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2000 - 2022

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Volume 77, issue Supplement_2, 2022

An Introduction to the Supplemental Issue on Why Does Health in the US Continue to Lag Behind pp. S113-S116 Downloads
Neil K Mehta and Mikko Myrskylä
Causes of America’s Lagging Life Expectancy: An International Comparative Perspective pp. S117-S126 Downloads
Jessica Y Ho
Age-Specific Mortality During the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic and Life Expectancy Changes in the United States and Peer Countries, 1980–2020 pp. S127-S137 Downloads
Ryan K Masters, Steven H Woolf and Laudan Y Aron
Slowdown in Mortality Improvement in the Past Decade: A US/UK Comparison pp. S138-S147 Downloads
Michael J Murphy and Emily M D Grundy
Cardiovascular Mortality Gap Between the United States and Other High Life Expectancy Countries in 2000–2016 pp. S148-S157 Downloads
Enrique Acosta, Neil Mehta, Mikko Myrskylä and Marcus Ebeling
Socioeconomic Disparities Do Not Explain the U.S. International Disadvantage in Mortality pp. S158-S166 Downloads
Magali Barbieri
Older Adults in the United States Have Worse Cardiometabolic Health Compared to England pp. S167-S176 Downloads
Benedetta Pongiglione, George B Ploubidis and Jennifer B Dowd
Generational Shifts in Young Adult Cardiovascular Health? Millennials and Generation X in the United States and England pp. S177-S188 Downloads
Melissa L Martinson, Jessica Lapham, Hazal Ercin-Swearinger, Julien O Teitler and Nancy E Reichman
Differential Trends in Disability Among Rich and Poor Adults in the United States and England From 2002 to 2016 pp. S189-S198 Downloads
HwaJung Choi, Robert F Schoeni, Andrew Steptoe, Tsai-Chin Cho and Kenneth M Langa
Early Exposure to County Income Mobility and Adult Individual Health in the United States pp. S199-S208 Downloads
Sebastian Daza and Alberto Palloni
A Remembrance of Robert F. Schoeni (1964–2021) pp. S209-S210 Downloads
Vicki A Freedman and Linda G Martin

Volume 77, issue Supplement_1, 2022

Late-Life Disability and Care: An Update From the National Health and Aging Trends Study at Its 10-Year Mark (Patterns of caregiving among older adults with and without dementia: A latent class analysis) pp. S1-S8 Downloads
Vicki A Freedman
Remembering Judith D. Kasper, PhD (1948–2021) pp. S9-S10 Downloads
Vicki A Freedman and Jennifer L Wolff
Caring Together: Trajectories of Paid and Family Caregiving Support to Those Living in the Community With Dementia (2020 Alzheimer’s disease facts and figures) pp. S11-S20 Downloads
Jennifer M Reckrey, Lihua Li, Serena Zhan, Jennifer Wolff, Cynthia Yee and Katherine A Ornstein
Incident Care Trajectories for Older Adults With and Without Dementia (Hospital readmission among older adults who return home with unmet need for ADL disability) pp. S21-S30 Downloads
Vicki A Freedman, Karen Bandeen-Roche, Jennifer C Cornman, Brenda C Spillman, Judith D Kasper and Jennifer L Wolff
Assessing Health Care Use Trajectories After the Onset of Functional Disability: Application of a Group-Based Trajectory Model (Older adults in the emergency department: A systematic review of patterns of use, adverse outcomes, and effectiveness of interventions) pp. S31-S38 Downloads
Claire K Ankuda, Katherine A Ornstein and Amy S Kelley
Visual Difficulty, Race and Ethnicity, and Activity Limitation Trajectories Among Older Adults in the United States: Findings From the National Health and Aging Trends Study (Causes of blindness and vision impairment in 2020 and trends over 30 years, and prevalence of avoidable blindness in relation to VISION 2020: The Right to Sight: An analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study) pp. S39-S50 Downloads
Joshua R Ehrlich, Mengyao Hu, Yunshu Zhou, Rohan Kai and Lindsey B De Lott
Care Received and Unmet Care Needs Among Older Parents in Biological and Step Families (Likelihood that expectations of informal care will be met at onset of caregiving need: A retrospective study of older adults in the USA) pp. S51-S62 Downloads
Sarah E Patterson, Robert F Schoeni, Vicki A Freedman and Judith A Seltzer
Examining Consequences Related to Unmet Care Needs Across the Long-Term Care Continuum (Unmet need in the community: The Springfield Study) pp. S63-S73 Downloads
Meghan Jenkins Morales and Stephanie A Robert
Patterns of Caregiving Among Older Adults With and Without Dementia: A Latent Class Analysis (Informal care networks in the context of multimorbidity: Size, composition, and associations with recipient psychological well-being) pp. S74-S85 Downloads
Talha Ali, Gail J McAvay, Joan K Monin and Thomas M Gill
The Changing Tides of Caregiving During the COVID-19 Pandemic: How Decreasing and Increasing Care Provision Relates to Caregiver Well-Being (Defining distinct caregiver subpopulations by intensity of end-of-life care provided) pp. S86-S97 Downloads
Amanda Leggett, Hyun Jung Koo, Bona Park and HwaJung Choi
The Impact of Care Intensity and Work on the Mental Health of Family Caregivers: Losses and Gains (Instrumental variables and the search for identification: From supply and demand to natural experiments) pp. S98-S111 Downloads
Ingo Kolodziej, Norma B Coe and Courtney H Van Houtven

