richard Weber
Roy Harrod pp. 120-126 Downloads
Murray Milgate
Property, Institutions, and Social Stratification in Africa pp. 127-131 Downloads
Biko Agozino

2020, volume 39, articles 1

The Origins of Piero Sraffa’s Equations pp. 1-22 Downloads
Nerio Naldi
Marx, Say’s Law and Commodity Money pp. 23-41 Downloads
Andrew B Trigg
Domestic Outsourcing and Workers’ Bargaining Power in a Simple Production System pp. 42-56 Downloads
Aldo Barba
A Reconsideration of the Role of Demand in Malthus’s Theory of Accumulation* pp. 57-76 Downloads
Matthew Smith
About Physiocracy: A Review Article Incorporating Some Remarks on An Important Letter of Galiani and on The Dissemination and Readership of Quesnay’s Works* pp. 77-90 Downloads
Gabriel Sabbagh
Gresham’s Law: The Life and World of Queen Elizabeth I’s Banker pp. 91-94 Downloads
Mohamed A El-Erian
The Truth About Social Security: The Founders’ Words Refute Revisionist History, Zombie Lies, and Common Misunderstandings pp. 95-98 Downloads
Neil H Buchanan
Essays on Theories of Value in the Classical Tradition pp. 99-103 Downloads
Matthew Smith
The Sex Factor: How Women Made the West Rich pp. 104-106 Downloads
Ali Digby
Pluralistic Economics and its History pp. 107-109 Downloads
László Csaba
The Political Economy of Inequality pp. 110-113 Downloads
Franklin Obeng-Odoom
Democratic Practice: Origins of the Iberian Divide in Political Inclusion pp. 114-117 Downloads
Ricardo Paes Mamede
The Value of Everything: Making and Taking in the Global Economy pp. 118-120 Downloads
Brian Thorn
Karl Polanyi: A Life on the Left pp. 121-123 Downloads
Tim Rogan
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