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2000 - 2018

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Volume 73, issue suppl_1, 2018

Introduction to a Supplement on Population Level Trends in Dementia: Causes, Disparities, and Projections pp. S1-S9 Downloads
Robert F Schoeni, Vicki A Freedman and Kenneth M Langa
Dementia Prevalence in the United States in 2000 and 2012: Estimates Based on a Nationally Representative Study pp. S10-S19 Downloads
Peter Hudomiet, Michael D Hurd and Susann Rohwedder
Educational Differences in the Prevalence of Dementia and Life Expectancy with Dementia: Changes from 2000 to 2010 pp. S20-S28 Downloads
Eileen M Crimmins, Yasuhiko Saito, Jung Ki Kim, Yuan S Zhang, Isaac Sasson and Mark D Hayward
Trends in the Prevalence and Disparity in Cognitive Limitations of Americans 55–69 Years Old pp. S29-S37 Downloads
HwaJung Choi, Robert F Schoeni, Linda G Martin and Kenneth M Langa
The Impact of Changes in Population Health and Mortality on Future Prevalence of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias in the United States pp. S38-S47 Downloads
Julie M Zissimopoulos, Bryan Tysinger, Patricia A St.Clair and Eileen M Crimmins
Short-Term Changes in the Prevalence of Probable Dementia: An Analysis of the 2011–2015 National Health and Aging Trends Study pp. S48-S56 Downloads
Vicki A Freedman, Judith D Kasper, Brenda C Spillman and Brenda L Plassman
Time Trend in Persistent Cognitive Decline: Results From the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam pp. S57-S64 Downloads
Tessa N van den Kommer, Dorly J H Deeg, Wiesje M van der Flier and Hannie C Comijs
Are Trends in Dementia Incidence Associated With Compression in Morbidity? Evidence From The Framingham Heart Study pp. S65-S72 Downloads
Carole Dufouil, Alexa Beiser, Geneviève Chêne and Sudha Seshadri
Secular Trends in Cognitive Performance in Older Black and White U.S. Adults, 1993–2012: Findings From the Chicago Health and Aging Project pp. S73-S81 Downloads
Jennifer Weuve, Kumar B Rajan, Lisa L Barnes, Robert S Wilson and Denis A Evans
The Association of Early Life Factors and Declining Incidence Rates of Dementia in an Elderly Population of African Americans pp. S82-S89 Downloads
Hugh C Hendrie, Valerie Smith-Gamble, Kathleen A Lane, Christianna Purnell, Daniel O Clark and Sujuan Gao