Volume 77, issue 10, 2022

A Two-Part Approach Distinguishing the Occurrence and Frequency of Self-reported Attentional Failures During Driving to Predict Crash Risks Among Older Drivers (The impact of speed of processing training on cognitive and everyday functions) pp. 1759-1768 Downloads
HeeSun Choi, Jing Feng and Daniel Grühn
Neuropsychological Correlates of Changes in Driving Behavior Among Clinically Healthy Older Adults (What factors influence the relationship between feedback on cognitive performance and subsequent driving self-regulation?) pp. 1769-1778 Downloads
Andrew J Aschenbrenner, Samantha A Murphy, Jason M Doherty, Ann M Johnson, Sayeh Bayat, Alexis Walker, Yasmin Peña, Jason Hassenstab, John C Morris and Ganesh M Babulal
Identifying Racial and Rural Disparities of Cognitive Functioning Among Older Adults: The Role of Social Isolation and Social Technology Use (Patterns of social engagement among older adults with mild cognitive impairment) pp. 1779-1790 Downloads
Kaileigh A Byrne and Reza Ghaiumy Anaraky
Daily Social Interactions and Momentary Loneliness: The Role of Trait Loneliness and Neuroticism (Associations between loneliness and personality are mostly driven by a genetic association with Neuroticism) pp. 1791-1802 Downloads
Ruixue Zhaoyang, Karra D Harrington, Stacey B Scott, Jennifer E Graham-Engeland and Martin J Sliwinski
COVID-19 Worries Predict Aging Preparation: Culture- and Domain-Specific Perspectives (Motivation and volition in the course of action) pp. 1803-1813 Downloads
Yaeji Kim-Knauss, Frieder R Lang, Fiona S Rupprecht, Kristina Martin and Helene H Fung
Subjective Age and Falls in Older Age: Evidence From Two Longitudinal Cohorts (A new approach to fear of falls from connections with the posttraumatic stress disorder literature) pp. 1814-1819 Downloads
Hervé Fundenberger, Yannick Stephan, Antonio Terracciano, Caroline Dupré, Bienvenu Bongue, David Hupin, Nathalie Barth and Brice Canada
Age and Framing Effects in the Balloon Analogue Risk Task (On the incomplete architecture of human ontogeny—Selection, optimization, and compensation as foundation of developmental theory) pp. 1820-1830 Downloads
Adam T Schulman, Amy W Chong and Corinna E Löckenhoff
Satisfaction With Life and Risk of Dementia: Findings From the Korean Longitudinal Study of Aging (Prosocial spending and well-being: Cross-cultural evidence for a psychological universal) pp. 1831-1840 Downloads
Xianghe Zhu, Martina Luchetti, Damaris Aschwanden, Amanda A Sesker, Yannick Stephan, Angelina R Sutin and Antonio Terracciano
Longitudinal Associations Between Personal Growth and Cognitive Functioning in Adulthood (Uncovering the mechanisms responsible for why language learning may promote healthy cognitive aging) pp. 1841-1851 Downloads
Masahiro Toyama
“Living Well” Trajectories Among Family Caregivers of People With Mild-to-Moderate Dementia in the IDEAL Cohort (Relationship of subjective and objective social status with psychological and physiological functioning: Preliminary data in healthy white women) pp. 1852-1863 Downloads
Linda Clare, Laura D Gamble, Anthony Martyr, Serena Sabatini, Sharon M Nelis, Catherine Quinn, Claire Pentecost, Christina Victor, Roy W Jones, Ian R Jones, Martin Knapp, Rachael Litherland, Robin G Morris, Jennifer M Rusted, Jeanette M Thom, Rachel Collins, Catherine Henderson and Fiona E Matthews
Cohort Trends in the Burden of Multiple Chronic Conditions Among Aging U.S. Adults (Changes in depressive symptoms over age among older Americans: Differences by gender, race/ethnicity, education, and birth cohort) pp. 1867-1879 Downloads
Nicholas J Bishop, Steven A Haas and Ana R Quiñones
Age Profiles of Cognitive Decline and Dementia in Late Life in the Aging, Demographics, and Memory Study (Joint modeling of two longitudinal outcomes and competing risk data) pp. 1880-1891 Downloads
Christine E Walsh, Yang C Yang, Katsuya Oi, Allison Aiello, Daniel Belsky, Kathleen Mullan Harris and Brenda L Plassman
Long-Term Impact of Hurricane Sandy Exposure on Positive and Negative Affect: The Role of Perceived Social Support (Social support moderates posttraumatic stress and general distress after disaster) pp. 1892-1903 Downloads
Bram Wolters, Almar Kok, Martijn Huisman, Francine Cartwright and Rachel Pruchno
Prevalence of Loneliness and Its Association With General and Health-Related Measures of Subjective Well-Being in a Longitudinal Bicultural Cohort of Older Adults in Advanced Age Living in New Zealand: LiLACS NZ (A critical review of the literature on social and leisure activity and wellbeing in later life) pp. 1904-1915 Downloads
Roy Lay-Yee, Barry J Milne, Valerie A Wright-St Clair, Joanna Broad, Tim Wilkinson, Martin Connolly, Ruth Teh, Karen Hayman, Marama Muru-Lanning and Ngaire Kerse
Marital Loss and Cognitive Function: Does Timing Matter? (Life transitions and daily stress processes) pp. 1916-1927 Downloads
Zhenmei Zhang, Hui Liu and Yan Zhang
The Inequitable Burden of the COVID-19 Pandemic Among Marginalized Older Workers in the United States: An Intersectional Approach (Beyond the nurses and doctors: Structural racism and the unseen frontline service workers during the COVID-19 pandemic) pp. 1928-1937 Downloads
Sarah B Andrea, Jerzy Eisenberg-Guyot, Kieran J Blaikie, Shanise Owens, Vanessa M Oddo, Trevor Peckham, Anita Minh and Anjum Hajat
ADVANCE-C: A Qualitative Study of Experiences Caring for Nursing Home Residents with Advanced Dementia During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Characteristics of U.S. nursing homes with COVID-19 cases) pp. 1938-1946 Downloads
Meghan Hendricksen, Susan L Mitchell, Ruth Palan Lopez, Ashley Roach, Anita Hendrix Rogers, Harriet Akunor and Ellen P McCarthy
The Effect of Support From Secondary Caregiver Network on Primary Caregiver Burden: Do Men and Women, Blacks and Whites Differ? (Primary caregiver characteristics and transitions in community-based care) pp. 1947-1958 Downloads
Jiaming Liang, María P Aranda, Yuri Jang, Kathleen Wilber, Iris Chi and Shinyi Wu

Volume 77, issue 9, 2022

The Constructionist Approach to Emotional Aging: Theoretical Insights and Predictions (Variety is the spice of life: A psychological construction approach to understanding variability in emotion) pp. 1571-1579 Downloads
Mai Bjørnskov Mikkelsen and Mia Skytte O’Toole
Prediction in the Aging Brain: Merging Cognitive, Neurological, and Evolutionary Perspectives (Differential age effects in semantic and episodic memory) pp. 1580-1591 Downloads
Rachel M Brown, Stefan L K Gruijters and Sonja A Kotz
Alcohol Use and Blood Pressure Among Older Couples: The Moderating Role of Negative Marital Quality (Relationship of self-reported alcohol consumption to ambulatory blood pressure in a sample of healthy adults) pp. 1592-1602 Downloads
Kira S Birditt, Angela Turkelson, Courtney A Polenick, James A Cranford and Frederic C Blow
More Positive or Less Negative? Emotional Goals and Emotion Regulation Tactics in Adulthood and Old Age (Age differences in emotion regulation strategy use, variability, and flexibility: An experience sampling approach) pp. 1603-1614 Downloads
Hannah E Wolfe, Kimberly M Livingstone and Derek M Isaacowitz
How Welfare Regimes Moderate the Associations Between Cognitive Aging, Education, and Occupation (Advantaged socioeconomic conditions in childhood are associated with higher cognitive functioning but stronger cognitive decline in older age) pp. 1615-1624 Downloads
Dan Orsholits, Stéphane Cullati, Paolo Ghisletta, Marja J Aartsen, Michel Oris, Matthias Studer, Jürgen Maurer, Laura Perna, Élvio R Gouveia, Bruna R Gouveia, Adilson Marques, Miguel Peralta, Priscila Marconcin, Matthias Kliegel and Andreas Ihle
Piano Training Enhances Executive Functions and Psychosocial Outcomes in Aging: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial (Music and visual art training modulate brain activity in older adults) pp. 1625-1636 Downloads
Jennifer A Bugos and Yan Wang
Subjective Aging and Objectively Assessed Hearing Function: A Prospective Study of Older Adults (A systematic review and meta-analysis of subjective age and the association with cognition, subjective wellbeing, and depression) pp. 1637-1644 Downloads
Yannick Stephan, Angelina R Sutin and Antonio Terracciano
Self-Enhanced False Memory Across the Life Span (Recollection- and familiarity-based memory in healthy aging and amnestic mild cognitive impairment) pp. 1645-1653 Downloads
Jianqin Wang, Henry Otgaar, Mark L Howe, Qun Dong and Chu Zhou
C-Reactive Protein, Subjective Aging, and Incident Cardiovascular Disease: A Mediation Model (The leading causes of death in the US for 2020) pp. 1654-1658 Downloads
Hanamori F Skoblow and Christine M Proulx
The Validity and Reliability of Retrospective Measures of Childhood Socioeconomic Status in the Health and Retirement Study: Evidence From the 1940 U.S. Census (Family origins and the schooling process: Early versus late influence of parental characteristics) pp. 1661-1673 Downloads
John Robert Warren, Mark Lee and Theresa L Osypuk
Early-Life War Exposure and Later-Life Frailty Among Older Adults in Vietnam: Does War Hasten Aging? (Children of war: The long-run effects of large-scale physical destruction and warfare on children) pp. 1674-1685 Downloads
Zachary Zimmer, Kim Korinek, Yvette Young, Bussarawan Teerawichitchainan and Tran Khanh Toan
The Effect of Physical Limitations on Depressive Symptoms Over the Life Course: Is Optimism a Protective Buffer? (Changes in depressive symptoms over age among older Americans: Differences by gender, race/ethnicity, education, and birth cohort) pp. 1686-1698 Downloads
Shinae L Choi, Eun Ha Namkung and Deborah Carr
Does Retirement Change What Individuals Value in Life? Results From a 3-Year Panel Study (Productive aging. A conceptual framework) pp. 1699-1709 Downloads
Olga Grünwald, Marleen Damman and Kène Henkens
The Graying of Divorce: A Half Century of Change (Research on divorce: Continuing trends and new developments) pp. 1710-1720 Downloads
Susan L Brown and I-Fen Lin
The Negative Impact of Adult Children’s Marital Dissolution on Older Parents’ Mental Health in South Korea (Screening for depression in well older adults: Evaluation of a short form of the CES-D) pp. 1721-1731 Downloads
Pei-Chun Ko and Pildoo Sung
Changing Relationships Between Social Contact, Social Support, and Depressive Symptoms During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Social participation and health over the adult life course: Does the association strengthen with age?) pp. 1732-1739 Downloads
Shannon Ang
Levels of Depression and Anxiety Among Informal Caregivers During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Study Based on the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging (The psychological impact of COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown on caregivers of people with dementia) pp. 1740-1757 Downloads
Andrew Wister, Lun Li, Barbara Mitchell, Christina Wolfson, Jacqueline McMillan, Lauren E Griffith, Susan Kirkland, Parminder Raina, Laura Anderson, Cynthia Balion, Asada Yukiko, Nicole Basta, Benoȋt Cossette, Melanie Levasseur, Scott Hofer, Theone Paterson, David Hogan, Teresa Liu-Ambrose, Verena Menec, Philip St. John, Gerald Mugford, Zhiwei Gao, Vanessa Taler, Patrick Davidson, Andrew Wister and Theodore Cosco

