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Volume 22, issue 6, 2022

A topological approach to the creative city: artists’ perceptions of cultural places in Paris (Creativity and industrial cities: A case study of Baltimore) pp. 1125-1148 Downloads
Marie Ferru, Alain Rallet and Christophe Cariou
The Geography of Knowledge and R&D-led Growth (Real effects ofacademic research: comment) pp. 1149-1190 Downloads
Marta Aloi, Joanna Poyago-Theotoky and Frédéric Tournemaine
International knowledge spillovers* (The race between man and machine: implications of technology for growth, factor shares, and employment) pp. 1191-1224 Downloads
Johannes L EugsterInter, Giang Ho, Florence Jaumotte and Roberto Piazza
Spatial dynamics of post-crisis deleveraging (Financial geography II: financial geographies of housing and real estate) pp. 1225-1246 Downloads
Hulya Dagdeviren, Jiayi Balasuriya and Christopher Nicholas
Corn ethanol in the Midwestern USA: Local competition, entry and agglomeration (The economics of density: Evidence from the Berlin Wall) pp. 1247-1273 Downloads
Karen E Thome and C -Y Cynthia Lin Lawell
Multinational production and investment provisions in preferential trade agreements (Intra-industry foreign direct investment) pp. 1275-1308 Downloads
Sébastien Miroudot and Davide Rigo
Do new housing units in your backyard raise your rents? (Estimates of the size and source of price declines due to nearby foreclosures) pp. 1309-1352 Downloads
Xiaodi Li

Volume 22, issue 5, 2022

Road capacity, domestic trade and regional outcomes (Trade and the topography of the spatial economy) pp. 901-929 Downloads
A Kerem Coşar, Banu Demir, Devaki Ghose and Nathaniel Young
Congestion in highways when tolls and railroads matter: evidence from European cities (The congestion relief benefit of public transit: evidence from Rome) pp. 931-960 Downloads
Miquel-Àngel Garcia-López, Ilias Pasidis and Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal
Erratum to: Congestion in highways when tolls and railroads matter: evidence from European cities pp. 961-961 Downloads
Miquel-Àngel Garcia-López, Ilias Pasidis and Elisabet Viladecans-Marsal
What does the state do in China’s state-led infrastructure financialisation? (Financial geography III: the financialization of the city) pp. 963-988 Downloads
Imogen T Liu and Adam D Dixon
International transport costs: new findings from modeling additive costs (Inventories, lumpy trade, and large devaluations) pp. 989-1044 Downloads
Guillaume Daudin, Jérôme Héricourt and Lise Patureau
Transit, academic achievement and equalisation: evidence from a subway expansion (Spatial distribution of poverty in Chile) pp. 1045-1071 Downloads
Kenzo Asahi and Ignacia Pinto
Automobiles and urban density (Urban spatial structure) pp. 1073-1095 Downloads
Francis Ostermeijer, Hans R A Koster, Jos van Ommeren and Victor Mayland Nielsen
Wage variations and commuting distance (Shift-share designs: theory and inference) pp. 1097-1123 Downloads
El-Mehdi Aboulkacem and Clément Nedoncelle

Volume 22, issue 4, 2022

To be connected or not to be connected? The role of long-haul economies (Do rural roads create pathways out of poverty? Evidence from India) pp. 711-753 Downloads
Hans R A Koster, Takatoshi Tabuchi and Jacques Thisse
Do migrants affect the local product mix? An analysis of the effects and underlying mechanisms (Migration, knowledge diffusion and the comparative advantage of nations) pp. 755-777 Downloads
Elizabeth J Casabianca, Alessia Lo Turco and Daniela Maggioni
To move or not to move? Immigration and natives’ neighborhood choices in Seoul, Korea (Ethnic segregation, tipping behavior, and native residential mobility) pp. 779-799 Downloads
Joseph Han, Jinwook Hur, Jongkwan Lee and Hyunjoo Yang
Limits of buyer-driven governance for sustainability: inherent challenges of fragmented supplier networks (Sustainability in global production networks: introducing the notion of extended supplier networks) pp. 801-828 Downloads
Rachel Alexander
National elections, sub-national growth: the politics of Turkey’s provincial economic dynamics under AKP rule (Shift-share designs: theory and inference) pp. 829-851 Downloads
Davide Luca
Bridge to bigpush or backwash? Market integration, reallocation and productivity effects of Jamuna Bridge in Bangladesh (Agricultural technology choice and transport) pp. 853-871 Downloads
Brian Blankespoor, M. Shahe Emran, Forhad Shilpi and Lu Xu
The price of distance: pricing-to-market and geographic barriers (Information frictions in trade) pp. 873-899 Downloads
Kazuko Kano, Takashi Kano and Kazutaka Takechi