Volume 73, issue 8, 2018

A Longitudinal Assessment of Perceived Discrimination and Maladaptive Expressions of Anger Among Older Adults: Does Subjective Social Power Buffer the Association? pp. e120-e130 Downloads
Yeonjung Lee and Alex Bierman
The Impacts of Service Related Exposures on Trajectories of Mental Health Among Aging Veterans pp. e131-e142 Downloads
Stephanie Ureña, Miles G Taylor and Ben Lennox Kail
Widowhood and Depression in a Cross-National Perspective: Evidence from the United States, Europe, Korea, and China pp. e143-e153 Downloads
Apoorva Jadhav and David Weir
Multiple “Old Ages”: The Influence of Social Context on Women’s Aging Anxiety pp. e154-e164 Downloads
Anne E Barrett and Erica L Toothman
Longitudinal Trajectories of Quality of Life and Depression by Housing Tenure Status pp. e165-e174 Downloads
Agnes Szabo, Joanne Allen, Fiona Alpass and Christine Stephens
New Developments in Psychological Wisdom Research: A Growing Field of Increasing Importance pp. 1335-1338 Downloads
Judith Glück
The Relation Between Age and Three-Dimensional Wisdom: Variations by Wisdom Dimensions and Education pp. 1339-1349 Downloads
Monika Ardelt, Stephen Pridgen and Kathryn L Nutter-Pridgen
The Development of Wisdom: A Social Ecological Approach pp. 1350-1358 Downloads
Heidi Igarashi, Michael R Levenson and Carolyn M Aldwin
“It was the best worst day of my life”: Narrative Content, Structure, and Process in Wisdom-Fostering Life Event Memories pp. 1359-1373 Downloads
Nic M Weststrate, Michel Ferrari, Marc A Fournier and Kate C McLean
Wisdom and Hard Times: The Ameliorating Effect of Wisdom on the Negative Association Between Adverse Life Events and Well-Being pp. 1374-1383 Downloads
Monika Ardelt and Dilip V Jeste
Value Relativism and Perspective Taking are Two Distinct Facets of Wisdom-Related Knowledge pp. 1384-1392 Downloads
Ute Kunzmann, Jana Nowak, Stefanie Thomas and Steffen Nestler
Measuring Wisdom: Existing Approaches, Continuing Challenges, and New Developments pp. 1393-1403 Downloads
Judith Glück
Situation-Based Contingencies Underlying Wisdom-Content Manifestations: Examining Intellectual Humility in Daily Life pp. 1404-1415 Downloads
Corinne E Zachry, Le Vy Phan, Laura E R Blackie and Eranda Jayawickreme
Mainland Chinese Implicit Theory of Wisdom: Generational and Cultural Differences pp. 1416-1424 Downloads
Chao S Hu, Michel Ferrari, Ru- De Liu, Qin Gao and Ethan Weare
Community Social Characteristics and Health at Older Ages: Evidence From 156 Religious Communities pp. 1429-1438 Downloads
Catherine E Bowen and Marc Luy
Religious Affiliation Among Older Age Groups Worldwide: Estimates for 2010 and Projections Until 2050 pp. 1439-1445 Downloads
Vegard Skirbekk, Michaela Potančoková, Conrad Hackett and Marcin Stonawski
Proactive Aging Among Holocaust Survivors: Striving for the Best Possible Life pp. 1446-1456 Downloads
Roni Elran-Barak, Adi Barak, Jacob Lomranz and Yael Benyamini
Social Participation in Later Years: The Role of Driving Mobility pp. 1457-1469 Downloads
Teja Pristavec
Social Participation and Mortality Among Older Adults in Singapore: Does Ethnicity Explain Gender Differences? pp. 1470-1479 Downloads
Shannon Ang
Activity Engagement and Activity-Related Experiences: The Role of Personality pp. 1480-1490 Downloads