Volume 77, issue 8, 2022

Optimism, Daily Stressors, and Emotional Well-Being Over Two Decades in a Cohort of Aging Men pp. 1373-1383 Downloads
Lewina O Lee, Francine Grodstein, Claudia Trudel-Fitzgerald, Peter James, Sakurako S Okuzono, Hayami K Koga, Joel Schwartz, Avron Spiro, Daniel K Mroczek and Laura D Kubzansky
Shorter Telomeres Among Individuals With Physical Disability: The Moderating Role of Perceived Stress pp. 1384-1393 Downloads
Yael Lahav, Sharon Avidor, David Levy, Avi Ohry, Gabi Zeilig, Meir Lahav, Hava Golander, Anat-Chacham Guber, Orit Uziel and Ruth Defrin
Lifetime Adversity in the Context of Monthly Adversity and Psychological Well-Being in Midlife: Evidence of Cumulative Disadvantage, But Not Steeling Effects of Lifetime Adversity pp. 1394-1405 Downloads
Frank J Infurna, Suniya S Luthar and Kevin J Grimm
Daily Sleep and Anxious and Depressive Symptoms Among Dementia Caregivers—The Mediation of Cortisol Total Output on High- and Low-Stress Days pp. 1406-1415 Downloads
Yin Liu, Elizabeth B Fauth, Daniel J M Fleming, Rebecca Lorenz and Alyssa Gamaldo
Physical Intimacy in Older Couples’ Everyday Lives: Its Frequency and Links With Affect and Salivary Cortisol pp. 1416-1430 Downloads
Karolina Kolodziejczak, Johanna Drewelies, Theresa Pauly, Nilam Ram, Christiane Hoppmann and Denis Gerstorf
Not “The More The Merrier”: Diminishing Returns to Daily Face-To-Face Social Interaction Frequency for Well-Being in Older Age pp. 1431-1441 Downloads
Minxia Luo, Birthe Macdonald and Gizem Hülür
Narcissism, Social Experiences, and Mood in Late Life pp. 1442-1453 Downloads
Shiyang Zhang, Yijung K Kim, Karen L Fingerman, Kira S Birditt and Susan T Charles
How Does Aging Affect Social Attention? A Test of Competing Theories Using Multilevel Meta-Analysis pp. 1454-1463 Downloads
Kate T McKay, Louisa A Talipski, Sarah A Grainger, Manikya Alister and Julie D Henry
Race Inequity in School Attendance Across the Jim Crow South and Its Implications for Black–White Disparities in Trajectories of Cognitive Function Among Older Adults pp. 1467-1477 Downloads
Katrina M Walsemann, Stephanie Ureña, Mateo P Farina and Jennifer A Ailshire
Childhood Socioeconomic Disadvantage and Pathways to Memory Performance in Mid to Late Adulthood: What Matters Most? pp. 1478-1489 Downloads
Katherine J Ford, Lindsay C Kobayashi and Anja K Leist
Social Networks and Cognitive Reserve: Network Structure Moderates the Association Between Amygdalar Volume and Cognitive Outcomes pp. 1490-1500 Downloads
Brea L Perry, Adam R Roth, Siyun Peng, Shannon L Risacher, Andrew J Saykin and Liana G Apostolova
The Devastating Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Older Black and Latinx Adults: Implications for Health and Well-Being pp. 1501-1507 Downloads
Marc A Garcia, Amy D Thierry and Claire B Pendergrast
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Advance Care Planning: Assessing the Role of Subjective Life Expectancy pp. 1508-1518 Downloads
Yifan Lou and Deborah Carr
Racial/Ethnic and Educational Disparities in the Impact of Diabetes on Population Health Among the U.S.-Born Population pp. 1519-1528 Downloads
Emma Zang, Scott M Lynch, Chen LiuBS, Nancy Lu and Julia Banas
Physical Activity as a Mediator Between Race/Ethnicity and Changes in Multimorbidity pp. 1529-1538 Downloads
Jason T Newsom, Emily C Denning, Miriam R Elman, Anda Botoseneanu, Heather G Allore, Corey L Nagel, David A Dorr and Ana R Quiñones
Sibling Deaths, Racial/Ethnic Disadvantage, and Dementia in Later Life pp. 1539-1549 Downloads
Hyungmin Cha, Patricia A Thomas and Debra Umberson
Compensatory Connections? Living Alone, Loneliness, and the Buffering Role of Social Connection Among Older American and European Adults pp. 1550-1560 Downloads
Markus H Schafer, Haosen Sun and Jin A Lee
The Death of a Child and Parents’ Psychological Distress in Mid to Later Life: Racial/Ethnic Differences in Exposure and Vulnerability pp. 1561-1570 Downloads
Debra Umberson and Rachel Donnelly