Volume 22, issue 3, 2022

Community development with externalities and corrective taxation (The optimal distribution of population across cities) pp. 499-545 Downloads
Levon Barseghyan and Stephen Coate
Accident externality of driving: evidence from the London Congestion Charge (Pounds that kill: the external costs of vehicle weight) pp. 547-580 Downloads
Cheng Tang and Jos van Ommeren
Immigration history, entry jobs and the labor market integration of immigrants (Immigration in American economic history) pp. 581-604 Downloads
Laura Ansala, Olof Åslund and Matti Sarvimäki
Illicit innovation and institutional folding: From purity to naturalness in the Bavarian brewing industry (Medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids containing products—regulations in Europe and North America) pp. 605-630 Downloads
Johannes Glückler and Yannick Eckhardt
Path dependency, regional variety and the dynamics of new firm creation in rooted and pioneering industries (The knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship) pp. 631-651 Downloads
Carlo Corradini and Enrico Vanino
Geographical stratification of urban green areas in European cities (The economics of density: evidence from the Berlin Wall) pp. 653-684 Downloads
Pierre Picard and Huyen T T Tran
Impasse or mutation? Austerity and (de)financialisation of local governments in Britain (Regul(ariz)ation of fringe credit: Payday lending and the borders of global financial practice) pp. 685-707 Downloads
Hulya Dagdeviren and Ewa Karwowski
Corrigendum to: Impasse or mutation? Austerity and (de)financialisation of local governments in Britain pp. 709-709 Downloads
Hulya Dagdeviren and Ewa Karwowski

Volume 22, issue 2, 2022

Foreword for special issue of Journal of Economic Geography on ‘Immigration in OECD Countries’ pp. 217-219 Downloads
William Kerr and Hillel Rapoport
Who stays and who leaves? Immigration and the selection of natives across locations pp. 221-260 Downloads
Javier Ortega and Gregory Verdugo
Corrigendum to: Who stays and who leaves? Immigration and the selection of natives across locations pp. 261-261 Downloads
Javier Ortega and Gregory Verdugo
International family migration and the dual-earner model (On the origin of gender roles: women and the plough) pp. 263-287 Downloads
Martin D Munk, Till Nikolka and Panu Poutvaara
Weather shocks and migration intentions in Western Africa: insights from a multilevel analysis (Do climate variations explain bilateral migration? A gravity model analysis) pp. 289-323 Downloads
Simone Bertoli, Frédéric Docquier, Hillel Rapoport and Ilse Ruyssen
Rival guests or defiant hosts? The local economic impact of hosting refugees (Ethnic segregation, tipping behavior, and native residential mobility) pp. 327-350 Downloads
Cyprien Batut and Sarah Schneider-Strawczynski
(The Struggle for) Refugee integration into the labour market: evidence from Europe (Cashier or consultant? Entry labor market conditions, field of study, and career success) pp. 351-393 Downloads
Francesco Fasani, Tommaso Frattini and Luigi Minale
Police trust and domestic violence among immigrants: evidence from VAWA self-petitions (Legal consciousness of undocumented Latinos: fear and stigma as barriers to claims-making for first- and 1.5-generation immigrants) pp. 395-422 Downloads
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes and Esther Arenas-Arroyo
The ties that bind and transform: knowledge remittances, relatedness and the direction of technical change (Brain drain or brain bank? The impact of skilled emigration on poor-country innovation) pp. 423-448 Downloads
Valentina Di Iasio and Ernest Miguelez
Who with whom? Untangling the effect of high-skilled immigration on innovation* (Shift-share designs: theory and inference) pp. 449-476 Downloads
Christoph Wigger
Migration and invention in the Age of Mass Migration (Immigration in American economic history) pp. 477-498 Downloads
Dario Diodato, Andrea Morrison and Sergio Petralia