Nicky J Newton, Jana Pladevall-Guyer, Richard Gonzalez and Jacqui Smith
Gender Differences in Longitudinal Trajectories of Change in Physical, Social, and Cognitive/Sedentary Leisure Activities pp. 1491-1500 Downloads
Deborah Finkel, Ross Andel and Nancy L Pedersen
Social Participation Modifies the Effect of a Structured Physical Activity Program on Major Mobility Disability Among Older Adults: Results From the LIFE Study pp. 1501-1513 Downloads
Duane B Corbett, W Jack Rejeski, Catrine Tudor-Locke, Nancy W Glynn, Stephen B Kritchevsky, Mary M McDermott, Timothy S Church, Roger A Fielding, Thomas M Gill, Abby C King, Michael E Miller, Haiying Chen, Marco Pahor, Todd M Manini, Study InvestigatorsMarco Pahor Life, Jack M Guralnik,, Christiaan Leeuwenburgh, Connie Caudle, Lauren Crump, Latonia Holmes, Jocelyn Lee, Ching-ju Lu, Winston Salem, Michael E Miller, Mark A Espeland, Walter T Ambrosius, William Applegate, Daniel P Beavers, Robert P Byington, Delilah Cook, Curt D Furberg,, Lea N Harvin, Leora Henkin, John Hepler, Fang-Chi Hsu, Laura Lovato, Wesley Roberson, Julia Rushing, Scott Rushing, Cynthia L Stowe, Michael P Walkup, Don Hire, W Jack Rejeski, Jeffrey A Katula, Peter H Brubaker, Shannon L Mihalko, Janine M Jennings, Evan C Hadley, Sergei Romashkan, Kushang V Patel, Denise Bonds, Mary M McDermott, Joshua Hauser, Diana Kerwin, Kathryn Domanchuk, Rex GraffMS, Alvito Rego, Timothy S Church, Steven N Blair, Valerie H Myers, Ron Monce, Nathan E Britt, Melissa Nauta Harris, Ami Parks McGucken, Ruben Rodarte, Heidi K Millet, Catrine Tudor-Locke, Ben P Butitta, Sheletta G Donatto, Shannon H Cocreham, Abby C King, Cynthia M Castro, William L Haskell, Randall S Stafford, Leslie A Pruitt, Kathy Berra, Veronica Yank, Roger A Fielding, Miriam E Nelson, Sara C Folta, Edward M Phillips, Christine K Liu, Erica C McDavitt, Kieran F Reid, Won S KimBS, Vince E Beard, Todd M Manini, Marco Pahor, Stephen D Anton, Thomas W Buford, Michael Marsiske, Bhanuprasad D Sandesara, Jeffrey D Knaggs, Megan S Lorow, William C Marena, Irina Korytov, Holly L Morris, Margo Fitch, Floris F Singletary, Jackie Causer, Katie A Radcliff, Anne B Newman, Stephanie A Studenski, Bret H Goodpaster, Nancy W Glynn, Oscar Lopez, Neelesh K Nadkarni, Kathy Williams, Mark A Newman, George Grove, Janet T Bonk, Jennifer Rush, Piera Kost, Diane G Ives, Stephen B Kritchevsky, Anthony P Marsh, Tina E Brinkley, Jamehl S Demons, Kaycee M Sink, Kimberly Kennedy, Rachel Shertzer-Skinner, Abbie Wrights, Rose Fries, Deborah Barr, Thomas M Gill, Robert S Axtell, Susan S Kashaf, Nathalie de Rekeneire, Joanne M McGloin, Karen C Wu, Denise M Shepard, Barbara Fennelly, Lynne P Iannone, Raeleen Mautner, Theresa Sweeney Barnett, Sean N Halpin, Matthew J Brennan, Julie A Bugaj, Maria A Zenoni, Bridget M Mignosa, Jeff Williamson, Kaycee M Sink, Hugh C Hendrie, Stephen R Rapp, Joe Verghese, Nancy Woolard, Mark Espeland, Janine Jennings, Carl J Pepine, Mario Ariet, Eileen Handberg, Daniel Deluca, James Hill, Anita Szady, Geoffrey L Chupp, Gail M Flynn, Thomas M Gill, John L Hankinson, Carlos A Vaz Fragoso, Erik J Groessl and Robert M Kaplan
Early and Midlife Predictors of Wisdom and Subjective Well-Being in Old Age pp. 1514-1525 Downloads
Monika Ardelt, Kathryn R Gerlach and George E Vaillant