Volume 77, issue 7, 2022

Viewing COVID-19 Through a Telescope: Exploring the Longer-Term Social, Emotional, and Health Impacts of the Pandemic for Older Adults—Introduction to the Aging and COVID 2.0 Special Collection pp. e96-e99 Downloads
Jessica A Kelley
Older Adults’ Loneliness in Early COVID-19 Social Distancing: Implications of Rurality pp. e100-e105 Downloads
Heather R Fuller and Andrea Huseth-Zosel
Job Transitions and Mental Health Outcomes Among U.S. Adults Aged 55 and Older During the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. e106-e116 Downloads
Leah R Abrams, Jessica M Finlay and Lindsay C Kobayashi
Financial Hardship and Psychological Resilience During COVID-19: Differences by Race/Ethnicity pp. e117-e122 Downloads
Miles G Taylor, Dawn C Carr, Kendra Jason and Jessica Kelley
Physical Disability and Older Adults’ Perceived Food and Economic Insecurity During the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. e123-e133 Downloads
Shinae L Choi, Deborah Carr and Eun Ha Namkung
A National Study of Racial–Ethnic Differences in COVID-19 Concerns Among Older Americans: Evidence From the Health and Retirement Study pp. e134-e141 Downloads
Zhiyong Lin and Hui Liu
Bereavement From COVID-19, Gender, and Reports of Depression Among Older Adults in Europe pp. e142-e149 Downloads
Haowei Wang, Ashton M Verdery, Rachel Margolis and Emily Smith-Greenaway
Associations Between Changes in Daily Behaviors and Self-Reported Feelings of Depression and Anxiety About the COVID-19 Pandemic Among Older Adults pp. e150-e159 Downloads
Rebecca Robbins, Matthew D Weaver, Mark É Czeisler, Laura K Barger, Stuart F Quan and Charles A Czeisler
Changes in Older Adults’ Social Contact During the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. e160-e166 Downloads
Vicki A Freedman, Mengyao Hu and Judith D Kasper
COVID-19 Social Distancing Measures and Loneliness Among Older Adults pp. e167-e178 Downloads
Eun Young Choi, Mateo P Farina, Qiao Wu and Jennifer Ailshire
Emotional, Social, and Existential Loneliness Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Prevalence and Risk Factors Among Dutch Older Adults pp. e179-e184 Downloads
Theo G van Tilburg and Jessica Kelley
Social Isolation and Loneliness Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Longitudinal Study of U.S. Adults Older Than 50 pp. e185-e190 Downloads
Siyun Peng and Adam R Roth
The Role of Media Sources for COVID-19 Information on Engaging in Recommended Preventive Behaviors Among Medicare Beneficiaries Aged ≥ 65 Years pp. e191-e198 Downloads
Boon Peng Ng, Chanhyun Park and Jessica Kelley
The Framing Effect of Intergenerational Comparison of Technologies on Technophobia Among Older Adults pp. 1179-1185 Downloads
Wanyu Xi, Xin Zhang and Liat Ayalon
Predictors, Types of Internet Use, and the Psychological Well-Being of Older Adults: A Comprehensive Model pp. 1186-1196 Downloads
Javiera Rosell, Alvaro Vergés, Claudia Miranda-Castillo, Sofía Sepúlveda-Caro and Macarena Gómez
Partner Pain and Affect in the Daily Lives of Older Couples pp. 1197-1209 Downloads
Sophie Potter, Christina Röcke, Denis Gerstorf, Annette Brose, Karolina Kolodziejczak, Christiane A Hoppmann, Nilam Ram and Johanna Drewelies
Love and Imitation: Facial Mimicry and Relationship Satisfaction in Younger and Older Couples pp. 1210-1218 Downloads
Margund K Rohr, Maike Salazar Kämpf and Ute Kunzmann
Rapid Detection of Neutral Faces Associated With Emotional Value Among Older Adults pp. 1219-1228 Downloads
Akie Saito, Wataru Sato, Sakiko Yoshikawa and Angela Gutchess
Not Just How Much, But How Many: Overall and Domain-Specific Activity Variety and Cognitive Functioning in Adulthood pp. 1229-1239 Downloads
Sangha Jeon, Soomi Lee and Susan T Charles
Momentary Associations of Osteoarthritis Pain and Affect: Depression as Moderator pp. 1240-1249 Downloads
Patricia A Parmelee, Emily A Behrens, Kyrsten Costlow Hill, Brian S Cox, Jason A DeCaro, Francis J Keefe and Dylan M Smith
Urinary Incontinence and Depressive Symptoms: The Mediating Role of Physical Activity and Social Engagement pp. 1250-1258 Downloads
Gum-Ryeong ParkM, Sujeong Park and Jinho Kim
A Brief Report on Older Working Caregivers: Developing a Typology of Work Environments pp. 1263-1268 Downloads
Dawn C Carr, Kendra Jason, Miles Taylor and Tiffany R Washington
Family Matters: Cross-Cultural Differences in Familism and Caregiving Outcomes pp. 1269-1279 Downloads
Francesca Falzarano, Jerad Moxley, Karl Pillemer and Sara J Czaja
Extending the Analysis of Functional Ability Trajectories to Unexplored National Contexts: The Case of Chile pp. 1280-1293 Downloads
Ignacio Madero-Cabib, Pablo Villalobos Dintrans and Jorge Browne Salas
Grandchild Care and Well-Being: Gender Differences in Mental Health Effects of Caregiving Grandparents pp. 1294-1304 Downloads
Isabelle R Notter
Life Course Pathways Into Intergenerational Caregiving pp. 1305-1314 Downloads
Ricardo Rodrigues, Maša Filipovič Hrast, Selma Kadi, Miriam Hurtado Monarres and Valentina Hlebec
Support Now to Care Later: Intergenerational Support Exchanges and Older Parents’ Care Receipt and Expectations pp. 1315-1324 Downloads
Cindy N Bui, Kyungmin Kim and Karen L Fingerman
Prodigal Children: Why Older Mothers Favor Their Once-Deviant Adult Children pp. 1325-1335 Downloads
Reilly Kincaid, Marissa Rurka, J Jill Suitor, Megan Gilligan, Karl Pillemer, Liam Mohebbi and Nicholas Mundell
Older Adults’ Internal Migration Toward Faraway Siblings pp. 1336-1349 Downloads
Alyona Artamonova and Brian Joseph Gillespie
The Physical, Mental, and Social Health of Middle-Aged and Older Adults Without Close Kin in Canada pp. 1350-1360 Downloads
Rachel Margolis, Xiangnan Chai, Ashton M Verdery and Lauren Newmyer
Childhood Stressors, Relationship Quality, and Cognitive Health in Later Life pp. 1361-1371 Downloads
Patricia A Thomas, Monica M Williams-Farrelly, Madison R Sauerteig and Kenneth F Ferraro