Volume 22, issue 1, 2022

Institutions and the productivity challenge for European regions pp. 1-25 Downloads
Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Roberto Ganau
Technological knowledge spaces and the resilience of European regions pp. 27-51 Downloads
Silvia Rocchetta, Andrea Mina, Changjun Lee and Dieter Kogler
Does foreign investment hurt job creation at home? The geography of outward FDI and employment in the USA pp. 53-79 Downloads
Riccardo Crescenzi, Roberto Ganau and Michael Storper
Local border reforms and economic activity pp. 81-102 Downloads
Peter Egger, Marko Koethenbuerger and Gabriel Loumeau
Do border effects alter regional development: evidence from a quasi-natural experiment in China pp. 103-127 Downloads
Benjian Yang, Mark Partridge and Anping Chen
Global value chains, private governance and multiple end-markets: insights from Kenyan leather pp. 129-157 Downloads
Giovanni Pasquali and Matthew Alford
Moving to opportunity? The geography of the foreclosure crisis and the importance of location pp. 159-180 Downloads
Christos A Makridis and Michael Ohlrogge
The long-term impact of Italian colonial roads in the Horn of Africa, 1935–2015 pp. 181-214 Downloads
Mattia C Bertazzini

Volume 21, issue 6, 2021

The persistence of apartheid regional wage disparities in South Africa (Long-run effects of forced resettlement: evidence from Apartheid South Africa) pp. 807-839 Downloads
Gibson Mudiriza and Lawrence Edwards
Historical industrialisation, path dependence and contemporary culture: the lasting imprint of economic heritage on local communities (Technology and the labour market) pp. 841-867 Downloads
Robert Huggins, Michael Stuetzer, Martin Obschonka and Piers Thompson
The billion pound drop: the Blitz and agglomeration economies in London (The economics of density: evidence from the Berlin wall) pp. 869-897 Downloads
Gerard H Dericks and Hans R A Koster
Matching global service standards—the role of intermediaries in economic upgrading of support-service firms in global production networks (Does economic upgrading lead to social upgrading in contact centers? Evidence from South Africa) pp. 899-923 Downloads
Randhir Kumar and Niels Beerepoot
Immigration and preferences for redistribution in Europe1 (Goodbye Lenin (or not): the effect of communism on people’s preferences) pp. 925-954 Downloads
Alberto Alesina, Elie Murard and Hillel Rapoport

Volume 21, issue 5, 2021

The unintended consequences of increasing returns to scale in geographical economics (Investing for prosperity: skills, infrastructure and innovation) pp. 653-681 Downloads
Steven Bond-Smith
The urban–rural education gap: do cities indeed make us smarter?* (Educational investment responses to economic opportunity: evidence from Indian road construction) pp. 683-714 Downloads
Raoul van Maarseveen
Ancient colonialism and the economic geography of the Mediterranean (The economic impact of colonialism) pp. 717-759 Downloads
Dimitris K Chronopoulos, Sotiris Kampanelis, Daniel Oto-Peralías and John O S Wilson
How do firms in co-located clusters interact? Evidence from Greater Montreal (National systems of entrepreneurship: measurement issues and policy implications) pp. 761-782 Downloads
Ekaterina Turkina, Ari Van Assche and David Doloreux
Exposure to OFDI and regional labour markets: evidence for routine and non-routine jobs in Great Britain (Who’s got the aces up his sleeve? Functional specialization of cities and entrepreneurship) pp. 783-806 Downloads
Luisa Gagliardi, Simona Iammarino and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose

Volume 21, issue 4, 2021

On the economic geography of climate change pp. 487-491 Downloads
Giovanni Peri and Frederic Robert-Nicoud
Local sectoral specialization in a warming world pp. 493-530 Downloads
Bruno Conte, Klaus Desmet, Dávid Krisztián Nagy and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
The urbanising force of global warming: the role of climate change in the spatial distribution of population pp. 531-556 Downloads
David Castells-Quintana, Melanie Krause and Thomas K J McDermott
Hurricanes, flood risk and the economic adaptation of businesses pp. 557-591 Downloads
Agustín Indaco, Francesc Ortega and Süleyman Taṣpınar
Rainfall risk, fertility and development: evidence from farm settlements during the American demographic transition pp. 593-618 Downloads
Michael Grimm
Should they stay or should they go? Climate migrants and local conflicts pp. 619-651 Downloads
Valentina Bosetti, Cristina Cattaneo and Giovanni Peri

Volume 21, issue 3, 2021

Local economic conditions and the nature of new housing supply pp. 339-366 Downloads
Christian Hilber, Jan Rouwendal and Wouter Vermeulen
Housing supply elasticity and growth: evidence from Italian cities pp. 367-396 Downloads
Antonio Accetturo, Andrea Lamorgese, Sauro Mocetti and Dario Pellegrino
The congestion relief benefit of public transit: evidence from Rome pp. 397-431 Downloads
Martin W Adler, Federica Liberini, Antonio Russo and Jos N. van Ommeren
Analyzing industrial policy regimes within global production networks: the Ethiopian leather industry pp. 433-457 Downloads
Jan Grumiller
Specialization versus competition: an anatomy of increasing returns to scale pp. 461-486 Downloads
Alberto Bucci and Philip Ushchev

Volume 21, issue 2, 2021

Editorial: into a third decade pp. 165-168 Downloads
Neil M Coe, Simona Iammarino, William Kerr, Eleonora Patacchini and Frederic Robert-Nicoud
The impacts of refugee repatriation on receiving communities pp. 169-194 Downloads
Isabel Ruiz and Carlos Vargas-Silva
Human capital portability and international student migration pp. 195-229 Downloads
Andreu Arenas
Local labor markets and the persistence of population shocks: evidence from West Germany, 1939–1970 pp. 231-260 Downloads
Sebastian Braun, Anica Kramer, Michael Kvasnicka and Philipp Meier
Immigrant diversity, integration and worker productivity: uncovering the mechanisms behind ‘diversity spillover’ effects pp. 261-285 Downloads
Maximilian Buchholz
Spillovers and strategic interaction in immigration policies pp. 287-315 Downloads
Joseph-Simon Görlach and Nicolas Motz
Brexit and the discursive construction of the corporation pp. 317-338 Downloads
Crispian Fuller

Volume 21, issue 1, 2021

Putting the case for a pluralistic economic geography pp. 1-28 Downloads
Ron Martin
Colonial legacies: Shaping African cities pp. 29-65 Downloads
Neeraj G Baruah, J. Vernon Henderson and Cong Peng
The ‘China Shock’ revisited: insights from value added trade flows pp. 67-95 Downloads
Adam Jakubik and Victor Stolzenburg
An urban labor market with frictional housing markets: theory and an application to the Paris urban area pp. 97-126 Downloads
Guillaume Chapelle, Etienne Wasmer and Pierre-Henri Bono
How do house prices respond to mortgage supply? pp. 127-140 Downloads
Guglielmo Barone, Francesco David, Guido de Blasio and Sauro Mocetti
Does the fossil fuel divestment movement impact new oil and gas fundraising? pp. 141-164 Downloads
Theodor F Cojoianu, Francisco Ascui, Gordon L Clark, Andreas G F Hoepner and Dariusz Wójcik
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