Volume 73, issue 6, 2018

On the Inevitability of Aging: Essentialist Beliefs Moderate the Impact of Negative Age Stereotypes on Older Adults’ Memory Performance and Physiological Reactivity pp. 925-933 Downloads
David Weiss
Developmental Regulation and Awareness of Age-Related Change: A (Mostly) Unexplored Connection pp. 934-943 Downloads
Anne J Dutt, Martina Gabrian and Hans-Werner Wahl
Awareness of Age-Related Change and Depressive Symptoms in Middle and Late Adulthood: Longitudinal Associations and the Role of Self-Regulation and Calendar Age pp. 944-953 Downloads
Anne J Dutt, Martina Gabrian and Hans-Werner Wahl
Age-Based Differences in Task Switching Are Moderated by Executive Control Demands pp. 954-963 Downloads
Teal S Eich, Anna MacKay-Brandt, Yaakov Stern and Daniel Gopher
Statistical Model of Dynamic Markers of the Alzheimer’s Pathological Cascade pp. 964-973 Downloads
Steve Balsis PhD, Lisa Geraci PhD, Jared Benge PhD, Deborah A Lowe PhD, Tabina K Choudhury Ms, Robert Tirso Bs and PhD Rachelle S Doody MD
Social Contact and Cognitive Functioning: The Role of Personality pp. 974-984 Downloads
Dikla Segel-Karpas and Margie E Lachman
Activity Diversity and Its Associations With Psychological Well-Being Across Adulthood pp. 985-995 Downloads
Soomi Lee, Rachel E Koffer, Briana N Sprague, Susan T Charles, Nilam Ram and David M Almeida
The Associations Between Dispositional Mindfulness, Sense of Control, and Affect in a National Sample of Adults pp. 996-1005 Downloads
Janna L Imel and Natalie D Dautovich
Support Grandparents Give to Their Adult Grandchildren pp. 1006-1015 Downloads
Meng Huo, Kyungmin Kim, Steven H Zarit and Karen L Fingerman
Antecedents of Gray Divorce: A Life Course Perspective pp. 1022-1031 Downloads
I-Fen Lin, Susan L Brown, Matthew R Wright and Anna M Hammersmith
Later Life Marital Dissolution and Repartnership Status: A National Portrait pp. 1032-1042 Downloads
Susan L Brown, I-Fen Lin, Anna M Hammersmith and Matthew R Wright
A National Portrait of Stepfamilies in Later Life pp. 1043-1054 Downloads
I-Fen Lin PhD, Susan L Brown PhD and Cassandra Jean Cupka Ma
Step-grandparenthood in the United States pp. 1055-1065 Downloads
Jenjira J Yahirun PhD, Sung S ParkCPhil and Judith A Seltzer PhD
Family Support and Preparation for Future Care Needs Among Urban Chinese Baby Boomers pp. 1066-1076 Downloads
Yajun Song, Silvia Sörensen and Elsie C W Yan
Long-term Care Trajectories in Canadian Context: Patterns and Predictors of Publicly Funded Care pp. 1077-1087 Downloads
Margaret J Penning, Denise S Cloutier, Kim Nuernberger, Stuart W S MacDonald and Deanne Taylor
Racial/Ethnic Differences in Caregiving Frequency: Does Immigrant Status Matter? pp. 1088-1098 Downloads
Sunshine M Rote and Heehyul Moon
Caregiving to Older Adults: Determinants of Informal Caregivers’ Subjective Well-being and Formal and Informal Support as Alleviating Conditions pp. 1099-1111 Downloads
Ellen Verbakel, Silke F Metzelthin and Gertrudis I J M Kempen
Living Arrangements, Disability and Gender of Older Adults Among Rural South Africa pp. 1112-1122 Downloads
Enid Schatz, Margaret Ralston, Sangeetha Madhavan, Mark A Collinson and F Xavier Gómez-Olivé
The Long Arm of Maternal Differential Treatment: Effects of Recalled and Current Favoritism on Adult Children’s Psychological Well-Being pp. 1123-1132 Downloads
Siyun Peng, J Jill Suitor and Megan Gilligan
Do Older Parents’ Relationships With Their Adult Children Affect Cognitive Limitations, and Does This Differ for Mothers and Fathers? pp. 1133-1142 Downloads
Patricia A Thomas and Debra Umberson
Adult Children’s Education and Physiological Dysregulation Among Older Parents pp. 1143-1154 Downloads
Chioun Lee