Volume 77, issue 6, 2022

Measuring Sex and Gender in Aging and Alzheimer’s Research: Results of a National Survey pp. 1005-1016 Downloads
Shana D Stites, Hannah Cao, Kristin Harkins and Jason D Flatt
Communication Partner Engagement: A Relevant Factor for Functional Outcomes in Speech–Language Therapy for Aphasic Dementia pp. 1017-1025 Downloads
Emily Rogalski, Angela Roberts, Elizabeth Salley, Marie Saxon, Angela Fought, Marissa Esparza, Erin Blaze, Christina CoventryR, Marek-Marsel Mesulam, Sandra Weintraub, Aimee Mooney, Becky Khayum and Alfred Rademaker
The Impact of Marital Quality as Older Couples Adjust to Dementia Onset pp. 1026-1036 Downloads
Meng Huo, Kyungmin Kim and Sae Hwang Han
Longitudinal Trajectories of Quality of Life Among People With Mild-to-Moderate Dementia: A Latent Growth Model Approach With IDEAL Cohort Study Data pp. 1037-1050 Downloads
Linda Clare, Laura D Gamble, 2Anthony Martyr, Serena Sabatini, Sharon M Nelis, Catherine Quinn, Claire Pentecost, Christina Victor, Roy W Jones, Ian R Jones, Martin Knapp, Rachael Litherland, Robin G Morris, Jennifer M Rusted, Jeanette M Thom, Rachel Collins, Catherine Henderson and Fiona E Matthews
Visual Art Therapy and Cognition: Effects on People With Mild Cognitive Impairment and Low Education Level pp. 1051-1062 Downloads
Golden M Masika, Doris S F Yu, Polly W C Li, Diana T F Lee, Azan Nyundo and MMed
Does Goal Orientation Modulate Satisfaction With Cognitive Performance in Different Age Groups? pp. 1063-1068 Downloads
Xianmin Gong and Alexandra M Freund
A Comparison of the Effect of Physical Activity and Cognitive Training on Dual-Task Performance in Older Adults pp. 1069-1079 Downloads
Tudor Vrinceanu, Caroll-Ann Blanchette, Brittany Intzandt, Maxime Lussier, Kristell Pothier, Thien Tuong Minh Vu, Anil Nigam, Laurent Bosquet, Antony D Karelis, Karen Z H Li, Nicolas Berryman and Louis Bherer
The Experience of Alzheimer’s Disease Family Caregivers in a Latino Community: Expectations and Incongruences in Support Services pp. 1083-1093 Downloads
Iveris L Martinez, Elaine Acosta Gonzalez, Caroline Quintero and Marsha Jenakovich Vania
Dementia Family Caregiving in Rural Appalachia: A Sociocultural Model of Care Decisions and Service Use pp. 1094-1104 Downloads
Karen A Roberto, Jyoti Savla, Brandy Renee McCann, Rosemary Blieszner and Aubrey L Knight
Correlates of Memory and Executive Function in Middle-Aged and Older Adults in the CLSA: A Minority Stress Approach pp. 1105-1117 Downloads
Arne Stinchcombe and Nicole G Hammond
The Relationship Between Fertility History and Incident Dementia in the U.S. Health and Retirement Study pp. 1118-1131 Downloads
Alison Gemmill, Jordan Weiss and Deborah Carr
Racial Segregation and Cognitive Function Among Older Adults in the United States: Findings From the Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke Study pp. 1132-1143 Downloads
Joy Bohyun Jang, Margaret T Hicken, Megan Mullins, Michael Esposito, Ketlyne Sol, Jennifer J Manly, Suzanne Judd, Virginia Wadley and Philippa J Clarke
Advance Directive Completion Among Older American Couples: A Dyadic Perspective on the Role of Cognitive Function and Other Factors pp. 1144-1153 Downloads
Peiyi Lu, Dexia Kong, Jeongeun Lee and Mack Shelley
Adult Children’s Intergenerational Mobility and Older Adults’ Self-Rated Health: A U.S.–China Comparison pp. 1154-1163 Downloads
Yue Qin
Parental Death and Cognitive Impairment: An Examination by Gender and Race–Ethnicity pp. 1164-1176 Downloads
Hui Liu, Zhiyong Lin and Debra Umberson
Correction to: Economics of Aging: New Insights pp. 1177-1177 Downloads
Christine E Bishop

Volume 77, issue 5, 2022

Examining the Combined Estimated Effects of Hearing Loss and Depressive Symptoms on Risk of Cognitive Decline and Incident Dementia pp. 839-849 Downloads
Danielle S Powell, Willa D Brenowitz, Kristine Yaffe, Nicole M Armstrong, Nicholas S Reed, Frank R Lin, Alden L Gross and Jennifer A Deal
Pathways From Early-Life SES to Dementia Risk in Old Age: The Role of Personality pp. 850-859 Downloads
Amanda A Sesker, Páraic S O’Súilleabháin, Ji Hyun Lee, Damaris Aschwanden, Martina Luchetti, Yannick Stephan, Antonio Terracciano and Angelina R Sutin
The Association of Stress, Metabolic Syndrome, and Systemic Inflammation With Neurocognitive Function in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos and Its Sociocultural Ancillary Study pp. 860-871 Downloads
María J Marquine, Linda C Gallo, Wassim Tarraf, Benson Wu, Alison A Moore, Priscilla M Vásquez, Gregory Talavera, Matthew Allison, Elizabeth Muñoz, Carmen R Isasi, Krista M Perreira, Sherman J Bigornia, Martha Daviglus, Mayra L Estrella, Donglin Zeng and Hector M González
Risk of Dementia Differs Across Lifestyle Engagement Subgroups: A Latent Class and Time-to-Event Analysis in Community-Dwelling Older Adults pp. 872-884 Downloads
Kyle D Moored, Karen Bandeen-Roche, Beth E Snitz, Steven T DeKosky, Jeff D Williamson, Annette L Fitzpatrick and Michelle C Carlson
Prevalence of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Difficulties and Associated Cognitive Predictors Across Racial/Ethnic Groups: Findings From the KHANDLE Study pp. 885-894 Downloads
Michelle L Chan, Chloe W Eng, Paola Gilsanz, Rachel A Whitmer, Dan Mungas, Oanh Meyer and Sarah Tomaszewski Farias
High- and Low-Arousal Daily Affect Dynamics Vary Across the Adult Lifespan pp. 895-904 Downloads
Hio Wa Mak and Stefan Schneider
The Development of Life Goals Across the Adult Life Span pp. 905-915 Downloads
Laura Buchinger, David Richter and Jutta Heckhausen
Correction to: The Development of Life Goals Across the Adult Life Span pp. 916-916 Downloads
Laura Buchinger, David Richter and Jutta Heckhausen
Social Isolation Profiles and Older Adult Substance Use: A Latent Profile Analysis pp. 919-929 Downloads
Antoinette Y Farmer, Yuqi Wang, N Andrew Peterson, Suzanne Borys and Donald K Hallcom
Sole Family Survivors: Older Adults Lacking Family of Origin Kin pp. 930-935 Downloads
Susan L Brown, Kagan A Mellencamp and I-Fen Lin
Social Disconnectedness and Loneliness: Do Self-Perceptions of Aging Play a Role? pp. 936-945 Downloads
Rita Xiaochen Hu and Lydia W Li
Excess Mortality by Individual and Spousal Education for Recent and Long-Term Widowed pp. 946-955 Downloads
Olof Östergren, Stefan Fors and Johan Rehnberg
Social Isolation, Social Support, and Loneliness Profiles Before and After Spousal Death and the Buffering Role of Financial Resources pp. 956-971 Downloads
Rosanne Freak-Poli, Claryn S J Kung, Joanne Ryan and Michael A Shields
Social Participation in Widowhood: Evidence From a 12-Year Panel pp. 972-982 Downloads
Jeremy W Lim-Soh
Sensory Impairment and the Odds of Adverse Consequences of Unmet Needs for Care Among Older Adults pp. 983-991 Downloads
Corinne Pittman, Carrie L Nieman, Nicholas S Reed, Bonnielin K Swenor and Amber Willink
Takes Two to Tango: Cognitive Impairment and Sexual Activity in Older Individuals and Dyads pp. 992-1003 Downloads
Linda J Waite, James Iveniuk and Ashwin Kotwal

Volume 77, issue 4, 2022

What Factors Are Associated With Psychological Vulnerability and Resiliency Among Older Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic? pp. e1-e4 Downloads
Rodlescia S Sneed and Anne C Krendl
The Toll of Feeling Older: Subjective Age Moderates the Associations Between Anxiety Sensitivity and Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression During the COVID-19 Epidemic pp. e5-e10 Downloads
Sharon Avidor, Asmaa Abu Hamam and Yael Lahav
Pre-pandemic Ageism Toward Older Adults Predicts Behavioral Intentions During the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. e11-e15 Downloads
Ashley Lytle, MaryBeth Apriceno, Jamie Macdonald, Caitlin Monahan and Sheri R Levy
Experiencing and Forecasting COVID-19 Daily Stress on Mental Health Reactivity Across Age and Race pp. e16-e22 Downloads
Ann Pearman, MacKenzie L Hughes, Clara W Coblenz, Emily L Smith and Shevaun D Neupert
Loneliness Progression Among Older Adults During the Early Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States and Canada pp. e23-e29 Downloads
Tian Lin, Marilyn Horta, Kristen Heald, Amber Heemskerk, Bri Darboh, Adina Levi, R Nathan Spreng, Gary R Turner and Natalie C Ebner
COVID-19, Time to Oneself, and Loneliness: Creativity as a Resource pp. e30-e35 Downloads
Theresa Pauly, Li Chu, Elizabeth Zambrano, Denis Gerstorf and Christiane A Hoppmann
Feeling Gratitude Is Associated With Better Well-being Across the Life Span: A Daily Diary Study During the COVID-19 Outbreak pp. e36-e45 Downloads
Da Jiang
Daily Reciprocity and Well-Being: A Diary Study of Intergenerational Support Between Mothers and Adult Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. e46-e56 Downloads
Da Jiang and Helene H Fung
Aging, Empathy, and Prosocial Behaviors During the COVID-19 Pandemic pp. e57-e63 Downloads
Isu Cho, Ryan T Daley, Tony J Cunningham, Elizabeth A Kensinger and Angela Gutchess
Resilience in Older Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Socioecological Approach pp. e64-e69 Downloads
Heidi Igarashi, Maria L Kurth, Hye Soo Lee, Soyoung Choun, Dylan Lee and Carolyn M Aldwin
Impact of Media-Based Negative and Positive Age Stereotypes on Older Individuals’ Mental Health pp. e70-e75 Downloads
Becca R Levy, E-Shien Chang, Sarah R Lowe, Natalia Provolo and Martin D Slade
Age Differences in Media Consumption and Avoidance With Respect to COVID-19 pp. e76-e82 Downloads
Julia Nolte, Stephanie L Deng and Corinna E Löckenhoff
Are Older Adults More Optimistic? Evidence From China, Israel, and the United States pp. e83-e94 Downloads
Hongmei Lin, Yuanqing Chang, Chao Chen, Yuen Wan Ho, Wanyu Xi, Xin Zhang, Helene H Fung and Liat Ayalon
Corrigendum to: COVID-19, Time to Oneself, and Loneliness: Creativity as a Resource pp. e95-e95 Downloads
Theresa Pauly, Li Chu, Elizabeth Zambrano, Denis Gerstorf and Christiane A Hoppmann
Self-Perceptions of Aging Moderate Associations of Within- and Between-Persons Perceived Stress and Physical Health Symptoms pp. 641-651 Downloads
Dakota D Witzel, Shelbie G Turner and Karen Hooker
Longitudinal Correlates of Loneliness and Psychological Distress During the Lockdown Situation due to COVID-19. Effects of Age and Self-Perceptions of Aging pp. 652-660 Downloads
Andrés Losada-Baltar, José Ángel Martínez-Huertas, Lucía Jiménez-Gonzalo, María del Sequeros Pedroso-Chaparro, Laura Gallego-Alberto, José Fernandes-Pires and María Márquez-González
Awareness of Age-Related Gains and Losses and Their Associations With Psychological Well-Being: A Longitudinal Examination pp. 661-672 Downloads
Bethany Wilton-Harding and Tim D Windsor
Age- and Time-Varying Associations Between Subjective Health and Episodic Memory in Older Adults pp. 673-682 Downloads
Jordan D Chamberlain, Briana N Sprague and Lesley A Ross
Change in Episodic Memory With Spousal Loss: The Role of Social Relationships pp. 683-694 Downloads
Gizem Hülür, Joanne Elayoubi, Monica E Nelson and William E Haley
The Sounds of Memory: Extending the Age–Prospective Memory Paradox to Everyday Behavior and Conversations pp. 695-703 Downloads
Maximilian Haas, Matthias R Mehl, Nicola Ballhausen, Sascha Zuber, Matthias Kliegel and Alexandra Hering
Bidirectional Within- and Between-Person Relations Between Physical Activity and Cognitive Function pp. 704-709 Downloads
Andreas Stenling, Daniel Eriksson Sörman, Magnus Lindwall and Liana Machado
Rich and Balanced Experiences of Daily Emotions Are Associated With Activity Diversity Across Adulthood pp. 710-720 Downloads
Soomi Lee, Emily J Urban-Wojcik, Susan T Charles and David M Almeida
Anticipatory Coping Diversity: Implications for Emotional, Physical, and Cognitive Reactivity to Daily Stressors pp. 721-732 Downloads
Shevaun D Neupert
Economics of Aging: New Insights pp. 735-738 Downloads
Christine E Bishop
Pension Policy Literacy and Retirement Expectations: A Cross-Country Survey Experiment pp. 739-749 Downloads
Jonas Radl and Juan J Fernández
Bridge Employment and Longevity: Evidence From a 10-Year Follow-Up Cohort Study in 0.16 Million Chinese pp. 750-758 Downloads
Ruoyu Yin, Yiqian Xin, Maria Bhura, Zhicheng Wang and Kun Tang
Retirement Type and Cognitive Functioning in Japan pp. 759-768 Downloads
Masaaki Mizuochi and James M Raymo
The Paid and Unpaid Working Life Expectancy at 50 in Europe pp. 769-779 Downloads
Ariane Ophir
Impact of the 2008 Recession on Wealth-Adjusted Income and Inequality for U.S. Cohorts pp. 780-789 Downloads
Naomi Zewde and Stephen Crystal
Midlife Work Limitations are Associated with Lower Odds of Survival and Healthy Aging pp. 790-802 Downloads
Katie M Jajtner, Debra L Brucker and Sophie Mitra
The Growing Socioeconomic Gap in Lifetime Social Security Retirement Benefits: Current and Future Retirees pp. 803-814 Downloads
Christopher R Tamborini, Gayle L Reznik, Howard M Iams and Kenneth A Couch
Housing Cost Burden and Health Decline Among Low- and Moderate-Income Older Renters pp. 815-826 Downloads
Meghan Jenkins Morales and Stephanie A Robert
Health, Wealth, and Voting Trajectories in Later Life pp. 827-837 Downloads
Michal Engelman, Won-tak Joo, Jason Fletcher and Barry Burden