Volume 73, issue 5, 2018

Childhood Maltreatment and Psychological Well-Being in Later Life: The Mediating Effect of Contemporary Relationships with the Abusive Parent pp. e39-e48 Downloads
Jooyoung Kong
Using Latent Class Analysis to Identify Profiles of Elder Abuse Perpetrators pp. e49-e58 Downloads
Marguerite DeLiema, Jeanine Yonashiro-Cho, Zach D Gassoumis, Yongjie Yon and Ken J Conrad
Early Parental Abuse and Daily Assistance to Aging Parents With Disability: Associations With the Middle-Aged Adults’ Daily Well-being pp. e59-e68 Downloads
Yin Liu, Jooyoung Kong, Lauren R Bangerter, Steven H Zarit and David M Almeida
Perceived Quality of Life following Elder Mistreatment in Rural India pp. e69-e80 Downloads
Srinivasan Chokkanathan and Aravindhan Natarajan
The Effect of Disability Onset Across the Adult Life Span pp. 755-766 Downloads
Frank J Infurna and Maja Wiest
Subjective Age Across the Life Span: A Differentiated, Longitudinal Approach pp. 767-777 Downloads
Anna E Kornadt, Thomas M Hess, Peggy Voss and Klaus Rothermund
Associations of APOE ε4 With Health and Financial Literacy Among Community-Based Older Adults Without Dementia pp. 778-786 Downloads
Christopher C Stewart, Patricia A Boyle, Bryan D James, Lei Yu, S Duke Han and David A Bennett
Linked Lives: Dyadic Associations of Mastery Beliefs With Health (Behavior) and Health (Behavior) Change Among Older Partners pp. 787-798 Downloads
Johanna Drewelies, William J Chopik, Christiane A Hoppmann, Jacqui Smith and Denis Gerstorf
Social Participation and Cognitive Decline Among Community-dwelling Older Adults: A Community-based Longitudinal Study pp. 799-806 Downloads
Kimiko Tomioka, Norio Kurumatani and Hiroshi Hosoi
Perceived Control and Social Activity in Midlife and Older Age: A Reciprocal Association? Findings From the German Ageing Survey pp. 807-815 Downloads
Rachel G Curtis, Oliver Huxhold and Tim D Windsor
Social Comparisons of Health and Cognitive Functioning Contribute to Changes in Subjective Age pp. 816-824 Downloads
Matthew L Hughes and Margie E Lachman
Childhood Misfortune, Personality, and Heart Attack: Does Personality Mediate Risk of Myocardial Infarction? pp. 825-835 Downloads
Patricia M Morton, Nicholas A Turiano, Daniel K Mroczek and Kenneth F Ferraro
The Role of Attitude Toward Own Aging for Fluid and Crystallized Functioning: 12-Year Evidence From the ILSE Study pp. 836-845 Downloads
Jelena S Siebert, Hans-Werner Wahl and Johannes Schröder
Education and Psychosocial Functioning Among Older Adults: 4-Year Change in Sense of Control and Hopelessness pp. 849-859 Downloads
Uchechi A Mitchell, Jennifer A Ailshire, Lauren L Brown, Morgan E Levine and Eileen M Crimmins
Perceived Age Discrimination: A Precipitator or a Consequence of Depressive Symptoms? pp. 860-869 Downloads
Liat Ayalon
Depressive Symptoms Among Older Chinese Americans: Examining the Role of Acculturation and Family Dynamics pp. 870-879 Downloads
Fei Sun, Xiang Gao, Shuo Gao, Qilun Li and David R Hodge
Psychological Resilience of Chinese Centenarians and Its Associations With Survival and Health: A Fuzzy Set Analysis pp. 880-889 Downloads
Danan Gu and Qiushi Feng
The Effects of Medicare Part D on Health Outcomes of Newly Covered Medicare Beneficiaries pp. 890-900 Downloads
Jeffrey Diebold
Inconsistency in the Self-report of Chronic Diseases in Panel Surveys: Developing an Adjudication Method for the Health and Retirement Study pp. 901-912 Downloads
Christine T Cigolle, Corey L Nagel, Caroline S Blaum, Jersey Liang and Ana R Quiñones
Differences in the Progression of Disability: A U.S.–Mexico Comparison pp. 913-922 Downloads
Carlos Díaz-Venegas, Timothy A Reistetter and Rebeca Wong

Volume 73, issue 4, 2018

Consumer Decision-Making Abilities and Long-Term Care Insurance Purchase pp. e1-e10 Downloads
Brian E McGarry, Helena Tempkin-Greener, David C Grabowski, Benjamin P Chapman and Yue Li
How and Why Does Nursing Home Use Differ by Race and Ethnicity? pp. e11-e12 Downloads
Mieke B Thomeer, Stipica Mudrazija and Jacqueline Angel
Maneuvering Together, Apart, and at Odds: Residents’ Care Convoys in Assisted Living pp. e13-e23 Downloads
Candace L Kemp, Mary M Ball, Jennifer Craft Morgan, Patrick J Doyle, Elisabeth O Burgess and Molly M Perkins
Long-term Care Provision and the Well-Being of Spousal Caregivers: An Analysis of 138 European Regions pp. e24-e34 Downloads
Melanie Wagner and Martina Brandt
Relationship Status and Long-Term Care Facility Use in Later Life pp. e35-e36 Downloads
M B Thomeer, S Mudrazija and J L Angel
Hospice Use, Hospitalization, and Medicare Spending at the End of Life pp. e37-e38 Downloads
Rachael ZuckermanMPH, Sally Stearns and Steven Sheingold
A Commentary on Research on Death and End of Life Issues pp. 553-554 Downloads
Neal Krause
The Last Word: A Comparison of Younger and Older Adults’ Brain Responses to Reminders of Death pp. 555-563 Downloads
John R Bluntschli, Molly Maxfield, Robin L Grasso and Michael A Kisley
Trajectories of End of Life: A Systematic Review pp. 564-572 Downloads
Jiska Cohen-Mansfield, Michal Skornick-Bouchbinder and Shai BrillMD
Persistent Reliance on Facial Appearance Among Older Adults When Judging Someone’s Trustworthiness pp. 573-583 Downloads
Atsunobu Suzuki
Adult Age Differences in Eye Movements During Reading: The Evidence From Chinese pp. 584-593 Downloads
Jingxin Wang, Lin Li, Sha Li, Fang Xie, Min Chang, Kevin B Paterson, Sarah J White and Victoria A McGowan
Gist and Generalization in Young and Older Adults’ Causal Learning pp. 594-602 Downloads
Sharon A Mutter and Melanie W Asriel
Age Differences in Emotion Regulation Choice: Older Adults Use Distraction Less Than Younger Adults in High-Intensity Positive Contexts pp. 603-611 Downloads
Bruna Martins, Gal Sheppes, James J Gross and Mara Mather
Inhibitory Selection Mechanisms in Clinically Healthy Older and Younger Adults pp. 612-621 Downloads
Teal S Eich, Beatriz M M Gonçalves, Derek E Nee, Qolamreza Razlighi, John Jonides and Yaakov Stern
Boundary Extension Is Sensitive to Hand Position in Young and Older Adults pp. 622-629 Downloads
Kristi S Multhaup, Margaret P Munger and Kendra C Smith
Alcohol and Drug Use Among Older Adults: Associations with Widowhood, Relationship Quality, and Physical Health pp. 633-635 Downloads
Derek D Satre, Amber L Bahorik and R Scott Mackin
Alcohol Consumption and Incident Stroke Among Older Adults pp. 636-648 Downloads
Solveig A Cunningham, Aleena Mosher, Suzanne E Judd, Lisa M Matz, Edmond K Kabagambe, Claudia S Moy and Virginia J Howard
The “Health Benefits” of Moderate Drinking in Older Adults may be Better Explained by Socioeconomic Status pp. 649-654 Downloads
Andy Towers, Michael Philipp, Patrick Dulin and Joanne Allen
Drinking Patterns Among Older Couples: Longitudinal Associations With Negative Marital Quality pp. 655-665 Downloads
Kira S Birditt, James A Cranford, Jasmine A Manalel and Toni C Antonucci
Widowhood and Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use Among Older Adults in India pp. 666-674 Downloads
Jessica M Perkins, Hwa-Young Lee, Jong-Koo Lee, Jongho Heo, Aditi Krishna, Sugy Choi, You-Seon Nam, Juhwan Oh and S V Subramanian
Smoking and Physical Inactivity as Predictors of Mobility Impairment During Late Life: Exploring Differential Vulnerability Across Education Level in Sweden pp. 675-683 Downloads
Neda Agahi, Stefan Fors, Johan Fritzell and Benjamin A Shaw
Does Religiosity Account for Lower Rates of Advance Care Planning by Older African Americans? pp. 687-695 Downloads
Catheryn S Koss
In the Shadow of Death: Religious Hope as a Moderator of the Effects of Age on Death Anxiety pp. 696-703 Downloads
Neal Krause, Kenneth I Pargament and Gail Ironson
How Social Network Size and Quality Affect End-of-Life Surrogate Preferences pp. 704-712 Downloads
Sara M Moorman and Kathrin Boerner
Health Reform and Retirement pp. 713-722 Downloads
Helen Levy, Thomas C Buchmueller and Sayeh Nikpay
The Potential Effects of Obesity on Social Security Claiming Behavior and Retirement Benefits pp. 723-732 Downloads
Melissa A Z Knoll, Dave Shoffner and Samantha O’Leary
Retirement and Changes in Housework: A Panel Study of Dual Earner Couples pp. 733-743 Downloads
Thomas Leopold and Jan Skopek
Economic Downturns, Retirement and Long-Term Cognitive Function Among Older Americans pp. 744-754 Downloads
Philipp Hessel, Carlos J Riumallo-Herl, Anja K Leist, Lisa F Berkman and Mauricio Avendano