Volume 77, issue 3, 2022

Sociohistorical Change in Urban Older Adults’ Perceived Speed of Time and Time Pressure pp. 457-466 Downloads
Corinna E Löckenhoff, Johanna Drewelies, Sandra Duezel, Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen, Ilja Demuth, Alexandra M Freund, Ursula M Staudinger, Ulman Lindenberger, Gert G Wagner, Nilam Ram and Denis Gerstorf
The Effect of Delay Duration on Delay Discounting Across Adulthood pp. 467-471 Downloads
Shelby Leverett, Christopher Garza, Kendra Seaman and Angela Gutchess
Effects of Age and Self-Performance on Memory for Who Did What pp. 472-481 Downloads
Alan W Kersten, Julie L Earles and Jennifer Walsh Brymer
Is Reliance on the Affect Heuristic Associated With Age? pp. 482-492 Downloads
Julia Nolte and Corinna E Löckenhoff
Pain, Goal Engagement, and Eudemonic Well-Being: Moderation by Autonomous Motivation pp. 493-498 Downloads
Suzanne C Segerstrom, Addison D Monroe and Leslie J Crofford
Older Adult’s Marital Status, Conversation Frequency, and Well-Being in Everyday Life pp. 499-512 Downloads
Yee To Ng, Meng Huo, Sae Hwang Han, Kira S Birditt and Karen L Fingerman
A Controlled Pilot Study of the Wish Outcome Obstacle Plan Strategy for Spouses of Persons With Early-Stage Dementia pp. 513-524 Downloads
Joan K Monin, Gabriele Oettingen, Holly Laws, Daniel David, Lyndsay DeMatteo and Richard Marottoli
Intergenerational Emotional Cohesion and Psychological Well-Being of Older Adults in Rural China: A Moderated Mediation Model of Loneliness and Friendship Ties pp. 525-535 Downloads
Xiaoyan Zhang and Merril Silverstein
The Roles of General and Domain-Specific Perceived Stress in Healthy Aging pp. 536-549 Downloads
Jing Luo, Bo Zhang, Emily C Willroth, Daniel K Mroczek and Brent W Roberts
Cognitive Health and Psychological Well-Being Among Latinx Older Adults in the United States and Mexico pp. 555-557 Downloads
Marc A Garcia and Philip A Cantu
Friendship and Cognitive Functioning Among Married and Widowed Chinese Older Adults pp. 567-576 Downloads
Changmin Peng, Laura L Hayman, hJan E Mutchler and Jeffrey A Burr
Unmet Expectations About Work at Age 62 and Depressive Symptoms pp. 615-625 Downloads
Leah R Abrams, Philippa J Clarke and Neil K Mehta
Personal Network Bridging Potential Across Geographic Context pp. 626-635 Downloads
Adam R Roth, Siyun Peng and Brea L Perry
Corrigendum to: Risk of Nursing Home Use among Older Americans: The Impact of Psychiatric History and Trajectories of Cognitive Function pp. 639-639 Downloads
Maria T Brown and Miriam Mutambudzi

Volume 77, issue 2, 2022

Measuring Cognitive Health in Ethnically Diverse Older Adults (Version 3 of the National Alzheimer’s Coordinating Center’s Uniform Data Set) pp. 261-271 Downloads
Hector Hernandez Saucedo, Rachel A Whitmer, Maria Glymour, Charles DeCarli, Elizabeth-Rose Mayeda, Paola Gilsanz, Sunita Q Miles, Nihal Bhulani, Sarah Tomaszewski Farias, John Olichney and Dan Mungas
Racial/Ethnic Differences in Women’s Life Event Exposure Across Midlife (Police brutality and black health: Setting the agenda for public health scholars) pp. 272-283 Downloads
R E Koffer, R C Thurston, J T Bromberger and K A Matthews
The Age-Dependent Association Between Vascular Risk Factors and Depressed Mood (‘Vascular depression’ hypothesis) pp. 284-294 Downloads
Maria Blöchl, H Lina Schaare, Ute Kunzmann and Steffen Nestler
Perceived Gratitude, Role Overload, and Mental Health Among Spousal Caregivers of Older Adults (Find, remind, and bind: The functions of gratitude in everyday relationships) pp. 295-299 Downloads
Suyoung Nah, Lynn M Martire, Ruixue Zhaoyang and Jamila Bookwala
Within-Person Associations of Self-Reports of Memory Impairment and Depressive Symptoms in Older Adults: Moderation of Relationships Over Time by Personality (Personality traits and successful aging: Findings from the Georgia Centenarian Study) pp. 300-311 Downloads
Jacqueline Mogle, Nikki L Hill, Emily Bratlee-Whitaker and Sakshi Bhargava
Contrasting Internet Adoption in Early and Advanced Old Age: Does Internet Self-Efficacy Matter? (The legacy of the technology acceptance model and a proposal for a paradigm shift) pp. 312-320 Downloads
Mario R Jokisch, Louisa Scheling, Michael Doh and Hans-Werner Wahl
Volunteering Dynamics and Life Satisfaction: Self-Perceptions of Aging as a Buffer (The benefits associated with volunteering among seniors: A critical review and recommendations for future research) pp. 321-331 Downloads
Meng Huo and Kyungmin Kim
The Effects of Adult Aging and Culture on Theory of Mind (Social status and health: A comparison of British civil servants in Whitehall-II with European- and African-Americans in CARDIA) pp. 332-340 Downloads
Min Hooi Yong, Louisa Lawrie, Alexandre Schaefer and Louise H Phillips
Accuracy of a Self-Administered Online Cognitive Assessment in Detecting Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment (The diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer’s disease: Recommendations from the National Institute on Aging–Alzheimer’s Association workgroups on diagnostic guidelines for Alzheimer’s disease) pp. 341-350 Downloads
Theone S E Paterson, Brintha Sivajohan, Sandra Gardner, Malcolm A Binns, Kathryn A Stokes, Morris Freedman, Brian Levine and Angela K Troyer
Multifaceted Demands of Work and Cognitive Functioning: Findings From the Health and Retirement Study (Complexity of work and risk of Alzheimer’s dementia: A population-based study of Swedish twins) pp. 351-361 Downloads
Yeonjung Jane Lee, Ernest Gonzales and Ross Andel
Links Between Mortality and Socioeconomic Characteristics, Disease Burden, and Biological and Physical Functioning in the Aging Chinese Population (Psychosocial factors associated with longevity in the United States: Age differences between the old and oldest-old in the health and retirement study) pp. 365-377 Downloads
Yuan S Zhang, John A Strauss, Peifeng Hu, Yaohui Zhao and Eileen M Crimmins
The Contributions of Hypertension Diagnosis and Blood Pressure Control to Subjective Life Expectancy in a Representative Sample of Older U.S. Adults (Public awareness of health-related risks from uncontrolled hypertension) pp. 378-388 Downloads
Meghan Zacher, Jiwen Wang and Susan E Short
Undocumented Older Latino Immigrants in the United States: Population Projections and Share of Older Undocumented Latinos by Health Insurance Coverage and Chronic Health Conditions, 2018–2038 (Circular, invisible, and ambiguous migrants: Components of difference in estimates of the number of unauthorized Mexican migrants in the United States) pp. 389-395 Downloads
Annie Ro, Jennifer Van Hook and Katrina M Walsemann
Boundary Crossers: How Providers Facilitate Ethnic Minority Families’ Access to Dementia Services (“More like a daughter than an employee”: The kinning process between migrant care workers, elderly care receivers and their extended families) pp. 396-406 Downloads
Bianca Brijnath, Andrew S Gilbert, Josefine Antoniades, Samantha Croy, Mike Kent, Katie Ellis, Colette Browning, Dianne Goeman and Jon Adams
Social Determinants of Shingles Vaccination in the United States (The Tuskegee study of untreated syphilis: A case study in peripheral trauma with implications for health professionals) pp. 407-412 Downloads
Eric M Vogelsang and Andrea N Polonijo
Age at Immigration and Depression: The Mediating Role of Contemporary Relationships With Adult Children Among Older Immigrants (Negative interactions in close relationships across the life span) pp. 413-423 Downloads
Heejung Jang, Natasha V Pilkauskas and Fenyan Tang
Trends in the Use of Residential Settings Among Older Adults (The impact of assistive technologies on formal and informal home care) pp. 424-428 Downloads
Matt Toth, Lauren Palmer, Lawren Bercaw, Helena Voltmer and Sarita L Karon
City Government’s Adoption of Housing Adaptation Policy Innovation for Older Adults: Evidence From China (Filling the gaps of housing adaptation in Spain: Is private expenditure an alternative to public support?) pp. 429-434 Downloads
Yongqiang Chu
Partner Care Arrangements and Well-Being in Mid- and Later Life: The Role of Gender Across Care Contexts (Societal and individual determinants of medical care utilization in the United States) pp. 435-445 Downloads
Ginevra Floridi, Nekehia T Quashie, Karen Glaser and Martina Brand
Is There a Rejuvenating Effect of (Grand)Childcare? A Longitudinal Study on German Data (Does grandchild care influence grandparents’ self-rated health? Evidence from a fixed effects approach) pp. 446-455 Downloads
Valeria Bordone and Bruno Arpino