Volume 73, issue 3, 2018

Planning for the Future of Psychological Research on Aging pp. 361-362 Downloads
Derek M Isaacowitz
Reciprocal Effects of Life Satisfaction and Depressive Symptoms Within Long-Wed Couples Over Time pp. 363-371 Downloads
David B King, Sarah L Canham, Rebecca J Cobb and Norm O’Rourke
Is an Empty Nest Best?: Coresidence With Adult Children and Parental Marital Quality Before and After the Great Recession pp. 372-381 Downloads
Eden M Davis, Kyungmin Kim and Karen L Fingerman
Oral Health—A Neglected Aspect of Subjective Well-Being in Later Life pp. 382-386 Downloads
Patrick Rouxel, Georgios Tsakos, Tarani Chandola and Richard G Watt
Decision Support for Joint Replacement: Implications for Decisional Conflict and Willingness to Undergo Surgery pp. 387-398 Downloads
Catherine Riffin, Karl Pillemer, M Cary Reid, Judy Tung and Corinna E Lӧckenhoff
Volunteering in the Community: Potential Benefits for Cognitive Aging pp. 399-408 Downloads
Hayley Guiney and Liana Machado
Survival Advantage Mechanism: Inflammation as a Mediator of Positive Self-Perceptions of Aging on Longevity pp. 409-412 Downloads
Becca R Levy and Avni Bavishi
Association of Anxiety Symptom Clusters with Sleep Quality and Daytime Sleepiness pp. 413-420 Downloads
Christine E Gould, Adam P Spira, Victoria Liou-Johnson, Erin Cassidy-Eagle, Makoto Kawai, Nehjla Mashal, Ruth O’Hara and Sherry A Beaudreau
Daily Sleep Predicting Marital Interactions as Mediated Through Mood pp. 421-431 Downloads
Jeremy B Yorgason, Wesley B Godfrey, Vaughn R A Call, Lance D Erickson, Kathryn B Gustafson and Ariana H Bond
Salivary Cortisol: Is it Still the Canary in the Coal Mine? pp. 435-436 Downloads
Jyoti Savla
Routine Support to Parents and Stressors in Everyday Domains: Associations With Negative Affect and Cortisol pp. 437-446 Downloads
Jyoti Savla, Steven H Zarit and David M Almeida
Retirement and Socioeconomic Differences in Diurnal Cortisol: Longitudinal Evidence From a Cohort of British Civil Servants pp. 447-456 Downloads
Tarani Chandola, Patrick Rouxel, Michael G Marmot and Meena Kumari
Modeling Cortisol Daily Rhythms of Family Caregivers of Individuals With Dementia: Daily Stressors and Adult Day Services Use pp. 457-467 Downloads
Yin Liu, David M Almeida, Michael J Rovine and Steven H Zarit
Socioeconomic Status, Race/Ethnicity, and Diurnal Cortisol Trajectories in Middle-Aged and Older Adults pp. 468-476 Downloads
Laura J Samuel, David L Roth, Brian S Schwartz, Roland J Thorpe and Thomas A Glass
Volunteering Among Older Adults: Life Course Correlates and Consequences pp. 479-481 Downloads
Deborah Carr
Extracurricular Involvement in High School and Later-Life Participation in Voluntary Associations pp. 482-491 Downloads
Emily A Greenfield and Sara M Moorman
Health Benefits Associated With Three Helping Behaviors: Evidence for Incident Cardiovascular Disease pp. 492-500 Downloads
Jeffrey A Burr, Saehwang Han, Hyo Jung Lee, Jane L Tavares and Jan E Mutchler
Does Becoming A Volunteer Attenuate Loneliness Among Recently Widowed Older Adults? pp. 501-510 Downloads
Dawn C Carr, Ben Lennox Kail, Christina Matz-Costa and Yochai Z Shavit
The Relation of Volunteering and Subsequent Changes in Physical Disability in Older Adults pp. 511-521 Downloads
Dawn C Carr, Ben Lennox Kail and John W RoweMD
Longitudinal Associations Between Formal Volunteering and Cognitive Functioning pp. 522-531 Downloads
Christine M Proulx, Angela L Curl and Ashley E Ermer
Social Inequality and Visual Impairment in Older People pp. 532-542 Downloads
Jennifer Whillans and James Nazroo
Hearing and Quality of Life Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults pp. 543-552 Downloads
Hannele Polku, Tuija M Mikkola, Merja Rantakokko, Erja Portegijs, Timo Törmäkangas, Taina Rantanen and Anne Viljanen

Volume 73, issue 2, 2018

Psychosocial Influences of African Americans Men’s Health pp. 185-187 Downloads
Roland J Thorpe Jr. PhD and Keith E Whitfield PhD
Psychosocial Mechanisms Underlying Older Black Men’s Health pp. 188-197 Downloads
Tyson H Brown PhD and Taylor W Hargrove PhD
Discrimination, Serious Psychological Distress, and Church-Based Emotional Support Among African American Men Across the Life Span pp. 198-207 Downloads
Ann W Nguyen, Linda M Chatters, Robert Joseph Taylor, María P Aranda, Karen D Lincoln and Courtney S Thomas
Discrimination and Depressive Symptoms Among African American Men Across the Adult Lifecourse pp. 208-218 Downloads
Felicia V Wheaton PhD, Courtney S Thomas PhD, Carly Roman Ba and Cleopatra M Abdou PhD
Risk and Protective Factors for Depressive Symptoms Among African American Men: An Application of the Stress Process Model pp. 219-229 Downloads
Mathew D Gayman, Ben Lennox Kail, Amy Spring and George R GreenidgeJr
The Paradoxical Impact of Companionship on the Mental Health of Older African American Men pp. 230-239 Downloads
Jamie A Mitchell, Tamara Cadet, Shanna Burke, Ed-Dee Williams and Daniel Alvarez
“Health is the Ability to Manage Yourself Without Help”: How Older African American Men Define Health and Successful Aging pp. 240-247 Downloads
Derek M Griffith, Emily K Cornish, Erin M Bergner, Marino A Bruce and Bettina M Beech
Healthy Aging Among Older Black and White Men: What Is the Role of Mastery? pp. 248-257 Downloads
Kenzie Latham-Mintus PhD, Ashley VowelsBA and Kyle HuskinsBA
Associations of Multimorbid Medical Conditions and Health-Related Quality of Life Among Older African American Men pp. 258-266 Downloads
Olivio J Clay, Martinique Perkins, Gail Wallace, Michael Crowe, Patricia Sawyer and Cynthia J Brown
What Do We Mean by Accumulation? Advancing Conceptual Precision for a Core Idea in Gerontology pp. 269-278 Downloads
Kenneth F Ferraro and Patricia M Morton
Intergenerational Occupational Mobility and Objective Physical Functioning in Midlife and Older Ages pp. 279-291 Downloads
Cathal McCrory, John C Henretta, Matthew D L O’Connell and Rose Anne Kenny
“I Hope I Go Out of this World Still Wanting to Learn More”: Identity Work in a Lifelong Learning Institute pp. 292-301 Downloads
Summer C McWilliams and Anne E Barrett
Working Life and Retirement Expectancies at Age 50 by Social Class: Period and Cohort Trends and Projections for Finland pp. 302-313 Downloads
Taina Leinonen, Pekka Martikainen and Mikko Myrskylä
The Role of a Multicomponent Home-Health Intervention in Reducing Caregiver Stress in Singapore: A Qualitative Study pp. 314-325 Downloads
Michael J Penkunas, Angelique W M Chan, Chek Hooi Wong, Dirk F de Korne, See Mieng Tan and Sweet Fun Wong
Diversity in Older Adults’ Care Networks: The Added Value of Individual Beliefs and Social Network Proximity pp. 326-336 Downloads
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Volume 73, issue 1, 2018

Methodological Innovations in Gerontology: Advances in Psychosocial Research pp. 1-4 Downloads
Shevaun D NeupertPhD and Deborah CarrPhD
Analyzing Dyadic Data Using Grid-Sequence Analysis: Interdyad Differences in Intradyad Dynamics pp. 5-18 Downloads
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Intergenerational Transfer and Reporting Bias: An Application of the MIMIC Model pp. 19-29 Downloads
I-Fen Lin and Hsueh-Sheng Wu
Couples’ Sleep and Psychological Distress: A Dyadic Perspective pp. 30-39 Downloads
Jen-Hao Chen
Applying Within-Family Differences Approaches to Enhance Understanding of the Complexity of Intergenerational Relations pp. 40-53 Downloads
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In Pursuit of Anchoring Vignettes That Work: Evaluating Generality Versus Specificity in Vignette Texts pp. 54-63 Downloads
Hanna Grol-Prokopczyk
Extracting Response Style Bias From Measures of Positive and Negative Affect in Aging Research pp. 64-74 Downloads
Stefan Schneider
Fusing Biodiversity Metrics into Investigations of Daily Life: Illustrations and Recommendations With Emodiversity pp. 75-86 Downloads
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More than Counting: An Intraindividual Variability Approach to Categorical Repeated Measures pp. 87-99 Downloads
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Intrinsic Emotional Fluctuation in Daily Negative Affect across Adulthood pp. 100-112 Downloads
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Feature Selection Methods for Optimal Design of Studies for Developmental Inquiry pp. 113-123 Downloads
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The Influence of Social Conditions Across the Life Course on the Human Gut Microbiota: A Pilot Project With the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study pp. 124-133 Downloads
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Recurrence Quantification for the Analysis of Coupled Processes in Aging pp. 134-147 Downloads
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The Use of Growth Mixture Modeling for Studying Resilience to Major Life Stressors in Adulthood and Old Age: Lessons for Class Size and Identification and Model Selection pp. 148-159 Downloads
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Early Origins of Later Life Psychological Well-Being? A Novel Application of Causal Mediation Analysis to Life Course Research pp. 160-170 Downloads
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Julie Wood, Zita Oravecz, Nina Vogel, Lizbeth Benson, Sy-Miin Chow, Pamela Cole, David E Conroy, Aaron L Pincus and Nilam Ram
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