Volume 77, issue 1, 2022

Recommendations for Advancing Research With Sexual and Gender Minority Older Adults pp. 1-9 Downloads
Jason D Flatt, Ethan C Cicero, Krystal R Kittle and Mark Brennan-Ing
Social Contact Mode and 15-Year Episodic Memory Trajectories in Older Adults With and Without Hearing Loss: Findings From the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing pp. 10-17 Downloads
Snorri Bjorn Rafnsson, Asri Maharani and Gindo Tampubolon
Social Cognitive Abilities Predict Unique Aspects of Older Adults’ Personal Social Networks pp. 18-28 Downloads
Anne C Krendl, Daniel P Kennedy, Kurt Hugenberg and Brea L Perry
Partner Contributions to Goal Pursuit: Findings From Repeated Daily Life Assessments With Older Couples pp. 29-38 Downloads
Elizabeth Zambrano, Theresa Pauly, Denis Gerstorf, Maureen C Ashe, Kenneth M Madden and Christiane A Hoppmann
Psychological Connection to the Gay Community and Negative Self-Appraisals in Middle-Aged and Older Men Who Have Sex With Men: The Mediating Effects of Fitness Engagement pp. 39-49 Downloads
Mark Brennan-Ing, Sabina Haberlen, Deanna Ware, James E Egan, Andre L Brown, Steven Meanley, Frank J Palella, Robert Bolan, Judith A Cook, Chukwuemeka N Okafor, M Reuel Friedman and Michael W Plankey
Links Between Inflammation, Mood, and Physical Function Among Older Adults With HIV pp. 50-60 Downloads
Heather M Derry, Carrie D Johnston, Chelsie O Burchett, Mark Brennan-Ing, Stephen Karpiak, Yuan-Shan Zhu, Eugenia L Siegler and Marshall J Glesby
Subjective Age and Late-Life Functional Status: Mediating and Moderating Effects pp. 61-70 Downloads
Joel R Petashnick, Amit Shrira, Yaakov Hoffman, Yuval Palgi, Gitit Kavé and Dov Shmotkin
Reaction Time Intraindividual Variability Reveals Inhibitory Deficits in Single- and Multiple-Domain Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment pp. 71-83 Downloads
Ricky Chow, Rahel Rabi, Shahier Paracha, Brandon P Vasquez, Lynn Hasher, Claude Alain and Nicole D Anderson
Perceiving Dynamic Emotions Expressed Simultaneously in the Face and Body Minimizes Perceptual Differences Between Young and Older Adults pp. 84-93 Downloads
Yasmin Abo Foul, Renana Eitan, Marcello Mortillaro and Hillel Aviezer
Comparing the Effects of Two Cardiovascular Health Factors on Working Memory Capacity in Healthy Aging: Separate and Combined Effects of Arterial Elasticity and Physical Fitness pp. 94-103 Downloads
Shuo Qin and Chandramallika Basak
When I’m 64: Age-Related Variability in Over 40,000 Online Cognitive Test Takers pp. 104-117 Downloads
Annalise A LaPlume, Nicole D Anderson, Larissa McKetton, Brian Levine and Angela K Troyer
Age Trajectories of Perceptual Speed and Loneliness: Separating Between-Person and Within-Person Associations pp. 118-129 Downloads
Johanna Drewelies, Tim D Windsor, Sandra Duezel, Ilja Demuth, Gert G Wagner, Ulman Lindenberger, Denis Gerstorf and Paolo Ghisletta
Corrigendum to: When I’m 64: Age-Related Variability in Over 40,000 Online Cognitive Test Takers pp. 130-130 Downloads
Annalise A LaPlume, Nicole D Anderson, Larissa McKetton, Brian Levine and Angela K Troyer
Corrigendum to: Comparing the Effects of Two Cardiovascular Health Factors on Working Memory Capacity in Healthy Aging: Separate and Combined Effects of Arterial Elasticity and Physical Fitness pp. 131-132 Downloads
Shuo Qin and Chandramallika Basak
Psychological Distress During the Retirement Transition and the Role of Psychosocial Working Conditions and Social Living Environment pp. 135-148 Downloads
Mirkka Lahdenperä, Marianna Virtanen, Saana Myllyntausta, Jaana Pentti, Jussi Vahtera and Sari Stenholm
Varieties of Financial Stressors and Midlife Health Problems, 1996–2016 pp. 149-159 Downloads
Joseph D Wolfe, Elizabeth H Baker, Jalal Uddin and Stephanie Kirkland
Catastrophic Health Expenditure and Mental Health in the Older Chinese Population: The Moderating Role of Social Health Insurance pp. 160-169 Downloads
Wei Yang and Bo Hu
The Uneven Later Work Course: Intersectional Gender, Age, Race, and Class Disparities pp. 170-180 Downloads
Phyllis Moen, Sarah M Flood and Janet Wang
Later-Life Living Arrangements of Americans With and Without Children: A Life Table Approach pp. 181-190 Downloads
James M Raymo, Xiao Xu, BoRin Kim, Jersey Liang and Mary Beth Ofstedal
Federal Incentives to Reform Long-Term Care Under the Affordable Care Act: State Adoption of the Balancing Incentive Program, 2011–2014 pp. 191-200 Downloads
Lisa K Beauregard and Edward Alan Miller
Cultural Differences in the Intended Use of Long-Term Care Services in the United States: The Role of Family Ties pp. 201-211 Downloads
Freya Diederich, Hans-Helmut König and Christian Brettschneider
The Roles of Gray Divorce and Subsequent Repartnering for Parent–Adult Child Relationships pp. 212-223 Downloads
I-Fen Lin, Susan L Brown and Kagan A Mellencamp
How Widowhood and Gender Shape the Impact of Maternal Favoritism on Adult Children’s Psychological Well-Being pp. 224-236 Downloads
J Jill Suitor, Megan Gilligan, Reilly Kincaid, Yifei Hou, Catherine Stepniak and Siyun Peng
Religious Involvement and Cognitive Functioning at the Intersection of Race–Ethnicity and Gender Among Midlife and Older Adults pp. 237-248 Downloads
Andrea K Henderson, Katrina M Walsemann, Jennifer A Ailshire and Deborah S Carr
Life Course Stressors and Functional Limitations in Later Life Among White, Black, and Hispanic Adults: Deleterious, Hardening, or Benign? pp. 249-259 Downloads
Madison R Sauerteig, Kenneth F Ferraro and Shawn Bauldry
Corrigendum to: Life Course Stressors and Functional Limitations in Later Life Among White, Black, and Hispanic Adults: Deleterious, Hardening, or Benign? pp. 260-260 Downloads
Madison R Sauerteig, Kenneth F Ferraro and Shawn Bauldry
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